Part 3

Halle Berry versus Vivica Fox
Pam Anderson, Tia Carrere and Halle Berry have arrived in fabulous Las Vegas. Janet Jackson reluctantly told them that is where they could find Jennifer Lopez. ^ The trio immediately split up to search the various casinos for Jennifer. They were desparate to find her before Christina Aguilera and Mya could get their devilish hands on her. They had burned that wicked Voo Doo doll Pam got from Janet to break the Curse of Aguilera, but they doubt that alone would restore her annihilated confidence, and self respect. They knew she was still vulnerable to Mya and Christina's attack.

Pam went to the Golden Nugget, Tia's at the Rio and Halle Berry was searching the MGM Grande's 'High Stakes Room'. Jennifer and her frequent there duiring their many trips to Sin City. Halle heard a very loud, and familiar voice there. "Come On! Mamma needs a 7!" The voice yelled.

Halle aproached the woman saying, "Vivica Fox... what the hell brings you to Vegas!"

The woman turns and sees Halle "What's up Girl!" Vivica says as she hugs Halle. "Uma Thurman and I are here working with some programmers on a Kill Bill video game." Vivica wears a surprised look and says, "Damn you're brave girl! I'm suprised to see you out by yourself."

"What do you mean? I'm here looking for Jennifer Lopez" Halle says. "Have you seen her?"

"Everybody in Hollywood knows that now." Vivica replies. "You really don't know, Do you?"

"Know what!" Halle ask very inpaitently.

"Well somebody really pissed Janet Jackson off." Vivica starts. "She and Jessica Simpson are on a plane to Vegas right now. Before she left, she called Christina Applegate of the ABA, Alyssa Milano of the New Generation Next and even Madonna, and you know she hates Madonna, of Blonde Ambition." Vivica continues "She told them all the Fab Four are in Vegas, so they are all on there way too." "With Stone Rage's legal problems, everybody is certain that if they take you four out, Rage will cave in and sell the league."

Halle stands looking stunned. "The ABA, Generation PRIME, Blond Ambition, and Generation Next are all coming for us?" she says in disbelief.

"Yeah!" Vivica says excitedly. "Janet called all the casinos and told them whats going on, so security nor anyone else will interfere. In fact all the casinos bought into everything, and put the odds on the bet board in the high stakes rooms. The ABA's odds are 2 to 1. They have the best odds. Generation PRIME's next at 3 to 1. Blond Ambition's 5 to 1, and Gen Next at 8 to 1. It's 15 to 1 that you guys survive." Vivica says. "Uma and I decided to stay a few extra days and see what happens." Vivica says with pride, "My money's on the ABA!"

"You're betting against us?" Halle asks confused.

"You fucking moron!" Vivica exclaims. "You and the others don't stand a chance. You will probally have to go through all four groups to get out of Vegas." "I heard they are going to humiliate you so much and mangle your bodies so bad, that none of you will show your faces for months."

Halle stands frozen for a moment in a mixture of fear, shock, and disbelief. "I've got to find Jennifer and the others, and get out of here before they find us." she says talking to herself.

"Why are you looking for Jennifer Lopez here in the MGM Grand anyway?" Vivica asks "She's not staying here?"

"You know where Jennifer's staying!" Halle asks excitedly.

"Yeah, I ran into her last night." Vivica says calmly.

"Where is she staying!" Halle asks with desparation in her voice.

"If you don't know, then I'm not going to tell you." Vivica replies.

"Whhhhyyyyy?" whines Halle in a brokenhearted manner.

"Because I hope they stomp your skrawny ass in the in the ground." Vivica responds. "You know how hard it is for black actresses to get good roles. With you out of the way, I'll get more and better roles."

"You selfish bitch" Halle snaps.

Vivica says "I'd kick your phoney ass myself, to get ahead, but you're so powerful in Hollywood, I know would you destroy my career." Vivica smiles and says, "Just business, nothing personal of course."

