Madonna (55%) schools Christina Aguilera (45%) This was to be a true battle. The Queen of The Cockfight, Madonna, versus newly emerging talent Christina Aguilera. Miss Aguilera had displayed some skill with a cock in recent weeks, while Madonna is a proven veteran at this match. Both women were in the ring ready to go at it. Each lady stood in a corner, naked, except for the eight-inch strap-on dildo they wore.

Just as the bell rang, the crowd began cheering loudly, as Christina Aguilera's fellow member of Generation PRIME made their way to ringside. Each carried with them a similar dildo to the ones that were being worn by the two combatants. As Madonna surveyed the opposition, Christina took advantage and started the match. A hard roundhouse kick to the side of the older woman's head sent her crashing to the mat. Wasting little time, Christina pinned her down and began punching her opponent repeatedly.

Dazed, but not out of it yet, Madonna rolled over, throwing the lightweight challenger.

Getting to her feet, Madonna quickly pounced on the small challenger, landing a knee to the stomach. As Christina curled up in pain, Madonna positioned her dildo at her waiting snatch. Before the teen starlet could move, she felt half of a hard plastic prick penetrate her dry hole from behind.

Slowly the more experienced champion began to work the cock in and out of her cunt, as the helpless victim yelled in agony. Much to Christina Aguilera's dismay, she felt her nether regions becoming quite moist, and then -BAM!- she was completely full of dildo, her tight cunt stretched far beyond its limits. Sensing the victory, Madonna began pounding into her doggy style, causing the pop star to writher in pain and pleasure. With her focus diverted to driving her opponent to orgasm, Madonna had forgotten about Generation PRIME.

Taking advantage of the situation, Jessica Simpson snuck up from behind, and plunged her dildo deep into Madonna's ass. Yelling in pain, she slumped forward onto Christina's back. With the help of Ananda, Jessica began to try and pry Christina loose from the rubber phallus. Unfortunately, it was wedged in her pussy very tightly, and would not come free. The two then decided to unstrap Madonna, leaving the cock up Miss Aguilera's violated hole. Madonna fell off, struggling to get the dildo out of her ass, but was attacked immediately. Jessica and Ananda both lay into her with hard kicks, knocking the wind out of their older foe. Kick after kick was delivered into Madonna's cunt, causing her to cry in utter pain. Fighting her way to her knees, Madonna managed to remove the dildo from her ass. As the two young stars continued to pummel her, she timed her shot, and then delivered a quick jab with the dildo into Jessica Simpson's exposed muff. The sudden entry caused her to double over momentarily, and the scream startled Ananda. Taking the opportunity, Madonna yanked the dildo from Ananda's hand, and inserted into her cunt with a vicious thrust. Now both girls were doubled over, eight inches of hard rubber shoved deep into them. Madonna grabbed them both, and delivered a double-DDT, knocking the two out cold. Turning around Madonna saw her real opponent had managed to get to her feet, but was very wobbly, due to the fact that she could still not remove the intruder that was snug in her pussy.

Walking over confidently, Madonna spit onto the naked teen, and shouted, "Come on over, SLUT!" Enraged, Christina attempts to deliver a standing sidekick, but is unable to get any extension due to the pain in her crotch. Madonna easily side steps it, causing her foe to crash hard onto the mat. Madonna then turns to the two beauties unconscious on the other side of the ring, she reaches over and removes both dildos, then returns to Christina Aguilera, who is laying on her back spread eagled. Madonna lifts her fallen challenger's legs over her shoulders, exposing her violated pussy.

"You know, if you are going to run around fucking people, you should learn to take a dick also," Madonna says slyly as she rubs the two dildos over Christina's cunt. Gasping in horror at what is about to happen, Christina tries to kick free, but is held firmly by the stronger woman. Suddenly, a pain shoots up her spine that is unimaginable, her tender pussy splitting wide open, as two more dildos are inserted, along side the original one. Christina lays dizzy on the mat, wanting to pass out, the pleasure of a single dildo, replaced by the sheer pain of three. Madonna then removes her opponent's strap-on, and fastens it to her self. Folding Christina up, legs still on her shoulders, Madonna begins to take her up the ass. Unable to do anything but cry, the helpless teen wails in agony. As tears stream down her cheeks, her opponent reaches between her trembling legs, and finds her hard clit. With one swift pinch, Madonna causes the sexy young lady to explode in orgasm. The intensity pushes Christina over the edge, causing her to black out.

Madonna withdraws from her ass and unhooks her strap-on. The ring announcer makes the call, declaring Madonna the winner and still champion, but Madonna still had unfinished business.

Opening Christina's mouth, she places the base of the strap-on in it, then positioned herself over it. Madonna began riding the strap-on and Christina Aguilera's face at a furious rate. Soon, orgasm overtook her, and she came all down the dildo and onto her fallen opponent. She then leaned over and told Miss Aguilera, "Little girl, I think it's time you stopped playing with toys." The undisputed champion then got up and walked out victoriously, as Generation PRIME crawled over to try and help their fallen leader.


Madonna Makes Generation PRIME sing a new tune!