Cameron Diaz paces back and forth in the ring with a microphone in her hand. The dazzling blonde has a happy glow about her. She certainly looks spectacular wearing a low cut, tight form fitting red dress. Her cleavage sprouts up out of the top of the dress and sits appealingly to delight the eyes. Her dress stops above the knees, so long legs run for what seems like miles to the canvas. With all the attention clearly on her she brings the microphone up to her thin red lips to speak.

"I think it's time for a little history lesson." Cameron announces. "At the first RAGE! I generously gave Rihanna my opportunity to fight Beyonce for the War Queen title. I pretty much served Beyonce's fat ass up on a silver platter for her. To Rihanna's credit, she took advantage of the situation and took the title from Beyonce. I knew that Rihanna was the right woman for the job to get rid of Beyonce. Now it's time for Rihanna to repay the favor. Rihanna I am challenging you for a title match at the main event of RAGE II!" Cameron pauses allowing the audience's reaction. "Considering I am the reason that you have the belt, you should feel obligated to give me my title shot. However if you are a little apprehensive, remember that Lumberjack Match between your Carrie Underwood and our Jessica Simpson? After the match the Resistance pretty much kicked your and your friends' asses. We fucked and humiliated and had our way with you. If I don't get my title match you girls can and will relive that moment over and over again! If you deny my title match, the Resistance will beat and humiliate Generation Next, and everyone affiliated with them until I get my title shot! The ball is in your court Rihanna. Do the right thing and give me my match!"

"Whoa hold up." a voice says from behind the backstage curtain. Fans turn, expecting to see Rihanna or maybe Shakira walk through the curtain, but were totally surprised to see Jennifer Lopez strutting onto the stage. "Just chill Rihanna don't worry about coming out here, I got this." Jennifer looks at Cameron and continues walking toward the ring and begins to speak. "Seriously does anybody here really want to see Rihanna versus Cameron Diaz as the main event of RAGE II!? This is the biggest event of the year, and we are going to waste it with Rihanna vs Cameron Diaz?" Jennifer pauses allowing the audience to voice their opinion. There is a lot of discussion, but the overall opinion was, maybe there could be something bigger and better. "Cameron didn't you lose your last match? If I remember correctly, Tia Carrere beat your ass and left you hogtied in the middle of the ring at ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 How the hell do you feel like you deserve a title shot?" Jennifer says as she is definitely rallying the fans to her side now, and they voice their support.

In the ring, Cameron's face is turning red with fury. It is because of these types of grand standing moments that she despises the Fab Four. The very reason the Resistance was united is because of how the Fab Four can make an appearance, instantly steal the show and belittle whoever they please. Cameron knows that she is an A-List star just like Jennifer. She thinks that this should not be happening to her. In the movie, What to Expect When You're Expecting, that Cameron and Jennifer were in together, Cameron was the star, Cameron's name was on top, not Jennifer's. Cameron grinds her teeth looking at Jennifer.

"You don't deserve a title shot" Jennifer continues her argument. "If anybody deserves one, I do. The only reason that we are having discussion is because I beat your number one contender, Mariah Carey at **ONSLAUGHT 2**. Remember your Christina Applegate dangled the main event at RAGE II! as a carrot for Mariah for destroying me. I beat Mariah, and left your bounty hunter lying on the floor. I deserve a title shot!" Jennifer debates. "What do you fans think? What would you rather see? Rihanna versus Diaz at RAGE II!?" Jennifer asks allowing the fans to respond. Then she asks, "Or would you like to see Rihanna versus J.Lo for your main event?" The superstar Cameron Diaz definitely has her supporters, however the legendary Jennifer Lopez has quite a few more.

Chaos quickly takes over. Cameron stands in the ring shouting and hurling insults at Jennifer about her big ass and lack of talent. Cameron invites Jennifer to get into the ring to settle things. However Jennifer is content with standing at ringside and slinging insults back at Cameron about her skinny ass, her dumb blond intelligence and lack of a major win in the league. Fans too start arguing about who should get the title shot.

