"This is an absolute travesty and disgrace!" An angry Christina Applegate shouts in the middle of the ring during a weekly show taping. "I'm a very high executive of this league. I am the Chair of the Booking Committee! Nonetheless, Stone Rage allowed his Fabs to attack me backstage and abduct me to take me to the ring, There they violated and raped me repeatedly. They did unthinkable things to me and the Resistance!" Christina pauses to huff and puff. "Then in the most outrageous and insulting move of all, Stone Rage refused to reprimand or punish them in any sort of way!" Christina rants as she paces back and forth.

"Luckily for me, I found a small clause under my duties that allows me to take measures in my own hands and punish the wicked. It allows me to make an emergency match in the best interest of the league! It allows me to punish the person who led her faction of the Fabs backstage to outnumber and capture me to take me to the ring. My old enemy Tia Carrere led her team of demon bitches after me. By letter of the law I can make Tia pay by ordering her into a match with an opponent of my choosing in the best interest of the league. In my opinion it is in the best interest and moral of the league that Tia gets her ass crushed! My choice to do that is a woman that has beaten Tia in the past. She's made Tia submit more specifically. Tia Carrere, your next opponent will be Jeri Ryan of the Resistance! You must comply with my decree, Tia. Resistance is futile!"

Jeri quickly joins Christina in the ring from a ringside seat. The two blondes present a formidable pair in the ring. They embrace as Christina presents Jeri to the audience. Meanwhile the fans voice their approval or disapproval of the news.

Suddenly a voice comes squawking over the speaker protesting. "Oh hell no! This is total bull shit!" Catherine Bell comes storming from backstage to the ring as fast as her feet could carry her. Her new team leader in her faction, of the ABA, Madonna, accompanies her. "We already had a fucking deal, Christina!" Catherine says as she climbs through the ropes. "You've already promised me the next singles match against Tia Carrere. I've been waiting to get my hands on Tia for far too long." Catherine grumbles as she comes face to face with Christina. "I'm not going to let you take that away from me."

Catherine originally entered the league as a member of Tia's Fab team. Against Tia's advice, Catherine took a match with the ABA's Demi Moore with Catherine's league contract in the balance. Catherine loss the match, and Demi took ownership of her contract. Demi turned Catherine from a valiant fighter to Demi's personal step and fetch. Catherine suffered doing demeaning tasks for a long time, with Tia unable to help her. Finally Madonna purchased Catherine's contract from Demi and turned her into a equal and valued member of her faction of the ABA. Finally freed, Catherine swore revenge on Tia for abandoning her.

Madonna also has a microphone and threatenly adds "We had a deal Christina."

"Things changed." Christina abruptly interrupts. "Everything changed after Jessica Alba vs Jessica Biel III. Tia wasn't my problem at that time. Now she is. Tia's going down, but at Resistance hands for what she did to me." Christina forcefully explains. "You can have the scraps after we are done."

"Christina, save that tough talk for the rest of the league." Madonna begins with a head shake. "You were a founder of the ABA. Destroying Tia Carrere is extremely important to my girl Catherine and that means it is extremely important for the entire ABA. So, you know how this is going to go. You established the standards that we must follow in the ABA, yourself. You can allow Catherine to do your dirty work, or we're going to move you two out of our way ABA style. Don't be hell bent for destruction. Let us take care of your Tia Carrere problem for you."

"Are you threatening me?" Christina snaps. She is a little on edge after her team got humiliated recently.

"No, not necessarily, take it how you want." Madonna slowly answers. "I'm explaining how things are likely to go down under the current circumstances. Now we can negotiate and change those circumstances and peacefully solve our problem, or not."

Christina does not budge. Her eyes stay locked with Madonna's. Christina knows that the wisest move is to go backstage and negotiate with Catherine and Madonna. If thing do not work out, they can get physical there, just as they can now. However every fiber in her body does not want to do that, especially after their dreadful disgrace at the hands of the Fab’s. She feels publicly backing down will slaughter her stature and power in her position. Many uneasy moments pass as the two blonde leaders silently confront each other.

