Pamela Anderson (60%) vs Mariah Carey (40%)
Pamela had been on a roll, but it seemed of late that the rolling had been almost all down hill with the many recent losses she had. But she had a recent encounter with another gal who managed to peg her at one of those celebrity parties and to whom she was introduced to as simply "Cajun Cat, a well known underground fight club fighter" The chat soon centered on their fighting styles and Caj admitted to having seen a couple of her recent fights and made a few good observations as to how she could have reacted. The chat grew amicable and before another hour had passed, Caj surprised Pam by offering to take her to her place and give her some private training.

With the fight between Pamela and Mariah having recently been signed, Pamela was definitely interested in turning herself around and the two left the party even though it was just starting to get interesting setting more than a few folks wondering as Pam is a real well known party gal. Little did they realize the trashing Pamela was about to take at the Cat's hands and then she started to show the blonde star where she went wrong. Pamela's weekend found her staying at Cat's place until Monday when she left, tired, sore, and felling a lot better. She also returned several more times for additional training vowing when she met with Mariah things would be different this time.

When the date did arrive for the big fight, many of the fans found a somewhat different Pamela as she literally stalked in towards the ring where Mariah was already waiting confidently. Mariah had chosen for this fight a blood red mesh style bikini that barely kept her covered and still showed a good bit of what was underneath anyway, her own lithe and tight body from all her dancing on her road shows showed as it clung to all the curves. She frowned at the reaction Pamela got as she came in with a deep tan similar to her old Baywatch days instead of her more recent paleness. She had on a near sheer colored beige bikini that came close to matching her skin tone, and left little to the imagination that the tan did not stop at the bikini lines. As she climbed in to the ring, Mariah didn't even wait for the intro's as she charged the blonde and tried an elbow smash to knock her off the apron to the floor below. Pam saw it coming, guessed her move and deftly side stepped it letting her hit the ropes and caught the head in a side headlock and stepped back and off the apron dropping to the floor and also snapping the brunette's throat hard across the throat as her head got peeled from the headlock. The damage was done as Mariah was caught, choked hard and then flung back on to her back by the rope.

Pam went right to the offense as she lunged between mat and bottom rope and grabbed the feet of her foe and dragged her closer. Mariah sat up and tried to kick loose from being dragged out and grabbed at the upper ropes. The brunette however made herself a wide open target that way. Pamela balling her fists released the legs and pumped a lightning fast one two combination to her breasts that got a squeal of pain and outrage as both tits popped from the top and hung there. Then Pamela lunged and grabbed her hair and snapped the head down the neck across the second rope in a second snap choke that sent her kicking and gasping.

Although she was being choked, Mariah got her own thoughts together at last. Mariah got her legs up and around Pamela in a tight scissors putting the squeeze on all the while, she fought to free her hair from Pamela and get her neck off the choking rope. Mariah's legs strained and the look on Pamela's face said she was feeling it as well. Pam let go of her choke to try and spread the legs apart and ease the pressure. Mariah to lifts her head, then assessing the scene leaned back so she could get even more leverage to the scissors and punish Pamela for her choke.

Pamela was indeed feeling the pain. Mariah's numerous dance routines had left her legs quite strong and scissors was one of her better moves as a result. She was beginning to smile as she contemplated what to do next, when Pamela answered it for her as she grabbed her legs hard and suddenly backed away fast giving Mariah no chance to grab at the ropes. Mariah slid under the ropes and dropped hard to the floor partially upended to boot. Her legs were still around Pamela's waist, but they had slackened. Pamela got her one leg under and used it and her arms to snap the brunette up in the air and then snapped her down hard slamming her head in to the hard concrete floor, leaving her dazed.

It was now almost too easy for Pamela as she tightened up her grip on the legs, lifted her higher and walked her over in to a walkover Boston Crab. Pam settled in and deep on the singer seeking to make the brunette surrender. The pain was enough to snap Mariah to the here and now. Mariah tried to power out with a leg thrust but the blonde had braced her feet outwards to block it. All Mariah accomplished was to raise the blonde a bit. Pam shoved in harder driving her back down and jacking up the pressure.

The brunette was struggling against both the back breaking pain as well as her slowly but steadily weakening to the hold's effects, but she was unwilling to surrender to Pamela. After nearly two minutes in the grueling hold she was very weak and almost helpless, but still refusing to surrender. "Last chance for an easy surrender girl" snarled Pamela, "Give it up or else!" Again Mariah shook her head no, and to her surprise felt the Crab ease up but not get released as Pamela shifted back a bit and then looped the brunette's legs around the outside of her own and then shifted forward again and spread her legs apart.

New and intense pain ripped through Mariah as she found herself in the underground world's most dangerous women's hold the "Bitch Buster" as she found her back again bending Crab style, but her legs were also now being spread wide in an unbelievably painful split. "Ready to surrender yet!" Pamela asked and she shifted forward some more increasing the arch on her back as well as spread the legs a bit wider opening the V of the split even wider and showing the cunt of Mariah for all to see through the mesh as she was spread wide there. The pink of the inner skin was actually seen from the wideness of the split. A second time, Pamela asked her for her surrender, and without waiting she shifted forward again and spread her legs some more making the split even wider. A howl of pain and self-denial came from Mariah's lips and her eyes were getting glassy from the intense pain. Pamela didn't ask for surrender again as she spread her own legs uncomfortably apart now making Mariah's own split far worse and the yelling crowds hears the ripping sound and then saw the stress of the hold had literally madder the bottom of Mariah's bikini split wide open exposing her cunt completely for all to see.

Again, Pamela shifted forward, and she heard a deep moan of pain as Mariah all but stopped struggling. She could take no more, her breath in deep sobbing tones, "Enough! I give! Let go, I Give!"

Pamela immediately released the brunette allowing her to unroll and collapse to the floor, her body racked in pain and tried to curl in to a near fetal position as medics came in and examined her as Pamela rolled her on her back and to strike a victory pose over her vanquished foe and enjoyed the crowd's standing applause for the unique finish.

Pam is walking tall thanks to the Cajun Cat

Mariah gets Busted!!!

Mr. Skin