“Enough of this!" bellows out as the champion, Rihanna walking through the curtain. The legend and the superstar immediately stops their bickering and gives the young champion the respect and reverence that she has earned. "I've seen both of you get your asses tore up more times than I can remember. I don't think either of you deserve a championship shot. Since I've beaten Beyonce twice, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, you might be the best that's left. Either way this should be settled in the ring. What do you fans think about Cameron Diaz versus Jennifer Lopez one on one to be the number one contender?" The fans erupt in the loudest cheers of the evening. "I don't care who wins. If it's Cameron I face at RAGE II! , then she'd better get ready for my strap-on and revenge for that Lumberjack match! If it's J. Lo, I'll beat the hell out of you for the fun of it. It is time that everybody in the music industry know there's a new top bitch in town. Her name isn't Madonna, not Beyonce, and sure as hell ain't Jennifer Lopez. It's Rihanna! Bow down bitches!"

Rihanna drops the mic and walks out. There was no more discussion. The queen has spoken. There is nothing left to be said. The match is made. In two weeks we will know the main event of RAGE II!

Two weeks later, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer stand in opposite corners of the ring across from each other. Both women stay in phenomenal shape and are at top physical condition. The blonde carries the pressure of a long plan coming together. The Resistance strategically placed Rihanna in the main event last time because they knew she was the only one who could get in Beyonce's head and defeat her. Now it is time to execute the final part of the plan and take the title back at this main event. Cameron looks like an avenging angel in her white one piece spandex tights. Her outfit is sleeveless, like a tank top. It shows off Cameron's shoulders and defined muscular arms. After crossing the bridge to forty, Cameron started working out to sports guns instead of her previous noodle arms. The sleeveless outfit was to intimidate Jennifer. They gave her plenty of caution.

Gun or no guns Jennifer does not care at the moment. The only thing she cares about is that Cameron is standing in the way of her getting her championship match with Rihanna. That belt is her goal, and nothing or nobody stops Jennifer Lopez when she is invested on a quest. Normally she would enjoy facing Cameron and kicking the president of the Resistance's ass. Not this time. Getting the belt is more important tonight. Jennifer is always in phenomenal shape, but happen to be more curvy than lean and muscular tonight. Jennifer wears a black spandex two piece. A black sports bra and black bottoms, showing off her tight mid-section in the middle.

Suddenly Rihanna's hit song, "Bitch Better Have My Money" blasts through the air. Rihanna walks through the curtain dressed like she just stepped off one of her music videos. Sporting black shades she struts down the aisle like a runway model. All attention in the arena, even Cameron and Jennifer's turn to the young queen. Rihanna walks past the ring then sits down at the announcers table beside Marv Albert. She joins the announce team of Pam Grier and Heidi Klum. Rihanna is handed a handset as special guess announcer to discuss the match. The tension in the room intensifies as Rihanna waits to see who her challenger will be at RAGE II!

Rihanna and Jennifer's eyes remain locked on each other. They voiced the animated movie Home where they played a mother/daughter duo. They are not exactly friends or rivals, but have a tremendous amount of respect for each other. They also realize what it will take to defeat the other.

Cameron sees Jennifer distracted and that is what is important to her. She views Jennifer as a bigger threat than Rihanna. Jennifer's eyes bounce between Cameron then Rihanna. She is distracted. Cameron's eyes cuts to the timekeeper and notices him grab the hammer to ring the bell. Then she charges across the ring. Cameron hears the bell ring as she approaches Jennifer, that either symbolizes the start of a new chapter in history or crystalizes Rihanna's place in history.

Cameron is on Jennifer in an instant. Surprisingly Jennifer does not panic, she is under control. She puts her guard up, and fends off Cameron's punches as best she can, and tries to escape the corner. Jennifer slips out the corner but Cameron is still on her like white on rice. Jennifer does gain more room to operate.

