Sofia Vergara still had the smell of Buffie the Body's ass on her face and the taste of Jam Rodriguez's penis in her mouth. It does not seem to go away. She thought beating Alicia Silverstone's ass would make it go away. It did not. However it provided a little perfume and sugar on top to make life a little easier. The smell and taste will not go away until she beats Mariah Carey convincingly to retain her Bootylicious title. That is a task far easier said than achieved. Mariah is an institution in the league since its inception. When properly motivated, Mariah is more than capable of taking Sofia's best and surpassing it. Because Mariah is so formidable, she is capable of taking the smell and taste away.

On the other side, Mariah Carey is not a happy camper either. She expected to be facing Katy Perry for the title when she signed the contract. Only, Katy got upset by Sofia in a tune up match. A match between Mariah and Katy would be an epic match between an icon and a rising legend. The whole world would watch a timeless encounter. Mariah signed expecting a monstrous pay day from a massive Pay Per View audience. Hopefully the match would end in an iconic victory for her over a rising legend. Instead Mariah gets a title shot with Sofia. While the two iconic beauties make one hell of a promotional poster for the event, it was not the same response as the Perry match up. Other than being two curvaceous sexy beasts, there was no past, story or connection between the competitors for the fans to grasp onto. Sales were considerably less to say the least. Now Mariah's money has been affected. Now there is a big problem.

Both women are in separate mindsets of rage as the opening bell rings. Sofia roars like a jungle cat and charges out of her corner. Seeing this Cuban cannonball coming at her, Mariah charges out to meet her. The two fireballs soon collide with a splat. They smashed into each other, chest-to-chest, tit-to-tit or breasts to breast. Being a little taller and bigger, Mariah thought that would give her an advantage, but it did not. Their boobs smashed together like two runaway freight trains, and they both bounced backwards a few steps from the clash. Mariah's eyes widened that Sofia's tits were easily a match for her. Sofia did not seem the least bit surprised.

Taking advantage of Mariah's surprise, Sofia surges forward and presses her shoulder into Mariah's midsection and grabs the singer under her hips. Sofia drives forward and puts Mariah on her back with a double leg take down. Sofia rises up and slams her breasts down on Mariah's tits. Mariah's eye widen again accompanied with a loud gasps. The legendary singer had to concede the fact that Sofia's breasts were mightier and stronger than hers. Although slightly humbled, Mariah reacts quickly. She grabs Sofia by her hair and strongly bucks and twists to knock Sofia off top of her.

Mariah scrambles to her feet as quickly as she could. Sofia was simply quicker. When Mariah gets up Sofia snatches her by the hair and pulls Mariah off balance. Mariah squeals sharply, but cannot stop Sofia from woman handling her by the hair to her corner. Sofia slams Mariah's face into the turnbuckle a couple of times before Mariah could get her arms up to block another. The veteran, Mariah, fires her elbow backward several times to Sofia's tits to knock her back off of her.

Mariah quickly whirls around, putting her back against the turnbuckles and strikes with a kick from her long legendary legs. Sofia catches the kick out of the air, before it makes contact with her boobs. Sofia has a mischievous smile as she looks down at the crotch of Mariah's gold one piece swimsuit. Instantly Mariah's hand goes to covering her pussy. Sofia keeps smiling. She swings Mariah's leg and twirls in a circle like a ballerina as Mariah recovers her balance. Sofia completes her spin with a backfist across Mariah's lips. Sofia's spinning backfist spins Mariah's head around like a turnstile as her curly hair and spit goes flying. Mariah's eyes roll around in her head as her knees buckle. It looked like she might fall down but just slumped back in the corner.

Mariah is blinking her eyes and trying to regain her senses when Sofia spins like a tornado again and hits Mariah across the mouth again with a second spinning backfist. After the first two were successful, Sofia went for a third spinning backfist. The third slapped the shit out of Mariah just like the others. Mariah throws her body forward, and pushes Sofia aside, and then lumbers a few steps before falling face first to the mat.

