NOTE - This story immediately follows Coco vs Buffie The Body FABS VERSUS ABA
"Ladies I thought we had something good starting after the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 pay per view." Studio advisor, Quatro Calderon begins discussing with the four bosses of the ABA. "I helped you attack Pam Anderson and her group to get you some revenge and put you in line for title shots. After that you turn on me and make a deal with Stone Rage and create and book this FABS VERSUS ABA event behind my back. You didn't even warn me about Rage's secret state of the art arena. The studio executives were not happy about getting blindsided like this. It made me look very bad. I thought we had an agreement."

Jenny McCarthy answers, "Quatro this isn't personal it's about the money. Even Stone Rage knows that. Our relationship with both of you is tentative to say the least."

"Originally the studios wanted me to take your organization down. I promised them that you could be negotiated with." Calderon explains. "I would really hate to go back and say that I was wrong."

"We can be negotiated with" Demi Moore interrupts. "But for the right price. So far, you're nowhere close to that price."

"You're nowhere near being worth the price that you are asking." Calderon quickly retorts. "So let's just choose to remain civil for now and make the best out of this situation. It is critical to my plan for Pam Anderson and Tia Carrere take as many falls as possible. I feel that they are the two weakest links. Also the studio executives of The Masked Singer are making it a priority for to Jenny win for their ratings. I'm here to offer my assistance, and provide a significant financial bonus if you can take Pam down. No strings attached and no tricks. Just get the job done. No excuses will be accepted." Calderon presents.

"Hold on Buster. Bonuses are nice and all, but there is a lot of money at stake for ABA Entertainment." Lucy Liu intervenes. "We not only have this event with Rage, but several more worth more than what you are offering. This might sound good for today and for Jenny personally, but we're making decisions that are for the betterment of the group as a whole."

"Alright! Enough Lucy, I'll pay the entire organization worth your while. Hell I'll even pay extra for your confidence and don't tell Rage about out little agreement." Calderon impatiently offers. "However I call the shots about training. We are using my coach and training staff. Most importantly we are using my analytics. I need Pam Anderson beaten and broken. If you can do that, I will have four suitcases of cash waiting for you. If you fail, let's say those suitcases will be a lot smaller and there might be a wolf or two at your door. Do we have a fucking deal?"

"Oh yeah, we've got a deal, as long as the numbers are right." Jenny replies with a grin. She did not audibly say her next thought of, 'At least for now, sucker.'

Calderon smiles and winks and then quotes some figures that seal the deal. As he leaves the confidential meeting he cannot help thinking, 'Those broads are useless, except for one thing; somehow they are the Fab Four's biggest weakness. Right after I take down the Fabs, I can't wait to crush those ABA bimbos.'

Despite his personal feelings for the ABA, Calderon is efficient and effective. The next day his handpicked trainer for Jenny arrived at the ABA facility. She is none other than the wife of former WWE and UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, and a former WWE women's champion in her own right, Rena (Sable) Mero-Lesnar. Sable proves to be an excellent choice very quickly. Sable is intense and relentless, and has Jenny feeling better prepared than ever. The entire ABA were so impressed with Sable that they offered her a healthy contract to continue as the ABA trainer after her deal with Calderon expires.

Jenny needed to be in exceptional shape, because the expectations and hype for this match took off far beyond her expectations. Of course Pam and Jenny have been arch rivals for decades. It began when Pam became the Playboy magazine cover girl and then Jenny followed in 1993. They competed for the heart of America to be the dominant blonde bombshell of their time. Eventually Pam joined the ranks of Marilyn Monroe, and Farrah Fawcett as one of the most iconic blondes of all time over Jenny. Pam's fans eagerly await their golden goddess to do a victory lap on Jenny's ass of sorts, in one final statement.

Calderon and his studio executives began spinning things differently. In their narrative, Pam is more a kooky cult classic while Jenny is still very relevant. Jenny is a judge on the hit TV show, The Masked Singer while Pam pops up on random reality TV shows across the globe. Jenny is married to popular singer and actor, Donnie Wahlberg of the hit show, Blue Bloods. Pam's love life has been a series of tragic escapades that reads like a huge joke or a colossal train wreck for many decades. For the sake of not only The Masked singer and its many spinoff, but also for Blue Bloods, the execs wanted Jenny to win this match. Their narrative is this is Jenny McCarthy crushing an old cartoon character rival, and launching herself to new heights.

Anyway the event became larger than expected. Stone Rage's new state of the art arena named the Battle Star also became a huge hit. It really came alive for its first main event. Even the roof lightened up with video screens on the ceiling. Jenny steps from backstage wearing a black robe. She is accompanied by her crew the McCarthy Mob of Pink, Jenna Jameson and Lindsay Lohan. To make it a star studded event Jenny's all-star team are allowed at ringside along with Pam's team during the match. (Pam's ex husband) Kid Rock's song American Bad Ass plays as Jenny begins to the ring with fireballs shooting up through the stage.

Pam and her Fab team follow to the ring shortly after Jenny. Pam is wearing a white robe with Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria and Chrissy Tiegen bouncing around her. Pam crawls through the ropes and into the ring with the fans clearly favoring her over Jenny. Both ladies remove their robes to reveal two near perfect naked bodies underneath. Their team members strapped a dildo harness around their leadersí waist and secure the tool. A 10 inch dildo hangs high on a pole in a neutral corner. To win the cock fight, one blonde would have to bring the other to an orgasm, one way or another. A classic fucking with the dildo in the harness is the conventional way, but anyway to achieve the orgasm ends the match and crowns the champion.