Catherine is far too obsessed with hurting Tia to leave Madonna's masterful negotiations to chance. "Well I'm challenging you." Catherine says as she steps face to face with Jeri Ryan. "The line to beat up Tia Carrere starts behind me. If you want to get to Tia, then you'll have to go through me!" Catherine finishes looking directly in Jeri's eyes.

"Fuck it, let's do this bitch!" Jeri says. "I don't know who you think you are to come out here and interrupt and confront us. You are about to learn to not disrespect us like this again!" After being thoroughly whipped by Halle Berry, Jeri is thirsty for some blood. She would prefer some Fab blood, but if this big tit bitch Catherine wants it so bad, she can get some. Jeri starts taking off her blouse and strips down to her business pants and overstuffed red bra.

Seeing things going this way, Catherine immediately rips off her T-shirt and gets down to her black lace bra and a pair of jeans. After serving drinks for a couple of years to Demi Moore, Catherine is thirsty for some action too.

Christina and Madonna just separate and get out of the way. They both know what they have on their hands. There are two beautiful competitive actresses who both are suffering from disrespect and both are aching for a fight at this point of their life. They both need to beat the shit out of somebody, so they might as well beat the shit out of each other. Both vixens are smiling and eagerly awaiting the challenge as they square off against each other. This fight is not even personal; it is more therapeutic and competitive than anything.

They are both the same age, and primarily very busty, sci-fi actresses. The brunette and the blonde circle each other to fight. They have been compared, dreamed and fantasized about for well over a decade. Both feel privileged to fight the other. This is a legendary match up. It is an honor to fight such a worth opponent, and an even greater honor to win.

Then as if heeding to a silent cue, Jeri and Catherine bare their claws and pounce at each other. They lock up, but soon they interlock hands in a knuckle lock with their arms raised above their head in a test of strength. Their muscles flex as they vie against one another. Initially Catherine gains an advantage and starts powering Jeri down. That advantage is short lived as Jeri quickly rights herself. Jeri slams her big bouncy tits into Catherine's slightly bigger and rounder breasts to send her a message. Fans slowly see Catherine's wrists bend backwards. Jeri presses and rubs her tits against Catherine's tits as she does to distract the brunette Amazon. Catherine is steadily losing ground until she snaps back and reasserts herself. Calling on her strength, determination and her insatiable thirst for revenge, Catherine uses her power to bring things back to even very fast. The two big tit milf's renew their test of strengths and wills.

The test of strength went on for a pretty long time. The two goddesses were locked in a classic struggle. The fans had time to get behind one or the other. Catherine, with a height and slight strength advantage had the advantage most of the time. Jeri would always roar back and put Catherine on her heels though. Meanwhile the fans marvel at their spectacular bodies and sexy tits banging into each other and rubbing together. Their sensual bodies are tense and muscles flex and ripple. It is reminiscent of two ancient goddesses competing for superiority. In a flash, things changed. Jeri kicked Catherine on the inside of her knee. Catherine immediately drops down to both knees. The tables have completely turned, now Jeri looms over Catherine and presses down on her challenger, totally dominating the brunette.

The scene is now a strong golden goddess overpowering and dominating a faltering and stuggling mortal woman. Jeri completes her domination by pushing Catherine over backwards until her back is flat on the mat. Catherine is shocked to find herself in such dire straits. Then Jeri drops down on the brunette, slamming her impressive rack onto Catherine's jugs once again. Both pair of boobs to expand out from the impact, but Jeri to seem to absorb the collision much better, as Catherine gasps. "All you are is a pair of big tits. They might be big, but they're not that impressive, if you ask me."

Jeri sits up on Catherine's belly and seizes two big handfuls of Catherine's wonderful breasts and squeezes. Catherine howls with bulging eyes. She reaches up and immediately counter attacks by squeezing and clawing Jeri's tits. Both women make exclamations of pain, but Catherine's are undeniably louder. Catherine tries to even her odds a bit. She uses those two large handles, namely Jeri's knockers and with a big thrust, Catherine ejects Jeri off top of her. Although they still are connected together by their grips on each other's breasts, now they lie on the mat trying to destroy each other's tits.

