"I'm glad you agreed to see me Angelina." Studio Representative Quatro Calderon opens as he looks at Angelina Jolie across his desk. "The studio executives are very angry with you for your part in setting a trap for my Chosen associate, Amber Heard".

"The studio isn't mad at me." Angelina abruptly corrects Quatro. "You are."

Looking extremely annoyed, Calderon continues, "Alright the studio isn't pissed off. I am smart ass!"

"Fucking Ass hole". Angelina mutters.

"I've never like you, not even a little bit. You really have to pay for this." Quatro responds while shaking his head. Quatro calms himself before saying. "I can easily go after you on the business side and mess with your money, but instead let's have fun. Let's play a game." Calderon says energetically. "I'm really getting into this wrestling shit. I'm really enjoying seeing my enemies getting their ass beat publicly."

"What do you have in mind?" Angelina dryly asks.

"A nightmare scenario for you." Calderon quickly responds. "It has you being defeated thoroughly by a younger actress that is equally, if not more beautiful than you. To help further deflate your over bloated, massive ego, she is not nearly as talented of an actress as you. Also your opponent is pissed off and really wants to tear somebody apart right now. She does not care who it is. However, she really don't like you either, or any friends of the Fabs. So I expect that she will be uncharacteristically merciless when she destroys you. She is a friend of your old arch enemy, Jennifer Aniston. In fact this is all Jennifer's brain child. She designed this hell match of you. Jen knows you very well, and she still loathes you very much." Calderon chuckles.

"Okay I get it. Jen got somebody to fight me again because she is too weak minded and scared to do it herself." Angelina begins. "Who is it? What are the stipulations. I'm sure the odds will be slanted against me."

Calderon looks offended. "It is a fair, one on one match. No one is allowed at ringside. There are no unfair advantages. That would take away all the fun. We want you going home knowing that you got beat by a better woman. We want you to realize that you aren't the woman that you used to be. Hell, we want you to understand that you were never the woman that you thought that you were." Calderon lets his words sink in before continuing. "Your opponent will be the legend killer, Jessica Alba."

"That's it? That's all you've got?" Angelina says chuckling. "Leave it to Jenn to design a totally lame revenge match."

"You really don't get it." Calderon explains. "You may be delusional, but Jenn and I see clearly that you aren't the Legendary Angelina Jolie any more. You're just another chick now. We both saw it when Amber Heard beat you up. We can't wait to see younger girl after younger girl keep whipping your ass and taking you apart piece by piece. We will sit back and watch as your arrogant ass deal repetitive failure for the first time in your life. You can't handle it. It'll drive you crazy. We'll watch and laugh as you become your own worst enemy." Calderon laughs like a movie villain.

Angelina sits silently wondering how much truth is in Calderon's prophecy. This mind game is all part of Calderon's plan. He feels that planting a seed of doubt in Angelina's mind is all that it will take to tilt this tough match between two great competitors into Alba's favor. Calderon is a master of mind games. He can see the seed growing in Angelina's head right now.

"I'll play your game." Angelina accepts with a smack of her lips. "But when I win, I get total immunity from you and your games in this league. Second, You will owe me a favor that I can call in any time I want." Calderon accepts the demands confidently, as if they were just empty statements that he should not concern himself with. This pisses Angelina off even more. She mumbles, "Kiss my ass, asshole." She is mad at herself for allowing Calderon to get under her skin.

Calderon's eyes light up. "Brilliant idea! Let's make it a Kiss My Ass match. The loser has to kiss the winner's ass after the match."

"Yeah! Let's do that. In fact I insist upon it!" Angelina fiery challenges back. "I'm going to think about you Calderon when Jessica Alba puckers up and kisses my ass after I kick the shit out of her." Angelina finishes and stands to storms out of Calderon's office.

