Four Months Earlier
"Amber Heard, it's great to see you. You look amazing!" Quatro Calderon says as the blonde arrives in his executive office at the top of one of the largest movie studios.

"It's always great to see you Quatro. You have been a big part of my career's success. I always love getting a call from you. It's always big and lucrative, when we make a deal." Amber acknowledges as she takes a seat before his desk. "You said you have something huge for me. What is it?"

"Stone Rage's league" Calderon explains. "The Studio executives are tired of Rage's rogue behavior and are asking me to bring him down. I'm working with the studios and filed the injunction that's been keeping him shut down in court. We're working on a promotional deal with Rage to settle out of court, and make me the league's Studio Consultant. Once I'm there I will take control and force Rage to sell to the corporation. Then I will have the option to stay on as CEO, or move on. Currently I'm looking to form and train a group of phenomenal young ladies to be the premier stars for the league. The plan is for them to step on the necks and crush the Fab Four and dominate the main events and titles and carry out my vision of the league. Nicki Minaj has agreed to join, and I'm hoping you will be my second member, Amber."

Amber has had a lot of dealings and success with Calderon in the past, thanks to her now ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Most of his deals are sure and lucrative ventures. Being part of this soon to be legendary group could be career changing. It could be like getting in on the ground floor of Microsoft. Headlining the league with the studio's full commitment will turn her into one of the biggest power brokers in the industry. Amber discusses but at the end, the answer is what she thought it would be. "Yes Quatro. I'll join your group. Now tell me how you're going to turn me into a headlining fighter genius. I've never been in the ring before."

"Not a worry." Calderon assures. "I have the best in the world training you. Do you remember the WWE legendary diva Victoria?" Calderon pauses and sees that the name doe not ring a bell with Amber. "Anyway, she will be your trainer. Nicki is already working with her. I have every confidence that she can convert you into a champion in the ring. Just to help motivate you, your first opponent will be one of your role models, Angelina Jolie."

"Role model? I'm waiting to prove how much better I am than her." Amber snarls back.

"See you're already motivated." Calderon teases. "I assure you that Angelina is a top quality championship fighter. If you can beat her, you can contend with anybody. If not, you'll suffer a humiliating defeat in the ring. I'm sure Angelina will make it as painful as possible. There is also a good chance I'll replace you in the group, unless you really impress me in defeat. Of course I will compensate you handsomely after that for your confidentiality. If you talk, you'll make an enemy of the studios. Blackball is such an ugly word. I love you Amber but orders are orders. If we still have an agreement you'll face Angelina at STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!"

"Don't worry, busting up Angelina Jolie will be a pleasure." Amber responds with a determined expression on her face. "I'm not going to beat Angelina, I'm going to dominate her old scrawny ass. She'll never cross me again."

Everything moves according to Calderon's plan. Amber immediately began secretly working with Victoria and Nicki Minaj. He worked with Christina Applegate, the booking committee head to flawlessly get Amber a contract into the league without anyone knowing their connection. It was blended in the course of normal business. Then he got the high profile matched booked. It was easy since Angelina and Amber have such a history. No one asked questions and Angelina was eager to take the huge payday, and get to destroy yet another younger rival.

Their history began when Angelina and Johnny Depp had an alleged relationship while co-starring in the 2010 film, The Tourist. It was brief but Johnny and Angelina remained good friends. When Johnny decided to marry Amber, Angelina was vocal privately and publicly against it. Shortly after there was a New York Post article, titled "Is Amber Heard the new Angelina Jolie?. Amber always says she uses Angelina as a role model. What woman truly admires their man's former girlfriend? Who wants to be compared to the accomplished ex as being her copy? Amber is not using Angelina as a role model, but more so as a target. Maybe that is why she allegedly had a fling after divorcing Depp with Angelina's ex husband, Billy Bob Thornton. These women have been on a collision course for years.

