ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2


It is a grand party. Balloons fall from the ceiling, confetti blows in the air, there are noise makers and other party favorites abound. It is the Resistance Gala. They have so much to celebrate lately. The entire group is present. Many more potential recruits and the press attend too. The walls are decorated with mementos from the great moments in the Resistance's history. Jada Pinkett Smith stands at framed white body suit. She brags to hopeful new member, Paula Patton how she stripped it off the legendary Pam Grier's body when she beat Pam to end the original booking committeeís reign. Hayden Panettiere marvels at a dildo in a glass case that was shoved up Jennifer Lopez's ass then down her mouth. Alicia Keys looks uncomfortably at a life sized picture of her long time friend, Beyonce, looking like a total naked wreck as she staggers from the ring following her title loss at RAGE! Alicia feels uncomfortable being there especially after what the Resistance did to her friend. Kaley Cuoco looks at a framed Fab Corp uniform Megan Fox wore to the ring for the The Massacre. Mila Kunis talks to Christina Milian as they view the cat of nine tails that Jada Pinkett Smith whipped Rosario Dawson with, before shoving it up her ass.

Cameron Diaz comes to a podium to address the crowd. "Just think this all started as an idea in Christina Applegate's hospital room, that we could topple the bias power structure in Stone Rage's league. Now we can officially say that mission is completed. Stone Rage's booking committee is no more. They have been replaced by a committee of our choosing, and lead by our founder, Christina Applegate. The Fab Four's biggest weapon, Beyonce has been dethroned of her War Queen title and neutralized. The Fab Four have been beaten and humbled multiple times, but now they lie violated, raped and naked at our feet. The ABA just idly watches, afraid to challenge us. They offer peace offerings to finally destroy the Fab Four. The empire has fallen and now we shape the league's future. We are no longer a group of rebels challenging the establishment, we are a nation of many. To show our growth we had elections and now my peers have voted me President of the Resistance. We also elected my cabinet, Jennifer Aniston as Vice President, Jessica Alba our Secretary of State and Jada Pinkett Smith our Secretary of Defense. We are a democracy, our offices will be up for yearly elections. We are the Resistance, and we are happy to share our shining moment with you. View our trophies from our victories over the last two years. Talk to our members. We would love to bring many of you into our ranks. This is the day of the Resistance. Enjoy our new day with us."

There are always two side of a coin especially from an impactful event. That is one side of the coin. The Resistance has earned the right to celebrate. They have accomplished their objective. The meek have overcome. The lambs have pounced on the lions and slain them. Not one lion was left standing. The future looks bright for the Resistance. They look to solidify their success and expand their nation. However the other side of the coin looks differently. The other side is dark and looking for revenge.

"You fucking Bitch! I'll kill you for what you did to us!" Those are the words heard, shortly before the conference room door is nearly kicked off its hinges and flings open. "Damned bitch!" an irate Tia Carrere shouts as she storms into the conference room, where Stone Rage's booking committee are meeting, after the most controversial card in the company's history, BATTLELINES 2

"No Tia stop! Don't handle it like this!" Booking committee member, Marina Sartis shouts as she rushes to keep Tia from her target, Christina Applegate. Marina grabs Tia, before she does something stupid, and gets into major trouble. Another committee member, Lucy Lawless joins Marina in holding Tia back. The other committee members, Angela Bassett and Ebony Ayes immediately get in front of Christina, protecting her.

"You fucking dirty snake! How dare you call yourself an executive, You're a disgrace to this league, attacking people from behind. You're a fucking coward!" Tia shouts.

Stone Rage has already read Christina the riot act for her participation in the event known as The Massacre. She gives Tia the same thin veil excuse that she gave Rage. "I was just protecting the league's interest. You gutlessly attacked one of the league's brightest superstars, Jessica Alba after she was spent from a match. In the best interest of the league, I kicked the shit out of you, and there was nothing that you could do about it. All you could do is suck on that dildo, and do what you were told, and hope I didnít beat your sorry ass some more."

"I've had enough of you! I'm challenging you to a match on ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 I want the whole world to see me beat your ass one more time, once and for all!" Tia challenges.

"Tia, you know that I'm retired. I'm no longer an active competitor. I can't accept your match." Christina answers. "However I think the Resistance's President Cameron Diaz is available to kick your old ass. How about a match with Cameron?"

Tia growls and struggles to break free to get at Christina again. Tia craves another fight with her old rival, Christina. It was Christina who attacked her. It was Christina who kayoed her, and it was Christina who face fucked her into a submissive stupor. However if she cannot get a match with Christina, then Cameron is the next best thing. Cameron was definitely the MVP of The Massacre. She kayoed several enemies that night. Also Cameron is the undisputed leader of the Resistance. "Ok I'll snap Cameron's skinny lil ass in two first, then I'm coming after you." Tia snarls.

