Click... Click... click...

“The time has finally come. We have been laying back for long enough. Our enemies have already played their hands and have taken their best shots. They gave us a few bruises, but we absorbed them all and kept moving. Now all of their chess pieces are in motion and on the board. Now that their plans are so far in motion that they can't be changed. Now we start unraveling the strings. I am the one to start pulling those strings. I have been playing the world's best spy, the Black Widow for ten years. I've been researching espionage and interrogation tactics for over a decade now. Everyone thinks this a simple revenge match between the Fabs and the ABA. Aria Giovanni was part of Madonna's crew that jumped my teammates recently. So this bitch deserves the ass kicking that I'm going to give her. Stone Rage and the booking committee have set up a vehicle for me to do more to her. This catfight is booked on location at a private mansion. Only I, Aria and the production crew are present. None of our teammates are here to interfere with the match. Also, no one is here to stop me from interrogating Aria and getting all of the ABA's secrets out of her.”

Click... Click... click... Scarlett Johansson’s heels clatter against the mansion’s hardwood floors as she goes to battle the ABA's Aria Giovanni. She is wearing a Black Widow-like skin tight black spandex suit. However it is way thinner than what her super heroine counterpart would wear and there is nothing underneath. It could easily be ripped and stripped right off of her curvy body. Even if the thing gets wet there will be a lot less left to the imagination.

Aria walks from her room wearing a red sling shot bikini. It hides her vital parts, but very little else. These opportunities for a big money fight especially against an A-list star do not come frequently for her. Scarlett says that she is upset about Aria slapping her teammate Eva Longoria at ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 show. Life in the ABA can often be a pain in the ass, but it can be fun and pays very well at times. Putting a vibrator inside of Longoria's pussy then locking a chastity belt on her so could not get it out anytime soon was fun. Riding Longoria's face was certainly fun too. Fighting Scarlett now will be very profitable, no matter the outcome. Hopefully sexy outfits like she is wearing will get the attention of the fans and media to get her more opportunities as well.

Aria walks into the living room where the fight will take place. She looks around the room. The mansion has an open floor plan where the living room flows into a dining room area. It is much like the kind of homes that are rented for a reality show. Suddenly her attention is grabbed as Scarlett enters the room from the opposite side. "Hmpt she's a lot shorter than I thought she would be." Aria thinks. "That should make things a lot easier. All I've gotta do is get on top of her, and that's all that she wrote." Aria's next thought is, "She is a sexy little mutha fucker though."

Scarlett comes out and her eyes find Aria. She starts staring a hole right through her target. Scarlett notices that Aria looks older and heavier than she expected. "Hmpt that's good." Scarlett thinks. "I'll just wear her big old ass out, then take her apart." Scarlett's very next thought is, "Wow she is a sexy ass bitch though."

After sizing each other up, they stand about eight feet apart, awaiting the start of the match. Aria grabs her chest and starts rubbing her titties. She squeezes, molests and plays with her breasts like she is doing an adult video. Aria looks at the cameraman assigned to follow her. "Make sure you make me look good, Mr. Cameraman. If you do, I'll make Scar Jo give you a blow job after I beat her ass." Aria continues to play for the camera and make eyes at the camera while Scarlett stands there and ignores her antics.

The rules for this match are simple. It is anything goes, with a fight to the finish. A submission, a knockout or executive stoppage will decide the winner and loser. The only people present are the camera crew and a few security members to intervene if one woman is about to do serious harm to her opponent. All items in the mansion is fair game to be used.

"Uh hmm" a security guard steps up and says. "Ms Giovanni, may I remind you that you have a nudity penalty as a result of the Madonna Mafia's attack of the Fabs at ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3. You must remove your outfit before we can begin."

