Rena "Sable" Mero (70%) slaughters Christina Aguilera (30%) Rena (FKA Sable) Mero was in her corner discussing her impending match with Eminem. Eminem was Rena's employer for the night. Her job was to beat & humilate the girl who spurned Eminem's affection, Christina Aguilera. First the rapper Eminiem hired Christina Applegate,* then Tia Carrere** to eliminate Christina. Each dominated Christina, but the wily songsters always found some way to strike back and avoid ultimate submission. Eminem employed his bounty hunter to destroy the smaller blonde, and make her demise as painful and degrading as possible. The former WWF Women's wrestling Champion insured him his money was well spent on her, and she would easily accomplish her appointed task.

Christina marches to the ring with a look of determination on her face. She knows she has to be at her best to compete with her mighty foe. Christina leaps over the top rope and immediately charges at Eminem & Rena. She leaps in the air and dives on the unsuspecting pair. Rena is knocked in Eminem, sending him tumbling off the ring apron. Rena is knocked on her ass in the corner. Christina knows its her time to attack, and starts kicking the downed blonde. Eminem is getting up from his hard fall on the arena floor muttering, "That fucking little bitch!!"

Christina hears the comment and fires back "Eat Me Asshole!!" as she continues to kick Rena.

"He will before the night is over," says Rena as she catches Christina's foot in the middle of a kick. Rena draws back and slams her fist into Christina's exposed pussy. Again & again Rena punches the teen's pussy while Christina can only howl in pain. Finally Rena releases Christina's leg and the pop star hobbles backwards, trying to hold her aching pussy. Rena gets to her feet and pursues Christina and drops her to the canvas with a wicked upper cut. Christina tries to get back to her feet, but Rena knocks her back to the canvas with a boot to her head. Rena grabs both of Christina's ankles and spreads her legs apart. Rena stomps down again onto Christina's crotch before placing her foot on Christina's puss. Rena pulls upwards on the skinny singer's legs. This unusual leg stretch has Christina yelling and arching her back off the ground in pain. Rena smiles at Christina's discomfort. Tiring of the move, Rena folds Christina's legs up like a matchbook. She brings Christina's legs above her head so her face is in between her knees, the takes a seat on the doubled up blonde. With Christina trapped in the matchbook pin, Rena takes maximum advantage of the situation, and punches Christina's face while it is framed by her legs. By being folded up, Christina could not cover up or avoid the blows in any way. Also, Rena was seated on top of her and punching down; so she was able deliver her punches from the perfect leverage point. It only took a few of these powerful pin pointed blows to knock Christina senseless.

With Christina already nearly out within the opening minutes of the bout, Rena rises off of her and plays to the crowd a bit. Christina is still down, trying to shake the cobwebs from her brain. Rena reaches down and pulls the pop singer's top right off her body. The groggy blonde offered no resistance, so Rena continues and shreds Christina's bra off her body too. "You call those mosquito bites tits?" Rena asks the now topless singer. "These are a gown woman's tits, not a little girl's" Rena says as she bounces her large breast in her hands. "Why don't you try them on for size!" Rena says as she lowers her bountiful breast onto Christina's face. Christina's eyes, nose & mouth disappear under the huge mammeries, as Rena engages the breast smother on her helpless prey.

Rena tries to contain her laughter from the muffled screams from the helpless girl flailing underneath her. Rena imposes her conquering weight down heavier on her crushed foe. Christina's movements slow and her squeals become softer. Christina soon lies beneath Rena in total submission, offering no resistance at all. Rena rises off the defeated blonde. Christina remains on the mat, lying helplessly at Rena's conquering feet. Rena knew she would be victorious, but she impresses herself with how quickly and easily she destroyed this former War Queen. She reaches down, and with one swift stroke, Rena snatches Christina's shorts & panties down to her ankles. Christina did not even react as Rena pulled her shorts and panties off over Christina's boots and tossed them into the audience. Seeing Christina completely helpless, Rena decided to end this conflict. She reaches down and pulls the now completely nude superstar off the mat, and places the Christina's head in between her legs. Christina is bent over with her little ass spread for the world to see. Her ass cheeks open like a gate allowing view to Christina's little tight ass hole. Rena grips Christina's waist and lifts her high into the air, and brings her crashing down with mighty "Sable Bomb" Power bomb.