The nicknamed, Bronx bomber, Jennifer has she fist up in full striker stance. Jennifer is renown for having the best hands and striker in the league. Cameron is pleased however. One fact about Jennifer was made clear in a confrontation with Mariah Carey years ago. Jennifer may be a spectacular striker, but she is a horrible mat wrestler. Cameron identifies that Jennifer is totally in the mindset of a striker, her legs are vulnerable for a shoot and take down. Just as Cameron had planned, a take down, then hook Jennifer's arm, finally a quick tap out.

Jennifer's arm are high, protecting her head. Cameron shoot for Jennifer's legs for a takedown. With speed that astonishes Cameron, Jennifer hands fly down and catch Cameron about her shoulders and blocks the takedown attempt. Jennifer shoves the blonde back and to the side. First Cameron is shocked that Jennifer is able to thwart her attempt, and is off balanced. She plans a controlled roll to pop up to her feet. As she springs back up, Jennifer is waiting and explodes a right hand cross shot across Cameron's chin. The blonde's head rattles like a bobble head doll for a moment. Cameron's body turn instantly rigid. She then falls face first to the mat without ever putting up any motion to break her fall, letting everyone know that she is out cold long before she hits the mat. Cameron crashes face first to the mat, on her knees with her ass in the air.

At first there is silence. People were not sure what they just saw. They did see it though. Cameron Diaz just got knocked the fuck out! The announcing team starts babbling about a 23 seconds KO. The phrase, 'Rhonda Rousy like' is getting thrown around throughout the arena. Jennifer drops to her knees and with a slight nudge topples the face down ass up Cameron over to the mat. Jennifer straightens Cameron out and lies across her chest for the pin fall. The whole time her eyes are locked with Rihanna's. Neither says a word, they just stare at each other. When the referee gets to the two count, Jennifer snatches Cameron off the mat by her blonde hair, and breaks the count. The entire times her eyes remain locked with Rihanna's, in a private war.

There are murmurs and comments throughout the arena. Obviously Jennifer had the match won, but her steely gaze at Rihanna displayed that she has more to prove. Many fans groan, thinking that Jennifer has made a big mistake. However everyone is intrigued by this duel of eyes between Rihanna and Jennifer. The pop star shakes the blonde's head a little to try to revive her some to further prove her point. Jennifer gets to her feet and pulls a very dazed and loopy Cameron up along with her. Jennifer fires two hard looping punches into Cameron's belly. Jennifer got two loud anguished grunts from Cameron as a reward, but was disappointed that Cameron's hard toned abs did not give her more.

Jennifer angrily whips Cameron into the corner by her arm. Cameron's back slams hard against the turnbuckle. Instinctively she wraps her arms over the ropes to stay upright. Jennifer comes charging in at Cameron a moment later. Jennifer leaps and strikes with a low drop kick that nails Cameron's hard abs at the last moment. Cameron lets out a loud bark and slumps lower. Jennifer is still not satisfied. She rises to one knee and unleashes a flurry of piston like punches to Cameron's lower mid-section. All the punches fall below Cameron's belly button and the cunt is not excluded. It receives just as much attention as Cameron's belly.

Jennifer quickly stands and tosses the punch drunk victim out of the corner by her blonde hair. Cameron flips like a rag doll and lands on her back. Jennifer grabs one of Cameron's arms and drags her back toward the corner and into place. Once Cameron has been properly positioned, Jennifer climbs up to the second ropes, than hops off of them coming plummeting down ass first on Cameron's chest. Cameron lets out a loud "Ungh!" but just lies there. Jennifer remains seated on top of Cameron, and her eyes locate Rihanna again and contacts hers. The referee slides into position to count out the prone girl. After the official reaches two, Jennifer stands and breaks the count. Jennifer stands looking at Rihanna the whole time almost ignoring everything around them.

