"This is no bull shit this time. The studios want me to actually do my job as their liaison with your league this time." Quatro Calderon pleads his case to Beyonce and Stone Rage. "The studios really want to help place championship gold around Beyonce's waist. Your album is an Album of the Year candidate. The world tour sales are setting records. You are about to set the record for winning the most Grammies ever. Stone Rage, you know like the studio executives that we must capitalize at this time. Beyonce, they want you to win the Songbird Championship and make this unanimously the Year of Beyonce."

"First, I just challenged Shakira for the Songbird title at ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 and Shakira whipped my ass but good. She knocked me out and I got carried out on a stretcher." Beyonce responds.

"Of course I know that and that's what's going to make this such a great story." Calderon quickly jumps in. "You finally overcome and beat the one person that you never could beat. It's an awesome story."

"I admit, I'm intrigued. I would love the challenge." Beyonce confesses. "Shakira has already beat me twice and I'd love to kick her ass for once."

"I can deliver that to you." Calderon pleads. "Unlike Stone Rage who can't risk the integrity of the league because of his position, I can almost guarantee you a win. Shakira and Eva Mendes both beat you because of inside information. You have cracks in your organization. If you take this match, I will tell you those secrets."

"Now you finally have my full attention." Beyonce responds.

"Alright here's the deal. I will disclose everybody that's fucked you over recently if you take this match as the main event of RAGE! III. Only one condition, you must train with my people at some point. Obviously you can't trust your people to come up with a strategy to win. They haven't done so this far. You'll train with my people until they are sure you will win the match." Calderon offers as he stands and offers his hand to shake.

"You've got a deal." Beyonce answers and shakes Calderon's hand.

Stone Rage leaps out of his seat and exclaims "Are you kidding me! You're shaking hands with the devil! You can't trust him."

Calderon smiles as he peers at Rage. Beyonce remains silent so he knows that he has a deal. "Great! I'll be in touch tomorrow. I'll leave you two to talk. It looks like you've got some things to work out." Calderon says with a shit eating grin as he quickly leaves the office.

Stone Rage looks flabergasted. "Why would you make a deal with that joker? You know there's going to be a trick somewhere."

"Aaah Stone don't worry about Quatro. I got him boo." Beyonce flippantly says. "Besides you know me." Beyonce pauses. "I'm petty. I hold grudges. I'm going to find out everybody who has fucked me over and then I'm going on a payback tour. You can sell the tickets for everyone to see. I'm going to teach people about crossing Beyonce, and I'm starting by taking my little friend, Shakira's Songbird Championship belt."

True to his word, Calderon had a contract for Beyonce to sign the next day. Beyonce had not talked financial compensation with Calderon, but the bottom line was quite impressive for her and Shakira. The staggering figures alone were worth getting into the ring.

Beyonce was left to her own devices to train for the most part. There was an arranged time for Beyonce to go to Calderon's training facility for fine tuning. There Calderon introduces Beyonce to his top trainer, Lisa Marie Varon. She is better known as the pro wrestler, Victoria in the WWE. Beyonce is shocked and eager to work with one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.

Lisa Marie VaronBeyonce and Lisa Marie worked in the ring together for long hours over three days. Calderon was always present as the women worked on technique and tricks of the trade. Lisa Marie impressed Beyonce with her wealth of knowledge. Beyonce equally impressed her coach with her skill in the ring. Beyonce actually enjoyed her time in the ring sparing with Lisa Marie. Beyonce is astounded how much she has learned in such a short time.

On the fourth day, Beyonce is in the ring sparing with Lisa Marie again. The sweat is pouring as both ladies take bumps off the mat. Calderon calls out, "You know Beyonce, this can be an everyday thing. You can train with the best all the time if you join my Chosen organization." Beyonce and Lisa Marie go to lock up in the ring. Lisa kicks Beyonce in the gut. It's practice so she takes a lot of steam off her offense. Victoria pushes Beyonce into the corner and plants another kick into Beyonce's gut. Victoria next locks a side headlock around her opponent's head.

