ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3




It's the third edition of Stone Rage's ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 It is a seven day cruise with celebrities and fans mixing together aboard four luxury liners, and island hopping while partying all the way. Four of the stops feature an all-star concert by members in the league followed a titanic catfight match.

This year is no different. It offers huge names and huge parties that are sure to rock the foundation of the league as well as the boat. Tonight's event started with a concert that people will tell their children about. The new improved and trimmed down Jessica Simpson started the night with a rare performance these days. While that usually is worth a pretty penny for the price of admission, that became an afterthought, because Jessica was just warming the audience for a woman that All-time great is not an accurate description. Her very name describes her more accurately, because this unique talent will last for ages. The name is Madonna!

Stone Rage worried that the scene stealing Madonna would overshadow even a Bootylicious title match. Even a match where Sofia Vergara, TV's highest paid actress is making her debut in his league battling another pop music icon, Katy Perry could not assure him that Madonna would not steal the show. Knowing Madonna relishes these scenarios, Stone booked Madonna after his championship match because he knew Madonna would put on a show for the ages. It might have been the perfect move because at fight time all attention is on his two fighters.

The champion, Katy Perry, is a heavy favorite as she stands in her corner with her Diva team leader and coach, Rihanna. "Remember make Sofia work and sweat. Her age and those big tits will weigh her down like anchors and take her out naturally. Play the head games. Her almost 50 year old ass knows that she doesn't belong in the same ring with you champ. When Sofia's tongue is hanging out, hit her with that new Superman Punch we've been working on. Sofia will never know what hit her until they are dragging her old ass out of the ring." Katy confidently nods in agreement as Rihanna finishes.

Meanwhile Pam Anderson offers her last minute coaching to her apprentice, Sofia Vagara. "Remember we've studied her, and know exactly what Katy can do. She has no idea of what you can do. This could be a huge win for you. You will be an instant sensation and a perennial main eventer. If you lose, you'll go to the end of the line and will have to work your Columbian ass off to get back in the main event." Pam explains. "Angela Bassett booked this match not as a favor, but because she expects Katy to shove your head up her ass and end your career before it starts! A lot of people don't like what you did to Janet Jackson and Generation Prime.”

"Don't worry, she don't look very bootylicious to me. I'll beat her ass easy." Sofia cackles, and laughs not showing one concern for the match. "I'm going to shut her big, loud fucking mouth for talking about my ass!"

The animosity Sofia refers to is from a pre fight interview. The late night show host displayed a photo of Sofia's sexy wide curvy ass, then asked Katy if she was afraid she will get trapped underneath it. Katy laughed and answered, "Sofia is certainly a gorgeous woman, but her, about to be fifty year old booty is so flabby that I will still be able to breathe even if she sits on me." Katy points out several dimples showing through the tight dress Sofia was photographed wearing. The studio audience burst into laughter. "I think I'll be fine. Bootylicious matches are best for the young and not the MILF's." The studio audience of that late night show loved the witty response, but Sofia took great exception to the remark.

Sofia demanded to be on the same late show the next night. She walks on the set and immediately asks the audience "Does this ass look flabby?" She got resounding applauses showing their approval of her figure. Then during the interview Sofia got so confident she said, "If I don't kick Katy's ass, I'll kiss it." The interviewer suggested Sofia to be careful and reminded Sofia that she is a solid underdog in this match, however the Columbian doubled down on her answer. "If I can't beat Katy, I'll kiss her ass in front of everyone. Then I'll admit that she is the better woman. I'll tell her that she's right my old tits and ass are flabby and can't compare to hers, but I don't think that's going to happen."

Rihanna and Pam Anderson exit the ring, leaving Katy there in a shimmering gold string bikini. Her body is fit and firm with all the miraculous advantages of youth. Across the ring Sofia looks MILFtastic in a tiger print bikini. Sofia is an exotic cougar ready for a battle. Both ladies look absolutely stunning and stupendous.

The competitors stretch and flex before the match. Quickly Sofia senses that she is in the rare position of no longer being the focus of attention. Sure enough, Katy's younger and fitter body is getting more eyes than her curvy more sensual body. Katy feels the tension mounting. Despite being a sexy beast in her own right, she is flattered and surprised to be humbling easily one of the world's sexiest women. Katy shakes her enormous tits then jumps up and down, making the stadium go wild. Really worried now that she will be kissing Katy's ass instead of kicking it, Sofia grabs and caress her huge tits and turn to the audience and shouts at the audience, reminding them that she is still Sofia Vergara, one of the sexiest women on the planet. However the island audience is more familiar with the international pop music star than the American TV sensation. A chant of "KISS KATY"S ASS!" starts drowning out the cheers for Sofia.

