Britney Spears (55%) Bombs Jeri Ryan (45%) The main event was about to begin. The Rock’s entrance music came on blaring, and out walked Jeri Ryan. Jeri made her way to the ring with a quick walk and a determined look on her face. She was wearing a bright red leather cat suit, identical to the one that her opponent wore in her latest video, “Oops, I Did It Again.” It was obvious that she planned to psych the champion out. Jeri entered the ring, and grabbed a microphone. Jeri shouted, “Britney, you little pop slut, get your ass out here, so I can lay the smack down on you!”

With this, Britney Spears, the reigning War Queen, made her entrance to the ring. Wearing a pair of tight, dark denim pants and a white top that showed her tits off nicely, Britney slowly approached the ring. She was still hurting physically from the attack from Salma Hayek and Catherine Zeta Jones, Brit’s face showed little confidence. She was well aware of how Jeri Ryan had cleaned house in her debut four-way match.* Britney climbed in the ring and look at Jeri Ryan. Jeri saw the look of fear in Brit’s eyes, and immediately attacked.

Jeri charged across the ring and leveled Britney with a hard clothesline, and then proceeded to lift the champion to her feet and pummel her with several hard punches to the head. Britney was in trouble early, barely able to stay on her feet, so she propped herself in the corner. Jeri backed up and charged in again, but Britney was able to move at the last second, allowing Jeri to collide into the turnbuckles very hard. Realizing she had to try and fight, or Jeri would kill her, Britney jumped on Jeri's back and locked on a sleeper hold.

Stunned by this sudden attack, Jeri Ryan drops to her knees. Britney clings to the hold for all she is worth, but Jeri is simply too strong, and manages to break out by delivering some hard elbows to ribs. Britney staggers back. Jeri comes in, and lands a series of hard right hands to Britney’s head, ending with an open hand slap that sends her to the canvas. Jeri lifts Brit back to her feet by her hair, and yanks her white top off, revealing Britney’s bare tits, then steps away. Britney looks at her opponent shocked, Jeri Ryan is standing there laughing at her. Being exposed and as she felt her face swelling from where she had been slapped, Britney becomes enraged, and instantly she charges Jeri Ryan.

The sudden attack was out of pure anger, and Jeri had expected this. She caught Britney as she charged in and delivered a devastating spine buster. The champion’s head bounces off the mat hard, as she lay out cold beneath the challenger. Jeri Ryan then proceeded to go for the People’s elbow. At the time the spine buster was being delivered Britney’s Generation Next partners had run to the ring. Now, as Jeri bounced off one side of the ropes, and then the other, Christina Aguilera grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the floor.

Christina, already weak from her Battle Zone debut earlier in the evening, ** threw a weak punch that did not even cause Jeri to flinch. Jeri countered with a boot to the stomach, and the a DDT to the concrete floor. This left Miss Aguilera unconscious outside the ring. As Jeri rolled back into the ring, Ananda Lewis tried to land a few good stomps, but to no avail. The much tougher Jeri Ryan simply shrugged the kicks off and then crushed Ananda with a devastating clothesline. As Ananda lay stunned in the middle of the ring, Jeri set up and delivered the People’s Elbow to her. Ananda lay motionless, and Jeri rolls her out of the ring next to Christina.

She then turns her attention to the champion, Britney Spears. Britney had crawled to one of the ring corner’s and was crouched there trying to recover. Jeri Ryan walked over and attempted to pick her up by the hair again, but just as Britney was on her feet, she unleashed a hard kick to Jeri’s crotch. This put the challenger to her knees. Now Britney sensed she was in control of the match. She began pummeling her foe with kicks and punches, until Jeri topples to the mat in a heap. Britney then climbs to the top rope, she was planning to end it all in one move. She dives off the top rope and delivers a crushing guillotine leg-drop across Jeri Ryan’s throat. She went for the cover, but Jeri managed to roll out of it at the last moment.

Shocked, Britney goes up top again. By this time, Jeri Ryan had gotten to her feet. As Britney came off the top rope to deliver a flying clothesline, Jeri caught her and countered with the Rock Bottom. Britney was completely out, and Jeri Ryan proceeded to sit on her stomach. It appeared that the title was about to change hands, but Jeri instructed the ref not to count yet. Instead she grabbed Brit’s tits and dug her nails deeply into them. Jeri proceeded to torture the teen sensations breasts for several minutes while Brit squirmed beneath her.

Jeri leaned close to Brit’s face and hissed, “ Say you quit you little slut, give up now and I wont ruin this expensive tit job of yours!” Britney responded by spitting into her foes face. Jeri Ryan proceeded to squeeze hard into the champ’s tits one more time, then delivered a hard back hand slap. Jeri stood over Britney and placed several hard boots directly to her crotch. While Britney was writhing in pain, Jeri brought a table in to the ring and set it up. She then lifted Britney up for a powerbomb. It appeared a new champion was to be crowned as Jeri Ryan prepared to drop Brit through the table. In a final attempt to save herself, Britney locked her legs around Jeri’s head and squeezed. Jeri Ryan tried to sling her down, but those legs were wrapped to tightly. Brit’s crotch was pressed hard into Jeri’s face, preventing the challenger from getting any air. Jeri Ryan’s knees began to go weak, and sensing this Britney Spears flipped back keeping her legs locked firmly. The Frankensteiner took both of the competitors through the table, with Jeri Ryan’s head leading the way. Laying in the remains of the shattered table, Jeri was laid spread eagle, with Brit sitting on her face. With her last ounce of strength, the Britney reached back and hooked her opponent’s legs. The referee delivered the standard ten count, and then called for the bell. Britney rolled off and lay on the mat, completely exhausted. Her body ached terribly all over, especially her breasts which were bleeding from the claw marks, and her crotch which felt numb from the kicks it received, but nevertheless, Britney Spears was still the War Queen. By this time, Generation Next was able to stand up on their own, and help their champion to the back, however, all three young stars knew, they had received a beating that they wouldn’t soon forget.

Generation Next Wins Again!

Jeri Ryan couldn't stand alone against Generation Next tonight

* Jeri in the Fatal Fourway Debut
** Christina's debut versus Brandy