NOTE - This match follows events of Return Of The Mack & Steady Mobbin'

Win this match vs archrival Doherty and Alyssa wins a chance to face ABA Wild Things leader Denise Richards for an opportunity to reenter the ABA. Not only that but she would take Denise’s leadership spot leaving Denise’s future in the ABA in question. Would Alyssa keep Denise around or give her a “Milano”? Lose and Alyssa will probably have to be cleaned off the mat with a mop and bucket. No way the ‘Wild Things’ would just let her walk away and Alyssa knew it. If positions were reversed Alyssa wouldn’t be so nice to Shannen either.

Billed as who’s the Top Witch playing off Alyssa and Shannen’s time as witches on “Charmed”, both ladies were assisted in witching up their ring outfits a tiny bit. Both chose sexy lingerie. Alyssa looked amazing in a black with red trim babydoll with bralette and spaghetti straps. Shannen’s all red camisole and matching slanted lace skirt from upper left thigh to mid right thigh was equally catching. Underneath, both wore matching panties and bras. Also, both had matching heels. To complete the ensemble each were given the classic pointy witch hat before they entered the arena. Even the special referee Rose McGowan sported the iconic headpiece. She complemented it with a sexy black and white striped babydoll outfitted with black heels. Alyssa’s corner is bare as usual, but in Shannen’s corner are fellow ABA Wild Things teammates Denise Richards and Buffie the Body. Denise is dressed in the tightest white pants that accent her ass and a tiny white halter top for a look similar to her White She Devil character from her film “Undercover Brother.” Buffie has a matching black halter and thong. Well, they started out as regular bikini briefs but ended up swallowed by her enormous ass, a common problem for Buffie that she’s just learned to live with.

After meeting in the center of the ring for the rules courtesy of McGowan, all three discard their pointy witch hats to the audience and the bell soon signals the start of the match. Doherty and Alyssa mix it up in the center of the ring with wild slaps that are mostly blocked. It’s more of a shoving contest as they fire insults back and forth.

Shannen - “Bitch!”

“You’re the bitch!”

“Fuck you bitch!”

“Fuck you!”

Shannen then irish whips Alyssa into the near corner. She follows and peppers Alyssa with several chops to the chest. The first two were legal just above the breast, but the remaining five targeted Alyssa’s cleavage directly. Each blow forces a pain filled grunt from Alyssa’s lips.

As Alyssa attempted to cover and protect her bosom, Shannen turned her into the ropes and started choking her on the top rope. McGowan ordered the break. Doherty refused to release Alyssa blatantly ignoring Rose at first. However when Rose starts counting to disqualify her, Doherty agrees to free Milano from the ropes.

Upon Shannen’s release of her hold, Alyssa steps back from the ropes clutching her throat. She steps back right into Shannen’s arms and a sleeper hold. With her hands already in position, Alyssa was able to get enough leverage to free her neck and quickly get her teeth into Shannen’s arms. The bite caused Shannen to break the hold and back away, but she didn’t escape fast enough.

Alyssa turned into Shannen and tackled her to the mat. Mounted on Shannen, Milano delivered a savage two fisted assault on Shannen’s upper body. If Doherty covered her head, her breast were pounded. If she covered her breast, her head was beaten. McGowan warned Alyssa reminding her that this was a wrestling match, not a brawl. Milano seemed like she was going to ignore Rose as Shannen did embedding two more knuckles into Shannen’s camisole and bra clad tits. However she stopped there getting to her feet before a disqualifying count could start.

Alyssa picked Shannen up by the hair and threw her into a corner. Alyssa backed away planning to take as much of the ring as she could to run into Shannen for a body splash into the unforgiving corner ropes. However, Shannen has presence of mind enough to push herself up to the middle rope. As Alyssa raced in, Shannen launched forward and knocked Milano’s head off her shoulders with a superman punch. Alyssa’s lifeless body fell like a ton of bricks her skull bouncing off the mat. Doherty was in the corner nursing her aching knuckles in fear she’d broken something while her opponent lay sprawled out like she was done for, her nose gushing blood. As Rose checked on Milano many feared the match was already over. Alyssa herself felt like a foolish rookie for running into such a blow realizing her own momentum had added to the fierceness of the attack. Embarrassment and rage at her own incompetence, made Alyssa rise from the mat as Rose stepped away.