The timetable for the match was rushed so the match would appear on the biggest card of the year, RAGE III That is great for Angelina and Jessica's bank accounts. However it meant Angelina has taken the match on short notice. Her training regime had to be abbreviated. Angelina correctly assumes that Jessica did not have that problem. She started training for this match over six weeks before Calderon approached Angelina with the offer for the match.

All too quickly Angelina is in the ring looking across at Jessica moments before the opening bell. Angelina is wearing a black bikini with a black leather mini skirt, modestly covering her bottom half. Jessica boldly wears a string bikini with leopard print. Her fashion statement says, "I'm younger, with a hell of a lot better body than that older chick across the ring, and I know it."

The bell rings and the age difference ceases to exists. Angelina comes right out of her corner like a tiger. With lightening speed Angelina rips out of her corner and kicks Jessica in her body and sends her startled foe down to the mat. Angelina steps up and starts stomping down hard on Jessica's skinny body. Angelina mercilessly stomps the squealing and squirming woman until she decides to go to the mat with Jessica for more punishment. Angelina drops down on top of Jessica and expertly pins her underneath, by pinning Jessica's arms under Angelina's knees. Angelina grabs Jessica's hair with both hands and starts banging the back of her head against the mat. It sounds like Angelina is playing a drum as she rhythmically dribbles Jessica's head with pounding booms.

Angelina stops bouncing Jessica's head to terrorize her with a two handed choke around her skinny neck. The questionable move does not last long, but it is meant to set the tone. Angelina wanted to instill fear and intimidation in her rival. She wants to show Jessica how far she is wiling to go to win this match. Angelina wants to establish herself as the Alpha female in the ring.

Angelina slides off of Jessica and releases her choke. She pulls Jessica's body between her legs for a tight body scissors around her mid section. Angelina leans back and arches her back to get as much power from her legs as she could. Jessica is squirming and Angelina is in total control. Jessica takes her thumb and jabs it into Angelina's knee joint. Angelina squeals and her legs pop open to free Jessica. Angelina grabs her knee and scoots away from Jessica, but is not quick enough to escape Jessica clasping her hands together and slamming them down on Angelina's body a couple of times. Angelina crawls away with Jessica crawling after her.

Jessica and Angelina both rise to their knees and confront each other. Jessica's hands flash up and wrap around Angelina's neck. Jessica assumes control and start wringing Angelina from side to side. Angelina has found herself in a double handed choke more times than she can remember. She did not have one concern. Angelina thrusts her arms up between Jessica's arms and knocks them off her neck. Then Angelina's arms flawlessly carry through and roll around till they circle Jessica's body, locking her in a bear hug. Angelina has Jessica's arms trapped by her sides inside of her grasp, and putting the squeeze on her younger adversary. Angelina slings Jessica to the mat while keeping her trapped in the bear hug. The two end up rolling around on the mat, but Angelina maintains control of the situation with her bear hug.

Angelina stops her controlled roll on top of Jessica. Angelina gives one more tight squeeze, then lets her bear hug go, and sits up. Angelina keeps Jessica pinned on the mat, and opens up with a two-fisted attack to Jessica's belly. Angelina has to go to using one hand to hold her squirming victim down and pound Jessica's taunt stomach with her other fist. Once Jessica is gasping for her breath, Angelina stops and folds Jessica like a matchbook. Jessica has her knees against her tits and her head between her own ankles. Angelina is on top to keep Jessica stretched out. Also Angelina takes time to spank Jessica's unprotected ass. She plays to the crowd and shows her dominance.

Angelina steps off of Jessica, allowing her to unfold. Angelina catches Jessica's ankles and spreads her legs open. Angelina does not hesitate to stomp down on Jessica's pussy, and then grinds her foot down on the sensitive flesh. Angelina steps off of Jessica with a chuckle. She feels like old times when she used to she beat and bully another younger foes.

Jessica springs to her feet, not at all amused. Then she takes Angelina by surprise with a lightening fast kick to her belly. Angelina doubles over, while backing into the ropes. She then looks up and gets nailed by a right cross from Jessica. Angelina impressively regroups and roars back with a big right hook that wobbles Jessica. Angelina pursues her foe, but over confidently walks into another kick to her body. The fight has turned into a gritty slug fest, and Angelina loves it.

