Stone Rage knew what text and calls to expect and from whom, after returning home from the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 . As expected, Halle Berry started blowing his phone up with a few profanity laced tirades. Stone Rage had been trying to broker a truce between the Fabs and the ABA to rally a force against the studio advisor, Quatro Calderon. However the ABA trounced the truce and attacked Pam Anderson and her girls during the cruise. The manner in which it was executed, Halle and Rage both knew that the ABA had to conspire with Calderon to pull the ambush off. Halle is mad as hell, demanding something be done.

Luckily Rage had an ace up his sleeve. Since receiving the studio bonus money, Rage began working on a secret power move that absolutely no one knew about. He purchased a property for live events, and has been renovating the building into a fantastic facility for catfighting. It is smaller fitting only 2,500 people but in a very luxurious setting. It is meant to be a premium building for music, parties, and a whole lot of catfights. It provides plush, soft seats with private box seating in the upper level for the elitist. It also has state of the art giant TV screens spanning around all the walls, projectors for laser and light shows. It is designed for a grand scale entertainment experience. It is sort of the MGM Grand meeting a Disney World attraction, then taken to the next level. It is his wildest dreams come true. He calls it, "The Battle Star Arena".

It is perfect for Rage to use for easy access anytime he needs to host an event. He wanted more content for his internet channel anyway and this is a perfect venue to provide that material. It is perfect to attract wealthy fans. It is also perfect for him to please Halle Berry. Despite his best efforts and assistance, it is clear that the ABA will make selfish moves no matter what he does or offers them. He will continue to try to work with the ABA, but his enthusiasm is waning. Rage definitely cannot allow the ABA to make a full and meaningful alliance with Calderon; all would be loss. However then Rage remembered frequently saying, "Since the Fabs and the ABA can't get along, then they should get it on!"

That sentence lead Rage to a marvelous idea. Rage pitched the idea of a quick grudge event to introduce his new arena, FABS VERSUS ABA . Halle loved the idea of the Fabs getting their hands on the ABA in a fair fight. It will be jointly produced by Fab Four and ABA Entertainment, meaning a boat load of money for both groups. The money was all the motivating factor that the ABA needed. A week later, two matches are booked for the inaugural event, both on short notice. The best thing of all is that Quatro Calderon never knew one thing about the event until it was announced publically. He knew nothing about this exciting new arena being debut. He looked totally inept in front of the studio bosses. Calderon's failure was noted, and some lose a little faith in him.

Two matches and an All-Star party afterward were planned. After much debate, Pam Anderson vs Jenny McCarthy for the Cock Fight Championship became the main event. The Fab's Coco battling fellow big booty legend, Buffie the Body from the ABA was chosen to be the opening match. The ABA's Pink and the Fab's Demi Lovato agreed to sing a song or two for the event also.

Coco versus Buffie the Body was an easy match to make. Both women pioneered the concept of a Hip Hop Vixen. Both rose to fame around the same time being featured in King, Black Men's Monthly, Smooth and SSX, magazines. Buffie and Coco are familiar acquaintances and have been under the same roof countless times. However they are not friends but they are not enemies either. They were respected colleagues. The beginning of their careers are forever linked, and they have never fought. This match just seemed natural and long overdue.

The public obviously agreed too. The picture of the curvy video vixens on the advertisements made this quickly put together show a sell out, and millions of buys on the internet. Buffie is popular coming off joining the Madonna Mafia in the ABA. She is also getting support for a Bootylicious title match after face sitting the Bootylicious champion, Sofia Vergara, to near oblivion during her part in Madonna's surprise attack on Pam Anderson's Fab team at the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3. A win here will guarantee Buffie a future title match. Coco is receiving a good buzz for saving Jennifer Lopez's ass from Jennifer Love Hewitt at BATTLELINES 3 WRAP UP SHOW. Then you add the long and epic, historic feud between the ABA and the Fabs, this match sould surely be highly contested, if not potentially legendary. The winner will walk away the greatest hip hop vixen of all time theoretically also.

The green eyed blonde Coco prances into the ring looking even thicker and curvier than her prime days before the birth of her daughter. Coco entered dramatically through smoke with strobe lights for special effects. It is all set on the backdrop of a house sized video screen, timed with the music for more visual effects befitting the debut of the Battle Star arena. Coco chose a selection from her Cocolicious lingerie and sleepwear clothes line. The entire line is full of extremely sexy, and very glamorous, collections of thin g-string thongs, fishnet body suits, skimpy bra and panty sets, teddies and other clothing with plenty of cutouts to reveal some flesh. Coco wears a white one piece teddy tonight with gold trim. It has a plunging deep neckline down to her navel, which is covered with mesh, so very little of her curves are left to the imagination. Half of the blonde's voluptuous breasts are spilling out and only covered by the see through mesh. Coco's final prematch thoughts were heeding Kim Kardashian's warnings of how brutal Buffie can be. Buffie had ambushed Kim during a photo shoot many years ago.

