There are always Hollywood socials, parties, promotions and premiers happening. The Fabs are certainly no strangers to attending their fair share of events. They try to show up to events in numbers to support each other. It also presents a show of power among Hollywood circles. The Fab cabal is consolidating and gaining momentum and power on the business side. At a Vanity Fair event The Fabs show up in force again. Tia Carrere, Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson attend an event supporting Sofia Vergara, who has important business ties at the event.

Also attending is the very close ally and friend of the Fabs, Angelina Jolie. Quickly Angelina joins the Fabs as they make their rounds around the room. Before long the group is talking and joking about a multitude of news topics. Everyone in Hollywood is talking about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial. The conversation soon progressed to Angelina and Amanda's match from there. Amber defeated Angelina and humbled the legend. Tia eventually asks Angelina about her plans to return to the ring, especially after her shocking upset defeat to Amanda Heard. "You usually come roaring back after a defeat." Tia compliments. "Are you looking for a rematch against Amber?"

"The Amber rematch is a totally weird situation." Angelina explains. "Usually when I lose a match, all my Hollywood executive friends call to kiss my ass. They promise to not work with the other girl again, and they tell me that I'll kick her ass next time. They encourage a rematch and try to sell me on a project to promote in conjunction with the match. When I loss to Amber, nobody called to pucker their lips up to my ass to ease my pain in my moment of weakness. When I saw them, they advised me to stay away from Amber. They told me to that Amber is too much for me and that she will kick my ass over and over again. They said if I fight her again, that she will destroy and humiliate me, and I'd end up her subservient whipped bitch." Angelina shakes her head in disbelief. "Amber is a tough skinny little bitch, but she's hardly unbeatable."

Scarlett Johanssonís face goes blank in a moment of mind boggling revelation. "I should have known." Scarlett mutters aloud. Then her head tilts as her mind races through hundreds of scenarios. "Calderon made a critical mistake." Scarlett focuses her attention back to the group that are staring at her oddly now. "Angelina I think you have given me the key to solve the mystery of Calderon's secret Chosen Team." Scarlett smiles saying, "I think we've found their weak link." She looks at Angelina. "My question is do you want to help expose The Chosen and annoy the living shit out of Amber Heard and make a total fool out of her in the process?"

Angelina smiles broadly and says, "Where do I sign up?"

A couple of days later Scarlett and Angelina appears on Hollywood Jean Basone's Podcast on celebrity catfighting. Hollywood was already a catfighting Hall of Famer, and an original GLOW wrestler when the celebrity catfighting craze skyrocketed. She began her podcast early and it quickly became the number one show in the industry. So, when it was announced that two mega-stars like Jolie and Johannson were going to appear on the podcast, it sent instant shock waves through the industry. Millions of catfight fans worldwide will be streaming the show. Many other celebrities in the league will be tuning in too, for this monumental show. Everyone figures that something great is going to happen.

The podcast interview starts very friendly. Hollywood starts talking to Scarlett about her life with the Fabs. Then they fondly discussed Scatlett's last match and victory over Aria Giovanni.

Then Hollywood turns her questions toward Angelina. First they talk about Angelina's legendary catfight career and her past glory. Finally Hollywood says, "I'm sorry, but I've got to ask about this. You loss your last match against Amber Heard. What are your feelings about that?"

"What can I say Hollywood?" Angelina begins while shaking her head. "I got my ass beat by a total moron." Angelina even laughs at herself along with the few people in the room listening.

Feeling more confident, Hollywood continues, "Angelina, Amber not only defeated you, but she punks you after a match in a way that we've never seen before." Hollywood adds, "Amber smacked you around like she owned you."

"Amber has proven to be the ultimate opportunistic bitch." Angelina rationalizes. "It's no surprise that she took advantage of me being down and out to boost her reputation."

Scarlett chimes in, "Amber Heard is proving to be a lot of different types of bitches. She's a lying bitch, an opportunistic bitch, a smelly bitch, a shitty bitch too." Angelina and Scarlett pause to laugh at Amber's expense. "What kind of bitch puts shit in the bed as a joke? Her next role should be as Pepe Le Pew."

