NOTE - This match follows events of Return Of The Mack & Steady Mobbin'
NOTE - This match follows events of Awakening The Studio Spector 1

Alyssa should be very excited right now, but she is very concerned. She just defeated Denise Richards to force a vote to get Denise's position in the ABA. All is going to plan but Alyssa is still extremely nervous. It is far from a foregone conclusion that she will win the vote of the three ABA bosses.

Alyssa sits alone in a VIP booth at a lounge called, Babylon. She still looks a little haggard and rustled from her earlier match. Her hair is less than perfect. Her clothing is disgruntled from Alyssa rapidly dressing after her bout. She wants to be alone with her thoughts. Alyssa lounges in a plush curved couch with a table in front of her. She wonders what Jenny McCarthy is saying about her at this very moment.

Alyssa is not just a former member of the ABA, she is the founder. Alyssa also became the first to be dismissed from the group. Her jealousy lead to treachery and became her undoing. Only Jenny remains from the original group. Demi Moore and Lucy Liu also decide her fate now. Alyssa has to get two of those three votes to rejoin the group as a Boss. Frankly Alyssa is worried as hell if she will get those two votes. All of her work will be in vain. Her two grueling matches against Shannen Dohery and Denise Richards will become monuments of her failure.

After gulping down what is left of her cocktail, Alyssa motions for a waitress over. Two bottle service girls quickly scramble over. The two mammoth breasted women quickly catch Alyssa's attention. It was very hard for them not to. One is a 5'3" black lady with long red hair partially covering her face. The other was taller, a 5'7" white lady with long black hair. The two surgically enhanced boobed women looked out of place. They were a little older to be bottle service girls. Alyssa thought they must be old strippers that have aged out of the club or something. They were showing a lot of cleavage in Playboy bunny type one pieces, without the ears of course.

Once the bottle girls approach, Alyssa gets the feeling that she has met them before. Then both bottle girls start talking with ridiculous accents, and she thinks not. Alyssa would remember someone talking like that. After a very brief communication difficulty, Alyssa gets another glass on her favorite wine.

The black lady takes the bottle out of a shiny wine bucket and starts pouring into Alyssa's glass. Maybe it is a warrior's instinct, but miraculously Alyssa notices the reflection in the wine bucket. She sees the refection of the white bottle girl drawing her tray back and measuring to hit Alyssa over the back of her head. In a split second, Alyssa grabs the black girl as the other girl is bringing her tray down. Alyssa jerks the black girl into the way allowing the tray to come clanging down on her skull. There is a huge cymbal like clash as the tray makes contact with the human skull. The dazed black girl's knees buckle and she starts to go limp. Alyssa kicks her away, sending her crashing to the floor. Immediately stands while the white girl is in shock that she just took out her accomplice. Alyssa tosses the wine from her glass into the white girl's face, further distracting and disorienting her. It allows Alyssa to snatch the tray out of the white girl's grasp and clobber her over the head with it too. The dazed white girl goes down also.

Alyssa stumbles a few steps away thinking, "Holy fucking shit! Did that just really happen?" It did just really happen, but she has no time to contemplate now, because two very embarrassed and pissed big busted hell cats are getting up off the floor, and coming after her.

The women close on Alyssa quickly. Alyssa smashes the taller woman over the head again with the tray. She goes down to one knee again. Alyssa tries to hit the shorter black girl, but she knocks the tray out of Alyssaís hands as she tries to swing it. Next thing the black girl and Alyssa are tussling around. After several seconds, Alyssa sees the white girl rising out of the corner of her eye, and realizes the danger she faces again. With a surge of emotion and the will of survival, Alyssa drives the black girl into a railing violently. Seeing her dropping to her knees, holding her back, Alyssa whips around and charges at the white girl and levels her with a clothesline.

Alyssa turns to run away. She now realizes that this is Denise Richards' last hope to win the ABA vote to remain a boss. If she can show the others bosses that she is still an effective leader, maybe that will swing the vote her way over an untrustworthy Milano. Denise's assassins are up and chasing right after Alyssa immediately.