One unusual stipulation in this match addresses the warrior's seconds at ringside. Stone Rage has given the referee broad discretion regarding outside interference. He wants the match decided by the women in the ring. If any of the team members enter the ring, and/or attacks a competitor, then the referee can call for a no contest and award the championship to the winner. Both the McCarthy Mob and Pam's Fab team know that they are on a no tolerance scenario. Regardless the McCarthy Mob girls start taunting and hurling unbearable insensitive and personal insults at their counterparts immediately.

As tensions rose outside the ring, they also rise inside the ring. Jenny and Pam started trash talking about what they were going to do to each other. The electricity was intense as the fans cheered and bantered amongst themselves soared. Suddenly the opening bell rings and a release and roaring cheer reverberate around the brand new Battle Star arena.

Jenny McCarthyPam AndersonThe warriors confidently walk out of their corners toward each other. As they near, Jenny raises her hand above her head to challenge Pam to a test of strength. The ABA fans cheer, encouraging the lock up, while Fab fans cry a warning against it. Obviously Jenny is very proud of her strong tanned arms by her eternally sleeveless attire on The Masked Singer. Pam is aware that she is out gunned, but she either boldly or foolishly arrogantly, slowly approaches with her hand raised too. Seeing Pam's reluctance to actually lock up, Jenny strikes with a kick to Pam's mid section as she sized up the situation for way too long. Pam doubles over clutching her stomach. Jenny grabs Pam's head and flips her gorgeous rival to the mat. Jenny quickly follows Pam to the mat and applies a rear chin lock from behind.

This certainly is not how Pam wanted to start the match, but this is easily handled. She hears Pink verbally tearing into Chrissy about her weight and her mom body. That is an extremely sensitive territory for Chrissy and bound to hurt her feelings. That is going to be a volatile situation, Pam thinks as she powers to her feet as Jenny tries to weigh her down. Pam is back standing and pulling at Jenny's arm from around her chin. While Pam is too consumed with that, Jenny releases and quickly changes holds and wrangles Pam into an abdominal stretch. Jenny's right leg intertwines around Pam's leg. Jenny wrenches Pam's arm behind her, making her stoop forward. Finally Jenny, a yoga student is limber enough to raise her leg high enough to hook around Pam's neck. Jenny has Pam twisted like a painful pretzel. Pam is highly contorted, but it is also uncomfortable for Jenny to keep her leg stretched so high. After making sure the far less flexible Pam is feeling the stretch, Jenny releases her hold and pushes Pam down to the mat.

Pam hears laughter and thinks fans are laughing at her. However she realizes that they are actually laughing at Lindsay Lohan's vicious old woman jokes about Eva Longoria's age. 'That can't end well,' Pam thinks as Jenny peels Pam off the mat with a handful of hair. Jenny arm whips Pam into the nearest corner. Pam's back slams into the turnbuckles. When she looks up, Jenny is coming at her like a bowling ball. Jenny does a cartwheel and a handstand to build momentum before crashing into Pam's chest with a back elbow. Fan rush to cheer the flashy and dazzling move. Jenny walks out of the corner with her hand raise to acknowledge her adoring public. In fact Jenny got so much joy and satisfaction that she spins around and does the acrobatic move again. Jenny twirls and tumbles with another cartwheel into a handstand and crashes into Pam's chest again.

This time Pam knew what was coming and took a deep breath and filled her chest. Pam's swelled chest and breasts absorbed the blow this time. When Jenny goes flaunting away, Pam waits, then when Jenny turns around, Pam charges out of the corner like a locomotive. Pam levels Jenny with a clothesline from hell. Pam turns Jenny inside out. Jenny is knocked off her feet, twisting and turning before landing on the back of her head. Pam's fans erupt in cheers. Pam still hears Jenna Jameson willing the ringside fans against Sofia Vergara. She is leading and encouraging them to heartlessly tease and taunt Sofia calling her 'Tits for brains' and 'Dumb bimbo'.

Pam immediately starts stomping Jenny in the guts, realizing that the situation outside of the ring will surely explode soon. A group of fans start cruelly heckling Pam's whole team regarding Eva's age, Sofia's intelligence and Chrissy's weight. "Boy those fans are especially cruel." Pam says to herself. "Hey is that Sable at ringside, sitting with those fans?" Pam notices as she drops to the mat and entraps Jenny's head in her legs for a figure four head scissors, and making it hard for Jenny to breath.

Pam adds to Jenny's suffering by adding a tit squeeze to her figure four head scissors, and continues using her legs to restrict Jenny's breathing further. Pam applies incredible pressure with her slender but surprisingly strong legs. Jenny is squirming on the mat, gasping for her next breath. Jenny's legs are split open and they flail and push against the mat, looking for a leverage point to alleviate the leg lock. Jenny looks like a cheap whore, squirming and rolling her hips on the mat in an almost erotic display trying to get out of Pam's legs. Pam still cannot help but be aware of her team outside the ring, shouting at the top of their lungs at that group of ringside fans and the McCarthy Mob. Meanwhile the fans and the McCarthy Mob continue to badger Pam's Fab team with, cruel, humiliating, soul crushing taunts and jokes. Pam starts getting angry, but knows she must maintain her concentration on beating Jenny.

All Pam could do to help the situation is torture Jenny more. Pam lets Jenny loose from her legs, but quickly snatches Jenny up to her knees and plants her foot in Jenny's back, and cranks back, pulling both of Jenny's arms behind her to lock her arch enemy in a surfboard hold. Pam cranks and twists Jenny's arms, trying to make her howl loud enough to drown out all the shouting at ringside. Pam is being conversely, cold, calculated and dominant of Jenny in the ring, as chaotic and combustible as the situation is outside of the ring.