The Present
Fight night quickly arrives. STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! is an unique event. The arena is decorated appropriately for a New Year's eve party. It is a Hollywood black tie affair. Unlike a normal event, the arena floor is filled with round tables with table cloths and chairs instead of ringside seating. It looks like a banquette hall with a wrestling ring in the middle of the floor. The league's A-listers are seated and partying. Stone Rage's favorite DJ, DJ Lady Tribe is rocking the house. The ticket buying audience is seated in the arena seats above. All are having the time of their lives. It’s the Stone Rage party of the year.

Before long Angelina is in the ring wearing a one piece black tights staring across the ring at Amber. Angelina is totally calm and confident. She observes her foe for clues, since she has never seen Amber in the ring. She sees that her blonde rival is a bit nervous going into her first match. Overall Amber seems confident and cocky in herself. "Young and foolish", Angelina thinks. Amber's cocky attitude has always rubbed Angelina the wrong way. It is one reason that she warned Depp about marrying her. Although her face is stoic, she is smiling inside. She is going to punish this haughty blonde that adores sleeping with her former lovers. She thinks that Amber has a vendetta against her or something. Angelina loves dismantling all the 'New Angelina Jolie's' pretenders. She is not nearly done being the original Angelina Jolie. She looks at her foe with no sympathy thinking, "That arrogant little bitch does not know what's in store for her."

Meanwhile in the opposite corner, wearing gold one piece tights, Amber stares back at Angelina while trying not to smile or smirk. Unlike most pretenders to Angelina's throne, she is not in awe of Angelina’s aura. Amber has to admit that Angelina is superbly accomplished, and deserves all the prestige heaped upon her. However Amber knows, from behind the scenes conversations with Depp and Thornton, that Angelina is just a woman; A woman who has more than her fair share of vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Also Amber has trained relentlessly with Victoria. She has spent so much time sparring with especially Victoria and Nicki that she definitely does not feel like a rookie. Amber feels sorry for Angelina. "She has no idea that her reign is about to come to an end. She has no idea what she's gotten into."

The bell rings and Amber tears out of her corner towards Angelina. The brunette is charging toward Amber as well. Based on her past matches, Victoria predicted Angelina will try to attack as soon as the bell rings. Amber is prepared, she starts even quicker than Angelina. Amber proves to be a little faster. She meets Angelina on her side of the ring and lands first. Amber wallops Angelina over the tits with a hard forearm that stop Angelina's charge. Angelina grunts but responds by throwing fist. Amber throws elbows and forearms on the inside, while Angelina's fists come hammering down over the top and from the sides.

Angelina's breast are taking a beating from clean hard shots, but she scores just as many with clobbering blows that knock Amber's head about. Amber steps in closer to alleviate some of Angelina's power. Meanwhile her inside blows score more effectively, driving Angelina backwards. Angelina's slow march backwards takes a quantum leap when Amber kicks her in the mid section, right below her tits. Angelina gets knocked back into her corner of the ring.

Amber pounces on Angelina and traps her in the corner at the same time. Amber unleashes everything that she's got. Amber batters Angelina with fists, elbows and forearms. Angelina covers and cowers under the onslaught. Suddenly Angelina drops to the mat. Amber is very proud of her little accomplishment.

Angelina rolls under the bottom ropes and out of the ring. Then she immediately reaches back into the ring and grabs Amber by the ankles. Angelina jerks Amber's feet out from under her and brings her down to the mat. The veteran keeps a hold of Amber's ankles and starts pulling the startled novice out of the ring to the arena floor, with her slick veteran trick.

After pulling Amber out of the ring Angelina is all over Amber. Angelina batters the blonde with fists and knees as soon as Amber's feet touched the arena floor. The quick change in location worked just as Angelina thought it would on her young rival. Amber covers up and tries to stagger away. Angelina stays on the blonde, mugging her, slowly smothering her with violence. Victoria has warned Amber about this from the cagey veteran. It does not look like much, but this close brutality really takes the energy out of Angelina's opponents. Worried that this happening to her, Amber shoves Angelina, then breaks out in an extremely cowardly run to escape her tormentor.

