NOTE - This match follows events of Return Of The Mack & Steady Mobbin'
NOTE - This match follows events of Awakening The Studio Spector 1

"You've got to tell us as your partners, what really happened with Alyssa Milano in the ABA the first time." Lucy Liu asks while looking squarely in Jenny McCarthy's eyes.

"I've told you before." Jenny starts to explain. "When Alyssa started the group, we had no clue what we would become. Alyssa gathered four friends together to help Alyssa get by Britney Spears and Generation Next to win the title. We came up with a cute name, based off one of my old nicknames and one thing lead to another. Alyssa still couldn't beat Britney for the title. By that time the group was the hottest thing in the league, so Stone Rage gave me a shot at the title. I beat the shit out of Britney and took the title. Everything got crazy then. We totally dominated the league like no one before or since. Stone Rage invented the Fab Four to try to stop us. Having arch rivals actually made us stronger and more popular. Since I had the belt, I became the new face and defector leader and Alyssa took a backseat."

"We were such good friends at the time, none of us suspected how jealous Alyssa was of me having the title." Jenny continues to explain. "Alyssa came up with a plan to divide me and Christina Applegate. Christina and I settled things in the ring, and Christina beat me for the title. When we found out that Alyssa's jealousy was behind this master plan to pit me and Christina against each other, we whipped the absolute shit out of her and kicked her out of her own group; end of story."

"Without Alyssa the group was never as dominant again." Demi adds. "I say we need her inspiration back in the group."

"I think she is too dangerous." Lucy comments. "The reason the group was so successful is because they were four tight friends whipping the Fab Four's and everybody elseís' asses left and right. Outside threats couldn't do anything. Alyssa tore the group apart from the inside, and we've still never have been able to put everything together again. I admit Denise is a fuck up and a weak link, but still not the threat that Alyssa can be."

Jenny hears both sides and shakes her head in dismay. Alyssa is not back and already division and dissention are following her. "Let's keep our eyes on the true prize, ABA Studios" Jenny reminds her colleagues. "Alyssa is a much bigger business asset, and now that I think about it, thatís probably why she's back now."

"She's back now!" Lucy states. "She's back and already stole Aria Giovanni out of your group Jenny. I for one would not like to see her steal money out of my pocket too." Lucy looks around and sees the doubt growing in Demi and Jenny's eyes.

"Cat! More wine for the girls" Demi orders as Catherine Bell humbly leaves to get another round for all the ABA members in the section.


Now is the time for the main event, and those other things do not matter. The buck wild crazy parking lot party is but a great memory. The music and concerts are all over. Even the three matches that proceeded are meaningless at this point. Alyssa Milano has challenged Denise Richards for her place in the ABA, by the rules that Jenny McCarthy set. The first requirement is that a made woman challenges an existing boss to a fight, and wins. Second, the remaining three bosses then vote which lady will be the boss. The fact that the ABA has all these huge plans makes the stakes even higher than they were when this challenge started. With all, there is a gladiatorial atmosphere in the air. There is a winner takes all feeling.

Alyssa enters the ring first. She barely survived a fight with Denise's first lieutenant, Shannen Doherty. Shannen dished out a brutal beating for 80% of the fight, but the crafty veteran conjured up a victory. From everything that she has heard, Denise is even tougher. Alyssa is too close to fail now; she has been through too much and planned too far. She feels confident she will get the vote. Denise has proven to be a terrible leader. No major celebrities trusted or will follow her. Of course Jenny especially does not trust Alyssa because of her first run in the group. As typical for an ABA affair, nothing can be taken for granted.

Denise comes to the ring with a determined expression. She doubts she will win the vote of her peers too. The best thing is to just beat Alyssa and make this challenge go away. She hopes that will gain her more respect and influence to equal Jenny, Lucy or Demi. Also it will make other challengers targeting her very cautious. Denise has to win. She has a backup plan but that is just a pot dream. Then again, it is an ABA affair, so take nothing for granted.

Vegas bookers have the match even. Betters are divided between Alyssa's formidable cunning and determination, and Denise's physical superiority. Denise is four inches taller and much more athletically built. Alyssa is coming off a terrible beating from Shannen Doherty. The eye test and numbers scream that Denise is the prohibited favorite. Of course Alyssa is a survivor, and although she has had her share of epic fails, she always finds a way to win and stay on top. Yet again it is an ABA affair, so...........