Scarlett releases a snickering smile at that news. Aria shrugs her shoulders carelessly. She takes off her little slingshot bikini that did not cover much anyway. Once removed, Aria tosses it at the security personnel. "This is supposed to embarrass or throw me off of my game?" Aria asks to anyone paying attention. "I've got nothing to be ashamed about. This body distracts others not me. Poor Scarlett had a better chance with this weapon of mass destruction covered up." Aria finishes while posing. Aria is happy that she at least cameos her stunning outfit. It had its desired effect.

A chime sounds to start the match. Both ladies come toward each other with their fists raised. Aria throws out a left-right combination as they near. Scarlett swings from side to side like a pendulum and avoids the combination. Then Scarlett counters with a high spin kick that lands, and sends Aria stumbling away. "Just as I thought, she’s too slow and not in peak fighting shape." Scarlett thinks to herself.

Aria straightens up and puts proceeds back toward Scarlett, saying, "I see that you've got those Black Widow moves down pat. Too bad this isn't a movie." Aria walks to Scarlett. Aria's hand flashes out and pulls down the zipper of Scarlett's jumpsuit. Aria's jerks the zipper down as far as it would go. Scarlett's head drops to see what if anything is popping free, as her mouth drops open in shock too. Aria immediately opens fire with a straight right, followed by a left, and then another right and left combination. Finally Aria finishes her offensive with a right hook. Scarlett stood dumfounded with her hands by her sides and her big tits jiggling as she took each shot to her gorgeous face.

Each heavy fist marches Scarlett backwards with a furious snap of her head from left to right. As Scarlett reels back she puts a hand on a table for support after being rocked. Aria keeps coming. She puts both hands on the other end of the table to lift herself legs up for a double kick into Scarlett's belly. Scarlett exhales and doubles over backing away a lot quicker and faster.

The double kick sends Scarlett fleeing away fast and far enough for her to regain some composure. When Aria presses forward and attacks with another right-left combination, Scarlett is able to block and swat Aria's punches away with her left and right forearms. Aria follows immediately with another combination that is totally neutralized again by Scarlett's defenses swatting them aside. Scarlett is looking like a ninja or at least Steven Segal until Aria is able to sneak by Scarlett's defenses and land an open hand palm strike to Scarlett's belly, right below her belly button. Scarlett barks loudly and stumbles backwards again while hunched over.

Aria keeps pressing the advantage with Scarlett on the run. Scarlett is retreating backwards. Aria closes the gap by leaping up and grabbing a hanging light fixture. Aria swings on the light fixture and uses the prop to kick Scarlett in the chest to send Scarlett rocketing back into the wall.

Scarlett's back slams into the wall. With her jumpsuit unzipped down to her waists, Scarlett's round tits protrude out from inside of her outfit like two torpedoes. Her breasts are still shaking as Aria drops off the light fixture and springs toward Scarlett. However Scarlett had found a single peaceful Zen moment in the midst of confusion to gather herself, and roared back like a tiger.

As Aria pounces, Scarlett bounds back at her. Both have fists drown back like a comic book cover. As they are about to collide the fists fly. Scarlett's fist is much faster and lands first to put a halt to Aria's spree. Aria is stopped like a rampaging elephant. The adult model's head twists, her knees buckle and her hands drop, but she does not go down. Scarlett does not stop there either. Scarlett's fists seem to glow and sparkle they are moving with such velocity and might as she unleashes a flurry of punches. Aria is caught in a storm of impactful punches. Scarlett's barrage easily marches Aria backwards across the room that Aria just pounded Scarlett around.

Scarlett unleashes a wide swinging backhand shot that spins Aria around 180 degrees till she is facing the opposite direction. Scarlett grabs Aria by the hair on the back of her head and directs Aria's face toward a room support. Scarlett slams Aria's head into the column for five hard thumps into the unforgiving wood, before the larger woman breaks free.

Aria is a little dazed and staggers through a doorway into another area of the mansion. When Scarlett follows after Aria, she is met with a side kick that thumps to her chest. Aria's kick sends Scarlett rocketing right back where she came from. Scarlett's big round breasts rebound to their normal fullness after being flattened momentarily. Aria walks back through the door and kicks Scarlett again in her chest. Scarlett is propelled backwards again. When Aria comes forward again, Scarlett does a forward roll on the ground like a gymnast. When Scarlett comes out of her roll she meets Aria with a kick up to Aria's tits, while still on the ground. The ABA adult model is jolted backwards with her plump tits slapping her in the face.