Christina lies on the mat only moaning in agony. Realizing the match was over; Rena uses her foot to kick Christina like a soccer ball. The lifeless blonde rolls wherever Rena wants her to go. With this taking too long Rena drags the little blonde under the ring ropes with her legs dangling out of the ring. Rena calls for Eminem to come in front of Christina as she lies before him with her legs wide open and her pussy on display. "Bon appetite" says Rena, and the controversial rapper did not waist a second plunging his face into Christina's pussy. The rapper felt like he was in a dream, a wet dream, as her licked the one cock that has spurned him for soo long. Rena smiled, knowing she may even get a bonus for her domination tonight.

The crowd erupts, and Rena turns to see Christina's friends from Generation PRIME again rushing to save their leader. Rena leaps from the ring to meet them at ringside. Foxy Brown leads the way, followed by Jessica Simpson then Ananda Lewis. As the beautiful little rapper reaches Rena, the big blonde scoops her up into body slam position, then hurls her back at her oncoming team mates, knocking the lot of them down. Rena reached down into the pile of pop stars and pulls out Jessica Simpson. Rena tosses the young blond, sending her hurdling into the ringside barrier. She sees Ananda struggling to her feet, and greets her with a boot to her face. Her head snaps back and falls limply to the floor. Foxy Brown rises and finds Rena capturing her head between her legs. The rapper is horrified as Rena Sable Bombs her to the hard arena floor, knocking her out. Jessica sees what has just happened to Foxy and flees the arena.

Now that Rena has disposed of all the inference, she looks back to the ring where Eminem's face is still buried in Christina's cock. The little blonde has awakened, and does not seem to mind the position she is in. She has her back arched in and her head rolls from side to side in a fit of ecstasy. Her moans start to intensify signaling she is near a climax.

OOOHHHH .... YESSSS....... YES!" Christina screams as Eminem's head starts to bob more franticly between her legs. Suddenly Christina's body stiffens and begins to shake. Eminem's face rises with a huge smile and covered in juice. Christina's head rises off the mat and looks down at Eminem with a sly approving grin. Eminem runs to the other side of the ring where Rena is and hugs her and raises her hand in victory.

As the hoopla of this erotic match subsides, Rena returns to the dressing room where her loving husband, wrestler Mark Mero awaits. She flings open the door expecting Mark to run to congratulate her, but instead finds her husband tied & gagged on the bench across from her. Her mouth drops in shock, and before she can form a word, she hers the familiar voice of Stephanie McMahon "Christina sent me to keep Mark & you company" Stephanie could not get out another sentence before Rena leaped at the daughter of the WWF king with fist flying. Rena's fist hit time & time again knocking her against the wall, and knocking her senseless. The brunette started to slide down the door, to her big healthy ass, but that did not stop Rena's attack.

Rena drew back for another punch, but her arm was captured in mid flight. Rena whirled around to see former WWF rival, Debra standing behind her. Without a moment's hesitation, Rena tackled the big-breasted blonde to the ground. She had Debra pinned raining down punches when she felt her scalp burn in pain. Someone was dragging Rena off of Debra by her hair. She twisted & turned till she faced her attacker to find current WWF star, Lita as the culprit. Rena dove at Lita's feet and tripped her to the ground as well. The big strong blonde mounted Lita and started hitting the sexy redhead. Rena felt a sharp piercing pain in her lower back that knocked her off Lita. Debra had kicked her in the kidneys. Lita rolled on top of the blonde and pounded her with punch after punch. Debra kept digging kick after kick into her ribs. Rena screamed out for help fearing the strong, athletic Lita would beat her to a coma with her strong punches, if Debra's kicks did not crack her ribs first.

