Madonna (57%) dethrones Britney Spears (43%) "Come on! Get your frightened ass in here!" Shouts Madonna down to the War Queen Britney Spears. "No more hiding, just get in here and take it like a woman ya big baby!" Madonna looks quite the intimidator in the ring. Her body has recovered very nicely from her pregnency. The lights glisen off her muscules, that fexes as she paces. Obviously she has found a way to beat Father Time. Her body is every bit as tight as her foe who is half her age. In fact very few forty year old women would even dare wearing the tight black spandex pants and matching bra that Madonna sports in the ring.

"You don't scare me Granny" retorts Britney from the safety of outside the ring. "That dildo's a weapon, get that thing out of the ring, Ref! This is a prize fight not one of your freaky cock matches." Britney motions to the officals to take the sex device.

"I'll get rid of it as soon as your bodyguards leave Bitch!" screams back Madonna. She's refering to Britney's Generation Next teammates, Aaliyah and newcomer Nelly Furtado.

"Don't worry about them, you need to worry about me!" yells back Britney.

The word is actually 'conflicted' insead of 'afraid' that describes Britney Spears. The tanned Louisiana blonde is facing one of her childhood idols, Madonna in the ring. Forget childhood, Madonna is still her idol. Two women above others have influenced Britney's style and perofmances. Those women are Janet Jackson and even greater Madonna. Britney asks herself how can she enter the ring and defeat this woman who has meant so much to her.

The Commisioner, Stone Rage, finally enters the ring to take control of the situation. He takes the dildo from Madonna then escorts Nelly and Aaliyah back to the dressing room. Before leaving, he had ordered Britney into the ring. Britney, who was wearing a blue spandex pants and bra outfit, prepares for battle and cautiously enters the ring.

At the bell the two combatants lock up. Britney uses her expert wrestling skill to toss Madonna to the mat. Britney taunts Madonna by flaunting to the crowd about the ease that she was able to take the wiley veteran down. Madonna just looks up, biting her bottom lip in anger at the youngster's smug attitude. Then Madonna launches herself and tackles the champion to the mat. With Britney down, Madonna wrestles Britney to stay on top of her. She sneaks in a few elbows to the champion's jaw in the process. Britney realizes she is getting mugged underneath the challenger and takes a hold of Madonna's blonde hair. Madonna returns in like fashion and seconds later the two are rolling across the mat with each other yelping in pain as more and more blonde hair is left on the mat.

The two stay connected by their grips on each other's hair, but stop rolling. They struggle to their feet, the whole while ripping handful after handful of hair out of each other's head. Once making it to their feet they are face to face sneering at each other, with their hands gripping their opponent's hair about their ears. Madonna rips Britney with a sizzling uppercut that rocks her head back. Britney appears to swoon a bit but retaliates with a fist of her own. The two continue slugging each other until a left from Britney rocks Madonna back, and forces her to release her hold on Britney's blonde hair. Even though she is hurt and dazed Madonna finds a way to strike back with a over hand right that staggers Britney backwards, and obviously hurt the champion.

Although hurting herself, the wiley veteran sees an opening to take down the champion, and quickly kicks Britney in her tight stomach. Even Britney's tight abs feel the pain from Madonna's strong legs. The champion doubles over, allowing Madonna to pull her head under her arm and fall backward, driving Britney's head into the mat with a DDT. Britney flips over from the force onto her back, and sits up immediately by instinct, but has a vacant look across her face.

Backstage, Nelly & Aaliyah watch the match on a backstage monitor. Nelly comments "Looks like our girl isn't doing so hot."

"Ya know how much she idolizes Madonna, I think she's done if we don't do something." returns Aaliyah.

Ever the opportunist, Madonna seeks a way to take Britney out. She hauls the young blonde to her feet by her hair, and slings her into the corner. Madonna approaches and again kicks the beauty into her gut. Britney grunts loudly as Madonna closes in to finish her off. Idol or no idol, Britney is not about to go down easily. The youngster lunges at Madonna and rakes her across the eyes, halting her foe. Britney pounds away at Madonna with all she has left, but her punches are born from desparation and are wild and unfocused. This is certainly no way to knock out a fighter of Madonna's caliber. The veteran times the punches, and steps inbetween them and scoops Britney high in the air, into position for a body slam. Madonna soaks in the roar of approval from many fans as she parades the teen idol that as is despised as she is loved by half the fans in attendance. Madonna drops Britney stomach first across her our stretched knee. The blonde's abs again take the brunt of the fall, and Britney rolls off Madonna's knee and curles into a ball clutching her aching stomach.