"Good" Christina says."Just happens that I have a blank standard contract right here. We can settle things right now." Christina pulls out a generic contract with several blank spots. She starts scribbling names, dates and in several blank spots as quickly as possible. After a minute or so, she hands the contract and ink pen to a fuming Tia. "Only one stipulation, the Resistance and all the Fab Girls will be banned from interfering in the match." Tia has seen and signed many, many, many of these contracts before. She knows the trouble spots to watch. She checks the dates, and money definitely, all seemed to be in order. She checked the appendix and saw that all other members of both organizations will be locked and confined to their dressing rooms for the duration of the match and extending to when both competitors have returned to their dressing rooms, pretty much insuring no outside interference. Tia takes the pen and signs the contract then disrespectfully throws the contract back at Christina.

Ignoring the insult, Christina collects the contracts, saying, "Good." Christina straightens the papers and adds, "I'll see you there, and I will be in the ring with you." Christina adds ominously. "Yeah Brainiac, this contract gives the booking Committee Chairman, that would be me, the right to choose the referee, and I choose me. I will the referee in the ring for your match." Christina explains.

Tia's mouth drops knowing that she has been duped. Then she becomes absolutely furious in the next instant. Tia lunges at Christina again. Quickly, Marina and Lucy grab Tia again, and hold her back. "You cheating lil bitch!" Tia screams at the top of her lungs. Tia knows what it means for Christina to be the referee. Her match with Cameron will basically be a two on one situation. The only debate will be if Christina puts on a facade of being un bias, or will she simple join in from the beginning and beat the hell out of Tia.

Tia struggles furiously to get Christina, yelling obscenities the entire time. She threatens to break out of Sarina and Lucy's grasps. Then Angela Bassett steps up and cold cocks the defenseless Tia on the chin. "Shut up!" Angela shouts as she hits Tia. Tia goes limp in Lucy and Marina's arms and woozily moans from the unforeseen assault on the defenseless woman. "Get her out of here! She got what she came for!" Angela growls. With nothing left to do, Marina and Lucy escorts the semi conscious actress out of the conference room.

Tia regains her senses in the office outside the conference room. Granted things did not go as she hoped, the first event in a chain of events has just fallen. It is just like knocking over the first domino in a series of dominos. The domino makes a >Plink!< sound as it hits the next domino, and so on and so forth >Plink!<

The next day, Tia issues a challenge for Roselyn Sanchez to battle Lucy Liu on the same card through Marina Sartis. >Plink!< Lucy does not accept the challenge, but her sidekick Chiaki Kuriyama does. Again that is the next best thing. >Plink!< Then while making preparations for those matches, Tia stumbles onto a situation. Ebony is making a Bermuda Triangle Match with Charlize Theron, and Demi Moore already entered. >Plink!< she discovers an opportunity to insert her Secret Weapon into the scenario. >Plink!< Tia leaks some information to the right people, and Demi takes the bait. She inserts the secret weapon into the match. >Plink!< Lastly the next domino requires a little espionage. >Plink!< Tia greased the right hands at the cruise lines to get schematics and blue prints for her Assassin. She paid members of the cruise line crew to spy and professional experts to devise a plan for her Assassinís to complete a mission. >Plink!< An impossible mission. >Plink!<

Once the cruise ships launch, dominos fall fast and furious. >Plink!< First Roselyn Sanchez takes it to Chiaki. She cleans the little Asian girl's clock. >Plink!< Then when Lucy Liu and the Lui-Tang Clan got involved, Tia, Roselyn and Zoe beat the team down. >Plink!< The Three of them trapped Lucy alone and punished her severely for providing The Resistance with sex toys to abuse the Fab Girls during The Massacre >Plink!<

>Plink!< The next domino fell during the Bermuda Triangle match. Catherine Bell was added to fight Demi Moore and Charlize Theron. Demi was sure that she had a secret pact with Catherine to make sure that The Demster would win the match. >Plink!< When Demi least expected it, Catherine double crossed Demi and stole the win for herself. >Plink!< Catherine then rolls out of the ring and reveals her association with the Fab Corp and more specifically, Tia's Special Opps team. >Plink!< >Plink!< Demi is irate, but she knows this is payback for the ABA double crossing the Fab Four at The Massacre >Plink!< Demi took out her outrage on Charlize Theron. >Plink!< It is an added bonus. >Plink!< Tia would love to see Charlize removed from the league. >Plink!<