While things appear to be spiraling out of control for the ABA, however with the exception of Pam outclassing Jenny in the ring, everything is according to plan. Early on Sable told everyone, "I can't guarantee victory by training Jenny alone. I promise that no matter how in shape and prepared that Jenny is, Pam will be just as or better trained as Jenny. To guarantee victory we have to turn one of Pam's strength's into a weakness. Pam sees her team as a significant advantage over the McCarthy Mob. I have to unleash the beast into you Lindsay, Jenna and Pink. I'm going to take you three on a field trip to Suplex City. You're going to be the X factor to guarantee victory."

Calderon and Sable designed a plan to draw Pam's team of Fabs into the fray and take advantage of them. It starts with prepared cruel insults, jokes and trash talk written by some of the best in the business for Pink, Lindsay and Jenna to spout at their antagonists. Pam's temperamental, emotional and volatile team should surely take the bait. If that is not enough, Calderon hired a team of comedians sitting at ringside and posing like fans to heckle, clown, and berate the Fab's with insensitive and personally offensive verbal abuse.

To no surprise, the Fab team is infuriated by the McCarthy Mob's extremely personal verbal attack. The fake fans were totally brutal and humiliating with their jokes. They broke down every woman's flaws in a funny and entertaining fashion, gathering more fans to laugh. Sofia, Eva and Chrissy, cuss loudly back to hide their insecurities. The three women were scolded worst than a nightmare high school scenario with the meanest mean kids at their nastiest. Soon everyone is having fun laughing at the big boobed, dumb bimbo. They are clowning the vain super model fighting not to become a full sized model. They ridicule the MILF acting too young for her age.

Sofia gets mad and stomps her foot so vigorously that in makes her heavenly full bosom jiggle. Hundreds of fans burst into laughter and Sofia feels like crying. Chrissy utilizes her sharp tongue to give several fans the same tongue lashing that she has received, but a 'Fat Momma" chant drowned her out, leaving the model in despair. Pam's Fab team seemed helpless.

In the ring Pam's legs were tiring so she changes her hold to an ankle lock. Jenny is on her elbows and one knee. Pam as her other leg and is standing with it while trying to twist Jenny's foot off. To add her own special flair, Pam uses her foot and big toe to rub Jenny's pussy that is nicely exposed from being bent over on her knees. Pam smiles, and simply heats her arch rival up for a good fucking with the dildo to retain her title, later.

Jenny McCarthyPam AndersonUltimately Eva has been called, granny, one too many times at ringside and flips her shit. Eva roars and charges after Lindsay. Eva leaps to dive tackle Lindsay when the freckled celebrity steps forward and catches Eva on her shoulders. With strength that she has not displayed before, Lindsay secures the struggling latina on her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Next Lindsay flips Eva off of her shoulders and guides her face to the ground with her body flopping to the floor right after. The move was obviously Brock Lesnar's WWE finisher the F5, and executed to perfection. The entire sequence played out as a replay of Brock Lesnar's nine second victory over Kofi Kinston in 2019 to win the WWE Championship. Lindsay immediately pops back to her feet, obviously pumped. Eva raises her head with a glassed over eyes, then her head falls back to the ground.

Seeing that it is going down, Pink shoots off like a rocket charging at Chrissy. The tall super model is standing like a deer in headlights, allowing Pink to shoot her long legs and take Chrissy to the ground with a double leg take down. Pink floats up, mounting Chrissy, and putting her in the ground and pound position. Next Pinks starts bludgeoning Chrissy with clubbing forearms and slashing elbows. Chrissy puts her forearms up protecting her face and head as best she could while twisting like a leaf in the wind. It was a scene eerily similar to Brock Lesnarís controversial finish in the 2016 Summerslam match against Randy Orton. Pink is like a beast unleashed and in a feeding frenzy.

Sofia stands jaw dropped seeing her teammates suddenly getting their asses kicked. After all the McCarthy Mob are not exactly a juggernaught. They are not championship level or even main event fighters. "What the fuck is going on?" the famed actress shouts.

"You probably ask that question a lot, Dumbo" Jenna snaps. "Come here and let me show you what's going on."

Jenna keeps up the insults. Sable's plan is to make the Fab's mad enough to fight; not wrestle but street fight. A comedian heckler starts the chant, "Fight Dumbo Fight..." That pushes Sofia over the edge. She growls like a tiger, then takes the bait and goes after the blonde. Sofia goes after Jenna swinging angrily or wildly might be a just as appropriate adjective. Sofia lands several walloping punches that send Jenna wobbling backwards. Jenna was out of arm length but just the right range for Sofia's long legs to strike with a fierce kick. Jenna side steps and pushes Sofia's kick away. Then with amazing speed, Jenna spins around Sofia and wraps both arms around Sofia's waist from behind. Jenna hoists Sofia off of her feet and throws her body backwards while throwing Sofia over her head at the same time for a belly-to-back German Suplex. Sofia lands on the back of her head and her body sounded like a wet towel hitting the floor. Sofia shouts loudly and grabs the back of her head and curls up. Jenna springs to her feet totally pumped also. "Welcome to Suplex City, dumb bitch!" Jenna shouts to the downed latina.

Pam saw the situation explode outside the ring. Never in a million years did Pam think that the McCarthy Mob could take down her team. Pam is sure that after the rocky start, the natural laws of the universe would reassert themselves, and her team would comeback. The champ needed to maintain her concentration on her title contender. Jenny took advantage of the slightest distraction however. She escaped from the ankle lock by kicking Pam away.