The powerful female wrestler cranks up the preassure on Beyonce's head making it hard for her to even think. Victoria takes Beyonce down to one knee. Luckily the two have worked on this scenario. Beyonce goes through her first secquence to escape. Victoria counterd those measures and all Beyonce ends up doing is a lot of delicious booty shaking. Beyonce is forced to power back up to her feet. Next she snatches Victoria's wrist and gains wrist control. With that Beyonce is able to break Victoria's grip and fling her teacher to the mat by her wrist. While Victoria is on her back on the mat, Beyonce' grabs her second arm and drops to the mat. Beyonce puts a foot on the back of Victoria's head and the other on her shoulder. Beyonce has Victoria trapped in a double arm stretch. Calderon gloats, "You didn't learn moves like that from Stone Rage or Pam Anderson. Imagine how greater that you can be with my help."

Victoria bucks robustly and breaks free. Both women scramble to their feet simultaneously. Beyonce surprises Victoria after they are up, with a snap mare that sends Victoria skipping across the mat again. Victoria springs right back up, where Beyonce nails her with a drop kick to her tits. Victoria springs right back up only to be plowed down with a running clothesline from Beyonce. Calderon exclaims "Beautiful!" Victoria gets back up to see Beyonce waiting for her, and standing on the middle turnbuckle. Beyonce leaps off and glides through the air. The big, thick woman looked like a mighty fighter jet as she cruises down and nearly decapitates Victoria with another clothesline.

"See what we can accomplish together." Calderon continues. "The Chosen are not my ultimate goal and creation. I need a headliner, a queen to reign over all. You should be that queen Beyonce. You are perfect! I can give you the world in this league. Just join me and leave Stone Rage."

"First of all I've already been there and done that when I was the Warqueen champion." Beyonce responds. "Second Quatro, you are a deciever and a manipulator that is employed by the greatest decievers and manipulators in mankind. I hope and pray I never join you and your pack of devils for any amount of riches."

"I'm sorry that you feel that way." Calderons says regretfully. He had distracted Beyonce more than enough for Victoria to pop back up and start bludgeoning Beyonce's at full strength with both fists. Beyonce was taken by surprise and is doubled over by the blitzkrieg attack. Victoria grabs Beyonce around her waist, then lifts Beyonce off her feet and throws her over her shoulder in an backbreaker type hold. Next Victoria shifts her position and starts sliding Beyonce down behind her back. Beyonce finds herself back to back with Victoria, but suspended off her feet by Victoria's grip on Beyonce's neck. Then Victoria drops to her knees executing her patented wrestling finisher called, The Widow's Peak. Beyonce's body goes limp and she falls flat on her face.

"We could have done this the easy way." Victoria explains. "You chose not to take Calderon's offer so we're giving you this last lesson the hard way. You are big, strong and fast. You've never fought anyone much bigger than you. Shakira knows how to counter size. You have never had to do that and have no idea of what Shakira is doing to you. So we are giving you a crash course in how to get your ass kicked by a bigger woman, to give you that experience."

Victoria looks up and big and beautiful super model Kate Upton comes through the door. All 5'10" of her. All 100% gorgeous blonde with measurements of 37-26-36 and a 34DD bra size of her. Beyonce gives a dick teasing long moan and grabs the back of her neck. She lifts her head and sees this big Amazonian woman with tits bouncing walking into the ring. She knows that she has absolutely no chance against her after receiving Victoria's Widow's Peak. She knew there would be a price to be paid for dealing with Calderon.

Beyonce decides to try and exit the ring as Kate enters. Kate catches up with the crawling mega star. Kate grabs Beyonce around the waist and picks her up. Beyonce finds herself being ragdolled as Kate squeezes her around the waist and wringing her from side to side. The bearhug instantly takes whatever Victoria's Widow's Peak did not out of the pop icon. Kate finishes and tosses Beyonce to the mat with a booming thump. It was certainly an experience that Beyonce never had before. It probably would not have happened then if not for Calderon's trap too.