After that moment the podcast became a roast of Amber Heard. Angelina and Scarlett took every opportunity to poke fun and make a joke about Amber. In fact they went far out of their way to scandalize Amber. They started calling Amber 'Pepe Le Pew' throughout the podcast. When Hollywood would change the subject, Scarlett found a way to bring Amber's name back in for another round of jokes.

The slander of Amber was so bad and obvious that callers started asking questions about their animosity for the blonde. One caller blatantly asked, "What's you two's deal with Amber Heard? Angelina, it's rumored that you dated Johnny Depp right before Amber. Is there some jealousy there? The tabloids said that Johnny kind of dumped you for Amber. I think you're salty that she took your boyfriend. Why else would you pile on that woman so much?"

"First this is really none of your business." Angelina snaps. "If you knew Amber, then you'd know why we can't stand that bitch. Johnny and I did have a brief fling, but we both decided to stop because of our close friendship. As a friend, I constantly warned him about his dysfunctional relationship with Amber. She was no good for him. She brings out the worst in him! Amber and I have never gotten along or liked each other. She is a snotty, arrogant spoiled bitch as far as I'm concerned. Amber is a bad person that deserves everything that we've said about her!"

Scarlett adds "I just can't stand her. I'll talk shit about Amber any day of the week."

Hollywood continues taking callers and most of them bring up Amber Heard. Scarlett especially and Angelina continue to trash talk the embattled blonde. Some callers supported Angelina and Scarlett, while others heckled them for their condemnation of Amber. Angelina endured several jokes and comments about Amber beating her and subjugating the legend. However Scarlett quickly has Angelina's back and verbally defends her friend. Hollywood's podcast was extended because of the magnitude of having two mega stars available. However the slander of Amber Heard, aka Pepe Le Pew, aka Evil Bitch, aka The Slut as Angelina and Scarlett referred to her, reached unprecedented levels.

Before long Amber's phone is blowing up with texts and calls telling her about the vicious and shameless slander on the part of Angelina and Scarlett. Amber tunes in out of curiosity, and tries to ignore their bitter comments. Under the advise of studio consultant, Quatro Caldron, Amber tries to be the bigger woman and allow her enemies to continue to make villains of themselves. As their comments and stories got more ruthless and petty the tide of sympathy starts turning toward Amber. After her defamation court case with Depp, her popularity is at an all time low. It takes some doing to turn her into a sympathetic character right now. Finally Amber could stomach no more and grabs her phone and calls into Hollywood's podcast.

"Girls I hate to interrupt, but we have a surprise caller on the line." Hollywood announces with a sly smile. Her podcast is about to break records. "Amber Heard is on line seven." Angelina and Scarlett look at each other emotionlessly. Inside the two skilled actress are overjoyed that Amber finally has taken the bait.

"Are you two fucking kidding me?" roars an angry Amber across the line. "Are really talking all that shit about me? Do you two have a death wish or something?" Amber continues. "Angelina you already know what I'm going to do to your skinny, overrated old ass, the next time that I see you! I'm going to beat you till you're begging me to stop!"

"You're not going to do anything Amber." Scarlett chimes in. "I'll put my foot up your ass faster than Johnny Depp's lawyers!"

"Really Scarlett?" Amber responds. "I've beaten you out for more acting parts than I can count." Amber proudly announces. "You and I both know why too! It's because I'm so much hotter than you that it's pathetic!" Amber adds a mocking laugh. "Esquire Magazine named you The Hottest Woman Alive twice." Amber continues to teasingly laugh, "and you still can't touch me!"

Scarlett stews silently for a moment as she wants to deny Amber's claim, but really cannot. "Bitch you're dumber than a box of rocks, and nuttier than a fruitcake. Didn't your lawyers explain to you that you are not on par with Gal Gadot and Zendaya?" Scarlett's burn makes Hollywood snicker. "After this trial, everyone knows the silliness that all of us in Hollywood have to put up with just because you have great tits and don't mind showing them."

"What business of yours is this anyway?" Amber blurts. "Are you Angelina's new bodyguard or something? After the way I kicked her ass last time, I understand her being scared to face me again."