Jenny scrambles back to her feet, and the two colossal blondes square off. As they step closer towards each other, both of Pam's hands strike out like vipers and latch onto Jenny's big naked tits. Jenny grabs Pam's big breasts in return and a fantasy breast duel begins.

"I'm going to pop these boobs" Pam threatens.

"Fuck you." Jenny returns. "I'm going to rip these fuckers right off your skinny body." Jenny says while handling Pam's breasts. Pam maintains stone faced concentration. Jenny soon screams loudly as Pam twists Jenny's nipples. Jenny screams more and marches in place like a little girl that desperately needs to use the bath room. Soon afterward Jenny drops to her knees from the vicious tit torture. Pam drops to her knees to because she was not about to let Jenny get away from her. Pam expertly twists the howling contender's breasts relentlessly.

The crowd roars, not knowing what is more exciting, the championship bout in the ring, or the three fights outside of the ring. Jenny redoubles her efforts and gets an expression of pain out of Pam. The champion knew how to respond. Pam leans forward and takes a bite out of Jennyís big tit, ending Jenny's resurgence and returns Jenny to loudly screaming. Jenny's arms drop off of Pam's tits from the pain, as Pam continues to overwhelm Jenny with her two claws on Jenny's breasts. Jenny falls back on her butt as Pam stays on her knees pressing her advantage. Jenny returns to twisting Pam's boobs but Pam's expert tit manipulating, has Jenny's hands releasing their grip and screams from sharp shooting pain. Finally Pam tosses Jenny to the mat by her tits and slams Jenny onto her back. Pam goes to town, looming over Jenny and smashing her tits with both hands and her weight bearing down on the screaming contender's chest.

Sable is on her feet at ringside, shouting instructions to the McCarthy Mob. The stars were not aligning for Pam's team. They were getting totally fucked up. Pink has a very comfortable seat on Chrissy's big tits while unleashing a devastating two fisted assault to Chrissy's soft belly. Chrissy is howling and squirming under Pink's fury. Chrissy screams and shouts like she is suffering and getting killed. "They are called sit up's bitch! You should try doing some!" Pink taunts as she continues nailing poor sniveling Chrissy.

Lindsay has Eva's leg across the back of her neck and shoulders using her freckled body as a fulcrum to bend Eva's leg in a Brock lock. The move was made famous by the legendary Brock Lesnar of course. Eva is still a little bewildered by the F5, and could not figure a counter or escape. Her squealing petite body is caught and suspended in an awkward position.

Sofia is in no better position. Jenna has Sofia's arm twisted into a Kimura lock. This is another Brock Lesnar signature move after breaking Triple H's arm with it. Jenna is actually on her back with Sofia caught between her legs. Jenna is using Sofia's bent arm to pull Sofia forward and forced Sofia's face into Jenna's extra large sized tits. Sofia's muffled screams and profanities are incoherent, and being suffocated in Jenna's expansive boobie flesh.

Despite losing her breast brawl initially, Jenny reattaches her hands to Pam's breasts again and starts battling back despite being flat on her back. Pam snarls and returns what she has received. Having fought Jenny more times than she can remember, Pam knows the bitch is extremely hard to put away. Pam tries to finish Jenny by pounding Jenny's tits with a flurry of fists. Jenny abandons her grip on Pam's chest to try and protect her own boobs. Jenny screams and shouts as she survives the storm of slaps and fists. Once the storm subsided, Jenny doggishly grabs Pamís tits again and continues the breast duel. Pam maintained her dominance however Jenny did fight her way off of her back and back to her knees. Despite that small victory, by Jenny's squeals and screams, Pam is wearing Jenny out and winning the breast war.

Pam has Mamba like concentration and intensity about winning this breast war. She does not appear to have one thought about her team getting decimated at ringside. Pam does. However she is not only a champion but a sure future Hall of Fame catfighter. The plan was for her team to occupy the McCarthy Mob. They are unfortunately accomplishing that goal, at great cost. Pam knows that part of that cost will likely be a mob beat down after the match, with her team out of the way. However right now, she is laser focused on putting a stubborn and tough Jenny away and retaining her championship title.

Lindsay LohanEva LongoriaDespite her focus being 95% on mauling Jenny's tits, Pam saw something shocking out of the corner of her eye, that she thought she would never ever see. Her old buddy, Eva Longoria is crawling on the ringside floor like a whipped dog. Her black short shorts are pulled down around her lower thighs, and her black panties are down below her ass. This makes Eva's flight awkward and comical. Eva's black tank top that she wore to the ring is gone, stripped or whatever. Eva's tits have fallen out of her bra and swing and jiggle under her. Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan follows Eva while playfully kicking her in the butt. Pam definitely cannot believe what she has just seen. She can also never unsee that picture.

Pam's thoughts are interrupted as Jenny's right fist starts punching Pam's left tit. Pam squeals and backs off for a moment then attacks Jenny's breasts with a vengeance all over. Feeling that was Jenny's final stand to win the tit fight, Pam goes for a double nipple twister for the finish. Jenny releases a high pitched scream, but battles back. Pam surprises Jenny at lightning speed letting her rival's tits go, and knocks Jenny's arms away. Like blazes, Pam springs to her feet, and goes behind a startled foe. Pam grabs Jenny's tits from behind, where Jenny cannot retaliate. Pam wraps her legs around Jenny and takes her down to the mat. Pam goes after Jenny's breasts with a vengeance. Jenny can only twist and turn while screaming her head off.

