Part 2

Pam Anderson versus Janet Jackson
After her interogation of Jennifer Aniston, Tia Carrere quickly conferred with her compatriots, Stone Rage, Halle Berry, and Pam Anderson. ^ The result of a long conversation, was for Pam Anderson to take an early morning drive out to Janet Jackson's luxurious 5,600 square foot Malibu beach house to investigate this Curse of Aguilera and to see if Generation PRIME truely knows the where abouts of their missing member, Jennifer Lopez.

Janet woke up early that morning. Her bedroom was at the back of the house, and had large sliding doors that allows the morning sun to cascade on her face. Outside the sliding doors is a large deck that overlooked miles of normally empty beach. Janet woke up and stretched in the morning sun as she normally does. Her boyfriend Jermaine Dupree was in New York this week, but she was looking forward to him coming to Malibu later that evening. She dismissed her live-in maid, for a little private time with her man.

Janet was still wearing the white lace camisol and panty set she slept in that night. She got a cup of coffee from the kitchen and returned to the deck to enjoy a peaceful morning. At first she thought she was dreaming, but her eyes were telling her the truth. Pam Anderson was sneaking around below on the beach, thinking she was not being seen. At first she chuckled at the full breasted blond who looked like she was acting out a scene from Barb Wire or VIP or even Stripperella the way she was creeping around. Plus she was wearing a tini tiny white string bikini, like someone was trying to add some cheesecake to a poorly scripted movie. Pam finally makes it up to Janet's house, and is snooping around for a way in. Janet smiled thinking this was her lucky day. She had sent Christina Aguilera and Mya to destroy the emotionally crushed Jennifer Lopez. Now she has the opportunity to capture and take out Pam. The Fab 4 would be finished. The world would know that Generation PRIME got the job done, not the ABA. The power they would gain would be unimaginable. From there they could overthrow the ABA and take control of the league. Janet hit a button on her security sytem console, releasing the lock on the back door, allowing Pam entrace into her house.

Pam slowly crept through Janet's house, still thinking she was undetected. When she found her way upstairs to Janet's master bedroom, she found Janet waiting for her. "I thought you'd never make it up here" Janet says with her hands on her hips. "To what do I owe the honor of a visit from your dingy butt?"

"Word is that you know where J.Lo is" Pam answered "I want to where she's at, and about this stupid Curse of Aguilera thingy!" Pam demanded.

"How did you find out about the curse, and who told you I knew where 'Big Butt' is?" Janet asks.

"Jennifer Aniston... as Tia Carrere tortured her half to death." Pam states proudly, "and if you don't want the same to happen to you, you'd better start talking. There's nobody here to save you from me!"

"Hmpt interesting.... I was thinking the same thing... that there is no one here to save you from ME!" Janet returns.

The dialog from a bad movie ends and the two beauties square off against one another. But this encounter had the makings of a great movie. Pam, the golden blond avenger battling Janet, the raven haired villianess who's plans of domination are close to becoming true. After closing the distance between them, they sink their claws into each other's hair. They start whipping each other around by with handfuls of hair. In the process they leave several generous handfuls of hair on the bedroom floor.

Soon all the thrashing around causes each girl to loose her balance. Janet is able to strike out with her legs and kicks the off balance blonde causing her to trip and fall to the bedroom floor. Pam maintains her handful of hair and drags Janet down on top of her. The pair of celebrities start rolling around on the floor trying to gain some advantage. As they do, their body's press together, and a physical reaction takes place. While both women love men, neither are above acusations of liking, a little woman-on-woman action as well. Both of their bodies react to the other's touch. Nipples stiffen, and jab into the other's breast. Snatches moisten with anticipation and a hunger to be satisfied.

As the two grapple on the floor, Janet reaches behind Pam, and unties her sting bikini top. Janet is intending on doing some breast grabbing, and Pam certainly had some prize targets to grab. With the top now hanging loosely around Pam's neck, Janet uses one hand to claw Pam's huge breast while the other still tears at Pam's hair. Pam respods by bringing her knee up between the two to get a little space between them. This gives Pam an opportunity to grab the front of Janet's lingerie and yank hard enough to break one of the straps, freeing her right tit. Pam eagerly squeezes the chocolaty tit.