Halle was getting very anrgy hearing these words from somebody she thought was a friend. "If you really want to fight me so bad, then today is your luck day." Halle says before smacking Vivica across the face. "Either you tell me where Jennifer is, or I'm going to beat you all over this room, and embarress your shit talking... back stabbing.... non-acting ass in front of everybody!"

Halle thought she was angry, but Vivica's responce made her absolutely furious. Vivica laughs in Halle's face, saying "You really are a stupid dip shit! You couldn't beat a little white girl last week.* You even let her sit on your face! What chance do you stand against me?"

Halle was so furious she flies into action without thinking. Before even Halle realized what is happening she explodes on Vivica pounding her smug rival with a whirlwind of fist. By the time she realized what she was doing, she already has Vivica squealing and reeling from her assault. The dealers start taking bets on their fight in typical Las Vegas style.

When Halle realized what was going on, she regretted starting a fight with Vivica. First, she needed to make friends not enemies. Vivica is very respected by many black actresses, and Vivica could garner a lot of support against her. "Stacy Dash, Gabrielle Union and Tisha Campbell are all going to be on my ass for this" Halle thought. Second, and most important right now, Vivica has the potential to kick her ass. Vivica is the same height as her but outweighed and outmuscled her. She also had a reputation of being very tough. Halle knew she could possibly be overmatched. So she kept swinging and swinging harder than before. Vivica was startled by Halle's attack. She did not think Halle would have attacked her that suddenly. Now she is taking a beating and just trying to hold on until she could retaliate. Halle just kept pounding her.

After Vivica had taken quite a beating, Halle's arms tire enough to give Vivica an opening to strike. Halle's punches grow slower and wilder. Vivica fires a crispt jab between Halle's punches that explodes on her lips. Halle's head snaps back and reels back a couple of steps. Four more precise and sizzling punches land in the same spot and sends Halle staggering back further. Vivica lands a left hook to the jaw that knocks Halle down on her curvaceous butt. Instead of pressing the advantage, Vivica showboats a bit yelling "Yeeaaahh! What's up now bitch?"

"Your old ass is up bitch!" Halle says as she leaps to her feet and charges Vivica landing a left hook to Vivica's face. Vivica's head spins, but she still returns another right hand in Halle's direction. Halle dodges the punch and returns with her own right hand that does not miss. Halle is back on the attack, but instead of wildly wailing like earlier, her punches were swift and potent. Vivica's head is on a swivel, back and forth, up and down, going where ever Halle's fist desired it to go. Halle's second attack is more ferocious than the first. Vivica is being overwhealmed. Her face is taking a pounding, and she is helpless to stop it. Vivica withstands as much as she could before being knocked to the carpet.

Vivica looks up at Halle from her seated position on the floor in pain and disbelief that this slender woman's fist had such might. She always though she would beat the crap out of Halle in a fight. She never thought Halle could do this to her. "Vivica! tell me where Jennifer is before this gets out of hand and you get hurt." Halle demands.

"Please, you finished your last match with Alicia sitting on your face. You're still the same loser." Vivica responds. "I'm winning this fight."

"I'd like to see how you do against Alicia Silverspoon." Halle snaps back.

"Alicia's a friend of mine." Vivica starts "She says your snobby attitude pissed her off so much that, it turned her into a superwoman. There was no way you could beat her." Vivica says with a smirk. "That's probally how Melissa Joan Hart turned you into her sex slave, and why Catherine Zeta Jones smashed your face with that chair, or why Christina Applegate threw you worthless ass in the trash, and how Britney Spears nearly broke your back when she took your Warqueen title." Vivica said in a taunting tone, "Your charming personality is getting your butt kicked!" Halle is obviously seething now. Her face concealed none of the fury inside. Vivica's reminders of her recent failures has her trembling she was so angry. Vivica hoped her taunts would first, give her time to recover from the thrashing Halle had given her. Second, make Halle so mad that she would make a mistake. But instead she was making Halle so furious, that she was turning into one of those 'superwomen' that she was telling Halle about.

