The fallout from Jenny McCarthy's Cock Fight Championship victory over Pam Anderson was fast and furious. The humiliation of Pam's Fab team by Jenny's McCarthy Mob was unforgettable. The sight of three superstar women being beaten into submission and then forced to shamelessly suck the staff's cocks was shocking to say the least. The jokes and mockery almost breaks the internet. Pam, along with her team, Chrissy Tiegen and Eva Longoria all started laying low until the heat passes. Her prized team member, Sofia Vergara was not so lucky. She is scheduled to defend her Bootylicious title at the next event, **ONSLAUGHT 3**. Sofia tried to lay low too, but her name is all over the internet, and the celebrity catfight circuit from promoting her next match. Every commentator, show and fighter has a comment and a joke about Sofia.

The Stone Rage weekly flagship show, Stone Rage Catfights promoted the upcoming matches. This week company commentators, Jam Rodriguez and Cole Hunter have the booker for **ONSLAUGHT 3**, Ebony Ayes as a co host. Jam discusses the matches and back stories with Ebony. "Now what's the history of the semi-main event, Mariah Carey versus Sofia Vergara for the Bootylicious championship?" Jam asks Ebony.

"Actually, Mariah signed this contract thinking that she will be fighting Katy Perry for the championship." Ebony begins. "Katy ran into a lot of trouble in her tune up match against Sofia Vergara, and got her ass kicked and loss the title. Now Sofia has had her problems outside of the ring, particularly with the ABA. The ABA's Buffie The Body and Jenna Jameson have whipped her in a couple of street fights. So, Sofia is entering not looking so hot, especially to be facing a legend like Mariah Carey."

"There lies the problem." Jam interjects. "Some people claim Sofia is nothing but a fluke champion, and undeserving of the title. Our next guest has Tweeted those sentiments frequently this week. This woman has called Sofia an incompetent champion, a joke and an embarrassment, as well as a dick sucking dumb bimbo. Our guest is a former Bootylicious champion, Alicia Silverstone. Alicia please come out and join us."

Alicia walks onto the set confidently. She takes the one empty seat on the stage where Jam sits with Cole Hunter and Ebony. Alicia is there to say her opinions on the current state of the Bootylicious title and the match with Mariah. Following that Jam and Cole will play through some highlights of Alicia's impressive title reign and get some insights on her matches and accomplishments in the league. "Those are some pretty bold words that you've said about the champion, Alicia. Do you care to expound on those words or should they be taken at face value?"

"No, what I said is pretty easy to understand." Alicia begins. "Sofia is a bullshit, bogus champion. She's nothing but a joke. The only reason she lucked into a championship match is because she's a member of Stone Rage's pets, the Fabs. She never earned it, and if she did, it was by sucking dick. The fact that she got beat up by two lackeys like Buffie and Jenna, is further proof that Sofia's not being respected, and her total incompetence. Now after fucking up left and right, Sofia will get a big money match against Mariah Carey; who is getting her umpteenth title opportunity. Things never change around this league." Alicia rants. "Meanwhile I've never gotten a title rematch after being one of the most popular Booytlicious Champions of all time. I've made the current reigning Drama Queen, Salma Hayek tap out and sob like a child, but I can't get a title shot against her either."

"You also loss your last two matches to Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan", Ebony chimes in. "Maybe that's why you can't get a title shot."

Before Alicia can rebuttal, there is a commotion in the studio. It is being ignored by all on stage, but then there was the loud unmistakable voice of Sofia Vergara screaming and cussing people backstage. Sofia pushes past the people trying to stop her and storms onto the center stage like a savage hellcat. Sofia walks to the center floor and holds up her gold and red Bootylicious championship belt. "I'm sick and tired of your big mouth!" Sofia shouts looking at Alicia. "You're talking a lot of trash about me. Well if you want my title belt, come and get it! Come take it away from me and it's all yours!"

Sofia is in a furious, nonnegotiable, and a bat shit crazy state as only she can be. Sofia tried to lay low at home with her husband. After all she was sure he would be upset that Jenna Jameson made her suck Jam Rodriguez's cock publically. Surprisingly he was not mad at all. He told her that he would have sucked a dick too if he was getting slapped around as bad as she was. However he constantly teased her from that point about getting beat up, and losing. Several times a day, whenever the occasion arises, he never missed a chance to make a joke about Sofia getting her ass kicked. He joked about how Mariah was going to beat and humiliate her as she trained several times a day for her upcoming match. He mocked Sofia so frequently and openly that his family and friends joined in to tease and ridicule Sofia about getting her ass kicked. Always an extremely volatile woman, Sofia was about to explode. Sofia sought refuge with social media and that was no better. After reading Alicia's comments on Twitter, she knew she had to meet her at the studio, and put an end to all of this shit. Sofia riled up on tequila the night before, and stormed into the studio, just as furious and insanely crazy as she could.

