Jennifer Lopez vs Keira Knightley

War Queen Title Match

Jennifer Lopez is a perfectionist. She did not challenge Rihanna for the War Queen title to just become the champion, it was to become the greatest champion. Jennifer approaches this like everything else she does in life and that is to be an unprecedented success then more to the next thing. This is not the match that Jennifer wanted. She preferred a huge payday and a huge event against Rihanna in her championship rematch. However Rihanna appears too busy with her new billionaire boyfriend to get into the ring at this time. Rihanna recommended her friend Keira Knightley for the match. It is not the marquee value Jennifer wanted, but Jennifer is a fighting champion and takes the challenge.

Jennifer stands in the ring looking fierce in a string bikini top. She wears black satin wrestling tights with pictures of her face on the sides. Her body is sculpted like a goddess with sensual muscle and six pack abs. Her new album is about to drop and she's going on her My Party tour celebrating her 50th birthday later this year. She is even more fit and gorgeous than usual for the life marking year. Of course she also knew she has to look fabulous tonight because Keira Knightley is across the ring from her. The thin flat bellied woman can put Jennifer to shame if she is less than perfect. Keira looks enticing in stretch tights and a sports bra.

The bell rings and both competitors meet in the center of the ring and lock up collar and elbow. Keira's height advantage quickly gives her an edge. She has Jenifer bending backwards and on the defensive. However Jennifer widens her stance and gets lower and is able to hold Keira off from over powering her and eventually pushes her away. "You're pretty strong for a skinny bitch", Jennifer jokes with her opponent.

"Oh yeah, wait till you feel my thighs. They are really strong." Keira answers with a smile.

"Do you really think I'm going to give you the chance to get me between them?" Jennifer cockily answers. Keira keeps smiling and nods her affirmative. They lock up again. This time Keira purposely falls backward pulling Jennifer down with her. From her back she wraps her legs around Jennifer's waist for a body scissors and grabs both of Jennifer's wrist with both hands. "

"Over confident. Just like your girl Roselyn Sanchez when I beat her." Keira tells the struggling singer. "How are my thighs now?" Kerira asks.

Jennifer winces and groans, "Not half bad, but not good enough." Quickly another loud groan follows the words. Keira gave Jennifer a vengeful squeeze and again displays her thigh's strength. After composing herself, Jennifer rocks from side to side then violently twist to the side, going to the mat, but breaking Keira's body scissors in the process. Immediately Jennifer scrambles back to her knees and in a glint of an eye, she is behind Keira. Jennifer seizes the younger actress in a full nelson and applies force. From behind with Jennifer's arms wrapped under then over Keira's arms and Jennifer's fingers intertwined behind Keira's head she is able to apply tremendous pressure on Keira's neck. Keira makes a squeaky noise from the pain. Jennifer chuckles, "There you go. I knew I would make you make funny noises." Jennifer stands and pulls Keira up along with her. Jennifer proves her lean body is not just amazing to look at, she has power too. Jennifer whips Keira from left to right trying to ragdoll her. However the actress proves resistant. She slams her arms down, breaking Jennifer's grip. Then thrust her butt backwards into Jennifer's belly knocking her backwards.

Keira turns and give the champion a cocky arrogant smile. "Is that all you've got?" Keira smugly asks. The contender's disrespect ignites Jennifer's Latin temper instantly, and her expression shows it. Jennifer growls and pounces on Keira, tackling her to the mat. Jennifer and Keira roll around on the mat wrestling each other. There is scratching, short punches and knees striking frequently. Finally the taller girl gets on top of Jennifer and pins her down. Keira uses one hand to hold Jennifer's wrist to the mat. Keira uses her other hand to punch Jennifer in the jaw repeatedly. Jennifer grunts as each hard shot hammers her cheek. The champion uses her six pack abs to torque and twist hard to the right and knock Keira off of her to escape. Immediately, Jennifer scurries away from the dangerous contender.

Keira rises much slower. She is pretty proud of herself. She got under the champion's skin and made her make a mistake. Keira took advantage and inflicted some significant damage. Keira finds Jennifer waiting for her, wearing a focused, serious game face and in a fighter's stance. Keira adopts her stance too as Jennifer advances forward.

