ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3


Definitely An American Badd Ass Production

How do you describe a Madonna concert? Of course there are a bunch of back up dancers, a full back up band, lights, pyro's, explosions, and costume changes. But when it is a once in a lifetime performer like Madonna everything is more precious. When you see the likes of Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Cher, Prince or Elvis everything is bigger and priceless. The lucky fans in the stadium at this stop of the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 get to see a once of a lifetime Madonna Show. They have already seen Jessica Simpson perform. Then they witnessed Sofia Vergara win the Bootylicious Championship from Katy Perry. Finally they experience the Madonna Show live and in full color. Now after a hour and a half of a sizzling performance, Madonna is bringing things to a close. She is prancing around the stage as her hit song, Celebrate plays with her full entourage of dancers whipping the audience to frenzy. Madonna is decked in a black bra and panty lingerie combination with black fishnet hose and a garter belt. Madonna makes an exit off the stage while the music keeps playing.

In the stadium's luxury boxes there is a trio of women reluctantly caught up in Madonna Mania and starting to bounce and dance in their seats. They do not have anything against the music definitely. It is only a professional rivalry that prejudiced their responses initially. Madonna is the newest member of their rival organization the ABA, and a recent catfight match against Madonna got in their way. However, the liquor is a great equalizer. Eventually the music and the vibe got the best of the trio of Pam Anderson, Eva Longoria and Sophia Vergara. They forgot that Eva had just fought Madonna several weeks ago and that she was trying to take Pam's Cock fighting championship. Tonight is Sophia's party. She just won the Bootylicious title and Madonna is really rocking the joint too. They have already popped the champagne and poured it on Sofia's head (and a lot down their mouths too). Now they are casually dressed enjoying the show and getting ready for a victory party later.

Suddenly Madonna's smiling face appears on the huge stadium screen. "Thank you everybody for coming and sharing this special night eith me. This night could not have been possible without the help of a few certain people. First and foremost, there’s Angela Cock Suckin' Bassett, because I had hoped to be competing in the ring instead of giving a concert. Second, I have to thank the Mega bitch Pam Anderson, the Cock fighting champion, or should we call her the Non fighting Champion." Now a rafter cameraman zooms in on Pam's face in her luxury booth. "I thought I would be fighting Pam for her championship this weekend, but she dodged me and got out of the match." There comes a mixture of cheers and boo's from the audience as Pam's face is on the big screen with a 'wtf' expression on her face. She is caught wearing her cut off blue jeans and white tank top. "Also we can't forget that Queen Cunt Eva Longoria for doing Pam's dirty work and knocking me out of that championship match at BATTLELINES 3." The camera finds Eva seated beside Pam in their booth. Eva looks just as dumbfounded behind her shades wearing a loose white pants with a sleeveless white top.

In the middle of dancing in their seats, Pam, Eva and Sophia freeze. They never expected to be called out by Madonna like this and see their faces on the stadium's big screen or receiving this unwanted attention. Madonna breaks the tension by speaking again. "Don't worry. I will not let them ruin our big finish." Madonna says. "In fact, I couldn't do the big finish without them! This is definitely an American Badd Ass Production!"

At the completion of those words, the door of Pam's luxury box door bursts open and Madonna runs inside carrying a long red dildo along with Aria Giovanni and Buffie the Body. Pam turns, then leaps to her feet seeing Madonna charging at her. Like any all-time great in their profession, Madonna has everything painstakingly and relentlessly planned. Once she left the stage, she had a prerecorded message played while she took an elevator upstairs to the luxury boxes. The island stadium has relatively tiny luxury boxes. They only fit 4 to 6 people. The Fabs have two teams attending. Pam's team was alone in their suite while Tia Carrere's team was next door in an adjoining luxury box. Bribed security guards opened Pam's luxury box for Madonna, while at the same time locked the door to Tia's team's luxury box, to make sure there would be no interference to the big finish.