Scarlett rolls again and sends another foot rocketing up to boot Aria's tits again. This time Aria fights through the pain to grab Scarlett's ankle as she tries to draw it back and traps Scarlett on the floor with her leg. Aria quickly uses the opening to move to Scarlett's side and stomp down on the actress' belly. Aria gets in three good stomps making Scarlett loudly grunt, before the actress steals a page out of Aria's book. Scarlett grabs Aria's foot as she lifted it. Scarlett sharply twists Aria's foot and ankle to make the adult model scream and fall to the floor.

Aria fell to her elbows and knees. Scarlet flashes up to her knees behind Aria and drives the point of her elbow into Aria's lower back. Aria is knocked flat and face first on the floor. Scarlett puts her knee on Aria's lower back to pin her down, then start driving hammer fists into Aria's unprotected side and ribcage. Scarlett moves off of Aria's back and starts raining hammer fists onto Aria's lower back again. Scarlett is swarming all over Aria. She wrecks one body part with several very hard blows then quickly moves to another area before Aria can counter or respond. Scarlett missteps when she drives knees into Aria's side and accidently rolls the beauty over onto her back. Aria's legs instantly shoot up to wrap around Scarlett upper body and tosses her away.

Both women scramble to their feet and stare at each other with a burning intensity. Scarlett is ready to end this fight and get to her primary objective to interrogate this bitch and discover the objectives of the ABA. Aria is ready to tame her bothersome enemy. Then subjugate and humiliate the bitch by make her suck the cameraman's cock. It is no secret that one of the ABA's primary objectives has always been to prove their superiority over Fabs.

Suddenly the random thought that, "maybe this bitch is more skilled than me." crosses Aria's mind. So out of the blue, Aria charges in and tackles Scarlett to the ground sending the two rolling across the expensive, plush carpet. Aria hoped to throw the structured fighter off of her game. Following their roll, the two break apart and pop up to their feet. Scarlett popped up quicker and more graceful than Aria, allowing her to go on the attack first. Scarlett sprang up and connected to Aria's face with a one-two punch combination. Aria swung back, but missed when Scarlett dipped backwards, then her hand shot out like a viper to Aria's throat area while Aria's protection was lacking. Aria forgets everything and instinctively grabs her throat, allowing Scarlett to trip and toss her nemesis. Aria is pitched forward and goes rumbling and tumbling across the room.

The camera crew sensed that Scarlett is about to go full Black Widow on Aria. As Scarlett approaches, Aria springs back to her feet and throws a tired and frustrated haymaker at her rival. The beautiful Scarlett slips the punch by stepping inside of the blow and getting closer to Aria. Almost at the same time, Scarlett is spinning around 180 degrees and nails Aria in the mouth with a spinning back elbow. Aria's head snaps back with a roar. She really did not really know where the blow came from. Aria tries to retreat away from this tornado, but Scarlett lands another solid punch to the brunette's cheek. The shot rocks Aria and stops her retreat in her tracks. Scarlett whips around behind the punch drunk brunette and kicks her into the small of her back. Aria is launched forward and goes crashing face first into a bookshelf in the room. Aria eats the books with her face, then slowly sinks to the expensive carpet in a daze. Of course the book shelf rocks on impact making a few books fall and rain down on Aria as she sits at the bottom in a funk.

The production crew watches in disbelief. Maybe Scarlett is really a super heroine after all. This mansion fight is turning into a real live action movie scene. Everyone is real curious about how this night will end.

