Madonna (76%) dominates Le Ann Rimes (24%) The dressing room door of Generation Next burst open. Britney Spears, Le Ann Rimes, Aaliyah and Melissa Joan Hart all turned with a start to see who was intruding upon their domain. To all of their surprise Madonna was standing in the doorway.

"Hey Madonna, super match against Christina Aguilera."* Britney said "You really kicked her and Generation PRIME's ass.... showed them who was boss!" "I'll bet Christina will never pick up another dildo again"

"Yeah it was fun" Madonna retorted, "So fun I decided to come see if you wanted to have a 'fun match' with me for your Warqueen title." "I can see the marquee now" Madonna continues "Madonna versus Brtiney.... Fuck Fight of the century!"

Britney's eyes got wide as saucers and her mouth dropped as did the rest of her entourage. Despite her win-loss record Madonna was still one of the most feared competitors in the Battle Zone. And absolutely no one wanted to face Madonna in a cock fight, unless they where trying to get fucked by the superstar.

"Wow Madonna" Britney stuttered, "uh... that uh, sounds great, but uhhh, I already got a match next month" Then Britney reaches out with her left hand and grabs the shoulder of the person closest to her, "But Le Ann here doesn't, she'll be glad to have some fun with you!"

Le Ann's mouth dropped and her skin turned pale. "What!" she exclaimed. But Melissa & Aaliyah quickly joined in, to insure the challenge did not get swung their way. "Hey great match "Pop versus Country' I love it." says Melissa.

"Yeah who else gets a title match for their debut but a great star like you Le Ann" Aaliyah adds.

Le Ann stood their in shock stuttering "Buttt... but... but..."

When Britney said, "Okay we have a match, it's official" before her friend could think of an excuse.

"Okay" Madonna says with a smile, delighting in the fear she's just inspired. "I'll tussle with our tasty country delight for an appetizer, but when I'm finished, I'm coming after the main course, Britney!" Madonna says with a sly grin on her face and leaves the dressing room.

Once Madonna has left Le Ann explodes "What the HELL have yall gotten me into?"

Britney coolly responded, "Chill out, Madonna is too old to beat somebody like you Le Ann. Just think of the headlines when you leave her cumming in the middle of the ring like the kinky old slut she is." Britney adds "You'll be on every magazine cover in the country" Aaliyah and Melissa join in again with encouragement to reassure their team mate.

Melissa says, "If Shania kicked her ass,** surely you can too!" Melissa knew Le Ann would not allow one of her country rivals to out do her.

"Besides, we'll be there to help you." Britney says with a big reassuring smile. With that Le Ann felt a little better about the match, but still had a lot of concerns left.

The day of the match, all those concerns were very evident on her face. As she stood in her corner, and taking off her robe to reveal a taunt, tight nude body, with the only adornment if had covering it was the huge strap on dildo, the concern was etched on her face. Across the ring, Madonna had nothing but confidence & anticipation on her face as she dropped a robe to reveal a tight body that easily rivaled or surpassed the woman who was half her age across the ring.

At the opening bell, Le Ann's legs tremble a bit as she moves out of her corner. Madonna confidently and patiently stalks her prey. Britney, Aaliyah and Melissa watch the match on a monitor the dressing room, already they are searching and discussing any possibly weaknesses in Madonna's game.

The veteran blonde correctly read Le Ann's tentativeness, and Madonna quickly closed in to attack. Le Ann cringed as Madonna closed in and drove her knee into Le Ann's stomach. The country gal just covered up as Madonna windmills fist after fist all over her body.

Not sure her fist were having their desired affect on Le Ann with her in her defensive crouch, Madonna grabs two handfuls of Le Ann's blonde hair and flings her to the mat. Madonna follows in quickly stomping Le Ann all over her lovely body. Now Le Ann realizes allowing her friends to talk her into this match was a HUGE mistake, Le Ann leaps to her feet and tries to run out of the ring. Unfortunately she is not fast enough to out run the Cock Fight Queen, Madonna who catches her from behind by grabbing the back of the strap of her dildo.

Madonna spins Le Ann around to face her and drives her knee into her crotch, driving the hard dildo back into Le Ann's pussy. The youngster screams like a banshee and is about to drop to her knee's, holding her throbbing cock, but Madonna captures her in a headlock before she could fall. Madonna adjusts her grip to turn the headlock into some kind of choke or a sleeper hold. Le Ann is almost done and weakly waves to the backstage area for Britney, Melissa & Aaliyah to come to her rescue.

The trio of Generation Next backstage look at the monitor and consider their teammate's predicament. "Are we going to go help her?" asks Melissa.

"Well, I've got to defend my title against Alyssa Milano tonight, I definitely can't go out there." responds Britney.

"Did you see what Madonna did to Jessica Simpson and Ananda Lewis all by herself?" ask Aaliyah. "I think Le Ann is on her own in this one."

In the ring, Le Ann almost thankfully is about to pass out from Madonna's choke hold, when Madonna releases Le Ann and allows her to collapse to the mat. The veteran looks over her handy work and contemplates her next move. Madonna takes a seat on the downed girl's stomach and starts to caress her breast.

Madonna bends over and gives a long wet kiss to the prone teen. Madonna's touch on Le Ann's breast was not malicious, but a soft caress causing the pink caps on her breast to become aroused turning a brighter pink, flushed with the blood of passion Madonna was sending through the youngster's body. Madonna kept caressing the breast of her opponent, but with each touch she squeezed a little harder, and her touch was becoming progressively rougher. The conquered teen could only lie on the mat and accept her treatment from Madonna.

Le Ann moans in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Madonna's massage continues becoming harder and harder at each stroke. Madonna stops momentarily to squeeze Le Ann's breast causing her nipples to bulge up, with her erect points standing tall like flag poles. Madonna bends over and puts the nipples in her mouth, tantalizing the tip with her tongue. Then finally biting down with her teeth, eliciting a shriek of pain from Le Ann.

Now with her foreplay session complete Madonna lays her body down on top of the dominated teen. Le Ann's minge is already dripping wet and waiting to receive it's reward. Madonna slides in the phallus and begins pumping her hips. Le Ann offers absolutely no resistance and gyrates her hips in rhythm to Madonna's beat. Not wanting to suffer Christina Aguilera's painful fate where she had dildoes painfully shoved in every opening on her body, Le Ann cooperates and even tries to please Madonna.

Madonna & Le Ann continue their dance until it reaches it's crescendo, and Le Ann's body tightens then erupts in a volcano of sexual tension. Le Ann's body trembles and spasm as she releases her admission of defeat in this sex fight, a long hot wet orgasm. Le Ann shakes as her pussy drips hot thick cum on the mat. Le Ann lies wondering whatever happened to her team mates that were going to save her. Madonna simply rises off her conquest, leaving Le Ann moaning and trembling on the canvas underneath her. The conquering blonde looks into the camera with a lustful look in her eyes and simply says, "Britney you're next!"

MADONNA Likes to Play with the Young Things!

Le Ann stands alone against Madonna

* Madonna fucks Aguilera
** Shania slams Madonna