Pam springs to her feet and turns to face her attacker, but Madonna and her girls are on top of Pam's team like white on rice. Madonna's team came dressed for combat. Madonna is still in her bra and panty stage outfit. Buffie is wearing spandex shorts and a sports bra combination, while Aria dawned a skimpy bikini type ensemble. Pam is first, trying to fight Madonna off from conking her over the head with a 10 inch hard rubber dildo. Aria splits to the right after Eva. The petite latina soon had a larger Aria up close and personal in her personal space. Buffie veered to the left for Sophia. She was slow to respond after just having a match with Katy Perry. Sofia was easy pickings for the forceful Buffie who brandished a doubled up leather belt in her hand.

Pam raises her left arm to defend against the assaulting dildo and blocks Madonna's arm. Pam slaps and punches with her free arm, hoping to hit hard enough to force Madonna back. Madonna drives the point of her knee into Pam's lower body, along her belt line. Madonna presses forward, imposing her weight and strength on Pam. That and a few more knees to the belly drives Pam backwards on top of the built in table surrounding the glass front of the suite for drinks and food. Pam kicks her legs making Madonna rethink her assault. Pam's long slender legs in a pair of jean shorts proved to be her most effective weapon.

Buffie the Body swoops in on Sofia. The famed television actress springs to her feet to meet the challenge. Buffie swings the belt and strikes Sofia on the side of her hip. Sofia shrieks and instinctively tries to circle away from the viperous biting belt. Buffie immediately adjusts to meet and cut off Sofia's escape. Seeing that, Sofia bears her fangs and lunges at Buffie with a growl. Sofia sinks her hands into Buffie's hair and starts violently wringing her head from left to right. Buffie retaliates by pounding her free fist into Sofia's ribs over and over again, like she is beating a great drum. Sofia withstood several shots but eventually gave into Buffie's power. Sofia lets go of Buffie's hair and tries to back away. Then Buffie rips off a vicious right hook that sends Sofia staggering backward, until she falls back against the table.

There is a brief moment when the two violent femmes look at each other in the eyes. Totally dazed, Sofia realized she made a foolish attack that will cost her the fight. Buffie sees Sofia in peril and waiting her destruction. Knowing she only has a ghost of a chance, Sofia lunges at Buffie one more time. Buffie nails her with a quick left hook on the chin before Sofia lays a hand on her. Sofia's head twists on her shoulders, and her body goes limp and she crashes to the floor dead in her tracks.

Eva was Aria's target, and the adult star took a very different approach. Aria charges in and dives over the back of the comfortable chaise longue chair onto the startled Eva. Aria knows Eva is a damned good fighter in the ring, where she has space, but she ain't shit in a close quarters fight. Aria tackles the petite screen star and pins her easily enough with her larger, curvaceous body. The erotic actress and model quickly clocks Eva with a short punch, hoping to quell Eva's escape attempts. Eva immediately realizes that this was no ordinary fist. Unknown to Eva, Aria had a bullet vibrator concealed in her fist. However, Eva will find out a lot about it later.

Meanwhile Pam has her legs clamped around Madonna's waist in a powerful leg scissor although she is still laid on top of the table along the glass of the luxury suite. Madonna grimaces as her breath is completely cut off by Pam's sinewy legs. Just when Pam has everything under control, Madonna turns to face Pam and raises the dildo with both hands. Then she jabs it down into Pam's midsection like a knife. Pam instantly gags and her legs spring apart. The dildo did not break skin but acted as an harpoon and did the trick. Pam clutches her stomach with her face twisted in pain. Madonna takes a couple deep breaths but knows that there is no time to loose. While Pam is still outstretched on the table, Madonna presses the dildo against Pam's throat with her hands on either end of the 10 inch long sex toy. The first stab drove the breath out of Pam, now the dildo across her throat chokes the Cock fight Queen.