As Alyssa flees, she notices that the club bouncers were doing nothing to interfere. Obviously Denise has paid them off too. She would not receive any help from them. Undoubtedly there are cameras recording everything for the ABA to cash in on later. Then Alyssa feels a hand on her shoulder. The shorter black girl has caught her. Alyssa wheels around and fires a kick at the same time. She nails the girl in the cunt. The black girl drops to her knees with a howl and grasping her pussy. Suddenly the white girl comes freight training in and levels Alyssa with a shoulder tackle. She sends Alyssa tumbling and skidding across the club floor.

The white lady follows with stomps and kicks to Alyssa as she squirms and slithers to try to avoid as many as she can. The bosom lady figures she can do more damage by getting her hands on Alyssa. She reaches down as Alyssa immediately draws her knees to her chest and coils up. Next Alyssa uncoils with a two footed mule kick to her attacker's giant chest. It takes the woman off both her feet and she lands harshly flat on her back. Her supersized succulent breast explode free out of her one piece cocktail outfit.

Alyssa scrambles to her feet when the black lady appears out of thin air and clobbers Alyssa, knocking her back down to one knee. The wily Alyssa immediately responds with an uppercut directly to her attacker's crotch. The black woman drops both knees clutching her cunt screaming, "No not my pussy again!"

Alyssa immediately recognized the voice. "Vanessa!" shouts Alyssa as she blasts the girl in the face with her elbow. Alyssa is certain that one of her attackers is Vanessa Blue, an old ABA henchwoman. She helped the ABA in the epic Escape Vegas tale in hopes of favors from the ABA. Alyssa springs to her feet and snatches the red haired wig off of Vanessa's head at the same time. Alyssa flees again, but the white girl is in hot pursuit with her big boobs bouncing on her chest.

Alyssa races across the dance floor. On the floor Octavio the clown is dancing around. Octavio is the hired entertainer for the club. He dances around and keeps the party going. Octavio is a man wearing a big rubber mask, wearing a shirt and tie with a hat, and a big fake belly. Octavio dances and prances doing his job. That is when his dance and Alyssa's mad dash to safety collide literally. Octavio and Alyssa bump into each other, knocking both of them off balance. It does allow her pursuer to catch up with Alyssa. Once Alyssa catches her balance, she sees the white girl launching a kick at her head. Alyssa ducks in the nick of time to avoid the kick allowing the foot to fly over her head and nail poor Octavio the clown in the face. The clown goes down quick and fast.

Alyssa immediately barrels into the white girl and knocks her down. A quick wrestling match and Alyssa subdue her foe enough to jerk the brunette wig off her head. Just as Alyssa thought, the second assailant is another old ABA henchwoman, Sana Fay. She does not have time to reveille in her discovery, as Sana Fey quickly knocks her off top. Sana Fey rolls over and flops on top of Alyssa. Sana Fey actually lands higher up on Alyssa than she expected. Her massive tits crash down on Alyssa's face like two boulders. Alyssa gasped in fear, but quickly realizes Sana Fey's gigantic tit is in her mouth. Alyssa chomps down and bites with all her might. Sana Fey jerks free and rolls off Alyssa clutching her breast. Alyssa springs to her feet and adds a few vicious and nasty kicks to Sana Fey's face and head.

Of course Vanessa comes charging to the rescue. Alyssa whips around to face Vanessa. With the memory of being plowed over by Sana Fey being fresh in her head, Alyssa steps up and meets Vanessa with a two foot drop kick to her chest. Both of Vanessa's feet go flying in the air and she crashes hard on the dance floor on her back. The crash is so violent enough to make her chocolate breasts explode out of her one-piece cocktail outfit.