BeyonceA grunting Beyonce is struggling to her feet. Kate snatches Beyonce by the hair and yanks her to her feet, only to sling and flip Beyonce head over heels by her long brown hair. Kate keeps a hold of Beyonce's hair and jerks her right back up only to flip her head over heals again to the mat. Beyonce screams her head off as Kate flips her around by her hair over and over again. Poor Beyonce wailed and screamed like a scream queen from a B movie as she is handled like never before. Beyonce is a 5'7" dreamgirl that is built like a brick house. No normal woman can do this to her under any condition. Kate flings the screaming Beyonce by her hair, allowing her to sail through the air and belly flop to the mat. Beyonce lands near the ropes and uses them to help her up. She may not have been in much condition to fight back, but she is still full of venom and fire. "Fuck you Quatro!" Beyonce shouts at the top of her lungs as she rises.

Next, Kate's foot slams into the side of Beyonce's face from a pump kick from the blonde. "Don't worry about Calderon! I'm the bitch that's fucking you up!"

Beyonce was knocked to the mat again, while seeing stars floating around her head. Although flat on her back and looking up at the lights, she cracks back, "No you're the bitch that's on Quatro's leash."

Kate UptonThat comment really pissed the blonde off. Kate grabs Beyonce by the neck and rips her off the canvas. She powers Beyonce back into the corner. Kate steps up on the middle ropes and pins Beyonce against the turnbuckles. With one foot on the middle rope, Kate is able to lift her other leg high enough to press it onto Beyonce's throat. Beyonce is gagging and hacking while flailing her arms and legs around as she is being choked. Beyonce gets scared. Only a tall super woman like Kate would have the length to put her in this unusual yet very effective choke hold. Beyonce tries punching and slapping Kate as her only futile options.

Kate lets Beyonce go and lets her out of the corner. She tumbles face first to the match and crawls away. "It's not fun being on the wrong side of the size department huh Beyonce?" Victoria asks. "Do you see how it feels to get overpowered by a much bigger woman? That's what Shakira feels when she fights you. That fear is what drives her to find ways to beat you." Victoria adds, "You feel like a little rat running from a big cat."

That whole vision is nothing that Beyonce wants any parts of. Kate reaches down and grabs one of Beyonce's ankles. Beyonce rolls onto her back and starts kicking until she kicks Kate away. Beyonce pops to her feet and fires her best shots that she has got into Kate's big boobs. The momentary slug fest causes Kate to back off for a moment. Then Beyonce tries a big move and attempts to body slam Kate. Kat plants her weight down, and her worn foe could not lift her. Kate snatches one of Beyonce's arms and jerks her towards the blonde. Kate levels Beyonce with a decapitating short arm clothesline. Beyonce's feet go flying up and she is deposited on the mat again. "It sucks being the little girl." Victoria reminds. "You've got to think small. Shakira would have never tried to do a move like that against you."

Kate laughs at Beyonce's struggles then she drops a dreaded leg drop across Beyonce's neck and chest to add to her frustration. Beyonce knows that Kate is just adding salt to the wound. After Kate get back up, Beyonce vindictively mutters, "Next time I get my hands on you, I'm going to pop those over-sized balloons on your chest."

"You can't handle these tits anytime." Kate says "They're too big for you." Kate quickly takes off her top, then tosses her bra across the room. Kate takes a seat on Beyonce's chest and swings her huge breasts. Next Kate lowers her breasts and starts swinging her tits to smack Beyonce's face. Beyonce could not believe it, but those huge heavenly hooters were knocking Beyonce plumb silly. Kate has Beyonce's arms pinned to the mat with both hands, so all poor Beyonce could do is endure with a sick expression on her face. Kate's tits make audible slapping flesh as they rattle Beyonce's brain. She hears Calderon, Kate and Victoria snickering. However she learns and has to admit, things change drastically when you are the little dog in the fight.

