With ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Lopez, Coco, Kim Kardashian, & Demi Lovato

NOTE - This match follows events of Kim Kardashian vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

"Hello everyone. I'm your hostess, Melyssa Ford and welcome to the BATTLELINES 3 wrap up show along with my co- hostess, Angie Everhart." Melyssa smiles into the camera. "This event became so much more than we expected, and so many things changed match by match that the league will never be the same. I have to give Angela Bassett credit. She has certainly outdone herself in her last event on the booking committee."

"She certainly did." Angie Everhart responds. "So much happened tonight that I don't know where to start. You mentioned Angela Bassett, so we'll start there, and welcome Angela Bassett to the show."

A smiling Angela Bassett walks on the set and takes a seat with Melyssa and Angie behind the news desk. "First congratulations are in order Angela." Melyssa announces. "The event tonight was phenomenal. BATTLELINES 3 has been the best event of the year. Second, I'm pleased to announce that you will still be with the company in some capacity. Stone Rage has named you to the Board of Directors for the company. It is a prestigious position where you will be voting on all the extremely important decisions. I am thrilled to see you there."

"Yes, thank you." Angela says. "It is a big and prestigious position and I'm thankful Stone Rage thought of me for this honor."

"That leaves your position on the booking committee open." Angie chimes in. "Would you do the honors of announcing the newest member and inviting her to the set?"

"I'd love to." Angela smiles. "I couldn't think of anybody better for the position. This woman is successful, smart, and the definition of beauty for the ages. I would like to welcome the incomparable, Cindy Crawford as the newest member of the Stone Rage booking committee." Angela stands initiating Melyssa and Angie to do the same and give Cindy a standing ovation as she walks onto the set.

Cindy walks onto the set with the grace and beauty that Angela described about her. Cindy takes a couple of questions from Melyssa and Angie that she gives completely charming politically correct answers to. Before long she says, "Enough about me. Let's discuss this spectacular event tonight."

"Absolutely our first match had the legendary Madonna. That is always news worthy. Madonna was matched against Eva Longoria tonight. Now Angela, there are lots of rumors and stories about how this match came about and what was at stake in this match. Do you care to enlighten us about this Angela?"

"No I wouldn't" Angela answers with a dead pan expression. "I will say that Madonna and I went into really hard fought negotiations about the match. Madonna was promised a Cock Fight title match with Pam Anderson if she won. Unfortunately, she loss, but classic Madonna always find a way to back in the spotlight as we saw later tonight." Angela explains carefully.

"From what I heard that's one take on the controversy." Angie says. "But first Eva Longoria was awesome. She really took the action to Madonna and kicked her ass. Eva made Madonna look old and ready to retire soon."

"Maybe so, but Madonna found a way to reinvent herself in a way that will keep puts her back at the center point of the league again." Cindy adds to the conversation.

"That was later in the night after the Salma Hayek vs Alyssa Milano match." Melyssa then reports. "Salma withstood Alyssa's best then came back to administer an vengeful sever beating on her former tormenter/stalker. Salma got revenge and made Alysssa kiss her ass after defeating her." Melyssa pauses. "So real quickly let's discuss that match." Melyssa now conducts the conversation. "I thought Salma was an absolute goddess, rising to the occasion tonight. I'm not sure if Salma can beat Alyssa all the time or most of the time, but she was not losing to Alyssa tonight."

"Salma asked for that match." Angela explains. "We see what happens when you push a woman too far. Alyssa has been stalking Salma for years. Salma finally snapped and Alyssa ended up kissing Salma's ass, literally!"

Everything backfired on Alyssa this whole night and everything in her catfighting career fell apart." Angie narrates. "First Salma takes control later in the match and whips Alyssa's ass. She was beaten till she's totally helpless. Then Salma beat her some more for revenge. Then after she won the match, Salma slams Alyssa's face into her ass and tells her to kiss it. What do you do? Fortunately I've never been in that situation." Angie asks the panel.