Alyssa knows her attackers will not stay down long. She starts running again, but she was surprised how quickly Vanessa and Sana Fey were back up. Alyssa stops on a dime and spends around. Next she charges back at the pair. Just as Octavio the clown was just groggily rising to his hands and knees. Alyssa leaps on Octavio's back, using him as a springboard. Alyssa flattens Octtavo to the floor again, but launches herself for a short flight through the air, and takes Sana Fay and Vanessa down again with a flying double clothesline. The XXX stars were taken totally off guard. They were still coming forward as Alyssa came crashing into to them. They were taken down hard with their mammoth tits bouncing and jiggling like mountains in a violent earthquake. Alyssa scrambles to her feet and flees again.

Sana Fey and Vanessa get to their feet looking at each other. Both of them are terribly embarrassed and furious at their inability to take out Alyssa. They immediately follow after their elusive prey, just as poor Octavio is trying to get back up. Vanessa backhand slaps Octavio as she runs by barking, "Out of the way clown!" Equally as frustrated and embarrassed by not being able to take down one petite Hollywood hellcat, Sana Fey cold cocks Octavio with a devastating right hook. The poor clown goes limp and falls to the floor.

"Oh my! I think they've killed Octavio!" one club regular shouts as the two porn stars run after Alyssa.

With a slight confidence boost from destroying Octavio, the big boobed assassins chase Alyssa to the club lobby. Alyssa has gained some separation, so the porn stars are streaking at top speed to catch up. They lose sight of Alyssa briefly as she turns the corner into the lobby. Moments later the two bare breasted marvels arrive into the lobby. To their surprise they did not see Alyssa. Then they heard a warriors cry from above. They are shocked to see Alyssa coming crashing down on their heads from above. Alyssa had quickly darted up some stairs to a balcony had have leaped off the balcony to come plummeting down on Vanessa and Sana Fey.

The porn stars never expected this from Alyssa. The unprepared were squashed by the diving actress. The back of their heads take the impact on the lobby carpet. The breath was knocked out of their big bare breasted chests. When Alyssa rises off the pair she looks down at a definitively dazed duo. Alyssa resorted to the dare devil move knowing it was only a matter of time before her luck ran out against her veteran assailants. This gives Alyssa enough time to dash out the front door and get to her Porsche and speed off.

Alyssa's heart is beating through her chest as she drives away. She knows that she is very lucky to escape Denise's trap. Her mind races through possibilities. One thing for sure is that on Twitter and all forms of social media this club incident is trending worldwide. The ABA undoubtedly knows that Denise's last hope has failed. She should win her vote easily now. Now is the time for revenge. A quick text gathers her troops, Aria Giovani and Rose McGowan. It is time to write the final chapter for the ABA Takeover. It is time for the Return of the Mack.


Elsewhere, Denise is waiting her fate from the vote in her suite, enjoying a cocktail. She is aware of Sana Fey and Vanessa's failure, but she had other assurances too. A little "girl talk" between her and Jenny McCarthy won her vote and support. She knows that she has Jenny's commitment to convince Demi Moore or Lucy Liu to get one more vote to stay in the ABA. She casually relaxes with Jenny's longtime friend and associate, Daisy Fuentes along with her teammate, Buffie The Body waiting for the vote tally to come.

Denise is on her phone talking to her child's nanny. "You're kidding? What was the score? Three to two!" Denise says excitedly as she pours another drink.

Bringing the phone down from her ear Denise says, "Hey Daisy! Guess what? My kid's little league team; the little bastards won the division today!"

Suddenly she is interrupted by Alyssa walking through the door with Aria and Rose following. "What did you do, fix the umpire?" a grim looking Alyssa asks.

At first Denise is shocked how Alyssa was able to get access to her suite, but a woman of Alyssa's power and resources, these type of things tend to happen a lot. Instead, Denise goes into concern for the haggard, disheveled hair and roughed woman walking in. "Alyssa what happened to you?" she asks with shock in her voice.

"Some cocktail waitresses messed up my $800 outfit." Alyssa answered.

"Who did this to you?" Denise asks. "Regardless of the vote, you're associated with the ABA. Nobody fucks with the syndicate."

Alyssa answers, "It was old ABA hitters, Sana Fey and Vanessa Blue." Alyssa looks at Daisy, acknowledging her attendance. "Hello Daisy."