Buffie the Body stands over Sofia yelling, "Get up! Get up and fight! We're not done! I thought you were a champion!" Sofia lifts her head with a wild look in her eyes. She now wishes she had not drank so much champagne during her championship celebration backstage, and just let it flow over her head. Maybe she would not have been so stupid and ended up in this predicament. Sofia tries to get up, but her limbs are not fully obeying her commands. When Buffie sees that Sofia is not or cannot get up, she reaches down and grabs Sofia by her sleeveless t-shirt. Buffie jerks the curvy Columbian native off the floor. She hears the shirts' seams stretch and pop as she does so. Sofia's shirt stretches and droops by the time Buffie pulls her to a somewhat upright position. Buffie quickly goes to work with hard short punches to Sofia's belly. After the first one, Buffie realized the bitch is totally helpless and had no defense for the breath taking gut shots. It is like fight scene from the movies when viewer wonders why the random character does not protect himself from the dominating hero. Once finished, Buffie scores another hook to the jaw that sends Sofia flopping back to the floor.

Eva starts scrapping like a wild cat. She scratches, claws at eyes and pulls hair trying to get Aria off top of her. Eva thought she was about to escape when Aria raised up off of her, but Aria just slammed her big tits down on Eva's chest as hard as possible. "You're way hotter than I thought you'd be." Aria tells Eva. "I can't let you go. We're going to have too much fun." Aria leans forward and playfully nibbles on Eva's ear. Eva pulls away and turns her head then bites Aria's ear with intentions to hurt her.

Madonna is choking Pam out with the dildo across the table. She is confident Pam is under control. That is when Pam's knee shoots up in Madonna's cunt. Madonna lets up for a second. Next Pam gets her leg between them and kicks Madonna off of her. Pam dives on Madonna as the off balance singer stumbles backwards. Pam pins Madonna to the floor. Madonna still had a hand on the dildo momentarily, because Pam quickly snatches it away. Then Pam presses the dildo across Madonna's throat. Pam's offensive is fleeting. Madonna is a veteran of catfight scraps. Before Pam could fully exploit her newfound advantage, Madonna was already countering. She grabs the dildo to keep Pam from imposing her full weight on top of her, then the singer twists violently, knocking Pam off top of her. Madonna keeps both hands on the dildo, and presses it against Pam's throat. Finally Madonna imposes her weight to choke Pam, and intertwines her legs with Pam's to keep her pinned down.

Buffie looks down at Sofia trying to get back despite being dazed and discombobulated. "You're a tough bitch, but dumb as a box of rocks." Buffie says as she reaches and grabs Sofia's shirt again. More stitches tear and pop. Once standing, Sofia socks Buffie over her head. It seems to have little to no effect on the ABA attacker. Buffie fires back a bomb that rocks Sofia. Buffie fires again, but Sofia swats this punch away. Sofia opens up an all out assault, throwing and wind milling fist after fist. Buffie covers up with both hands from the shower of fists. When the tiring woman slows, Buffie counters with a jab to the chin. Another lead jab lands followed by a third. All sets Sofia up for a hard right punch to the jaw that stuns and wobbles Sofia. A flash combo rocks Sofia into a stupor. The sexy hour glassed framed actress lowers her hands, exposing her face to punishment. Buffie not only takes the invitation to pound the hell out of Sofia's face, but she happily exploits it. Buffie unleashes five sexy roundhouse punches that all explode on Sofia's startled face. Sofia's annoying voice made a few grunts and squawks, before she crumbled to the ground. The super sexy structure implodes like a demolished building.

After being unexpectedly bitten, Aria jerks up away from Eva. The petite actress grabs the porn star and they start rolling across the floor doing the typical catfight thing, scratching, clawing and pulling hair. This suited Aria just fine. With her 34DD tits, she pretty much knew how this would turn out. Besides Aria is sporting a few more wider and ferocious curves than she had as a Penhouse Pet. Soon enough those masterpiece tits squashed Eva's 32B boobs and Aria ended back on top. "Get off of me!" Eva shouts, realizing that she is about to become a MILF sex toy by the way Aria is salivating. She is enjoying smashing and rubbing her incredible tits against Eva's modest bust.