While loving the direction of the match, Jessica's surprise kick stunned Angelina for a moment. Jessica takes advantage and grabs the stunned legend by the hair and runs Angelina halfway across the ring and slams Angelina's face into the turnbuckle. Angelina's swoons and her knees buckle. Jessica takes a step back and fires an insulting kick square in Angelina's ass. After a yelp and a hop, Angelina whirls around to face Jessica, and catches another kick to her body.

Angelina's eyes lights up and she roars out of the corner. Angelina attacks with wide swinging bitch slaps. The first slap knocks the taste out of Jessica's mouth and gives her pause. It is enough pause for Angelina to backhand pimp slap her even harder. Jessica is stunned, and caught in an embarrassing spin cycle. She gets hit with powerful open handed bitch slaps, then takes the following punking backhanded pimp slap for three rounds. Next Angelina grabs the shaky, bobbling head Jessica by the shoulders and sling her back into the corner. From there, Angelina starts pumping her knee viciously up into Jessica's midsection.

Angelina steps away or a breather. Maybe it is the short training, or age or a combination of both. She steps out of the corner casually shaking her still stinging hand. Remembering those degrading slaps, Jessica reacts differently. She steps out of the corner passionately, and grabs Angelina by the shoulders and spins her around to face her. Angelina turns around into a right hook that knocks her loopy. Angelina swoons back into the corner in a daze. Jessica spears Angelina in the body with a punch that buries her fist into Angelina's body. Angelina's mouth drops open as she tries to catch her breath. Jessica sinks her hand into Angelina's left tit and squeezes it callously. Angelina screams until Jessica releases the breast and steps back and then fires a straight right hand punch into Angelina's nose.

Angelina's eyes cross and her knees buckle. Then like a true legend, Angelina launches herself out of the corner, leaping in the air with both of her hands clasp together over her head. Angelina comes down slamming both of her hands on the crown of Jessica's head. The hammering strike knocks Jessica addle. Jessica is wobbling around as Angelina gets behind her and leaps up again and hammers Jessica in the top of the back of her head too. The befuddled actress stumbles to keep her balance. Angelina faces Jessica and seizes her with one hand around her throat and marches her back into the corner. Angelina chokes Jessica with the one hand, then raises her knee and starts grinding it into Jessica's pussy too. With torment coming from two ways, Jessica slowly sinks down until she is seated on the bottom turnbuckle in the corner. Angelina gives the drooping starlet another demeaning bitch smack and backhand pimp smack combination.

Angelina backs away for that a fore mention much needed breather. Red faced from the shaming slaps, Jessica is determined to not let Angelina catch that breather. Jessica roars out of the corner with a fist to Angelina's belly that doubles her over. An upper cut followed by a kick to the body and a right handed body shot has Angelina staggering around and breathing heavily. Jessica stalks immediately, and fires more rib rocking kicks into Angelina's body as she tries to create more distance. Finally Angelina tumbles to her knees, into the ropes, face first. She looks back and sees Jessica coming. Angelina fires a kick backwards from the mat that lands and keeps Jessica at bay for a moment. However Jessica pounces back and tackles Angelina all the way to the mat. Jessica pins her enemy down, and uses her lith body and best she can to tire Angelina out and keep her from catching her breath. She just keeps grappling around with Angelina, making her expend energy.

That was her plan until Jessica gets rocked by a sneaky and crafty palm shot to her nose while wrestling in close. Poor Jessica never saw it coming and never totally understands what she got hit with. She only knows her face exploded in pain, like her nose was going through her brain, and afterward she is glassy eyed and bewildered. Angelina kicks Jessica off top of her after her savvy blow. She gets to her feet and hauls a shaken Jessica in tow to her feet by a handful of hair. Then just to ruffle the feathers of this bitch that is getting on her last nerve, Angelina bitch slaps her across the face one more time. Angelina follows with a hard punch this time. Angelina is finally thinking that she might want to finish Jessica off and quit playing.