Unexpectedly the two women pulled back their attack and rose off their victim. Rena was hurting very bad, lying on the floor and moaning. Lita & Debra each reached down and one of Rena's arms and hauled her to her feet. They held Rena up knowing her jelly legs would not support her weight at this point. Stephanie strolled in front Rena and said, "Think you can screw the WWF and get away with it?" Then launched a punch that exploded on Rena's chin, knocking her head about her shoulders. "I'm glad Christina called us with this plan to crush you, you slut!" yelled the Billion Dollar Princess as she began to land punch after punch to the helpless Rena. For several minutes Stephanie used Rena's body as her personal punching bag. Debra & Lita held the big blonde in place, as Stephanie pulverized Rena's washboard stomach, smashed her large soft tits, and pounded Rena's gorgeous face. Rena cried out loudly, but tried to maintain the resolve not to pitifully plead for mercy. After what seemed an eternity for the blonde, Stephanie's attack ceased and Debra & Lita released the blonde. Rena crumpled face down on the carpet sobbing.

Stephanie strolled over to Rena's tied up husband, and pushed him over so he was lying on his back on the wooden bench. She unfastened his belt and pulled his pants and boxer shorts down around his knees. Seeing this, Rena became furious & desperate and tried to get to her feet, knowing whatever Stephanie had in store would, demean & humiliate both of them, but Lita drilled her with a punch on the back that knocked her back face down on the carpet. Lita & Debra both pressed their knee on Rena's back to hold her in place.

To horrify Rena more, Stephanie pulled down her tight hip hugging black pants, and black blouse, and stood before Mark in bra & panties. "So Mark, like what you see?" chortled Stephanie striking a sexy pose with her hands on her broad hips. Mark shook his head no, and said some muffled comments, but his body betrayed his refusal, as his penis stood up straight & proud like a flagpole. "I guess so haa... hee hee!" Stephanie said with a chuckle. "If you don't want to see me beat the snot out of your wife, service me right here & now in front of the whore!" Mark's eyes opened wide in surprise and was clearly startled by Stephanie's comments. The next thing Mark knew, Stephanie had stepped out of her panties and sat on his face. Mark's whole face disappeared under Stephanie's mountainous rump, and soon The Billion Dollar Princess started to moan and her head fell back. Obviously Mark knew what he had to do.

Rena whimpered in despair like a wounded puppy as Stephanie had her way with her husband. "Ohh no Mark.. don't" Rena sobbed as she tried to turn her head from the sight of Mark servicing Stephanie. However Lita grabbed her by the hair and turned her head, forcing Rena to watch. After several minutes Stephanie began to breath very hard and began sweating. Next she started to howl, as an orgasm was obviously forthcoming. She reached out and stroked Mark's pulsating penis. It only took a couple of strokes till she caused it to erupt the same time as she did. Cum shot out of Mark like a volcano as Stephanie's juices flowed like lava over Mark's face. Rena whimpered in humiliation as Lita & Debra chuckled.

Eminem finally entered his hotel room after yet another night of wild partying. He flipped on the lights to find Rena in the middle of his living room floor. Her wrist were tied to her ankles forcing her in the classic "face down; ass up" position. Lodged in her ass was a large vibrator, working at full tilt. Another vibrator was stuffed in her pussy. Attached to her breast was a pump pulling breast milk out of her mammories through a tube to a glass. Eminem walked over and saw a message scrolled on the blonde's back. "Thanks for eating me out! You did a great job! I milked your cow so you can have a glass of milk before bed. Call me- Xtina"

Eminem unhooked the pump and took a sip of the milk. "Damn I love that girl's style" he said as he contemplated what he would say when he called the next day!"

Rena better keep an eye out for old enemies

Stephanie McMahon and other WWF Divas Debra & Lita are always ready to cause Sable's demise!

Generation PRIME still all smiles after tonight?!?!!

* Applegate crushes Aguilera
***Tia whips Generation PRIME