Denise approaches the ring. She gives Alyssa a death stare, then climbs on the apron and slips through the ropes. As Denise straddles the ropes, Alyssa dashes out of her corner and attacks Denise. With Denise caught between the ropes Alyssa is busy laying down heavy hammer fists, kicks and driving knees into Denise's body.

Denise expected anything. After all is an ABA affair, but she did not expect this. She found it painfully pleasing in a way. It showed how desperate and fearful Alyssa is of this match. Denise takes the punishment and pushes her way through the ropes and into the ring. Denise takes a little more punishment, then explodes and fires heavy forearm shots at Alyssa's chest and jaw. With her height, weight and physical advantage, Denise is able to out fire Alyssa and knock her down on her ass.

Denise is fired up and ready to fight. As Alyssa slowly gets up off the canvas, Denise is feverishly whipping her sexy Victoria Secrets robe off. Alyssa gets up and charges back into the fray. Denise finishes taking off the robe and tosses it aside just as Alyssa is zooming toward her. The referee spies that Denise's robe did not clear the ring, and lies on the mat. Alyssa runs full blast into Denise's super kick. Alyssa's head snaps back and she is lifted off her feet and lands flat on her back. Denise immediately drops on top of Alyssa, hooks the leg, and covers Alyssa for the win. Meanwhile the referee was bent over picking up Denise's robe when he heard Denise's kick sounding like a gun shot. He whips around and sees Denise pinning Alyssa. After freezing in surprise of a moment, the referee tosses the robe out of the ring and darts over, sliding into place and starts counting the pinfall. Although Alyssa is terribly dazed she kicks out at two and a half count. The crowd erupts with displeasure. Although the referee reacted as quickly as he could, Denise actually had Alyssa pinned for six seconds.

Denise leaps to her feet and gets into the referee's face. She venomously berates the man, and even goes as far as to slap his face. All the while Alyssa is on the mat shaking her head and blinking her eyes, trying to clear the ringing in her ears. But she sees an opportunity. Alyssa shoots off the mat and swoops in behind Denise. Alyssa snatches Denise from behind and rolls her up into a small package pin attempt. Denise flails wildly trying to get off the mat, but Alyssa's technique in this maneuver is impeccable. The referee is on the spot this time, he drops and swiftly executes the count. Denise desperately kicks out in the nick of time to avoid defeat.

Denise scrambles to her feet, a little frazzled. Alyssa pops to her feet knowing that. Alyssa leaps on Deniseís back and locks a sleeper hold on her from behind. Alyssa wraps her legs around Denise's waist and squeezes her head, trying to cut off blood flow to her brain. Denise's ex-husband, Charlie Sheen would have advised Alyssa against this, because according to him, Denise only has air in her head. Charlie might be correct. Denise reaches back and grabs two handfuls of Alyssa's hair and thrusts forward. Denise tosses Alyssa off her back and hurls her to the mat. Denise is determined to make this a fight of brawn rather than brains.

This time both women square off against each other. Fans take a moment to realize just how captivating both women are. All appreciate how lucky they are to be in this place, at this time, to witness this moment. Alyssa decides to show being bigger is not always an advantage. Alyssa shoots in and grabs Denise around the legs. Alyssa takes Denise to the canvas. After grappling on the mat a bit, Alyssa maneuvers behind Denise, who rises to a seated position. Alyssa's legs clamp around Denise's waist and constrict her rival in a body scissors. With Denise secured, then Alyssa presses her palms on the mat and lifts her hips off the mat to squeeze Denise's waist even tighter. Denise's face twists under the pressure. She throws elbows backwards trying to nail Alyssa in the belly hard enough to make her release her hold. It takes a whole lot of attempts before she drives an elbow into Alyssa's abdomen hard enough to make Alyssa abandon her hold.

Denise definitely felt the effects of Alyssa's scissors, but the ultra-competitor growls away her breathlessness and springs back to her feet. Too much depended on this fight. Her money, her entire world changes if she loses this fight. Denise has fucked up plenty in her life, but she has always come up big in big situations.

