Backlash! Confessions
Jennifer Lopez vs Mariah Carey
NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: Just Business
Jennifer Lynn Lopez is the name she was given at birth. Over her life she has earned many other names, like Jenny, J.Lo, Jenny from the Block, and lately, the Bronx Bomber. The last name comes from her prowless with her fist. Jennifer has proven to be an excellent street fighter. She has extensive training in boxing and kick boxing. To state things mildly, she is the most feared striker in the league. She is well conditioned and athletic. Only problem, is once taken off her feet, and the fight is taken to the mat where she cannot punch or kick, she is fucking toast. Damn near useless. In fact she is likely to be tied into a knot and dribbled all over the mat.

But Jennifer knows this. That is what brings her to this small gym today. She in a back room with wrestling mata completely covering the floor and all walls. She is wearing a one piece outfight, a conservative yet highly fashionable outfit. Her hair is pulled back into a simple ponytail, and she is ready to work. Jennifer is there for wrestling practice, focusing primarily on mat skills. She limbers up with some stretching exercises as she waits for her instructor.

When the room's door opens, Jennifer's jaw drops. Mariah Carey is walking into the room. Her arch-rival, the woman who can not stand her guts, the woman who likes nothing more than to see her suffering. Jennifer stands in stunned silence. She knows how Mariah feels about her, and actually, Jennifer has never felt nor recipitated that same dislike towards Mariah. They have history together, stemming from her meteoric rise to superstardom and Mariah's temporary fall from grace. Mariah's former husband, Tommy Mottola was largely responsible for both events. Jennifer let all the bad feelings from that situation go. Why shouldn't she? She got what she wanted out of it, she became one of the greatest celebrities in the world. Mariah never let her bad feelings about Jennifer's part in that bad situation go, and maybe never will until Jennifer's fall from grace is accomplished.

"Why Jennifer how good it is to see you." Mariah says with an obvious phonieness in her voice. "Your regular instructor had an unexpected change of schedule, so knowing how bad your sagging ass needs a workout, I've come to take her place, and give you a wrestling lesson."

Jennifer still stands with her mouth open, not moving or saying a word. She knows she has stepped in a trap, Just like the ones her team mates, Pam Anderson and Halle Berry have stepped in recently. Following Mariah into the room are thirteen other people. Jennifer recognizes all of their faces, they are reporters. Not any reporters, tabloid reporters, the kind that will report anything whether it is obvious lies or not. Jennifer finds the awareness to close her mouth and gains a stern expression. She knows somehow the deck will be stacked against her if she accepts this challenge, but there is no way she is backing down or running from Mariah, especially in front of these jackles of reporters. "First off Mariah, you should look in the mirror before talking about sagging asses, and second, I've knocked you out enough times that I don't think you can teach me anything. It's probally best if we just walk out of here before things get out of hand" Jennifer answers.

"Oh you beat me, but that was in the ring not here on the mat!" Mariah snaps back. "Okay Miss Piggy this is how its going down. We have is out here on the WRESTLING MAT woman-to-pig! No fist, no hitting, just straight wrestling. Since I know what kind of woman you are, I know you won't accept. That's why these reporters are hear to expose what kind of coward and low life you really are. I know you don't have the heart to accept, and even if you do, you'll cheat and start using your fist. Because you're not human, you're a pig! A dirty pig that wallows in the slop. A no talent, disgusting pig, that cleans herself up, and tries to act glamourous, but I know the real Jennifer Lopez! She is a pig that will do anything to get ahead with no remorse. If its the last thing I do, I'm going to expose what you really are to the world. Please, act like you're human for once in your life get on the mat with me. Or you can just say 'oink' and wiggle your porker ass out the door."

Mariah and Jennifer stared at each other intensly for a moment. Jennifer wanted to knock Mariah into next week so bad. However Jennifer is a cunning woman, and was not going to do anything rash. Mariah has a height and weight advantage, and more skilled on the mat. In truth Jennifer knew she did not stand a chance against Mariah, but there is no chance that she would run away from this challenge. Especially after the abnormal cowdarice the Curse of Aguilera forced on her, she was not running. "You're on." Jennifer spits through clenched teeth.

