Kelly ClarksonIt wasn’t too many days after Shakira’s title defense against Britney Spears, that things started to pick up for Kelly Clarkson. She was getting a bit nervous and frustrated about the Gen Next group that fell into her lap. She had a million things running through her head about which direction to take the group, each one sounding better than the other, yet each one was making her more confused than the other. She thought about calling on Shakira or Nelly Furtado about what to do, but Shakira was still recovering from her match with Britney and had to worry about challenges to her title that she was starting to receive and Nelly was with her family. Besides, they had their own group that they were forming. She suddenly remembered that G-man had mentioned that he wanted to discuss things with her about the group. She picked the phone and called him.

“G-man! It’s Kelly. You have some time to talk?” asked a slightly nervous Kelly with a tinge of frustration too.

“Hey Kelly! I’ve got some time to talk! What’s up?” replied G-man.

“I need some help! I’m getting stuck trying to think about what to do with the group. I don’t know what to do. As soon as I get a good idea, another one pops in my head, and then another and another. I’m so lost right now.” rambled an increasingly nervous Kelly.

“Relax Kelly! Things are kind of new to me too since I got back. Anyway, I’ve been making some phone calls and I think I found a couple people you’d might be interested in having join the group. I just got off the phone with one of them. I’ll text you her number now. There’s another one that wants to meet you in person.” said G-Man.

“Awesome! Who are the girls you’re talking about?” replied a slightly relieved Kelly as she received the text.

“One of them is Carrie Underwood, she’s the one who’s number I just texted. She seems eager to help out and join the group. The other one is Keira Knightley. She’s a little hard to read. She wants to meet us at a club tonight. I think we should meet her.” said G-man.

“Carrie and Keira, huh? We would make an interesting mix. I heard Keira’s a bit of a firebrand and she’s one tough ass chick. I’ll give Carrie a call and have her come with me tonight to the club.” sighed Kelly.

“Sounds good. Talk to you later.” replied G-man.

As soon as they hung up the phone, Kelly dialed Carrie’s number. “Hello?”, Carrie answers as she picks up the phone.

“Hi! Carrie, it’s Kelly Clarkson. How are you?” said Kelly.

“Kelly, Hi! Glad to hear from you. Let me just say that I’m a huge fan. You inspired me to audition for American Idol. G-man said you’d call. He didn’t get into many details about what’s going on, but all I had to hear is that you needed help.” replied Carrie.

Kelly somewhat rolled her eyes, from hearing that line a few times before, but she still liked to hear it once in a while. It meant a little bit more coming from Carrie Underwood, who made it big because she won American Idol. “Well, thanks Carrie. It’s nice to hear I inspired someone to do something positive. Anyway, I’m calling to ask if you’re willing to join my group in the wrestling league that I’m a part of. The group is called ‘Gen Next’. It’d mean so much to me if you joined the group. What do you say?” asked Kelly as bit on her lower lip, hoping to God that Carrie said yes.

“Sure thing Kelly. I know I don’t have a ton of fighting or wrestling experience, but I’m sure I can pick it up pretty easily." said a cheerful Carrie. "It can’t be that hard to pick up.”

“Uuuuummmmm, yeah, it won’t be much of a problem to pick it up. Why don’t you meet me up in the club tonight? There’s someone else I want you to meet.” replied Kelly. She is starting to realize that she has to take time out of her own training schedule to train someone new. She’s been working on trying to get some matches not only for herself but also for any potential group members.

“Ok, I’ll be there waiting for you.” replied Carrie as she hung up the phone.

Kelly sighed and muttered to herself, “This is not going to be easy.” Carrie, Kelly and G-man got ready for the club meeting with Keira later that night. They each arrived separately to the club and went to the table that G-man reserved with the club promoter. G-man was the first to arrive, then Keira, then Kelly and finally Carrie..

“Thank you all for coming out tonight. I see that Kelly has convinced Carrie to join the group. I’m hoping that we can do the same for Keira. She recently joined the league. I spoke to her and stated that I thought it was a good idea to join a group.” started G-man.

“I told him to go screw himself at first, but he was a persistent fucker. I don’t get the idea of being in a group. I didn’t join this league to be in a group and become someone’s bitch. I’m my own damn woman. I can take care of myself” said Keira in a typical strong willed manner.

“No one is asking you to be anyone’s bitch. Being in a group is actually helpful. You have someone to train with or help you out if you need it. Just look at me, I won the songbird title not long after joining the group and getting training from my teammates.” said Kelly trying to calm Keira’s fears.

“You still have the title?” asked Keira.

“I, uh, lost it not too long ago.” answers Kelly a bit despondently.

“So much for your teammates looking out for you.” responds Keira with a wry smile.

“Keira, please, that bitch got lucky that’s all. She’s going to pay for that too.” answers a slightly pissed off and defensive Kelly remembering how Jessica Simpson beat her for the title.

“Really?” asked Keira.