A metal chair flew into the ring courtesy of one of the wild things. Alyssa still staggered was easily maneuvered into position for a DDT into the metal chair. The move was performed so roughly that Milano was rebound over to her back. Alyssa’s big tits are freed from her top and bra in one swift motion as she tumbles. Again the rush of blood from her nose forced her to breathe through her mouth.

Shannen was up quickly, basking in the cheers of her team. Alyssa struggled to roll over so she could get to her hands and knees. She had the feeling she was being stalked. Doherty moved into position, placing her fists together locking her fingers, and dropped to her knees quickly slamming a double axe handle into the small of Alyssa’s back. Alyssa collapsed back to the mat further staining it with her blood.

Shannen rolled Alyssa over to her back. Doherty went for the pin pulling Milano’s arms up over her head and mounted them facing Alyssa’s body. Rose hit the mat and started counting. Alyssa had enough freedom to get her right shoulder off the mat to break the count, but a fiendish set of knuckles buried into her implants driving her shoulder back down. The count starts over. A shoulder comes up and another boob-busting assault to creamy bare tits drives it down again.

Alyssa screams with every blow and has to suffer Shannen smiling down at her the whole time. Shannen halts the boob assault and lets Alyssa keep one shoulder off the mat. She rubs a palm into Alyssa’s bloody nose causing Milano to howl in pain bucking like a bronco. Doherty then covers Alyssa’s mouth and pinches her nose for a smother making use of Alyssa’s own blood to worsen the smother.

Shannen doesn’t release Alyssa until Milano’s shoulders sink to the mat, a fact Doherty is alerted to by Rose starting a count. Alyssa turned to her side when Shannen released her, spitting out blood and was totally engrossed in getting the oxygen she had been deprived, so much that she lost track of Doherty. It would be to her detriment as Shannen went airborne from the middle ropes of the nearest corner and landed with a leg drop across Alyssa’s skull. Alyssa felt her head had been crushed in a vice. She offered no resistance as Shannen stood and just rolled over to her back waiting for the cobwebs to clear. Shannen was airborne again, this time a leg drop across Alyssa’s bruised bare breasts.

Tears welled up in Alyssa eyes, spirit broken by the intense swelling pain in breasts. As Shannen moves away, Alyssa covers her breasts with her hands and rolls around the ring lost in a world of agony. Unintentionally she rolls out of the ring not gaining composure until the fear of falling snaps her back to reality. She is able to brace for a tiny bit of protection as she tumbles to the surrounding concrete. She uses the ring apron to make it to her feet only to have her face slammed into it by a fisted clench of her hair. Shannen pulled back on Alyssa’s mane and slammed Milano again and again until Alyssa’s legs gave way and she fell to her knees.

Shannen knelt down behind Alyssa and fired five shots into her back and kidneys. Alyssa sprawled out on the floor howling. Milano was easy prey in too much agony in too many places to attempt to cover them, plan any type of defense, or even consider any kind of offense.

Doherty easily forced Alyssa back to her feet and into ring. There she forced Alyssa’s legs into the air, and with a wink to Rose dropped a knee into Alyssa’s crotch. Milano screamed bloody murder. Doherty was slow to rise allowing her weight to grind her knee viciously into Alyssa’s pubic mound. Alyssa was now struggling to suck back her tears.

Shannen feeling the match all but won took a moment to strip Alyssa of her entire outfit. She threw it all to her team except for the panties. Next she held the panties to her nose like she was sniffing them. She pulled them away quickly and taunted Alyssa. “Oooo oh nasty. You piss in these? Nasty bitch.” The taunt added to having her panties thrown in her face brought back Alyssa’s fighting spirit. She rose to her feet though wobbly. Shannen took a karate stance showboating a little. Alyssa raised her fist in a boxing stance. Shannen went for an obvious round house kick designed to decapitate Alyssa. The kick missed as Alyssa ducked it and the momentum spun Shannen till her back was to Alyssa which Alyssa made use of by implanting her elbow into the small of Shannen’s back. Shannen grimaced as she was forced into the ropes. To Shannen’s surprise, Alyssa hadn’t followed. Milano with one hand comforting her aching pussy had too much trouble just standing.

Shannen took a boxing stance and returned to Alyssa. They clinched up and Shannen wrapped her arms around Alyssa’s waist. Lifting Milano up Shannon delivered another crushing blow to Alyssa’s sex with a mind numbing Atomic drop. Alyssa rolled off Shannen’s knee hard to the mat. Both hands sought to pull the pain out of her pussy but they were of little aid.