Both ladies take their places inside the circle and one of the reporters announce this is a submission style match; no punching, no hair pulling and no biting. "Ladies take your positions" he announces. Both wrestlers assume the position with one hand gripped behind their opponent's neck and the other on the extended arm's elbow. After both girls were prepared he loudly says, "BEGIN."

Both ladies start to puch and struggle against each other. Jennifer stragedized that her best chance is to be ultra aggresive and try to take Mariah off guard. Jennifer shoots low and grabs Mariah's knee and tries to topple her. The move was sloppily executed, but ultimately did take Mariah down to the mat. Jennifer quickly dives down on top of Mariah who is down on her back. Using her superior mat skills instantly uses her defensive skills struggles to nullify Jennifer's offensive.

Jennifer is able to mount herself on top of Mariah, but amaturishly so. Mariah is able to lift her legs up and wrap them around Jennifer's waist. Mariah squeezes and elicts a painful squeal from the latina. Mariah quickly locates and reaches out to capture Jennifer's wrists with both hands to prevent any hope to escape. Jennifer is seated over Mariah, in a superior position, with Mariah lying on her back on the mat, but Jennifer is the one trapped and in pain. After a good bit of struggling, Mariah's strong legs are able to take Jennifer over onto her side, where Mariah is able to apply even more preassure.

Jennifer kicks squirms and wiggles, but with Mariah maintaing a firm grasp on both of her wrist, there is not much she can do to escape. Jennifer can only grunt and moan in unending torment. "Is that all you got Miss Piggy?" Mariah asks. "If that's all, then you're going be suffering a long time, just like all the pain and suffering you caused me when Tommy and I were separating."

"Ungh... You're crazy Mariah. Oww.... I had nothing to do with you and Tommy breaking up." Jennifer gasps while struggling for breath. "It was you running around acting crazy and screaming like a maniac."

"Bullshit!" an incensed Mariah exclaims. "If you didn't flaunt your fat ass around Tommy, things could have been different." while tightening her legs around Jennifer's waist. "We might have got back together."

"You're out of your fucking mind." a breathless Jennifer softly says. "I had nothing to do with your marriage failing."

"Yeah right. You're a lying whore, and I'm going to prove that to everyone today." Mariah says as Jennifer taps Mariah's thights indicating her submission. Mariah releases her scissors hold and rises to her feet, "Now get your fat ass up, I'm just starting to punish you, Piggy." Jennifer is relieved to be released, she knows she could never had escaped from the hold. Jennifer slowly makes it ip to her feet, while taking deep breaths. She knows Mariah only released her to find a more painful way to punish her.

The two ladies hunch over in wrestling stances and circle each other. Again they lock up, collar and elbow and struggle against each other. Mariah drops to her knees and pulls Jennifer down with her. Then showing her strength she slings Jennifer to the floor and climbs on top of her. Mariah sits high on Jennifer's chest with her crotch under Jennifer's chin. While the latina is wildly thrashing around under her, Mariah grabs the back of Jennifer's head and pulls her close to her crotch and rolls over to her side, locking Jennifer in a head scissors.

Jennifer kicks and rolls around totally embarressed by how badly she is being outwrestled. Every time Jennifer's struggles loosens Mariah's hold, the dominant woman grabbed the back of Jennifer's head and keeps her in place. Jennifer bridging and pushing trying to pry the meaty thighs from around her heads. Finally she accepts she can not escape and calms most of her struggling. Then Mariah really pours on the power with her thighs. Everybody hears Jennifer's constant heavy breathing and long whines until she finally taps Mariah's conquering thighs again to submit. "Trapped again cow girl?" Mariah taunts. "You're making this too easy. Next time you're going to have to pay a price to get out."