Kate rises off of Beyonce and grabs the pop icon by the front of her sports bra and brings Beyonce to her feet along with her. Beyonce tries fighting back, with a few weak punches, but the monster boobs ate them up without a second thought. Kate wraps both arms around Beyonce's waist and places her in a conventional bear hug. Now Kate and Beyonce are chest to chest in a bear hug, and Kate lifts Beyonce off her feet and starts crushing the icon. Beyonce groans and her arms flops around. Kate's tits weigh like anchors against her chest. Victoria smiles realizing what it is like in a bear hug like that. "Yeah your tits got a lot bigger after having kids, but they can't compete with Kate's at all. Bigger is always better. So smaller has to over compensate." Victoria advises. It was not long before the Bootylicious goddess goes limp. She had been working out all day, sneak attacked and tossed around by Kate. Even a queen has limits.

Beyonce is freed from Kate's grasp and she spills across the mat. As Beyonce lies grasping for air, Kate stands above and is shaking her arms out. Calderon and Victoria encourage Kate to push pass the fatigue and keep going. Beyonce figures out that they are also training Kate for her match at RAGE! III as well her. Kate smiles and thrives ahead. She reaches down and grabs Beyonce around the waist again. She picks Beyonce up off the mat. Kate pauses to marshal her strength. Meanwhile Beyonce feels helpless and small. Then in an impressive show of strength. Kate tosses the thick as hell Beyonce up and twirls her around to slam her back to the mat with a Gut wrench suplex.

Victoria and Calderon applauds Kate's accomplishment and pushing past her limits. She modestly accepts but turns her attention back to Beyonce. The icon looks up and starts begging off with her hands up. "Stop Kate, you win! Please Kate, I've had enough! Calderon call her off!" As Beyonce pleads, she slowly scoots away from the imposing blonde. Once the pompous blonde heard Beyonce calling to Calderon, like he controlled her, Beyonce was doomed. Kate catches up with the downed idol and bends over to fire a series of piston like shots into Beyonce's gut. The heroine exclaims "Fuck! Ooh Fuck! Shit!"

Having devastated the great Beyonce, Kate stops and starts to lower her dream shattering tits on Beyonce's face. Victoria sharply rebukes Kate, "Stop! Give her a Beyonce Bomb! She needs to feel a power bomb from somebody like you. She needs to really understand what it's like."

Kate shrugs her shoulders and smiles. Kate wraps Beyonce's honey blonde hair around her fist. Then she drags the beaten queen across the mat by her hair. Kate could have simply drug Beyonce to the center of th ring, but instead, she drags the moaning and sometime whimpering heroine a full revolution around the ring before depositing her in the middle of the ring.

Kate pulls Beyonce's head inbetween her thighs and puts her into position for Beyonce's signature Beyonce Bomb finisher, a power bomb. Kate captures the waist of the compliant queen. Kate hoists the Bootylicious, brick house, bombshell in the air and flips her around and tries to slam Beyonce through the mat. There is a big boom sound effect when the goddess splatters. The canvas rumbles making Kate and her monster boobs bounce up and down. Calderon and Victoria both cringe upon impact. The gorgeous Beyonce lies splattered on the mat out cold. Kate leaves her there and joins Victoria and Calderon out of the ring wearing a huge proud smile. Victoria starts coaching Kate on the similarities between Beyonce and Kate's next opponent and Beyonce's former trainer, Pam Anderson.

When Beyonce wakes up, she is alone in the building. Calderon, Victoria and Kate are gone. There is a DVD in a case beside her on the mat with a note. It explains that it is a breakdown of Beyonce's first match with, Shakira, her match with Britney Spears and her second defeat to Shakira. It explains her mistakes and advises on how to correct them. It was an hour before Beyonce gathered herself to get up and call her driver to leave the building.



Beyonce Knowles VS Shakira
Neither Beyonce nor Shakira really wanted this match, but they were both offered obscene money and the prestige of main eventing the biggest card of the year. It was a hard offer to refuse, so they add another chapter to their friendly rivalry. Then the two competitive friends started joking and trash talking each other, and their natural chemistry combusted wonderfully. Shakira jokes, "Hey Beyonce, I love the Lady Godiva look on the Renaissance album cover. I want to do something Lady Godiva like. Maybe I'll ride you like a horse around the ring." Shakira plans with a laugh.