Angelina takes off chasing Amber like a wolf chasing a rabbit. The blonde once again is quick enough to keep ahead of big bad Angelina. Amber lapped the ring once and a little more before Amber gained enough distance to dive under the bottom rope and get back into the ring. Not quite as graceful as her younger rival, Angelina slides under the bottom rope after Amber. The blonde has just sprung to her feet as Angelina slides into the ring. Amber tries to stomp Angelina as she comes into the ring. However the smart veteran rolls instinctively out of the way, leaving Amber stomping down on an empty mat. Amber quickly stomps down on Angelina again but the veteran rolls out of the way yet again. Amber is on one leg after her knee felt the reverberation of two missed stomps. Angelina swings her legs from lying on the mat and knocks Amber's feet from under her, sending the blonde crashing to the mat.

Both women slowly get to their feet and gather themselves. Next they start circling each other for the next chapter in their war. Amber confesses, "I got to admit, I'm impressed. You are really as good as people say."

Angelina chuckles and answers, "Thank you, grasshopper."

"Now it's time to see if what Johnny and Billy Bob say about you is right also." Amber continues. "They say you're a spoiled brat that is horrible in bed. Really, they say you couldn't fuck your way out of a paper bag. Also, when I start kicking your ass, you're going to go nuclear bat shit crazy and throw a tantrum, until your psychologist can calm you down and put you back together." Amber smiles, but notices an ever so slight change in Angelina's expression, and realized that her psychological attack just accomplished its job.

This not so tender moment ends as Angelina fires off a low mixed martial arts type kick to Amber's thigh on the leg that was still stinging from Amber stomping harshly on the mat. Amber squeals and instinctively raised her stinging leg and moves in the opposite direction. Angelina stalks and lands another low kick to Amber's thigh. Amber yelps and moves away a little faster than before. She realizes that Angelina found a great strategy to disable her enemy and win this match. Amber starts to worry if Angelina is too much for her to take on in a debut performance.

Angelina delights that Amber's cocky, confident smile is gone and real concern is on her face. Angelina darts in and double up on her kicks, landing two in rapid session. The blonde hobbles and grunts as she scrambles away from Angelina. Sensing an opportunity Angelina closes in and slams a couple more kicks to Amber's leg as the blonde twists and turns to protect her leg and hobbles away, to escape Angelina. The brunette is on Amber and pops two more kicks into her thigh. Amber goes down to one knee. Angelina moves in to inflict more damage. When she is close, Amber springs to her feet like a coil and lashes out with a five punch combination to Angelina's chin. The first punch surprised and stunned the legend, and she stood dumbfounded as the other fists landed. Finally Angelina stumbles away drunkenly.

Amber's leg hurts, but she gained a tremendous amount of confidence from rocking the legend. Angelina quickly notices that confidence and engages Amber immediately before that confidence can grow. Angelina steps to the blonde with fists flying. This time Amber trusts herself more that she is faster than her foe. Amber bobs and weaves then parries and dodges the brunt of Angelina's onslaught. Then the blonde finds an opening to counter with an uppercut to the brunette’s chin that backs Angelina off of her opponent.

As Angelina backs away, Amber gives a smug mocking laugh. Angelina is shocked and infuriated. No woman has treated her so lightly, like she is a joke or worthy of pity. Angelina steps right back up to wipe that smug express off Amber's face. Angelina slings her hands once again. She anticipated Amber's elusiveness, but Amber's leg is feeling better, so now the blonde has more mobility than last time. Angelina's fists get through much more effectively this time. Amber adjusts by being more aggressive. Every time Angelina did miss, Amber made her pay by pounding Angelina's ribs before the brunette can pull her arm back to protect her sides. Angelina grunts loudly every time Amber blasts her ribs. Each rib shot is accompanied by a mocking chuckle. Angelina is further infuriated, and goes after Amber swinging wilder and less efficient.

