Part 4

Jennifer Lopez versus Christina Aguilera & Mya
Jennifer Lopez was returning to her room from Caesars Palace casino. She had 'disappeared' to Las Vegas after her loss to Jenny McCarthy^ with fiancÚ, Ben Affleck. She needed some time away before returning home and telling Stone Rage and her friends in the Fab Four, she is quitting the group and retiring from the league. She loves her friends and knew they deserve someone better than her as a partner. What Jenny McCarthy said is true, "she's a weak-ass piece of trash who has no business being in the ring with her or any other member of the ABA." She knew her friends would be upset and try to change her mind, but her decision was made. She regretted meeting with her teammates one last time and telling them. She let them, and her fans down. She was nothing.

Today was different though. For the first time she won at the tables. Her luck had changed. (About the same time Pam burned the Voo Doo doll miles away) She walks into her luxury penthouse suite excited. "Hey Ben... guess what... I won today!" She yells as she removes the blonde wig, and dark sunglasses she wore to the casino to avoid being recognized. "Maybe my luck has changed" Jennifer says as she walks into the bedroom then shouts "Ben No!" in horror.

Ben is in the bed with Christina Aguilera and Mya having sex in front of her. The naked trio looks back at Jennifer briefly then go back to fucking.

Jennifer whines, "Oh Ben how could you?" then Jennifer starts to break down. First she clutches her hair and pulls it like she is trying to rip it out. Her eyes flutter at an unnatural rate. Jennifer finally starts crying uncontrollably, and talking to herself. The naked trio looks back in fascination. They realize Jennifer is having a nervous breakdown in front of their very eyes. Christina and Mya smile to themselves. They had broken Jennifer and have not even touched her yet. They both knew how to finish mentally demolishing their rival, to make sure she never threatens them or anybody again.

"QUIET!" Christina yells. "Quit your pitiful crying you pathetic wimp." Poor Jennifer keeps crying. "I said Shut Up!" Christina yells again. "Do you want me to fuck you up the ass like Jenny McCarthy?"

"No... No... Please anything but that." Jennifer stammers while still crying pitifully.

"Pathetic... You are so fucking pathetic." Mya starts. "You're a total fuck up! Christina and I were nice enough to satisfy your man for you, cause we all know you can't do it.... Can you?... Answer me, can you?"

"No I can't" meekly replied the shattered shell of a woman.

"And you interrupt us and fucked it up!" screams Mya. "Ben deserves better than a pathetic wimp like you."

"Yeah!" Christina says, "You're only good for serving real women like Mya and me!" "Now get Mya, Ben and me a glass of wine." Christina says. "We're working up a thirst fucking your man...." "I said move bitch!" Christina yells forcefully.

Jennifer jumps with a start and scurries to the kitchen to subserviently prepare the glasses of wine.

After Jennifer leaves the room, Mya says, "Is she a fucking nut case or what?"

"Yeah, she's been getting worst for a while now." Ben talks "I've been trying to get rid of her, but she keeps hanging on to me." Ben continues. "I'm glad you two showed up to get rid of that lunatic once and for all. And I love the way you chose to do it!" Ben says as he wraps his arms around Christina's waist.

"You want some more of this, don't you Big Boy?" Christina seductively says. "You won't have to worry about Jennifer Lopez ever again after we're through with her." She says as she sits back on Ben's cock and bounces up and down. Mya sits high on Ben's chest with her wide-open cunt in his face for a little mouth service.

Jennifer returns walking as fast as she could, but being extremely careful not to spill a single drop of wine. She hands each a glass. They take the wine, but do not acknowledge Jennifer otherwise, acting like she is completely insignificant, as they keep having sex. "Go stand in the corner, facing the wall until we call you again stupid." Christina orders.

Jennifer drops her head and shoulders and submissively sulks to the corner. Once in the corner, Jennifer continues crying and demonstratively talking to herself.

Twenty minutes later, Jennifer starts hitting the wall while shouting, "NO! NO! NO! NO!!" Then Jennifer turns facing the startled lovemaking trio. Magically the weak submissive Jennifer is gone, and the old Latina Spitfire Jennifer is back. Back and mad as Hell. Somehow, someway Jennifer's spell that's haunted her for months was broken. "Come on girls.... Let's rumble!" Jennifer snarls.

Mya and Christina climb off Ben and get out of bed. Confident Jennifer or Submissive Jennifer did not matter to them. They came to Vegas to destroy, and break her mentally and physically, and they are determined to complete their mission.

Jennifer charges the two nude home wreckers. First, she kicks Mya in the stomach, and then blasts Christina with a straight right hand. Jennifer draws back with her right fist and slams it into the doubled over Mya's face, then brings it forward and punches Christina in the face again.