Fans respond with dismay. Everybody thinks Jennifer is making a costly mistake. Others think she is too arrogant or cocky. Jennifer understands what she is doing. She is delivering an important message to Rihanna. Jennifer has known Rihanna for years, she knows that they are cut from the same cloth. Jennifer wants Rihanna to know for certain that the challenger is ready. Jennifer grabs a handful of blonde hair and hauls Cameron off the mat again.

Cameron is dazed, lifeless and nonresistant still. It is like Jennifer is dealing with a life sized crash test dummy. Jennifer grips Cameron behind her knee and pulls Cameron's leg up against Cameron's chest. Next Jennifer hoists Cameron upside like a fisherman's suplex. Capturing Cameron's knee into her chest draws Cameron into a much tighter ball than a normal suplex, and arches her back awkwardly. Jennifer hoists Cameron up and suspended her upside down like a regular suplex. Jennifer holds the Resistance president upside down with the top of their shoulders resting on each other. Cameron's spine is bowed and bent at a terrible angle though. Next Jennifer leaps up and comes down on her ass. The sudden stop compresses Cameron's spine, making fans cringe that her back may break as her back compresses from an obtuse angle to a small acute angle before she springs off Jennifer's shoulders like a spring. Even in her dizzy state, Cameron feels the sharp agony and screams before coming to rest on the canvas. After nearly crippling Cameron, Jennifer's blood lust ceases and she rolls around and put to hands on Cameron's chest for the three count and claims the victory.

Jennifer stands and the referee quickly grabs her wrist and raises it in victory. Jennifer reaches down and grabs Cameron's blonde hair and pulled the defeated wreckage up to a seated position putting her prized bounty on display. The entire arena erupts in admiration and respect. It is an impressive scene. The dominant victor standing super powerful, with her demolished, helpless, and listless enemy at her feet in total defeat. The fact that it is not just any enemy, but the leader of Jennifer's rival organization make it even more sweeter.

After a long humbling pose Jennifer releases the conqured blonde. Cameron laboriously rolls her body to the ropes and out of the ring. Her body is hurt, numb, and barely responding, but she is beaten and above all totally humiliated by her easy and dominating defeat. She just wants to disappear as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, Jennifer's eyes quickly find Rihanna’s again and resume this staring battle that only those two understood.

So many people state in their Hall of Fame speech, no matter whatever sport, or profession that, "I didn't start trying to be a Hall of Famer one day. I just wanted to the best (whatever) I could." However, neither Michael Jordan, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jackson, Wayne Gretzki, or Tom Brady choose to utter those phrases. Some people like Beyonce, Madonna, Kobe Bryant, or Steven Jobs seemed destined for that kind of greatness from the beginning. It is like they never expected to be anything but the best of their generation, and an all-time great. All children are told to "Shoot for the moon and you will at least land amongst the stars one day." Some people say, "Fuck that! I'll just build a rocket ship and go to the moon." Even if they are not the biggest, best or most talented at their profession, they still are easily all time great. Why? Because damn it that is what they want and were born to do, and they will not let anyone stop them. That describes Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna.

When Rihanna burst on the scene, Jennifer was already well established and jetted past superstar and on the road to being legendary. When Rihanna arrived, she saw that same burning hunger to be legendary in her eyes. Jennifer knew one day they would clash mightily. Whether it would be on the music charts, or the buisness board room, on a movie set, or even for a man, they had to clash. Jennifer knows that day has arrived, and she tries to get into the younger woman's head, and establish the pecking order.