"Don't worry, I'm going to give you the full Lady Godiva experience. First I'll strip you of your championship belt. Then I'm going to strip you completely naked. My advice is let your hair grow out and wear it long." Beyonce finishes, "You're going to pay for knocking me out last time, my old friend." Both joked and promised triumph in fun and teased to deliver punishment. It was all said in fun and jest, but both were dead serious too.

It is booked as a main event to remember and the entrances have to be spectacular. Beyonce enters first. She is drawn to the ring riding a clear horse pulled by four muscle men. Beyonce is remaking her Renaissance album cover. Her outfit is made from shiny silver straps, similar to the diamond outfit she wore for the album cover. Like the cover it hides only the essentials. Beyonce's hit, You Can't Break my Soul, blares over the speakers. The modern day Lady Godiva wears a shiny silver cowboy hat to top everything off. Beyonce dismounts her fake stead and takes the ring. Her big booty entrance alone is worth the price of admission.

Shakira's entrance is totally different yet still spectacular. She comes down the ring with fellow Colombian singer Karol G and four back up dancers. Karol G is performing her and Shakira's collaboration hit,TQG and the dancers are dong their thing. Shakira tries to conserve her energy, but could not help doing a little shaking and shimmies along the way. The audience gets pumped as Skakira, Karol G and the dancers take the ring. Beyonce bailed out to ringside to give Shakira the full spotlight. Shakira finishes her thrilling mini performance, then Karol G and other leave the ring for the fighters.

The bell rings and Shakira starts bouncing like a jumping bean and circling the ring like a typical luchador. Surprising Shakira, Beyonce bounces too. Even more startling, Bayonce picks up the pace then dives after Shakira's leg for a leg sweep. Shakira hops back and narrowly escapes Beyonce's hand. Beyonce springs right back up where Shakira locks up with her briefly. Shakira quickly wrangles Beyonce into a side headlock. Beyonce found herself in headlocks routinely while training. She fires a few hard shots into Shakira's belly before she pushes Shakira off.

Shakira darts into the ropes and bounds off of them and back to Beyonce and knocks her down with a drop kick. Beyonce hits the mat but bounces right back up. Shakira has bounced off the ropes again and bullets back. Beyonce startled everyone by leap frogging over Shakira. The blonde continues running the ropes and bounces off the other side and is darting back. Beyonce catches the little champion by the arm and slings her to the mat with an arm drag. Beyonce dives on Shakira's chest for a quick pin attempt. Shakira kicks out before the first count. Both spring right back up, where Shakira grabs Beyonce's leg and sweeps it out from under her. Beyonce falls on her back where Shakira dives across Beyonce's chest. The challenger kicks out and flicks the champion off of her. Both beauties kip up to their feet at the same time. The fans stand up and cheer the competitor's even exchange.

Shakira wants to keep the heat on Beyonce. She tries to catch Beyonce off guard and dashes forward with a drop kick aimed at Beyonce's breasts. Usually the brick house would try to swat the kick away. Sometimes it works and others not. This time Beyonce uses her speed to slip out of range. Shakira's feet find nothing and she falls on her face. Shakira scrambles to her feet after the awkward tumble. Beyonce is waiting with a powerful chop across Shakira's chest. The little blonde is propelled backward into the corner. Beyonce goes to town with ten knife edge chops to Shakira's chest and tits. The smacking flesh sound like a pistol going off each time.

In a few scant, fleeting seconds, Shakira is gagging with a beet red chest. Beyonce grabs Shakira's arm and whips her out of the corner. Shakira desparately reverses the whip and uses Beyonce's momentum against her to send the challenger into the corner instead. Shakira's tested and proven strategy to use Beyonce's power against her is not working correctly tonight. The champion has to find a way to get back on track. Beyonce's back slams against the corner turnbuckle with Shakira charging immediately after. Beyonce dips down and flips Shakira up and over her head. Beyonce spins around to find the champion has landed outside the ropes on the ring apron. Shakira blasts Beyonce in the jaw with a right hook that wobbles the challenger and sends her stumbling a few steps out of the corner. Shakira quickly starts climbing the turnbuckle to the top rope. Half way up Shakira clobbers Beyonce in the nose again and sends her stumbling away again.