Across the ring Buffie is looking tough, totally confident and hot. She wears a black leather jacket and a black G-string. Fashionably the G-string consists of a black triangle with a string attached to the three corners and connected by a cast gold metal ornament with 'ABA' in interconnected letters. The highly visible piece of jewelry sits prominently at the top of Buffie's mountainous ass. Buffie made her entrance through pyro sparkles and a state of the art laser light show as well. At fight time, Buffie whips off her jacket to reveal a beautiful pair of bare naked breasts. Stone Rage executed a topless humiliation penalty against Buffie, along with Aria Giovanni and Madonna, as retribution for their ambush of Pam Anderson and her team. He wanted to punish them for their premeditated lawlessness with this and a stiff fine.

Cockily Buffie sees Coco's superstar husband, Ice T, sitting at ringside. "Hey Ice T! I'm going to beat your wife's ass until you come in the ring and beg me to stop. Then I'll make you kiss my ass and say it's the greatest ass you've ever seen." Buffie heckles with a confident laugh. Ice dismisses Buffie's prediction, but Coco does not. She snarls across the ring. Coco can imagine how devastated she would be to see her husband worshiping another woman, and proclaiming her superior.

As soon as the bell rings Coco charges out of her corner like a bullet towards Buffie. After a moment's startlement, Buffie rockets out of her corner to meet Coco. As they are about to collide in the middle of the ring, Coco leaps up and levels Buffie with a leaping clothesline. Buffie is knocked flat on that fabulous phat ass as Coco lands on her feet. Buffie quickly scrambles back to her feet, as Coco keeps going and shoots up to the top turnbuckle as Buffie stands. Buffie looks to locate the blonde, who has already leaped from her perch off the tope rope and levels Buffie again with a flying shoulder block. Coco immediately gets on top of Buffie and hooks the leg for an early pinfall. However Buffie kicks out.

Buffie The Body Both beauties scramble back to their feet, but the super charged blonde beats Buffie up by a split second. Coco leaps off two feet from a standing position to nail Buffie with a double footed drop kick. The force of the drop kick propels Buffie right over the top rope and sends her tumbling out of the ring. Buffie takes a rough spill but is immediately back to her feet. Then a 5'3" blonde package of tits, ass, and thighs comes somersaulting over the top rope and lands on top of Buffie, flattening her again.

The fans are going nuts. Coco rises off of Buffie and starts wind milling punches on the fallen warrior. Buffie uses her arms to cover up under the heavy assault as she cowers on the floor. Coco stops to snatch Buffie off the ground by her hair and arm. After yanking Buffie to her feet, Coco surprised most by scooping the larger hip hop vixen up into her arms, then body slamming Buffie to the arena floor with force. Buffie screams and lies still on the padded concrete floor while she feels like all the bones in her skeleton are rattling. The feeling quickly passes as Coco leaps up and comes down with a double stomp on Buffie's belly.

Coco grabs Buffie's hair and snatches her up to her knees. Next Coco swings her mighty boulder sized tits and slaps Buffie across the face with them. Buffie falls back down to the ground. Jaws drop around the brand new arena. Many fans are totally shocked seeing Coco assert her dominance over big bad Buffie the Body. Even in this early stage, fans can see Buffie's confidence dwindle and she is feeling overwhelmed. Just then Coco stomps down on Buffie’s pussy making her shout again repeatedly as Coco grinds her foot into Buffie's pussy. Big bad Buffie the Body is getting her big ass flat out beaten up by Coco.

Coco takes her foot off the suffering woman's cunt and yanks Buffie off the ground. The blonde rolls Buffie back into the ring under the bottom ropes and immediately follows her into the ring. Buffie crawls away from the buzzsaw cutting through her. Coco follows her prey like two wildcats fighting in the wild. Coco is smaller but much swifter and catches up on her prey and pounces on the larger, wounded hellcat before long. Coco once again starts wailing on Buffie. She pins the larger but wounded woman down and again starts pounding her like a drum. Like Coco's husband's favorite author, Iceberg Slim, historically quoted, "The jungle creed says the strongest must feed on any prey at hand." Apparently the laws of the jungle applies in this ring as well. Coco is greedily devouring Buffie the Body.