"Oh pig face." Scarlett condescendingly cuts in. "She's Angelina Fucking Jolie. She does not need protection from you. Second, Angelina is too busy filming movies, and starting charity foundations to spank your bottom every time you get too big for your britches." Scarlett explains. "Luckily I've never liked your ass, and I'm friends with Johnny. I've also got a few spare minutes to beat you ass too. So let's have a match in Stone Rage's Battle Star Arena in two weeks. What do you say? I understand that you can really use a big payday right now, and I can assure you one. Besides, I've really wanted to hurt you since the first time I met you."

"After the ordeal that I've just been through, do you really want fight me?" Amanda says through angrily gritted teeth. "You've got it sweetheart. I'm going to make you eat every word that you're said about me."

After Angelina and Scarlett leave Hollywood's podcast, Angelina tells Scarlett, "I hope you know what you're doing. Amber didn't beat me cause I let her. She kicked my ass because I couldn't stop her. I'm not sure I can stop her from beating me in a rematch either."

"Good thing that I'm not trying to beat Amber. I'm trying to expose her and Quatro Calderon and the rest of his group, the Chosen. After that she can beat the hell out of me, cause I've already won."

Two weeks later, Scarlett is in the middle of the ring of the Battle Star arena in front of a highly energetic sold out audience. She looks very Black Widowesque in a form fitting black full body jumpsuit that is unzipped down the front enough to show a massive amount of cleavage.

Before long Amber makes her way down the aisle to the ring. A lot of fans were hoping for a Marvel verse DC Comics fantasy fight are a little disappointed that Amber is not wearing a green body suit reminiscent of her Aquaman character, Mera. However DC Comics are not so proud of their connection with Amber following the embarrassing defamation trial. However, Amber did not disappoint her fans at all by wearing a black T shirt with the great state of Texas pictured on the front with 'Texas Bitch' printed on it too. Her shirt had a slit cut to show her bountiful cleavage. Amber looked fierce wearing her tight black jeans and a just plain pissed off expression.

Half way down the aisle, Amber stops and gives Scarlett an evil glare. Then she takes off running down the aisle and slides into the ring. Scarlett sees a fiery bad ass coming her way and steps up to meet the challenge. Scarlett intercepts Amber as she enters the ring, but Amber surges up and forward and tackles Scarlett to the canvas. They roll back and forth around the ring as a ball of kicking legs and flailing arms and fists like a cartoon. The fans could not tell who had an advantage, but both lady warriors knew what was happening. Scarlett is getting lamb basted by Amber's fury. Scarlett is getting hit twice as much and twice as hard.

Scarlett kicks and scraps to get away from the mad bitch. Scarlett almost breaks free, but Amber grabs one of Scarlett's arms and pulls her back into her clutches. Amber rips the arm of Scarlett's jumpsuit in the process to expose Scarlett's bare shoulder. Amber resumes pounding on Scarlett's body. Fans now hear Amber's fist thud against Scarkett's body and know Amber is winning. Scarlett jerks free again and almost escapes, but Amber grabs Scarlett by her ankle and drags her back inside her beating zone.

All fans can clearly see that Scarlett is getting the shit smacked out of her. Scarlett keeps fighting to get away. Amber finally grabs Scarlett's hair and whips her head from side to side. Next Amber rises to her feet while hauling Scarlett up with her by the hair. Amber does more vicious hair whipping before flinging Scarlett like a rag doll by her hair. Scarlett's feet leave the ground as she goes flying through the air spinning out of control like a Frisbee. Then Scarlett belly flops to the mat, tits first. Scarlett rolls on out of the ring under the bottom ropes while holding her belly and boobs.

Amber is unleashing all her fury and humiliation from the trial on Scarlett. She does not intend to show her big busted rival an ounce of mercy either. Amber's eyes burn with bad intentions at Scarlett. Then she hops out of the ring after her. Scarlett expected nothing less from Amber. She intended on meeting her intensity and extinguishing it. When they come together, they start throwing fists again. This time Scarlett fairs much better, and gives just as good as she receives. Scarlett just wants to weather the storm and Amber will lose again, just like in court.