One overzealous Katy Perry fan heckles Sofia by looking her dead in the eye and shouting "Flabby!" Sofia's Latin temper got the best of her and she becomes irate. The Columbian sensation turns her back to Katy and starts yelling back at the fan. Katy could not believe her luck from her debuting challenger. As the time keeper is drawing his hammer back to strike the ring bell, Katy is already running up behind Sofia. Before the bell's toll stops Katy has driven her arm between Sofia's legs for a low blow to the pussy. Sofia howls and clutches her pussy with both hands while stooping over.

"Come on rookie! Bootylicious matches are no holds barred. That shot is legal in this match." Katy informs Sofia as she grabs the stooped over woman's head with one arm and snatches her into a side headlock. Katy's other fist plows into Sofia's belly a moment later. "Let's see if that belly is soft like I think it is." Sofia expels and stays bent over from the stomach blow. The now confident champion ushers Sofia around the ring by her headlock, but supremely stops to harpoon Sofia with a belly shot every three steps or so. Katy's bold demeanor tells her fans that she is quietly showboating and dominating her helpless challenger.

The parade around the ring stops in the corner where Katy slams Sofia's face into the turnbuckle padding two times. Katy then spins Sofia around to face her then opens a barrage of fists on her head. Sofia protects herself in the beginning, until she gets rocked. After that she is just trapped in the corner taking countless undefended punches to the face and head in a punch drunk stupor.

Sofia's fans instantly lose hope seeing her destroyed and dominated so easily, so early. The debuting Sofia is obviously no competition for the dominant Bootylicious champion, Katy Perry. Now they only root for a quick merciful ending for Sofia, and some gratuitous nudity of their favorite actress.

Katy stops the fists and looks directly at Riihanna at ringside. Katy blows her captain a kiss accompanied with a wink, then turns her back to the slumping Sofia. Katy grips the ropes on either side of the corner, trapping Sofia, then start slamming her ass into Sofia's belly repeatedly. Katy honors coach Rihanna by doing one of the bad girl's finishing maneuvers. Sofia grunt, barks and moans with each mighty slam. When Katy stops, Sofia's curled lips and crossed eyes showed her torment and discombobulation. Katy reaches back and snatches Sofia's head again into a side headlock. Katy runs forward several steps then leaps and drops to the mat, bulldogging Sofia's near perfect face into the canvas.

Katy sits memorably on the mat with a perfect smile. Sofia is face down on the canvas moaning, and the audience is on their feet cheering so hard the football (soccer) stadium is rocking and shaking. The moment lasts until Sofia starts rolling across the ring, under the ropes, and drops out of sight to the arena floor. Katy gets to her feet and parades around the ring to the satisfaction and appreciation of the crowd. Next she commands the center of the ring posing for the cameras, and the adoring public.

Sofia collects herself as she lies on the cold arena floor. She now realizes that Katy Perry is the legitimate champion, not someone who got lucky against Britney Spears for a cheap victory. She also understands why odds makers had her as a distant underdog, and rightly so. Katy should be kicking her ass. She is younger, more athletic, stronger and just entering her prime. However that does not stop Sofia from pulling herself off the floor and slithering back under the bottom rope to get into the ring. She stands with assistance from the ropes and glares at Katy. "Alright, you won round one. Now it's time for round two!" Sofia snarls looking worst for wear.

"Round two won't be any better for you." Katy answers. "That's where I take my young tits and steamroll your saggy boobs flat. That ought to crush the soul and fight out of a weak, vain old bitch like you."

It is unclear whether Sofia is upset and insulted by Katy thinking her tits could steamroll her's or fearful that Katy is definitely about to destroy and humiliate her or being called weak and vain. Both way she growls and charges after Katy. The champion waits and plugs Sofia in the nose with a stiff straight jab upon arrival. Sofia'a head snaps back and her knees buckle as she is frozen in her tracks. Sofia is still frozen for another jab to her magnificent face, snapping her head back again. Katy bounces and circles to the left and nails Sofia again with a third jab. Still bouncing, Katy throws a hook to the head, but Sofia finally slips one. Sofia staggers Katy with a counter hook to the chin, then follows with an uppercut that sends Katy reeling back several steps.