"You're right." Halle says through clenched teeth. "All those bitches kicked the shit outta my ass for whatever reason, but I promise, you won't do it!"

Halle wipes Vivica's taunting smile away with a kick to her face. Vivica falls back flat on the carpet. Halle walks behind her, and reaches down, grabbing so much hair in her hand, that she turned Vivica's long free flowing locks into a ponytale, and hauls her to her feet. Halle then drives her knee into the small of Vivica's back repeatedly. Vivica arches her back and hollars at each strike. Halle delights in Vivica's ordeal and enjoys her wails of pain. Vivica felt as if Halle was about to snap her spine, the pain was so intense.

Halle releases Vivica, allowing her to drop to her knees groaning loudly. Halle grabs her victim under her chin and wrenches her head back so Vivica is looking up at her. Halle unloads five strong punches before Vivica is able to bring her hands up to cover her face. Halle releases Vivica and backs up a few steps and kicks her in the back of the head. Vivica screams and topples face first into the carpet. "How could you replace me in Hollywood?" Halle taunts. "You're too old to play Storm or Catwoman." Halle walks over and kneels at Vivica's side. She rolls Vivica over onto her back. "Now please tell me where is Jennifer so I won't torture your old butt anymore.

"Eat shit Bitch" Vivica resonds. Halle does not say a word. She rolls Vivica back over onto her stomach, climbs on her back, and pulls back on Vivica's chin, applying a Camel Clutch to her rival. Vivica howls in pain. Her lower back is already aching from Halle's knee shots. Vivica is desparate to escape. Vivica uses her strength to roll off her stomach and on to her side. Halle locks her legs around Vivica's waist and squeezes. At the same time, she wraps her arms around Vivica's head in a rear chinlock. Halle starts squeezing the power out of her flailing rival.

Halle wrenches back on Vivica's chin. Halle's wiggling, and grunting opponent arches her back causing her big titties protrude out more. Halle hears some guys in room commenting on how great Vivica looks in that compromising position. She hears murmmors all about the room about Vivica's big tits. "Now you might have an advangtage over me with those big boobs." Halle annnounces. "Let's See." Halle releases one arm from around Vivica's head and starts unbuttoning the white leather vest Vivica is wearing. The vest is low cut and shows an extreme amount of cleavage. (as does most of Vivica's outfits) Halle quickly unfastens the four buttons straining to contain Vivica. All the people in the high stakes room cheer loudly.

Halle abandons her chinlock and starts wrestling with Vivica to strip her vest off. Although Halle's punches and leg scissors have taken a lot out of Vivica, she still has the strength to cross her arms and hold on to her vest. Halle then finds she must abandon her leg scissor too to stand and get better leverage wrestle the vest from Vivica. This is a price Halle is willing to pay. She wants to humiliate as well as beat her big mouth friend. She is pulling so hard, she is dragging Vivica across the floor. Halle stands behind Vivica, tugging the vest off. Vivica holds on, but realizes it is s fruitless battle. Vivica uncrosses her arms, and allows the vest to be stripped off. Halle stumbles off balance several steps, and Vivica scrambles to her feet and distances herself from Halle.

"I'm mad now... Come on Bitch!" Vivica yells.

"So What." Halle nonchalantly returns.

Halle walks forward and walks right into a Vivica A. Fox jab that snaps her head back. Vivica follows with a left-right combination that also scores. A smile creeps on Vivica's face, thinking she is finally going to turn this fight around. Then that fantasy is dashed when Halle's leg lightnings up and kicks Vivica in the stomach. Vivica doubles over with a loud "Ooommpt!" Halle quickly holds the back of Vivica's head and rockets her knee up into Vivica's face. Vivica falls back to the carpet again seeing stars.

Halle sits down on Vivica's stomach. She uses a handful of hair to lift the dazed beauty's upper body off the floor enough to reach behind her to get to Vivica's bra clasp. With a sharp tug Halle breaks the clasp, and allows Vivica to fall back to the carpet. Vivica is just regaining her senses, and offers no resistance as Halle removes Vivica's bra from her body.

