Tia Carrere (72%) dominates Christina Aguilera (28%)Christina Aguilera bounce in her corner, anxious with anticipation. It had been a hard journey to get to this point. It all started when rapper Eminiem hired Christina Applegate to take Aguilera out.* Applegate did, but Aguilera mistakenly thought Jennifer Lopez hired Applegate. So Aguilera hired Jeri Ryan to beat up Jennifer. ** Jeri did beat Jennifer, but Jennifer got her revenge on Aguilera. *** Finally all of that is behind Christina. She now knows Eminem was behind everything, and now she faces his latest bounty hunter, Tia Carrere. Christina could not wait to publicly destroy his representative and embarrass both Tia and Eminem.

Tia comes to the ring, dressed in tight black leather pants and a matching vest. Aguilera waited in the ring as Tia walked to ringside. Tia approached Eminem who was seated in the front row, and hugged him. Tia reassured Eminem that she would have no problems beating Christina, and collecting the bounty. Suddenly Christina leaped off the ring apron and clubs Tia in the back with her hands clasp together for an ax handle blow. Tia groans loudly and her knees buckle. Christina continues raining punches down on Tia's muttering, "I'll teach you to come after me" until her foe is beat down to one knee. "What do you think of your bitch now?" shouts Christina to Eminem, as she slams Tia's head into the rail separating the ring form the audience. "You'll never get the best of me Marshall!" continued Christina, "You know why? Cause you're a loser!" Says Christina as she takes one hand to shove Eminem back and slam Tia's head into the rail once again. Christina hauls Tia to her feet and whips her toward the ringside steps, only at the last second, Tia hangs on to Christina and reverses the whip and sends Christina crashing into thr steps.

Christina makes a loud crash as she collides into the steps, knocking them out of place. Tia follows and starts stomping the downed pop star on her chest. Tia reaches down and angrily snatches the smaller girl to her feet. Tia scoops up the skinny singer and body slams her hard to the arena floor. Christina yells and arches her back off the ground in pain. Her mouth is open gasping for some air, since the slam knocked the breath out of her body. Tia pulls the girl to her feet by a handful of hair, and plows a punch into the blonde's flat tummy. Christina heaves for air, her legs turn to jelly, and she wants to collapse to the floor, but Tia holds her up by that handful of hair and keeps her from falling. Tia slings Christina into the railing. Her ribs take the brunt of the punishment as her body collides with the unforgiving metal. Christina moans in pain and is about to sink to the floor, but Tia charges and hits her with a clothesline that is so powerful, it sends Christina flipping over the rail and into the audience.

Aguilera finds herself at the feet of the front row spectators. Tia leaps over the rail after her prey. Tia scoops up Christina, and slams her on the laps of the front row fans. She slams several ax handle blows on Christina's tight tummy until the blonde manages to cover her stomach and quiver in pain. Tia pulls her off the laps of the fans by a handful of hair and ushers her down the row to where Eminem is sitting. A couple of the front row fans slap Christina on her cute, tiny butt as she passes by. Once they are in front of Eminem, Tia punches Christina that doubles her over. Tia slams her elbow down on the back of Christina's neck that sends sprawling her face down on the floor on her hands & knees. Tia captures the blonde by the hair and forces her face into Emenim's crotch who is seated before her. Tia rubs & grinds Christina's face into Eminem's pants, and the blonde is helpless to stop her.

Tia pulls Christina up and throws her over the rail, for a hard landing on the ringside floor. Christina tries to gather herself, hoping to repay Tia for the embarrassing treatment she has received so far. Tia hops over the rail and pulls Christina to her feet. Although the blonde offered little to no resistance, Tia plows the point of her knee into Christina's stomach, to make sure her foe was sufficiently weakened. Tia repays earlier transgressions and slams Christina's head into the ring apron. "How do you like it?? Huh!???" asks Tia, "Who's a loser now?" Tia says after bouncing Christina's head a few more times. Now with Christina completely out of it, her arms lifelessly dangling by her sides, and her slender legs looking like those of a drunken sailor, Tia escorts Christina to the announcer's table. On the way to the announcer's table, they pass the timekeeper's table, and Tia could not pass the opportunity to slam Christina's face into it too. Tia climbs on top the announcer's table and pulls her opponent up on top the table too. Tia picks up the slender blonde and power slams her through the table. The fans roar their approval as both warriors lie in the shattered remains of the announcer's table.