Sofia pursues but walks into a crotch kick from the champion. With a yelp, Sofia bends over clutching her pussy. Katy raises her leg as high as she could and brings it crashing down on the back of Sofia's head. Sofia collapses face first to the mat. The contender slowly rolls over as Katy has her foot raised and coming down on her. Sofia reaches up and grabs Katy's foot as it is descending. Sofia temporarily stops the foot but Katy powers through. Sofia is pushing against the foot with both hands but it continues to slowly come down on her. Katy slowly powers the ominous foot down until it comes across Sofia's throat. Then Katy presses down and chokes Sofia. The Columbian sensation starts flopping around like a fish out of water while under Katy's foot. Sofia cannot breath. She cannot push the champion's foot away. She is simply trapped. After being choked for some time, Sofia's face color changed from red to maroon. Finally Sofia makes an unexpected turn that unbalances Katy. Sofia slips out from under Katy's suffocating foot.

Sofia instantly tries to scurry away again, but Katy snatched her by the arm as soon as the Columbian stands. "Un Huh" Katy says. "Time to deliver on that promise to steamroll your tits. I'm ending this quick and clear the way for Madonna." Katy says as she snatches Sofia's body into hers. Sofia's face told the fear and dread she is facing. as Katy pulls her still heavy breathing opponent into a face to face bear hug.

Sofia's breasts meet Katy's younger, firm, rock hard tits head on. Katy's breasts are as formidable as foretold. Sofia's older pair instantly starts to concede to the newer pair. Sofia wails sounding like her television character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett yelling at her husband, Jay. on the Modern Family TV series. Katy feels it too. She squeezes harder and watches her pair of notorious tits start to flatten Sofia's even more legendary breasts. The arena big screen switches to a ceiling angle so the fans can witness this soon to be legendary tit contest from the top.

Fight fans see Kat smile as she plans a quick victory over her overrated bum of a challenger to extend a long sensational Championship reign. Sofia shouts "Mes Ta Ta's" as Katy continues to flatten and steam roll over Sofia's exalted breasts. Suddenly Sofia does a wiggle and a shift as she wraps her arms around Katy and competes in a double bear hug. Sofia squeezes hard and shifts her body again and immediately Sofia's tits stop being crushed. Immediately Sofia's monster boobs start enveloping Katy's big tits. Like dogs fighting for supremacy, Sofia's monsters start devouring Katy's tits and eat them up. Sofia mocks, "Mes ta ta's" again and start laughing manically as Katy's tits slip in between Sofia's breast and start to disappear. Katy is in total shock. "Who's vain now?"

Katy's tits disappear into Sofia's cleavage, and Sofia is still laughing at her. Katy thought that she was breaking Sofia's spirit, but ended up shattering her own confidence. Sofia recognized it. "Poor little girl. Such big tits but don't know how to use them." Sofia teases in her thick Spanish accent. Then Sofia lifts Katy off her feet and drops down to one knee, slamming Katy's pussy first across the limb. Katy shrieks and grabs her crotch with both hands stooping over with her mouth open in a silent scream. Sofia runs back against the ropes and rebounds back and flattens Katy with a big foot to the face.

'Stupid little twat!' Sofia thinks. "Who's she calling flabby!" There is an entire reversal of fortune. Sofia stand looking dominant with a snarl on her face, While Katy is flat on her back looking up at the stadium lights. Sofia reaches down and pulls the singer up to her feet. Katy comes back to life and knocks Sofia's hands away once rising. Katy rips off a flurry of vicious punches to Sofia's tits. Katy is eager to get revenge on the monsters that ate her babies. However Sofia's super tits absorb the punishment superbly. Sofia counters with a cunt punt to Katy's twat. Katy immediately abandons her assault and hunches over clutching her pussy again. "This is a Bootylicious match, anything goes. That is a legal move tonight." Sofia vengefully reminds the brunette. Finally Sofia unleashes an upper cut starting so low that her knuckles almost drags the mat and soars up blasting Katy off her feet and into the air. Katy lands on her back against looking up at the stadium's lights.

Katy is flat on her back and unmoving for several of breathless moments for her fans. Sofia is annoyed by the majority of fans pulling for Katy to get up and soon return to moping the mat with the busty Columbian native. Sofia shouts for Katy to rise too. She adds a few comments to the ringside fans that thankfully for Sofia were drown out by the fan's encouragement to the champion. Katy stirs and slowly stands thankfully as well. Sofia waits then snakes her arm around Katy's neck then lifts the champion up and slams her back to the canvas with a modified rock bottom type move. Katy lands with a thump and lies returns to an unmoving lump on the mat.