Ebony leaps to her feet shouting, "Get out of her Sofia! This isn't how we handle things in this league. This is outrageous!"

"Outrageous?" Cole Hunter responds, "This is fantastic TV!"

Sofia ignores Ebony, who sits back down after doing her duty to object to this chaos. "Come on big mouth! It's time to back up all that trash you've been talking." Sofia continues challenging Alicia.

Alicia does not know quite how to respond yet. She stands and says, "What's wrong with you? You come in here like you're Queen Kong but you're more like Queen Dong. You're about to get beat up again on TV! I'm undefeated against the Fab Four! I beat Halle Berry and Tia Carerre in their primes."

Sofia mockingly laughs at Alicia. "You silly cockroach, that was that brief period a long long time ago when you were in your prime, not Halle or Tia. Everyone knows you can't beat Halle or Tia today... or ever again!"

Alicia growls in anger at the woman wearing tiger print stretch pants. "You fucking saber-toothed cougar! How about I put my foot up your ass and turn you into my little kitty cat on a leash!" The two angry snarling women pounce at each and the fight begins. Each vixen is pulling hair and wailing away at each other. Alicia did not come to the studio looking for a fight, but she did come looking for better paying matches and possibly championship opportunities. This is her chance. Alicia's fists make thuds as they bounce off of Sofia's head as she swings with more conviction.

Sofia did not come here looking to fight either. The champ came to dominate, kick some ass and take names. Sofia came to end the jokes about her and most important to shut her husband's mocking face. Properly motivated, Sofia snatches Alicia near , then drives her knee up into the shorter Alicia’s gut several times. Each knee's force lifts Alicia off her feet for a quick hop and a loud grunt. Alicia pushes away and breaks free and wobbles back a few steps looking to recover.

Alicia stumbled a few steps and found Jam Rodriguez's coffee cup on his interview desk. Alicia grabs the cup and immediately hurls the cup at Sofia's snarling face. With her upper lip curled in savage fury, Sofia ducks under the projectile bullet aimed at her head. As the cup whizzes by, Cole exclaims, "Whew! That was close, Ebony. You almost had to change your semi main event match!"

Ebony determinately prophecies, “If Sofia comes in here and gets her ass kicked on TV again, then that will change the match too."

Before Cole could comment Sofia blurts, "Don't worry, if this little cockroach beats me, then I'll kiss her ass, call her momma and carry her championship belt to the ring for her match with Mariah." Sofia then pounces like a jungle cat at Alicia. Sofia springs on Alicia and bends her over backward over Rodriguez's desk. Leaning over the bent over backward blond and weighing her down with her massive tits, Sofia starts peppering Alicia with punches to Alicia's face. Meanwhile Alicia twists and turn trying to block the fists coming at point blank range.

Alicia is being completely overwhelmed by the larger rampaging champion. The whole time Sofia is muttering things like, "I'll show you a fluke" under her breath. "Who's undeserving now, bitch?" Having a larger woman imposing herself on Alicia literally steals Alicia's breath and her energy. Alicia finally manages to protect her face, but that only makes Sofia instantly react by ripping Alicia's blouse open with both hands. Buttons launch in different directions. Then Sofia starts ripping fist after fist into the center of Alicia's breasts.

Sofia is looking every bit like the dominant, savage champion that downed Katy Perry earlier. Alicia hopes to survive until the older vixen wears down or makes a mistake. Without Sofia's big heavy boobs off of her chest, Alicia is able to slip her foot up between them and kicks Sofia away off of her. Alicia is finally able to now stand off of Jam's desk.

With Sofia stumbling several feet from her, Alicia takes the opportunity to whip her ruined blouse off her body. She did not want it to get in the way. Sofia holds her position. She would never cheapen this fight with a cowardly act. Sofia wants to regain all the respect that she can from beating a former champion like Alicia. Once Alicia discards her shirt she stands across from her snarling adversary wearing a bra and her blue jeans.