Alyssa and Denise reach their feet at the same time. Then Denise comes up big. She explodes with a punch to Alyssa's face that instantly puts the Italian-American on the mat. Alyssa pops right back up, to be knocked right back down by another haymaker. Alyssa springs up only to be knocked back down yet a third time. From the mat, Alyssa looks up at Denise for a quick moment. She sees a woman hulking up and becoming more hyped, instead of a woman that has just spent time in a wear down hold like her body scissors. Alyssa softly says, "brains" and scampers to the ropes to escape out of the ring.

Snarling and growling, Denise is on Alyssa's heels as she makes her escape. With a berserk bitch chasing her, Alyssa shamelessly starts running after getting out of the ring. Denise chases after her. Alyssa hears the fan's jeers and laughs as she cowardly flees from Denise on her first lap around the outside of the ring. Alyssa does not care, she wants to win and after the terrible toll that Shannen Doherty inflicted on her, running is her best shot. Besides, she is slyly burning off energy and emotion out of the psychopath chasing her at the same time.

However on her first lap around the ring, she saw something that could help her. On her second lap, Alyssa takes a short cut through the corner of the ring, sliding under the ropes then quickly exiting the ring with Denise still chasing her, most importantly breaking the count. On the third lap, Alyssa stops against the ringside barrier and turns to face Denise with both of her hands up, begging off. Denise is both tired, and angry from, chasing her smaller challenger around. She stops with an angry sneer and cautiously approaches Alyssa. Just as Denise is about to put her hands on her foe, Alyssa slaps a large full cup of cold beer out of a ringside fan's hand, splashing the beer all over Denise. The beer douses Denise, causing her to halt from being unexpectedly bathed in the liquid. Alyssa's foot lashes out in the moment of confusion and targets Denise's stomach to double her over. Alyssa grabs Denise by the hair and slams her face into the ringside barrier a couple of times. Alyssa stops as Denise drops to one knee and dashes into the ring after the referee counts "8!" Denise is a little dazed but gasps when she hears the count "9!" Denise dives into the ring as the referee counts 10 to avoid a count out defeat.

Alyssa already had a plan as Denise slides under the ropes. She dived down to her knees and wraps two hands around Denise's throat just as she entered the ring. After just finishing one count, the referee starts another count for Alyssa to break the choke hold, but there is no need. Denise's fist rockets up off the mat, nailing Alyssa under her chin, and knocking her block of like a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot. Next Denise's foot shoots up and kicks Alyssa in the back of the head. Dazed and with crossed eyes, Alyssa falls over onto her back to the mat.

Denise rolls over and crawls up Alyssa's body until her pussy is directly over Alyssa's face. Denise slams her pelvis down on Alyssa's face and starts rubbing her bikini covered cunt on Alyssa's face. "I'm going to kill you! You little fucking twat!" Denise repeats slamming her pussy on Alyssa's face and grinding, like she is trying to erase Alyssa's facial features. Alyssa's arms and legs flail underneath Denise. Alyssa clutches Denise's rotating hips and unsuccessfully tries to stop them from moving. Next she digs her nails into Denise's plump ass trying to stop it from moving.

After stealing some of the spark from oxygen deprived Alyssa, Denise rolls off of Alyssa. She chuckles at her sexy way that she found to torment Alyssa as she sits up. Quickly her hand reaches into Alyssa's cleavage. Denise's hand swirls around and plucks out a plump, pink nippled boob. Without a moment's hesitation, Denise leans down and bites Alyssa's nipple. Alyssa hollers and grabs at Deniseís head to push it away. She found that to be more painful, so Alyssa's hand slips into Denise's bikini bottoms. There she found an answer. Denise retreats with a loud squeal from a twat twist.

Alyssa knows that she is in trouble. Shannen had abused her titties in the previous match, and Denise is capitalizing on that. Alyssa does not bother putting her breast away, she stands. Then out of nowhere, Denise strikes like a viper with a right cross that Alyssa never saw coming, she just falls to the mat, flat on her face.

Denise reaches down and yanks Alyssa off the canvas. She knows that Alyssa was knocked loopy and it is time to finish her off. "Time to put an end to your ABA return." Denise comments as she throws Alyssa against the ropes. She follows and traps Alyssa against the ropes. Denise opens a two fisted assault on Alyssa. It is a brutal mugging that has the smaller hellcat covering up. It looked like a UFC fighter, stunned against the cage, and just trying to weather a storm. Denise's wailing is wearing Alyssa out. Denise finishes by grabbing two handfuls of Alyssa's dark hair and tosses her to the middle of the ring.

