Journey To The Casket PART 3



NOTE - This story takes after Journey To The Casket PART 2

"This ends once and for all. Try as hard as we could, The Resistance could never get over the betrayal and slaughter of trust from one Eva Longoria! She was our one time friend, and teammate until she just abandoned us with out as much as an explanation for our sworn enemies, the Fabs. It's time for trial by combat. We will let the dark forces decide who is right and who is unjust. Are we justified in our pain and thirst for revenge, or was your treachery justified? I'm not proud of the deals and actions we did to get this contract signed. This road that the traitor put us on is filled with darkness. Anyway, we are having a casket match. The winner puts the loser in the grave. The dark forces will exile the loser from the league for one year. All I've got to say is, bye bitch! I'm going to send you to Hell."

Eva Mendes says these words to the camera right before she is about to exit backstage for her historic casket match. She is dressed in a Day of The Dead holiday costume. Her face is painted in black and white make up like a skeleton's face. She wears a black body suit with a skeleton and bones printed on the front and back. She dawns a black over coat that goes down to her ankles. It has chains draped across it to make her look very menacing. A black cowboy hat sits on top of her head. Eva Mendes is indeed a frightening phantom tonight."

"Eva, what the fuck is wrong with you? What the hell have you been smoking? I left the Resistance to join the Fabs because it a better fit for me. Get over it! This a part of the reason I left you losers. You can't get your heads out of your own asses! You're a bunch of crybabies that think the world revolves around you. Not everything is about you! I let because it was much better for me. I'm sick of your shit. If you want a loser leave town match then you've got it. This is your funeral. This is what you wanted! It's not my fault!"

Eva Longoria finishes her final interview before exiting for her match with Eva Mendes. She is wearing a Day of the Dead inspired outfit too. Longoria wears a body suit like Mendes' with a skeleton's bones printed on the front and back. However, Longoria's suit is tighter than Mendes'. Longoria wears face paint also, but its mostly a black circle around one eye. It has pearls and jewels surrounding the black spot to adorn it. She wears a crown on her head made mostly of red roses and a few white roses mixed in. Unlike Mendes who turned from the camera and moved away like a terrorizing ghoul going away with evil intentions, Longoria turned away like a sexy demon enchantress. Her alluring curves bewitches and lures others in under her spell.

These final words are spoken before their historic casket match. The winner has to put the loser in a casket and close the lid for victory. Then the loser is exiled from the league for one year. Meanwhile in the arena there is a procession rolling the casket to the ring. Ominously the casket is adorned with flowers and a picture of half of Longoria's and half of Mendes' faces connected together. The casket is being lead to the ring eerily by 10 witches and warlocks dressed elaborately in Day of The Dead costumes. This is not the traditional or cultural version of the holiday. This contingent is not going to have a happy picnic with dear loved ones. They represent more like a cult following that is aligned with witchcraft who are there to carry someone to the other side.

"The following match is a Casket match!" The pretty ring announcer begins. "The only way to win is to put your opponent in a casket and slam it shut!" Meanwhile the procession moves the casket into place and and start placing flower arrangements around the ring.

"Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California by way of Miami Florida, undeniably one of the hottest women alive, Eva Mendeeess!" The ring announcer finishes. Mendes comes from backstage and stops at the top of the ramp. She raises her arms out to her sides to acknowledge her fans. Then she starts her walk to the ring with conviction. Even though Eva's face is covered in black and white make up, and her body is hidden by her long black trench coat, her sex appeal illuminates from underneath. Mendes crawls through the ropes and then holds a fist in the air. She is no nonsense and just means business. However when she removed her coat for the match the menacing bogey-woman returned to being one of the hottest women in the world.

"And her opponent, from Corpus Christi, Texas and twice voted The absolute most beautiful star in Hollywood, Eva Longoria!" The announcer calls. Longoria makes her appearance on the stage and does a seductive wiggle to send the crowd into a frenzy. Longoria continues to the ring working the crowd along the way and encourages their cheers and support. The sexy devil takes her time getting to the ring.