Fully engaged in the battle, Sofia roars. She reaches down and hauls Katy back to her feet. Suddenly Sofia finds herself hoisted in the air and across Katy's shoulders in a fireman's carry. Katy flashes a smile that warms the fans’ hearts as she parades around the flailing challenger. The fear and regret of walking into Katy's trap is etched on Sofia's face. Katy takes great joy in tossing Sofia for her shoulders and to the mat with a loud bump to her back. Katy dominantly stomps down on Sofia's breasts. Sofia barks but suddenly grabs Katy's ankles and trips the champion off her feet. Immediately the combatants embrace each other and start rolling around on the mat.

Neither can gain a real advantage. It is just a lot of rolling around, but slowly wearing each other down. Sofia feels Katy untying her bikini string behind Sofia's neck and realizes that she is losing her top. "Jealous bitch!" Sofia growls loudly at Katy.

Katy chuckles and answers "Who's jealous? I was letting those floppy tits loose, thinking they would drop to your knees and start tripping you up." Sofia grows in anger again. Katy starts getting to her feet and pulling Sofia along with her. Katy shrewdly takes the opportunity to remove Sofia's tiger print top in doing so. Then, with an impressive display of strength, Katy picks Sofia up, and then slams her back onto the canvas with a crash. Next Katy stoops over the downed challenger, and then grabs her by the hair and drags her into the nearest corner.

Stubborn and resilient, Sofia answers Katy's assault by whopping her over the head with both fists. Sofia burns with such fire and intensity that Katy and her friends get worried. Each heavy sledgehammer type blow moves Katy easily backwards. Eventually the heavy fists knock Katy on to her back. Sofia grabs her useless tiger print top and throws it aside. Exposing her own magnificent boobs suddenly wins Sofia many more fans. Sofia then wins more fans as she pulls the downed Katy's tits out of their top and pushes the fabric aside. Instantly Katy modestly covers her big, jigglely breasts with her arm. Sofia chuckles and snips, "You should be embarrassed."

"I'll help them grow for you." Sofia comments before reaching down and digging her claws into her rival's boobs. By bouncing Katy's tits around gains Sofia a few more fans from Katy. The crowd's jeers are slowly turning to appreciative cheers. Sofia snarls and growls as she tries to squeeze hard enough to pop Katy's pump boobs. The pop star is definitely feeling the pain. This older MILF is causing a very serious threat to Katy's title reign, and Katy feels her championship slipping away. Then Katy disregards the pain enough to realize that if both of Sofia's hands are preoccupied with Katy's tits, then there must be an opening somewhere. Katy raises one hand with two fingers spread apart, then pokes them into Sofia's eyes.

Sofia springs up to her feet. She covers her eyes and staggers around blindly. Katy leaps to her feet shortly after. The singer charges out of the blocks and knocks Sofia for a literal loop with a Superman Punch. Katy launched herself in the air with a fist cocked and blasts the blinded Sofia right in the face. TV's leading lady was taken by surprise and knocked completely off her feet as they go flying high in the air, above her head. Sofia lands on the back of her head and shoulders and immediately flops to the canvas with her eyes rolling around in her head like in a slot machine. Katy landed on one knee with one fist planted on the mat like a super heroine.

The fans are on their feet cheering Katy's power move. Katy crawls to Sofia and mounts and flattened the dazed goddess on her back. The deafening roar of the audience has Sofia's friend and captain, Pam Anderson cringing in her seat. The fans are so loud she feels like poor Sofia does not have one single fan in attendance. Katy gets on top of Sofia and pins her arms to the mat easily. "You want these tis, bitch?" Katy asks as she positions her heavenly heavy hooters over top of Sofia's face. "Yeah, I know. You want to feel a younger firm pair of tits instead of your old saggy pair. Eat your heart out old girl." Katy finishes as she lowers her breast on top of Sofia's face. Then Katy seeks to humiliate her nemesis by slapping her face around by her heavy hitting knockers.