The panel all laugh at the thought. "When you've got ass in your face and you can get out of it, you kiss it or get the hell beaten out of you until you do kiss it or get knocked out." Cindy explains. "I've had my share of dressing room model fights. Luckily I won most of them, but one night at a party at Heidi Klum's house, it was different. She whipped my ass totally. She beat me till I begged her to stop. Then she sat on my face and told me to uh....." Cindy gave every a look like they understood her meaning. "I had to service her and get her off. She wasn't getting off my face until I did. So I understand what Alyssa was faced with." The new booking committee shares some of her experiences. "Heidi still through me outside her house buck naked and crying, and locked the door. As bad as that sounds I know I made the best decision. It is a lot of times it's better to take your punishment and move on than make things worst for yourself."

"Honestly, I thought Salma let Alysssa off pretty easy." Angela confesses. "I would have done a lot more than making Alyssa kiss my ass if she had terrorized and attacked me for all those years."

"Her misery didn't end there," Melyssa again moderates. "Angie you were backstage and heard everything. Tell us what happened."

"Exactly what you saw. The rest of the ABA, Jenny McCarthy, Demi Moore and Lucy Liu approached Alyssa backstage. They were all united it appeared but Demi did the talking. She severely admonishes Alyssa for kissing Salma's ass. She calls her a disgrace and embarrassment to the ABA. Alyssa stands her ground and reminds them that she is the ABA's founder. No one was impressed and gave her a final warning. Madonna had been walking the halls and moping about her defeat to Eva Longoria. Madonna was despondent about losing. I kept an eye on her because I thought a retirement announcement might come at any time. Anyway she comes out of the shadows acting like the old Madonna again. She destroys Alyssa Milano in nothing flat. The girl was already toast from Salma Hayek crushing her. Madonna locks Alyssa in a road case and makes a proposal to take her place in the ABA. Even wilder is that they vote her in on the spot. It was a crazy chain of events."

"Madonna is the ultimate opportunist." Angela begins with displeasure dripping from her voice. "She should retire, but Madonna wants to hang on and hide behind an ABA team like Demi Moore to extend her career until she can get a Cock Fight title match with Pam Anderson. Madonna has these pipe dreams of going out in a big blaze of glory by beating Pam and leaving multiple Fabs down and out all around the ring. Madonna or Madame X, the fictional character that she is calling herself now... whoever, your career is over; retire already."

"Wow Angela, that sounds a little personal." Meylssa halfway jokes.

"I'm not a Madonna fan." Angela confesses. "She got her chance to earn her dream match with Pam by beating Eva Longoria, but she loss. Now her selfish butt wants the spotlight another way. She wanted to replace me on the booking committee. Now that I'm on the Board of Directors she'll never get my vote. In fact secretly Madonna, Demi and Vivica Fox all applied for the booking committee. I think they all should retire and just become managers. The ABA needs younger people who can actually fight."

"Cindy, can you give us an unbiased opinion about the ABA's new addition?" Melyssa asks.

"The Madonna move has potential. She is great outside of the ring for them. She is an awesome leader, but I have my doubts about inside the ring at her age. However it is Madonna. You never underestimate that woman, ever! She doesn't age like a normal woman." Cindy continues. "Another part of this story is Alyssa Milano. Angela and I unlocked her from that road case later on. She was livid! She said that she founded the ABA and she will destroy the ABA. She says the ABA will no longer exist less than two years from tonight. She seemed very determined."

"Finally the branding iron match." Angie starts. "Another totally insane match. It's Kim Kardashian versus Jennifer Love Hewitt. Kim is in total control of the match when Jennifer Love Hewitt cheats and gets a fucking cattle prod and zaps Kim in the pussy. From there sweet Jenifer Love Hewitt goes ape shit and strips Kim and dresses her up like a cow. She puts her in shackles then humiliates Kim making her say moo and milking her. You heard right, Jennifer milked Kim Kardashian. To make things crazier, Demi Lovato jumps in the ring and tries to save Kim. Jennifer knocks Demi out in nothing flat. Then Demi gets stripped and put in a cow costume. Jennifer leaves the ring with Kim and Demi as captives, then tells Jennifer Lopez she's holding Kim and Demi hostage until Lopez signs a contract giving Jennifer Love Hewitt a War Queen title shot."