Jennifer grabs Mya by the hair, and slings her across the floor. She turns, and dives on Christina, knocking her to the ground with Jennifer sitting on top. Jennifer grabs two handfuls of blonde hair, and starts slamming the back of Christina's head against the carpet. Jennifer has Christina's brain rattled before Mya can recover to rescue her friend. Mya attacks Jennifer from behind. She grabs the Puerto Rican's hair and shoulders and returns the favor from earlier, and rips Jennifer off of Christina and slings her across the floor.

Jennifer comes to a skidding halt. Mya is right on top of her. She leaps and dives on Jennifer, trying not to allow her a moment to breath. As soon as she lands, Jennifer is ready for her. Jennifer rolls Mya over as soon as she touch downs, so now Jennifer is now on top. Once on top Jennifer opens a two fisted assault on Mya's face. Endless fist rain down on Mya's face, knocking her senseless.

After what feels like an eternity to Mya, Christina comes to her rescue. Christina kicks Jennifer in the kidneys from behind. Jennifer rolls off Mya and onto her back. Christina tries to stomp Jennifer, but she catches the blonde's foot before it can reach its target. Jennifer twists Christina's foot and shoves her back. Christina stumbles back, as Jennifer springs to her feet. Jennifer rises with a two fisted assault aimed at Christina's face. Jennifer's fists pound the tiny woman into oblivion. Gold hair flies as Christina's head spins from Jennifer's fist.

Mya looks up and sees Christina getting destroyed. Unfortunately for the blonde, Mya is still addled from her encounter with the rampaging vixen. Both now realize it was a bad idea to push Jennifer so far over the edge. She is fighting like a woman possessed. Jennifer is fighting for her very existence, and is damn near unstoppable.

Christina is getting overwhelmed. She tries to coverup, she tries fighting back, but nothing is working. "Mya... Help Me!" Christina desperately shouts. Mya is still hurting, but she reluctantly climbs to her feet to help. Mya tackles Jennifer low from behind, taking her down face first to the carpet.

Mya climbs up Jennifer's back and locks her arms across Jennifer's throat applying a rear naked choke. Jennifer only has the opportunity to release a quick grunt before she is choked into silence. Mya simultaneously wraps her legs around Jennifer's waist to insure she's trapped. Still in a very weak condition, Christina adds feeble kicks to Jennifer's ribs.

Jennifer has reached another pivotal point. She has fought well today, and no one would look down on her for losing a 2 on 1 matchup. But she has accepted failure too much recently. She had not become one of the most successful celebrities in the world by accepting failure. She could not lose this fight. Jennifer uses all her might and muscle to power herself to her feet with Mya still clinging to her back. Jennifer reaches behind and grabs Mya by her hair and swiftly bending forward, uses that handful of hair to toss Mya over her shoulder and flipping out of control to crash land into Christina.

Mya and Christina land in a big naked heap. Jennifer is still bent over with her hands on her knees, regaining her breath, thankful that she found the strength to escape. Jennifer waits paitently for her younger rivals to rise on unsteady feet. First she snaps Christina's head back with a powerful kick to the face that drops her back to the floor. Then Mya receives a spinning kick to the side of her lovely face that sends her tumbling to the floor also.

Jennifer walks in between the two moaning figures lying on the ground. She kneels to one knee and applies a claw hold on each girl's pussy. Each lady gasps and squeals in pain while grabbing Jennifer's wrist, trying to remove it from their cunts. "If you tricks wanted Ben, all you had to do was ask... the dick ain't that good anyway."

Christina and Mya make eye contact. Through some form of non-verbal communication they both struggle to their feet. Once they are standing, both draw their fist back simultaneously and fire a punch to Jennifer's face. Jennifer's head snaps back, and she reels back several steps, releasing Christina and Mya from her claw.

Mya and Christina breath a quick sign of relief, but that moment is interrupted as Jennifer charges forward, and plows them both over with a double clothesline. Both young divas are back flat on their backs moaning in anguish. Jennifer shouts at Ben, "I don't believe you cheated on me with these little pups!"

"You could learn a lot from those girls." Ben shoots back. "They both are a lot better than you in bed." Ben continues, "In fact, they are light years ahead of you sexually."

Jennifer growls in anger from Ben's comments. She reaches down and pulls Christina to her feet by her blonde hair. She lifts the young woman in the air and drops her cunt first on her outstretched knee. Christina howls and drops to her knees. Mya is starting to rise, but too is captured by Jennifer. Jennifer tossed her up drops her cunt first on her knee too. As Mya crumples to the carpet, Jennifer hair hauls Christina back up, and drops her pussy across her knee again. She repeats the move to the loudly moaning Mya too. Jennifer gives each girl their third pussy drop across her knee, and smiles while wondering how good of a fuck are they now.