Mariah is still hurt and dazed as Sofia casually walks to her. The legendary hellcat has risen to her hands and knees. Sofia reaches down and grabs the strings and ties crossing the back of Mariah's backless swimsuit. Sofia uses them to yank Mariah up to her feet. Mariah's many teasures hidden under the suit shift around and peak out from the rough treatment. After pulling Mariah to her feet, Sofia lifts her up into the air from behind, then drops Mariah down ass first on Sofia's outstretched knee for an atomic knee drop.

Mariah bounces off of Sofia's knee and falls to the mat on her hands and knees again. "You've got a nice ass Mariah." Sofia compliments from the unique position of standing over the bent over diva. "Too bad it won't be on my face tonight." Sofia finishes as she hauls Mariah back to her feet. Sofia seizes Mariah from behind and hoists her in the air. Next Sofia throws herself backwards and dumps Mariah on the back of her head with a German suflex. Mariah goes bouncing across the mat. In that instant she understood why Katy Perry is not in the ring tonight. It is because Sofia is a killer in the ring. Katy never had a chance. Never mind those mishaps with those two street brawlers from the ABA outside of the ring. Once the bell rings Sofia is monster in the squared circle. Sofia was dressed in a black bikini top with extremely tight black satin pants so she looked the part of one bad bitch.

It is almost like the German suflex knocked some sense into Mariah. Maybe it scared the shit out of her about what was in store for her if she cannot turn this bout around. After Mariah gets through bouncing and tumbling across the ring, she rolls up to her feet. She is wobbly but focuses. Mariah walks toward Sofia as she rises slower. Sofia thought that Mariah should not be a great threat at this point. "Is that all that you've got, Champ?" Mariah maliciously asks.

Sofia unleashes a punch that lands on the approaching Icon. Sofia launches another, but Mariah blocks it. The cagey veteran caught her rhythm. Sofia fires another fist, and Mariah dodges it and adds a kick to the side of Sofia's knee that buckles the champion. Mariah swirls around behind Sofia and wraps her arms around Sofia's head putting the champion into a sleeper hold. Sofia roars knowing that she has been out foxed by the veteran. Sofia immediately starts to power her way to the ropes. One tough step at a time, Sofia trudges toward the ropes. After much success Sofia is close to the ropes, when Mariah reminds everyone that she is two inches taller, and a little bigger and a little stronger. Mariah powers Sofia backwards away from the ropes. Then she takes Sofia down to the mat with her sleeper hold locked tight.

The fans begin to rumble. Could Mariah steal this match and the title. It certainly appeared possible. So far Sofia did not have an answer for this sleeper. When it looked like the dreaded affects of the sleeper were taking hold, Sofia shows new life. She started powering her way off of the mat and would not be denied. The fans got behind Sofia as Mariah squeezed her hold even tighter. She used her weight and power to hold Sofia down, but it was already too late. With the fans yelling and Sofia reaching a critical point in the match, Sofia's adrenalin is pumping. Mariah knows what is happening. She hoped to weather the onslaught. With a huge surge of power, Sofia stands straight up with Mariah holding on. Sofia grabs Mariah's curly hair and pulls her chin close to her head and drops down to a seated position, pulling Mariah down with her. Mariah's chin slams into the back of Sofia's head with the abrupt stop.

Mariah shouts and reels back holding her chin. Sofia immediately stands back up and darts towards the ropes and bounces off of them and heads back toward Mariah. The icon singer looks up seeing Sofia coming at her like a cannonball. Her eyes widen and she gasps, seeing what was coming. Sofia blasts through Mariah with a running clothesline. Mariah goes from standing vertically to being knocked horizontal in mid air. Mariah flips and turns in the air before crashing down to the mat.