Halle pins Vivica's arms under her knees and starts slapping Vivica's tits around with both hands. Vivica has regained her awareness and shouts as each demeaning slap crosses her breast. "I don't see why you are always showing off these fake fuckers." Halle taunts. "They sit up on your chest like a couple of big, hard grapefruit. There's no way movie producers will pay millions for these like they did my natural, soft, suculant tits in Swordfish. All these sorry imatations can get is $20 at your local strip club." Halle adds "Maybe thats where you belong." Vivica roars in a combination of pain and anger from Halle's breast and verbal abuse, but she is helpless to stop either of them.

Inexplicably Halle rises off Vivica and steps away from her. "Please Vivica let's end this and just tell me where is Jennifer." Halle says.

Vivica slowly rises back to her feet cupping her battered breast. "No" Vivica says vehamently. "Halle Berry... Miss Big-Time movie star thinks she can waltz in here, kick my ass and get whatever she wants." Vivica tirades. "Not this time. You're going to get put in your place before you leave Vegas, Miss Thang!" Vivica spits with attitude. "First by me, then by the ABA!" With that Vivica charges Halle and throws a looping right hand punch, that Halle easily sidesteps. Halle then counters with a sizzling right hand right across Vivica's chin that drops her like a bad habit.

Vivica is damn near out this time. Her mind barely acknowledges that Halle has unfastened her tight, form-fitting white leather pants, and is peeling them off of her. Stripping Vivica of her leather pants proved to be a much more difficult task than Halle expected. The leather was wet with sweat and clunged to its owner's skin. By the time the struggling Halle finally gets them off, Vivica has somewhat revived and scampers away from Halle as soon as the confining garment is removed.

Vivica stands and glares at Halle. Her face told the whole story. Everybody in the room can see she is beaten, embarresed and does not want to fight anymore, yet too stuborn to admit defeat. Vivica stands about five yards from Halle in nothing but her red lace panties. Halle's derogatory remarks about her age and surgically enhanced breast seem untrue, because she had every male penis in the room standing at attention. Unscathed, unmarked, and fully dressed, Halle stares back at her nearly nude, sweaty rival. It looked like an old western standoff. Finally Halle breaks the stare down saying, "Vivica please tell me where is Jennifer, I'm begging you." "Do you think I like doing this to you?" Halle says doing her best acting job. Really she is thouroughly enjoying pounding this jealous Hollywood bitch. "Tell me while you got your panties and self respect... cause I'm getting ready to take both of them from you" Halle finishes.

A chill runs down Vivica's spine. She knows Halle's words are prophetic cause she can and will take Vivica's pride from her in a very painful way. When Vivica did not respond to Halle's comments, Halle broke the standoff and closed the distance between her and Vivica. "Have it your way" Halle mutters. She approaches and starts trading punches with Vivica.

Vivica's punches are wild flailings while Halle's fist are knowledgeable, and punishing. They strategically land against Vivica's face time and time again. It was not long before Vivica could not respond with punches and was just taking punishment. Vivica is dazed and lounges forward, grabbing a hold to Halle's thin satin shirt, as she desparately tries to stay upright. Halle ceases her attack and steps back, allowing Vivica to slowly sink to the ground. Unfortunately for Halle, as Vivica decends to the ground, she rips and shreds Halle's thin satin sweat soaked shirt.

Vivica lies face down. Halle sits on Vicica's back, and slides her arms under Vivica's shoulders and interlocks her fingers behind Vivica's head, locking her in a full nelson. Halle stands and brings Vivica up to her knees. Halle wrenches down on Vivica's neck making her groan and scream in torment. With Vivica helplessly trapped, Halle asks, "Do you want to tell me where's Jennifer now?" Halle applies as much preasure as her slender arms could produce.