Still in control, Shannen easily positioned Milano’s naked body for a camel clutch. “If you give now, I might not break your neck,” Shannen said taunting. She continued, “You pathetic slut… If I were as hopeless as you, I’d shut the fuck up and stop messing with real bitches. You know what? Don’t give up. I want to break your bitch ass. Even if you give I’m gonna put you in the hospital.”

“Fuck y…,” was all Milano could get out as Shannen cranked down harder. Doherty signaled her girls to throw back Alyssa’s bra. Releasing Alyssa, Shannen bound the fan favorite by her wrists. She then stood and forced Alyssa up to her knees by a handful of her mane. Shannen displayed her own superiority by forcing her defenseless prey Milano to march around the ring by the torment of her scalp.

Shannen returned to the chair and DDT’d Alyssa into it again. This time Alyssa crumbled straight to the mat. Her only movement was the spitting of blood so she could breathe along with the heaving of her body as her lungs filled and released. Shannen took her time getting to her feet. She contemplated the best way to break Milano for the final pin and win. Her planning was interrupted by McGowan.

Rose ordered Shannen to back off which Shannen only complied because she felt totally in control. Rose untied Alyssa’s wrists, but Milano didn’t seem to notice. Her arms just sank to her sides lifeless. Rose released the bra noticing a part was clutched in Alyssa’s left hand, no doubt from Alyssa trying to gain freedom earlier. She asked Alyssa if she could continue. “Don’t call it,” begged Alyssa. She was too wrecked to even look at Rose. “Please don’t call it,” begged Alyssa again.

Rose warned, “If you can’t get up I have to end the match.”

“Please Rose, please don’t call it,” again begged Alyssa. “I’m begging you.”

“This bitch is going to kill you,” warned Rose.

Shannen had missed most of the exchange of words, but she caught the word bitch. She decided to give the conversation her attention.

“Please Rose, please,” begged Alyssa.

“Please Rose, please,” taunted Shannen. “Please save my whorish ass Rose,” continued Shannen following the taunt with laughter.

“Rose, I’m not done yet,” Alyssa said finally starting to stir.

“Yeah Rose, she’s not done yet. We’re a long way from being done,” continued Shannen.

“Please Rose. If there was ever a moment where we were friends…,” begged Alyssa for the final time looking soulfully into Rose’s eyes.

Against her better judgment, Rose stood and backed away signaling the fight would continue. Shannen pushed pass Rose to finish Alyssa off. She forced Milano to a sitting position by a fistful of hair. As she forced Alyssa to her knees Shannen was stunned as Milano swung her bra and wrapped it around Shannen’s neck. Tucking forward away from Doherty, Alyssa jerked Shannen over her shoulders and flipped Doherty down to the mat in front of her. Shannen hit the mat with a grunt dazed by the reversal. Alyssa re-secured the bra about Shannen’s neck this time as a garrote choking the Wild Thing’s Charmed One and forced Doherty to a seated position. On one knee herself, Alyssa planted the other knee into Shannen’s back to add more pressure to the choke.

Rose is torn for a moment. She liked seeing the smugness disappear from Doherty’s face, but knew it was her duty to force Alyssa to break her illegal hold. To the audience there was only the slightest pause as Rose fought with herself. In the end, Rose chose to keep the match honest and started a disqualifying count when Alyssa ignored her orders to break the hold.

Alyssa finally releases the hold to beat the DQ count allowing Shannen to crumble to the mat clutching her throat. Alyssa escorts Shannen to her feet by her hair, but before she can execute her plans, Shannen fires an elbow between Milano’s thighs. Again Alyssa is forced to comfort her kitty falling to the mat.

Shannen takes the bra from around her neck and is trying to tie Alyssa’s feet together when Alyssa desperately pulls one free and plants it into Shannen’s nose. Shannen falls to the mat caressing her nose which starts to gush blood. “Arrgghhh Bitch,” screams Shannen as she roles back and forth on the mat comforting her nose.

Struggling to her feet Doherty turns her attention to Milano just in time for Alyssa to tackle her back to the mat with a running cross body splash. All the air is knocked out of Shannen's lungs. Alyssa suffers from the impact too, but is too deep in fight mode to acknowledge the pain.