After Mariah releases Jennifer they both rise to their knees and square off again. Mariah lunges and catches her tired foe in a headlock, then sling her onto her back on the mat. Jennifer fights back and is able to snake her own muscular thighs around Matiah's waist. Jennifer shows what her legs can do and gets many grunts from Mariah.

Mariah struggles up to her knees and squirms until she faces Jennifer. Then she stands to her feet while Jennifer's legs are still locked around her waist. Jennifer is confused by what Mariah is trying to do, until Mariah bends over and wraps her arms around Jennifer's body, and stands back up. Jennifer still has her waist scissors applied, but at the same time she is caught in Mariah's bear hug. Jennifer quickly wraps her arms around Mariah's torrso Appling her own bear hug, and waist scissors combination.

This stalemate and test of wills last a few seconds until Mariah drops forward and slams Jennifer's back to the mat with the force of her weight on top of her. Both of Jennifer's holds spring free. Mariah fight to mount to Jennifer, while Jennifer desparately struggles to prevent it.

Eventually Mariah lies flat on top of Jennifer and grabs her around the head. Next Mariah rolls onto her back so Jennifer is on top of her, but she also wraps her legs around Jennifer's waist at the same time. Jennifer roars again as she is again captured in Mariah's waist scissors. Jennifer bucks, kicks and struggles with all she has got, but Mariah finds a way to counter each escape attempt, and keep her in the scissors hold. Mariah keeps riding her foes thrusts and pulls, wearing out an already beaten and dejected opponet. Neither the less Jennifer keeps fighting past her physical and emotional limits.

While Jennifer struggles, Mariah manuevers behind Jennifer and reaplies her leg scissors and wraps her arm around Jennifer's chin. Mariah squeezes her victim like a boa constrictor with her legs and her arms. Jennifer gags, her face turns red and her tongue falls out of her mouth. Mercifully the man that started the match comes over and asks, "Jennifer, do you give?"

"NO!" Jennifer defiantly spits and keeps tugging on Mariah's arm that is around her chin and neck. Although it is painfully obvious that Jennifer could not escape, she struggles in Mariah's grasp for over two minutes. At which point, her arms fall limply to the mat, and she lies in Mariah's clutches in a nonverbal surrender.

"Unn Uhh, you're not getting out of this without giving up something." Mariah growls. "If you want out, you're going to have to take off your bathing suit, and expose yourself to the world for what kind of two cent whore you really are. Either that or I put you to sleep and strip it off of you. Your choice."

With no real options Jennifer softly pants, "okay".

Mariah shoves Jennifer's limp body from on top of her and rises to her feet. She walks to her corner and towles off and gulps from a water bottle supplied by the journalist. "At the break Mariah leads, three submissions to none." announces the guy somewhat refereeing the match. Jennifer just lies on her side barely moving, totally exhausted and thouroghly whipped. After a couple of minutes she crawls to her corner like a beaten dog to her water bottle.

After five minutes, Mariah demands, "Come on hoe bag, take that thing off. I'm not done kicking your fat ass yet."

Jennifer looks dejected and depressed as she slowly pulls the shoulder straps off of her shoulders. Since her marriage to Marc Anthony, she has become more modest about showing her body. She remembers the stories that Pam Anderson and Halle Berry told about how their traps were designed to not only physically demolish them, but also to totally demoralize them as well. As long as they do not allow their enemies to demoralize them, then they are never truely defeated. They never really lose, and their enemies never truely win.

With this in mind, Jennifer vigorusly finishes removing her outfit and tosses it at Mariah's feet. "Fine you fuckin' lunatic. Let's finish this." Jennifer says confidently.

Jennifer has a determined sneer as she strides to the middle of the mat. Mariah is slightly surprised and impressed by his show of confidence, but ultimately unfazed by it. Whether Jennifer is trying to convince herself or is truely inspired did not matter. Mariah knows she is going to bounce Jennifer all over the mat in this type of match, no matter how she felt.