Dominos continue falling in place. >Plink!< Zoe Saldana was able to creep onto the Resistance's cruise ship undetected, like a super spy or an assassin. >Plink!< As far as Tia was concerned, more miraculously, Zoe triumphed emphatically where Tia herself, and Jessica Biel have failed miserably multiple times. >Plink!< Zoe kicked the shit out of Alba's ass. >Plink!< Then Zoe sexually abused Alba, humbling her to feeling like a slug on the curb. Then Zoe caught it all on tape, and revealed Alba's shame to the world. >Plink!< >Plink!<

The next night after Zoe's daring assault, all Tia's dominos have and are falling perfectly. The four major cruise lines dock, and Tia and her Special Ops team disembark for Tia's match with Cameron Diaz. "So what are we going to do about tonight?" Roselyn asks Tia as the walk a shore. "How are you going to possibly beat Cameron with Christina Applegate as the referee?"

"Well Ros, I may be a forty plus and loss a couple of steps, but I know how to get what I want out of a man, especially a man like Stone Rage. We'll be fine." Tia answers.

Suddenly all heads turn as a local islander loudly yells "Domino mutha fucka!!!" as he slams down the final piece on a game of dominos that he and a pal are playing on the sidewalk.

At another section of the port, Cameron Diaz leads the Resistance off their cruise ship. All of them are wearing dark glasses. Cameron and the rest take the island like a gang of storm troopers. All of them are wearing a mean, mad expression. They are definitely pissed about Zoe's little caper with Jessica Alba. They gave perfect illustration to the phrase, 'Hell have no fury like a woman's scorn.' Even the press, whose job is to interview the women were intimidated and did not run up to them to get their story or reaction. There was no need. They just started pitying poor Tia Carrere. She is already the decisive underdog even without the advantage of Christina being the referee. Tia got demolished in her last match against Jessica Alba, and quite frankly looked old and at the end of her career. Cameron looked to have finally reached her prime in her last outing, an impressive victory over Demi Moore. The story quickly became, 'What type of revenge are Cameron and Christina going to exact on Tia tonight?'

Just as the previous two nights before, locals and vacationers fill up the islands largest soccer stadium. First there is the concert, followed immediately by the match. LeAnn Rimes kicks off the festivities. The renowned beach lover and notorious bikini wearer shows off her new hot bod in a string bikini top and a pair of shorts. The rocking country gal keeps on rocking. Then the country music goes to another level as Kelly Clarkson hits the stage afterward. The American Idol has the audience rocking, dancing and swaying to the beat. However the best is yet to come. Gwen Stefani walks on the stage next. The crowd goes bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! They get even nuttier as the performance goes on.

After the concert, there is an intermission. After the break, everyone is back in their seat and Cameron and Tia have entered the ring. Tia stands alone in her corner looking at her nemesis. Across the ring Cameron stands with a black and white striped shirt wearing Christina Applegate at her side. "We're not even playing any games tonight. After I call for the bell, we double team Tia and demolish her ass. Don't even bull shit like this is a fair match, with me being a referee." Christina explains. "We're going to beat her down, strip her and rape her. Then we're going to beat her and rape her over and over again until she submits and begs for mercy. We don't stop until we break her and make her apologize for what she did to Alba. We don't stop until we turn Tia into a pitiful and pathetic old bitch! She's a stubborn ass so this is going to take a long, long time, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it." Cameron nods her head in agreement with an obvious furious expression on her face.

Then seconds before the bell is about to ring Marina Surtis walks swiftly to the ring with a microphone shouting, "Wait! Wait a minute. I have an urgent email for Stone Rage and the board of directors." Marina climbs into the ring and walks to the center of the mat. "Tia, Cameron the board has new orders concerning this match that I have been instructed to read." Marina holds up an I-pad and begins to read the statement. "Due to the Chairman of the Booking committee's recent actions at The Massacre we feel tht she cannot conduct herself in an unbiased fashion in this match. So for the integrity of the league, Christina Applegate will not be officiating this match. In fact, due to the explosive past of these women's organizations, we don't see the need for a referee at all. This will now be a Fight To The Finish. This means no rules, no referee, anything goes. Only after one competitor is finished, meaning unconcious and far beyond the point of return, will the bell ring to end the contest." Marina pauses as there is reaction from the crowd then starts again. "However, while we insist on a fair match, we do feel the Resistance has earned certain advantages due to their success over the Fab Four for the last year and a half. Therefore, if Tia Carrere wins, everything is over. She cannot do anything after the match. However if Cameron Diaz wins, Tia becomes property of Cameron Diaz and the Resistance for the remaining two days of the cruise. Your rewarded to take Tia back to your cruise ship as your bitch, and you are free to abuse and humiliate Tia anyway you see fit, without interference from the Fab Four or anybody else in the league until the end of the cruise." Marina looks up and says, "Good luck ladies, and may the best woman win." Marina then leaves the ring.