"We're going through this quickly because we got exclusive footage of what happened when Jennifer Lopez goes to sign that contract." Melyssa explains, "But first Jennifer Lopez had to defend the War Queen title against Keira Knightley. No disrespect to Keira, she is an excellent competitor and can beat the vast majority of ladies in the league, but she is no Jenifer Lopez. Enough said, Jennifer takes some lumps, but in the end Lopez defends the belt. We sent our cameras to Jenifer Love Hewitt's victory party at JR's Palamino Night Club to see what happens between Hewitt and Lopez." Melyssa finishes, "Roll that footage."

Jennifer Lopez's limousine pulls up outside at the red carpet. J Lo opens her own door and gets out. She is fresh out of the ring from her match with Keira Knightly. She has her championship belt under her arm and is wearing what is left of her ring attire. Jennifer has her long wrestling tights with holes in them from Keira's vicious fingers and a black bra. Coco jumps out of the limo right after her leader. She wears typical Cocolicious fashion of black spandex pants with a tight black tank top.

Unlike Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar, before them, J Lo and Coco do not stop for pictures. Incidentally those pictures of Hewitt, Gellar, Kardashian and Lovato become permanent fixtures in the club the following week. Life-size aluminum cut out stand ups were made of Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato in their cow costumes. Forever club goers will be able to take pictures with 'Cow Kardashian' and 'Demi Cowvato' cutouts like they were actually beside the notorious herd on that faithful night. There were three of Kardashian and Lovato each. Including one of Kim and Demi from behind and looking over their shoulder so everyone could see their dubitable branded asses. They add cutouts of the two flawless cowgirls that wrangled the heifers, Hewitt and Gellar too.

J Lo strides right to the VIP section where Hewitt and Gellar are sitting."Fuck you bitch" J Lo shouts. "Nobody fucks with my girls and gets away with it!" J Lo tosses the belt on the nearest table and leaps on Hewitt who is drinking champagne on a love seat. Instantly a fight breaks out. J Lo is all over Hewitt like white on rice. Hewitt is underneath J Lo swinging like she is swimming for freedom after tossing her champagne glass. Meanwhile Coco had no clue J Lo was going to get bawdy bawdy like that. She stands frozen in shock with animated eyes. She is an easy target for Gellar to burst out of her chair and tackle the thick blonde vixen, cutting her down like Pittsburgh Steeler middle linebacker, Jack Lambert, back in the day. Now Gellar is wrestling on top of Coco and trying to keep her down. Meanwhile J Lo and Hewitt grapple on the love seat.

Angela Bassett made sure she had a camera crew on hand to capture this clash for the wrap up show. They swoop into the area to get the best shots of the action. Meanwhile extra security is on hand secure the area for the catfighting vixens. The club manager stood on hand to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Having just finished a match with Knightley almost a half hour ago, J Lo's adrenalin level has crashed on the ride to the club, and she was trying to pick it back up. Hewitt stayed hyped from her dominating match and public disgrace of Kardashian and Lovato, that she could not come down if she wanted. She was anxious at while waiting for J Lo to arrive and making her sign the contract. J Lo thought she would pounce and overwhelm Hewitt and slap her silly. That is not happening. In fact J Lo is losing steam and Hewitt is starting to score with slaps to J Lo's face while still on the bottom.

Sarah scored with several hard shots to the buxom blonde, Coco's face too. She had Coco seeing a couple of stars. The slender and sexy blonde mounts the curvy voluptuous blonde and is about to score a victory for fit, skinny bitches everywhere over enormous tits and ass sexy demons. She starts by grabbing Coco's hair and slamming the back of her head into the carpet. Next Sarah begins to ground and pound Coco jealously. Coco clasps her hands together and drives them into Sarah's stomach and body as hard as she could. Sarah finds the thick woman is very strong too, and the blow unbalances her on top of Coco. After a couple of more swings Coco is able to twist and throw Sarah off of her completely. The determined Sarah was not done though. She continues to wrestle with Coco while laying on her side. Coco finds Sarah still aggressively coming after her relentlessly at all times. She keeps trying to mount Coco again, making the voluptuous blonde expend a lot of energy kicking, pushing and punching the smaller wildcat away.