Fans leap to their feet, cheering the spectacular collision. Sofia is roaring like a jungle cat and celebrating around the ring. Meanwhile Mariah lies on the mat looking like road kill. Mariah looks like she has been run over by a bus. Mariah's fans either felt sorry for her or begged her to rise again. However as the chaos subsides a super groggy Mariah rises to her hands and knees. Sofia comes over and grabs a handful of curly hair to help Mariah back to her feet. Mariah was not getting up to keep fighting, but to finish the fight. Sofia's strong grip guides Mariah to her feet. There the Champ rotates her hands in circles winding them up 'a la The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, and then unleashes a bionic elbow to the top of the wobbly challenger's head. Mariah goes down like a load of bricks. One icon falls and lifts a new story in her wake.

Once again the fans popped. They are totally absorbed in the match. All that is left is for Sofia is step over Mariah with her ass positioned over Mariah’s beautiful face. While wearing a smile from ear to ear Sofia sits down and plunges Mariah's world into darkness with her luscious booty. Sofia grinds down, and settles in and gets comfortable. Mariah is captured underneath in a reverse cowgirl face sit. Her oxygen is extinguished. She just plays the part of a struggling victim until the end. Mariah's curvy body squirms, flutters, and jiggles as she struggles hopelessly.

Looking down at Mariah's perfectly shaped bosom rise and fall, writhe and shake, even Sofia's mouth salivates. "Let's see what you've got", Sofia announces with a mischievous grin. Sofia pulls down the straps of Mariah's swimsuit off of her shoulders. Seconds later they are pulled down low enough to expose the icon's boobs. Sofia happily receives a contractual bonus for exposing Mariah's breasts. Meanwhile the crowd pops again in appreciation. Sofia rubs and caresses Mariah's breasts and body as she finishes off her face sit. Once Mariah starts to get still, the referee checks on her. He lifts her arm and shakes it looking for a sign of resistance or strength. When the arm falls limply to the mat, he calls for the bell and awards Sofia the victory.

Sofia is totally exuberant. She leaps off of Mariah, throws her arms in the air and starts jumping up and down. Fans cheer too and are enthralled by Sofia's monster tits jumping and jiggling like an electric current is running through them. Memes of the celebration will flood the internet the next day. The referee hands Sofia her Bootylicious championship belt and her celebration continues. After her hideous encounters with the ABA, this victory is all the sweeter. It legitimizes Sofia and vindicates her. She realizes and genuinely appreciates that she just retained her title by practically steamrolling over the legendary Mariah Carey.

As the celebration begins, two figures seem to rise up from the concrete of the Staple Center floor. They stalk the ring, strategically positioning themselves around the ring. While Sofia is still celebrating and a bit oblivious, they slide into the ring, trying to trap the champ. As the duo slide into the ring many fans recognize they are Alicia Silverstone and her bestie Stacey Dash, dressed in jean shorts and Resistance T shirts. All knowledgeable fans know this is retaliation from Sofia's and Alicia's Studio Trash Talk. Once in the ring, Alicia and Stacey blitzkrieg Sofia from behind and the side. Sofia barely had the awareness to drop the belt and get her arms up to protect herself before the dastardly duo attacks, pelting her with fists and forearms.

Sofia is still a bad bitch though. She fights back giving Stacey and Alicia better than she was receiving. The champ alternates punching Stacey and Alicia in the head. One of Sofia's heavy handed fists sends Stacey down to the mat. Sofia tries to knock Alicia's block off too, but Stacey is back up before she can finish her. A couple of moments later, she knocks Alicia on her ass. The spunky blonde pops back up and pass Stacey as she is headed back to the mat. Alicia contends with the champ as Stacey rises again.

When Stacey gets back up, the clueless star change plans. She grabs both of Sofia's breasts with both hands. Sofia gasps and yells as her tits are being twisted and squeezed through her black bikini top. Then she swats Stacey away with a savage backhand across Stacey's mug that knocks her off and sends her wobbling back a few steps. But it is the distraction that Alicia needs. The proverbial numbers game catches up with Sofia. Alicia grabs Sofia by the shoulders before she can react and drives her knee strong and true, square into Sofia's pussy. Sofia howls and drops her hands to cover her pussy. Suddenly Alicia starts counting off, "5... 6... 7... 8..." Then her and Stacey launch a simultaneous double punch that explodes on Sofia's face. Alicia's and Stacey's fists to Sofia's face sends her rocketing down to the mat like she is shot out of a cannon.

