October 1999



Carmen Electra (54%) upsets Pam Anderson (46%) Dennis Rodman is the reason we are all here. He was very public with his desire to do a porn tape with Ex-wife Carmen Electra that would surpass the Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee Sex tapes on the internet. He also claimed that Pam & Tommy planted the tapes on the net, and they were not stolen. Pam was fed up with Dennisí accusations and challenges Carmen to the match. Ever the publicity hound, Pam asked for a nude cock fight. Both ladies fight nude, wearing only strap-on dildoes, To win you must subdue your opponent and fuck her to an orgasm. Each eagerly agreed to the high profile match. Both had a little bit of reservation as well. The former Baywatch beauties were still friends, but both knew their friendship would end once the bell rung. Each knew the other would try to win at any cost. The loser would be pummeled and humiliated by the winner.

Both ladies enter the ring wearing short robes. Each remove the robe to display their glorious bodies in full bloom. Both were also accompanied by their estranged husbands, Rodman & Tommy Lee. They strapped on a 6 inch dildo and readied for the match. They politely smile and shake hands at the start, but everything changes after that moment. They tore into each other seconds later. Pam kicks Carmen in the gut, and takes control of the match. Her fist beat a nasty tune on Carmenís tits, and sends her scurrying for safety. Pam relentlessly follows and presses her advantage. Carmen tries desperately to turn the tide, but the blonde's martial arts training is too much to overcome. Pam is in command and slapping Carmen all over the ring.

Rodman is obviously distraught at ringside. Carmen suffered a frightful beating at his ex-girlfriend's hands, Madonna, a couple of months ago. * Madonna crushed his ex-wife, and humiliated her by dying her hair green, and writing embarrassing remarks on her body after the match. One of Madonna's comments she wrote across Carmen's chest, "More Madonna Seconds Please" escpecially did not go over well with Carmen. Dennisí big mouth got Carmen in this fight, and he feared her wrath if she suffered another embarrassing defeat, especially in a match involving him. Dennis searched for an opportunity to help his lover.

Pam gave him that chance. She ran into the ropes near Dennis to get momentum for another blow to Carmen. As she did, the tall basketball player reaches up and smacks Pam on the ass. Pam whirls around as her butt stung, as the smack echoes through the arena. Carmen, jumpes off the mat, where she had been for most of the match, and runs behind Pam. She wraps her arms around the blondeís slender waist, and pulls backwards. She rolls backwards, pulling Pam to the mat. In a perfect roll-up, Pamís shoulders are pinned to the mat, and her ass high in high in the air, with Carmen seated up top. Tommy had come over to argue with Dennis about his interference. Knowing a pin would not win the match, Carmen, starts to slide her dildo into Pamís exposed cock. Pam smartly reached up, and grabs the strap of Carmenís dildo, and used that to turn the leverage over. Carmen surrenders to Pamís strength and is rolled backwards, until Pam is on top, and Carmen is pinned, folder in two like a matchbook, with her ass up. Pam expertly directs her dildo to Carmenís womanhood, and uses her weight to force the phallus inside her foe. Carmen screams and kicks, but can not upseat the blonde off of her.

Dennis & Tommy have entered the ring, pushing, shoving and threatening to fight. Tommy recognizes Rodman is a world class athlete and a pro wrestler, and is not eager to lock up with him, although they exchange a few punches. Unfortunately for Pam, they had the refereeís attention. She jumps up & down and cames down with her full weight , punishing Carmenís pussy, and easily brought the brown head girl to a screaming, trembling orgasm only the ref did not see it. Pam gets off her shaken conquest and joins Tommy in assaulting Dennis.

Wisely, Dennis took off his shoe and threw it at the approaching pair. It flew harmlessly between them, but it reaches itís intended target, Carmen. Carmen grabs the shoe, runs behind Pam, and whacks her in the back of her neck with the heel. Pamís knees buckle, her eyes glaze over, and her body shut down for a second. Carmen spins her to face her and sends a fist to her stomach. Pamís feet are lifted off the mat, and doubles over, allowing Carmen to land the coupe de gras, another shot with the shoe heel to the back of the head. Pam is driven face down on the mat with her mind in a fog. Seeing everything under control, Dennis leaves the ring, grabbing Tommy and taking him with him. Carmen separates Pamís legs and rubs the dildo across her labia, to arouse the fallen beauty. Carmen slides her dildo into the moistened cunt, and begins pumping. Carmen grabs Pamís hair and lifts her head off the mat, as she rode the flattened beauty from behind. The crowd saw the contrast in Pamís face contorted in ecstasy & agony against Carmenís gleefully wicked expression. As Pamís moaning & panting became heavier, Carmen pumped harder. She forces Pamís face into the mat by her golden locks, and punishes her pussy with everything she could muster. The sound of skin smacking against skin resounds until Pam releases a long shrill shriek and begins trembling. Carmen does not let up till Pam was finished, and could only grunt & quiver on the mat.

Carmen rises and runs to Dennisí waiting arms, while Tommy tends to his fallen lover. As Pam was consoled by Tommy and regain her strength in her corner, Dennis and Carmen approaches. Dennis extendes his hand and said, ďNo hard feelings huh??Ē ďit was all in funĒ Tommy looks at Pam and shook Dennisí hand.

Carmen smiles and embraces Pam, and whispers, ďSorry, but I had to winĒ

"Hell, we should all be partying together instead of fighting", Dennis said, ďHey I got an idea, why donít all 4 of us make a tape, and start rehearsal tonight.Ē Pam looks at the erect large member in Rodmanís pants and bit her bottom lip in anticipation. She is eager, to say the least, at testing out one of the world's greatest, and most notorious freaks. Tommy gazes at the exquisitely sexy nude body of Carmen, and barely can stammer out, ďI...I...I think thatís a fantastic idea!Ē

Carmen Pulls of the Upset for her first victory! Many more will surely come!

Pam takes her first defeat in controversial fashion

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New Cock Fight Added Carmen Electra vs Madonna II