Britney Spears (53%) Escapes Tia Carrere (47%) Stone Rage sat uneasily in his chair. He was being bombarded from both sides. Britney Spears and her attorneys were complaining on one side. Tia Carrere and her attorneys were yelling on the other. Britney wanted a no disqualification match in the ring for their title match this month. Tia wanted another ‘on location’ fight, where neither combatant knew where the fight will take place, only a limo will take them to the undisclosed destination, and they fight there. Tia’s wins over Christina Applegate* & Jennifer Lopez** in those type matches were extremely popular with the fans. Her and her attorneys argued that type of match would be huge rating getters.

“You just want a no DQ match in the ring so your buddies, Christina Aguilera & Ananda Lewis can save your butt again” yelled Tia. “What’s the matter scared to face me one on one?” the TV star continued.

Britney returned, “I’m a prize fighter, not street trash like you. I do my fighting in the ring, not on a corner somewhere.”

“Well Booby, I suppose we can’t face each other woman-to-woman, cause we’ll be one woman short. How about woman-to-girl or woman-to-three girls, that’s how you like it isn’t it?” Tia blurted back.

Stone Rage sat back in his chair while the argument raged. He silently considered his options. “Damn, Britney has some beautiful breast!” was his first thought. His second thought was “Does Tia make my hottest babes of all time list?”

“Mr. Rage.. Mr. Rage, we need a decision.” yelled the attorneys, interrupting his thoughts.

“Damn, I hate lawyers!” ran through his mind as he sat up and announced, “Well I’ve made a decision.” “Britney, it will be a no disqualification match.” Britney briefly celebrated the words. “But it will be at an undisclosed location, the limo will pick you up at 9pm. I suggest you wear something comfortable” Britney opened her mouth to complain, “My decision is final, and good luck to both of you.” The commissioner continued.

Britney knew it was pointless to continue to argue, so she turned and left in a huff, followed by her attorneys. “Yeah, Tia is definitely one of my hottest babes of all time!” Rage thought.

With the decreed being made, Tia waited at her LA home for the limo to pick her up for the fight. She wore a green tank top, and tight green pants, similar to an outfit she would wear on her TV show, The Relic Hunter. She felt confident she would soon be the new War Queen with a fair fight between her and Britney, free of her Generation Next members, Aguilera & Lewis’ interference. The limo arrived and the driver ran around to open the door for the beautiful young lady. Tia politely smiled and said “Thank you” as she began to climb into the car. He returned her smile with a nod of his head. She was half way inside when she looked up in complete shock to see Christina Aguilera & Ananda Lewis already in the car. She stood frozen for only an instant, but that was long enough for the teens to grab Tia, and drag her inside, to the floor of the car. The driver quickly shut the door and ran to the driver’s seat. He smiled and dreamed about his new life as a roadie for Miss Aguilera and how he was going to spend the large roll of cash in his pocket.

In back of the limo, Ananda & Christina began to pound Tia with both fist as fast & hard as they could. Tia covered up as best she could to protect herself, but their fist always seemed to find some unprotected body part, and stingingly dig into it. The driver heard Tia’s yelps and squeals as he drove away, and wondered if his betrayal and certain loss of a job was worth the price. But a new job on the road, a lot of cash, and being seduced by Christina & Ananda for the last 2 hours was well worth it for him.

Tia had done a masterful job of covering up so that so far she had not sustained any serious punishment. But, the digs in her back, side and legs were beginning to have a cumulative affect. She had to act now or be taken down by this attack. Tia lounged out and knocked Ananda back to the floor. She pinned the VJ down but Christina tackled her from behind. Tia struggled till she faced Christina, and managed to get her foot up into the blonde’s stomach and push her off. Christina went flying back to a seat on the back chair of the limo. Tia grabs Ananda by her shoulders and tosses her onto Christina’s lap. Tia cursed the confinement of the car, she would not be able to use her martial arts skills. Tia charged after the two youngsters, but Ananda used her long skinny legs to mule kick Tia in the chest as she approached. Tia was catapulted back to the floor of the car, with Ananda diving on top op her. Christina dove on top too.

The driver could barely keep the car on the road, between trying to keep track of the fight by looking back in his rear view mirror. He could not help but think of the Schwarzenegger thriller, True Lies and the catfight between Tia & Jamie Lee Curtis in the back of a limo. Ananda pinned Tia’s left arm under her knee. Tia was trapped under Ananda’s body weight. Christina quickly leaped down and pinned Tia’s right arm. With Tia trapped, the Generation Next girls looked at each other, then began pounding, each of Tia’s unprotected breast. Tia yelled & squirmed in pain trying to free herself, but found no relief. The piston like blows rained down causing Tia to wilt underneath. Realizing they had Tia hurt, Christina reached down and tore the tank top open, to expose a small lace bra covering Tia’s boobs. Ananda unhooked the clasp between the cups, and Tia’s tits popped free. Ananda & Christina renewed their pummeling of Tia’s tits, relishing in the sound of flesh smacking against flesh resounding through the limo. Ananda kept pulverizing Tia’ chest while Christina worked her way down to Tia’s tight stomach.

Tia was whimpering & crying in agony as the car pulled into the drive way of the mansion where the fight with Britney was to take place. Ananda & Christina climbed off their victim while Christina made a call on her cell phone to Britney. “We’re at the entrance by the pool”, the young blonde said alerting Britney where to find Tia. While Christina was on the phone, Tia covered her aching chest & stomach and sobbed in the floor. Ananda pulls down Tia’s pants & panties and delivers a looping punch up into Tia’s crotch, causing the action movie star to even blubber louder.

Britney arrives at the entrance to see the long stretch black limo. The back door opens and a nude, sobbing Tia is tossed out. The limo drives off with Ananda & Christina high fiving each other in the back. They knew the No DQ clause meant Britney could not be penalized for their pre-fight attack.

Britney approached the sobbing woman who’s rolled in a ball with pain. Britney uses her foot to roll her over onto her back. and plops her ass down on Tia’s face. Britney hears Tia’s muffled yells underneath her and gleefully reaches back and pinches Tia’s nipples. Britney could not make out the whimpering cries Tia was making but knew it was something along the lines of an unconditional surrender. Britney reached back further till she found the furry patch between Tia’s legs and tugged at her pubic hair. Britney was able to pull a few hairs out causing Tia to convulse in agony. Britney continued tugging at the hair, ripping out what she could, until Tia’s body lie motionless under her. Britney realized she had pushed the ‘hot babe’ past her thresholds of pain causing the beauty to black out. Britney rises off her conquest, looks into the camera that has caught all the action and asks, “So who’s next?”


But... Christina & Ananda really deserve the credit instead of Britney

Tia has had some bad experienes in the back of limosiunes!


* Classic Tia whips Christina Applegate
** Tia beats Jennifer Lopez