“Yeah she is. Look, we don’t necessarily have to like each other to get along with each other. Just give this group thing a shot. I’ll do whatever I can to get the matches you want.” said Kelly trying to strike some deal to get her to join the group.

“Whatever! I’ll give this group thing a try for now. You had better not be fucking messing with me.” replied Keira.

“Glad to hear that you’re with us. I’m not messing with you either Keira.” replied a somewhat relieve Kelly. She’s now almost as confused now as when she first met Keira.

“Fine. Anyway, I’ve got to go take a wiz. I’ll be back in a few.” blurts Keira as she excused herself.

After she did, Kelly looked at G-man and said sighing, “Talk about an attitude. She’s certainly very self-confident; I’ll give her that. I’m not sure if she’s putting us on or if she’s for real.”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way to harness that attitude of hers along with her skills.” G-man reassures her. G-man and the new ‘Gen Next’ girls hung out for the rest of the night getting to know each other better.

A couple days later Kelly received a match for Keira from the booking committee. She immediately calls Keira. “Keira, it’s Kelly. I’ve got some good news. I’ve got a match for you.” reports Kelly after Keira answered the phone.

“Great! Who’s got the pleasure of taking a beating from me?” asked Keira.

“Well, in the committee’s ‘infinite wisdom’ have placed you in a match against Roselyn Sanchez. She has some fighting experience and is no push-over.” replied Kelly.

“I can take her, don’t worry about that.” returned a confident Keira.

“The thing is Keira, she’s friends with Beyonce who herself recently joined up with the Fab Four group. The last thing we want to do is start a war with them right now. We haven’t worked together long enough as a team to take them on.” said Kelly.

Over the next few weeks, Kelly trained with Keira for her match. As Kelly was training Keira, Kelly had some difficulties trying to show Keira some of the moves and tactics she knows. She found it harder that she initially thought because of Keira’s independent streak and her own lack of experience as a trainer, but nonetheless there was progress made.

The day for the fight finally came. Kelly, Keira and Carrie were all in the locker room making final preparations for the match. The first one to be called to the ring was Roselyn Sanchez. She came introduced with fair amount of cheers. She had a one-piece bikini and a pair of wrestling boots. She shakes a few hands on the way before making it to the ring and stretches as she waits for Keira. After about a minute, Keira is announced into the ring. She gets the same amount of cheers as Roselyn. She has a pair of leather pants and a couple leather straps across her chest and boots reminiscent of her outfit in ‘King Arthur’. She event put some blue smears on her body to keep with the outfit. As she got close to the ring, Roselyn couldn’t help but laugh at Keira. “Someone please tell Keira that the ‘Barnum and Bailey’ circus left town a few days ago.” said Roselyn in a mocking tone of voice.

Roselyn SanchezKeira didn’t wait for the bell to ring as she charged at Roselyn taking her down. Using her fighting experience, even though Roselyn can’t react in time to Keira’s early attack, she is able to lean back, wrap her arm around Keira’s body as they collide and fall to the mat to help lessen the blow. As they each roll around on the mat, they each take jabs at each other’s ribs. During one of the rolls, Roselyn uses the momentum from the roll to push Keira off of her. They each quickly get to their feet and start to circle each other.

They quickly lock up with each other and try to use their strength to gain any sort of advantage over the other. Slowly but surely Roselyn uses her size and experience to push Keira back into the corner. As she gets her into the corner, Roselyn gives Keira a little push. Keira grunts as her back hits the turnbuckle. Roselyn lashes out with a couple punches to Keira’s stomach and chest followed by a couple kicks to her stomach. Keira grunts with each hit. Before Keira could respond, Roselyn brings her foot up and places it across Keira’s throat while at the same time grabbing on the top rope to help her with her balance and leverage. Keira’s arms and legs flail as Roselyn keeps the hold on her. Roselyn keeps the hold on for a few seconds before the referee makes her break the hold by pulling her away.

Keira slouches over a bit and gasps for a couple seconds to catch her breath. Trying to press her advantage on Keira after the ref makes her break the hold, Roselyn charges at Keira and lowers her shoulder aiming for her gut. However, Keira isn’t as badly hurt as Roselyn had hoped for as she moved out of the way making Roselyn completely miss Keira’s stomach. Roselyn slides through the second rope hitting her shoulder on the outer post and her stomach on the turnbuckle. Keira grabs the groaning Roselyn away from the turnbuckle and puts her into a bear hug squeezing as tight as she can. Keira smirks a bit seeing her in pain, slowly releasing and reapplying the hold trying to make Roselyn become more and more winded.

It didn’t take Roselyn long to get herself together and mount a counter offensive. She grabs Keira’s hair with her left hand and starts to punch with her right. Keira groaned as her head snapped with each punch. With each punch, her bear hug on Roselyn weakened. Hoping not to get caught, Keira used her protective instincts and kneed Roselyn in the pussy hard, not once but twice. Roselyn shrieked with each knee, but they did have the desired affect as the hits forced her stop punching Keira. The referee did see the pair of low blows by Keira and pulled her off of Roselyn. He gave her a warning about the cheap shots on Roselyn. Keira just smirked and shrugged her shoulders.