As soon as they square off in the circle, Jennifer shoots in and gets inside and grabs Mariah. She hoists the squealing songbird on her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Then Jennifer starts spinning in circles executing an airplain spin. Mariah's squeal turns into one long substained yell as she gets dizzier. Finally Jennifer dumps Mariah off her shoulders for a hard landing on the mat.

Jennifer imediately pounces on top of Mariah. The two grapple and roll around a bit. After a lot of struggling and turning on the mat, Jennifer is finally able to snare Mariah's head between her thighs and put her in a head scissors. "I'm sick and tired of you." Jennifer mutters.

Jennifer strains to display the power in her legs. Her thighs are thicker and more toned than Mariah's long award winning gams, and pound per pound stronger. "Oooowwww! You've got some strong legs" Mariah stammers.

Although strong, problem is Jennifer's execution of the hold is not as flawless as Mariah's. The songbird was able to slip one of her hands between Jennifer's legs as she applied the hold. It took some time, and the whole time she was suffering, but Mariah is able to wedge Jennifer's legs open enough to slip her second hand in between too. Then Mariah pushes her hands down Jennifer's legs. First, she slowly powers her hands down between Jennifer's knees and wedge them apart. This alieviates much of the preassure that Jennifer is able to apply, but does not free her. So, Mariah pushes her hands further until she separates Jennifer's calfs.

Now realizing that her head scissors is not nearly as inescapable as Mariah's, Jennifer rolls over forcing Mariah over too. So, that Mariah is lying face down on the mat and Jennifer is face down on top of Mariah's back. Jennifer releases what is left of her scissors and quickly manuevers to a comfortable seat on Mariah's soft butt. Jennifer reaches forward and interlock her fingers under Mariah's chin and wrenches back putting Mariah in a camel clutch. As her body is bent into a 'L' shape Mariah screams in agony. "What's the matter tough girl? Can't take it?" Jennifer taunts.

"Nooooo!" Mariah quickly squeals, "I submit! I submit!"

Jennifer releases the hold by throwing Mariah's face into the mat. Jennifer stands and looks down at her rival with distain saying, "Stupid ass bitch. It doesn't take much to make you give up, does it?"

Mariah slowly rises looking at Jenifer with an evil, angry venegful glare, saying "I'm bout to beat the shit outta you Piggy!"

Two very determined women lock up collar and elbow. Suddenly Mariah slings Jennifer to the mat forcefully. Within an instant after, Mariah is on her. Mariah's arm comes across Jennifer's throat, and her long legs snake around Jennifer's waist in record speed. Finally Mariah squeezes. Jennifer lets loose a loud, long bellow of pain. The power of this hold is three times stronger than earlier in the match. Jennifer weakly kicks and bucks, but Mariah's grasp is soo tight, it does not allow Jennifer much movement. 'Oh shit.... Fuck!" Jennifer strains to say. It becomes very painfullly obvious to Jennifer that altough she dominated, Mariah was just toying with her the first set. Now she feels the full force of Mariah's power, and the total excellence of Mariah's execution.

"Not so tough now? Huh are you?" Mariah forcfully demands. "Do you give?"

"No" Jennifer weakly whines.

Mariah increases the already tremendous preassure she was already applying. "Do you give?" Mariah asks barely seconds after asking previously.

"Yes" Jennifer quickly answers with her voice clearly reflecting the pain and helplessness she is feeling.

"Why?" Mariah growls. "Why did you come flirting your big ass around Tommy and made damn sure we could never makeup." Mariah asks.

"I.. I didn't have anything to do with your breakup. It was all you. You popping pills... raving like a lunatic.... running around like a maniac... you ran Tommy off. I had nothing to do with it!" Jennifer confesses.

Mariah growls in frustration after hearing Jennifer's comment to her own failures. She pushes Jennifer away and rises to her knees. Jennifer rises to knees and sees Mariah ready to square off. Although breathless, Jennifer locks up with Mariah on their knees. I moment later Mariah locks Jennifer in a headlock and snaps her to the mat.