To their credit both Gen PRIME members remained on their feet after the last cunt buster. "Teach me something now Chrissie!" Jennifer taunts as she spins the little blonde around so she has her back to Jennifer. Jennifer lifts Christina up again, but this time drops her butt first on her knee. Mya gets an Atomic spine crusher too.

Christina realizes she does not have as much padding in her butt as Mya, and can not take another Spine Crusher, so she takes off running for the door with Mya fleeing beside her. Jennifer gives chase after them. Halfway to the door, Jennifer dives and tackles both starlets to the floor. With both girls pinned face down to the carpet, Jennifer grabs both girls by the hair and starts repeatedly slamming their faces to the floor.

Within seconds Christina and Mya are dazed and unresisting, but Jennifer keeps slamming their heads to the floor. "See what pain you're causing these little girls Ben?" Jennifer asks. "A man of your age should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Sure talk junk now..." Ben responds. "When their friend Jessica Simpson gets her hands on you again, you won't be talking. Remember how she humiliated you last time by slapping you in the face with her big, beautiful tits?" Ben asks. "You were so self conscious about your little tits that you wore sweaters for three weeks afterwards." Then Ben taunts "You got the worst pair of tits in the room right now."

Jennifer growls in anger and rips Mya off the floor, and slings her on the bed beside Ben. Jennifer clutches the squealing girl's tit and starts yanking it around on her chest. "Is this what you like?" Jennifer yells, "Is this the kind of whore you want now?" Jennifer screams while mauling Mya's tit.

"Well her tits are a lot perkier than your sagging sacks." Bens hurls back.

Jennifer is obvious furious at Ben's insults, and mauls Mya breast harder. Feeling like Jennifer would rip her breast off her chest, Mya pleads, "Ben shut up you asshole, before she kills us."

"Perkier than mine, my ass." Jennifer mutters as she mercifully releases Mya. She returns to the still downed Christina and picks her up. Jennifer flips and holds Christina upside down in a reverse bear hug. Jennifer's arms crush Chsistina's belly into hers while, the blonde's upturned ass is under J.Lo's chin. "You're dreaming Ben." Jennifer says, "I suppose next you're going to tell me that Christina's boney ass is a match for mine too!"

Desperate for freedom, Christina wraps her legs around Jennifer's head in a leg scissors. She briefly gave Ben and Mya hope she may escape, until Jennifer drops to her knees, executing a tombstone piledriver on Christina that knocks her unconscious. Seeing her friend defeated, Mya leaps from the bed, trying to dive on Jennifer, but, Jennifer catches her in mid air and body slams her on top of Christina. Jennifer looks down and sees her rivals lying in one big naked unconscious heap. She releases a self-satisfying grin. "I just whipped two tough bitches at one time... without breaking a sweat... I must be back!" Jennifer thinks.

Jennifer suddenly turns to Ben with a serious stare, "Just one question Ben. Why? Why would you cheat on me with those two sluts?" Jennifer asks.

"First, I never planned this" Ben answers "Mya and Christina just showed up at the door looking for you. While we waited for you to come back from gambling, they made an offer that I eagerly accepted. I wanted to break up with you anyway, and it was a really fun way to do it" Ben explains.

"You scum!" Jennifer yells. "You could've broken up with me anytime, but they came here to beat me... to break me... and you were helping them" Jennifer screams with her fiery Latin temper.

In a fit of rage Jennifer leaps on the bed with Ben, firmly grabs him by the hair with both hands, and starts banging his head into the headboard. After she is sure she had rattled Ben's brain a bit, she lets him go allowing him to fall back on the bed. There she places her knee on his throat and bears down with all her weight. Ben cannot breath. He thrashes around, trying to buck Jennifer off his windpipe. Jennifer is determined to stay on top, and holds onto the headboard to maintain her position. Eventually physics allow the larger man to throw her off. Coughing and disoriented, Ben rolls off the bed to the floor.

Ben is face down trying to regain his breath. When Jennifer quickly attacks. She places her foot in between his shoulder blades, grabs Ben's wrist and wrenches back, locking him in a surfboard. Ben loudly roars in pain and immediately tries to power out, but Jennifer has the leverage to stop him. He tries squirming to knock Jennifer off balance, but the determined latina rides him out. "You're not getting out of this asshole!" Jennifer hisses. "You could have sex with nearly any woman you want, but you humiliate me by choosing Christina and Mya... Neither of those skinny heifers look even half as good as me. Do you know how embarrassing it is when the press reports that two ugly twats just stole my man?" Jennifer screams. "Why couldn't you sleep with someone on my level like, Mariah Carey, or Salma Hayek, or a world class whore like Paris Hilton?" Jennifer adds, "Hell, I saw over a dozen showgirls today that looks better than those two!"