Scarlett rushes over and hauls Aria to her feet. She spears Aria in the side with a short right hook into her ribs to subdue the Amazonian goddess. Then Scarlett directs Aria's face to the book shelf again and slams her face into a row of books. It only happens twice before Aria throws a vicious back elbow to Scarlett's nose. Aria tried to drive Scarlett's nose into the little woman's brain. Scarlett immediately releases Aria and staggers backs off in a daze. Her hands are up to fend off things that are not there and her eyes are watering and rolling in her head.

Aria whips around to see Scarlett stunned. For a moment everyone there thought that the fight was about to change. Then Scarlett shook her head and her eyes zoom in and focus on Aria with extreme intensity. Instantly there is that "Oh shit!" moment. Then Aria's eyes immediately flair and her grits her face with the same intensity. "Shit is about to hit the fan!"

Aria charges after Scarlett first. Aria strikes with her left fist followed immediately by a right hand punch. Scarlett slips to her right to avoid the first blow and throws her forearm up to block Aria's second. Promptly Scarlet counters with a high kick that rocks Aria right to the side of her head. She loudly exclaims "Ungh!" and drop her defenses in a stupor. Scarlett lets her hands fly, pulverizing Aria with a couple of combinations that backs the brunette across the room. Scarlett finishes with a wicked upper cut that lifts Aria's body off of her feet and deposits her back on top of a round table. Of course the table tumbles over sending Aria tumbling out of control to the floor.

Not everyone can see Aria on the floor, but the room is filled with her heavy breathing. Aria was not prepared for this intense battle. Scarlett calmly walks around the table where Aria lies. For one of the few times in a long time, Aria's thick body is working against her. Those magnificent bowling ball size tits and her wide ass are weighing Aria down. She is exhausted, but when she sees Scarlett, Aria starts getting up. Aria struggles to stand. For the first time in the battle Scarlett speaks. "Hey Aria! This is for Eva!" Scarlett does a super kick and jaw jacks Aria into space. The brunette warrior's head almost flies off of her shoulders and her body goes limp, and she crumbles back to the carpet.

After hearing the sick pop of that super kick on Aria's jaw, many felt that Eva had been avenged. Aria understands that this is one of those bad days in the ABA when she has to pay for her good day in the ABA. Luckily pay is the key word in the last sentence. Aria hopes her big paycheck will be worth the bruises tomorrow. Aria gets up thinking her heavy hands give her a puncher's chance to still come out of this as a winner.

Scarlett watches Aria slowly and wobbly rises to her feet. She knows this tired Amazon has no chance. So Scarlett patiently waits for Aria to get to her feet and try to gather herself to fight. Once Aria stood and her befuddled brain was trying to contemplate a strategy. Scarlett takes off running toward Aria. Then she leaps up in the air at her hapless adversary. Scarlett wraps her legs around Aria's neck and captures her in Scarlett's Black Widow's finishing maneuver. Scarlett calls the move the 'crotch-throat grab' in interviews. Actually in the movies, Natasha Romanoff did a bunch of modified flying scissor-throw or scissor takedowns or hurricanranas. This time Scarlett does a flying triangle choke hold. She snares Aria's neck with her legs. Then she spins around gathering momentum and slings Aria to the ground. As Aria lands face down Scarlett adjusts her legs to capture Aria's arm in her scissor hold also. Finally Scarlett applies pressure to complete a skillful and effective flying triangle choke hold.

Because of the spectacular and blazing way the hold was applied, Aria is locked tight before she realized what had happened. "You're done for." Scarlett tells her captive. "You are so fucking done for. You're not getting out of this." Scarlett flexed her legs and wrenches the hold tighter, and making Aria elicits a sharp yelp. Scarlett grabs Aria by her raven colored hair and pulls her head to the side against her captured arm. This restricts Aria's breathing but more importantly pinches Aria's carotid artery to cut off her blood flow to her brain for a blood choke. Aria growls and grunts as she struggles in the finishing hold. "You're through bitch! You're not going anywhere. Just fucking go out." Scarlett taunts. Aria keeps fighting. She arches her back and kicks her legs. "You're not going anywhere. My legs are too fucking strong for you. I'll synch down harder." Scarlett prophecies and squeezes her legs tighter. Aria roars but quickly her movements slow to a halt.