Britney was helpless to prevent Madonna from unclasping the back hook of her bra and pulling the garment off her body. Madonna wraps the bra around Britney's neck and hauls the blonde to her feet. Madonna uses the bra to violently shake Britney back and forth to rattle Britney's brains, while at the same time choking the fight out of her. Madonna keeps this up until Britney is like a rag doll submissively going with Madonna's every yank and pull.

Madonna slings Britney to the mat, watching as her foe lands on her face, not even able to find the energy to break her fall. Madonna paitently stalks behind her prey while the game champion struggles up to her knees. At the perfect moment, Madonna strikes from behind and locks on the dreaded Cobra Clutch sleeper hold on the champion. Madonna pulls Britney to her feet and wrings her from side to side. The champion musters all the strength she has remaining. She pulls at Madonna's arms, but might as well be pulling on steel bars, the challenger's grip is unbreakable. Quickly the champ starts to fade.

Nelly FurtadoAaliyahRisking suspension from the league, Nelly & Aalyiah defy Stone Rage and race back to the ring. Madonna drops the semi concious champion and attacks her cronies as they climb onto the ring apron. She catches Aaliyah with a boot to the face as she tries to climb through the ropes. The beauty is catipulted off the apron to the hard arena floor. Madonna grabs Nelly by the hair and drops the the canvas. This clothesline Nelly's throat against the top rope and sling shots her off the apron for a rough landing on the arena floor.

Without a moment's hesitation Madonna exits the ring. This opportunity at the War Queen Championship is too precious to allow anything or anybody to stand in her way. Madonna follows up her advantage and whips both singers into the guard rail surrounding the ringside area. She snatches a pair of handcuffs off a ringside policeman's belt and slaps the cuff around Aaliyah's slender wrist. She slides the other end of the cuff through the railing before locking it around Nelly's wrist, locking both members of Generation Prime helplessly to the rail.

Britney has groggily gotten to her feet, but clearly was not in much better condition than when Madonna left the ring. Madonna returns to the ring and immediately plows through the blonde with a clothesline. Madonna pulls Britney to her feet and into a side headlock. "You see, that's what's wrong with you, you don't know how to stand up and be your own woman." spits Madonna. "You're always looking for help or the easy way out." Madonna continues all the while wringing her headlock tighter on her red faced prey. "Lucky for you, you've got me to teach you how to be a real, strong independent woman, like I did for that little cunt of a friend of your's Le Ann Rimes" * "Good thing I like you or I'd just pulverize you like I did to Aguilera and her pussy pals"**

"You like me?" Britney softly whispers, but is never heard. Even in these dire sircumstances, Britney is happy to know that her idol like and respects her.

Madonna flings Britney to the mat and sits on her chest. Madonna traps her arms under her knees and starts to blast away at Britney's face in rythm with left's and rights. "Ya know I could use a protege." Madonna says cooly like she is completely unaware of the frightful beating she is dishing out to the youngster. "Somebody young ta pal around with, and teach the ropes, would you like that Britney?"

"Y..y...yeahh..." stammers out Britney as her face bruises even more and her eyes start to swell shut.

Madonna ceases her assault and looks down at her new apprentice. She sees the sincerity in Britney's eyes, and the true admiration that she has for Madonna. Madonna plants a long sexy kiss on Britney's lips.

"Well the first lesson is, if you fuck with me you get spanked!" Madonna says as she gets of Britney's chest and rolls her onto her lap. Madonna pulls down Britney's pants and starts spanking the youngster's bare bottom. It is more erotic and playful than hurting. It looks more like foreplay than demeaning too. Madonna looks like she is smiling and salivating as she watches Britney's tight ass jiggle at each swat.

"Hanky Panky..ain't nothing like a good spanky..." Madonna sings as she looks in to the camera and winks her eye. "...and a new War Queen!"

MADONNA War Queen at last!

Britney lays down for her idol Madonna

* Madonna fucks Le Ann
** Madonna crushes Aguilera

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