When Scarlett matches her intensity, Amber really gets pissed off. She fights more furiously and swings as hard as it takes to send Scarlett wobbling back. Amber is pretty proud of herself after her rival falters once again. Amber vengefully let loose a chop across Scarlett's bouncy busts. Amber is terribly pleased to damage Scarlett's reknown breasts. As soon as a smirk rises on Amber's face, Scarlett retaliates by slugging the blonde in the jaw then follows with a slap across Amber's big tits.

Both starlets pause to look in each other's eyes. The animosity for each other beamed from their eyes. They go back at it again. They are slapping and punching the shit out of each other again. They rock each other, but Scarlett is gaining again this round. She grabs Amber's shoulders and slams her tits into Amber's. Scarlett thinks that she knows how to break a superficial brat like Amber. She goes after her vanity. Amber's perfect breasts gave way to Scarlett's sturdy pair. Amberís eyes flicker in surprise and doubt as her hooters loose a rare confrontation. The momentary pause allows Scarlett to grab Amber's arm and judo toss her across the arena floor.

As Amber goes sliding on the floor, Scarlett climbs back into the ring. The referee admonishes her and tells her that there are rules and this is not a lawless brawl. Scarlett could not care less. She is not interested in winning this match. This is an interrogation. Appropriately, she tries to maintain a cold and examining exterior. Meanwhile, Amber gets up looking like an evil bitch instead of a Texas bitch like her shirt says. She is absolutely fuming as she slowly approaches the ring and climbs back inside.

Amber walks to Scarlett and locks up with her is a wrestling lock. Scarlett slips her hand inside and grabs Amber's Texas T shirt by the slit and rips the shirt wide open. Instinctively Amber strikes with a swinging backhand shot that spins Scarlett around 180 degrees and sends her stumbling away. Amber looks down and sees her shirt torn through her Texas logo. Amber struggles to keep her temper after this northern bitch has just insulted and defamed the great state of Texas. Amber takes off her shirt and tosses it aside so Texas could not be disgraced further. Amber fights on in a black bra and her black jeans.

"You're going to pay for insulting Texas, Yankee bitch!" Amber pounces at Scarlett but she nimbly slips out of the way of the rampaging Texas bitch. Scarlett then allows Amber to build up a sweat and frustration as she dodges, evades and runs from Amber.

Amber finally traps Scarlett in the corner. "I'm going to break you like I did Angelina Jolie!" Amber threatens through gritted teeth. Amber pounces on Scarlett and pushes her back against the corner turnbuckles. She sinks her hands in Scarlett's hair and rockets her knee up into Scarlett's gut. Scarlett rips off a flurry of punches to Amber's boobs. Amber whips Scarlett's head around again till she is too dizzy to target her tits again. Amber finishes by digging her nails into Scarlettt's eyes. As Scarlett tries to clear her vision, Amber raises her foot and puts it against Scarlett's throat for a blatant choke.

The referee is all over Amber's case about the choke. Amber does not give a shit. She wants to fight, not wrestle. She removes her foot then pushes and shoves the referee away. Amber turns her attention back to Scarlett snd kicks her in the side of her knee. Scarlett drops to her knees in a flash. Amber starts firing a series of rapid fire kicks to Scarlett's chest and knockers, like WWE's Daniel Bryant. Amber gets no greater joy than brutally kicking Scarlett's meaty tits, and listening to her yelp helplessly in pain. Amber heartily laughs when she finally stops and Scarlett falls over to the mat, and clutches her boobs.

Amber get tired of listening to the referee bitching about allowing Scarlett room to get out of the corner. So she flips him off and drags Scarlett out of the corner across the mat by her hair. Then Amber pulls Scarlett up to a seated position and wraps Scarlett's own hair around her throat and chokes Scarlett with her own hair with an assist from Amber's knee at the back of Scarlett's head. Amber's fans think it's cute while others think that it is dastardly. The referee is all over Amber's case again to break the hold.

Once Amber finally complies with the ranting referee Scarlett falls over gagging and holding her throat. Amber takes this time to unzip Scarlett's jumpsuit and pull it off over Scarlett's shoulders. Scarlett comes to her senses and scoots away from the girl stripping her. Scarlett flees to the other side of the ring and stands in the corner with her jumpsuit dangling around her waist. Seeing that the clothing will just be in the way, Scarlett starts pulling her jumpsuit off. In seconds she is standing in her black bra and panties and boots. The audience make their loudest roar of the night, seeing Scarlett's body bouncing like a tight rubber ball. Amber found her confidence rocked a little, although she is positive that she is the hottest woman on the planet.