Mendes looks on at Longoria's pandering to the fans with disdain. Their past friendship is on hold until this personal matter about Longoria's defection is settled. The level of disregard that she shows for hurting the Resistance's feelings is infuriating. Mendes cannot wait to get her hands on Longoria. Mendes bounds against the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, and charges toward Longoria as she approaches the ring. Mendes leaps through the ropes with a suicide dive and lands down on op Longoria outside of the ring. The fans erupt as Longoria gets bowled over and her rose headdress is launched off her head. Mendes gets to her feet and starts furiously pounding the downed Longoria with both fists. Any doubts about the intensity of this fight and rivalry are ended. Mendes' assault is vicious and merciless. Mendes grabs the stunned Longoria by the hair and hauls her to her feet. Mendes roughly escorts Longoria by her hair to the ringside announcer's table. Mendes ferociously slams Longoria's face into the wood table as hard as she could. Longoria's head bounces off the table so hard that she recoils back standing straight. Mendes fires off a chop to Longoria's chest the instant she rose up. Mendes' chop blasts Longoria off her feet and sends her to the arena floor. Mendes plucks Longoria off the floor as soon as she lands and rolls her into the ring.

The fans are going bananas with this wickedly exciting beginning. Mendes follows Longoria into the ring just as she is trying to stand up. Mendes fiendishly kicks her in he head to knock Longoria back down. Mendes is like an unleashed beast. She acts savagely, not knowing what exactly what her next move will be, just as long as it batters Longoria. Mendes jerks Longoria to her feet, only to smash her over the head and knock her back down. Mendes stands over her and pounds Longoria's face with her fist. Poor Longoria has been overwhelmed since she entered the ringside area.

Longoria finally finds an opening to scurry away like a scared mouse. With Mendes chasing, Longoria gets to the ring apron and stands. Mendes tries to spear Longia with her shoulder to knock her into the seats, but Longoria side steps and kicks Mendes in the face as her head comes through the ropes. Mendes falls, draped over the middle rope. Longoria kicks Mendes in the face again, and watches as Mendes tumbles out of the ring to the arena floor. As Mendes before, Longoria gets in the ring and with a running start, bounds off the far ropes and back towards Mendes. The petite Longoria leaps over the top rope and flies like a swan until crashing down on top of Mendes' head. The fans are chanting "Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!" as both women lie on the ground after the breath taking move.

Longoria stands first and waits for Mendes to rise. The California bred girl stands shortly and Longoria clobbers her good. Mendes wobbles but returns with a fist that knocks the snot out of Longoria. Mendes snatches Longoria by the hair again and ushers her a few steps to the casket at ringside. Mendes drives Longoria's perfect, pretty face into the casket lid. Longoria stumbles away, Mendes grabs a standing flower arrangement and hits Longria in the face with it. The Texas hottie goes down. Mendes grabs another flower arrangement with wire backing and hits Longoria in the face with it as she tries groggily to stand. Longoria is downed again.

Only this time Longoria pops back to her feet and goes right back at Mendes. She realizes now what kind of ruthless brawl that she is in, and what kind of violence she has to reach to win. Longoria attacks with both fist flying at warp speed. Longoria is able to capture Mendes' head and tuck it under her arm. Longoria falls backwards and DDT's Mendes' head into the top of the casket. A boom sound resounds in the arena as the fans roar in excitement at the violence.

Mendes falls backward and lies spread eagle on the floor. Longoria is bubbling with excitement. She slides back in the ring and points at Mendes slowly standing. Longoria is calling her shot and bounds off the far ropes and once again flies at Mendes like a bird of prey. Mendes mischievously lifts the side of the casket and stands it up vertically. Like a cartoon character. Longoria goes splat against the side of the casket in mid flight. There is an even louder boom as Longoria crashes into the casket and crumples to the floor. Fans start to laugh seeing a real life version of Angry Birds. Mendes puts the casket down, then stands on top of it allowing the fans to give their appreciation for the unreal spot.