These two legendary big boobed Sci-Fi fantasy women are locked in a tit battle for the ages. It is also a legendary clash that Catherine is losing. Jeri is starting to tear her tits apart so bad that she wants to cry. Catherine is quickly coming to the realization that Jeri's whoppers are stronger. Jeri's mam mangling fingers are better than hers. This tit fight is over as far as Catherine is concerned and she is willing to concede. Jeri comments, "overrated." as she continues her journey down victory road.

"Let go!" Catherine shouts. "Get off of me you fucking bitch!" Catherine continues as she starts swatting and kicking and thrashing around to get away from Jeri. Seeing her rival at her wit's end Jeri absorbs the punishment to hang on and torture Catherine a little more. Jeri catches Catherine's nipples and squeezes and twist them cruelly. Catherine loudly screams that breaks down into stifled sobs. Catherine's whoppers has taken more than they can withstand. Catherine swats and fights harder to break away. Jeri finally decides to let Catherine go, besides Catherine was getting in some really good clean shots at Jeri's head. The blonde's ears had started ringing and she was slightly addle from the bludgeoning blows.

None the less Jeri pops to her feet with a big smile. Catherine stays down and caudles her mams with her arms trying to comfort them. Meanwhile, Jeri adjusts her bra to make sure her breasts are properly covered. Catherine tries to just pull herself together after being shredded in this tit fight. "No wonder Tia dumped your pathetic ass." Jeri cruelly snaps. "Take your weak tits and get the hell out of here. Kicking Tia Carrere's ass into orbit is a job for a real woman, not one of her former failed lackeys."

Jeri's words hurt almost as much as her breast torture. But they motivated Catherine instantly. She releases her tits and stands on newly reinforced legs. Catherine's nipples poke out over the top of her bra, and half of her jumbo tits are hanging out. She is reminded of her true task for ages now. That goal is revenge on Tia Carrere, not winning a damned tit fight against Jeri Ryan. Fuck Jeri Ryan. It is time to do whatever she needs to do to get to Tia Carrere. "Look Jeri, I didn't come out here to see who's got the strongest tits between us. I came out here to get my match with Tia Carrere. If you're making me go through to to get it, then so be it!"

"Sorry, Tia and the Fab Four are all ours now." Jeri says and gives Catherine a two handed shove to push her backwards. Jeri comes forward after her foe, but Catherine gets her foot up and gives the blonde a half kick half push to keep her at bay. As both step towards each other, Jeri fires a punch into Catherine's mid section, and quickly follows with a backhanded bitch punch that spins Catherine half way around. However when Catherine comes back around, she comes with a harder backhand fist to Jeri's face that sends the blonde reeling.

They square off briefly with both of them intent on settling this by knocking the other the fuck out. Jeri growls and lunges forward and wraps both of her hands around Catherine's skinny neck. The brunette rectifies this with a hard knee driven up into Jeri's ribs. The blonde drops to one knee automatically. Catherine follows with a kick to the face that knocks Jeri over onto her back. However when Catherine tries to follow, Jeri launches a foot up and kicks Catherine in the cunt. Catherine howls and hobbles back with both hands gripping her pussy.

Jeri strides over to the retreating brunette. With Catherine preoccupied with her lil' lady, Jeri snatches Catherine by the hair and then locks a rear chin lock on her. The shorter blonde bends Catherine backward, making her captive poke her chest out, making Catherine look even sexier and more captivating, if that is possible. The slender brunette's body struggles and sensually squirms. Her big round breasts stand tall and at attention with two perfectly ripe nipples poking free. The sexy vision is interrupted when Catherine drives the point of her elbow into Jeri's gut. The blonde barks and releases her captive. Catherine spins around to face Jeri and blasts the blonde with an uppercut that sends the blonde reeling back a few steps. It also makes Jeri furious. She ignores the tingling in her jaw and fires a spinning kick that slaps Catherine across the face, and wobbles the brunette. Jeri follows with another side kick that puts Catherine on her ass. Jeri cockily walks toward the fallen vixen saying. "You even fight like a flunkey." Catherine surges to her feet and gives Jeri a hard push to shove her back.