Rihanna smiles on the inside as she plays Jennifer's game. She knows what Jennifer is trying to do, and thinks 'it's cute'. Jennifer is acting like Rihanna is the same young girl that observed and used Jennifer as a role model years ago. Rihanna is a grown woman now, and the establishes champion of the league. She is not about to fall for this bull shit. By using these tired old intimidation tactics, Rihanna sees Jennifer as a tired old woman that has no idea what is in store for her in the title match. Rihanna tries desperately to hide her smile on the inside. She sees an opportunity to be legendary. She smells weakness on Jennifer. Rihanna defended her title against two legends already, Beyonce and Britney Spears. They were competitive matches. She plans on dominating and crushing Jennifer in spectacular form. There will be no questions about her quality as a champion after this one.

Rihanna stands up, pauses to make sure she is still looking immaculate, then flips her championship belt over her shoulder and slowly walks to the ring. Rihanna knows that she just stole the show. Every eye and camera in the arena is now focused on her, not Jennifer or Cameron. Rihanna slowly and sexily walks to the ring like she is in a movie as she understands the magantude of the moment.

Rihanna enters the ring and walks right up to Jennifer, standing within arms length of her challenger. Everyone can feel the tension. Fans are about to burst in anticipation of what is about to happen. After several long moments Rhinna dramaically raises the championship belt above her head, indicating who was the champion, who was in control, and who the queen of this ring is. Rihanna's fans explode and lose their minds. The leader of their generation just shown up the previous generation's glamour girl.

Jennifer chuckles, seeming amused by Rihanna's showboat tactics. Then she silences Rihanna's fans and causes and uproar of her own with a simple old school hand to the face, as she throws her hand up and blocks out Rihanna's face, like saying 'talk to the hand'. Jennifer's fans pop even louder than Rihanna's as the challenger just upstaged the champion.

Rihanna smiles annoyed, acknowledging her challenger's upstaging, 'talk to the hand' gesture. She brings the belt down and quickly whacks Jennifer across her face with the gold belt. Taken totally by surprise, Jennifer goes down like a sack of potatoes. A quick glance down confirms to Rihanna that her challenger is kayoed. Rihanna plants a foot on Jennifer's chest and raises the belt above her head once again, this time with both hands. The fans explode again, standing and cheering at the top of their lungs.

When the fans start to die down some, Rihanna turns away from the east side of the arena and turns to the south side and plants her heel on Jennifer's cunt and raises the belt with one hand again. The fans pop once again, especially loud at the south end of the arena. Next Rihanna walks facing the north side of the arena and plants a foot on Jennifer's face and raises the belt one again. Rihanna shows off, nonchalantly grinding her foot on Jennifer's amazingly beautiful face as she hoist the title. Rihanna's fans cannot get enough of Rihanna's antics. They love seeing her show off against one of the best the league has to offer. Finally Rihanna addresses the west side of the arena by standing on Jennifer with both feet on her chest and belly and the belt raised with both hands again.

The fans really enjoyed Rihanna making a mockery out of Jennifer. However it gave Jennifer some time to slightly come too. Rihanna decides to have a little more fun. She reaches down and peels the disoriented Latina off the mat. Rihanna grabs an arm and whips Jennifer into the corner. Already dazed, Jennifer's back slams hard into the turnbuckles, and she wraps her arms over the top ropes to keep from bouncing out, rebounding back to Rihanna. Then here comes Rihanna charging in, leaps and spins around to drive her young, tight, rock hard butt into Jennifer's stomach. Everyone knows Jennifer's fate at this point.

This is the same way that Alicia Keys and Beyonce met their doom at Rihanna's hands. Rihanna backs into the corner and traps Jennifer there. Next Rihanna starts slamming her tight ass into Jennifer's gut. Rihanna has to adjust her swing. Jennifer is a much shorter girl. Rihanna swings down, then up into Jennifer's stomach. This is really unnecessary brutality at this point. The unusual swing lifts Jennifer off her feet with each batter. The already depleted singer only makes a few loud barks before her head start lulling on her shoulders, and the breath is knocked out of her. Rihanna's brutal battering with her hips do not allow Jennifer a breath. Jennifer is finished.