Tia gets up slowly, slightly shaken by the massive impact of the maneuver. Within seconds she has shaken off the effects and reaches down and rips off Christina's top. She tosses it in the crowd, and pulls the dazed, senseless blonde to her feet. Christina could only moan & groan as Tia locked the topless singer in a full nelson and walked her back over to where Eminem was seated. "Go ahead take a lick' Tia says and the rapper indulges himself by starting to suck on Christina's pink proud standing nipple.

Badly battered & beaten Christina is helpless to stop the man she despises from having his way with her. Eminem enjoys himself sucking Christina's succulent breast, when the members of Generation PRIME charge to the ringside area. Jessica Simpson leads the way, followed by Foxy Brown then Ananda Lewis. Tia cuts short Eminem's fun and slings the half conscious Aguilera to the ground and awaits for the others to arrive.

Jessica arrives first, and runs into a karate kick into her chest. The blonde drops as if shot from a gun holding her chest. As Foxy & Ananda approached Tia swatted each on across the head, like they were insects, slowing them down long enough for her to grab them by the hair and ram their heads together. Dazed & wobbly, Tia slung first Foxy, then Ananda into the metal railing. Jessica was just rising to her feet when Tia turned, and caught her under the chin with another martial arts kick. Jessica drops to the floor unconscious. Ananda rises and finds Tia's hand clutched around her throat. Tia lifts Ananda up and choke slams her to the hard arena floor. Foxy gets flipped and lands hard on her back, with the back of her head striking the ground, knocking her silly.

With the interference out of the way, Tia turns back to Christina. The blonde has not been able to recover from her trip through the table, and is still lying on the ground. Tia takes the limp girl and rolls her into the ring. Tia enters herself and plants one foot on the chest of the little blonde, who is unmoving and flat on her back. The referee administers a three count and proclaims Tia the winner. The audience stand and cheer the complete dominance the have witnessed tonight. Eminem is on his feet leading the cheers. He is extremely excited over the outcome of the match. He feels that his money was well spent, and Tia had performed admirably in teaching Chrisitna a nasty lesson.

After winning the approval of all the fans in attendance, Tia makes her way back to her dressing room. Tia was looking forward to the solitude of her private room, and a long hot bath to soothe her muscles from their strenuous activities tonight. Tia opens the door and flicks on the light switch, and to her surprise sees longtime rival Christina Applegate standing in front of her. "Remember me Bitch?" Applegate says as she rockets a punch into Tia's lips. The force of the punch knocked the raven-haired beauty backwards so hard she hit the back of her head on the door. Tia slides down the door till her ass hits the ground, seeing birds & stars float around her head. Applegate says, "Aguilera was going to pay me to knock you up, but I told her I'd do you for free", then kicks the beauty between her open legs. Tia groans loudly and slumps over onto her side. She hears the thud of the pair of brass knuckles Applegate used hit the ground as she blacks out from the pain.

Later that same night Eminem reaches his hotel suite after a very long night of partying, alcohol and drugs. The drunken rapper turns the key to the door, and hears a strange buzz and soft moaning coming from his hotel room. Eminem flicks on the light to see Tia Carrere hanging from the chandelier, tied there by her wrist. She has a ball gag strapped to her mouth, and a pair of roach clips pinching her nipples. A chain is attached to the roach clip and the chain leads up somewhere in the chandelier pulling, her breast up in a very unnatural and obviously painful position. In Tia's twat is an extremely large vibrator, buzzing away. An equally as large vibrator is shoved up her ass vibrating at an incredible pace. Tia is helpless moaning in torment and ecstasy. The drunken rapper staggers over to Tia, and squints his eyes trying to focus them to read the message written by a red marker on her back. It read "Hey Asshole, Thanks, Tia's a great fuck! PS This is what happens to people who FUCKS with ME! - Xtina"

Eminem snickers and says, "Damn that little bitch sure has style" as he leaves Tia and staggers into the bedroom and collapses on his bed. As he is about to drift to sleep he hears Tia making a long moan, and quivering as she burst into another of countless orgasms she experienced that night.

Tia finds out that even when you win, sometimes you lose

Generation PRIME at their finest?!?!!

* Applegate crushes Aguilera
**Jeri pounds Jennifer Lopez
***Jennifer whips Generation PRIME

Mr. Skin