Catherine rises and the two determined women meet again. They lock hands again and end up in another test of strength. It goes about as even as before. However Jeri enjoyed more success over the tiring brunette. Patience is apparently not a strong point for the blonde. Instead of wearing the faltering brunette down, Jeri fires a dastardly knee low blow right into Catherine's pussy again. Catherine doubles over grabbing her crotch and howling in pain one more time. Meanwhile Jeri steps back and laughs. "Dumb bitch, I can't believe you were stupid enough to fall for that again." Jeri still laughs heartily as Catherine lifts her head to see her gleefully gloating assailant. Jeri winds up for a haymaker to hopefully take Catherine out but the brunette ducks under the big whiff. Catherine counters with a masterful punch to Jeri's unprotected side, and ribs. A perfectly executed liver punch makes Jeri shriek loudly, then she just hangs there, hunched over as her liver still quivers.

Catherine seizes the incapacitated blonde by the arm and whips her around in circles for momentum, before whipping Jeri across the ring. Catherine sends Jeri into the corner turnbuckles tits first so hard that the ring appeared to move. Jeri groggily turns around and slumps back in the corner. Catherine's liver punch just introduced Jeri to a whole new form of pain and suffering. Then Catherine comes stomping toward her victim. Jeri saw the big brunette's mean and angry sneer with her jumbo tits bulging and bouncing out of her bra with her nipples showing like a three quarter moons. She knows Catherine is coming to hurt her. Jeri gasps in an unfamiliar moment of fear.

"I know that you're not done already." Catherine says as she unleashes a harsh one-two fist combination to Jeri's mid-section and finishes with a right cross. Catherine continues with a cracking right cross to Jeri's lips. Then Catherine measures before sticking Jeri with another hard strike to her mouth. Catherine uses one finger to the chin to lifts Jeri's drooping head up so she could see her eyes. "Tia Carrere is mine.", Catherine grumbles.

Christina's eyes widen in total shock seeing that Jeri is unable to answer Catherine's assault any more. She did not realize the devastating effects of Catherine's liver punch. Christina immediately starts climbing into the ring to help her teammate. Immediately Madonna slithers in the ring to intercept. Meanwhile in the ring, Jeri did not have the ability to defend herself, but she was not going out like a punk bitch either. Jeri answered Catherine's brutality and words with a taunting laugh. Catherine answered Jeri's laughter with a couple of exaggerated biotch slaps to make her point. Jeri laughs and comments, "Flunkey."

Madonna intercepts Christina by grabbing the hair on the back of her head before the chairwoman could reach the pair of pugilist in the corner. Christina is jerked back, but counters by twirling around to face her assailant with a swinging back fist like a turnstile. The savvy Madonna anticipated as much and drops to one knee to duck under the swipe. Then Madonna executes her favorite move. Madonna swings her arm like a mighty pendulum guided between Christina's legs for a classic low blow to Christina's twat. Christina screeches. She has endured many low blows in her career, but none more painful than this one.

Catherine puts an end to Jeri's laughter once and for all with three straight piston shots to her gut. Then to debunk all of Jeri's delusions of grandeur, Catherine vengefully sinks both of her claws into Jeri's breasts once again. Catherine eagerly repays Jeri for the torment that she received. Meanwhile the depleted blonde can no longer contend back. She allows Catherine to devour her tits.

Madonna pulls Christina to the mat and tries to simply pin Christina down while Catherine finishes her business with Jeri. Madonna gets on top and tries to keep Christina down with a schoolgirl pin by sitting on her chest. Madonna can never dominate and get Christina pinned properly, because Christina quickly raises her legs up to contain Madonna and knock her off of her perch. Christina succeeds in getting Madonna off top of her. The two blondes rise up to their knees. Madonna acts first and slugs Christina on the jaw. Christina grunts and slugs Madonna back. Soon the two are trading punches back and forth. Then it divulges into peppering each other at will. Christina ripped off three good shots that gave Madonna pause. Then Madonna finds a way to fire back of a series of shots of her own. The vixens continue walloping each other one way or another.