Jenny is trapped and being absolutely tortured. For over a minute and a half the intense tit mauling went on with Pam's fists pounding and clawing and Jenny desperately trying to hold on. In a last ditch effort, Jenny stretches her head out and her mouth finds Pam's arm that is wrapped around from behind. Jenny chomps down on Pam's arm savagely. Jenny vengefully makes Pam scream. Desperately Pam starts peppering Jenny's tit with her free fists. With all the punishment that Jenny's breasts has sustained, Jenny lets her bite go and screams in torment again. Pam kicks Jenny away and gets to her feet. To the champion's surprise, Jenny stays on the mat and curls into fetal position cuddling her agonized breasts. Pam was pleased to learn that there was a limit for even Jenny's iron tits.

Seizing the opportunity, Pam races to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles it to get the dildo. While climbing to retrieve the dildo, Pam pauses for half a moment at the sight at ringside. Sofia is on her knees reduced to wearing only her black bra and panties set. Meanwhile Jenna is behind Sofia with Sofia's tiger print stretch pants that she wore to the ring wrapped around Sofia's neck, choking the shit out of her. Sofia's big tits are bouncing and her arms dangle and swing by her sides. Jenna pulls Sofia's pants away from her neck allowing Sofia to flop forward, falling on her belly, tits and face to the floor. Pam gasps seeing her warrior friend helpless and totally defeated. Pam perseveres and grabs the dildo and hops down to finish the match.

Pam returns to see Jenny struggling to her feet and begs off as the champion approaches with the sex toy. Pam presses forward and walks into a pussy kick from her deceptive challenger. Pam shrieks, drops the dildo and doubles over clutching her crotch. Pam retreats back as Jenny happily advances, however she walks into a pussy claw as Pam's hand shoots out and attaches itself to Jenny's pussy. Pam's fingers gets a good grip on Jenny's naked pussy and easily abuses her target. Pam forces the squealing Jenny backwards into the corner. Pam's hand releases, and Pam's knee bolts into Jenny's pussy so fast, that Jenny thought it was simultaneous. With Jenny trapped in the corner, Pam sends a steady stream of kicks and knees into Jenny's pussy.

Pam sees a quick glimpse of her newest edition to Team Pan outside the ring. Pink has Chrissy totally naked and is parading her slowly along the ringside barrier with Chrissy arms behind her back. Pink allows the fans to reach over and grope and molest Chrissy's big plump breasts like sharks. These are the same fans that were teasing Chrissy about her 'mom body'. Chrissy is furious that the same people that were trying to hurt her feelings, now have the privilege to feast on her gorgeous body. None of them have jokes or laughs now, just drool dripping from their mouths. Chrissy miserably struggles to escape Pink's grip, but the singer is much too strong. Pink's hands around Chrissy's arms might as well have been iron manacles, allowing the wolves to have their fun. Pink's villainous beatings have reduced the super model's strength to a memory.

Jenny finally retaliates fiercely from Pam's cunt busting with counter punches flying. Most of them were aimed and landed deeply in Pam's super big breasts. Another knee into Pam's cunt temporarily disables the champion. Jenny swings Pam around, reversing positions and throws her into the corner. One of Jenny's hands attach a pussy claw while the other grabs an overflowing handful of world famous Pam Anderson boobies. Pam squeals at the intrusion, but quickly pulls things together and slaps on a pussy claw in return. With one hand invading each other's pussy, the two big breasted blonde, arch rivals lock eyes in a monumental stare off.

After a pain filled minute, Pam remembers the object of this match is to make her opponent cum. Pam changes her grip from a claw to sexually fingering Jenny's pussy. Chills run up and down Jenny's spine, then she returns with groping Pam's cunt as well. Despite their animosity and rivalry for decades, both realize that the other is all-time sexy. Each naturally turns each other on. Both pussies get soaking wet. Neither mentally tough blonde is willing to give into the other's immense sexuality and orgasm.

Jenny starts to feel herself getting sopping wet and more aroused. Soon she could be past the point of no return. That point is when Jenny knows that the end and orgasm is coming and no mental wall will stand against it. It is the point where she should just enjoy the last few to several minutes of getting fucked by one of the best. Instinctively instead of finger banging Pam, Jenny sends a punch straight like a missile into Pam's cunt. Pam immediately gasps and she stands frozen and not even rubbing Jenny's kitty cat anymore. Jenny draws her foot back and launches a NFL quality punt into Pam's pussy. Jenny's assault lifts Pam off of her feet. Pam grabs her crotch as her feet touchdown, and she hunches over, before falling over to the mat.

With Pam incapacitated and curled up on the mat, Jenny darts to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Pam sees Jenny going on the offense and forces herself back to her feet quickly. As Jenny steadies herself, Pam is standing with her mind racing with counter moves. Jenny leaps into the air. Pam readies herself, but Jenny did not leap toward her, but off to the side. Pam's frantic eyes follow Jenny to her target and instant before she comes crashing down. Chrissy, Eva and Sofia are all naked and lay out across the announcer's table like sacrificial lambs. Jenny comes crashing down on the three Fabs and smashes through the table, turning it into fire kindling.

Jenna JamesonSofia VergaraIt is a tape highlight that will live forever. It is the first 'Wholy Shit!' moment in Stone Rage's brand new Battle Star arena. It is the first Battle Star table destroyed. The fans erupt in a roar. Play by play announcer, Jam Rodriguez, scurries from the table spouting his signature call, "Boom Shakalaka!" Pink, Jenna and Lindsay help Jenny back to her feet, and start celebrating and patting the blonde on the back. Eva, Sofia and Chrissy lie in the wreckage of the table wincing, moaning, and/or convulsing, but definitely hurting and suffering. The trio held breasts, ribs and stomachs to ease the pain. Pam stands in the ring wide eyed and jaw jacked at the stunt.