Mendes gets off top of the casket and grabs Longoria by her body suit. Mendes goes after the garment's seams. Mendes' fingers starts a hole by tearing stitches and she tries to make it bigger. Meanwhile Longoria is getting rag dolled around. Lucky for Longoria her bodysuit was well put together. It holds up long enough for Longoria to put up some resistance and fight back. After catching a couple shots, Mendes grabs Longoria and throws her over the guard rail and into the fans. Next the two conquistadors are brawling going up the stadium steps. Being bigger and stronger, a slug fest gives Mendes an advantage. Half way up the steps Mendes stuns Longoria. She holds Longoria by the hair, Mendes shouts to the fans, "Do you want to see her naked?" Of course they answer yes. Mendes yells, "Then strip her little ass!" Mendes throws Longoria into the sea of fans. The very rich and cultured audience turns into animals. Hands come from everywhere and grab a handful of the body suit and pulls it away. Some of the most divine flesh on the Earth gets revealed. In seconds, the fans accomplish what Mendes could not, they rip the body suit to shreds. Longoria fought back and slapped and popped many of them, but there was too many. Her suit is torn to shreds in 20 seconds. Security is there to push fans back so Longoria can escape, moments too late.

Longoria is splayed across an arena seat. Her face make up is long gone, and her body suit is stripped. She is topless with a black string thong and the remnants of her body suit around her black boots. Her eyes zoom on Mendes, then Longoria flies into action. She springs out of the seat and back at Mendes. The fists fly again, as the action reaches a new level of brutality and violence.

This time Longoria is matching the larger Mendes. The determined Longoria staggers Mendes and shoves the off balance California girl into the seats. Mendes lands on across several fans' laps but springs right back out. Only she came out with a full cup of beer. Mendes throws the beer in Longoria's face out of no where. The sudsy beer doses Longoria's face and gets into her eyes and disorient her. Mendes loads up with a haymaker and nails Longoria between the eyes. The Texas hottie falls down and starts rolling down the steps. Mendes follows down the steps the easy way, while Longoria takes the hard way. When she reaches the bottom of the steps, Longoria rises to her feet and leans against the barricade dividing the seating area from ringside.

Expectedly Longoria is bewildered after rolling down the arena steps. Mendes surges at Longoria and sends her flipping over the barricade with a clothesline. After her tumble, Longoria is lying on the floor when Mendes climbs over the barricade after her. Mendes hair hauls Longoria to her feet and drags her to the nearby announcer table. Once there Mendes knocks the monitors and more equipment off the table with a swipe of her hand. Then Mendes forces Longoria to bend over and Mendes stuffs Longoria's head between her legs. The announcers, Jam Rodriguez, and Cole Hunter scatter away seeing what is about to happen. Mendes lifts Longoria in the air and spins her around to power bombs Longoria on the top of the wooden table. Jam shouts his catchphrase, "Boom Shaka Laka!" Unmercifully the table did not break or split to ease Longoria's fall. No, she just goes splat on the hard surface. Whimpering Longoria rolls off the table to the floor.

Meanwhile Mendes goes to the other side of the ring where the casket sits. The announcer Cole Hunter can be heard squawking. "There's sweat all over the announcer's table, the monitor is busted! This is crazy!" Mendes opened the casket's lid then comes back around the ring for Longoria. The spunky Texas hottie has put up courageous resistance, but she has been brutalized for much of this match. Mendes returns and lifts the battered Longoria and puts her across her shoulders in a fireman's carry.

Normally a fireman's carry takes people to safety, but not in wrestling, and not in this match. Mendes carries Longoria over to the casket and dumps Longoria inside of the coffin. Mendes grabs the lid and slams it down, but Longoria's arms shoot up to keep it open. Mendes applies more force, but the lid is not moving. Mendes puts her full might and force, but cannot close the lid. Then Longoria's foot shoots up out of the half open casket and kicks Mendes in the chin. Mendes head snaps back, but she tries to fight through and still close the lid. Longoria's foot pistons up three more times, and all of them nails Mendes square in the chin until Mendes is forced to stumble away.