Jennifer strikes first with a kick to Keira's belly. Keira grunts but quickly recovers. However an instant later Jennifer's other foot kicks Keira in the head. That makes Keira back a little, but Jennifer marches forward and snaps Keira's head back with a right hand lead jab. Jennifer digs into Keira's side with a follow up left hand body blow. Keira brings her left arm up as she spies Jennifer's right hook heading for her pretty face and blocks it. Keira's counter right to the face knocks Jennifer back a couple of steps. Keira thought she staved off Jennifer's assault but she lounges back in and scores with an uppercut that knocks Keira back several steps out of range.

All the cockiness and arrogance is gone from Keira's face after that exchange. Her expression shows concentration and trying to match the intensity of the champion. Keira quickly reminds herself that Jennifer is very good, but hardly unbeatable. Keria knows if she turns up the heat, she can roast this old woman. If she turns this into an intense grueling hard hitting match, Jennifer will fade into and overmatched, punk bitch. Keira will be able to torture and humiliate Jennifer until her heart's content. Keira stays out of range until she can figure how to get to that point. One thing Keira is certain of, that Jennifer's reputation as a street fighter, and the nickname, The Bronx Bomber are accurate.

Jennifer might have agreed with Keira's strategy if she shared it. Only Jennifer has no intentions of allowing this boney chick lasting that long. Jennifer approaches Keira and sees she has no interest in trading fists of kicks anymore. They lock up collar and elbow like wrestlers. Jennifer snares Keira in a headlock moments afterward. Keira's face is pressed against the side of Jennifer's tit. It is a place that most people would kill to be in. Jennifer releases the head lock and slams her elbow down on the back of Keira's head and neck. It makes Keira double over. Jennifer drops to one knee and blasts Keira with an uppercut to the doubled over woman. Keira is launched up and falls over backwards onto her back. Jennifer jumps and comes down with her juicy bubble butt first on Keira's chest. Jennifer raises both of her fists allowing Keira to get a look at what is coming. Then Jennifer pounds Keira's perfect face with both fists. Jennifer stops as her hands start to hurt and stands off her challenger.

A bit rocked, Keira gets to her feet. Jennifer is waiting and grabs Keira by the hair. She forces Keira's head down into her rocketing up knee until the two meet. After the collision Keira falls to the mat again. Still a trooper, Keira gets right back up. Jennifer snatches her again. This time Jennifer scoops Keira up and delivers a bone rattling body slam. Keira's eyes are rolling in her head. Jennifer runs against the ropes and bounces off for momentum, then comes crashing down on Keira with a leg drop across her throat. As Keira's hands go up to their throat, Jennifer reaches out and grabs Keira's sports bra and pulls it up, exposing the actresses' breasts. "Sorry sweetie, I've got to give the fans what they want." Jennifer apologizes as she struggles to strip the bra off as Keira tries to resists. "They love boobies." Jennifer explains as she overcomes Keira's opposition and pulls the bra off over Keira's head. "Even if they are teeny-tiny little boobies, they still love to see them." Jennifer finishes as she stands with the bra now in her hand.

"Really bitch? You're not exactly Dolly Parton either." Keira quips as she gets back to her feet.

Jennifer's face shows a little discord at that comment. Then she tosses the bra into the audience shouting, "Anybody needs a training bra?" Keira's face flashes fury and before Jennifer knew it, Keira lunged at her with a straight right cross across the singer's lips. Jennifer went reeling into the ropes and dazed from the unexpected blow. Jennifer's hands are down by her sides wile Keira instantly follows up with 5 left-right uncontested combinations before the stunned champion gained the where with all to bring her arms up to protect herself. Even then Keira is able to blast through Jennifer's faulty guard to land more colossal blows. With the champion on the ropes both literally and figuratively Keira grabs two handfuls of Jennifer's hair and tosses her off the ropes and a few feet across the mat.

Keira goes over and kicks Jennifer many times until she rolls over onto her stomach. Then Keita sits down on the small of Jennifer's back, facing her feet. Keira tells Jennifer "Gotta give the fans what they want." Then she raises her hand and brings it down harshly on Jennifer's booty. "They love a good spanking." Keira says before she goes to town spanking Jennifer's butt. One hand, two hands and both handed spankings are part of the arsenal unleashed on Jennifer's famous booty. Keira stops to squeeze and play and molest Jennifer's ass a bit before going back to beating it like a drum.