Buffie may be getting her collossal, fabled ass kicked, but that does not mean she considers herself weak or helpless. From underneath her adversary, Buffie's hands strike up like two vipers and she wraps both hands around Coco's neck to choke the blonde bitch. Coco pauses and gags for a few moments before returning Buffie's ruthless aggression with more of the same. One of Coco's hands lash out and grips Buffie's throat, while the other hand seizes Buffie's hair to yank and hold onto. Coco needed the hair pull to keep the larger Buffie from throwing her off top. If Buffie had not realized already, she knows the sexy stacked blonde has a lot of raw strength and power. Buffie is surprised that she cannot throw the smaller, thick ass blonde off top of her. Coco's hips are almost as wide as Buffie's and just as solid and strong.

The curvy Amazons struggle against each other and get closer, pressing and rubbing their mighty bodies against each other. As they do, Buffie cannot help but notice Coco's massive breasts rubbing against her naked tits. Buffie does not even swing that way, but cannot help thinking 'Those big ass titties are turning me on like a mutha fucka!' So now, not only does Buffie have to concentrate on choking this competitor bent on choking her and beating her ass, Buffie also have to contend with a moistening pussy, and resisting the urge to kiss this blonde sexpot. Buffie's already befuddled mind struggles to focus on a singular energy.

Meanwhile, Coco is very aware of Buffie's stiffening nipples struggling against hers. In younger days, Coco experimented with going that way a few times. She also felt the rising heat between Buffie's legs. That heat gave Coco chills. Coco's beefy left thigh was nuzzled between Buffie's thick thighs. Coco moves her leg up and down, creating friction to raise the temperature between Buffie's meaty thighs and gives herself more chills and cheap thrills. Buffie's furnace involuntarily heats up.

Despite this sensual moment in the fighter's minds, all the fans saw was two wide open mouthed broads gagging and trying to strangle each other. Coco comes out of her erotic fantasy first because Buffie's two handed choke hold caused more oxygen depredation than Coco's one handed grip. Coco fires her knee up into Buffie's hot pussy. Buffie's face grimaces resonating her pain as her arms drop from Coco's throat. The blonde shoots three more battering knees to punish Buffie's naughty hot pussy.

Now, Coco is able to rise off Buffie, but she still has one hand fixed to Buffie's neck while the other hand tears at Buffie's hair. While maintaining her grips Coco gets her feet under her to rise to her feet and jerks Buffie up to her feet as well. Abandoning her choke hold, Coco pulls Buffie's head under her arm with the hand pulling the brunette's hair. The hand that was choking Buffie darts to grab the captured vixen's ABA G-string. Small but mighty Coco effortlessly hoists Buffie in the air and holds her upside down in suflex position. The blonde holds her there for a moment before falling backwards and sends Buffie plummeting to the mat. The hellcats crash to the mat with a big boom, with Buffie taking the brunt of the fall. Coco immediately pops up to her feet, obviously excited and hyped about her feat of strength. Buffie landed on her gigantic ass, which offered a lot of padding for the fall. So Buffie was also able to stand back up just after Coco.

The blonde bounces up with all smiles and starts a mini celebration when ringside fans are pointing behind her. Coco whirls around to see Buffie standing and already has launched a big looping punch to take the blonde's head off. The yoga enthusathis, Coco, instantly reacts and ducks under Buffie's haymaker. Coco goes under and past Buffie as she stumbles forward from the momentum of her colossal miss. Buffie spins around as soon as she catches her balance to face Coco, only to twirl into the blonde vixen's super kick aimed at her jaw. Coco's foot sounds like a shotgun being fired as it explodes when it lands. Buffie's head is almost knocked off her shoulders from the massive kick. Buffie is knocked senseless, and staggers a few steps backwards and falls back into the ropes. Like a mindless zombie, Buffie bounces off the ropes and lumbers back toward Coco. The blonde easily scoops Buffie up on her shoulders into a fireman's carry. Coco smiles with her dazed rival limp and draped across the blonde's shoulders. Coco walks around the ring and parades her prize around for the cheering fans. Coco even stops in the center of the ring and does several squats with the hefty woman on her shoulders just to show off. Finally Coco tosses Buffie off her shoulders and drives her to the mat with a Samoan driver.

Coco dives on top of Buffie for the cover. The legendary Buffie kicks out at the two count. Disappointment that Buffie kicked out is on Coco's face, but she quickly shakes it away. Coco stands and yells down to Buffie, "Come on Buffie, get up!" Groggy and dazed, Buffie slowly and gingerly complies by trying to stand. Once on her feet, Coco swoops in and wraps her arms around the hip hop vixen, and lifts her off her feet. Coco falls backwards and launches Buffie over her head for a German suflex. Buffie goes flying and lands on the back of her head with another thunderous boom. Titties and ass are shaking and jiggling everywhere as Buffie bounces across the mat like a rubber ball.