By now, both are hot and getting tired of losing hair and getting red marks on their perfect tits. Pam uses her long legs to push Janet back separating the warriors. Each lady gets to her feet. Pam wisely takes her useless bikini off and tosses it across the room, before it can be used as a weapon against her. Janet follows suit and whips off what's left of her lacey camisol.

Pam gawks at Janet's spectacular body, and says, "Wow your abs are awesome!" Pam smiles and admits, "You've got one helluva body... Especially for your age!"

"At my age?" Janet says, a little stung by the age comment. "Honey, I've got an awesome body for any age." Janet says with a pride. "You're not bad yourself for a woman nearly my age. Your abs are pretty impressive too. Wanna test them?" Janet asks. "How bout a belly punching contest. We trade belly punches till one can't take any more."

"Fine with me." says the confident blonde.

With that Janet marches over and fires her right fist into Pam's belly. Pam Anderson responds with a punch of her own. The intial volley got little to no response from either girl. Janet and Pam continue to trade belly punches back and forth. At first Janet thought she made a mistake. Her abs were tougher than Pam's but Pam's punches were a lot stronger than hers. Pam had an early advantage, with Janet grunting at each blow.

As the torrid duel continues, things change. Pam's abs collapse under the preasure. The more her belly aches, the weaker her punches become. Now its Pam grunting, giving loud yelps and howls of pain as Janet punishes her gut. Pam's distress fuels Janet's punches. Her blows appear to have more steam than when the fight began. Pam valiantly punches back, but she appears to be fighting a losing battle.

After absorbing 50 punches, Pam's fist have the sting of a flea. Janet puts all she has into punch after punch into Pam's stomach. Pam is gurggling, and nearly ready to vomit as she tries to continue this contest with Janet. At the 53rd punch, Pam falls back on her beautiful ass. "Had enough blondie?" asks Janet with a smile. Pam does not answer verbally, but struggles back to her feet. She throws another punch into Janet's gut, but it's so weak that it simply bounces off Janet's abs. Janet rears back as far as she can and unleashes a mighty fist into Pam's belly. Pam immediately drops to her knees, howling like a coyote. She falls over flat on her face, moaning loudly.

Janet needed a breather herself. She sits on the foot of her bed listening to Pam as she remains facedown on the carpet loudly groaning moaning and wimpering, indicating the enormous pain she was in.

After Janet had recovered from their belly punching ordeal, she walks over to Pam and uses her foot to roll the still downed blonde over onto her back. First Janet sits down onto Pam's belly, then she stretches out on top of Pam in a full bodypress. Her body blankets Pam's. Janet's cunt presses against Pam's, her tits lie on top of Pam's bazooka boobs. Janet captures Pam's wrist and pins them to the carpet above the blonde's head. "You lose baby, and I win!" Janet says.

"Yeah I know... Do you worst." Pam softly responds. With that, Janet leans forward and passionately starts kissing Pam. Pam responds in equal form and their tounges start grappling in each others mouthes. Janet releases Pam's wrist. Pam takes her arms and wraps them around Janet but, not maliciusly, but in a warm embrace. The two acted more like longtime girlfriends as oposed to hated rivals, as Janet's lips move from Pam's mouth over to her neck. Janet kisses and gently bites her neck. Pam's head lolls around enjoying Janet's actions.

Janet's toungue moves down Pam's body to her fantastic left tit. Her tounge circles Pam's areola, stopping to suck and toungue flick the nipple. Pam purrs and moans, full of sexual excitement. Janet then journeys over to Pam's right tit. She gives that mammory equal treatment. Pam's panting, and squirms of enjoyment increase with each passing moment. Now that Janet has Pam in a sexual frenzy, Janet raises off of the blonde. Janet starts to pull down Pam's bikini bottoms. Pam lifts her hips off the floor, allowing the garment to pass over her slender hips. Janet slowly and seductively pulls the tiny cloth down Pam's legs and off her body. Janet tosses the bottom carelessly over her shoulder. She pushes apart Pam's legs, and dives in face first.