With her chin forced down against her chest, and her arms helplessly trapped above her head, Vivica weakly struggles for freedom. All she accomplishes is making her big tits bounce on her chest gaining another penis salute from the guys. However she does not respond to Halle's question. Vivica's movements slow as if she is about to pass out. "You're not going to sleep on me... are you girl?" Halle asks. Fearing she will pass out before telling her where is Jennifer, Halle releases her hold allowing Vivica to topple face first to the carpet again. Halle does not give Vivica a moment to rest, as she sits on the small of Vivica's back, and applies a Boston Crab.

If Vivica was near unconcious before, she is definitely awake now as she hollars and screams from this new assault to her already hurting back. Vivica hollars in obvious agony, and slaps the floor in distress. After Vivica's cries die down slightly, Halle demands, "Are you ready to tell where's Jennifer?" Halle knew Vivica had to be close to giving up the information, after all she has put her through.

"No! I won't let you beat me!" Vivica screams back.

"Let me beat you? Dumb bitch, you've been 'beat' for the last fifteen minutes. " Halle responds in disbelief of Vivica's answer. "Everybody knows it... Hell, even you know it... just tell me where's Jennifer before I cripple you."

"No... you won't break me." Vivica says while sobbing. "You always get the best roles, you got a damn oscar... you always win.. you got the best career, but I'm not going to tell you and let you beat me again!" Vivica confess.

"You really are a dumb bitch!" Halle spits with disgust. "You're too stupid to know how lucky you really are." Halle preaches "You've had a great career... you're respected by everybody... and you look fucking fantastic, at any age, let alone being over 40." Interesting though, all the while Halle was preaching to Vivica, she was intensly wrenching back on her Boston Crab. "Well if vinagar won't get you to tell me where's Jennifer... I'll try sugar." Halle announces.

With that Halle releases one of Vivica's legs. Vivica breaths a sigh of relief, thinking Halle's torture is over. "Maybe, Halle will try to compliment me to get the information" she thinks, but Halle had other ideas. She keeps a hold of one of Vivica's ankles, and starts tickling the sole of her foot. First Vivica started chucking, then she laughs hartily. Only problem was Halle would not stop tickling. Vivica laughed so hard she lost her breath. Halle keeps tickling. Vivica is forced to keep laughing although things are not funny to her any longer. Vivica's distress is becoming obvious. "Please Halle" Vivica pleads between laughs. "You're ticking me so hard... haaa ha ha ha... you're gonna make me pee on myself." Vivica announces.

"That would be funny" is Halle's only response. She maintains her seat on the small of Vivica's back to hold her in place, and keeps tickling the sole of one foot. Vivica is reaching the end of her resistance. She is crying laughing and screaming all at the same time. "Please.... ha ha ha stop..." Vivica begs. Now it is Halle's turn to give no response. "Ceasars!" Vivica breathlessly burts. "Jennifer's at Cesar's Palace!"

To Vivica's surprise Halle did not stop tickling her. "I told you what you... hah ha ha ha.. wanted to know... haaaa ha haa... aren't you going to stop?"

"Nope.... I'm not" Halle cooly answered. "I'm gonna teach your jealous butt a lesson you won't forget." Halle snarls. "You've been acting like a baby... so now wet yourself like a child. If you want better roles and an oscar, go get your own instead of complaining about me. GROW UP BITH!" She looks around the room then hollars to the big dollar players in the room, "I got $10,000 grand that says I can make this bitch pee on herself!" Three high rollers agree to cover the bet. After all, how many chances in life does someone get the chance to see a famous nude Hollywood startlet piss on herself in a crowded room?

"No" gasps Vivica. "Nooooo You fucking Bitch!" she then yells. From that point Vivica has her eyes closed and her teeth gritted together. All the while she releases strange noises that are a mixture of laughing, grunting, sobbing and whimpering. Her face is contorted in concetration. Every fiber in her body is trying to resist wetting herself.