Rising up off Eva, Aria asks, "Would you rather I do this?" Simultaneously Aria grabs by the neck and jerks her head and shoulders up and repeatedly starts slamming the back of Eva's head against the carpeted floor. Eva gets quiet and starts seeing stars. She had gulped quite a bit of champagne too during Sofia's championship celebration. Her biggest concern is puking.

Madonna still has Pam trapped with the dildo crushing her throat. Madonna could tell by the look in Pam's eyes that she was already done and contemplating her revenge for next time. Pam knows Madonna is too strong for her to escape. All Pam can do is keep trying and pushing the dildo away so the bitch doesn't make her pass out or choke her to death.

Madonna kept up the pressure to wear Pam out. When Madonna saw that fatigue, defeat, fear and concern were clearly in Pam's eyes, Madonna relinquished her choke. "Get up!" Madonna demanded as she rose off of Pam. The Cock Fight Champ is gasping for air and has nothing left. She slowly tries to get up with hardly any strength and her head spinning. Madonna helps Pam significantly by grabbing her hair and hauling Pam to her feet while slipping behind the champ at the same time. Once Pam is up enough, Madonna slaps a sleeper hold on her from behind. "Don't fight it. Just go to sleep and take this American Bad Ass loss." Madonna tells her with her arm pressed against Pam's throat and locks onto her other arm that pushes against the back of Pam's head. Pam flails and pulls at Madonna's arm although her chances to escape are thin and none, and thin just walked out of the building. The darkness that is overtaking her seems Pam's only way out.

Elsewhere Sofia lies unmoving at Buffie the Body's feet as a token of her defeat and surrender. To see how complete her defeat and surrender are, Buffie plants her foot on Sofia's face and grinds her foot on the beauty's face. When Sofia only put up very mild resistance, Buffie knew that this bitch really just wanted this ass kicking to be over. Buffie steps off of Sofia and retrieved her discarded belt. Buffie loops the belt around Sofia's neck and pulls her up to her knees with it. Buffie places a foot against the small of Sofia's back and pulls back on the belt straps. Sofia struggles helplessly while trapped in Buffie's combination Surfboard Choke hold. Sofia knows that there is no escape. She is at Buffie's mercy and breathing is at Buffie's discretion.

When Aria stops banging Eva's head into the floor she says, "I'll stop, because I really want you to see what's happening to your girls." Aria rises and rolls the smaller diva over then drags her so she can see what's happening to Pam and Sofia. Next Aria takes a seat on Eva's back and places both hands under Eva's chin and pulls back for a modified Camel Clutch hold.

It is an uncomfortable position, but Eva has a firsthand view of the demise of her teammates. She sees Pam and Sofia finish taking this ass kicking that materialized out of nowhere. Eva sees the fire diminish in their eyes as they are broken and have to accept their defeat. Eva is aware of the two camera men in the suite who carefully stay out of the action yet skillfully capturing all the pain inflicted on her and her friends. She even hears Tia's team in the suite next door banging on the wall and yelling threats to Madonna and her ABA team to leave or else. Eva heard the tide of the fans too. Many fans were on their side early and cheered their encouragement. As this ambush and fight continued, almost all gave up hope for Pam's Fab Team. Having accepted their team's fate, they now await to see how badly it ends. Although they love and respect them they want to see them naked more than anybody. The abuse gives them yet another fantasy about Pam, Eva and Sofia.

She bears witness to the end. Both Sofia and Pam's arms fall to their sides as they hold on to their last thread of consciousness. Sofia's eyes roll in the back of her head and her body slumps. Madonna lets Pam fall to the floor and she turns her attention to Eva. "Let's get that cocky lil' cunt." Madonna says causing Buffie to toss Sofia to the ground and both surround Eva. Aria gets off of Eva's back and grabs Eva by the arm and her leg. Buffie comes over and does the same. Eva finds herself hauled off her feet suspended off her feet with Aria holding her right arm and leg. Buffie holds Eva's left arm and leg. They have Eva off the ground with her arms trapped and her legs spread wide open before Madonna.