Hewitt waits for the right time to act on J Lo. The champion acted out of anger and emotions when she leaped on Hewitt. She was still worn from getting straight out of the ring with Keira Knightley walking straight to the limo to arrive there quickly. Hewitt recognized that the champion is tired sloppy and reaching. She waits until J Lo over extends herself with a sloppy move and is off balance. Hewitt explodes into action. She grabs J Lo's waist and reverses everything by tossing J Lo from on top of her to a seated position next to Hewitt. Before J Lo gets her bearings, Hewitt takes a seat on her lap and has the champion mounted and pinned.

Of course the fight is being shown on all the tv's in the club. It is Hewitt's party so it is an overwhelming Pro-Hewitt crowd. There is a big roar when Hewitt takes the advantage. It gives Hewitt a huge rush. Hewitt's chest swells with pride and she launches adrenalin filled fist down on the champion. J Lo put up her arms to defend against the volley, but there is something different in the champion's body language. It is more tentative than normal, as if the champion knows that she is in trouble. J Lo knows that it is going to take all her craftiness and guile to get out of this one. However she is supremely confident that she will succeed.

Hewitt is still high on a power rush. Under Angela Bassett's guidance the sweetheart just perpetuated dastardly deeds and won her match against Kim Kardashian that she normally would have loss, and it felt awesome. She even took pride as Kardashian and Lovato wept in the dressing room at replays of Kardashian getting milked and Lovato being taken out in short order like a preliminary bum. Bassett has unleashed Hewitt's wild side, and Hewitt loves it! Hewitt taught the cream puff Gellar, and now they are both giving the Fab girls and much as they can handle.

Wild woman Hewitt breaks through J Lo's defenses flush with a right on the point of J Lo's chin. It is a great punch. Angela Bassett would play the replay it over again in slow motion to show the pain stricken J Lo's face, as it contorts from the impact and returns back to full gorgeousness like magic. J Lo is rocked and cannot move her arms to prevent a second bomb to the left side of her chin even though Hewitt paused to admire her first perfect punch. Hewitt follows hammering at J Lo like a maniac. J Lo puts her arms up to try to protect herself but they are only minor obstacles since she is too dazed and confused to execute an adequate defense. Hewitt popped J Lo with bombs practically at will, until she landed another perfect punch to the chin, and J Lo's arms dropped to her sides.

J Lo went beyond being stunned or dazed and into a stupor. She sat helpless and defenseless with her arms by her sides as Hewitt sat on her lap and was able to pound her chin with alternating rights and lefts. If it was a boxing or MMA match, it would have been stopped. Hewitt took advantage of the champion's futility. Only thirty seconds of merciless and uninterrupted punches puts J Lo in a semi conscious state. Hewitt sits back for a moment to enjoy her handiwork. Next Hewitt reaches out and grab's J Lo's bra in the center, in- between the cups and yanks. She pulls bringing J Lo out of her stupor as the material and wires dig into her body. J Lo squeals and yells as the bra gets ripped from her body.

Hewitt shows a little cowgirl skills as she expertly loops J Lo's bra around her neck. Hewitt yanks up on the bra with both hands, essentially hanging J Lo. The champion certainly feels like she is hanging at the gallows as Hewitt uses the bra as a noose, holding her by the neck, while sitting on J Lo's lap and holding her body down. J Lo's eyes bug and her arms flail. Soon she starts punching Hewitt in the sides to get free. Then Hewitt does the ultimate counter and plunges her tits into J Lo's face. J Lo panics and flails more feverishly. Hewitt uses one hand to direct her big beautiful breasts to more effectively engulf J Lo's face.

J Lo is struggling. She fades in and out of consciousness. Hewittís tits are just too much for her. It takes plenty of time for the stubborn champion to admit defeat. She got too frisky and fucked up. Now she hopes to humbly sign the contract and collect Kim and Demi and get the fuck out of there. J Lo starts tapping Hewitt on the shoulder indicating her submission.