To Angelina's chagrin that slap reignites Jessica and she slaps Angelina back even harder. Angelina is sent spinning and reeling. Jessica traps the legend on the ropes and goes after her bikini top while she is dazed. Jessica has it magically untied in a snap and around Angelina's neck to choke her. Angelina struggles around while pulling at the garment for a bit, but that was only to get in position to drive her elbow backwards into Jessica's side, making her release the top and back off grunting and groaning.

Angelina takes her own top in her hands and wraps it around Jessica's skinny neck. Angelina pushes Jessica's back against the ropes while using the weapon that Jessica introduced against her. Angelina effectively chokes Jessica while facing her at arms length so she cannot retaliate effectively. After Jessica's eyes are rolling up, Angelina lets her choke go for a second. Then she plops Jessica's tits out of her lepard bikini top and pushes the cloth aside to expose her breasts to the world. Angelina pinches, squeezes and twists Jessica's nipples with a mean zest and a smile.

Jessica seems frozen in pain as Angelina twists and turns her teets. When Angelina lets go, Jessica returns to her senses immediately and punches Angelina in her big pouty lips. Angelina's head spins around. Angelina thinks, "Well she is as tough as Tia Carrere nd Jessica Biel says she is." Then Jessica assaults Angelina's ribs and body with a devastating series of fist that has Angelina twisting and struggling. Jessica ends with a kick to Angelica's midsection.

Not to be out done, Angelina pulls it together and marches back into the fire. Angelina strikes very deliberate with a punch that flattens Jessica's right tit. Angelina fires another torpedo fist that sinks deep into Jessica's left boob. Angelina explodes a bomb on Jessica's chin. This is the slug fest that both women wanted. Both feel that they can outlast and out class the other.

Angelina tries to go after Jessica's tits again. But, Jessica rips off an uppercut to Angelina's bosom that launches her breasts up and sends Angelina retreating backwards. Despite being clearly hurt, Angelina fires a vengeful kick to Jessica's body to send her retreating away.

Angelina breathes heavily as both combatants get a moment's rest. Angelina is cupping and inspecting her left tit. Jessica flashes into action like a fighter jet. She swoops in and kicks Angelina square in her pussy. Angelina shrieks and drops to her knees holding her pussy. Jessica goes over and kicks the struggling woman, to make her fall forward on her front. Jessica drops to the mat and clamps her legs around Angelina's head for a head scissors. Jessica's face shows strain and grunts as she applies as much pressure as she could. Angelina kicks her legs with a litany of moans and groans to broadcast that she is clearly suffering. Angelina's loathing and respect for Alba grows exponentially. Then the crafty veteran finds a way to take a huge bite out of Jessica's slim thigh.

Jessica screams and opens her legs. Before her caterwaul stops, Angelina's head pops up and she drives her fist into Jessica's undefended pussy. Feeling fear and endangerment, Jessica frantically tries to flee. However Angelina is punching her in the side, kicking her and corralling Jessica as tries to escape. Angelina gets a grip on Jessica's thong to detain her. Angelina scrambles to her feet and clamps her legs around Jessica's head and traps her bent over on her hands and knees. Now that she has Jessica trapped in a standing head scissor, Angelina grabs Jessica's thong and begins a wedgie session worthy of Revenge of the Nerds III. Like a super senior to a freshman, Angelina pulls yanks and carves Jessica's thong till it cuts in Jessica's pussy and ass. It is amazing seeing a true master at work. When Angelina is done she opens her legs allowing Jessica's head to spring out. Then Angelina cracks Jessica across the chin with a wicked right hook that knocks her flat on the mat.