"Time to pay you back for that little match at BATTLELINES 3". Madonna draws her foot back after those words, then launches a kick that nails Eva right between the legs with a direct shot to the pussy. Eva lets out a loud scream and thrashes around, but Aria and Buffie have a tight grip on her. "This is for that smart ass mouth during the match" Madonna announces and kicks Eva in the pussy again. Eva shouts like she has been shot. Eva's head falls forward and she starts loudly whimpering. "This is for keeping me out of my title match!" Madonna shouts then swings her leg like she is booting a 50 yard field goal into Eva's unguarded twat. Eva's body spiked up and broke out of Aria and Buffie's hands with a shriek for the ages. Then she falls face down on the ground mewling and whimpering loudly. "Get her ready for her punishment." Madonna demands.

Aria and Buffie quickly start stripping Eva of her white pants and her panties. The pants were loose so it was a pretty easy task. Meanwhile Madonna went to the door and retrieved something from the hallway. While returning Madonna says, "Go ahead and put it in." Buffie pries Eva's hands away from her now naked pussy. It was not all the way, but Aria was able to stick that bullet vibrator totally inside Eva's twat. Just then Madonna returns and with Buffie and Aria's help they forcably put a leather and metal chastity belt on Eva's pelvis. Madonna puts a key into the lock and secures the device. Madonna and her crew stand with smiles and giggles. Eva's eyes roll back in ecstasy as her hips start rotating and gyrating. Next she is moaning in either sexual bliss or hell. No one could really tell.

Madonna and her henchwomen share a hardy laugh. Madonna allows the camera to capture a good view of her stuffing the chastity belt's key in her bra. Just then Pam Anderson dives on Madonna's back interrupting everything. Pam is still dazed and very weak, but is determined to help her friend. Madonna easily wrangles Pam into a side headlock and muscles her under total control. Madonna ushers her rival back to the table at the the suite's window and commences to bang her forehead into the table over and over again.

While Madonna easily handles Pam, Buffie notices that Sofia has gotten back up to both knees. One vicious kick to Sofia's face from Buffie puts Sofia back down flat on her back and seeing stars. Now that Sofia has been so easily incapacitated, Buffie can return to humiliating the new Bootylicious Champion. Buffie starts by removing some of the dazed but oh so beautiful woman's clothes. Sofia's tee top was already sagging from tugs earlier, so it easily slips off over Sofia's head. Sofia's jeans were much tighter and a more difficult task. Her jeans had fashionable rips and holes all down the front of both pants legs, but were snug around her hips. It took Buffie some effort to pull them down around Sofia's ankles. The ordeal revived Sofia some, but Buffie continues to manhandle her target.

Aria is now free to go back to playing with her squirming toy on the carpet. Eva jerks violently while grabbing at the chastity belt that locks the vibrator inside of her coochie. She cannot stop grinding, grunting and moaning like a 5 cent whore. Aria kneels down to play with her toy, but Eva immediately pushes her away, knocking her down. "Get the fuck away from me you freak!" Eva shouts as she sits up. She tries to stand but the buzzing inside of her drops Eva back down to her knees.

Aria stands back up pissed and a little embarrassed. She knows a stadium full of people and a worldwide Pay Per View audience is watching her. One thing she knows from her long time in the ABA is that she cannot show weakness. Aria walks over and delivers a vengeful kick that knocks Eva back to the floor. Then Aria drops ass to chest on top of her. Eva lets out a loud coarse exhale. Aria gets comfortable on her perch. She has no intentions of vacating it until she is ready. While seated on Eva's chest, Aria positions Eva's face between her spread open legs with only the view of Aria's pussy available. "You're an arrogant little cunt!" Aria spits. "But, you're about to learn to be my obedient little bitch real soon." Aria prophesized as she grabs Eva by the hair and forces her face into Aria's pussy, then rubs and grinds Eva's face against her snatch.

