But you have to read Jennifer Lopez Vs Mariah Carey & Mariah Carey Vs Christina Applegate BUT Definitely The Street Fight And The Dumpster Match Before Reading this Fight

Jennifer Lopez(59%) slams Britney Spears (41%) “Jennifer, Britney has just been given a title shot next month, regardless of tonight’s outcome, how do you feel about that?” our interviewer, Downtown Julie Brown.

“What?!? Okay, that’s it, I’m putting and end to all this Britney Worshipping tonight!” Jennifer blasted. “She needed help to beat Mariah, I didn’t, and plus she isn’t all that pretty!” Jennifer smacks her lips in disgust. “I’m going to pop our Pop Princess tonight!” Jennifer boasts before charging to the ring.

Britney is already there wearing a white tank top, cut off under the midriff. She also has a pair of white tights to complete the outfit. Jennifer dawns tight hot pink Vinyl pants and a Vinyl black bikini top. Jennifer slides under the bottom rope and jumps in Britney’s face hurling insults. The referee holds Jen back as she yells, “I'm going to bust you up, starting with those balloons on your chest!”

“Why? Do you need to borrow them, flat chested freak!!”, replied the feisty debutaunte. Enraged Jennifer tossed the referee aside, and locked up with the young blonde. Britney showed her strength by pushing the New Yorker down on her phat ass. Before Jen could regain her feet, Britney stomps her tight stomach. She hauls the gasping beauty up by her hair and walks her to the turnbuckle. Britney slams Jen’s face into the turnbuckle, asking, “How old are you anyway?” Making reference to Jennifer insisting she is in her late 20’s, while the press has documented her in her early 30’s. Britney flings Jen to the mat, easily out muscling her foe.

Jennifer is retreating and scrambling to get to her feet, and finds herself trapped in the opposite corner by Britney. Jen holds up her hands and pleads for mercy to delay Brit a second, allowing Jennifer to crotch kick the young beauty. Jennifer quickly spins Britney around so she is now trapped in the corner. Jen quickly goes to work, first kicking Britney’s well sculpted stomach repeatedly. Second, she chops the two large targets of Britney’s chest, those big tits. Finally, Jennifer finishes by knocking her foe breathless by driving her shoulder into Brit’s stomach again & again. Breathless, Britney tumbles out of the corner, face first to the mat. Jennifer, pleased at her mugging of Brit in the corner smiles, to a growing number of boo’s from the crowd.

Jennifer pulls the white top over Brit’s head, rendering her toppless, and revealing her breast. Jen took the small garment and wrapped it around Brit’s neck, and drug her all around the ring by it. The boos become much louder now, upset at the rough treatment of their teen idol. This obviously upsets & distracts Jen, as she start yelling back at the crowd, “Fuck You,....Shut Up!! Jen is used to having the crowd on her side, and obviously didn’t know how to react to this betrayal. “You want Britney?” “well Here!" Jen yells, as she tossed the youngster over the top rope. Britney lands hard to the arena floor. Jen follows and pounds the beauty unmercifully out side the ring. She picks Brit up to suflex her, holding her upside down for a long time before falling back, and releasing her prey. Finally, thinking she has done enough damage to the fan’s heroine, she rolls Brit back in the ring.

Jennifer has to duck to avoid a soda thrown by a ringside fan. Furious, Jen pushes the fan and gets into a brief shouting match with them. Security intervenes, allowing Jennifer to return to the ring. Jen is on the ring apron still yelling at the hostile crowd, when Britney has somewhat recovered from her beatings thus far. She looks at Jennifer with growing fury, with revenge being her only thought. “I want to hurt & humiliate that bitch, like she has done to me” thinks Brit. The ringside fans purposely try to distract Jen with obscenities, allowing their favorite the opportunity to capture Jennifer while she is still standing on the ring apron with her back to Brit. Britney traps the sexy latina in choke hold from behind. Jen vainly tugs at the forearm across her throat, cutting off her air supply.

The audience erupts, blowing the roof off of the arena. To even things up, Britney takes her free hand, and unfastens the black bra, Jen is wearing, allowing it to fall to the ground. The fans are in a frenzy, but Jen silences them by reaching behind, grabbing Britney by the back of her head and using a judo throw, tosses Britney over her shoulders, out of the ring to a nasty tumble on the hard floor. Jennifer laughs at the stunned fans as they release a collective "Ohhhh" at Britney's very hard fall.

Jennifer loudly laughs and taunts fans as she places the moaning fallen teen idol on the announcers table. The athletic Jennifer then perches herself on the top rope and leaps off onto poor Brit. The fans are silent as Jennifer once again holds Britney upside down in another suflex. Only this time she leaps in the air, turns and drives Britney to the arena floor with a Bill Goldberg jackhammer. Jennifer rolls the lifeless star into the ring, and places one foot on the conquered girl’s chest and raises both arms in victory. The referee slaps the mat thrice, and the boo’s reign out once again. Fans throw cups, paper and other trash into the ring to show their displeasure. Jennifer flips them a couple middle fingers and leaves the ring.

Julie Brown meets the victor at the top of the ramp. “Jennifer, you didn’t endear yourself to these fans...”

“Because these fans are trailer park trash, just like their hero I left in the ring” Jennifer interrupts, “I’m going back to New York, where they appreciate charm & class!” Meanwhile Britney has recovered, and is charging toward Jennifer. “Oh, you want some more?” Jennifer asks, but the only answers she got was Britney’s fist between her eyes. Jennifer tried to trade punches with the rampaging youth, but soon found herself flat on her back, looking up at Britney’s fuzzy image through groggy eyes.

Britney stands in between Jennifer’s open legs and yells, “BITCH!” and punctuates her remark with a kick to Jen’s unprotected crotch. “This is for the fans” Britney yells before adding another kick to the crotch. The fans roar their approval, if not for anything else but Brit’s large bouncing naked tits that accompany her kicks. “This is for me” Brit yells and again kicks the loudly moaning latina. “And this is for you to tell Catherine Zeta Jones about!” Britney yells before adding a final kick.

Jen’s face is pale in pain as Britney picks her up into bodyslam position and carries Jennifer through the backstage area to the loading dock in back of the arena. Cameramen follow, displaying the whole scene on the giant screen for arena fans. Britney tosses Jennifer’s body into a large dumpster, muttering “Christina’s right, this is where you belong”. Jennifer recalls the pain & humiliation at the hands of Christina Applegate in the dumpster match a couple of months ago. * Britney patiently waits for Jennifer’s head to peak out of the dumpster, and she flips the top down. She hears a loud thud as the top makes contact with Jen’s head, followed by a scream and loud sobbing. Britney walks away giggling, realizing that she just lost a match, but won a new enemy.

Jennifer was the winner, although she didn't feel like it. She's looking for Britney again though!

Britney has reason to smile; even in defeat

* Classic 1st Ever Dumpster Match