Again Angelina backs away for a needed breather. Jessica sees her much needed opening again. She springs to her feet and strikes with a dazzling straight right hand punch. Angelina's knees buckle and she is momentarily stunned. Jessica grabs Angelina's dark hair and drags her to the corner by it. Jessica slams Angelina's face into the turnbuckle multiple times with her hair hold. Then she slings Angelina to the mat by her hair. Angelina lands on those big, round, perfectly shaped naked breasts.

When Jessica comes after Angelina, The crafty veteran sweeps her leg out and knocks Jessica to the mat with a leg sweep. Now both visions of perfection scamper to their feet. They spin around to face each other. The super cunning Angelina greets Jessica with a high kick to Jessica's face. The younger women is launched off her feet and lands flat on her back. Angelina steps back with her tits rising and falling heavily with her heavy breathing. Showing a little respect, Angelina says, "You're a horrible, pathetic actress, but you're not a bad fighter."

"What did you say!" Jessica shouts as she springs back to her feet with fire blazing in her eyes. Jessica takes a couple steps while huffing and puffing like a fire breathing dragon. Then she wallops Angelina with the mightiest punch of the night. It looked like a movie. Angelina is launched in the air and land several feet away, flat on her back. Angelina lies with her legs open, showing her black thong and her big tits standing tall on her chest. Angelina sees Jessica storming over and her nipples turn rock hard and rocket up. Angelina don't know what happened or exactly what she said wrong, but she is thinking that she might no longer be the Alpha female in is ring.

Jessica is very sensitive about her acting career. She stopped acting at the height of her career, stating it was no longer fun. She was over critical of herself to a point where she wanted to step away. Angelina's back handed compliment was enough to push Jessica over the edge. Jessica furiously stomps Angelina all over with a fury built up for years directed at countless directors, producers and critics. Shouting in pain, Angelina rolls over onto her belly to try and protect herself. Jessica takes a seat on Angelina's back and begins by using Angelina's hair to smash her face into the mat. Then Jessica starts beating and bruising Angelina's back and sides with her brutal fists. Angelina is fading fast. All of those body shots and kicks to the body were setting up Angelina's doom. Jessica is glowing and never looked more gorgeous as she pounds the withering legend.

The new Alpha female in the ring, Jessica, stands over Angelina, and flips her skirt up. Jessica grabs Angelina's black thong and pulls it up, then gives Angelina a humbling if not humiliating spanking. The fans roar as Jessica's open hand slaps and reddens Angelina's lily white ass. Jessica steps off Angelina. The shaken veteran rolls over and sits up and looks back at Jessica. "Nobody talks about my acting! EVER!" Jessica rumbles, then kicks Angelina dead in the face. Poor Angelina is knocked over backwards and lies spread eagle on her back. Seeing that little black thong, Jessica is overjoyed to stomp down on Angelina's pussy as hard as she can. Angelina shouts while arching her back and grabbing her pussy. Then she curls up on her side.

Jessica drops to the mat and squeezes one of Angelina's boobs trying to make it pop open. Then Jessica gets on top of a near helpless Angelina and wraps both hands around her skinny neck. The mighty Angelina is gone. Now there is only a weak Angelina uselessly pawing at Jessica's wrist and unable to break her grip. Jessica rises off the suffering actress only to put her foot down across Angelina's neck and continues to choke her. Jessica looks down at the helpless woman struggling with an evil sneer. Jessica only raises her foot off her prey only to find another way to hurt her.

Angelina gets to her hands and knees to crawl to the corner. Angelina uses the ropes to help pull herself up to her feet. When the poor woman turns around, Jessica is standing there still looking mean. Jessica nails poor Angelina with a wide swinging punch. Angelina's head snaps back and she slumps in corner. Jessica kicks Angelina in her body. "You're going to pay for calling me a bad actress." Jessica grumbles and kicks Angelina again. "You're going to pay for wrecking Jennifer Aniston's happy home, whore!" Jessica kicks Angelina again. "You're going to pay for crossing Calderon." Jessica kicks Angelina one more time. Angelina stumbles out of the corner and crumbles to the mat, face first.