Scarlett did not care one iota about the fan's reaction to her curves. She is upset about being eye gouged, hair drug around the ring, and choked with her own hair. Scarlett spouts, "You dirty skinny little bitch, you want to play dirty? I'm not Johnny Depp. I don't have to put up with your shit!" Scarlett goes full Black Widow on Amber. Scarlett springs toward her rival, but actually executes a forward roll to slip underneath and by a lounging Amber. Scarlett rolls and pops up to her feet behind the passing Amber. She pauses a split second allowing Amber to frantically spin around after Scarlett, and right into a side kick, that flashes up like lightening to her face. The pop of Scarlett's super kick to Amber's jaw sounds through the Battle Star arena. Luckily for her, Amber got a hand up to slightly deflect the blow to avoid getting kayoed. Amber falls to the mat like a tree. Instinctively rolls out of the ring under the ropes. She knows that she is too dazed to function right now.

Amber rolls out to her feet and wobbles away. She hears the crowd's excitement and senses something behind her. Amber whirls around to see Scarlett leaping and flipping off the ring apron and lands with her full body on top of Amber to knock her to the arena floor. While still lying on top of Amber, Scarlett cups Amber's head with one arm and bashes her face with her other fist. Scarlett finally stands and gets off of Amber.

Scarlett hauls Amber to her feet and whips her into the ringside barrier. "This is for Angelina, cunt!" Scarlett yells before she hauls off and kicks Amber in the pussy. Amber's mouth falls open for a silent scream as she drops to her knees. Scarlett taunting laughs at the fallen goddess until Amber strikes Scarlett in the pussy with a fierce straight punch. Scarlett's laugh turns into a howl, as she drops to her knees too.

Both warriors are down holding their crotches. Amber becomes aware of the referee's count for them to return to the ring. Amber viciously springs forward to attack Scarlett. The avenger holds her ground and Scarlett fends off her attacker. Amber quickly resorts to gouging Scarlett's eyes. Then she scrambles for the ring.

Though her vision is blurred, Scarlett lounges and grabs a hold of Amber's leg as she tries to slide into the ring. Scarlett thinks, "This dumb bitch is really trying to win this match." Scarlett laughs to herself. "I don't give a fuck about winning the match or getting my hand raised. This is a fucking fight!" Scarlett jerks on Amber's legs harder to keep her from entering the ring. "She probably really wants the winner's purse. No way in Hell that I'm going to let her get it!" That proved a lot easier said than done. Amber starts furiously beating on Scarlett's head and trying to kick Scarlett off with her other foot. Scarlett doggedly holds on and keeps Amber out of the ring until the referee finishes his count to count both women out of the ring. The referee calls for the bell and declares the match a draw.

Scarlett breaks out in a wide smile and her eyes light up. Frustration, disappointment and anger are etched on Amber's face. "You stupid bitch!" shouts Amber. Scarlett's answer is to grab Amber's bra strap and starts pumping blows into Amber's face. Countless punches bludgeon Amber's face and drives her backwards. Finally the blonde drives her knee up in Scarlett's gut to end the assault.

Since there is no more money to be made, Amber turns and starts up the ramp towards backstage. Scarlett soon recovers and goes after her. Scarlett engages Amber and they start fighting again. However Scarlett is a helluva lot more motivated at this point than Amber is in fighting. Amber fights back but she is taking a serious ass beating. Amber is trying to retreat and get this wolverine off of her. A Three Stooges inspired two fingered eye poke allows Amber to get some distance to continue fleeing to the back.

Scarlett actually allows Amber to get to the top of the stage. Then Scarlett takes off running toward Amber. Scarlett leaps up in the air at her fleeting adversary. Scarlett wraps her legs around Amber's neck. Scarlett loves calling the move the 'crotch-throat grab' in interviews. Actually in the Avengers movie series, Scarlett's character, Natasha Romanoff, did a modified flying scissor-throw or scissor take downs or hurricanranas. This time Scarlett spins around Amber like a top then snaps her hurricanrana shooting Amber like a bullet, hurtling head first through the back stage curtains and into a sliding tit first landing backstage.