Denise exits to the ring apron and heads to the nearest turnbuckle to climb. Alyssa slowly gets to her feet looking like a total wreck. One tit is hanging out, her hair is disheveled, her cheeks are rosy red and a glob of spit is hanging out of her mouth. Alyssa calls out "Ref! Ref!" while motioning for the referee to come over. He moves in closer to check if Alyssa is still okay to compete. At that time Denise leaps off the top turnbuckles and flies through the air and comes crashing down on Alyssa's chest, crushing her to the mat. Denise stays across Alyssa's chest and hooks her leg for the pin. Again there is no count. Denise's feet had clipper the referee across the face as she dove on to Alyssa. He is down and dazed holding his jaw.

"FUCK!" Denise shouts as again she has Alyssa pinned long enough to win the match. Denise gets up and grabs the ref by his shirt and pulls him up and shakes him shouting, "Wake the fuck up!" Meanwhile Alyssa rises off the mat. She crawls to the turnbuckle, and quickly unties and removes the padding of the top buckle while Denise is trying to revive the official. Then Alyssa creeps behind Denise and rolls her up backward in a cradle to make a pin. Alyssa traps Denise's shoulders are on the mat for over three seconds but the referee is still dazed. Finally he slowly slaps the mat one time, then a second. Denise strongly kicks out, tossing Alyssa off of her, but unfortunately she lands on top of the referee's head, knocking him back to dreamland.

Denise is furious. She sees Alyssa lying face up on top of the referee's back and lounges on top of both of them. A couple of stiff punches subdue Alyssa enough for Denise to strip off Alyssa's bikini top. Next Denise wraps the top around Alyssa's neck choking her as both of them are on top the prone referee underneath.

Once Denise is done with Alyssa, she rolls her off top of the referee to deal with him. Denise grabs his shirt and shakes the man again. "Wake up muther fucker! You're not missing another count, wake up!" Denise continues shaking the man until he starts coming around. When he has some recognition in his eyes, Denise pulls the man to his feet.

Denise looks around and sees Alyssa slumped in the corner with her arms draped over the top rope. Denise leads the referee by a handful of his striped shirt to Alyssa. Once they approach, Alyssa reaches out and snatches the referee and pulls him in between her and Denise, and starts cowardly hiding behind him. Denise is caught off guard and pissed, at Alyssa dodging and hiding. Frustrated Denise reaches around trying to get a hold of Alyssa or punch her, but she keeps dodging and crouching behind the referee.

Suddenly Alyssa shoves the referee into Denise. In the confusion she grabs Denise's bikini top and jerks her forward, while ducking to the mat at the same time. Denise's forehead slams into the exposed turnbuckle iron from where Alyssa had removed padding earlier. Denise is instantly stunned, she never knew the metal was exposed in that corner. Alyssa quickly rolls Denise up. She holds a thrashing Denise down by putting both feet on the middle ropes. When she thought that would not be enough, she grabbed two handfuls of Denise's bikini bottoms, in plain sight of the fans. The still dazed referee only saw two shoulders pinned and counted quickly to end the match as fast as possible for his own benefit. He made the three count and pointed to Alyssa as the winner.

Both the referee and Alyssa wisely roll out of the ring. An instant later, Denise sprang to her feet absolutely livid. She storms around the ring with a trickle of blood starting on her forehead, and looking for something to take her anger out on. Fans boo at Alyssa's cowardly win. The ring announcer proclaims Alyssa's win. While Denise wants to go out the ring and pile drive Alyssa and the referee through the floor, she calms herself and prepares to move on to her contingent plans.

Denise grabs the microphone, and looks up to the box seats where the other ABA bosses are seated. "Really Jenny? Huh Demi? This is how it goes down? Lucy are you going to let her blatantly cheat me like this!?!" Denise stares incredulously at the figures in the seats. "That bitch Alyssa Milano is the lowest of the lowest low down dirty weasels. If you let her back in the ABA, it's only a matter of time before she double crosses each of you and tear this group apart again. This group is just now recovering from her tearing it apart the first time. Do not vote her to take my place, she is dangerous!" Denise pleads. She hopes her soliloquy will convince them to vote for her to remain a boss in the ABA and vote against a slick Alyssa. "Don't underestimate me, I'm the boss bitch that you want in the group. Just keep your phones on before you vote, you'll see.Ē Denise drops the mic on those ominous words and exits the ring.