Angelina might has well have had 'defeated' written across her forehead. Jessica sits beside her and traps Angelina's left arm between her legs and clasps her hands under Angelina's chin and wrenches her backwards. Jessica locks Angelina in her devastating finishing hold, the Crippler Crossface. No one has ever escaped her finisher.

Back stage, Calderon has located Jennifer Aniston and gives her a high five. They watch the end of the match together. Angelina started tapping out pretty early in the hold. She starts repeating, "I submit! I submit!" quickly. Even the sweet hearted Jennifer Aniston looks on with looks on smiling with absolutely zero sympathy for her arch enemy that has been defeated and being punished. "You win. I submit, You've kicked my ass." Angelina confesses as she further suffer in Jessica's finisher. The confession sounds like sweet music to Calderon and Aniston's ears. "I'm defeated. You win. I'm the loser." Angelina says as her voice trails off. The pitiful way that Angelina spoke let Jessica know that the formally cocky actress is no more. There is just a passing legend wallowing and suffering in her failure. Jessica releases her broken foe.

Jessica stands and demands "Get up!" to the meek woman looking up at her. Angelina sits up as she is told. Jessica points at her shoes and says, "Start at my shoes and work your way up to my ass." Angelina has an expression of total disbelief and confusion at this surreal moment. She reminds herself of her contractual obligations and tries to bury the notion that she is just a punk bitch beaten by a better woman. Angelina takes a deep breath and kneels over and starts kissing Jessica's shoe, starting on her toe. Angelina works her way up giving ample kisses along the way. Angelina moves to the side of Jessica's legs as she kisses her way up her thigh. Finally Angelina moves to Jessica's rear and kisses the victor's ass several times. Aniston nearly cums on herself seeing Angelina is such a state. However Alba did not seem so impressed

When Angelina is done Jessica turns to face the kneeling woman, "Are you going to say sorry?"

Angelina looks up and says, "Fuck no." She did not really know exactly what Jessica was referring to, but whatever it was, it did not matter or change the answer.

"You're not going to say sorry for calling me a bad actress?"

Angelina barely had time to answer "no" before Jessica grabs Angelina by the hair and rams her face into the mat.

"No?" Jessica asks, "Are you sure that you don't want to apologize to Calderon?"

"Fuck you!" Angelina spits before Jessica grabs her hair and slams her face into the canvas again.

"What was that? Fuck me?"

"Fuck you!" Angelina says with attitude and gets her face smashed into the mat again.

"What was that? Do you want to say fuck me again?"

"Fuck you!" Then Angelina's face goes crashing into the mat again.

"What do you got to say for yourself now? Do you want to say sorry? You want to apologize to Jennifer for being a homewrecking hoe?"

Angelina sits up for this one and flashes two middle fingers to Jessica and answers, "Fuck you." This time Jessica halls off and belts Angelina across the face. Angelina rockets back down to the canvas.

"Are you going to apologize? Are you going to say sorry?" Jessica impatiently asks. Angelina pulls herself off the mat and sits up. Then she gives Jessica a smile that gives all the answers needed. Jessica hauls off and gives lets loose with a haymaker to Angelina's smiling face. The blow knocks Angelina out cold instantly. She violently falls over to the mat with a thump, thud and a bump.

Angelina is spread eagle on her back again. She is knocked out into another century. Those two big round breasts stand tall like mountains on her chest. They are seductive works of art. These are tits that look like they belong to a much younger woman. It is rare to see the legend laid out like this in this league. She is helpless, vulnerable and defeated. Even her greatest fans are wondering if this is a scene that they will be seeing more often in these later stages of her catfighting career.

Jessica stands over Angelina's body. "No need to say I'm sorry, stupid bitch! I win!"

The chant of "ALBA'S HOTTER... ALBA'S HOTTER!" begins as customary is in Jessica's matches. With Angelina lying at her feet, Jessica does a double bicep pose as the cheers and chants grow louder.

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