Beyonce looks up to see Shakira already coming off the top ropes with a crossbody block. Normally Beyonce would brace herself to try to resist or catch Shakira. This time, Beyonce falls backward and goes with the body block. She actually redirects the impact and rolls through to negate the damage. Shakira springs back up, along with a frustrated expletive. She understands what Beyonce just done. Shakira bolts into the ropes and returns quickly. She expected to catch Beyonce flat footed, but this time Beyonce has leaped high in the air and clotheslines Shakira across her neck and chin with Beyonce's thick tree trunk of a thigh. Shakira feels like she has encountered a natural disaster. Shakira is blown off of her feet like she was shot by a bazooka. Her legs were kicking in the air and her arms were flailing as she lands on her back.

Shakira is knocked loopy. She never factored an Air-Borne Beyonce into this equation. Apparently Beyonce was trained by Micky from Rocky II and was chasing chickens around for mobility, speed and agility. Whatever this is not the same Beyonce that she defeated and beat up twice, or trained Rihanna to defeat twice and Britney Spears to retain her title. Shakira feels like she should be the chicken and run away instead of running to Beyonce. Shakira tries to speed in the opposite direction, but Beyonce snags Shakira's really long hair and snatches Shakira off her feet and slams her to the mat. Beyonce hair whips the little woman across the mat. Beyonce snatches the champion to her feet and hair whips her and hair mares her around the ring like a little girl multiple times. Beyonce flings Shakira to the other side of the ring when she is finished.

Now loopy and dizzy, Shakira rolls out of the ring. She looks around to get her bearings, when Beyonce comes rocketing though the ropes like a missile with her suicide dive. Beyonce did not dare trying to launch her big ass over the top ropes, but her suicide dive into Shakira wiped the blonde out. Both beautiful world wide icons are down on the ringside floor for a bit. Beyonce stands first and hair hauls Shakira to her feet. Beyonce whips Shakiria toward the ring post. Born out of absolute desperation, the champion reverses the whip and sends Beyonce shoulder and face first into the post. Beyonce swoons and her knees buckle briefly.

Shakira grabs a ringside folding chair and takes off toward Beyonce with an unfamiliar evil sneer. Shakira swings the chair at Beyonce, but she quickly ducks and dives out of the way. The chair hits the ringpost with an earshattering crack. The whiff revealed Shakira's ruthless intentions if the swing had landed. Beyonce's eyes widen as she realizes her friend's malovilent intentions towards her. Shakira swings the chair like a wild woman again, but Beyonce easily avoids the chair as Shakira strikes the ring apron with the chair. Beyonce stands with a huge mocking and taunting smile, inciting Shakira to swing the chair at her head again. This time Beyonce slips under the chair and swings around behind Shakira. Beyonce wraps both arms around Shakira and lifts the rampaging little beauty off of her feet. Beyonce briefly reposition herself before launching Shakira backwards, over her head with a belly-to-back suplex. Shakira is helplessly thrown, with her chair in hand, and crashes through the announcer's table with the back of her head and shoulders taking the brunt of the impact.

The announcers barely had time to flee out of the way. The fans leap to their feet expressing their reactions. Shakira looks in shambles on top of the rubble. Beyonce is incensed though at how viciously Shakira just tried to take her head off. "Really bitch! You tried to take me out with a chair!" Beyonce shouts as she stands over the her fallen pal, then starts stomping the prone blonde. "I'll fuck your ass up!" Beyonce threatens as she sits on Shakira's chest and grabs a handful of blonde hair to hold while drilling Shakira in between the eyes with several fists. Beyonce adds a few hard bitch slaps across Shakira's cheeks before regaining her composure and getting back to her feet.