Murmurs abound as everyone reacts to the changes. Tia stands in her corner, unphased like she expected everything. She hears the sound >Plink!< >Plink!< like two final dominos falling in her head. Tia can no longer get everything that she wants from Rage. He has sworn less interference in the league, but there is no way that he would let this injustice go down, especially to Tia. However to appease the Board of Directors and the press scrutiny he has to throw The Resistance a bone. In any terms the price of failure terrorizes Tia even more.

"That bastard" Christina responds. She takes a few moments to strategize. "It's okay, we got this. This is a win/win situation for us. Tia wins, we blame Stone Rage and attack him through the board of directors for being unfair. If we win, we brag about how we beat Stone Rage and the Fab Four with the odds stacked against us. And we get two days with Tia!"

"No I want it like this." Cameron commandingly states. "I want to beat her fair and square. I want to be able to look her in the eyes when she has to admit to herself that I'm the better woman. That's the only way we'll be rid of the Fab Four bitches. Once these old whores realize that their time on top is over, then they'll creep away with their tails between their legs." Cameron smiles relishing the thought. "Oh yeah, two days alone with Tia is more than enough time to break her. I'll make even Tia never want to go through something like this again. I'll torture this bitch into retirement. The Fab Four are going to need a new fourth member."

Christina is impressed by Cameron's tenacity. She gives Cameron a pat on the back then walks out of the ring. On the way Christina stares daggers at Tia, but Tia totally ignores her and focuses on the match to come.

Now that the ring is empty save for the two competitors the bell sounds to start the match. Tia and Cameron come out of their corners and locks up. Cameron is determined to beat Tia. She knows that they have the Fab Four on the run. She can end their minor successes this week and send them back into retreat with another win. More than that she has a personal desire to kick Tia's butt, and solidify herself as a top tier force in the league. With that in mind, Cameron quickly breaks the lock up, and overpowers Tia into a front face lock.

Tia's head is captured under Cameron's arm, and she is forced to look face down at the mat. Tia struggles to get out, but Cameron has her secured. The blonde even wrangles Tia around a bit to show Tia and everyone else that she is in control. Finally the cagey Tia catches Cameron in an unbalanced moment and uses the momentary mishap to drive Cameron back into the corner turnbuckle hard enough to slip free of the face lock.

Tia backs out of the corner to get her bearings. Cameron is on her in an instant. Cameron pushes Tia back into a nearby corner and pins Tia's arms over the ropes. Cameron quickly blasts Tia in the gut with two piston like knees that shoot up into her midsection. Next Cameron drives a fist into Tia's abs. Finally Cameron grabs Tia around her head and snap mares Tia out of the corner. Tia goes head over heels then skidding across the mat.

Tia sits up trying to get to her feet, but Cameron will not allow it. Cameron gets to Tia and drops to the mat behind her seated foe. Cameron pulls Tia's arms behind her and crosses Tia's arms into an X formation. Cameron raises her legs and scissors Tia's crossed arms in place while locking her own crossed ankles behind Tia's head. Cameron applies the pressure, putting tremendous stress on Tia's arms and threatens to pop them out of socket. "Squirm Tia, you can't get out of this" Cameron tells her rival. Then to demoralize her nemesis, Cameron unties the knot of Tia's black bikini halter top and allows it to fall off Tia's breasts. Cameron laughs while Tia growls her disapproval. However in the process, Cameron's legs loosened and Tia wiggles free.

Tia CarrereSuddenly Tia turns into a tiger. She turns and pounces on top of Cameron, while grabbing her lost top with one hand. "You want my top Bones?" Tia asks her slender opponent as she starts wrapping her top around Cameron's throat. Cameron is trying to get away from the aggressor, but Tia uses the top wrapped around Cameron's neck to pull the blonde back into her clutches. Tia wraps her legs around Cameron's waist to hold her in place. Cameron somehow manages to slip a couple of fingers between the top and her neck, and tries to free herself from Tia's noose. Seeing she is losing her weapon, Tia holds onto the top with one hand while her other unties Cameron's bikini top with the other hand. As Cameron wrestles Tia's top away from her neck, Tia pulls Cameron's top and wraps it around Cameron's neck, replacing one noose for another just as quickly. Cameron struggles to get free of this noose. Again before she loses her advantage, Tia sacrifices the choke, and gets to her feet. Then Tia forces Cameron's head between her thighs and locks Cameron in a standing head scissors.

