Tia Carrere (56%) Pounds Christina Applegate (44%) For the two of these women, this offer as strange as it sounded was not one either chose to turn down, neither had seen much work of late in the movie business where they had hoped to score big, and while they both had entered the fighting field to supplement their income for now this allowed them a bit of both.

The setup had taken place at a small expensive restaurant in the Anaheim area and neither knew the other had also been invited, the friendly hellos and hugs over and dinner well under way when their 'host pitched his proposal. "We all know that in the old Bundy show there was a rather well talked about catfight between the two of you. It was one of the highlights of that shows run, but that was after all choreographed, the winner predetermined even before either of you saw the script. The fighting fans want more, and they want the two of you in a real catfight so to speak, so here's the deal.... We will rent out a nice estate setting and set it up so cameras re all about the house to record and broadcast this fight to the arena. You choose the outfit you want and the two of you go at it, this is no script, and no holds barred, you want to destroy and dominate the other by the end of the fight. You take the fight anywhere inside or outside the property as the place is walled and secluded, and anything in there is fair game as a weapon. We cover the medical expenses and the loser gets five grand while the winner walks out with fifteen. The fight takes place in one week Are you two game enough?"

Eyes opened wide at the 'script' being offered them, and the money was decent as well, by time the dessert had rolled around, the deal had been struck and signed, and the ambiance between the two ladies had cooled to a level even colder than the premium ice cream they served . Within hours, the two gals were getting queries from their friends as the word of the promoted fight quickly started to circulate around, and by the next day it was on the TV in a promotional spot for that week's arena shows. Many wanted 'tickets' to see the fight live, none were to be had, people asked where the fight was to take place, neither lady knew, and the 'host' wasn't returning calls, it was going to be a mystery site.

In the meantime, with just a week before they would be in a no turning back fight, both hit the local gyms to build up strength, stamina and resistance and enlisted some of their friends to help them develop some fighting techniques.

Fight night rolled around and the two 'dressed to kill' were picked up from their homes in a limo and provided transportation to the estate using a circuitous route that included ducking through a couple alleys that were blocked by cars as soon as they emerged from the other side to eliminate followers.

Tia's limo arrived at last and she was let out at a small back gate to the estate leading in to the backyard and a large pool area. She was wearing a low cut chiffon colored evening gown and low cut low heeled shoes. The driver unlocked the gate and as she passed through he murmured, "Good Luck Maam" and then the gate clicked shut behind her but not before she noted several beefy goon types on duty outside the wall to keep away visitors, while the limo quickly took off.

Christina's limo came in through the front gate of the property, but not to the front or, instead it stopped a bit short and as she was let out, the garage door opened up automatically for her. She had chosen a golden evening gown that had a plunging neckline and flecks of jade and sapphire shot through it. Like Tia she got a murmured "Good Luck" and then the limo took off heading back off the estate leaving her alone except for a trio of camera crews one by the garage, one near the front door and another on the front lawn covering it and the side.

Tia found a similar deal as she heard the gate click shut and a camera crew close by broadcasting her first seconds. As she looked about she spotted a second crew covering the patio and pool area, and a third near the lawn where it went around the side of the house. A scowl crossed her face as she realized they also wanted them to play a game of hide and seek as well, trying to find each other and rose to the challenge crossing the lawn and stopping briefly by the pool and checking the waters. They were cool, not quite cold but not the type to be fun diving in to either if you were hoping for warm.

Crossing the patio to french style doors she tried them and found them unlocked and peeked in to there to see a large family room and the expected cameras waiting. Closing the doors she looked around and turned and went instead to a smaller door near the side and checked it out. Looking in the window she saw a large kitchen and with a small smile she let herself in even as a camera crew caught her entry inside.

Chris in the meantime had walked up to the front door, and tried to walk in only to find the door locked , and no one answered the doorbell either, seen as the cameras were rolling. Her smile had by now disappeared and she turned and went for the garage which was still open and slipped in. The door in there led to a short hallway with an extra side door which she cracked open and looked in to a compact and fully equipped laundry room. A smile crossed Chris' face as she remembered the rule that anything in the house was fair game and stepped inside. The crew right behind her to see what was up recording as she deftly slipped several handfuls of laundry soap in to her purse. Then coming out she began her search for Tia in earnest, but her eyes taking in everything for possible use as she went.