Victoria advised Amber that Angelina's ribs might be vulnerable since the very slim woman does not have much padding on her sides. Amber suddenly goes on the offensive. Unexpectedly Amber turns into Angelina and starts blasting her with punch after punch to Angelina's ribs. Amber's fists are electric, and make Angelina's body respond as if she is electrocuted each time Amber connects. Riddled with pain, Angelina retreats backwards as Amber bores into her with body blows. Just when it looks like Angelina is about to be over run her rival, Angelina grabs Amber by the shoulders to steady her then the brunette and drives her knee into Amber's pussy. The blonde immediately drops to one knee.

"You fucking dirt bag whore!" Angelina shouts angrily as she kicks Amber in the face, knocking her to the mat. Angelina is nearing a meltdown, but quickly finds a way to calm herself some. Amber is really getting under her skin though. The blonde is bragging about sleeping with Angelina's former lovers. The blonde has mocked her, and worst, Amber has been putting a whipping on her.

"Go ahead, play with my old toys. I don't care." Angelina preaches as she places her foot on Amber's back, keeping her in place. "It just shows how much of a dumb whore you are." Angelina finishes as she grabs both of the blonde's wrists and pulls them behind her, putting Amber in a surfboard hold. Amber lets out a long groan as she feels the pain of Angelina's hold. She immediately starts rocking and struggling to fight out of Angelina's grasp. Amber finally makes Angelina lose balance and release her captive.

"For the record" Amber adds as she rises to her feet, "I'm not playing with your toys, I'm taking your toys away from you. There's nothing you can do about it. You used to be great, but let's face, you’re not the woman that you used to be." the blonde smugly finishes. Angelina eyes barely flinch, but inside she is totally incensed. However on the outside, Angelina pauses for a moment, before resuming. That one moment was what Amber was looking for however. She kicks Angelina in the stomach in that moment, doubling her brunette rival over.

Amber closes then digs her claws into Angelina's blue eyes as she straightens up. Angelina sharply yelps, but Amber digs in further, pushing Angelina back against the ropes. The blonde viciously digs her claws into her poor rival's eyes until Angelina lets out a long high pitched scream.

The nonexistent referee wanted to limit his involvement in the match almost to the point of just counting a pinfall, and letting the women fight. However Amber has a cruel glow on her face, and is not about to stop her eye gouge. The rule infraction has poor Angelina helpless and suffering. The referee forcefully demands that Amber cease her eye gouge.

Once Amber breaks her gouge, Angelina holds her eyes shouting "My eyes! I can't see! I can't see!" She was hoping to get a reprise from the referee, but he considered his job done and steps back into the shadows. He knows she can't see. There was no way possible after that vicious gouge will Angelina be able to see clearly for several minutes. "I can't see ref!" Angelina continues.

"Shut up!" Amber meanly says as she jabs her thumb into Angelina's throat. Angelina immediately stops shouting and starts gagging. "You delusional bitch, you haven't been able to see in years." Amber insults and continues her mental warfare on Angelina.

This is a rare occasion where the mighty Angelina Jolie gets scared. Her vision is reduced to one big blur. She cannot even distinguish shapes. Now she is struggling to catch her breath. Worst she has an evil blonde bitch starving to destroy and belittle her. Even worst, deep down, Angelina knows that the blonde slut has a legitimate grief against her. Angelina downed and spoke out against the girl to Johnny Depp privately and publicly to not marry her. She cannot escape the feeling that she is finally reaping the repercussions of her words.

Amber scoops up the blind and gagging legend in her arms and carries her to the middle of the ring. The blonde body slams Angelina harshly in the middle of the ring. Then she quickly stomps on Angelina's belly to make sure that she does not catch her breath. Amber drops to her knees and wraps both hands around Angelina's throat and squeezes for all she is worth. "It's over bitch", Amber tells the legend. "Don't be mad or sad, it's just evolution. Your time is done and mine is beginning. I've admired you and followed your footsteps too long. Now get the fuck out of my way, and let me take things further than you ever imagined. If you don't I'll destroy you and leave you as road kill."