Cameron groans and moans between Tia's thighs showing the strength in Tia's legs. However she finds a way to break out. Cameron knocks Tia off balance and pulls at Tia's ankles, tripping Tia face first to the mat. Once Tia falls on her face then rolls over to her back, Cameron dives on top of Tia, using her longer body to make an impact. Cameron follows by bouncing up on Tia again, but this time her drives her knee down into Tia's stomach, with all of her body weight behind it. Cameron drives her knee into Tia's belly again. Tia loudly barks at both knee drops. Cameron floats on top of Tia's body lying face to face on top of her adversary in a full body press. Cameron pins Tia's wrist to the mat above her head then intertwines her legs with Tia's and forcefully spreads Tia's legs apart, stretching out Tia's thigh muscles. Cameron hears Tia moan from her legs being spread open as far as they would go. "You stupid slut. You ought to be used to having your legs open. Isn't that how you got Stone Rage to stop Christina from refereeing this match?" Cameron asks vengefully. Cameron then plops her tits on top of Tia's face. "Suck on these you big whore." Cameron says as she closes her arms together closer as she still had Tia's wrists pinned. Cameron's tits fit and mold on Tia's face, smothering her.

Tia realizes that she definitely has a fight on her hands. Cameron just met Tia's aggression with the same aggression. She knows that this woman has come to beat her ass and will not be easily deterred. Cameron smothers Tia hoping to take some fight out of her. After wearing her down a bit, Cameron releases her tit smother and repositions herself, sitting on Tia's face, ass smothering her rival. Tia flops around like a fish out of water, trying to escape from underneath Cameron's hot buns. Cameron laughs and pinches Tia's nipples occasionally as she wears her down further. Tia's bucking is rewarded as she is able to bring her legs up high enough to encircle them around Cameron's body and throw the blonde off top her and coral her in a body scissor at the same time.

Tia secures her body scissors and lies perpendicular to Cameron with her legs locked around Cameron's mid section. Tia gets a little revenge groping Cameron's breast and squeezing them a few times. After catching her breath from the smothers, and making Cameron suffer at the same time, Tia releases her leg scissors and gets to her feet. She hauls Cameron up by a handful of blonde hair. Tia ushers Cameron to the corner and slams her head into the corner turnbuckle, then does it a second time, followed by a third. With Cameron woozy, Tia spins Cameron around to face her with Cameron's back against the corner. Tia kicks Cameron in her belly hard twice. Then she follows with a couple of belly blasting fist. With Cameron hunching over from her aching stomach, Tia easily locks a Cameron in a front face lock. Tia pulls Cameron out the middle of the ring. Next Tia falls back and DDT's Cameron's skull into the mat.

Tia pops to her feet, leaving Cameron wallowing in pain on the mat. Tia may be able pin Cameron, but this is a Fight To The Finish, a pinfall is meaningless. "Get up Bones I'm not done with you." Tia barks.

Cameron struggles to her feet holding her forehead. "Really, cause I've had enough of you!" Cameron announces, then her foot flashes out and kicks Tia in the belly. It happened so fast, Tia had no time to react. Tia doubles over. Cameron grabs Tia around the head and falls back, driving Tia's head into the mat with an even more powerful DDT than the one that Tia just delivered.

Cameron springs to her feet burning with fury. Cameron starts giving a few vicious kicks to the downed warrior. Next Cameron goes down on top of Tia, and sits on her back and wrangles Tia into a camel clutch. Not just any camel clutch, it is one of the most painfully applied clutches that Tia has ever experienced in her very long catfighting career. Cameron knows that Tia is suffering, but also knows that she is still wearing Tia down, and not finishing her off. It will take more than this. So after her perfect execution of the hold slips, Cameron abandons her hold, then grabs her foe's legs and rolls Tia over in a Boston Crab. Cameron does not have the perfect execution that she had on the clutch, but she is still really putting a hurting on Tia. However after a few hard bucks from Tia, Cameron lost interest in maintaining the hold and releases Tia.

Cameron and Tia rise and square off again. Tia is having a hard time getting her mind around the concept that a onetime jobber, Cameron Diaz is now wrestling at an elite level. 'She's still a candy ass bitch' Tia thinks. 'Turn up the heat on her and she'll fold.' Tia tells herself as she locks up with Cameron again. Tia breaks the lock by whipping Cameron into the ropes. When Cameron rebounds off, Tia levels her with a stiff clothesline. The smack of flesh against flesh echoes as Cameron is knocked off her feet.