The meaty slaps quickly bring Sofia around. She realizes the embarrassing state she is in and tries to knock Katy off of her. Katy revels in finding that Sofia's best efforts cannot get either of her shoulders off of the mat. She is satisfied that her newly found Superman Punch is effective, and if this was a regular match, Sofia would have been counted out and Katy's hand would be being raised in victory. However this is a Bootylicious match. Without hesitation or a word, Katy sits up and slides forward until she is firmly sitting on Sofia's face. "I'll wake you up when it's time to kiss my ass, admit I'm the far better woman, and be my humble little bitch!" Katy foretells.

Sofia's efforts to escape go into overdrive. Katy sits on top wearing a confident smile. She has all the faith in the world that wide backside will finish her game contender. She waits and rides out Sofia's thrust and waits until the old girl is put to bed. Then the unexpected happened. Sofia finds a way to slide out from underneath Katy's ass. Katy is the most shocked person in the stadium. She scrambles back to her feet with an expression of utter shock with her mouth gaped open. Sofia reached her feet too. The women turn to face each other and Sofia see's the priceless expression on Katy's face. Sofia laughs loudly in Katy's face. "Your ass wasn't as firm as you though? Better go do some swats honey."

Sofia just keeps laughing and Katy cannot take any more. Katy unleashes a sizzling straight punch to Sofia's nose. The actress' eyes go glassy and her knees buckle. Sofia teeters from side to side a lot. Katy grabs Sofia's wrist and whips her into the far corner. Sofia's back slam against the turnbuckle as Katy backs into the corner opposite of her challenger. Katy dashes out of the corner.

Katy charges toward a slumped Sofia. Katy does a cartwheel, then a hop skip and a jump as she comes for a back elbow to Sofia's lips. Those luscious pouty lips of Sofia begin to smile, like a spider seeing a fly about to enter it's web. As Katy hurdles in with her back turned to Sofia to slam into her, Sofia uses the ropes to lift her body up into the air. Sofia kicks her legs up and catches the back of Katy's head in-between her legs with a leg scissor. Katy is shocked to suddenly find herself trapped but it is only briefly. Using the ropes and a handful of Katy's hair to pull herself up till she is seated on top of Katy's shoulders. Next Sofia flips forward rolling head over heels taking Katy with her rolling head over heels also with a victory roll. In the end Sofia ends up rolling onto a comfortable seat on Katy's face with Katy's body folded up like a matchbook and her legs captured in Sofia's hands.

Sofia laughs now that she is firmly seated on Katy's face, smothering the champion with her magnificent ass. "My ass ain't so flabby now!" Sofia taunts the embattled champion. Katy kicked and struggled but was firmly caught. Sofia easily rode out her futile attempts to escape. Katy realized there was not much she could do. The challenger had out wrestled her. Katy still struggled to the end and gives the fans their money's worth shaking her sexy body trying to escape. The entire time Katy thinks of a victorious rematch, followed by a dominating third match, where she totally destroys Sofia and totally humiliates her. However before long the referee realizes Katy is out and calls for the bell.

Sofia exuberantly leaps off of Katy's face. Despite all her confidence and brashness she appears in disbelief that she actually won the match and the referee is handing her Katy's gold belt. Sofia holds the belt tightly to her supreme breasts then presents it to the roaring crowd. Then Sofia sees Katy slowly reviving on the mat. Sofia rushes to her side as the former champion regains consciousness. After making sure Katy is okay, Sofia confesses, "Katy all jokes aside you are a great fighter. It's an honor to be in the ring with you. I'll be happy to give you a title shot anytime you ask." Sofia smiles then continue, "But not today." Next Sofia kisses Katy on the lips, then takes her hand and pinches Katy's nose at the same time, cutting off all avenues for oxygen. Sofia even sucked the breath out of Katy during her kiss. The groggy singer quickly drifts back into dreamland. Sofia rises with her title in hand and puts a foot on Katy's chest and announced playfully, "I kissed a girl and I like it!" Sofia stays there ending the night in a victory pose that thousands of cameras captured for prosperity.

Sofia leaves the ring leaving Katy lying behind. Immediately she is greeted by Pam Anderson to escort the new champion to the dressing room. They pass by Katy's captain, Rihanna. There are several heated stares. "I wouldn't get too comfortable with all that championship gold. I might want to add a couple of belts to my collection." Rihanna warns. The exchange gives rise to rumors of Rihanna perhaps challenging Sofia for the Bootylicious title or Pam for her Cock Fight Championship. Once it had passed Rihanna enters the ring to assist Katy. Sofia joins her teammates on the Fabs, and set course for a cruise party for the decades. Of course that was after the box seats for Madonna's performance.

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