Angelina's lip curls hearing this declaration from Amber. At first she thought these words could be totally true. She has underestimated this girl. She is getting her ass kicked, and is in deep trouble currently. Angelina has serious doubts that she can turn this match around. Then she returned to her normal mind. This blonde bimbo cannot step or walk in her stiletto shoes. Regardless of the outcome of this match, today is the beginning of the end of Amber Heard.

Amber releases her choke hold before the referee interferes again. Angelina shoves Amber and tries to get up and away from her. Amber is not having that. She grabs Angelina by her black hair as Angelina scrambles to her feet and slams her face first to the mat with a facebuster. Amber rolls Angelina over onto her back and punishes her with another two handed choke around her neck. Again the blonde releases her victim before the referee interferes. Amber claws Angelina's eyes again too. Angelina screams like crazy and flops on the mat. Amber lets Angelina go after a firm look from the referee.

Angelina is breathless and gasping. She rubs her eyes trying to clear her vision and tries to scramble away from her tormentor. Amber realizes that Angelina is in serious trouble. Her instructions from Victoria are to go for the kill as quickly as possible. Angelina is too dangerous to allow hanging around. Amber lets Angelina get to her feet figuring the brunette is blind as a bat.

Amber stalks the brunette then swoops in and nails Angelina with a right to the chin. Angelina's head rocks violently like she never saw the punch coming. However the veteran shocks the shit out of Amber as she backhanded the shit out of the blonde as she stood gloating. Amber painfully learns that Angelina can see large shapes or that she has incredible veteran instincts. Amber finds the answer quickly. That backhand not only slapped the taste out of her mouth, it enraged the blonde. She quickly snaps off a two punch combination that Angelina never saw coming and buckled the veteran's knees. Amber sends a straight right to Angelina's perfect nose and almost seals her fate. The punch to the nose made Angelina's eyes water taking more vision away from her. Angelina can see large shapes but not the fast small fists coming her way.

Amber's next punch smashes Angelina's legendary big pouty lips and wobbles her. Amber's right to the jaw, followed by an equally hard left to the other side of her face staggers the brunette, and proved how vulnerable and helpless Angelina is currently. Amber dances around, firing punches to Angelina's gorgeous face at will. The blinded superstar is helpless and taking punishment.

Angelina knows that she is being taken apart piece by piece. However, true legends die hard. Angelina throws caution to the wind and lunges at Amber. The surprised blonde gets ensnared by Angelina's arms. She barely had time to counter and wrap her arms around Angelina as well. Angelina's vision is still blurred, but does not need to see with her arms around Amber. The two starlets meet face to face and breast to breast with their arms wrapped around watch other in a mutual bearhug. As both squeeze each other a weird look crosses Angelina's face then goes away. Amber chuckles, she felt it too. "What? Did you really think your body could match mine?" Amber asks and laughs in Angelina's face. When they met breast to breast Angelina was shocked by how amazingly perfect Amber's slender body felt. "You could have asked Johnny or Billy Bob who has the better body." Amber says with a laugh. With Angelina thrown off balance by Amber's words, the blonde heaves Angelina off her feet, then up and over, slamming Angelina's back to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex.

Amber pops to her feet and celebrates while Angelina lies on the mat, holding her back. The Resistance group leaps to their feet and are going bonkers cheering for Angelina's downfall. Of course Angelina's arch enemy, Jennifer Aniston is a leading member of the group. Jada Pinket Smith is beating on her table yelling, "Kick her ass girl!"

Eva Mendes is hopping in excitement and screaming "Beat the pee of her! Don't stop until she pisses her pants!" Jennifer Aniston looks on with glowing eyes. She is certainly enjoying Angelina's demise, but she is afraid to celebrate yet, and avoid another huge disappointment.