Jennifer wiggles and squirms but knows she is not escaping her spanking any more than a child has of escaping an angry parent. She grunts at times and issues a lot of profanities and threats to Keira. "You fucking bitch! I'm going to kill you for this!" Jennifer screams. "Fuck you! Get tha fuck offa me you..., you skinny ass bitch! You're dead!" Jennifer endures an extra long spanking and is more embarrassed than hurt. Just when she thinks it has ended, Keira pulls down the back of Jennifer's wrestling tights down and starts spanking the champion's bare ass. Jennifer closes her eyes as another wave of embarrassment washes over her. She hears the fans cheering extra loud and another wave of humbling shame hits.

Next Keira starts clawing and pulling at Jennifer's thin wrestling tights. Jennifer had pictures of her face on the sides that were so thin that Jennifer's legs inside provided the skin tone coloring of the faces. Keira is so tired of seeing Jennifer's face at this point so she starts tearing holes in the faces on the tights. "No stop!" Jennifer screams almost sounding like whining. "I love these tights and you're ruining them!"

After ripping holes in both sides, Keira feels like she has more than avenged her sports bra and Jennifer's jokes. She stands and mocks her opponent saying "Boo hoo bitch!" Jennifer gets to her feet and pulls her tattered tights up over her bare ass. She definitely looks like she has been through an ordeal with the large holes in her tights where the pictures of her face used to be. However the champion looks more focused instead of shaken.

Jennifer lounges back and initiates another collar and elbow lock up, not giving the younger actress time to think and strategize. It works, Jennifer can see the challenger is out of her element. Jennifer breaks the lock up by shoving Keira backwards. With Keira off balance and Jennifer swoops in and grabs Keira around her body and lifts the actress off her feet and slams her down to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Jennifer keeps her arms wrapped around Keira and pulls the stunned challenger back to her feet. Jennifer squeezes the slender actress locking her into a bear hug.

It proves to be an excellent move on Jennifer's part. Jennifer easily handles the skinny woman and can squeeze the breath out of Keira. Second being shorter than Keira helps her get underneath in a leverage position. Also being underneath Keira's arms, the actress has a hard time finding a way out of the hold. Without much padding around Keira's body, Jennifer feels Keira's ribs creaking. The actress struggles and tries to escape, but she cannot find a meaningful place or way to hit or hurt Jennifer to make her let go. Keira only accomplished grabbing more of Jennifer's tighta and ripping another large patch of material away, exposing more of Jennifer's phenomenally sexy ass.

Keira is in deep trouble. She can hardly take a breath. The beginning of asphyxiation begins. Desperate Keira grabs a handful of Jennifer's hair and pulls with all she has. Keira's goal was to pull Jennifer off of her, but she accomplished yanking out a clump of Jennifer's hair. Jennifer shrieks unlike many have ever heard her before. It makes Jennifer furious. She redoubles her efforts and squeezes harder. Keira gags and feels lighter headed. She grabs another handful of Jennifer's hair and rips it out by the roots. Keira opens her hand and allows another clump of Jennifer's brown hair to fall and roll across the canvas like tumbleweed. Keira grabs another handful of Jennifer's hair."No stop it!" Jennifer threatens "Don't you dare...." Jennifer's words turn into another scream as Keira rips out another handful of hair.

Keira is near passing out. She does not know if she had enough strength to pull out another handful of hair. Jennifer has endured and won. Then inexplicably Jennifer releases the noodle legged contender. "You bitch! I was going to just finish you off with the bear hug, but now you've done pissed me off!" Jennifer unleashes an upper cut that lifts Keira off her feet and sends her to the mat, flat on her back. Jennifer knows she could have won with the bear hug. The pain of having her hair torn out was not enough to make her release her hold. However this bitch ripped out three handfuls of hair and messed up her hairdo. So now this bitch has to pay.