"Ungh" Ben grunts as Jennifer wrenches back with her hold. "You can't handle Mariah" Ben retorts. "If she was here, she would put you in intensive care within fifteen minutes. In twenty minutes, she'd have you in a body bag!"

Jennifer growls in anger as Ben implies her inability to handle her arch-enemy. She releases Ben's arms and starts stomping him in the small of his aching back. Ben exclaims in pain and rolls over to protect his injured spine. When he does, Jennifer is ready and drives her heel into the pit if his stomach as hard as she can knocking the breath out of Ben again. Before Ben can recover, Jennifer drops to the floor and wraps her shapely legs around Ben's head in a figure-four head scissors.

Jennifer leans back and applies as much pressure as her sexy legs can generate. "So tell me lover" Jennifer starts, but pauses as she winces while straining to get more power out of her legs. "Why do you want to beak up so bad?" Jennifer asks.

"Because...." Ben strains to speak while between Jennifer's strong legs. "I only like strong women..... and.. and... you're a wimpy loser." Ben struggles to say.

"You're breaking up with me because I'm on a losing streak?" Jennifer exclaims in disbelief.

"No losing doesn't make you a loser, everybody loses sometimes." Ben says still struggling to speak. "Tia Carrere and Pam Anderson have had big losses recently. Poor Halle Berry has been getting destroyed as bad as you have, but she doesn't cry about it like your sorry big ass." Ben adds, "Even Christina & Mya didn't cry or complain about the beating you just dished out to them." Ben pauses "I'm breaking up with you because you're a whiney wimp who's quitting during fights when someone sticks their foot up that big, fat ass of yours."

Unconsciously Jennifer lessens the pressure on Ben's head as she quietly contemplates his words. "He's right" she thought. "What's wrong with me? I've never acted like this before." Jennifer thought. "I can't quit... I'm not a weak bitch, who runs from a fight. I don't know what spell I've been under, but its over..... I'm Jennifer Lopez damnit!" Jennifer silently declares.

"You may be right about that Ben, but that's no excuse for what you did to me." Jennifer tells Ben. To his relief she releases her figure four leg scissors. "But if I had a real man with the balls to tell me that months ago, thing might be different now." Jennifer says as she moves down Ben's gasping body. Half way down she clutches Ben's dick and balls in her hand and squeezes unmercifully. Ben shoots up to a seated position while eliciting a high-pitched scream, like a little girl, with his eyes bulging out of the sockets. As he sits up, Jennifer is waiting, and slams her elbow in his jaw, knocking him out cold.

"I didn't have a real man... I used to have your bitch ass. Ben I am so glad you kicked me to the curb." Jennifer calmly tells her unconscious naked former fiancÚ.

Jennifer does a quick survey of the room and is disappointed to find that Christina and Mya have vanished. They had awakened while she was beating Ben, and crept out. Then she heard a sound that was pure music to her hears. "Jennifer are you here?" It was Tia Carrere's voice.

"Tia!" Jennifer excitedly exclaims. Seconds later her comrades in the Fab Four run through the bedroom door. Halle leads the way and gives her friend a giant bear hug.

"Jennifer we finally found you!" Halle says.

"What are you doing here? How did you find me?" Jennifer asks although delighted to see her friends.

"Uhh it wasn't easy." Pam says as she takes her turn to hug Jennifer. "We had to get Jennifer Aniston kicked out of the ABA*, fuck up... or I should say 'out fuck' Janet Jackson to break the Curse of Aguilera#, and make Vivica Fox wet her pants+ to find you, but it was worth it." Pam tells her friend with a smile. "May I ask what happened to Ol' Benny?" Pam inquires about Ben, who is one of her old boyfriends too. "I mean he's never looked better."

"Let's just say we broke up..... and good riddance!" Jennifer replies as they laugh at the nude guy's expense.

"I hate to break up this reunion, but we've got to get out of Vegas fast." Tia explains.

"Yeah the ABA are coming to get us." Halle says.

"So what, I just beat the crap out of Mya and Christina Aguilera at the same time!" Jennifer proudly announces, "Let them come.... I'm back... and I'm ready for them!"

"The rest of Generation PRIME is on thier way too" Pam says.

"So what" Jennifer says, but with much less confidence and brevardo in her voice.

"Blond Ambition and Generation Next are all coming to Vegas to finish us off too" Tia says.

"Hmpt.. I'd better pack." Jennifer says. "I got one question, why did you risk coming here with all our enemies closing in?" Jennifer asks.

"To find you silly" Pam says with a smile. "We love you and need you in the Fab Four. We'll go through anybody that tries to hurt you."

Jennifer looks with a tear in her eyes, "Thank you guys, I'll never let you down again." Jennifer says while shedding a tear. "Now let's Escape from Las Vegas!"

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* Finding J.Lo Series 1
# Finding J.Lo Series 2
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