Members of the ABA are cheering Amber on too. Angelina has made several enemies in that group also. Meanwhile Angelina's allies in the Fab section are deathly quiet. Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson share worried looks, seeing their mutual friend getting beat up. Angelina's protégé of sorts Megan Fox looks like she is about to cry.

Suddenly to everybody's surprise an iron willed Angelina leaps to her feet and grabs a fist pumping Amber once again. Before Angelina can do anything, Amber slams her knee and thigh into Angelina's belly. "Hell no bitch!" the fiery blonde screeches. Amber fires another knee to Angelina's stomach. "I'm going to teach you to run your mouth about me to my pill popping ex-husband!" Angelina grunts loudly again before Amber nails her with another knee to her stomach. "I'm going to teach you to mind your own fucking business!" The enraged blonde slam one last knee into Angelina's body before tucking the brunette's head under her arm and DDTing Angelina's head into the mat.

Amber pops back to her feet again while Angelina slowly rises. The blonde is waiting. Amber comes in behind Angelina and wrings her arm behind the brunette's back in a hammerlock. Then Amber lifts Angelina off her feet by her arms twisted in the hammerlock. Angelina screams helplessly as her own body weight puts tremendous stress and strain on her shoulder. Amber holds Angelina aloft as long as she could before tossing the veteran to the mat.

Courageously Angelina gets to her feet again. She clutches her hurting right shoulder with her other arm. It leaves her wide open for Amber's looping left hook to the jaw. Amber's upper cut quickly follows and have Angelina staggering. One more punch makes Angelina drop her hands and reel against the ropes. Amber follows Angelina and hammers the defenseless brunette with punch after punch. Angelina's arms dangle by her sides as Amber beats her with punch after unanswered punch. The only thing keeping her on her feet are the ring ropes, as she mindlessly takes punishment.

Angelina's fans feel sick to their stomach seeing the legendary goddess taking a beating like this. Angelina understands how terribly she underestimated Amber, and how much of a grudge that she bared against her. Angelina has never liked the girl but she did not know how Amber really felt about her. Amber stops her beating and steps to the side, allowing Angelina to pitch forward and fall face first to the mat.

Amber looks in the audience and sees that Megan Fox has left her table, leaving Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Biel still sitting, and stood at the barrier separating ringside from the seated tables. Megan had been yelling and shouting encouragement to Angelina the whole time she was taking punishment on the ropes. Angelina was too far gone to hear, and Amber was too engrossed in the moment to notice Megan. Amber looks at the distraught Megan and smiled widely. Amber and Megan are the same age and their paths have crossed plenty of times throughout their careers. "Don't worry, I'm coming for you real soon Megan." Amber threatens Megan. "You're barely half the woman that Angelina is, so imagine what I'm going to do to you." Megan hatefully snarls back at the blonde.

Amber returns her attention back to the fun of finishing Angelina. Amber drops to the mat by the fallen superstar. Amber locks the right shoulder back into another hamerlock. Then she reaches around and grabs Angelina's chin and pulls it the opposite direction that she is pulling her shoulder. Finally Amber wraps her legs around Angelina's body and rolls onto her back completing the hold. Amber has locked Angelina in the dreaded Cross face chickenwing hold.

Angelina knows that she has been beaten. It does not take long before she is tapping Amber's arm that is clutching her chin and conceding the match. The referee signals for the bell to end the contest. Angelina was not surprised Amber did not release the hold or let up one single bit. "Spiteful little bitch!" Angelina thinks as she continues tapping Amber's arm. "This is one more thing you're going to have to pay for when I get my revenge."

Amber wants to abuse Angelina with the hold longer, but she had other plans, so she releases the brunette before others interfere. Amber kicks Angelina's body off hers and stands.