Mariah grabs Jennifer's arm with one hand then manuevers around until she locks Jennifer in a leg scissors around her neck. Mariah's calf muscle bulges and pressed on Jennifer's Adam's apple making her gag with her eyes bulging. Mariah kept a hold of Jennifer's arm keeping it pinned to the mat, leaving Jennifer's only free hand on the wrong side, and can only grab at Mariah's ankles. Mariah knew Jennifer had no viable way to escape. After delighting in the litney of pained expressions on Jennifer's face Mariah mercfully asks, "Do you give?"

"Can't breathe..." Jennifer stammers "Yes..." She breathlessly admits a moment later.

"Did you fuck Tommy?" Mariah blatantly asks. The question drew a purposeful silence from Jennifer. "Did you fuck Tommy?" Mariah asks again more forcefully. Only gasps and silence answers Mariah's question. "Answer me! Did you fuck Tommy?" Jennifer s face shown stress when Mariah asks this question as well as pain from Mariah's legs. "Did you fuck Tommy?" Mariah shouts angrily.

"We dated" Jennifer reluctantly admits. "He was on the rebound from you, and we went out for two weeks. We both knew it was wrong and wasn't going anywhere, so we stopped. But it was only two weeks and nothing happened." Jennifer brealthessly confesses.

Mariah growls in frustration again and pushes Jennifer away. She rises to her knees not knowing if she believed Jennifer's 'nothing happened'. Jennifer quickly rises to her knees and grabs Mariah while she is distracted by the two confessions she has just heard. Jennifer is desparate, and knows she can't handle Mariah. Maybe if she attacks she can survive and avoid another painfull public confession in front of these tabloid reporters especially.

That hope quickly turned into a pipe dream. Mariah over powers Jennifer and slings her to the mat. Mariah mounts Jennifer and pins her flat on her back with a body press. Mariah's legs intertwine with Jennifer's and forces them wide apart. Jennifer quickly remebers she is completely naked and her womanlly treasure is now very much on display to the reporters, but she is totally helpless to do anything about it. "Weak bitch" Mariah spits. "You're even more pathetic than I thought you would be. You couldn't even give me a good work out. I thought you would at least put up a decent fight. You're nothing." Mariah delights in Jennifer's frustrated reactions from her demeaning coments. "Since you were too weak to strip me, I'll do it myself"

Mariah pulls the staps down off her shoulders and pushes her swimsuit down to her waist, and reveals her large breasts. Jennifer gets a good look at them before they are thrust into her face. Mariah wraps her arms around the back of Jennifer's head and pulls her face into a tight breast smother. "Do you give?" Mariah asks after a bit of time.

"No" the fiery latina answers rallying the last vesitges of her pride. Although trapped, exhausted, and thuroughly beaten, her voice was unconvincing at best.

"Hah! What's the matter? What happened to the tough Bronx girl? Not so tough now are you?" Mariah teases. "What happended to Jenny from the Block? Where's the Bronx Bomber? All I see is J. Ho." Mariah says with a laugh. "Do you give, J. Ho?"

Finally Jennifer had to accept defeat, and hold on the the fact that all those demoralizing words, although angered her had not demoralized her. "Yes, you win" She weakly admits.

Mariah releases Jennifer and sits up. She places her pussy right on Jennifer's mouth and sits proudly on her conquest with her pussy on Jennifer's mouth and her crotch pressed against her rival's nose. Her broken arch enimey only lies deflated underneath. Mariah slowly pulls up her shoulder straps and covers her breast once again. She takes the time to adjust her top making sure that everything fits comfortablely. She then runs her fingers through her hair and fluffs it out, before leisurely rising off of her vanquished foe.

Mariah looks down while Jennifer lies between her legs whils she towers over her. "My beats. You stole my music beats" Marah says remebering the last transgression that she blames Jennifer for executing.