Longoria rises out of the casket and is totally energized that Mendes could not end the match. Longoria gets out of the casket and sees the dazed Mendes stumbling around. Longoria fires off a Super Kick that nearly takes the side of Mendes' face off. The smack is heard all around the arena. When miraculously Mendes is still standing, Longoria files off a spinning high kick to Mendes' head that puts her down for sure. Longoria reaches down with both hands and grabs two handfuls of Mendes' body suit and jerks the thunderstruck beauty to her feet. Longoria presents the confounded Mendes to the ringside audience and shouts, "Who wants to see this dumb hoe naked?" Expectedly the fans roar their approval. "Then make it happen!" Longoria commands as she tosses Mendes over the ringside barrier and into the fans.

Mendes flies over the barricade and the fans swarm on her like greedy, starving sharks. Hands immediately grab and tear at Mendes' garment. Once again security goes into action to save the California beauty. They back the fans away and allow Mendes to find her way out of the seats. Her suit was ripped and torn down to her waist so now her magnificent breasts are exposed. She fared better since Longoria did not take the time to start holes in the suit. Mendes climbs back over the barrier to ringside. She is a little rattled but hell bent to destroy the back-stabbing Longoria.

Mendes squares up and says, "Come on Demon Spawn! Let's finish this!"

"Delusional dumb ass!" Longoria begins, "Bring it Captain Clingy!""

Longoria charges at Mendes, a couple steps behind, Mendes charges also. When they meet Longoria scoops Mendes off of her feet and drives her back to the ground with a double leg take-down. Instantly Longoria floats over her foe and pins her arms down and takes a seat on Mendes' chest. Longoria starts wilding punches at Mendes's face. Longoria yells, "Fuck you dumb bitch!" The blood lust between these once friends is at an all time high. Eva quickly becomes groggy under the heavy barrage. Feeling confidant and in control, Longoria cries, "I can't stand you or your fucking titties!" Longoria turns around and plants her sexy little ass on Mendes' face. Next she angrily and jealously turns her attention to Mendes' breasts. Jealously Longoria starts punching and slapping Mendes' boobs. Longoria's envy of a rack that is far superior to hers erupts. Longoria maliciously inflicted significant damage on Mendes' breasts. However in Longoria's zeal Mendes is able to wiggle her arm free. Mendes' hand strikes up like a viper and seizes Longoria's smaller tit. Fans loudly clamor their support as Mendes turn the tables on the green-eyed monster and throws a super jealous Longoria off top of her and reverses positions and pins Longoria on her back.

"If I had your pitiful tits, I'd be jealous of me too!" Mendes screams. Longoria's eyes blaze in fury and her lovely face contorts in rage just before Mendes' right cross to her chin knocks the expression right off of Longoria's face. It does not stop there. A staggering number of right crosses followed by a left crosses bombard Longoria's chin. One snaps Longoria's head right and the other snaps it to the left. No one could withstand that whiplash effect. Especially at the level of savage, brutality that Mendes delivered the punches with. Longoria is whipped into a mindless stupor.

Mendes relents and then stands and grabs Longoria by the arm to bring her up with her. Mendes rants, "Beg me bitch! Beg me for forgiveness!" Mendes' demand is accompanied with a couple of intense bitch slaps to Longoria's face. Then she arm whips Longoria toward the ringside barrier. Longoria is launched like she was shot from a cannon. Longoria actually leaves her feet as she collides with the barrier in a thunderous boom. Longoria hits the barrier and falls in a heap to the floor. Fans and the announcers are amazed that the barrier withstood the impact. Many thought it should have collapsed or there should be a cartoon cut out where Longoria flew through the wall.