"I'm going to put an end to you Bones" Tia sasses as she puts her foot on Cameron's back and captures Cameron's wrists and wrenches them back while Cameron lies face down on the mat. Cameron finds herself in Tia's surfboard hold and kicking her legs trying to escape. Poor Cameron chose to wear a G-String bottom. The fabric has slipped into Cameron's tight ass. Now Cameron's legs are spread open as she kicks to escape. The alert cameraman positions himself to get a view of Cameron's barely covered crotch. The fans could not see everything, but the camera angle left a lot less to the imagination about Cameron's treasure box.

"You're supposed to be some kind of President now Bones? You still got a lot to learn. Your Camel clutch is good, and your Boston Crab is okay, but let me really show you how to make a bitch suffer." Tia boasts as she releases Cameronís wrists and plops on the mat to Cameron's side. Tia seizes Cameron's right wrist and right ankle as Cameron still lies face down on the mat. Tia puts bases her feet against Cameron's side and leans back, stretching Cameron's limbs out. Because of Cameron's long, lanky legs and arms Tia is able to lie flat on the mat to stretch Cameron's limbs to the point they may pop out of socket point. Tia gets satisfying fresh yelps of pain out of Cameron.

After Tia felt like she has gotten all the mileage she could out of her stretch, Tia lets Cameron go. "Now Madame President, let me show you how to properly apply a Boston Crab" Tia announces. Tia grabs Cameron's legs, hooks them under her arms and sits down on Cameron's back and ass. Tia's Boston Crab is applied much tighter and better than Cameron's.

Cameron can feel Tia's confidence exude from her. This is also where Cameron's confidence starts to falter, especially facing a Hall of Famer like Tia. That was all before. That was before training with Christina Applegate. That was before Resistance. That was before defeating Demi Moore. That was before destroying half of the Fab girls in The Massacre. It not time to melt under the heat. It is time for Cameron to slaughter this jungle queen, then triumphantly drag her around the jungle for all to see.

Cameron flexes her long lanky legs, launching Tia forward, making her faceplant on the mat. Both rise to their knees simultaneously, but Cameron is the aggressor. She knocks Tia down to her back and grabs Tia's arm. Cameron drapes both legs across Tia's chest with Tia's arm trapped between Cameron's legs. Cameron almost has Tia's arm locked in a cross arm breaker. Tia immediately panics. If Cameron locks the hold in properly she will either have to submit or listen to her arm go snap. By the rules of the fight, her submission will not end the match, only Cameron breaking her arm would be definitive enough of a finish to end the match.

Tia twists and turns with a desperation rarely seen. Cameron has Tia's arm, and the hold applied somewhat despite Tia's best efforts. Cameron has the hold deep enough to hurt Tia, but not break her arm. Cameron enjoys Tia's screams and desperate squeals. However Cameron came to win, not simply entertain herself. Cameron releases Tia's arm and moves her legs higher and traps Tia's head between her legs.

Cameron's head scissors has Tia grunting and groaning and flopping around on the mat. Tia is not joking, she is clearly in pain and in trouble. It is an uncommon sight at Tia's fights. Tia's diehard fans did not expect to see Tia helplessly flopping around against Cameron Diaz.

Cameron adds to Tia's distress by reaching out and squishing Tia's tit in her hand. Then Cameron gets an idea that will take Tia's distress to a level the league has never seen.

First, Cameron opens her legs enough to turn Tia's head so her chin is pressed against Cameron's cunt. Then Cameron folds one leg behind Tia's head and interlocks her other leg over top of it, forming a figure four formation. Tia's chin is pressed into Cameron's pussy, her neck is bent awkwardly, and her oxygen is limited. Tia continues to struggle, but soon her movements slow. Her eyes start rolling in her head, as the oxygen deprivation quickly sets in.

As Tia becomes more under her control, Cameron scoots backwards, dragging Tia like a slab of meat across the mat. "Titty burn!" Cameron sings out with a laugh, as Tia's tits are drug across the canvas. Once Cameron thought Tia was depleted, she opens her legs and kicks Tia away.

Cameron seizes a coughing Tia as she struggles up to her knees. Cameron goes behind Tia. It went almost unnoticed that she had picked up Tia's long forgotten ripped off halter top. Cameron pulls Tia's arms behind her back and starts tying Tia's arms behind her back with the halter top. At this point, Tia is not strong enough to prevent it. A few seconds later through Tia's verbal protests, Cameron has Tia's arms tied behind her back, and her rival is vulnerable and helpless.