Milano quickly rolls off Shannen and jumps back to her feet. Despite her own aching crotch, the site of Shannen’s blood reignites the fire in Alyssa. She maneuvers behind Shannen and waits. As Doherty sits up Alyssa runs in and drops both knees into Shannen’s shoulder blades. Alyssa is bounced back to her feet as Shannen’s body recoils. Shannen crumbles flat onto the mat rolling over to her tummy and weakly reaching behind to comfort her back.

Alyssa naked bruised battered humiliated keeps up the momentum mounting Shannen’s back facing Doherty’s ass. Alyssa’s thighs capture Shannen’s head and squeeze with all she has left. Her body pins Shannen to the mat. Shannen moans in pain stuck between Milano’s tightening head scissors.

Meanwhile Alyssa snakes both hands into Shannen’s skirt and panties one in the front and the other in back. She embeds her nails into both Shannen’s pussy lips and anus. It brings howls to Shannen’s lips. Rose ordered Alyssa to break the hold though she loved the fierceness of the hold, but was able to protest her own orders to break the hold by counting a little slower than usual.

Alyssa broke the hold and found her bra again. She used it to tie Shannen’s hands behind her back and rolled Shannen onto her back further pinning the arms and Shannen’s shoulders to the mat. Alyssa mounted Shannen’s waist and lifted Shannen’s top and bra. Alyssa then turned Shannen’s breasts into speed bags punching with a hurricane of blows. The speed was so, that most lost count after the fifth shot, but all knew she was at least in the twenties when Shannen’s legs stopped kicking and the screams turned to helpless whimpers. Ten or more shots and Alyssa finally paused to press Shannen’s black and blue tits against her chest for the pin. Unfortunately Rose was counting but not for the win. Alyssa noticed the difference because Rose was still standing. Alyssa was actually confused for a bit and questioned Rose who responded by ordering Alyssa to untie Shannen. “Shit,” thought Alyssa. She stepped away and allowed Rose to untie Shannen.

Upon being freed Shannen immediately sought to comfort her breasts. Her kitty and anus were screaming to be comforted too, but they were second fiddle to the pain in Shannen’s boobs. She was still massaging her boobs when Alyssa charged her and damn near took her head off with a running boot to the skull. Shannen dropped like a ton of bricks and found Milano soon on top of her for the pin. After the three count Alyssa’s own pain started to cut through her adrenaline surge and she just laid there atop Shannen for a moment before rolling to the mat and covering herself as best she could.

Alyssa had won her chance to face Denise for membership back into the ABA and even better leadership of the Wild Things. No chance to really enjoy her win, immediately Alyssa was seized by the Wild Things. Richards planned to honor the deal to face Milano, but she planned for Alyssa to fight the match in a body cast at best. She and Buffy the Body secure Alyssa’s arms and forced her to stand. Each then wail blows on her as she stands defenseless against the ropes. Alyssa tries to collapse but Denise and Buffy forced her to remain standing. They pounded her tummy, pubic mound, boobs, and chin.

Rose approached the carnage. She addressed them, “Hey that’s enough.”

Denise releases Alyssa allowing the “winner” to fall to the mat, Buffie being unable to hold the limp noodle. Denise met Rose face to face, “Stay out of this Rosie. This is ABA business.” Richards made her point by poking an index finger into Rose’s cleavage.

Rose, a fiery redhead at heart despite those times she sports different dye jobs, fights back the instinct to sock Denise in the jaw. It wasn’t her business. Alyssa wasn’t her friend at the moment, but not an enemy either, again at the moment. What finally did it was the smugness on Richard’s face. It was that same shit smugness Shannen sported earlier. It was like she felt Rose was beneath her. Rose struck out with a knee to Richard’s tummy that made her grunt over in pain. She then grabbed White She Devil by her hair and threw her across the ring. As Denise struggled to her hands and knees Rose ran into her and booted her in the face knocking her onto her ass back up against the corner. Rose then said, “You’re right. It is none of my business.” She then ducked out of the ring and left before Buffie could come to Denise’s aide. Alyssa made use of this time to duck out of the ring herself. She was slow to retreat but with Shannen still out of the fight and Buffie focused on assisting Denise; Alyssa had enough time to form up behind Rose and escape. Rose looked back only once to make sure the Wild Things weren’t following and saw only bloody battered Alyssa struggling up the ramp. Rose continued on as if unconcerned. She figured she was now on Denise Richards’ hit list, but didn’t care.


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