Alicia has no reserves about acting first. She springs at Sofia and lands a heck of a punch to Sofia's jaw. The champion's head spins on her shoulders and buckles her knees. Before Sofia could recover, Alicia's other fist explodes on the other side of her jaw. Sofia's head whips the opposite direction. Alicia leans forward slightly for an uppercut. Sofia leans in and dips down and scoops Alicia up onto her shoulders. Sofia was swift, skillful and outright dynamic. Then she tosses Alicia off of her shoulders to the carpeted platform floor of the interview set. Only Sofia catches Alicia on the way down and jerks Alicia down faster and harder with a cutter move to drive Alicia's face first to the floor. "Oh shit!" Ebony exclaims seeing the stunning move.

Alicia ends up lying face down on the floor with Sofia seated on the carpet beside her. Jam and Cole are babbling about Sofia's spectacular move. Still with a fierce expression and trance Sofia rises to her feet. Sofia looks down at her stirring rival. Sofia commands "Get up! Aren't you supposed to be some kind of former champion or something? Choo don't look like a champion to me." Sofia says with a heavy accent. Sofia is actually happy to see Alicia start slowly rising. She craves and needs Alicia to fight like a champion so Sofia can recapture some glory.

Once Alicia got up to her haunches, she takes off like a sprinter at Sofia. The champion did not have time to react to the bullet coming at her. Alicia grabs Sofia's knees and jerks Sofia's feet out from under her and puts Sofia on her tiger striped spandex wearing ass. Squealing in surprise, Sofia starts pumping her legs to keep Alicia from getting her on top of her. Sofia is scooting on her back across the carpet to stay away. Alicia grabs anything she can to press her advantage. Alicia soon grabs Sofia's spandex pants. After a little struggling, Sofia's pants start coming down. Alicia grins mischievously, thinking it would be a cool thing to strip off Sofia's trademark pants. She stands and gets Sofia's pants half way down her thighs before Sofia's kicks knock Alicia away.

Sofia gets back to her feet while cussing under breath and pulling her pants back up to cover her tiny black g-string. Alicia takes total advantage of Sofia's hands being down and trying to pull her tight pants over her large ass, with a cheap shot right across Sofia's jaw. Sofia's body twists violently as she swoons and stumbles a few steps away from the powerful sucker punch.

Alicia follows the disoriented title holder whose pants are still under her bootylicious title wearing ass. Only Alicia walks into a trap. Sofia clutches Alicia by the neck with one hand and her other grabs Alicia by the ass. An instant later Sofia hoists Alicia off of her feet in the air. Sofia holds her there for a moment or two. Next she throws Alicia to the floor as hard as she possibly could.

Alicia's entire body was traumatized from the impact. She feels like she has just been in a car wreck. Alicia no longer has concern about the fight. She cares about her health and welfare. Sofia stands with her hands on her hips like a super heroine. The woman that Alicia now acknowledges as the true Bootylicious champion, growls and barks for Alicia to get up. Alicia decides to assess the damage and try to rise. Slowly and gingerly the blonde starts to stand on shaky legs.

After a struggle Alicia gets to her feet. Sofia says, "I hope you've learned some respect and will stop trash talking me." Sofia then slams her elbow down on the top of the dazed Alicia's head, pro wrestling style. The dazed woman wobbles in place but remains standing and dumfounded. "You address me as the Bootylicious champion, or Sofia from now on. Call me a saber-toothed cougar and I will kick your ass again. Sofia punctuated her command with another bionic elbow on top of Alicia's head. The blonde absorbs another powerful blow that compacts her spine and steals her ability to move. "You put up a good fuckin' fight", Sofia begins making rotating circles with her hands and winding them up with shades of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. "But my best advice for you is to shut the fuck up in the future!" As Sofia finishes, she blasts Alicia with her most powerful elbow in the head one final time.

Alicia collapses to the floor like a dilapidated building. Alicia lies on her back, down and out and barely moving. Sofia ends everything by getting into place then sitting her soft, wide spectacular ass down on Alicia's face. Sofia snuggles in for a full booty smother. As poor Alicia barely resists succumbing to oxygen deprivation, Alicia's eyes settle on the announce team. "I expect better treatment on this show from now on too... especially from you Jam!"

It does not take long at all for Alicia to be smothered out. It appeared that she was ready for a nap anyway. Once done, Sofia rises off of Alicia's face and grabs her championship belt. Sofia slings the belt over her shoulder saying, "Tell Mariah that I'm coming for her." Finally Sofia walks off the set, out the studio door and gets into her car and tears out of the parking lot.

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