Cameron snatches Tia up to her feet. Cameron holds Tia by her bound arms and drives her forward until she runs into the corner turnbuckle, boobs first. Cameron turns Tia around to face her. Cameron pushes back on Tia's chin until she is forced to look up at the sky. Then Cameron starts battering Tia's belly with her fist at will. Tia yelps, grunts, groans and whimpers as Cameron pummels the helpless warrior. "Oh you bitch. I'm going to kill you for this when I get loose." Tia threatens.

"You're not getting loose, dumb bitch. This is the end of the road for you." Cameron tells Tia. Cameron torments Tia a little by gripping her bikini bottom and wrenches it up giving Tia a wedgie and a camel toe. Cameron then smacks Tia's breast around to remind her captive just how vulnerable she is. Finally Cameron drives her knee into Tia's gut then tosses Tia out of the corner and to the mat by her hair.

Cameron casually walks over then delivers an elbow drop into Tia's stomach. Cameron springs back to her feet the drives her elbow into Tia's stomach again with another elbow drop. Tia howls like a wounded animal. Cameron laughs heartily at Tia's suffering. "Payback for holding us down for all these years is a bitch!" Cameron comments.

"No I'm going to be the bitch when I get my hands on you!" Tia snarls back.

"You're not getting your hands on me idiot!" Cameron smacks back at Tia. "I'm going to finish you off sloooowwwwllly. Then you're going to be my little bitch and I'll torture you more for the next two days. It's over for you. Even if you survive, you'll never be the same, and nobody will ever look at you the same either."

Tia is getting angry. She is angry at herself for being in this position. She is mad at herself for letting her team down. Tia is also mad at Cameron for kicking her ass, tying her hands and beating her up. More she is mad that Cameron's predictions could be true. Tia may be in for a very long next two days, and after this telling defeat, people will not look at her as a great warrior any longer.

Cameron hauls Tia to her feet by her hair. Next Cameron degrades and insults Tia by leading her around the ring by a handful of hair, like she is a small pet on a leash. Cameron finishes the journey by leading Tia face first into the corner turnbuckle. One more slam has Tia very dizzy and dazed. Cameron leads Tia back to the middle of the ring. Tia is disoriented and rubber legged. Cameron starts slapping her captive's tits around at will like Tia is a play thing. Finally Cameron shoves Tia to the canvas. Cameron rolls Tia onto her side and kicks Tia a few times in her tummy. Next Cameron drops to the mat and punches Tia's stomach a few more times.

Cameron stands and walks away from Tia a moment to catch her breath. Meanwhile Tia is in bad shape, but has not given up. Cameron has proven to be one helluva fighter tonight, but Tia thinks Cameron is not a helluva girl scout, and her knot tying skills may be in question. The whole time that Cameron has been beating her up, Tia has been testing and working on the knot tying her hands together. After one long hard straining pull, Tia pulls her arms apart, and breaks free of her binds.

Cameron looks down and sees that Tia has freed herself. Cameron is totally unconcerned. There is no way Tia is a threat after the beating that she has put on her. "So you got free huh?" Cameron dismissively asks.

"You damned right" Tia growls as she quickly gets to her feet and charges at Cameron. Tia immediately rips off a flurry of punches to Cameron's gut, like she never spent the last several minutes getting her ass handed to her. She pounds Cameron back against the ropes.

Itís the heart of a champion. It's winning time. It is the moment when Hulk Hogan hulks up and points that finger and yells "YOU!" The adrenaline overdosed Tia scoops Cameron up on her shoulders into a fireman's carry. Tia starts spinning around dizzying Cameron as she strategically moves back to the center of the ring, then falls back driving Cameron to the mat with all Tia's weight behind her in a Samoan drop. Tia still lies on top of Cameron. She rolls over and leaps up and comes crashing down on Cameron with all her weight again. While Cameron is still in shock, Tia floats up to Cameron's head and wraps her legs around Cameron's head for a head scissors.

Now Cameron is flopping on the mat while trying to pry Tia's thighs from around her head. Tia now knows that Madame President, and Cameron has earned that title in Tia's eyes, is a very dangerous competitor and not to be toyed with. She put everything she's got into her punishing Cameron. Tia knows that if it is not enough, she will probably not have another chance. Tia hopes that it will be enough, but then she visualizes the faces of Roselyn Sanchez, Zoe Saldana and Catherine Bell in front of her. All three of them just pushed themselves to the limit and accomplished spectacular feats under Tia's direction. They all succeeded by putting all of their faith in Tia. She cannot let them down. Failure is not an option at this point.