Janet tounge easily separates Pam's pussy lips, and starts tasting the sweet nectar inside. Pam coos and moans in estacy. Pam could not believe how good Janet was in the 'womanly arts'. Janet could not believe how much fun it was having her way with America's favorite blonde. "Yes... yess... yesss!" Pam panted as Janet brought her closer to ultimate satisfaction. Janet's tounge worked harder. Pam's hands start reaching for things that was not there. Janet pressed her face in deeper, and shakes her head, sending waves of pleasure up her captive's spine. Finally Pam could hold her excitement no longer. She explodes in a mind blowing orgasm. Pam let's out a long moan, as she finishes her release. After she stopped, Pam just lie on the floor in an afterglow, panting and breathing heavily, but smiling.

Janet rises off Pam and sashay over to her dresser. She checks herself in the mirror, and fixes and adjusts her hair. She was very proud of her dominance of Pam thus far. "I've beat her ass, and I've dominated her sexually" thinks Janet. "Next I turn her into my slave and make her satisfy me." Janet opens a drawer and pulls out a strap-on dildo and tosses it on the ground near where Pam is lying. "So you're the 'cock fight quen'... Well we'll find out soon." Janet says as she continues adjusting her hair.

When Janet turns around she finds Pam back on her feet. "WOW that was fan-fucking-tastic, if I knew you were that good, I'd have tried to take you down a long time ago." Pam says. "I really hope we can do that again someday... That's why I hope you don't take this ass whipping personally!" Before Janet has a chance to ask what Pam was talking about, Pam fires a karate kick square into Janet's mouth. Janet's head snaps back, as she falls back against the dresser. She is completely surprised. First that Pam still wanted to fight. Second that she had so much strength left, after the belly beating she recieved. It was like the orgasm had somehow rejuvenated her.

Before Janet had a chance to think much more, Pam was on her with a left-right combination that again rocked her. Janet staggers to the side trying to escape Pam's next attack wave. Pam follows and sends another punch in Janet's direction. Janet is able to block it and fire back with a jab to Pam's nose. Janet is thinking, "The witch can't have too much left, I nearly broke her in half with my belly shots a few minutes ago." But Pam is fighting with a purpose, Jennifer Lopez, and is not going to be denied.

Boxing has always been large part of Janet's cardio workout. Needless to say she has developed a few skills in the sweet science. Janet decides to box Pam. She tries to maintain her distance, and use a jab whenever she gets close. Only problem, fighting Pam is like fighting a juggernaut. Pam was walking through Janet's jab and pounding her with walloping rights and lefts until Janet is able to retreat. This scenario plays itself out several times. The end result is Janet taking a good beating at Pam's hands. Realizing her jab is ineffective, Janet tries to cover up and protect her face as Pam closes in again. Pam fires a few punches that land on Janet's arms, before throwing a couple of hooks to the brunette's ribs. Janet's hands instively start to lower, then Pam goes back up top and knocks Janet's arms to the side and land a devastating right cross. Janet is hurt, stunned and dazed all at the same time. Janet's arms fall to her side, and Pam goes to town.

Pam lets loose with a left-right combo, and then another. Janet is nearly out of it. She stands there taking all Pam's punishment, not even able to raise her arms in defense. Janet's eyes flutters as her face greets each of Pam's fist. The defenseless singer only staggers back a few steps from the force of Pam's fist. Pam's punches were not just punishing, they were tortourous. Pam marches Janet backwards through the open sliding door and onto the deck. Janet's head is on a swivel being knocked left and right by Pam's fist of fury. At each punch, Janet yelps, sounding exactly like Maria Sharapova grunting during a hard tennis match. Pam pauses for a moment, and sees Janet swaying on her feet, like a defeated opponent on the old Mortal Combat video game. Then as if someone said "Finish HER!" Pam reaches down and unleashes a powerpacked uppercut that explodes onto Janet's chin. Janet is lifted off her feet, and lands spread-eagle, flat on her back, knocked out cold. Pam raises both arms above her head in victory saying "YES!"