Beyonce is pulling the slack champion out of the rubble and back to her feet, when she saw the tie of Shakira's tiny, slinky top. Beyonce maliciously grabs the knot and tears it apart. A couple more yanks and pulls, and Shakira's top falls off of her body to the ringside floor. If Shakira was aware of it happening, it was not a major concern for her at the time. Shakira has no reaction as her perky yet perfect little breasts are exposed. Beyonce drags Shakira to the ring and rolls her back inside the ropes.

Shakira bumbles and fumbles on her hands and knees pitifully trying to find a way to recover and retain her championship. Everyone knows it is time to put her away. Beyonce goes to Shakira and forcefully pulls Shakira's head in between Beyonce's thick chocolate milk thighs. Fans rise knowing what is coming next. Beyonce tosses Shakira up by her grip on her waist and power bombs Shakira to the mat with the feared and dreaded, Beyonce Bomb. Fans respond with cheers. This is by far the biggest and hardest Beyonce Bomb that they have witnessed in a long time, if not ever. Beyonce just grabs Shakira's legs and rolls her over like a ball and back into position for another power bomb. Beyonce does not hesitate and tosses Shakira up for another devastating Beyonce Bomb. Fans were thankful for Beyonce's foresight to bare Shakira's breasts. They dance as tantalizingly on her torso as Shakira's hips ever did. Beyonce drops to the mat and puts two hands on Shakira's chest for the pinfall.

The referee counts to three uninterruptedly. The fans pop, fireworks explode and confetti and streamers start falling for the rafters. The referee quickly raises Beyonce's hand in victory. Shortly afterward he hands Beyonce the Songbird Championship belt to begin the celebration in earnest. Beyonce celebrates and accepts the love from a standing audience in a classic, feel good championship moment. All know of Beyonce's recent struggles with Shakira and her style and are glad to see her overcome and achieve.

Not totally loss to everyone, a broken Shakira is still lying barely conscious on the canvas. Beyonce takes a moment to lift her friend off the mat and give the semi conscious woman a heartfelt hug. It was still obvious that Shakira is still knocked senseless. Beyonce says loudly enough for cameras to pick up, "Don't forget I promised you the Lady Godiva Experience!" With a mischievous smile, Beyonce starts peeling down the wrestling tights of the dumbfound and swaying former champion. Beyonce does not forget the thong too. She helps the confused champion to step out of her remaining clothing leaving the blonde tottering back and forth mindlessly very naked and Lady Godiva like. Beyonce helps the naked blonde out of the ring and picks her up and places Shakira on the back of the clear horse that Beyonce rode in during her entrance. Beyonce yells, "Take her away boys!" The muscle men start pulling the ropes and heading up the ramp with the horse and a flaccid blonde Shakira looking very Godiva like. Beyonce smiles and laughs knowing that picture will live on quite a while. It is a little payback for getting knocked out the last match. Beyonce returns to the ring and continues her celebration until the closing credits and it was time for the fans to begin their exit.

After everything is said and done, Beyonce is in her dressing room with her long time friend and confident Alicia Keys as she prepares to leave the arena. "What do you think?" Alicia sincerly asks, "Are you at least tempted to join Calderon? He got you the main event, the championship and a crazy paycheck. I see the value of having him as a friend."

Beyonce looks at Alicia pretty annoyed. "No I'm not tempted. I used him. I played him like I always play the system. I got all that I wanted. I beat Shakira, got the championship belt, the millions of dollars, the dirt on everyone that has wronged me and most of all my freedom. I don't owe anybody a damned thing. I don't have to make deals with the devil, or join the Illuminati, or any of the stuff the internet says I do. I'm just one brilliant business woman."

"Now forget about Quatro for the time being." Beyonce continues. "You need to worry about if you're able to whip Vida Guerra or not! My enemies used you to get at me! I need to know if you're going to be able to get my revenge, or am I going to need to get someone else." Beyonce explains. "This is only chapter one of THE BEYONCE: RENAISSANCE!"


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