CocoCoco gets up and looks at Buffie. The blonde was surprised and frustrated to see Buffie stirring and trying to get back up as well. Coco thinks that is is just instinct. Buffie should be knocked senseless and ready to be pinned, not slowly standing. Coco figures how to handle this. She sprints a few steps then leaps in the air and brings her thick, heavy, shapely leg crashing down on the back of the stooped over Buffie's head with a scissors kick. Buffie plummets face down to the mat with a clash. Then just to make sure Buffie is finished, Coco reaches down and hauls Buffie right back up. The blonde captures both of Buffie's arms behind her back, and holds her stooped over again. Coco falls backward for a double arm hook DDT. Buffie's face is driven into the mat with no filter again within a few seconds of each other. Coco rolls Buffie over for the pinfall. To Coco's shock Buffie kicks out and knocks Coco off of her again.

Coco's jaw is dropped shocked that Buffie kicked out. "How could she?" Coco says to herself. "Damned she is fucking tough!" None the less, Coco stands then hauls the beleaguered model to her feet as well. Buffie grabs Coco's wrist, jerks the blonde towards her, and then bats Coco across the jaw with a wicked forearm blow. Coco's head spins violently like her head wanted to fly off her shoulders. Her eyes roll up into her head. Immediately, Coco's legs give out and she drops to the canvas. Buffie drops on top of the blonde and hooks a leg and wraps her other arm around Coco's neck and pulls Coco into a tight pin. At the count of two and a half, Coco is able to slip a shoulder off the mat.

The vixens break apart. Both minds are reeling from the sudden turn around as they slowly rise to their feet. Suddenly Coco returns to her senses and is full of fury. Coco grabs Buffie and says "Fuck this!!" Coco wraps her arms and legs around Buffie's body like a boa constrictor and pulls her back down to the mat. "This shit ends now!" Coco shouts as her legs wrap around Buffie's waist and her arms wrap around Buffie's head, locking the bigger Amazon in the dreaded Coquina clutch submission hold. The Coquina clutch is a very close cousin of a rear naked choke hold. Buffie gurgles as her limbs flail around. Coco may be shorter, but her legs are extra thick and her arms are meaty. Once locked on, it may take a Jaws of Life to get Buffie out of her grip. Buffie's flailing slows and then after a little over a minute in the clutch, she taps Coco's right arm to indicate her surrender.

The bell rings, but Coco still has the Coquina clutch locked on Buffie the Body. "Who's got the best ass now, Buffie?" Coco asks. She let's up on the clutch slightly giving Buffie the ability to speak... barely.

"You do". Buffie gurgles, not willing to debate or argue while in the depths of the Coquina Clutch.

"Tell my husband who's got the best ass, Buffie!" Coco demands while remembering Buffie's threat to make her husband, Ice T admit that Buffie is superior.

"Arrhhhh!" Buffie grumbles. "Coco has the finest ass, she's the best, Ice." Buffie confesses through gritted teeth.

"Did you get that honey?" Coco asks her superstar rapper and actor husband.

"Nah, the bitch is getting choked the fuck out. I couldn't understand a word she said." Ice answers with a laugh.

Coco laughs too. Then her eyes harden and she sings "Buffie!" in a threatening tone.

Grimacing like Frankenstein, with flailing arms and legs, Buffie shouts as loud as she could under the dire conditions. "Ice! Coco has the greatest, phattest ass ever..... please...." Buffie exhorts.

Ice gives his wife a slight head nod. Coco releases Buffie and shoves her away out of her clutches. Coco stands to the roaring approval of the audience for a spectacular and dominant performance. Ice T's song Body Count blares over the speakers, along with the video prominently featuring Coco appears on one screen. Breathless and exhausted, Buffie curls into fetal position. However she is soon disturbed by Coco reaching down to strip that custom made ABA G-String off her huge ass and down her legs, for a prized souvenir of the big event; the first fight and win in Stone Rage's new Battle Star arena. Buffie did not or could not resist. She allowed Coco to take her trophy, then modestly covered her private zone with her hand as she lies recovering.

Coco hops out of the ring joyously and bounces to Ice T in the front row to celebrate. She gives him Buffie's pimped out G-string as a gift, as he congratulates his wife on a sensational victory. Soon Kim Kardashian leads Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato from backstage to join the party. Kim is especially excited that Coco avenged her total destruction at Buffie's hands. The famous Kardashian had been intimidated by Buffie ever since. Meanwhile shortly after, Madonna and Aria Giovanni enter the ring to tend to their fallen teammate, Buffie the Body.

The ABA fans are visibly upset and concerned. They thought Buffie had a great chance of beating Coco, and getting a Bootylicious title shot. Those thoughts disappeared in a straight up ass kicking. Dreams of a dominant ABA night fade away too. Whatever the night proves moving forward, one thing is certain. Stone Rage's state of the art arena, the Battle Star is now fully operational.


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