Seeing her team decimated on the ground finally broke the emotional wall that separates Pam as a ruthless competitor and a leader and friend. In a move born out of pure emotion, Pam bounds against the far side ropes and comes back to Jenny's side of the ring then leaps over the top ropes and comes majestically plummeting down on Jenny and her McCarthy Mob. The women gasp, put their hands up and brace for impact.

Time is suspended for the laws of physics to reassert themselves. Pam has just launched her 50 plus year old body against four women. Pink has been straight out buffed and muscular though out much of her singing career. Jenny has been getting fitter and more muscular year by year the deeper that she goes into Milf life. Jenna's weight has fluctuated vastly recently from pregnancy but she is far more solid now than the thin porn start that she rose to fame as. Even mid thirty year old, Lindsay is filling out from her party girl days.

Time resumes as Pam's svelte body slams into the ABA girls. The quartet of Sable trained women to peak form apprehends Pam out of the sky. The sexy star bucked and squirmed as they contain her allowing Jenny to scoop Pam onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Jenny walks away from the others then starts spinning around in circles putting Pam into the airplane spin. Jenny finishes her spin by thrusting her body backwards and smashing Pam's to the arena floor with her body on top in a Samoan drop. ABA fans applaud their girl capitalizing Pam's single emotional misstep. Jenny rises and accepts her acknowledgement, but not for long. Soon she picks Pam off the floor and rolls her back into the ring and follows after her.

"Kicking your ass is boring me!" Jenna screams as she stands over a downed Sofia at ringside. "Entertain me! Go suck Jam Rodriguez's dick!" Jenna orders.

"What? Fuck no!" Sofia exclaims. "I am a married woman!" she answers.

Jenna angrily reaches down and seizes Sofia's sexy sweat-slick body. Pulling Sofia up to waist level, Jenna starts slapping Sofia's face. "I don't care if you're married! Right now you're my little bitch! If you want to go home to your husband with the same face you left with, then youíd better do what I say!" Jenna punctuated every word of her sentence with a bitch slap across Sofia's lovely face. Every other word was punctuated with pimp slap backhand.

When Jenna released Sofia, she fell back to the floor. Sofia looked up at the blonde, seeing double. Sofia turns and starts crawling on her hands and knees, sniffling and obviously fighting tears. Sofia whines, "Jam!" as she crawls through the table rubble to where the commentator is seated. "Pleases Jam, I've got to suck you dick" Sofia begs "Please!" as she crawls up and immediately starts unfastening and unzipping Jam's pants.

Jam certainly is not going to stop Sofia. He had no clue why she even asked much less begged in the first place. Jam kept on with his play by play call ignoring her. That was until Sofia slid her big lips down around Jam's penis and swallowed it whole. Jam excitedly exclaims "Yes!" From there Sofia starts sucking like a pro. She licks the dick up and down putting on an escapade. Sofia began showing dick sucking skills that even made the Hall of Fame porn star, Jenna jealous.

Pink is astonished seeing television's highest paid actress turned into a cheap dick sucking whore. She laughs then bends over and tells Chrissy in her ear, "Go suck Cole's dick." After learning from Sofia's response, that was all it took for the often described, haughty, and mouthy model to start making the shameful crawl toward the color commentator, Cole Hunter, who is seated beside Jam. Chrissy is sickened and humiliated. She is a married woman too, but she is also defeated, beaten, and for the moment Pink's bitch too. Silently Chrissy crawled between Cole's legs and pulls out his dick. Then she starts sucking his dick while he tries to do commentary, showing the same zest and skills that Sofia possesses.

Chrissy and Sofia have Jam and Cole stumbling, bumbling and tongue tied. So much so, that Pink and Jenna take their microphone headsets off their heads and start doing commentary for them. Sofia and Chrissy had the former commentary team, moaning and grunting with their eyes lulling in their heads. Fans were grateful that the heavy breathing men were relieved of their duties.

"How is Sofia doing?" Jenna asks Jam, flipping the roles on the commentator.

"She is amazing!" Jam sputters. "Spectacular!" he adds. "Her husband has got to be the luckiest man in the world." Jam finishes as he is laid back in his chair, with an expression like he is in a trace. Meanwhile Sofia is on her knees with her big bare breasts swinging back and forth while she puts on a masterful performance.

In the ring, Jenny has Pam trapped in the corner with Jenny tenderizing Pam's pussy with kicks. The referee is monitoring the action in the ring. He had not called for a disqualification yet, because in his view, Jenna and Pam initiated the interaction with the women outside the ring. Then he hears Lindsay calling out to him at ringside.

"Mister referee! Mister Referee! My friend Eva wants to suck your dick!" Lindsay sings out. The referee waves her off. "Please mister!" Lindsay continues, "She really wants to." the referee gives a quick glance over and witnesses Eva's fully naked helpless body standing at ringside. Lindsay has Eva's arm pulled into a hammerlock behind her back. Lindsay has a tight grip on Eva's black hair from behind. It was the sexiest thing that the referee had ever seen. He goes over to that side of the ring to investigate more. "Tell him!" Lindsay evilly demands while shaking Eva's head by her hair.

"Please, let me suck your dick sir! Please, I am begging you." Eva pitifully pleads as the referee approaches. "If I can't suck your dick, then she's going to have to keep kicking my ass."

Lindsay explains. "Come on, give the old girl a break. I don't think that she can take much more!"