As Cameron flops around Tia grabs her breasts and literally tries to rip it off Cameron's chest. The veteran Tia realizes that timing is terribly important. It is not how many times you strike your opponent, but when. This moment is when the attacks matter the most. Tia puts on the scissor in a text book method. She was really choking out Cameron. When the blonde's movements slowed Tia opens her legs and pushes Cameron over onto her stomach and sits on Cameronís back. An instant later, Tia has Cameron in a text book Camel Clutch.

Cameron is not an idiot. She knows what is happening. She is being overrun, but the question is how to stop it. Cameron and Christina strategized many times about this situation. One strategy is to outlast the rush. Second is that it is a test of wills. Do not let Tia impose her will on Cameron. Both Cameron and Christina have been in this situation with the Fab Four before. Like Mike Tyson famously quoted: "Everybody's got a plan, until they get hit." Tia is putting a serious hurting on Cameron, breaking her spirit and conviction, and is close to winning.

While Cameron is in the Camel Clutch, Tia notices her bikini top that had her hands tied nearby. Tia stretches out and gets her fingers on the top. Tia pulls Cameron's arms off her knees and pulls them behind Cameron's back. Tia then starts tying Cameron's arms with the same bikini top. It takes Tia longer to secure her knot. That is because she grew up on the isle of Hawaii, and has experience tying knots to secure her boat to the dock. Cameron grew up in Long Beach and attended urban Polytechnic High School with a classmate named Snoop Doggy Dogg whom she used to buy weed from. Tia's knot is infinitely tighter and more secure than Cameron's ever thought about being.

"Good luck getting out of that." Tia comments "I learned how to tie a knot from some of the best." Tia finishes as she rises to her feet and starts kicking her downed rival. Cameron rolls around to avoid the beating. She ends up face down and on her knees with her ass up. Tia drops to the mat seeing the opportunity. Tia starts sternly spanking Cameron's ass. As Cameron yelps her protest, Tia laughs "What are you going to do about it?" Cameron gets up to her knees. Tia is behind her and locks on a sleeper hold.

It does not take long before Cameron's body starts slackening and her eyes are rolling in her head. Tia does not want to end the fight quite yet so she takes one arm and starts pounding Cameron's belly from behind. "This is payback for The Massacre Bitch. You was a busy girl. You took down Jessica Biel, Zoe Saldana, Pam Anderson, Halle Berry and Eva Longoria. I'm getting a piece of your ass for each of them." Tia vows.

Cameron is pretty much out of it as Tia hauls her to her feet and ushers Cameron over to the corner to introduce Cameron's face to the turnbuckle. Tia turns Cameron around putting her back to the corner. Then Tia starts pounding Cameron's tummy just like Cameron did to Tia earlier. Tia pounds Cameron like she is hitting a heavy punching bag. Tia knocks whatever resistance a depleted Cameron has left. With Cameron sagging and defeated in the corner, Tia starts slapping Cameron's tits to belittle her hapless opponent, just like Cameron did to her earlier.

Finally Tia grabs a handful of Cameron's golden hair and throws her out of the corner. Cameron flops face down on the canvas. Tia sees Cameron's long forgotten bikini top lying in the corner. Tia picks it up and goes and sits on Cameron's back. Tia folds Cameron's legs up so her heels are pressed against her ass. Then Tia takes the other bikini top and ties Cameron's ankles, then loops the top around the binds around Cameron's wrists. Tia finishes securing the knot hogtying Cameron's ankles to her wrists. .

"Okay Madame President, you want a war with The Fab Four, you've got it." Tia tells Cameron as she kneels close to her ear. "You have no idea what you've started. This is just the beginning of the most humiliating chapter in your life. Do you understand me? We're going to send you and your Wal-Mart Warriors running out of this league like crying little girls. Do you understand me?"

"You fucking bitch. I'm going to get you for this." Cameron grumbles.

"No you won't" Tia quickly and definitively answers. Tia then wraps her calves around Cameron's neck and squeezes her legs. Then Tia' torques her legs bending Cameron's neck at an awkward angle. Cameron wiggles around for half a minute then her body goes still. Seeing that Cameron hogtied and choked out; the bell finally sound. In this Fight To The Finish, Cameron is definitely finished.

Tia stands and feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off her shoulders. She came from behind and defeated an elite level Cameron Diaz. The lasting image of the long legged slumbering blonde hog tied at her feet bears witness that the Fab Four is not going away. It does not erase The Massacre, but it does put the Fab girls on the road to redemption.

TO ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2

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