Madonna(67%) Nails Carmen Electra(33%) Madonna once again chooses the hard core match format to dispose of another rival. These two have bumped heads on more than one occasion. Madonna had a very brief interlude with the Artist Formerly Known as Prince in the 80’s. Carmen's first big break came upon becoming the Artist's girlfriend, and he was going to produce her singing career. That fell through but these two ladies found themselves linked more closely by Dennis Rodman. Madonna had a long close relationship with Rodman, but Carmen married him. Today the constant tention & competition between the two explodes.

Carmen comes to the ring first, in dominatrix fashion, wearing a red leather corset, and matching panties, garters & stockings. Even Madonna fans could not help but oogle the gorgeous woman. Madonna follows wearing black spandex pants, and a black halter top. She’s caring an aluminum trash can, to which Carmen grabs a metal chair to counter.

At the opening bell Carmen charges Madonna with the chair reared back to whack her foe. Madonna bearly had time to raise the trash can above her head to block the blow. Carmen again tries to attack with the chair, but that blow too is blocked by the trash can. When Carmen raised the chair again, but Madonna kicked her in her unprotected crotch, and follows by slamming the trash can on Carmen’s skull. Again & again Madonna hits the dazed Baywatch beauty, until Madonna drops the trash can, then captures Carmen's head under her arm, and DDT’s Carmen’s head on Carmen’s chair lying on the mat. Carmen is lying face down, in pain, as Madonna turns her over, spreads her legs and stomps her pussy. Next she hooks her ankles under her arms, and after some careful positioning, she falls back, and sling shots Carmen face first into the turnbuckle. After Carmen crashes into the corner, her knees buckle, but she quickly grabs the ropes to stay upright. She did not to subject herself to anymore of Madonna's pussy stomps.

Madonna is quick back to her feet to deliver several karate chops across Carmen’s breast. Madonna progresses and yanks off the corset to deliver more stinging chops to the unprotected tits. Carmen finally retaliates and desperately fires back at Madonna with punches of her own. Madonna retreats as Carmen follows, but this is just a ploy by the blonde, cause after getting the right positioning, she drops to the mat, and takes Carmen down with an ankle trips, and sends her crashing face first into the trash can left lying in the ring. Carmen sits up and tries to clear the cobwebs, when Madonna, wearing a gloating smile, takes the trash can and fits it over Carmen’s head. She pushes the can down until Carmen’s whole upper body is inside the can. Madonna then grabs the chair and slams it several times into the can with Carmen inside. When Madonna finally pulls the can off Carmen simplt tumbles to the mat, totally finished. Madonna takes her time, exiting the ring to return with a table. She sets the table up and places Carmen on it. Madonna coolly crushes Carmen with a top rope leap that breaks the table in half. Seeing Carmen unable to defend herself, the referee calls for the bell.

Madonna’s longtime companion Naomi Campbell comes to the ring and hands Madonna a bottle. “This one is for you Dennis”, the blonde says with a smile. Madonna squirts the bottle's liquid on Carmen’s head and rubs it all over her head. The mysterious bottle apparently contains dye, green dye, caused turns Carmen's hair lime green. She attaches an ear ring with a chain and attaches the other end of the chain in Carmen’s nose. Madonna takes out a marker and writes “More Madonna Leftovers Please!” on Carmen’s body.

"Maddie" exclaimed Naomi, "What about that patch of hair between her legs? You forgot about that."

"You mean that patch that's she's been using to catch my left overs?" Madonna replied "Why don't you taste it to see if it is as special as mine"

Naomi happily sinks down between Carmen's legs and buried her nose between Carmen's thighs. She licks the womanhood of the helpless woman. Naomi & Carmen seem to delight in the experience. Naomi starts to savor every stroke, while Carmen, still badly hurting from the match, manage to moan a few satisfactory sounds. Her sex organ was able to show her full appreciation of Naomi's talents & efforts. It swells and opens up, allowing Naomi to plunge her tongue deeper & deeper inside. Her tongue seeks & tickles the sopping wet labia on her way to ultimate satisfaction.

Madonna is seething with jealosy. "This bitch has sexed some of my best men, now she wants my number one girlfriend", thinks the blonde. She pulls Naomi back off of Carmen. "I know what to do with this cunt!" Madonna pulls out a gym bag hid under the ring, reaches inside it a pulls out a electric razor. Madonna used the razor to shave Carmen's snatch. The helpless Baywatch babe yelps as the blonde toughly runs the clippers through her pubic hair. The singer kept shaving until Carmen's cunt was as bald as a baby's butt. Once she was through, Madonna lifts Carmen to her feet to display the beaten woman, with Madonna's humiliation heaped on her, to the crowd.

“I am the new queen of Hard Core, and if Anyone disagree, come to the ring!” There were no takers

Madonna & Naomi Smoke Carmen

Maybe Dennis Rodman will be around to comfort Carmen
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