Tia Carrere (62%) Blasts Jennifer Lopez (38%) Tiaís hide and seek match last month vs. Christina Applegate suited "The Relic Hunter" to a tee. When she suggested another on location match for her fight with Jennifer Lopez she was surprised at Jenniferís eager response. Then she was reminded of Jenniferís affinity for fighting almost anywhere and the beating she had also given Christina Applegate several months back in a gymnasium parking lot. A location with an outdoor setting was agreed on. They would meet in a forested area in the Everglades Park owned by the t.v. studio. This suited both Tia as an action adventure star and Jennifer as it was near her own backyard of Miami.

Tia was driven to the area of a cabin far in the backwoods. Jennifer had yet to arrive but she was assured she was not far behind as she readied herself . The heat and humidity was oppressive and Tia wearing a pair of green shorts cut so high they couldíve been called briefs along with a black top underneath a green shirt which she had tied to expose her midriff. She was adjusting her ecru socks and tightening the laces of her black hiking boots as she heard the jeep pull up with Jennifer and the few invited guests. She looked up trying to feign little attention to Jenniferís arrival and more on her boot laces as she knelt on the pine needle riddled ground. But truth in fact her mind was all on Jennifer.

She glanced up to see that Jennifer had slipped around the corner of the cabin dressed similarly to Tia except for Khaki colored shorts and beige boots with white socks. Unlike Tia she only wore a bikini top. Both womenís skin already shone with sweat as the early afternoon sun broke through the evergreens and cypress trees. The only other people there were a few invited guests who had rode up with the combatants. Their presence was not only to cheer on their particular favorite but they would also film the fight which was being fed live to monitors in a studio as well as care for the fighters should they become injured.

Jennifer made a gesture for Tia to come on. Tia rose to her feet. There was no pretense to why they were there. They were there to fight, so with no words spoken the two approached and started to swing fists. Both had connected with some but managed to block other fists. They embraced as closed fists found their way to ribs. Tia had rolled back Jennifer with a palm to the chin and was trying to deliver a blow to her throat as Jennifer raked her eyes and then tried to flip Tia. Tia held fast and drove a knee into the still bent over Jennifer. They struggled for dominance as suddenly Tiaís back was rammed against the still hot hood of the Jenniferís Jeep.

She screamed and turned ramming Jenniferís head into the metal. Jennifer shook off the impact and felt for bleeding as she felt a lump rising on her forehead. She looked around ready for the attack but couldnít find Tia. Tia like the wildcats that populated the area had climbed to a nearby low branch of a tree about 6 feet above ground. Jennifer found her foe too late as she nervously scanned the area only to be met by Tiaís heavily booted feet as she used the small but substantial branch to flip down and kick her foe in the face and chest. Jennifer was on her back shaking her head as Tia lifted herself to her perch and leapt off onto the prone Jen. Jen nearly caught her with her raised knees just as Tia impacted but she managed to roll only getting a glancing blow while nailing Jen in the upper torso and head. Tia held her ribs as they did absorb some of Jenís knees while she waited for Jen to get up.

Their bodies stung with sweat, pine sap and dirt now which made them miserable and all the more irritable in the fight. As soon as Jen rolled to her knees and nearly upright she was caught by a hard kick from Tia that reeled her back and the two were once again face to face with fists but Jen was more on the defensive as she lunged at Tia ramming her back into the very tree she used for her offense. She flipped Tia as they struggled back into the woods a short way over her. They found they were on a slight incline leading to a marshy area. The two in an embrace rolled down the incline till they hit the bottom some fifteen to twenty feet.

Both women were somewhat disoriented as Jenís back had landed against a small sapling and Tia felt her back soaked in water. They were just up again now finding their footing precariously in either hard soil or steadily spongy water soaked soil to the point it was all mud just a few feet away. As Tia had gotten up the groggy and hurting Jen readied for the attack grabbing a large stick and swinging at Tia. She managed to miss all but one hit which hurt like hell against her ribs. Jen tried to aim it at her legs but Tia jumped and lunged at Jen grabbing the stick for leverage and pulling Jen towards her where she caught her in a neckbreaker. As she held her she delivered a couple vicious fists to her throat, chest and face. Jen still had some fight left in her as she raked her eyes and the two fell back in the mud. With their heavily booted feet weighing them down and the mud obscuring their vision Jen felt she had gained an advantage and moved in. She was suddenly feeling stung as pain shot through her body. Tia had removed her now mud and water soaked shirt and used it as a weapon striking it at Jen. She now grabbed Jen as she pulled her toward her with the shirt and discarded it before Jen could use it. A couple well placed fists at close range and now grabbing her by the head in a front facelock, she backed into the water and held Jen under till she flailed her arms in surrender.

Making sure she wasnít playing possum she lifted her out only to dunk her again till she could feel the fight was all out of Jen. Tia dropped her back on the mud as Jenís people assisted her and the victorious Tiaís friends helped her back up the hill leaving Jen gasping for breath and crying out for revenge.
Down & Dirt like Tia likes it!
Jennifer goes down again