"I bet it was the Fab Four!" Denise erupts. "They were exposed to Vanessa and Sana Fey during the ESCAPE LAS VEGAS adventure. After Sana Fey and Vanessa never got into the league and the ABA, they probably collaborated with the Fabs."

"Maybe you're right." Alyssa answers. "Maybe you're right."

"Anyway, Iím glad you're alright, Alyssa." Denise compliments. "I want to return the favor for you in spades!" she tells the Italian-American

"No, I'll take care of it." Alyssa responds still with a sour puss expression.

Suddenly Denise's phone lights up with a text message. The screen bright for a second, just long enough for Alyssa to see "Domina X" on the screen. Vanessa Blue directs using that pseudonym. Jenny McCarthy lists Vanessa as the same name in her contacts. Suddenly the whole plot becomes evident. There is certainly mischief afoot between Jenny and Denise. That is why Daisy is present.

Alyssa's eyes rise from looking down at Denise's phone to meet Denise's eyes. "Hey Denise, you're a piece of shit."

"What are you talking about?" Denise immediately answers.

"You know what I'm talking about." Alyssa snaps back. "You fucking cockroach."

"Come on what are you talking about. You listen to me..." Denise answers

"Do you know what a horse is Denise?" Alyssa interrupts. "That's a pigs that donít fly straight. Neither do you Denise."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Denise responds. "I'm a boss in the ABA. You're trying to take my place. I'm being the bad ass bitch that you founded this group on! We had differences no big deal."

"Hell no!" Alyssa explodes back. "I stayed loyal to the group. Yes I manipulated a lot of shit that was decided in the ring, where it's supposed to be. But I always stayed loyal to the group! When members start doing hits within the group, everything falls apart. I founded this group, I'm loyal to it. A woman without her word is a cockroach."

Denise looks at Daisy as Buiffie looks on with the tension so thick it can't be cut with a machete. "Daisy, come on do something here." Denise mutters.

"It's your tree Denise. Youíre sitting in it." Daisy coldly answers.

"Okay Alyssa I was the one that ordered the hit." Denise sees every fist of Alyssa's entourage clench. "Please give me a second chance. I don't want a Milano. I'll give you 10 million dollars. I got it in a vault in Spain. That okay Alyssa? You want my seat as a boss I go away and give it to you. You'll never see me again. Please don't give me a Milano." Denise begs and falls to the floor at Alyssa's feet.

"Get up! Get up right now!" Alyssa shouts and steps back.

"No don't give me a Milano Alyssa please." Denise continues to plead.

"I won't Milano you. Alyssa declares. Denise mutters hers thanks and kisses Alyssa's feet. Alyssa pulls away ordering "Rose! Milano that piece of shit!"

Rose marches forward. Denise rises up to her knees pleading, "No! No! No!" as Rose walks up and viciously kicks Denise in the face. Denise falls backward and a brutal stomp down starts. When Denise starts to squirm away and protect herself. Rose drops down on top of her. Soon she subdues Denise and wrenches her up to her knees. Rose stands and pounds Denise's face from behind. Soon there was not much left of Denise, but Rose locks a sleeper hold around Denise's head from behind.

Alyssa turns her attention to Daisy, "Every dog has it's day huh Daisy?", she asks as she walks toward her.

"I told her. It didn't make any sense clipping your wings like that." Daisy answers. "She wouldn't listen. She got hot tonight, about the loss, you know. She fucked up."

"You too Daisy, you fucked up." Alyssa declares

"Don't go too far Alyssa." Daisy warns.

Alyssa sighs, "I'm not Daisy, you are." Next Alyssa delivers an extremely hard backhand slap across Daisy's face as she sits in the chair.

"Fuck! you can't hit an ABA made woman." Daisy gasps, trying not to fall out of her chair.

"Who ever said you were one." Alyssa answers.

"Wait a minute!" Daisy shouts as Alyssa and Aria closes in on her. "Let me go. I'll fix this up."