Little did she know it, but Tia was or had been a lot closer than she realized. She had entered the kitchen area and looking around she went to the large refrigerator and checking in there. She pulled out a trio of pies in there that was supposed to be desert later that night and left them on the table planning to probably lure Chris in and then pie her with the waiting pies. That ready she looked around, and spotted an electric dumbwaiter set in the wall and decided to pull a fast one and got in there thumbing the button to take her upstairs. Moments later the crew was calling on their radio to the upstairs crew to be ready as she was coming up, which they had NOT prepared, watching the main stairway and barely got down the hallway in time to catch her coming out upstairs.

A sharp "Damm" from behind the crew made them whirl and they saw Chris behind them having come up the hallway in to the kitchen from the laundry and heard them call the warning ahead of Tia's direction of travel. Without a further word, Chris went for the door and into the main house looking for the main stairs to find her opponent and get this fight on the road. Half a minute passed and she located it at last, not far from the front door which for some reason she stopped long enough to unlock it and stormed the stairs.

Halfway up though she stopped as Tia appeared at the head of the stairs a wicked grin on her face and a large pouch of something in her hands from the first room she had explored quickly and found a weapon of her own. A snarl crossed Chris' face and her hand dipped in to the purse palming some of the powder and she resumed the charge. A second later Tia unleashed her own weapon as a bag of marbles that cascaded down the stairs and got under Chris' foot making her crash face first in to the steps. Her handful of soap flung at the last moment smacking in to the upper part of her foe's dress and across the lower face barely missing the eyes she had hoped to get and blind so she could attack freely.

That got a scowl from Tia and she dropped the pouch and came after her foe dropping to a sitting position on the steps just above her and grabbing the blonde's hair jerked her up towards her as she started to rise and rubbed her face in to the same soap effectively blinding the blonde instead. Then raised both hands over her head and slammed a double axe handle blow to the back of the head and neck making her cry out and a hard shove sent her sliding down the steps aided in part by the marbles.

It was a slippery go for Tia as well, the same marbles didn't discriminate and she almost did a header of her own as she followed her foe to the bottom of the stairs where Chris was turned over on her back. She was sitting up palming the soap from her eyes even as Tia came behind and locked her legs around her started head for a standing scissors.

Chris groaned as the legs bore down but she grabbed the handrail and used it and her own body power to pull herself upward with Tia riding her shoulders up as well in to a somewhat precarious perch. Then she deliberately dropped backwards in to the stairs letting the sharp edges of the step strike in to Tia's back getting a high pitched scream as and broke the scissors. Rising grimly, Chris grabbed at the brunette's legs and spread them wide splitting the bottom of the evening gown along the way and them dropping the legs to finish ripping the bottom half off her. It was enough to rouse Tia and she sat up and started to get up but Chris was hot now and she unloaded a crude drop kick that knocked her on her back again against the stairs. It was low however as her own dress inhibited her movement somewhat and she lacked real height. It was enough though. She grabbed at Tia's legs, split them again to step between and deliberately turned her over in to a Boston Crab. The stairs making the angle and the steps cut in to her body painfully and she shrieked as pain arched both front and back and began to kick wildly making it hard for the blonde to keep ahold.

Then the marbles came to Tia's rescue again as Chris shifting to hold her stepped on a couple and her foot slipped out and she toppled whacking her own head on the banister on her way down. For several seconds the two laid there half dazed and trying to get up, Tia finally did and spotting her still partially blinded foe, trying to wipe her eyes clear she grabbed her by the head and jerked her to her feet and then scooped her up as best as she could she turned and slammed her back in to the out turned corner of a wall making her shriek and jerk and almost go out cold, but this was just the beginning of what Tia had in mind for her.