Jennifer reaches down and grabs the weak breathless woman off the mat. Jennifer tucks Keira's head under her arm and grabs Keira's tights by the waist band. Jennifer lifts Keira straight up upsides down like for a suplex. However instead of falling backwards, Jennifer drives Keira down forward for a gut buster. Keira's body bounces as she belly flops on the mat, she curls up holding her belly and still gasping for hair.

Jennifer looks down at Keira. She can end the match at anytime. However she needs to send a message to Rihanna and all other contenders watching. Jennifer pulls Keira up again then whips her into the ropes. Keira bounces off and rebounds back as Jennifer is already coming at her. Jennifer leaps at Keira and clobbers her while in midflight with a flying forearm smash. Keira's head snaps back as she falls like she has been shot. Jennifer's momentum takes her down too. However she kips up from her back to her feet, and the crowd goes wild.

Ever the headliner, Jennifer parades around the ring for a lap and encourages the cheers. She points down at Keira asking the crowd if they want more or to go ahead and end Keira's nightmare. Not surprisingly they want more. Jennifer shrugs her shoulders like she is just doing this to appease her rabid fan base. However she looked down at her favorite tights with large holes like a ruined pair of stockings. She is happy to make Keira scream again.

Jennifer goes to the mat beside Keira. She pulls the actress up to a seated position. From behind Jennifer locks a modified abdominal stretch by placing he left leg over Keira's left leg and pulling Keira's arms behind her and bending her body to the left. While Keira wails in agony Jennifer plays for the crowd by using one hand to rub and caress Keira's stretched body. Sometimes Jennifer would slap her captive and punch her belly then caress some more. Jennifer erotically rubs on Keira's tits to her fan's delight.

Jennifer tires and pushes Keira's body away. Jennifer stands as Keira lies on the mat completely done. Jennifer stands over Keira and straddles Keira's body. Jennifer does a little dance with some booty popping that gets the crowd going. They clap a beat as Jennifer entertains them for a moment. Then the moment ends and Jennifer jumps up and comes down with her big luscious hips first onto Keira's flat belly. The beaten actresses body jackknife’s up the goes back flat to the mat.

Jennifer has had her fun. She gets up and hauls Keira up for the last time. She picks Keira up across her shoulders. Keira's body is stretched across Jennifer's body and Jennifer bends her from both ends with a backbreaker hold. Jennifer takes one more triumphant lap around the ring with her prey then drops to one knee sending a sudden jolt through Keira's body. Keira screams as Jennifer's thick thighs powers Jennifer back to her feet. Jennifer flips Keira off her shoulders and drops to one knee at the same time and allows Keira to drop belly first across her knee in a different style gut buster. The combination back breaker and gut buster is more than enough. Keira rolls off of Jennifer's knee and lies on the mat. She becomes the first victim to Jennifer's new finisher, The JLo Breaker.

Jennifer falls across Keira' body and makes a an extremely easy pinfall. Keira is mercifully counted out and Jennifer gets her first title defense. Jennifer stands and accepts the cheers of the fans. She takes a bow and waves to show her appreciation. Jennifer does not over stay her welcome and soon leaves the ring. She did make a lap around ringside, slapping hands with the fans. Then she makes her way up the ramp and backstage.

Backstage she is greeted by her teammate, Coco. "Great match JLo!" Coco congratulates with a smile.

Jennifer cuts her off immediately with a wave of her hand. "Yeah great" she says annoyed by the statement. Update me on Kim (Kardashian) and Demi (Lovato)." Coco knows the only thing Jennifer wants to know at this moment. They are at Jennifer Love Hewitt's victory party. Coco holds up her cell phone. "It's bad and embarrassing. Jennifer is streaming everything live too." Jennifer looks at Coco's phone several seconds.

"I thought we saw the end of Jennifer Love Hewitt after Halle Berry kicked her ass. This time she really fucked up messing with my girls. She has fucked up with the wrong bitch." Jennifer walks off with the title belt in hand. Her big ass switched from side to side as she purposely walks through backstage like a super heroine headed for the climactic end of a story. Coco quickly catches up and plays the sidekick role. Still in her tattered wrestling gear, Jennifer marches to the arena parking area and gets into a limousine with Coco. "Let's go crash Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt's little victory party."


Jennifer Lopez's night continues with part two of this story in Kim Kardashian versus Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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