"No, it was Tommy." Jennifer says looking up like a witness spilling his guts during an interrogation. "Tommy got pissed at you after another arguement, and told me to use those beats. They were sure hits. Wouldn't you have done the same thing if you were in my place?" Jennifer adds. "They launched my singing career."

Mariah pauses for a moment. She understood Jennifer was not the principal in her downfall, although she was not completely innocent. She understood Jennifer was an unknown getting her first deal at the time. She could definitely relate. After all, she ended up marrying Tommy while trying to get a record deal.

Mariah turns around and plops her big butt on top of Jennifer's face. "Tommy did this, Tommy did that. Well you can thank Tommy for this ass whipping. But you were there, and I haven't forgotten your mouth and attitude." Mariah says as she grinds her ass on Jennifer's face.

Jennifer flailed her arms and legs a little at first, but then lies still and accepts her punishment. Her face was Mariah's throne. Mariah has beaten her and earned that right. Although a lot less publicized than Jennifer's magnificent ass, Mariah's booty is impressive in its own right. While Mariah's ass lacks the depth of Jennifer's, it is much wider and equally as potent if not more in smothering. The reporters hear a few pitiful whines and whimpers as Jennifer drifts away.

Mariah slides back off of Jennifer's face and sits on the mat behind Jennifer. Come on J. Ho don't go to sleep yet. I promised to show everybody what a hoe you are. Let's show the guys what you can do." Mariah pulls Jennifer up into a seated position with her back pressed against Mariah's chest. Mariah laps her legs ontop of Jennifer's and forces her legs open. She pulls both of Jennifer's arms behind her back and holds them there with one arm. The whole time Jennifer looks out of it. Jennifer's head lolls on her shoulders and her body has the vigor of a wet noodle. She allows Mariah to manipulate her body any way she desires as she just limply rests against her and breaths heavily.

With her arms pinned behind her back, it makes Jennifer's chest and tits thrust out. Mariah starts seductivelly, slowly massaging Jennifer's right breast. Jennifer purrs and squirms in sexual arousal. Mariah picks up the pace of her massaging and increases the volume of Jennifer's erotic purrs. Jennifer realizes she is putting on an embaressing display, but she is too mentally beaten and tired to deny her body's stimulation. Jennifer bites her bottom in hopes of quieting her erotic expressions, but that muffling only made things sound worst. After Jennifer's right breast is erect and full of life, Mariah goes to her left breast and repeats the process.

As Jennifer continues to 'ooohh" and 'ahhh' and humiliate herself. Mariah takes a finger and pokes it into Jennifer's hot wet pussy cat. Jennifer lets out a long erotic groan. "No, don't do this." Jennifer softly begs.

Mariah giggles, "But why? You do such a good job at being a dumb. stupid whore." With Jennifer's pussy burning with red, hot desire, she removes her finger and goes back to exciting Jennifer's tis. Jennifer quivers and moans loudly. She tries to pull her arms from behind her back, but Mariah holds them firmly. Jennifer is far too weak to budge them. Mariah wants to keep Jennifer on the brink of an orgasm as long as possible to torture her, as wells as prolong her humiliation.

"Oh shit!" Jennifer mutters through clenched teeth as Mariah brings her hand back to Jennifer's pussy and slips three fingers inside her pussy. Moments later she slips a fourth finger inside. Jennifer ets out another long moan and start heavy, loud panting. Maraih starts roughly pumping her hand in and out of Jennifer. The latina starts exclaiming, "Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung!...." with the rythm of each stroke. The reporters stare on in heated amazement at seeing the glamourous celebrity they have been covering for years reduced to sounding like a pornstar getting her brains banged out.

Just as Jennifer thinks she is about to climax, Mariah withdraws and starts violently massaging Jennifer's tits again. Jennifer starts squirming even harder in estacy. Her body is alive with sexual desire, and she has passed any shame she may have had in displaying it. There is a volcano of sexual satisfaction brewing inside of her, and she desparately needs it to explode.