Rihanna did not let the fact that Jennifer is an expensive rag doll at this point, spoil her fun. She batters Jennifer's stomach until she felt content. Once she finishes Rihanna turns around to see Jennifer in a comatose state. She droops with her arms over the ropes keeping her upright. Jennifer's mouth hangs open waiting for a breath of air that she was denied until now. She wears a vacant unfocused gaze. Jennifer is simply out on her feet. .

Rihanna caresses Jennifer's cheek. "Got to admit, you're one hot ass cougar." Rihanna lustfully admits. "I can't wait for our match. First, I'm going to beat the shit out of your sexy MILF ass. Not a normal one, I'm talking epic beating. Then when I'm done, I'm going to fuck and have a whole lot of fun with your sexy MILF ass." Rihanna says with a sexy purr in her voice. "Then if there is anything left, I'm going to make your sexy MILF ass do all types of freaky shit to me." Rihanna stops and take a moment to get a good look at a disheveled mess of a Jennifer Lopez. Even in that condition Rihanna is still turned on and cannot help but to comment "Damned! you are a sexy mutha fucka! I can't wait to get my hands on your sexy cougar ass!" Rihanna finishes as she lustfully caresses other parts of Jennifer's body.

Rihanna escapes from the ecstasy of lust and returns to the moment. Rihanna turns her back to Jennifer and starts walking across the ring to exit. This is a much faster strut, but she still looks like a runway model. Her sexy ass switches and bounces with every step. Rihanna raises her belt one more time as she walks up the ramp back to the backstage area. The fans once again roar giving the champion the proper respect.

Meanwhile Jennifer hangs on the ropes like a used up, deflating life sized J-Lo blow-up doll. Her body is slumping and disheveled with her head bowed and her hair looking like a bee's nest but covering her whole face. Her body rises and falls heavily as she is finally able to take deep breaths. Jennifer looks like rubbish in the corner with no idea who or where she is. Then gravity beats Jennifer too. Her arms slip off the ropes and Jennifer falls face first to the mat. The slap happy legend just lies there, face down, not even recognizing that she has fallen and can't get up.

Suddenly, the plot thickens when Cameron slithers back into the ring under the bottom ropes. Cameron stands and approaches her fallen conqueror with a zealous smile. Cameron goes to the mat and wraps her long flawless legs around Jennifer's mid-section and scissors them. Jennifer is still out, shows no reaction and or resistance. Then the blonde seizes Jennifer's right arm with both hands, locking it in an unwieldy ninety degree angle, and applies the pressure, completing a Brock Lesner inspired Kimora Lock.

After a few seconds, Jennifer is shocked back to life and screaming her head off. Jennifer wildly struggles and tries to flee, but Cameron has her locked so tight, that she can barely move. Escaping is just a dream. Cameron fancies the position that she finds herself in. She teases "You won't be knocking Rihanna out if I break this arm."

Jennifer screams at the top of her lungs, while slapping the mat wildly then respectfully tapping Cameron's body, indicating her surrender. Seeing that Jennifer has reached her limits in very little time Cameron asks. "Do you want out?" Jennifer immediately screams her agreement. Cameron smiles and adds. "I'll let you out and not break your arm only if you agree that if you win the title, I get a title shot anytime, anywhere that I ask for one."

There is a brief pause before Jennifer shouts, "Yes! You got it! Just let me gooooo!"

True to her word, Cameron releases Jennifer then stands over her. Jennifer draws into a ball holding her badly hurting arm. Unanticipated Cameron grabs her by the hair and pulls Jennifer into a seated position, just like Jennifer did to at the conclusion of their match. Cameron raises one arm, re-enacting Jennifer's victory pose over her. Most of the crowd did not appreciate the gesture and voice their displeasure with a loud chorus of boo's. Cameron did not care she kept her pose, spouting off into the camera. "That's right! You heard it! This bitch promised me a title shot anytime I want if she wins the title!"


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