Catherine keeps landing mega bomb after mega bomb on the whipped blonde slumping in the corner. Jeri is defenseless as Catherine loads up and lands punch after brutal punch at will. "Tia is mine! Tia is all mine! Say it!" Catherine commands Jeri to acknowledge. However after the Resistance's recent failure's that is something that Jeri is not willing to easily admit. Catherine does not care though. She keeps beating Jeri like a drum with big winding strokes. All Catherine cares about is confirmation that she gets her match with Tia without any interference from the Resistance. So she keeps pounding and repeating her question.

After still not getting her way, Catherine wraps both hands around Jeri's neck. She bears in with a double handed choke hold and confronts Jeri by looking in her eyes. Catherine sees the defiance in the face that she was punching dissipated when it was denied oxygen. It makes Catherine squeeze Jeri harder. "Tia is all mine. Just admit it and we won't have any problems after this." Jeri becomes desperate for air. She paws at Catherine's wrists hoping for some relief. Finally Jeri looks in Catherine's eyes and nods her head giving the brunette her acknowledgement.

Madonna and Christina are still sticking each other with jabbing punches when Madonna accidently lands a stiff shot to Christina's tit. Seeing Christina's reaction clued the wise veteran that Christina is still a little sensitive from her thorough beat down from the Fabs. Madonna instantly targets Christina's boobs with as many clean hard shots that she could land. Poor Christina starts whimpering, then wilting and fading by the moment. Madonna almost feels sorry for Christina as she bowls her over backwards with her assault. Madonna realizes how badly the Fab girls beat the shit out of Christina and her Resistance girls, and how badly they want and need some revenge. However Madonna does not let up on Christina one bit. Their needs and desires are not going to get in the way of Madonna's plans.

Catherine relinquishes her choke on Jeri. The brunette leans forward and tells the blonde, "Don't worry, I will totally destroy Tia. She's going to pay dearly for what she's done to you and me. I personally promise to bring you a piece of her ass as a gift." Jeri may have been slumping in a fog, and barely standing on her own power, but she comprehended Catherine’s promise. Catherine pulls Jeri out of the corner by one hand wrapped around Jeri's neck. "Sorry but you asked for this." Catherine explains before she lifts Jeri up by the hand around her neck and choke slams Jeri to the canvas.

Madonna had Christina pinned down with a full body press. Madonna lies body to body on top of her rival. "You really made this way more difficult than it needed to be. We could have handled this backstage without all of this nastiness. We have a common enemy in the Fabs. Who really gives a shit who takes them out, as long as those bitches get crushed for good?" Madonna reasons. "I'd much rather make friends with you than enemies." Madonna adds before she seductively caresses Christina's body. Then Madonna plants a kiss on Christina's lips.

"But you forget one thing." Christina softly answers as she starts to respond to Madonna's advances. "We hate your ABA asses just as much as the Fabs!" Then Christina grabs Madonna shoulders. Catching her off guard Christina throws Madonna off top of her and rolls her over to reverse positions. Once on top Christina opens a fierce assault on Madonna. She pounds Madonna's chest with strong forearm blows. Christina tries to hammer Madonna through the mat. "I can't wait to break you ABA whores and have you begging for mercy!" Christina vindictively shouts.

Catherine whips her head around to see Madonna trapped on the mat, thrashing around and squawking like a bird. Catherine rushes over and seizes Christina from behind. Catherine jerks Christina off of her team leader. Catherine's hand clutches around Christina's neck in an instant and Christina finds herself hoisted in the air before she knew what was happening. All the fans know what is transpiring and start to scream. A moment later, Catherine sends Christina crashing down with another choke slam.

Madonna stands and quickly composes herself as she straightens her clothes. Meanwhile Jeri Ryan and Christina Applegate lies down and out in the ring. Madonna recovers a microphone and speaks.

"By the power vested in me from kicking these bitches asses and the office and power that they wield." Madonna begins. "In the best interest of the league, I order that Tia Carrere’s next match will be against Catherine Bell in the first ever Fuck You Match." Fans look around a bit confused. "In a Fuck You match the loser literally gets fucked by anybody that the winner wants." Madonna pauses as the fans react with their imaginations running wild. Visions of either Tia Carrere or Catherine Bell having live sex in the ring, simply blows everyone's minds.

Mic drop....