Madonna (56%) upsets Carmen Electra (44%) The two females were in the ring and about ready to go at it. They absolutely hated each other. Carmen Electra stood in one corner in a silk black robe, while Madonna stood opposite her in a dark red robe. Each lady held their weapon, a thick 8 inch strap-on dildo. For this cock fight a standard six inch would not suffice. These two were obviously sluts, and need something more to fill their cunts.

First, Madonna disrobes, even after having a child and being up there in age, she still showed off a great body, firm tits and ass, and a perfectly shaved snatch. Carmen then disrobed, revealing her massive breasts and plump ass. She had shaved all of her pubic hair off except for a small tuft at the very top. The bell rang, and the battle began.

Madonna, immediately began to strap on her fake cock, but Carmen, a veteran in this match,* knew that there would be time for that later. While Madonna fumbled with the latch, Carmen rushed her and landed several hard punches to her head. Madonna went to her knees in the corner, where Ms. Electra grabbed her hair and pulled her to the center of the ring. Madonna kicked and screamed trying to get free, but only received a boot to the ribs for her effort.

While she lay in pain on the mat, Carmen strapped her dildo on, and positioned her self between the singerís thighs. Carmen plunged in with a vicious thrust catching Madonna off guard. The scream of agony and pleasure revealed it all, Madonna was now at her opponentís mercy. Carmen beat into the blondesí cunt with fierce tenacity. As much as Madonna fought, she couldnít get free from the pounding 8 inch tool, and soon found herself getting very wett. The sound of bare flesh slapping as Carmen Electra brutally fucked Madonna in the center of the ring was echoing through the arena. Madonna was moaning loudly, on the verge of cumming, and losing this match. Sensing this, Carmen pulled all the way out and prepared for one final thrust to end the match. As the head of the fake cock popped out of her, Madonna rolled backwards. The down thrust that came, would have easily sent Madonna over the edge, but instead of hitting the soft flesh at the end of her love tunnel, Carmenís dildo met the hard mat. The sudden pain in her lower stomach caused Carmen to curl up on the mat.

Taking full advantage of this opportunity, Madonna readied her own cock and moved towards her prey. Taking her from behind, the blonde singer slammed home her 8 inch dildo directly into Carmenís tender snatch. Amazed at how wett Carmen was, Madonna began to pummel her with a hard fucking. Carmen Electra, while very sexually experienced, was already sopping wett and the 8 inch cock stroking in and out of her was urging her to the verge of orgasm. Madonna reached under her victim and began to maul her huge tits. Carmen was moaning loudly, bucking back against Madonna, she was obviously about to release.

With only a moment to spare, Carmenís senses hit her, and she slammed back into her opponent, knocking Madonna backwards. The referee who was positioned behind the women was knocked backward by Madonna, and tumbled to the mat in a daze. The thrust which had knocked the ref out, had also managed to cause the building pleasure in Carmenís cunt to release, as she fell forward writhing in pleasure. Madonna realizing her opponent had cum, began to showboat, not yet realizing the official had not seen it. Laying in a heap of sweat and cum, Carmen crawled to her corner, desperate to find a way to turn the match around.

She reached into her robe, and pulled out her secret weapon, a monstrously long and thick, 15 inch dildo. Madonna approached the fallen beauty, not aware of what was being concealed. As Madonna stood over Carmen Electra, and reached to pick her up, the sudden pain of something large, much too large to enter her, shot through her body. Carmen rammed the 15 inch prick directly into Madonnaís cunt with a hard thrust, hitting bottom with a thud. Madonna staggered back, then doubled over in agony. Seizing the opportunity, Carmen positioned herself behind Madonna and began to fuck her ass with the original 8 inch strap-on, at the same time reaching between her legs to work the massive tool. Madonna was helpless, the mixture of pain and pleasure was too much for her, soon she was cumming violently. Her spasms and twitching continued as Carmen Electra continued her assault. The dildo in her ass along with the huge prick in her cunt caused Madonna to cum in what appeared to be a continuous orgasm.

After a couple of minutes of this, the blonde star of the 80's fell limp on the mat, she had literally been fucked senseless. As Madonna lay motionless in a large puddle of cum, an 8 inch strap on up her ass, and a 15 inch oversized dildo wedged in her pussy, Carmen began her own celebration. After a minute or so of parading around the ring, she realized that the ref was about to get up, and that he would be able to declare her the winner. Helping the referee over to the fallen Madonna, Carmen Electra bounced in celebration. The referee, however, took a look at the huge dildo jammed into Madonnaís snatch, and informed Carmen that he could not award her the decision because she had used an unauthorized piece of equipment. Madonna, hearing this, began her struggle to stand, and slowly removed the massive dong from her snatch.

Unaware that Madonna was now coherent, Carmen Electra proceeded to slap the official to the ground. Standing over him, Carmen bent over and spit in his face. Madonna saw the sexy brunette in a vulnerable position, and decided to take advantage of the situation. Standing behind her, Madonna lifted the 15 inch cock high in the air and plunged in down to the hilt in Carmen Electraís asshole. The scream of pure agony combined with the bug-eyed expression on her face, showed exactly how Carmen felt. Staggering backwards, then falling to the mat, she struggled to remove the massive device from her, but to no avail, it was simply too deep in her. Madonna then climbed between her legs, positioning her 8 inch strap on, and began to fuck Carmen. The official, now unaware of the huge dildoís position up Carmenís ass, believed that all was legit. So when Carmen came to a screaming orgasm, and could not stop, he proceeded to raise Madonnaís hand in victory.

Madonna unhooked her fake cock, leaving it in Carmenís pussy. As Carmen Electra writhed on the mat in agony, Madonna picked up the other 8 inch dildo that had been in her ass and moved towards the now helpless busty vixen. Carmen realized what was going to happen, but was in mid-scream when she saw it coming. With a swift move, Madonna inserted the dildo that had previously been in both her pussy and ass, directly into Carmen Electraís mouth. Madonna paraded off victorious, while Ms. Electra lay in the middle of the ring eyes wide, all three holes filled, in quite a bit of pain and humiliation.
Madonna is the new Cock Fight Queen

Madonna flexes her muscle on Carmen

Madonna leaves Carmen Naked, Fucked & Beaten!
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* The first Classic Cock Fight with Pammy Anderson

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