Baby Spice (60%) beats Jennifer Lopez (40%) Jennifer Lopez was kicking Baby Spice's ass and enjoying herself while doing it. Finally her losing streaks seemed to be coming to an end. Jennifer heaped on the physical abuse with numerous long and painful wrestling holds. Then she heaped on mental abuse with an unstoppable flow of verbal insults, jokes, taunts, and jibes. She only ceased her verbal assault to belittle her opponent by stopping to dance and play to the audience, while her foe lay in agony on the mat. Jennifer often stopped to shake her infamous booty, swivel her hips and gyrate the crowd into a frenzy. J. Lo was dominating.

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) had challenged Jennifer to a Buckingham strap match. The competitors were connected at the wrist by a 20-foot leather strap. Each competitor could legally use the strap to disable her opponent. The winner is determined when on lady can tag all four corners of the ring consecutively. Trouble shooting referee, Linsey Dawn McKenzie was chosen to officiate the match. Linsey had been an ally to the Fab Four which pleased Jennifer, and Linsey is British which pleased Emma.

Linsey Dawn McKenzieJennifer knew how to use the leather strap to her advantage. She had beat red welts across Emma's body. The whole while Jennifer was talking trash to Emma about her career, her looks, and her English heritage. Poor Emma was helpless and was forced to accept the sexy latina's physical and verbal torment. Jennifer was putting on a display of dominance rarey seen even in this league!

In the dressing rooms Generation PRIME members, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson and Jessica Simpson were watching the match on the monitor while joking and laughing like school girls. "Boy, Jennifer is beating the crap out of Emma!" says Jessica. "Do you let Jennifer win one, or does she fall victim to the "Curse of Aguilera again?" Jessica continues as Jennifer nears victory by dragging a defeated Baby Spice to the corner and tagging the first turnbuckle.

"Do you have to ask?" says Christina as she pulls out a voodoo doll that looks exactly like Jennifer. "J. Lo's been talking too much junk tonight, why don't we shut her up." Christina continues as she bends the leg of the doll up till the doll's foot is in it's mouth.

In the ring Jennifer has just tagged the second turnbuckle and was dragging Emma's battered body to the third corner. "Come on you talent less slut.... it's almost over. " Jennifer continued to taunt. Jennifer tagged the third turnbuckle, and started towards the fourth and final corner. "Fucking English bitch... Fuck you and that queen of yours!" Jennifer shouted as she reached out to touch the last turnbuckle and claim victory. With her finger tips just inches away from touching the corner, out of nowhere, Linsey's fist comes swooping in and explodes onto Jennifer's lips.

"No body talks like that about the queen!" Linsey shouts to a downed Jennifer. J. Lo barely knew what hit her. All she did know is that she is flat on her back looking up at the arena lights beside Emma's battered body. To say she is dazed would be an understatement. She tried to command her body to rise and tag the final corner, but her body only flailed on the mat in response. Jennifer lie still for a few more moments trying to regain some of her senses. Finally she was able to push up to her hands & knees. She crawled a couple of feet to the corner. Jennifer reached out and again was barely an inch from touching the turnbuckle and ending the match when the leather strap falls over her head and wraps around her mouth. Emma has finally recovered and is standing behind Jennifer with a length of the leather strap wrapped across Jennifer's mouth making a very effective gag.

Emma pulls back on the strap, pulling J. Lo back from the barely an inch turnbuckle her fingers were from the turnbuckle, and back to a seated position. Emma loops the strap around Jennifer's mouth 4 times quieting Jennifer's squeals. Emma then reaches down and loops the strap around Jennifer's wrist several times, binding them together. Emma emphatically slams the corner buckle that Jennifer was so close to touching and claiming victory. "That's one you skag!" yells Baby."

Emma then starts dragging Jennifer across the ring on her butt. The bound and gagged beauty screams a few muffled and uncomprehendable words. Emma reaches the second turnbuckle and says "That's two Bitch!"

Emma starts to drag Jennifer towards the third corner. Jennifer starts to kick her legs and fight being drug. It was successful in stopping Emma's progress, since the Spice Girl was already weaken from the beating Jennifer had previously inflicted on her. Jennifer twisted till she reached her knees and stopped Emma's progress cold. Emma then turns and fires a martial arts kick and strikes Jennifer across the back of the head. Jennifer yells and falls face first to the mat. Emma easily drags her the rest of the way to the third corner. The crowd collectively yells "Three" along with Emma.

Emma heads for the fourth and final corner. Halfway there, Jennifer locks her powerful legs around the bottom rope to stop Emma yet again. A few well placed kicks however, produces a few exclamations of pain and forces Jennifer to release her leg scissor on the bottom rope, allowing Emma to drag her the rest of the way to the fourth turnbuckle. Emma slaps the buckle as hard as she can and yells, "That's four.... I win you slag!"

Linsey calls for the bell and raises Emma's hand in victory. Emma unties her wrist from the leather strap and starts leaping in exuberance yelling, "I won!!" and "Girl Power!". Linsey bends over and unties Jennifer.