While the referee is distracted, Pink has stolen Pam's Cock Fight Queen belt from the timekeeper's table. Time seems to decrease into slow motion. A myriad of reactions happen at the same time. She runs to ring side and tosses the belt over the top ropes into the ring. Not totally distracted, the referee turns and sees the belt as it flies in the air. Jenny's eyes get wide and she wears a huge smile as she goes after the foreign object to use as her avenue to victory. Pam's jaw drops seeing the foreign object as either being her saving grace or the tool of her ultimate destruction.

PinkChrissy TeigenPam wills herself out of the corner overcoming any pain that she is feeling. An epic clash of the titans erupted. Like the GOAT's, Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders going after the same football wioth no time onthe clock in the Super Bowl, both blondes leaped for the championship belt. As fate would have it, both titans came down holding a piece of the belt. Suddenly a tug of war occurs with both women desperately trying to rip the belt out of the other's hands. It went back and forth and back and forth until the strongest woman rips the belt out of the other's grasps. Jenny McCarthy rips the belt out of Pamela's grip, taking it away. Then in almost the same motion, Jenny swings the belt back slamming it across Pam's face. Time slows again as Pam recoils from the mighty swing. All of the crowd gasps. She stays frozen for barely a moment, and then falls to the mat like a mighty tree. Pam lies on the canvas out cold like a cadaver on a slab. The crowd erupts in cheers once again.

The referee looks at Eva and Lindsay and says, "You know what? I think I'll get that blow job now." He crawls out of the ring and opens his trousers and whips out his cock. Eva drops to her knees and starts slobbing the guy off immediately. He knows that the match is all but over, so he might as well enjoy some of the benefits of his job. For the record, he ruled that since both Jenny and Pam had equal access to the championship belt, there was no justification to disqualify either beauty.

Jenny leaves the ring, leaving the unconscious sex goddess stretched out in the ring. Jenny goes up to Sable at ringside. Without a word Jenny grabs a bright red ribbon holding up Sable's hair and pulls it free. Jenny steals the long ribbon and returns to the ring. Jenny goes to her kayoed arch enemy and ties Pam wrist together with the ribbon. Next Jenny shakes and pats Pam's face trying to revive Pam. "Wake up Pam. I want you awake to experience every moment of this." Jenny tells the motionless champion.

At the demolished commentator's area, Pink returns to her newfound interviewing duties. Chrissy has just swallowed a load of commentator Coleís cum without losing a drop. Chrissy takes it in stride and immediately starts working on another load. "How do you like Chrissy?" Pink asks Cole. "Where do you rate her as a dick suckin' slut?"

"I'm sorry Mr Legend, but your wife is unbelievable." Cole pants. "By far the best I've ever had. She is like the dirtiest slut that's down for anything. Words can't even describe her. I would give her anything she wants."

For the second time in a championship match, and in a Stone Rage ring, Jenny stands over Pam. Once again, Stone Rage's hellcat had been tamed, and lay spread eagle and naked at Jenny's feet. Pam starts to come around into a semi consious state. Jenny helps a still very dazed vixen to her feet. She leads the befuddled champion to the ropes. Jenny uses the remaining length of ribbon to securely bind Pam's wrists to the top rope. Pam is treated to the best view of Sofia and Chrissy on their knees, and pleasing the announce team. Discouragement and heart break floods Pam's soul. After tying Pam, Jenny retrieves the Cock Fight championship belt and fastens the belt around Pam's naked waist. "I'm going to let you wear this belt one last time before I take it from you." Jenny politely mocks, knowing that the gesture adds to Pam's mental anguish. Jenny secures the dildo in the harness around her waists then bends Pam over. Finally Jenny thrusts the dildo inside Pam's cunt and starts thouroghly fucking her from behind.

At ringside Lindsay asks the referee, "How is my girl Eva doing? Not bad for an older model?"

"Oh she's great." the referee admits. "She's really really good." the referee amends his previous statement remembering he has a woman in his life. "She's not the best I've ever had, but still very good."

Lindsay slaps Eva across the back of the head pretty hard. "Pick it up granny!" Lindsay says with a menacing tone. "You're going to satisfy this man one way or another." Eva cringed and started sucking his cock with a lot more energy. She bobs up and down faster and going down deeper than before. She hoped to not have to resort to other means to satisfy this man in front of a worldwide audience.

In the ring Jenny is fucking the hell out of Pam and enjoying every minute of it. Jenny is really pounding the pussy with the dildo, and beating it up. She wants whoever Pam is calling her husband of fuck buddy in the constant carousel of men to know that Jenny was there. Pam is not trying to hold back. She wants to orgasm and put an end to this nightmare. Jenny is trying to make this last as long as possible. She slows down her pace to make it last longer. Pam compensates by thrusting her hips and twisting and turning on the dildo determined to get herself off. Jenny laughs as Pam makes herself look like a total degenerate nymphomaniac who has to cum. It is hard to stop a determined woman however, and Pam invents a way to orgasm, and arches her back and squeals with a couple convulsions.

Lindsay brings it to the referee's attention the Pam is orgasming. He gives a quick glance then raises his hand and calls for the bell and refocuses on his blow job. The bell rings and Jenny withdraws from inside Pam. Jenny rips the championship belt off of Pam's waist as the ring announcers bellows, "The winner and new Cock Fighting Champion Jenny McCarthy!" Jenny raises the belt above her head and roars. Pam drops to her knees and bows her head in shame. The crowd goes wild and throws streamers in the ring to celebrate, as confetti also falls from the ceiling. Kid Rock's American Bad Ass plays on the speakers.

Jenny torments Pam one last time by saying, "That makes me 2 and 0 against you in championship matches, loser. You'll never catch up. I will go down as the winner of the feud between us." Jenny laughs. Losing the Cock Fighting championship after all these years is bad enough for Pam, but losing it to Jenny McCarthy is almost unbearable.