After having her head slammed into the table more times than she cared to count, Pam was almost ready to beg Madonna for mercy. However Madonna knew her rival was finished. Beating Pam up was not the goal for today. Fucking her is the ultimate goal. Madonna stops pounding her head and starts yanking off Pam's white tank top. Pam offered a little token resistance, so Madonna gave her a hard rib shot. Pam screams and dealt with that pain while Madonna tore her tank top off and almost had her bra off too. Pam fought back just as her bra was leaving her body, sparking Madonna to drive a strong fist into Pam's belly. Then Madonna was able to easily rip Pam's bra off. Madonna knows that Pam is only showing resistance for the benefit of her reputation with the crowd. She is very much beaten and wants to comply, but that still doesn't mean that Madonna will not strictly punish her dissidence. Pam wisely held her stomach as Madonna unbuttoned her blue jean shorts and pulled them along with Pam's panties to the floor.

With Pam totally nude Madonna gets her dildo again. She secures it in a harness that she has been wearing around her waist the whole time. Madonna harshly turns Pam around so her back is to Madonna. The versed Pam knew this was coming the entire ambush. She knows resistance now will be dealt with harshly. Madonna seizes Pam by the hips and thrust the dry dildo inside of her pussy as hard and far as it would go. Pam screams at the invasion. Madonna starts thrusting her pelvis back and forth and fucking the shit out of the Cock Fight Queen, Pamela Anderson.

Buffie is still woman handling Sofia. The former big booty model has Sofia on her knees bent over with face down and ass up. Also Buffie has retrieved her faithful leather belt again and holds Sofia in place with one strong arm around her waist. Then the spanking began. Sofia screams as the harsh leather crosses her ass countless times. The big booty model now turned fitness model has loss some inches and curves, but has picked up a lot more strength. Buffie has enough strength to hold the squirming Bootylicious Champion in place and give her the worst spanking that she has had since she was 8 years old. "I thought you were the Bootylicious Champion!" Buffie scolds Sofia, "Your bootylicious ass should be able to handle it!"

As her partners slip into the depths of humiliation and subjugation, Eva is already even further down that chasm. Eva explodes in her first orgasm from the vibrator locked inside her. She wants to scream and release, but her face is forced into Aria's twat and her body is trapped under Aria's wide ass. Eva releases a muffled howl as her body shakes and convulses a bit under Aria's conquering weight. Eva hears the stadium erupt in cheers to her capitulation to the vibrator and its orgasmic insanity. She feels like a freak at a sexual side show. The ring master, Aria, changes positions to sit squarely on Eva's face, looking down at Eva's delectable body. Aria pulls Eva's shirt up and caresses her breasts that are still contained in a bra. Eva starts moaning getting ready for another climax for another freak show.

Defeatism has overtaken Pam, Sofia and Eva. Madonna has caught them with their guard down to extract her revenge. Madonna is forcibly slamming the dildo deep into Pam's wet pussy now. Madonna grabs a handful of blonde hair to ram the dildo in further. Pam sees the big screen monitor in the stadium filled with her sweaty face bobbing back and forth. The camera pans down to her big tits bouncing vigorously on her chest. Everyone in the stadium has an obvious reaction. Pam's fans are stimulated seeing their sexy idol getting fucked. Detractors are cheering to see the sexy over rated bitch getting victimized. Madonna fans cheer to see their idol on top again, after a series of disappointments. Either position, hardly anybody wants this to end quickly other than maybe Pam, and by the way she is getting fucked, that is highly debatable too.