Up in the box seats Lucy, Jenny and Demi all look at each other silently. "Well I must admit I'm not above cheating anytime, but that was a pretty shameful victory." Lucy admits. "We've been telling our girls about strength and taking what we want. How can we change our message now and promote a gutless and spineless act?"

"Welcome to life with Alyssa Milano" Jenny comments with a sly grin, "She can be super tough at times, but a slippery snake at other times." Then Jenny adds, "By the way, I told you it was worth the cost of getting one of Stone Rage's referees as opposed to that guy."

There is first silence absorbing Jenny's comment and stewing her 'I told you so' moment also. "That woman has an agenda" Demi finally says reflectively. "She definitely has a plan. She is not showing her hands yet, but she has an agenda for the future and each and every one of us. This will take some deep thought and conversation before we vote. Let's finish up here and go back to the hotel and discuss everything and try to make an announcement before the end of the after party. It should be a heated debate, you never know what will happen in an ABA affair...."

The three ladies leave to decide the fate of Alyssa and Denise. Lucy adds "I've got to text my contact at the network. From all indications we've exceed our original projections. Ladies, ABA Entertainment is about to be a new media mogul, I can feel it!"

Elsewhere in an enormous Hollywood mansion, even by filthy rich standards, several media executives sipping on vintage and aged alcohol finish watching the PPV. By now many of them are tipsy and loud. However the guys have been drinking together for decades. They are extremely acquainted with each other, and each otherís feelings and reactions. One of the executives looks over reports on his phone. "By my initial reports the ABA just made about $25 million tonight. They have enough to money to start making moves."

"It is irresponsible for Stone Rage to give them a platform like that. You never know what will happen at an ABA event. He knows the rules. We choose who we wish to give power. The Fabs, the ABA and Rage know media activity all go through us. It is time Rage receives a severe slap on the wrist for his actions." The executive spouts, sounding like a leader of a drug cartel discussing lessers trying to achieve success without going through them. "Where do we begin Quatro? Do I pull his distribution contract for Pay Per Views?"

Quatro Calderon is a longtime agent for the media executives. He is known for fixing problems and slapping wrists for a high price. He is their most efficient operative. "No" Quatron answers definitively. "It will cause too much attention and he would just retreat to the internet where we have less control over him. You should have let me deal with Rage long ago, when I said so, but I still have a plan."

"First your collective organizations will file a joint law suit against him." Quatron explains. "It can be something frivolous like conflict of interest between contracts, as long as I can get an injunction to stop him from doing his next pay-per view. Then we settle out of court. We'll give him a carrot. We settle with a huge marketing deal." Quatron pauses, "We have only one string attached, that is that I join his booking committee. We'll use him to promote all your books, tv stations, movies and music outlets, and make a ton of money. All the while I am destroying his company from the inside. I will eliminate Fab Production by humiliating them and devaluing their star power. I'll break ABA Entertainment and send them running in fear. Then I can back away and watch Rage's promotion crumble into dust without it's two biggest attractions."

"Ah Calderon" one executive says, "It sounds good. You've never failed us in the past, but we've tried to get Rage before and have never been able to. We still have an election to fix this year. Is it wise to send you on a project like Rage at this point?"

Quatro bursts into laughter. "Come on our team already has this election in the bag. You got to admit, it was genius to turn an election where the key issue should be the gender of the president into a race debate...." He says as he trail off into laughter. "I mean neither of them is even black, and race is more of an issue this time than when the black guy was running." Quatro laughs some more. "Why not? One candidate has absolutely no experience or qualifications to be president of the PTA, much less the USA, and the other one is actually a woman, and does not want that to be the issue." The whole room breaks into either mischievous or devious laughter. "No we got the election under control." Quatro continues as he brings himself back to composure. "Christina Applegate was born into the industry. I've known her since high school. I can bring Rage down. I just need six confirmations sent to my secured email and my usual fee."

"You've got a deal Calderon. Just be careful with this Rage character. He's very tricky." says the nameless executive.

So it was written. The Studio Spector was awakened and unleashed....

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