One huge Hewitt fan excitedly shouts, "She's tapping! J Lo's tapping out!" The guy leads a roar of cheers by the partisan Hewitt party goers. J Lo thought she would be released. Besides she cannot sign Hewitt's contract if she is unconscious. When she acknowledged her defeat she expected Hewitt would relent, but she did not one bit. She kept tugging on the noose and pressing her big boobs into J Lo's face. Hewitt had other thoughts. She has a vision of a humbled J Lo and Coco in the cage with Demi and Kim as her pets. She is going to keep going until J Lo's humiliating defeat is complete.

Coco hears the roar from the crowd from J Lo tapping out. She knows that she must act quickly. Coco jabs Gellar as hard as she can in the face, hoping to stun the beauty. Coco uses all her strength to push Gellar off of her. Now with some separation, Coco scrambles to her feet. She turns to help J Lo when Gellar grabs her by the ankle preventing her from getting to J Lo. Coco reaches down and grabs Gellar by the hair and pulls her head back to fire a clean shot into Gellar's face. The actress' head snaps back from the open shot, but she still holds onto Coco's leg. Coco does not hesitate and fires another punch into Gellar's face. The slender blonde's body slumps a bit and releases Coco's leg. Coco then rears her foot back and tries to punt Gellarís head off of her shoulders. The big kick snaps Gellarís back and her body collapse to the carpet, limply. Coco does not wait to see how bad Gellar is hurt, she spins around and strides to the sofa to rescue J Lo.

Coco grabs an unsuspecting Hewitt from behind and tears her off of J Lo's lap and tosses her to the floor. Coco dives on top of Hewitt like she is diving into a swimming pool. Instantly J Lo is free and starts gasping for breath. Her eyes quickly survey the situation despite the hysteria in the room. Hewitt and Coco are rolling around on the carpet, wrestling each other. Gellar is still down and shaking her head, trying to clear the cobwebs. J Lo just keeps breathing, using techniques learned from dancing for her whole life to try and help catch her breath. Gellar sits up after about 45 seconds and sees J Lo too as no threat other than sucking wind and still addle from the unmerciful pounding Hewitt gave her. Gellar takes time to allow her conditions to clear also, figuring J Lo is in no hurry to fight.

J Lo had regained some of her breath when Gellar decided to rejoin the fray. J Lo threw her body off the sofa and tackles Gellar as soon as she makes a move to rise. Now they are grappling on the floor. Fatigue is setting in on J Lo while Gellar is still rather spry. The fitness machine J Lo is usually stronger than Gellar, but currently the blonde is much swifter and moving more deliberately than the champion. J Lo opts to go on defense and not make the same mistakes she made against Hewitt. J Lo clenches and tries to tie up Gellar's limbs making it near impossible for her to hit the champion. J Lo is frustrating the blonde thoroughly. However Gellar keeps working. She slips an arm free to slap J Lo across the face with a slap that resounds around the room. J Lo quickly recaptures the arm but now has Gellar's fresh red hand print across her cheek.

Hewitt and Coco are evenly matched. They are the same age, almost the same height and both curvy. Then Hewitt realized how close she was to dragging J Lo's ass across the floor and locking her up in the cow pen with Kim and Demi. Hewitt got furious with the blonde's interference. Hewitt viciously attacks Coco's grey eyes. Hewitt tries her best to scratch Coco's eyes out. The blonde did not expect that from Hewitt. It leads to the opportunity for Hewitt to wrap both hands around Coco's neck and to choke the bitch. Hewitt climbs in top of Coco to pin her down. Coco grabs Hewitt's wrists to pull her hands off of her neck. Hewitt responds by slamming the back of Coco's head against the ground. Then she rises up and slams her big ass on Coco's belly.