Mariah feels Jennifer's body tensing. She knows she is about to orgasm. She reaches down and put most of her hand inside of Jennifer's cunt, and starts working her pussy again. By now Jennifer is howling in estacy. Mariah leans over and bites Jennifer hard on her neck. Jennifer roars like a lioness. Mariah removes her hand and lets the volcano explode. Jennifer leans back and climaxes. Her cum squirts out of her like a fountain, as she moans long and loud. Jennifer makes a small puddle on the mat. By the time she was finished, all the reporters felt like they needed a cigarette.

After her orgasm Jennifer's body went completely limp. Mariah smiles widely realizing the depts of humiliation her arch enemy must have felt. A dept that Mariah plans to take even deeper. She forces flat on her stomach. She uses a handful of Jennifer's hair and starts smearing her face in the puddle of her own cum spreading it all over the mat and Jennifer's face. Laughing Mariah taunts, "That's it that's a good ho!"

Next Mariah moves in front of Jennifer as she lies on her face. She uses a handful of hair to lift Jennifer's head off of the mat and pulles her chin against her crotch. Mariah folds her right leg behind Jennifer's head and folds her left leg over her right ankle forming a triangle. "Now Piggy, its time to tell these reporters the truth." Mariah says.

"Everything I've told you has been the truth, Mariah I swear!" Jennifer pleads.

"No! not your truth." Mariah snaps. "I'm talking about my truth." Mariah spits. "Tell them that you're a gold digging whore that slept your way into a record deal." Mariah demands.

"Noooooo, I can't" Jennifer whines. "If they report that it will damage my career."

Mariah laughs sinisterly. "No shit! Now you'll know how I felt after you and Tommy tried to bury my career and caused me to have a nervous breakdown." Mariah stops laughing and turns deadly serious, "NOW SAY IT!" she demands.

"I didn't tell you to star in Glitter or strip for Snoop Dogg on MTV!" Jennifer defiantly answers. Jennifer flails in Mariah's hold and vainly pulls on ther songbird's thighs tring to find relief, but all she found was pain and agony. She knows she's done. Jennifer rationalizes that the mainstream press will refute these untrue rumors, and imediately breaks and says, "Okay, I'm a gold digging hoe that slept her way to a record deal." with her voice sounding like she could burst into tears at any time.

But Mariah was not done. "Tell them that you fucked your way into every movie role you ever got." She demands.

"I fucked my way to every movie role" Jennifer barely gets out through her shakey voice.

In a menacing tone Mariah says, "And you screw Stone Rage regularly for matches in his league."

With her neck torked back awkwardly, Jennifer is losing her grasp on concouness and can barely repeat, "I screw... Stone Rage too...."

"Now let's you're going to tell the dirt on the rest of the Fab Four!" Mariah gleefully discloses.

After hearing that, Jennifer jolts back to reality. "NO! I'll say anything about myself you want me to, but I'll never say anything to hurt my friends." Jennifer screams with conviction.

Mariah pauses once she hears the strength, conviction and defiance in Jennifer's voice. She can tell Jennifer really believes the words she just spoke, and knows it will take quite a bit of effort to overcome that. More effort than she possesses at this point in the match. "I'm sure you really believe that Piggy, but I have other plans." Mariah says as she opens her legs, allowing Jennifer to flop face first to the mat. While Jennifer lies there lifelessly, Mariah reaches inside her wrestling boot. She pulls out a suringe with a needle. She checks the liquid inside then plunges the needle into Jennifer's plump, jucy ass. While Jennifer lets out a grunt, Mariah pushes the suringe, injecting the drug into Jennifer.

Mariah waits a few moments allowing the drug to flow through Jennifer's blood stream. Jennifer is so beaten and exhausted, she does not even react to the shot. As the drug flows, Jennifer finds it difficult to even form thoughts. She finds herself getting very confused and very open to suggestion.