Roselyn was hunched over holding her pussy as Keira made her way back to her. Not wanting to fall into the same trap as Roselyn, Keira carefully watches Roselyn as she makes her way to her. Keira grabs Roselyn by her hair and uppercuts her making Roselyn’s head and body snap up. Keira follows that up with a series of jabs and other strong punches to force Roselyn into the corner. Keira continues to punch Roselyn even after getting her into the corner. Roselyn knows that if Keira keeps the attack up, she won’t last long. She throws a haymaker at Keira that catches Keira totally by surprise as the punch catches her clear on the cheek. Keira’s head snaps and she staggers back and spins around from the punch.

As Keira tries to get her bearings, Roselyn jumps up to the second rope and waits for Keira to gather herself. As Keira steadies herself, Roselyn yells, “Hey clown girl.” Keira looks up at Roselyn as she jumps at her with a missile toe kick catching her right in the chest. The kick sends Keira flying to the other side of the ring and making Keira hit the mat in a thud.

The tables have now turned in Roselyn’s favor once again. Roselyn gets to her feet and makes her way to Keira and pulls her up to her feet by her hair. Keira yelps and her arms flail as Roselyn snatches her. As she holds Keira’s hair, Roselyn brings her knee up a couple times towards Keira’s head making it snap back. Roselyn hooks Keira’s head and DDT’s Keira. Keira is badly hurt and dazed from this last series of attacks.

Seeing that Keira is almost of out it, Roselyn plays to the crowd a bit before making it back to Keira and lies across Keira without hooking her leg or arm. She counts along with the referee. Just as the referee is about to slam his hand down for the third count, Keira raises her shoulder up. Both the referee and Roselyn see this thus breaking the three count.

Kiera KnightleyRoselyn gets a bit pissed as she grabs Keira by the hair bringing her to her feet: “You should know when you’re beaten little girl.”

Roselyn quickly knees Keira in her gut several times getting her winded then shoves her head between her legs. She then wraps her arms around Keira’s waist. Roselyn tries to lift her up for a power-bomb, but Keira is able to kick her legs and use her lower body weight to stop that from happening. Roselyn tries again and fails. This time, Keira is somehow able grab a good hold on Roselyn’s waist and flip her over. The inexperience Keira loses her balance a bit as she does the move. Yet she doesn’t stay unstable for long as she steadies herself as she slams her ass down hard on Roselyn’s stomach. This gets Roselyn winded and she screams in pain. Keira adeptly grabs Roselyn’s legs so she won’t use them to try to buck her. Keira quickly places her knees on Roselyn’s arms after a bit of struggling from Roselyn. Keira growls at the ref as she struggles to keep the hold, “Do the damn count.” The referee quickly starts to count Roselyn out. Roselyn tries to buck Keira from being on top of her, but the position that she’s in prevents that from happening. After the referee finishes the three count, he calls for the bell.

Keira releases her and stands up and the referee raises her hand in victory. As Roselyn slowly gets to her feet, Keira moves in and kicks her in the stomach making her fall back down. Keira chuckles at her, “Who’s the clown now bitch?”

Keira then makes her way back to the locker room. As she walks up the ramp she hears Roselyn yell at her, “We’re not finished Keira. I’m going to get a damn rematch. You’re going down bitch.” As she leaves Roselyn’s sights, Keira flips her off.

As she makes it back to the locker room Kelly and Carrie are there waiting for her. “You’re one lucky ass girl Keira. Roselyn’s not that easy a woman to beat. Besides, we’re lucky nobody came out to take you out for some of your attacks. That aside, congrats on your victory.” smiles Kelly as she extended her hand.

“Thanks! And if these friends of hers came out to help, you guys would’ve had my back, right?” asked Keira.

“Of course! That’s what teammates and friends are for.” replied Kelly. As soon as she said that, there was a knock at the door and Rihanna’s head pops through.

“Can I come in?” asked Rihanna with her trademark accent.

“Yeah, sure…come on in. What’s going on?” asked Kelly somewhat curious, yet cautious.

“I was wondering if I could join you guys? You know, be a part of your group and all.” said Rihanna as she walked in.

“You…want to join us?” asked Keira with a mix of suspicion and curiousness.

“Yeah, I do. I’ve been thinking of joining one of the groups in the league, but haven’t gotten around. Word was spreading that you were looking for young blood and by the looks of it, you guys could use another fighter with some experience on under her belt little as mine is.” said Rihanna a bit nervously.

“Could you give us a second?” asked Kelly as she pulled the other girls aside. They whispered quietly with each other for a couple minutes before they broke up the discussion. Kelly was the one to talk, “We talked it over and decided to let you join us. Welcome to Gen Next.” Kelly was the first to extend her hand to Rihanna followed by Keira and Carrie.

Carrie UnderwoodKiera KnightleyRihanna