Amber stands over Angelina, straddling her body. Amber bends over and meets Angelina eye-to-eye. Angelina looks up while clutching her shoulder, looking somewhat frail. "I hope you've learned you lesson. Stay out of my way and keep my name out of your mouth or this is going to happen to you over and over again. Do you understand?" Amber menacingly threatens Angelina. The legendary brunette remains silent, but glares right back into Amber's eyes. "Speak cunt!" Amber says as she reaches down and disrespectfully slaps Angelina's face. "I'm talking to you!" Amber bullies and slaps Angelina again. Amber starts boiling and slaps Angelina's cheeks three more times. 'I'm warning you for the last fucking time, cunt!" Amber orders with one more hard bitch slap. Finally Angelina nods her head yes, but keeps her eyes locked with Amber's.

Fans and everybody watch in amazement as one of Hollywood's biggest bullies, Angelina, get bullied. "For the record, I'm not the New Angelina Jolie. I never was. And you? You're just the Prehistoric Amber Heard." Amber says one last cutting insult. Then she straightens up and walks out the ring, and up the ramp while never looking back at Angelina.

Angelina lies on her back while clutching her hurt shoulder and stares up in the lights for a while. She allows the weight of her defeat and failure wash over her body and mind. Finally Angelina gets to her feet and exits the ring. She walks silently back to her dressing room with her head hung low in defeat.

Now that the entertainment is over, it is time to get back to the most important thing for the night, ringing in the New Year properly. Those who delighted in Angelina's downfall partied even harder. The Fabs drank more than usual to get over their allies’ loss. Megan Fox asked Halle Berry, "Let's go backstage and check on Aunt Angie?" (Her nickname foe Angelina Jolie)

Halle's eyes got big and she sharply snapped back, "No". After taking a breath she explains, "Angelina does not handle defeat very well. It's best if we shoot her a text to let her know we're thinking about her. Whenever she answers and is ready to talk, we'll go see her then." Megan looks disappointed but knows it is best to take Halle's advise.

Once Amber gets backstage and the coast was clear, Amber opens a random fuse box and flips a switch. Magically a secret door opens leading to a passage and a flight of stairs going down. These secret passages are built into most major arenas so the multi-billionaires, Secret Society members and Leaders of nations have an emergency escape route in the event of an emergency. Also many use them to have secret meetings. While the public thinks the Secret Society are in their luxury suites, they are in the passages below planning on world domination. Only the most elite are aware of these passages. Quatro Calderon is one of those people.

Amber goes down the steps and enters a room. There Nicki Minaj and Victoria are already there and start showering Amber with champagne. Nicki and Victoria jump up and down and celebrate along with Amber like she just won the Super Bowl. The words, "You did it!" were said about a hundred times. Calderon is there too celebrating with his new team.

"Amber you were amazing!" Calderon compliments. "This is huge. You've taken out Angelina Jolie, one of the Fab Four's biggest allies. It'll take a team of psychologists at least 6 months to put Angelina's nutty mind back together."

"Yeah I could tell her mind was freaking out the whole match." Amber confesses. "Thank you for hooking me up with Billy Bob Thornton, Quatro. I could have never done it without all the secrets I got from him."

"Thank yourself. You're the one that seduced him and got him to spill his guts." Calderon laughs back. "More importantly our plans are proceeding perfectly. Stone Rage still has no clue this team exists. By the time we add the final two members to the group everything will be in place. The Fab Four will be worn down and easy victims for you to crush and take control of this league. Amber, Nicki, Victoria are you with me?" All buy into Calderon's plan, certain that it will lead to untold fortune, fame and power.

The party resumes at STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! The music plays while the liquor flows like the Mississippi river. Shakira commanded the dance floor as Luis Fonsi's Despacito played. Stone Rage led the steps as Bruno Mars' 24K rocked the room. No matter what personal situation everybody is experiencing, all know that 2018 will be a crucial year. So for this one night party and relax your mind, you're going to need everything you've got in 2018.

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