Seeing the drug taking affect, Mariah rolls Jennifer over onto her back and says, "Now let's see about those question about the rest of the Fab Four. I think we'll start with Tia Carrere." Mariah says as she climbs and sits on Jennifer's stomach. "I heard she fucked Hugh Heffner to get the shoot in Playboy. Is that true?" Mariah says and plunges her claws into Jennifer's tits.

"Ungh!" Jennifer exclaims as her breasts are getting mauled. "No!" she says as the drug continues to take effect. Her thoughts become more distant. She feels like she is losing control of her mind.

"Are you sure Piggy?" Mariah asks seeing the drug taking effect. She squeezes Jennifer's tits a litle harder "Are you sure Tia didn't fuck Hef?"

"No.. I mean yes.. uh no." Jennifer says as she starts losing control over her thoughts. With the pain in her tits, Jennifer feels compelled to say anything to ease it. What is worst she can not stop herself despite her best attempts and desires to not do it. "Yes.. Tia... fucked Hef."

"That's right Piggy, good answer." Mariah says with a smile, seeing her drug working. "And they say Tia sucks Stone Rage's dick to get matches too."

"She sucks Stone Rage's dick yes." Jennifer says and can barely belive those words are coming out of her mouth.

"Now let's talk about Pam Anderson." Mariah proudly announces then starts laughing. "Maybe not. What can you say to assasinate the character of a woman who admits she fell for her husband after offering him sex to pay off her pocker debts to him. What about Halle? Did she fuck her way into an Oscar?"

"Yes she fucked to get an Oscar." Jennifer says.

"Now for something good." Mariah says. "I heard that Halle is pregnant with her and Stone Rage's love child."

"Yes she's having Stone Rage's baby." Jennifer mindlessly repeats.

Figuring she has given the tabloid writers enough amunition, to slaughter the Fab Four in the press, Mariah rises off of Jennifer. "Okay gentlemen, you have your story. Jennifer says she's a gold digging hoe that slept for her record deal. Tia is a dick sucking bitch and Halle is carrying Stone Rage's baby." Mariah gives them one look over. "Now go do your job!" She says forcefully and points to the door. The writers look at each other for a moment then start filing out the door with Mariah following them.

Standing at the door, Mariah stops and looks back at her defeated arch rival lying lifelessly on the mat. She knows the drug is sending her into a deep sleep. She pulls out her cell phone and hits send. She says, "Yeah Demi, its done. you were right, she was nothing without her fists." and hangs up. She looks back at Jennifer again and smiles. Finally she felt vindicated of her nightmarish divorce and break down and feels she can move on. Jennifer may not have been responsible for her troubles, but she did take advantage of them. Mariah made her pay for that. Now all the resentment she held toward her has been lifted and she can move forward in her life happily. "Good night Jennifer." Mariah says as she turns off the light and close the door literally and figuratively on a chapter in her life.

It is five hours later when Jennifer awakens from her drugged sleep. She crawls over to her cell pone and makes a three way call to Halle and Tia to explain what just happened. Jennifer makes a tearful confession of what she told the reporters. She could see what she was doing, but powerless to stop herself. Her friends did not care about what she told the press, they only dropped everything to rush to Jennifer's rescue. Shortly thereafter, Halle, Pam and Tia were pulling into the gym's parking lot to help their friend.

The damage to their reputations already began before Jennifer even woke up. Reports on the internet were already reported about Jennifer and Tia's infidelity and Halle's baby's father. The Backlash from the outrages accusations was swift and harsh. The court of public opinion quickly turned against the Fab Four, despite multiple reports by the mainstream press saying the rumors were totally untrue. The Fab Four were branded as sluts and whores and looked down upon by much of the public.

Shortly there after Stone Rage was called by the board of directors of the Battle Zone concearning accusations of impropierties taken with members of the league, particuarly the Fab Four. Rumors of his fate and future in the league he started abound.

TO Backlash!

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