It is a disorienting toss. One moment Amber is close to safety, and the next thing she knows, Amber is sliding on a concrete floor on her nose. Amber fumbles to her feet, and frantically looks around for Scarlett, and to gather her surroundings. Scarlett bolts in again with another flying head scissors. Her legs lock around Amber's neck and Scarlett spins her spectacular body around to Amber's side. Scarlett's left leg hooks around the back of Amber's neck and head. Her right leg grapevines around Amber's left leg. Scarlett grabs Amber's right arm and she pulls it behind Amber's back and threatens to pull it out of the socket. This modified wrestling Octopus stretch hold was made famous as former WWE Diva, AJ Lee's submission finisher called the Black Widow.

Amber is bent over forward and falls to one knee screaming. Backstage cameras catch the entanglement of bodies in a knot of arms and legs. There is no counter, Amber quickly starts tapping Scarlett's big ass. It is the only body part that Amber could reach to tap out for her surrender. "Talk bitch!" Scarlett aggressively interrogates her captive. "I know that you're part of Calderon's new Chosen fraction. Now tell me who are the other members."

Scarlett first suspected Amber's membership after her conversation with Angelina Jolie during that party. Once she heard how studio executives reacted to a top commodity like Jolie, she knew there was a secret reason. To be safe, she conducted her own investigation and found it to be true.

Amber pleads, "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not in anything. I give up! You win! Just please let me go!"

"Don't bullshit me! I can break you in half with this hold." Scarlett grumbles before flexing and tightening the hold. She hears a loud whimper and soft sobbing afterward. "Give me names. Now!"

"I can't. I won't!" Amber babbles. Scarlett holds on and patiently waits for Amber to break, either mentally or physically, it did not matter to her. Amber holds on before yelling, "Help! Please somebody help me! She is is fucking crazy. Please somebody come save me!" Scarlett punishes Amber's pleas for help by stretching Amber more.

"I don't give a shit about you begging for help." Scarlett advises. "I don't care if you get hurt. This only ends when you answer my questions. You know me Amber! You know that I'm not going to stop."

"I know that you're a heartless heifer!" Amber snaps.

"It takes one to know one!" Scarlett fires back. "Suffer you stupid whore. Suffer or talk bitch!" Scarlett heartlessly applies the pressure.

Amber screams and whimpers, "Let go! You're not going to get anything out of me." Amber's voice starts cracking. "I can't talk. The studios would destroy me. You know this. It would be career suicide!" After Scarlett did not respond, Amber knew that Scarlett understands the repercussions for Amber, she just does not care. "You also know that the executives aren't going to let you get away with this. You've got a helluva ass kicking coming, dumb bitch."

Amber continues to rationalize and negotiate with Scarlett for her release. Finally a forceful and authoritative voice says "That's enough Scarlett, let Amber go, now!" Scarlett looks to see Nicki Minaj approaching out of the shadows. Scarlett releases Amber and both vixens fall to the floor in the process of untangling. "You asked for the rest of the Chosen and now we're here. What are you going to do?"

Scarlett is on the floor seeing Nicki with Kate Upton and Margott Robbie starting to surround her. Amber weakly starts crawling to the safety of her sisters, as Scarlett nervously and fearfully looks around. She foolishly had not planned for this scenario.

"You know that we really should be kicking your sorry ass right now for what you've done to Amber", Nicki begins. "But we've got years to dominate you in the future. You get a pass because I need you to deliver a message to your superiors. Tell the Fab Four that the studio executives have decided that their time of importance in the league is over. The time has come for the next stage in evolution. Therefore studios have gathered the four of us, The Chosen, to be their executioners, and the league's new dominant force. We are challenging the Fab Four to a four on four match at RAGE III in an Unconditional Surrender match. That is a match where the losers have to comply with all the conditions and stipulations of the winners." Nicki pauses. "Now get the fuck out of here before I change my mind about kicking your ass tonight!"

Scarlett frantically scrambles to her feet while stammering, "Yes.. yes, Thank you. Thank you for your cooperation." Then Scarlett beats a hasty retreat.


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