When Janet opens her eyes she does not know how much time has pasted. She feels the warmth of the morning sun, followed by a cool ocean breeze. Janet breath a sigh of releif thinking her torment is over. It could have been seconds or minutes that she has been out, she does not know. When she lifts her head off the deck and sees Pam standing over her, wearing the strap-on dildo that she had pulled out of her drawer earlier, she realizes her torment is far from over.

"Get your big ass up" Pam says as she grabs two handfuls of hair and pulls Janet to her feet. She walks Janet over to the rail of the deck, and turns her around so her back is to Pam. Pam pushes down on Janet's head forcing her to bend over, then plunges the dildo into Janet's wide open and wet cunt. Janet gasp at the sudden intrusion, followed by the thought, "What happened to my panties?" There was no time to worry about such trivial things as Pam cluched her on either side of her hips, and started moving her to & fro sliding her wet snatch up and down on the dildo.

"Unh... Unh... Unh.... Unh... Unh..... Unh...." Janet squawks everytime her hips smack into Pam's pelvis. Her naked tits are bouncing, dancing, and jiggling as Pam pounds Janet's pussy from behind. Janet now knows exactly why this woman is the Cock Fight Queen. Few times have she been fucked this well by anyone, male or female. "Unh... Unh.... Unh... Unh..... Unh...." Janet goes until Pam yanks back on Janet's hair, bringing her upright. The blonde keeps up the same pace though. Pam reaches around and clutches one of Janet's tits "uhgh" Janet grunts knowing she can not hold on much longer. "ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh" Janet releases with mind-blowing orgasm.

Pam turns Janet around to face her. Janet opens her mouth to utter a wise crack, but before any words come out, Pam paint brushes her with three open hand smacks across the face. Poor Janet thought her teeth would fly out of her mouth, they were so hard. Without a word, Pam plunges the dildo back into her soaking wet pussy and starts pumping her again.

Janet tries to speak, "You fuckin... SMACK! is her response. "Bitch I... SMACK! "You damn.... SMACK! Janet is a quick enough learner to realize that Pam did not want her to speak. Pam just keeps fucking her. Janet takes both hands and sinks them in Pam's hair. Pam raises her fist and socks Janet in her eye. Janet drops her arms and is forced back against the rail while Pam keeps pumping her. Several minutes later Janet releases another "ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh" and a second orgasm.

Janet closed her eyes during the orgasm, when she opens them again, the blonde sex juggernaut is there and already pumping her pussy again. "No" whispers Janet. Between the pounding she took and the two powerful orgasms, she felt like she had no strength left. She does not resist Pam. It does not take long for her to cum this time Janet. She moans a long moo. Her knees buckle and she falls forward limply into Pam's arms after a third orgasm.

Pam grabs Janet under her hips, and lifts her up off her feet. Holding Janet by her upper thighs, so her legs are straddling on either side, Pam lifts Janet high in the air and lowers her cock down on the dildo. Pam shows amazing strength by holding Janet's 120lbs body and bouncing her up and down on the dildo. "Wha wha wha wha oohoo oohoo oooo oooo" Janet pants as Pam continues to bounce her. With the force and power of all of Janet's weight coming down on her vagina, along with the wicked sensations produce by her titties bouncing up and down so wildly Janet can not prevent a fourth orgasm in record time. With a primal scream of a wildcat, Janet comes again. "Rrrrraaaaaaaaaawwwwwlllllllllllllllllllll" she roared exploding again.