Meanwhile Buffie has taken to sitting on Sofia's face and ass smothering the brand new Bootylicious Champion out. "You're a fucking fraud... This is the ass of a real Bootilicious Champion." Buffie insults the champion. Sofia hears these and countless other insults Buffie has. Secretly she cannot wait to get Buffie in the ring for a title match and make her eat those words along with some sexy Columbian tush. However tonight she has no choice but to helplessly accept the abuse. When Sofia thinks she is going to find the oblivion of unconsciousness, Buffie lifts off of her face to allow Sofia enough air to keep from passing out. Then she sits back on her face again for more torment. "You will learn what a true Bootlicious goddess is, and it's not you." Buffie continues. "You should be ashamed to carry that belt. If you get in the ring with me, I promise you won't leave with it. This is just a preview bitch."

Eva found herself more subjugated too and pretty close to her wits end. Aria sat on her face with pussy on her nose. Aria selfishly grinds her sex organ there purely for her own stimulation and pleasure. Meanwhile Eva's body was still in constant shock and titillation from the bullet vibrator. Aria used a finger to pull her bikini bottom to the side and expose her twat. "If you want to save your nose and look the same way you came into this arena, you better start licking." Aria said in a threatening tone. The camera's picked up the threat, but Aria's ass covered much of Eva's visage. So fans never could tell if Eva gave in to Aria's demands. However Aria's grinding slowed way down and she started moaning along with Eva.

Then Pam got a lot louder, and all attention focused on her. Madonna was still pounding her pussy from behind while holding both of her elbows like handles to plunge deeper and impact harder. Madonna fucked like a hydraulic machine pumping Pam like an oil well looking for a gusher. Pam is panting loudly and barking in between pants. She must be about to finally orgasm.......

Then out of nowhere supermodel and hostess Chrissy Tiegen bursts into the suite wielding a broom. Chrissy scream like a wild woman and swings the broom, hitting Buffie across the back and knocking her off top of Sofia. She wildly swings again. Madonna would have been next if she had not pushed Pam off the dildo and swerved away. "Hey Brunhilda! Chill the fuck out!" Madonna shouts bringing Chrissy out of her berserk rampage. "We've already accomplish what we wanted. We're leaving." Madonna finishes as she slowly backs out the suite door. Taking no chances Chrissy raised the broom higher threateningly. Once Madonna got a safe distance away she commented, "I should have thought that you had a secret fourth team member after that Demi Lovato shit. Smart girl, Pam. You can mail me that Cockfight belt and we can forget all this nastiness and put it behind us, if not I'll see you again real soon." Madonna finishes and gets right in front of the camera saying, "Goodnight everyone. I hoped you enjoyed the Madonna show!" then she quickly exits with Buffie and Aria.

Chrissy lowers the broom and takes deep breaths of relief. She looks around and sees Sofia flat on her back and gasping for air. She looks like she has been rode hard and totally worn the fuck out. She looks like she was run over by a truck. Eva is on the other side of the suite flopping around like a fish out of water. She is moaning like a zombie and grabbing and clutching that chastity belt. She keeps whining "get this thing out of me". Finally Chrissy looks at her leader, Pam, who is hopping from foot to foot and rotating her hips. She is desperately trying to squelch the orgasm that was about to erupt inside of her.

Chrissy was the secret weapon that was not supposed to reveal herself, but Madonna pushed their hand. Chrissy was recruited and trained by Stone Rage and Tyra Banks to join the Fabs. She was seated in the front row with her superstar singer husband, John Legend, during the Sofia Vergara vs Katy Perry match earlier that night. The Fabs kept the secret well. Nobody unnecessary knew of her association with the group. Her orders were not to reveal herself unless totally necessary. Nobody argued about tonight, and her decision. The Fabs were glad this ordeal was brought to an end.