Coco bucks and flops but cannot escape. Soon her grey eyes turn sleepy, but the blonde refuses to lose. She realizes that she may be the last line of defense against Hewitt. Coco gets her hands between Hewitt's arms and thrust them out with a fire that would not be denied. Undeniably Hewitt's arms are forced apart and away from Coco's neck. Hewitt looks shocked. Coco wears a satisfied smile. Hewitt then drives her fist down in the middle of Coco's juicy boob. Coco bellows. Now like a mad woman Hewitt unloads, driving her fists down into Coco's boobs over and over again, like Texas pile drivers. Coco went to a higher level by breaking out of Hewitt's chokehold with a champion's heart, but became content. So Hewitt goes to an even higher level and pounds the stuffing out of Coco's tits, and puts her back under wraps. Coco's grey eyes turn sleepy and unfocused once again.

Hewitt grabs the top of Coco's thin black tank top and easily rips the flimsy material down the middle. Coco gasps in shock and surprise like a damsel in distress. Hewitt pops the diva with a devastating right to the jaw. Hewitt yanks the tattered shirt free afterward. Hewitt pulls the shirt straight into a rope like weapon and ominously moves it toward Coco's throat. After seeing what Hewitt's hanging tricks did to J Lo, almost instinctively Coco clasps both of her hands together and clubs Hewitt in the stomach. The brunette barks loudly. Coco the takes the point of her elbow and fires it into Hewitt's pussy. Hewitt squeals and grabs her crotch and rolls off top of Coco.

As Hewitt is rolling off top, Coco is rolling over to get on top of Hewitt. Coco drops her bigger rack of breasts on top of Hewitt's. Coco's doctored pair conquers Hewitt's natural pair and smashes them down. Then Coco presses that big sexy firm body down on her opponent. Hewitt gives a whimper and breaths harder, knowing the blonde not only has the superior position, but perhaps the sexier figure and dimensions.

Meanwhile J Lo and Gellar are still rolling around like wild women. J Lo is holding on and clenching in tricky new ways, while Gellar looks for opportunities to go on the offensive. Despite the champion being excellent at keeping Gellar at bay, when the little blonde did strike, it was highly effective to say the least. Pimp slaps echoed throughout the room every time Gellar got a hand free, even above the cheering for her and Hewitt. J Lo had multiple big red hand prints on both sides of her face and on her tits as well. Gellar nastily tried to smack J Lo's perky tits clean off her chest whenever possible. Luckily for her, J Lo did not allow too many opportunities. Still Gellar knows it is her fight to lose, J Lo was would be her's for the taking eventually if she continued to grind her out and maintain her cool.

J Lo is not the current champion and legend for nothing. eventually she began to get her second wind. She starts coming on stronger and muscling the smaller blonde and painfully bending her instead of just clenching. Just like Hewitt this tandem of 90's scream queens will not be denied this return to the spotlight. While in close contact, Gellar put her knee on J Lo's pussy. Then she found ways to keep it pressing down and digging there, as long as J Lo stayed close. As they grappled on the floor, Sara nailed J Lo with many sharp pussy strikes with her knee. After several sharp pussy shots from her rival, J Lo is sweating like a whore in church and weakening again. Gellar has countered and turned J Lo's close quarters fight against her. However J Lo still keeps her strategy for now, despite Gellar and herself pretty much knowing how it is going to end.

With both clashes slowing to a grinding conclusion, the club managers decides to end this chaos in his business establishment. He only allowed this insanity to rocket his slumping sales into the next millennium. He orders four very large doormen to break up the ladies. They had no trouble separating the tiring women, who were ready for the fight to stop anyway. They pulled them to their feet and held them apart while the two groups clucked and cackled at each other with insults like chickens.

Hewitt has the last word screaming, "Sign the fucking contract, you stupid ass heifer and get out of my party!" She threw the leather folder with the contract inside in J Lo's direction.

"Fine! Free my girls now!" J Lo screeches back. Hewitt responds by tossing the key at J Lo as she bends over to pick up the contract. J Lo picks up the contract, as Coco snatches the key and hurries to the dance floor to the cow pen cage. J Lo carelessly flips through the pages, initialing the bottom of pages to find the back page requiring her signature. She scribbles her name like she is signing an autograph for a fan then tosses the folder at Hewitt's feet. "There's your death warrant bitch!" The contender picks up the contract and examines that the champion has signed in the vital places. Meanwhile Coco has freed Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato, and they jog back to the VIP area for J Lo.