"Sorry about hitting you, but no body talks about the crown like that." she explains to the woman she once considered an ally. Jennifer was silent with an evil scowl across her face. She is furious about yet another unexplainable loss, especially when she was so close to victory. As soon as Linsey finishes untying her, J. Lo leaps to her feet, and runs and tackles Emma to the mat. She easily pins the startled Spice Girl to the canvas and starts beating her face and banging her head into the mat. J. Lo is furious, and is not going to take this embarrassing loss without a fight.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, the other Spice Girls were already en route to the ring to join Emma in her celebration. Sporty, Posh and Scary Spice hit the ring with a vengeance. They easily toss Jennifer to the mat and start stomping the lone latina beauty. Jennifer's compatriots in the Fab Four were preparing for matches of their own, and could not aid poor Jennifer.

Baby, Sporty, Posh & Scary Spice Jennifer can only squeal and pitifully try to cover up as the Spice Girls kick and stomp her unmercifully. Once Emma recovers and regains her feet. Posh and Sporty pins Jennifer face down to the mat by sitting on her arms. Scary peels off Jennifer's sexy micro skirt, and panties she chose to wear, and reveal her bare butt. Scary then sits on her powerful legs and pin them down. Emma grabs the long leather strap and stars spanking Jennifer with it. "We'll teach you a lesson about talking bad about the British!" Emma says as she unmercifully swats Jennifer's ass with the unforgiving leather strap.

Jennifer struggles to free herself, but the full body weight of the Spice Girls is more than enough to keep her down. Jennifer could only lie there and accept her punishment, as the sound of leather slapping her ass gets louder and louder. Jennifer gritted her teeth and tried to beat this attack and stubbornly deny the Spice Girls a surrender and apology, but After over 3 minutes of tasting the leather strap, she realized that was impossible, and only an unconditional surrender and apology will give her a release.

"Okay I Give stop... Let me go!" Jennifer finally blurts out.

"Are you sorry about what you said about Britain and the crown??" asks Baby Spice.

"Yes I take it back just let me go!" demands J. Lo.

"She's lying Emma, give her some more!" says Scary Spice and with that Emma starts spanking Jennifer's ass even harder and faster than before. J.Lo bites her bottom lip and fights back the screams and tears, hoping this torment will end soon. After another minute of some of the most intense spanking that Jennifer has ever been subjected to, Emma finaly stops and drops the strap. The other Spice Girls rise off Jennifer and celebrate with their mate. Jennifer rolls out of the ring with her ass fire engine red, and covered with countless welts. Her legendarily phat ass has always been a big target of her enemies, but Emma has just given it a particularly painful and memorable spanking. Her face is a mixture of many emotions. Fury at the punishment she has received. Confusion at how all this happened after she dominated the match and was just an inch from victory. And disappointment that she again is leaving the ring with anther defeat.

In their dressing room, Christina, Jessica and Janet celebrate wildly. "Damn I love this doll!" Christina says as she plants a kiss on Jennifer's Voodoo doll "The Curse of Aguilera strikes again."

Jennifer watches the Spice Girls celebrate for a moment then hangs her head and marches back to the dressing rooms. Stone Rage is waiting for her at the top of the ramp and hugs and consoles his tired warrior. He grabs the microphone and yells "Enough!... My Fab Four are battling Spice Girls, the ABA, Generation PRIME, and anybody else trying to make a name for themselves. Well tonight I'm getting my girls some help. I'm building an Army of Rage, and the Fab Four will be my four generals. Were putting together an army to stand against the Spice Girls, the ABA, Charlie's Angels or whoever else tries to take over. Jennifer, I'm giving you my Urban SWAT team to command. Meet Mary J. Blige, Ashanti, Lil' Kim and The baddest Bitch, Trina. The four ladies walk out onto the ramp with Rage and Jennifer. Jennifer excitedly hugs and plants a number of kisses on Rage's cheeks.

"Naw... Urban SWAT team?? bump that, we're gonna give props to my boy Ja Rule..." Jennifer looks and sees that two of the four ladies, as well as herself have chart topping hits with the popular rapper, "We're calling them the "Down Ass Chicks!" The four girls nod and smile in agreement with their new name. "Now as my first official act as the leader of the Down Ass Chicks, would you please go kick some Spice Girl ass?" Jennifer asks. Instantly the four rap, hip hop and R & B stars charge the ring and attack the celebrating Spice Girls. The struggle is brief, but very decisive. J.Lo's assault team live up to their name and assaults the Spice Girls. They dominate the Spice Girls, battering them from pillar to post, and quickly clears the ring sending the Spice Girls scurrying for safety.

Oh Boy, the mood has just changed

I'm Real..... Ain't It Funny.....

Cause Every Thug needs a Lady!

Mary J Blige, Lil' Kim, Ashanti, & Trina
Stone Rage has a New Assalut Team!

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