"Sure Daisy" Alyssa coolly answers. "Maybe you can handle yourself a first class ticket to a Milano".

"Fuck you punk! Bitch!" Daisy shouts as Alyssa and Aria closes in on her.

"So long Daisy. Enjoy your trip." Alyssa finishes.

Daisy is able to get out one last "Fuck you!" before Alyssa's foot coms careening into her face. Daisy is knocked out of the chair, where Aria jump on her pinning her down and starts to ground and pound the legendary MTV VJ. The tall athletic model struggles, underneath, so Alyssa assists by grabbing one of Daisy's ankles. Then she lays in several kicks into Daisy's pussy. Alyssa took extreme pleasure in Daisy's pitiful howls as the kicks quickly took the fight out of her. Daisy seemed to give in allowing Aria to land several elbows and forearms to her face and jaw.

From that point, it didn't take long before Daisy was subdued. Aria rolls Daisy from her back to face down then applies a Camel Clutch hold on her. Alyssa give Rose a glare and she applies a Camel Clutch on Denise. Although Denise was unconscious before, she is revived now is sharp pain. Alyssa allows both women to wallow in pain for quite some time. The whole while, Buffie looks on from the corner quietly, as to not share their fate. When Daisy and Denise both look like they are numb to the pain. Alyssa gives another nod. Instantly Rosa and Aria transform their Camel Clutches into Rear Naked Choke holds. The end was already written. It was no problem to finish the Milano with a KO. As the two conspirators lie unconscious, Aria and Rose wickedly jerk and yank at both of their victim's clothes to rip open holes and show some skin and nip slips for icing on the cake.

Once they were done Alyssa takes several pictures of the carnage and mutters, "Okay, come on", and starts to leave.

Rose quickly asks "What about Buffie?"

Alyssa turns and stares at Buffie for an extended period then ask, "Hey Buffie, Want a job?"

Buffie stood nervously as and replied, "Yeah."

"Okay, then you call me tomorrow" Alyssa answers.

Since both Aria and Buffie were in the ABA a while together she snickers at her old ally. Aria chuckles, "Hey girl, you got a job!" as she pats her on the shoulder as they exit.

Buffie says, "Hey Alyssa! Thanks." as the trio make their exit of the room. Buffie nervously takes a swig of bourbon, seeing she avoided her Milano out of the ABA, and will soon be a part of the Milano Mafia.

Alyssa sent the pictures of the night to Jenny McCarthy immediately, with the text 'I know what you did'. Shortly afterward, Alyssa got a call saying it was a unanimous vote that Alyssa replace Denise as a boss in the ABA. Within an hour a post on the ABA website announces Alyssa as a new Boss, and that Denise Richards and Daisy Fuentes were no longer associated with the organization. One of Alyssa's pictures was posted as proof of their Milano. As Alyssa expected, Jenny disavowed any knowledge of why Daisy was there and therefore dismissed her longtime friend from the group. Alyssa knows it is a lie, but does not care at the moment. She won and got what she wanted, back in the ABA. She also has a strong group, The Milano Mafia, surrounding her. The Mafia pile into a car to go celebrate. Alyssa plays one song immediately.... Mark Morrison's, Return Of the Mack.

Elsewhere in an enormous Hollywood mansion, even by filthy rich standards, several media executives sipping on vintage and aged alcohol conference call each other. "The ABA has certainly become stronger tonight". the first nameless suit says. "They will be in opposition to our plans. Tonightís not a good night. Calderon, you've lost your weak link and planned spy in the ABA. What is your plan now."

Quatro Calderon is a longtime agent for the media executives. He is known for fixing problems and slapping wrists for a high price. He is their most efficient operative. "Not a worry." Quatron answers definitively. "The Fabs must fall first. After that, and the ABA will have seen our might. They will have the option to comply, or be destroyed. Fear not I still have someone in the ABA that can definitely be turned to our side. She is old and ready to retire for a fat deal anyway." All the phones resound with sinister laughter.

So it was written. The Studio Specter was awakened and unleashed....


TO Studio Specter

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