Alicia and Stacey are pretty proud of themselves and exchange a high five. This Pearl Harbor job is just sour grapes for Alicia's embarrassing encounter in the studio, but it is still fun. Also they know that Sofia's Fab team is locked in their dressing room to prevent them from interfering in Sofia's title match according to contract. Sofia sits up while still dazed and Alicia nails her in the face with a running knee to send the champion back down to the mat. Stacey cowardly adds a stomp to Sofia's stomach too.

Finally Alicia steps around and sits down on Sofia's face. Alicia is a former Bootyliuious champ herself, and is more than capable of smothering bitches out. Stacey goes to Sofia's legs. She bends them into a four like position then intertwines her legs with them for apply a figure-four leglock. Suddenly Sofia elicits a high pitched scream from under Alicia's ass. Seconds later, Sofia's right hand starts tapping the mat to show she is tapping out. Sofia's left hand taps Alicia's thigh, indicating her surrender, while wailing continuously.

Around this time, Mariah is waking from her slumber from being smothered. She sees what is going on and gets to her feet. Mariah comes over and jerks Alicia off of Sofia by the hair. Mariah adds a couple of stomps to Stacey as she unties herself from Sofia's legs and scurries away. Stacey and Alicia had achieved what they wanted. They got revenge and won the spotlight for bigger dates in the future. So they roll out of the ring with smiles on their faces. The Clueless stars bounce up the ramp to backstage laughing and celebrating.

After the unwanted assailants are gone, Sofia gets up and immediately gives Mariah a huge hug. "Thank you Mariah. Thank you for saving me. You are the best!" an emotional Sofia tells Mariah. The icon smiles and accepts the somewhat awkward gratitude. Sofia raises Mariah's hand in the air and presents her to the fans to give Mariah her just respect and rewards.

While the fans clap and acknowledge the sportsman ship and mutual respect displayed, Mariah takes Sofia by the wrist. Out of nowhere Mariah whips Sofia into the ropes by the arm. With a yelp, Sofia goes running into the ropes like a cartoon character. Sofia rebounds off of the ropes and back to Mariah. The singer is charging at Sofia like a runaway freight train. Mariah buries her shoulder into Sofia's gut and spears the champion. Sofia is nearly knocked out of her boots. She is knocked off of both feet and driven to the mat in a spear worthy of Bill Goldberg, Edge or Roman Reigns from professional wrestling.

Sofia is deposited on the mat with all the breath knocked out of her. She lies flat on her back not moving just trying to breathe again. Mariah's spear was the most devastating single move that Sofia has experienced. If Mariah had hit this during the match, Sofia would be a former champion quickly. Mariah peels Sofia off the mat. She leans the breathless, noodle legged champion against the ropes. Mariah sweetly tells Sofia, "Tell J Lo I said hello" Then Mariah launches a side kick that sends Sofia hurdling and tumbling over the top ropes and out of the ring. Sofia lands in a kayoed heap on the ringside floor.

Mariah calmly walks to Sofia's Bootylicious championship belt that is lying on the mat. She picks it up and casually walks to the ropes over where Sofia is lying. Mariah drops the belt out of the ring, on top of Sofia's out cold body and respectfully says, "Here's your belt, Sofia. You've earned the right to wear this."

Mariah turns to walk out of the ring. She walks right in front of the television camera. She says, "Mariah always comes out on top... daaahling!" Mariah kisses the camera lenses, leaving her lipstip impression on the glass. Mariah turns and catwalks away. The camera films capturing the vision of the icon switching her hips, walking away through her lipstick frame.