Halle knows it is only a matter of time, before the inetable happens, and it does not take long. Vivica says a long, "Unnnghhhhhh!" and Halle sees a growing wet spot on the carpet developing under Vivica. Halle stops tickling Vivica and rises to her feet. While standing over Vivica she takes a long bow to acknowledge the loudy cheering room. Vivica remains face down lying in her own urine with both hands covering her face.

Then Halle suddenly breaks away from the intoxicating cheers of the crowd and says, "I've got to get to Ceasars!"

Halle stars for the door when one guy who covered Halle's bet says, "Ms Berry!... what about this $10,000 I owe you?"

Halle stops and says, "That's right... I got $30 grand coming to me. She turn to one of the dealers, and reaches into pocket. She pulls out 3 hundred dollar bills and gives it to the dealer. "Keep this for your trouble, and do me a favor." Halle says. "Collect my winnings and send $10,000 to these charities, Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, The United Negro College Fund, and PETA. (Pam will love that) "Oh and make the donations in the name of Vivica A Fox.... shes the one who really performed not me". Halle says with a smile.

"Sure Thing Ms Berry!" the smiling dealer says. Halle again turns to leave but the dealer shouts out, "Ms Berry! you can't go out looking like that...." Halle turns and looks at him confused. "Err I mean your shirt."

Halle looks down at her shirt. She saw more breast and bra than clothing. She forgot her blouse was a casualty of the fight. The dealer hands Halle the white leather vest and pants outfit she had stripped off Vivica. "Here, I'm sure Ms Fox won't mind."

"Thank you" Halle says and takes the outfit. Halle tosses aside the shredded shirt. Then slowly pushes her jeans over her sultry hips and down her chocolate milk colored thighs. For a second she stood there in just her black lace bra and panty set just like she wore in Swordfish. She then puts on Vivica's leather outfit. "Thanks again" Halle says and darts out the room. She breaks in a full sprint, towards the casino doors. On the way she passes Uma Thurman but does not stop to aknowledge her.

After Halle leaves Vivica stands and gives everybody in the room a mean, evil glare. Everybody stops cheering and telling jokes at her expense and imediately resumes their various games, gambling and other activities. Vivica is humiliated and embarressed, but more furious that Halle did this to her. She walks to the bar and demands "Grey Goose & Cranberry juice!" The bartender quickly makes the drink and hands it to her. Vivica takes gulps of the drink and plots her revenge.

Uma Thurman walks in and sees her friend standing sulking at the bar, wearing only urine soaked red panties. "What the hell happened to you?" she asks her friend. After Vivica explains what just happened. Uma says, "I know how to fix that bitch.... follow me."

Vivica FoxUma ThurmanThirty minutes later Uma and Vivica are walking purposely, in step down the hall of the Las Vegas airport. If it was a movie, the Kill Bill theme song would have been playing in the background as they walked. When they reached the end of the hall, they saw Madonna, Britney Spears, and Melissa Joan Hart of Blonde Ambition collecting their luggage. Generation Next's Alyssa Milano, Nelly Furtado and Shakira's plane had just landed, and they were walking of the boarding gate. Vivica, who was now dressed in a blue jump suit dramatically announces. "Ladies... its your lucky day! Uma and I are going to help your groups destroy the Fab 4!"

"And what makes you think we need your help?" Alyssa retorts.

"Simple math" Uma cooly says "Each of your groups have three members, and the Fab 4 has 4 members... You need to even your odds... and Vegas is all about odds."

"And how do we know we can trust you?" asks Madonna.

"Because we are filming a new movie called, Kill Halle" Vivica says and breaks into a smile. Generation Next approaches Vivica and accepts her help, while Blonde Ambition accepts Uma's aid.

These events are unknown to Halle, but she starts to panic during the taxi ride to meet Tia and Pam. The thought of facing the ABA, Blonde Ambition, Generation PRIME, and Generation Next worries her. Quietly she reasures herself every thing will be okay. She then calms herself by singing a song. "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming... Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..." .

^ Finding J.Lo Series 2
*Alicia versus Halle