Still holding the all but out of it Chris, Tia turned and marched from the living room in to the nearby family room and for the french doors which a camera crewman seeing her direction quickly opened and got out of the way fast. As she went through the pool lay just ahead and a wicked smile crossed her face as she went to the edge and unceremoniously dumped the blonde in to the chilly waters.

The chilly waters brought her back with a snap. She came to the surface sputtering like a badly tuned motor. She then found herself having to struggle to dump her soaked evening gown as it wrapped around her clinging tight, and threatening to stop her ability to move and drag her under the waters. Taking a deep breath, Chris let herself go under to the bottom where he could get enough purchase to remove the gown and leave it on the bottom as she rose to the surface with a few quick strokes with nothing left but her bra and panties on.

As she came to the edge and started to crawl out, Tia went back to the attack grabbing her head and slamming it in to the walkway around the pool. Still holding the head she started to pull her further out so she could continue to brutalize the blonde, but Chris planted her feet on the sides of the pool and grabbing at Tia's top she shoved back hard going in to the waters again and this time taking Tia with her as well. Now it was Tia's turn to flounder as her own dress threatened to drag her down and she had a very hostile Chris not helping any as she rained punches between strokes at the brunette as she stroked towards the shallow end of the pool still trying to shed her gown.

The two closed, once, twice and a third time and that time they both went under the surface as the camera men followed the action from above (and wished they had thought of an underwater camera). Still the camera lights were enough to see Tia finally shed her own gown and she was also found to be braless, but that didn't stop her as the two grappled under the water just below the surface. Then Tia still holding the gown managed to get a loop of the cloth around Chris' neck and the fight suddenly started to go bad as she got behind the blonde and used the loop to start choking her and drag her into even more shallow water coming to the surface. Tia began dragging the struggling Chris along until she got up the steps and the holding the cloth dragged her a bit deeper her head was above the water but being choked out her body in the water as she struggled unsuccessfully to free her neck from the strangling cloth and slowly weakened..

Seeing she was all but out of it, Tia hauled the blonde from the water and threw the sodden gown away and then pulled off her own panties as well. Straddling the blond she dropped down on her in a pinning move, her arms trapped at her sides and Chris' mouth just inches from Tia's womanhood as Tia's hands came back and down and sank clawlike in to the sodden bra and breast of the blonde. It was enough to rouse Chris and she saw within seconds her helpless situation. Tapped out from the struggle and the near choking and drowning she knew what Tia expected and responded with stony silence and no action. Tia knew she had control now and with a wrenching movement Chris' bra was torn free and sent flying into the pool and the fingers came down a second time on the breasts this time squeezing, kneading and pinching as she went to work deliberately forcing Chris in to a state of arousal she had no control over.

A groan came from her clamped lips and she shook her head in denial. She was not about to surrender to her brunette antagonist, somehow she would find a way to escape. It wasn't to be however, the cameraman could not show it live but one of the hands slowly slid down the body and under Chris' panties and started to work there as well, but he did follow the hand far enough that the audience seeing this knew exactly where it was going. The two of them would never know just how many men were slowly groaning right now at the arena and elsewhere or the sudden rush to visit the bathroom or for those at home the bedroom but for Chris it became too much as she quickly built to orgasmic levels and Tia demanded her surrender that she was the better woman.

"Never" Chris shouted and then she suddenly came in a big shuddering orgasm that sealed her fate for as her breath expelled from it, Tia made her final move and slid forward burying Chris' nose and mouth completely in the confines of her womanhood and it was an airtight seal. Shock crossed Chris face even with the orgasm and she looked pleadingly at Tia, but she had her chance to surrender and had rejected it, Tia now claimed the ultimate price of her superiority as she slowly snuffed out Christina in this humiliation that brought the blonde to a last orgasmic explosion even as she went under writhing and fighting for air denied.

Sure that the blonde was finally out, Tia rose and struck a victory pose for the cameras even as she looked down with a viscious delight at her blonde one time friend as she convulsed and shook her body responding even though she was KO'd to force air back in to her. Certain that she liked this fighting for bucks, she looked at the cameras and said for all to hear, "OK! Who's Next!"

Tia Eliminates Her Old Rival

Piper Bowman is finally avenged!!