Madonna, Buffie and Aria were all smiles as they bounced down the hall away from the luxury suite. They should have been happy, they accomplished all they wanted tonight. They pulled off an old school ABA ambush to perfection. Madonna positioned herself for the Cock Fight Championship and Buffie put her name as a top challenger for the Bootylicious title. Madonna even got revenge on Eva for beating her recently. They reach the end of the hall and hit the button for the elevator. To their shock and dismay the door opened quickly and the league's studio advisor Quatro Calderon is standing in the elevator. Quatro Calderon is the studio advisor as part of a joint marketing agreement between several studios and Stone Rage. Unofficially his job is to work on the inside for a hostile corporate takeover of the league. He originally sited ABA as target to be eliminated to achieve his goals. "Going down ladies?" Quatro ask and gestures for them to get aboard. Madonna and crew enter the elevator.

Once Madonna and her girls step inside and the door closes, Calderon says, "Excellent job ladies. Everything went according to plan with my assistance." He pauses to see if he would receive some praise. When he got nothing he continues "I think that the ABA and the studios would work well together. It won't be long before I can give you anything you want in this league."

Madonna uses her words cautiously. "I have to admit you're real smooth planning this hit on Pam into the concert. You guys are always slick like that. But this was just an experiment. The ABA likes to make our own destiny and not owe favors. Stone Rage has a thousand faults, but that isn't one. Business wise he's given American Bad Ass Entertainment full reign to do what we want and full control over making our money."

"He can't do what we can. If you allow the studios to handle your distribution..." Calderon starts before being interrupted.

"You will control our product and eventually us. No thanks." Madonna interrupts.

"Madonna you know better than anybody that there is a system of how things work in this industry. Successful people work within the system and get what they desire." Calderon explains. "Rebels that chose to do their own thing outside of the system are eventually run over and ground up by the machine. Stone Rage is filling your head with nonsense that you don't need us. The machine is looking to eat Stone Rage up. Don't fall victim with and the Fabs. The people I represent are extremely powerful. They control 90% of what is read, watched, or listen to."

"We understand your power Calderon." Madonna answers. "The cost is our concern. Being a studio puppet isn't being very bad ass. It's not good for our brand." Madonna takes a breath and gets serious for a moment.

"I can get you that Cock Fight match with Pam Anderson, and Buffie a title match against Sofia Vergara with a snap of my fingers. I can put Eva Longoria in a cage match against Eva Mendes. Rumor has it, Mendes wants her out of the league. That is ultimate revenge." Calderon offers. "You can work with us and flourish or get ground up by the machine along with Stone Rage and the Fabs."

"You short sighted fool." Madonna quickly counters. "Those small treats, although million dollar sweet treats, will not work on me. Bitch, I'm Madonna." The blonde arrogantly sasses. "Our vision extends far beyond a few million dollar matches. We are building an entertainment empire. Stone Rage is giving us the means to accomplish that. But unlike Demi and Jenny, I'm willing to listen to what other options you have to offer. So, do us and you a favor, and keep that big bad machine from grinding us up just yet, and see if we can work out a deal that works for both of us. We can always try to destroy each other later."

Calderon wants to respond to Madonna's smugness, but that would be counterproductive. He has never personally dealt with Madonna, but her reputation precedes her. Throughout her long and legendary entertainment career, she has routinely gotten unreal extravagant contracts from every gear in the entertainment machine. However, Calderon's reputation is being one of the best of the best. He vows to not fall victims like is counterparts. So he takes a slow approach. Besides, he does not have enough quality fighters to take on the Fabs and the ABA currently. "Fine we'll keep talks open for now. Keep me in mind anytime you want to kick the Fab's ass. I'll be happy to help. American Bad Ass Entertainment's distribution deal will be ready and waiting too. Make your decisions before it's too late." Then he pushes a button to open the elevator door. "I believe this is your floor."

Madonna smiles and nods "We certainly will." Madonna says and exits the elevator along with her ladies.

Madonna and her team walks down the hall in silence and making sure they are far out of hearing distance of the elevator. Then Madonna blurts, "That ass hole is far worse than Stone Rage ever was. We're going to have to eliminate him. He would rather recruit the ABA than fight us right now. That's at least till he can replace us. Stone Rage needs us too. It's time to strike while we have the leverage. Things are about to get fun around here."

TO ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3


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