Mendes storms over to Longoria. She hauls a nearly helpless Longoria to her feet. Mendes lifts Longoria off her feet and holds her there in a little unusual fashion bear hug. Mendes' arms are looped under one of Longoria's arms and encircle her around the neck. It looks like WWE's Braun Strowman's original finishing maneuver. Anyway she has the tiny Longoria suspended in the air with her breathing and blood flow restricted. Her body is mildly resisting with her legs gingerly kicking. Mendes' face has a nefarious expression. It is clear that this hold is simply to punish and make Longoria suffer a little more. Mendes puts Longoria down on her unsteady legs. She is barely able to remain standing as Mendes quickly fires off a sharp jab to her face. Mendes clobbers her with a looping left then a righteous right before doing a quick 360 degree turn and unleashing a Tornado Clothesline from Hell on Longoria. The Texas hottie is turned inside out. She is knocked for a loop as her feet leave the ground and the little woman goes totally airborne. As Longoria's body is falling back to the ground, Mendes is already roaring like a wild lioness who has just proven that she is the true queen of the jungle.

Poor Longoria lies on the arena floor on her back with her arms splayed to her sides. Mendes looks down uncaringly at her estranged friend. Then she reaches down and slips Longoria's tiny thong off her hips and down her legs. Mendes twirls the removed thong on one finger for a bit before tossing the stolen garment into the fans. Looking down at her estranged friend's naked body peacefully moaning on the floor, Mendes is forced to admit to herself that the Texas hottie is indeed as hot as advertised. It is a rare occasion that she gets envious that she is not the sexiest woman in the room.

The time has come to end this episode. Mendes starts disrespectfully dragging Longoria by both arms to the casket. Once there she picks up her rival and drops Longoria inside. "It over!" Mendes grumbles as she crosses Longoria's arms over her chest. "Don't even think about coming back." Mendes offers with one hand on the lid, ready to close the casket. "There's a rematch clause in the contract. If you try to come back in a year, I can just destroy you again in another casket match and send you packing again. Bye bitch!" Mendes slams the lid shut and immediately the bell starts ringing to end the confrontation.

The Day of the Dead procession that brought the casket to the ring immediately starts down the ramp to retrieve the funeral box. This time they are accompanied by three figures wearing full black robes with hoods over their heads. At first many wondered if they were the Grim reapers coming for Longoria, but eventually the camera's caught glimpses of their faces. Upon closer examination these specters have well known names. Jada Pinkett-Smith is in the center. She is flanked by Christina Milian on the right and Stacey Dash on the left. They lead the procession to Longoria's casket, who claims it and start rolling the casket out of the arena. .

For the first time in a long time, Mendes breaths easy. She is battered and ruffled from the intense battle. Her face make up has evaporated. Her tits are sweaty, battered and exposed. There are flower petals plastered on her back with perspiration from rolling around on the ground with Longoria. At the end of the day, she decisively kicked Longoria's ass. It was a vicious and intense battle that only best friends trying to settle a dispute or arch enemies engage. Today she is not sure which one Longoria is to her. She knows for sure that she punished Longoria and gave her a beat down that she will never forget.

With the casket removed, Mendes' Resistance friends and teammates come to the ring to share the moment. Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Vida Guerra, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Hu, Spontaneous Xtasty, Jeri Ryan, Alicia Silverstone and Jessica Alba join Mendes in this momentous occasion. They look up at the big screen to see that the precession with the casket have made their way to the motor entrance. The hooded Jada Pinkett opens the back door of a hearse like an undertaker. The Day of the Dead procession slides the casket with Longoria in the back of the hearse and closes the door. Finally Jada gets in the driver's seat while Christina Milian and Stacey Dash get inside the hearse and they drive away with Longoria.

Inside of Longoria's Fab locker room, her teammates experience sever grief, tears and sorrow that their beloved Eva Longoria is being forced to exit the league. Then that grief turned into panic and horror seeing Longria being carried away, or abducted in front of their eyes. This is not part of the plans, it is not part of the show. That was not supposed to happen.

In the arena Cameron Diaz is wearing a mischievous smile and is texting on her phone. She sends Stone Rage the message and then looks into the camera and gives a wink.


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