Jenny McCarthyPam AndersonLindsay, Jenna and Pink rush into the ring for the celebration. Without their oppressors over them, Sofia, Chrissy and Eva stop sucking cocks and bow their heads as well. Pink quickly screeches from the ring, "Hey! Nobody told you hags you could stop! Keep sucking or I'll mop the floor with all three of your faces at the same time!" Neither Chrissy, Eva or Sofia doubts that Pink could not make her threat good with them in so bad condition, so they went back to their sucking tasks.

The entire rooster of the ABA starts making their way to the ring, with many of them carrying champagne bottles. They pop the corks and start victorious champagne showers over Jenny's head. Pam, still tied to the ropes, remains totally still and tries to make herself as invisible as possible. Jenny cherishes every moment. In the beginning of the ABA, holding championship gold with Pam defeated and the Fab Four subjugated was an expected occurance. It has been a whole lot of years and a lot of rebuilding since then. This victory is extremely special.

Jenny loved how her colleagues, the other bosses of the ABA hovered around her. Demi, Lucy and Madonna lavished Jenny with congratulations and admiration. Jenny knows that she is still on top as the true leader, and boss of bosses of the group. "Thank you for setting a new standard, and a new ABA tradition." Demi starts. "From now on we're going to make every single Fab Four hooker suck dicks every chance we get!" Demi proclaims.

The ring celebration was not too long before the women in the ABA hoists Jenny with her championship belt held high, onto their shoulders. They whisk Jenny to a VIP stage built at the far end of the arena for the ABA as the celebrity party portion of the night begins. Before leaving, Vivica Fox found time to cruelly empty a bottle of champagne over Pam's head to totally dose the intimidated enemy. Pam grits her teeth and dreams of getting Vivica in the ring very soon.

Now that the ABA has exited the ring, Tia Carrere, Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry lead the roster of the Fabs to the ring. Halle, Jennifer and Tia enter the ring to untie and console Pam. Kim Kardashian, Coco and Demi Lovato attend to Chrissy. Eva receives help from Roselyn Sanchez, Zoe Saldana and Scarlett Johansson. Jessica Biel, Rosario Dawson and Megan Fox soothe Sofia's needs.

The Fabs collect their fallen and already start to rebuild their deflated ego's and head backstage. As the Fabs lead their dejected warriors backstage, the fans rise and start clapping their hands to show Pam their appreciation for a great match and her epic run as Cock Fight Queen. Pam raises a hand to acknowledge them and blows kisses before she disappears backstage.

The ABA leads a massive victory party for the rest of the night. There is bumping music, drinks and who knows what else all night. The Fabs enter to their private stage later and celebrate Coco's win over Buffie the Body. The line reads 1 win for the Fabs and 1 win for the ABA, but those wins were not equal. Conspicuous by their absence, Pam and her team were not present at the party.

The four disheartened women are backstage in four ice tubs, in total silence. They are so embarrassed and disappointed that they cannot even talk to each other. The ice soothes their bodies' aches and pains, but not their spirits. Suddenly Quatro Calderon bursts through the door. "Here you are. I thought I smelled losers in here." He laughs. "I wanted to tell you that the studio executives loved your match tonight. They want a whole series of rematches. It can be 4 on 4, 3 on 3, tag team or single matches. However you want it. After all Pam, at your age, you'd better get back in the ring really quick. Your chances of winning again are going down drastically every day." He laughs heartily again. "Pam, chin up! You did not lose because you were out wrestled. You were the better fighter in the ring tonight. You loss because you are a terrible leader." Calderon laughs.

Turning to Sofia, Calderon begins, "Sofia, you got smoked by a drug-head washed up, rode hard and hung up to dry, porn star. Then you let her turn you into a cheaper whore than she is! That's gotta sting, especially for the Bootylicious Champion. The look on your face when you accepted that you were her little bitch was priceless. You got to want to win back a little dignity and self respect." Sofia's head hangs even lower and she sinks down further in the ice. "Everybody already think your title win was a fluke and that you're a total joke. You sure looked like one tonight."

Calderon eyes Chrissy and says, "Chrissy you're new here so look on the bright side. Things can only get better for you. There is no way that you can fight that bad and look so pathetic again. The sky is the limit because you certainly can't get any lower than tonight."

"Eva things were going so well for you." Calderon begins turning his attention to Eva. "You were on a winning streak and impressing everyone. Now look at you. You got smashed by drunken party girl half of your age. Lindsay hasn't even won one match her whole time here, and she turned you into an old punching bag... ha ha he... a total clown. I certainly hope you want some revenge. If you don't, it's okay, I understand. I know how it gets when you're at the very end of your career."

Calderon knows that his little pep talk impacted the Fabs, making them feel even more miserable and dispirited. It is all part of his master plan. "I've got a party to attend, so I'll leave you to tend to you wounds. Bruised egos and broken psyches are kind of hard to heal. Let me know about those rematches. I've already talked to the ABA and they are ready to go. I've got your back. If you girls get dominated and stripped again... and they make you suck dicks... again. The studio will pay you gals a double bonus! The fans absolutely love seeing you gals getting destroyed! It is truly amazing!" Calderon laughs heartily as he leaves the room and leaves four tortured souls behind. He knows that Pam represent the optimisim of the Fabs. If he can take Pam's optimism, and Tia's toughness away from the group, they will be on the road to self destuction, driven by only perfectionistic workaholics Halle and Jennifer. They will be a shell of themselves that will run head long into a brick wall. Soon he will bring them down for good.