Pam lowers Janet to her feet. The depleated superstar crumples against Pam's chest softly moaning. Pam wraps her arms high around Janet's back and squeezes her in a bearhug. At the same time she slides the dildo back into Janet's cunt. Janet is captured in a breast-to-breast bearhug and again is being fucked by Pam. This time Pam slowly grinds Janet's pussy, pulverizing Janet's insides. "Oh you're tearing up my pussy" Janet utters. Janet feels helpless. Her body completely overwealhmed by Pam's. Pam's monster tits flatten hers as if they were nothing. Janet is quite proud of her boobs. After all, look at the contoversity one glanceof the luscious globes caused at the Super Bowl. But they are devoued by Pam's monsters. Pam keeps grinding and enjoying herself. It takes a while for Janet to cum this time, but she finally does. This fifthorgasm is the wettest of them all. It came not with scream, but with a wimper. Janet's juice mixed with her sweat, and is rolling down her legs.

Pam holds Janet at arms length by two strong hands on her shoulders and starts pumping again. Janet looks totally pityful at this point. She is slumped in Pam's grip. She is drenched in her own sweat. Even her hair is dripping wet. Her hair is matted to her face, partially covering it as her chin rests against her chest. Pam teases Janet's pussy. She backs off and flicks Janet's clit with the knob of the dildo. Unannounced she sometimes thrust it deep into the cock, never letting Janet know what to expect. Finally Janet's body starts convulsing like she is having a seizure. Her body is trying to orgasm again, but she has no cum left. Her body dry heaves, causing a burning sensation in her groin.

The juggernaut keeps pumping Janet. The pop icon now feels like a blowup doll designed only for Pam's personal pleasure. As Pam continues fucking, Janet's pussy becomes bone dry, but that does not slow Pam, although it causes Janet a lot of discomfort. With her pussy completely worn out, and the six orgasms have completely drained all her energy and fluids, Janet does not know what to do.

"In... In my dresser... In the top drawer on the left" a stuggling Janet barely gets out. "The voo doo doll is in the drawer. Remove the clump of Jennifer's hair from the doll, burn the doll, and the Curse of Aguilera will be broken." Janet confesses.

Pam does not slow at Janet's confession. She may have even picked up her pace. Janet is in total distress. Her dry canal is burning from friction. She holds out for several minutes more but there is no hope. She has been out fought and out fucked by the blonde juggernaut.

"Las Vegas!" Janet finally blurts out "Jennifer is in Las Vegas." Pam finally slows her pace. "I sent Christina Aguilera and Mya to finish her a couple of days ago, but they have not found which casino she's in yet."

Pam finally stops fucking Janet and releases her and steps back. Janet drops to her knees holding her pussy, then tumbles face first to the deck, huffing and puffing. Pam smiles and returns to Janet's bedroom.

Pam opens the dresser drawer, and the doll is there just like Janet said. She returns to the deck door and sees her poor chocolate bunny melting in the sun. Janet is face down, unmoving and drenched in sweat like she is melting in the heat. Pam walks over to Janet and uses a handful of Janet's sweat soaked hair to pull her up to her hands and knees. "Come on sweet chocolate." She says as she leads Janet back into the bedroom by her hair. Janet submissively crawls on her hands and knees like a broken pony. Pam leads Janet onto the bed, leaving her lying on her back on the bed. Pam reaches down for her discarded bikini and uses it to tie Janet's wrist to the headboard.

With Janet secured, Pam gets on her cell phone and informs the rest of the Fab four what she has learned. Janet overhears Pam talking to Halle saying they are meeting at the airport in three hours to leave for Vegas. Pam then takes a much needed shower in Janet's bath after such a strenuous battle.

Once out of the shower, Pam towles off, and goes to Janet's underwear drawer looking for something to wear. She tries on a pair of Janet's panties but finds they are too big. She may be bigger than Janet, but not nearly as hippy. She tries one of Janet's many tiny string thongs next, and finds they are a perfect fit. Finding a bra that fit was a much harder task. She finally finds one that could be adjusted in the back. It was still too small, but she loved the way it made her tits bulge, making them look even larger. She finds a pair Daisy Duke shorts, and a T-Shirt to wear. The shirt was from one of Janet's concert tours and had her picture on the front. She felt it was an appropriate souvenier of the occasion.