Aria's left leg shaking was her only movement left. Then it stops. Scarlett brushes the hair off of Aria's face with her hand. Next Scarlett lifts Aria's limp arm and lets it drop lifelessly back down. "She's done." Scarlett says beginning to smile. "She's done, done, done." Scarlett adds while opening her legs to release Aria and rise to her feet. Scarlett puts a foot on Aria's chest and raises her hand while looking into the camera. Finally she proclaims "Victory!" The chime sounds to end the mansion catfight. Scarlett smiles and poses taking in a little glory, then walks off of Aria. The cameramen swarm over Aria's body with their camera lenses capturing the vision of the spectacularly sexy naked body lying forlornly on the plush carpet.

Scarlett goes to a desk while the cameramen get their shots to end the broadcast. Scarlett gets a strap on dildo from a drawer and vibrator with a rotating tip with rubber spikes on it. Scarlett returns to Aria and says, "Excuse me guys. Aria and I need to have a little girl talk." Scarlett reaches down and grabs Aria under her armpits and drags the sleeping beauty into another room, then closes and locks the door.

Scarlett looks down on Aria as she starts to come around after being drug. Aria's ass is a little bit warm from rug burn. Scarlett goes to the carpet and starts rubbing and caressing Aria's pussy. That really arouses Aria and brings her around. "Hey Aria, I wanted a little private time with you." Scarlett softly says as her finger gently enters into Aria. The adult model coos and squirms in erotic pleasure. "Let's talk about this crazy business, the Fabs, the ABA and Quatro Calderon and enjoy ourselves. It's really a pleasure being with you. You have such a gorgeous body. I hope I can please you with mine."

A nude girl on girl sex scene proceeds from there. Scarlett talked about the match and their respective groups, but nothing heavy. Aria began to think that the horny little woman just wanted a piece of her body for real. Scarlett chatted a bit then they brought each other to orgasm. Then that event would begin all over again. Scarlett asked a few general questions about the ABA and Calderon. Aria gave her total bullshit answers. Aria thought this was surely about the sex more than anything.

After forty minutes and about five orgasms apiece Scarlett is ready to leave the room. She tells Aria, "Good talk" with a cheerful pun and chuckle as Scarlett dresses back in her bodysuit. Scarlett opens the door to see the entire TV crew waiting outside of the room with great big eyes, wondering what happened inside. Scarlett winks and heads to her dressing room.

The producers step inside to check on Aria. She lies totally drained and exhausted on the floor. Between the fight and the fucking, she has absolutely nothing left. Aria told the producers that she is fine but will lie there in the floor for a bit to regroup.

About ten minutes later Scarlett exits her room while talking on her cell phone and still wearing her jumpsuit. Her driver leaps to his feet to take her home. "Yeah the moron told me everything about the ABA and Calderon." Scarlett tells the person at the other end of the phone call.

About this time the security are physically helping Aria out of the room and through the main area to her bedroom. Aria looks totally confused and exclaims "What?" Aria tries to see how Scarlett got anything useful out of the dribble that was spouted while they were enjoying each other.

"The ABA are not in partnership with Calderon. They just know that they can get a bunch of money by attacking us. Acually the ABA and Calderon are only tolerating each other and will turn against one another anytime. The rumors about a secret group that have been training to knock the Fabs off are true."

Aria stands in total confusion muttering, "Huh? How did you?", to herself. Then the two Black Widow interrogation scenes from the Avenger's movies came to mind. Scarlett's character got all the information out of her interviewee from little talk at all. Aria and the production crew are starting to believe that Scarlett might be a real live super spy.

Everyone stands marveled and amazed at Scarlett. The Avenger looks at Aria and says, "Thank you for your cooperation."

Scarlett then heads to the door while speaking on the phone. "Get everybody together. I've got a lot of information to go over."

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