"She really is a dumb cow." Gellar says as she adjusts her tits inside her bra to make them comfortable and intact inside. "The big dummy didn't read anything. She agreed to everything that Angela put in that contract." The blonde runs her fingers through her hair and leans her head back readjusting herself and returning herself to full hot sexy mode.

J Lo greets her cow costumed colleagues, as Hewitt laughs. "You really are a dumb heifer. You didn't read a word of the contract."

"It doesn't matter what's in the contract. I'm going to kick your ass for what you've done to my team!" J Lo snaps back.

"First, according to this contract, I decide the time place and stipulations of the match. You have zero say." Hewitt educates J Lo.

"It doesn't matter." J Lo reiterates.

"Second, there is no automatic rematch clause when I win the title." Hewitt continues rattling like a movie villain. "In fact, you've just waived the opportunity to ever challenge me for the championship for as long as I hold the belt. At your age, you'll be ready for retirement before you ever get a shot again."

J Lo answers, sounding aggravated. "It doesn't matter I'm kicking your ass no matter the match! I don't need a fucking rematch clause, and you won't want another match when I'm done with you either."

"I hope you like those cow outfits and those cute cow ears and horns." Hewitt offers. "You'll be wearing one to the press conference after I win. In fact as long as I have the title, I can request you and up to three Fab members to appear dressed in the cow costumes with branded asses for any and all promotional events I deem fit." Hewitt and Gellar laugh. "Imagine me and Sarah leading you and your entire herd around on a leash for my whole championship reign!" Hewitt and Gellar along with their fans all laugh. "You won't have to imagine it, you're going to live it.

"That's a fantasy." J Lo answers. "In actual reality I'm going to kick your delusional fat ass, just like Halle Berry and half the league has. The only difference is that I'm going to milk you like a cow and more, for what you did to Kim and Demi." The champion predicts with a stone face.

"I'm taking your title. Then I'm going to make you suck my tittie while I hold you like a baby. Because I will be your mama after I'm done!" Hewitt forecasts.

J Lo just huffs then flips Hewitt and Gellar off with a middle finger and walks away with her title belt in hand. Her team immediately falls in line lock step with their leader. The champion walks with her head held high but in an unusual situation of Hewitt and Gellar's fans taunting, mocking and jeering on either side as they walk away. J Lo strides with a class and grace that is uncommon to mankind. She is a goddess that is somehow, somewhere above a normal person and that light has not been extinguished. The quartet ignores the haters walking like a powerful super team of super heroines.

A statement was made. J Lo is topless with handprints on both sides of her face and on both tits. Her leggings already had large holes when she arrived, but now are in tatters showing more skin than they cover. Coco is without her tank top, reduced to a small skimpy black bra and spandex pants. Kim and Demi are nearly nude in cow thong and pasties. They still have their cow ears and horns and cow bells around their necks. The last they thing seen is the four of them walking from behind, with their outfits half gone and LOVE imprinted on Kim and Demi's ass.

Hewitt has regained her cowgirl hat and put it on her head. Gellar and Hewitt are both roughed up but definitely sexier with their outfits intact but rumpled and more body parts show than intended. They toast with two champagne glasses and rear their heads back and take a long celebration drink. They beam with smiles and confidence.

"That is a powerful statement," Melyssa says with the closing picture of the Fabs from behind walking out the club behind her on the screen. "Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar alone did that to one of the most powerful foursomes in the league."

"That's my girl! Love is one punch and a breast smother away from putting J Lo's career out to pasture." The mastermind of this plan, Angela Bassett mutters as she indescreetly celebrates at her seat. "Imagine the legendary and all powerful Jennifer Lopez spending the twilight of her career being led around half naked with a cowbell around her neck wearing cow ears and horns" Angela burst into hysterical laughter. "Talk about tarnishing a legacy! Ha AHA HA HA!"

"Before going to the party Jennifer Lopez opened as a 24 to 1 favorite over Jennifer Love Hewitt. That has now dropped to 9 to 1 odds for Lopez." Angie solemnly finishes.


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