Pam is preparing to leave when Janet pleads in a pitiful voice, "Please Pam don't leave me like this." The bound singer continues "I'm beaten up, tied up. I need a doctor and you've killed my pussy. " Janet switches to a mischeiveous voice and says "My pussy needs mouth to mouth resusitation.... After all, I did you!"

After all the fucking earlier you would think she should have had her fill of sexual adventure for the day, but Pam could not resist Janet's offer, even though it is against her better judgement. Pam is a very sexual it is hard for her to turn down Janet's offer, especially when it is comining from such a sexy individual. "Well, you know know I'm an animal lover" Pam says "Let me see what I can do to save your little pussy cat." Pam says with a sly grin.

With that Janet spreads her legs wide open, and Pam starts to crawl inbetween them. She uses her fingers to open Janet's pussy lips, and uses her tounge to lick Janet's clit up and down. The previously dead pussy somehow starts to come to life. The jucies once again flows and Janet coos in satisfaction.

Unexpectedly Janet's legs clamp shut. She bends one leg at the knee and wraps it behind Pam's head. Janet bends her other leg around the first ankle forming a triangle with her legs. A jujitsu move. A submission choke hold used in mixed martial arts to be exact. Pam's face is captured in Janet's pussy. Janet's leg is locked behind Pam's head, driving her deeper into Janet's pussy, and the legs prevent her from backing out. Janet's legs also bends Pam's neck at an awkward angle, choking her. Pam desparately flails her arms and legs hoping to escape.

"Halle and Tia might be going to Vegas, but you won't be making the trip, Bitch." Janet snarls.

After thirty seconds Pam's flailings loose its vigor, but she keeps fighting trying to escape. Pam's desparate flailing become slower and weaker. They look like movements of a dying insect. Seconds later all Pam's movement stops. Janet keeps up the preasure though. She knows Pam is not out. She can feel Pam's lips moving in her pussy. Then she feels Pam's teeth biting her clit.

Janet JacksonJanet's legs fly open and she releases a long shrill scream. Janet continues screaming like a banshee, while Pam pulls out of Janet's thighs and rolls off the foot of the bead. She sits on the floor leaning against the foot of the bed, panting desparately for air. Janet lies ontop of the bed crying like a baby.

After fifteen minutes, Pam has caught her breath and has regained her composure from Janet's trap. Janet finally stops crying and now just whimpers like a wounded puppy. "Ooohhh that fucking dirty ass bitch, I'll fix you." Pam mutters as she gets back to her feet. She spies Janet's night gown and picks it up. She rips the thin lacey garment in half and walks over to Janet. Pam loops the torn strip of cloth around the base of Janet's tit and pulls tightly on the ends, causing Janet's tit to mushroom up. Janet howls in agony as Pam ties the cloth in place. Pam takes the other piece of cloth and ties it around Janet's other tit. Janet looses control again and starts crying uncontrollable. "I saw something like this on this website I found last night, Black Girls Bound." Pam smiles and says, "Ta Ta!"

"No you can't leave me like this... I really mean it this time." Janet pleads while still crying. "You've cut off the circulation of blood to my tits!" She snivels.

"Yeah I know" Pam says "They are already turning the prettiest shade of purple."

"Please Pam.... I'm begging you." Janet pleads.

"Oh don't worry, like you said, Jermaine Dupree will be here sooner or later to let you go." Pam says. "Besides, we don't want you tipping of Christina and Mya, do we?"

Pam walks out the bedroom and starts down the stars, leaving Janet's house. She leaves Janet with her wrist bound to the headboard and her tits tied in painful bondage. She hears Janet yelling, screaming and cursing among other four lettered words. "You Fucking Bitch!!!....... You'll Pay FOR THIS!!! ....... "I'll Get You and Your little Dog J.Lo too!!!!" Pam hears along with a lot of crying.

Pam just smiles and leaves Janet's house out of the back door. She leisurely walks across the beach back to her hidden car singing. "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming... Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..." .

^ Finding J.Lo Series 1


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