As Christina Applegate was helped from the ring after her fight and loss to the champ Cat last month,* one of the first people to her side was Britany Spears her new found friend. Using her own body as a partial shield to protect the damaged arm as Christina slowly walked back to the dressing room, she had only hatred for the dark hair beauty as she strutted about showing off how she was the champ, her words of apology seeming now to be just words with no real meaning to them.

Back in the locker room, a camera crew was there focusing on Chris as the arm was being set and put in to a cast, Brit hovered close by and offered what moral support she could, and then turned to the booking agent for these matches as he too came in to check on her progress and wasted few words. "The reign of that she-bitch needs to be brought to an end. Get me a title shot at her let's see if she's got the nerve to take me on."

Figuring it would be days at least before she got any kind of response, Brit as quite willing to wait as the negotiations went forward, she got her answer back a lot sooner however than she expected as minutes later Cat came storming in to the room, "She-Bitch is it!?! You dared call me that to the many who were watching in front of the camera!" Stabbing an angry finger at the camera crew nearby and Brit realized her words had gone out live and heard by all in the crowd as well as by Cat. A wicked smile crossed Brit's lips as she snapped back "Damm right I called you that, and if you heard that, you know I want a shot at your title as well, think you can keep me from it?"

The sneer on Cat's face was no where near pleasant, as she replied in a derisive tone, "A two bit blonde bimbo like you? I'd hardly break a sweat taking you out, you're on! Anytime you want the match and the title shot you've got it, I'll use you as an example to all the other fighting wannabe's not to cross me, and you'll be wishing you never entered the fighting world when I'm done with you"

Every word spoken in there had been caught and broadcast as the camera crew turned from Christina's injury to this confrontation, and the fans got their money's worth that night as Brit snapped, "You're on bitch, and the time I choose is right NOW!" and with that she launched a drop kick that caught her out and drilled the champ hard, slamming her back in to some nearby lockers knocking the tiara crown from her head and making her slide down in to a sitting position.

Bouncing to her feet, Brit reached up and jerked her own T-shirt off revealing a sexy set of breasts barely held in by a tight bra, and waited for the champ to come away from the lockers and drop her robes which she was doing as she stood up to face her in the same black fighting gear she had worn in the ring. With a shriek she launched herself at Brit and the two went down in a tangle of flying arms and legs the went rolling across the floor even as the doctors and Christina beat a hasty retreat from the room, but the camera crew stayed put broadcasting the new fight out to the fans.

Struggling to their feet, the two had one hand in each other's hair and the other gripping the tops of each other. Brit was about to lose her top since her bra was not made for rough handling, but she salvaged it for now with the other hand as she jerked down on the dark head with a snap and came away with a full handful of the curly locks. With a yelp of surprise and pain Cat jerked back looking at the handful of hair and almost missed the follow up as Brit lashed out with a hard kick to the groin that doubled her over and then was snapped back up and over as the blonde stepped in with a knee lift to the jaw.

Landing flat on her back and dazed from the ferocity of the teen's attack Cat could do little as she grabbed at the legs and pulled her in to an upended position and started to spin around like a top making the Battle Queen dizzy as the blood rushed to her head. With a release and a crash Brit released the grip and sent the Cat flying a good ten feet or so, before she crashed to the ground. Rising shakily to her feet she spotted Brit was also feeling the effects of the spin perhaps more so than she as she half stumbled towards her and leap forward with fist ready snapping a fast one two combination to the face that rocked the challenger's head back and a hard kick to the groin that doubled her over and allowed Cat to secure a side headlock and bulldog her face first to the ground.

There was no ring setup here with shock absorbers built in to it to help cushion an impact, but a cold hard and unyielding concrete floor. The impact brought a bloody nose to the young teen as Cat leaned in to the hold raising her face for the cameras to see, and started to grind away as she tried to shake off the last effects of the first assault.

Brit however was no where done and she powered her way to her hands and knees forcing herself to her feet, making Cat rise with her or abandon the headlock. A hard shove forward and a jerk back popped the head of the youngster free and she had a clear shot at the back of the champ as she slammed her brakes on. Leaping in, her young arms slid up and under the champs and locked behind the head of the champ for a full nelson and clamped down hard forcing her head down to her chest and then forcing her down to her knees as she tightened even further.

Realizing she was starting to lose this struggle to the obviously still fresh teen, Cat got dirty. She reached back and clawed as best as she could at the face, but the reach was poor and Brit expected such from the dirty fighter and jerked them both backwards landing on her own back with Cat above her and grapevined the two legs with her own rolled them over so she was on top and in control of the situation. Releasing one arm from the nelson and controlling the still struggling Cat under her with the half nelson she spread the legs apart and with the free and started to undo the straps that held the Battle Queen's top and once done worked it off and out from under her tossing it to one side of the room and leaving Cat topless.

Knowing the cameras were still broadcasting, she relocked the full nelson on and rolled the two of them a couple times across the floor causing Cat's exposed breasts to be displayed to the crowds outside, even deep in the bowels of the arena, the reaction to this display was heard albeit muffled as the sight of the breasts were flashed across the screens.

Satisfied she had humiliated the champ enough for now, Brit decided to try for the win, and released the one side of the nelson again after rolling Cat under her one last time. Shifting her free arm to the other side she went after a crossover Nelson and started to lever the black haired beauty's upper body around twisting it cruelly even as her grapevined legs kept the lower body pinned down the other way. The effect of the hold was a painful wringing effect as she was slowly twisted and her ribs closed down over her lungs and started to squeeze the air from there as well reducing her to short and sharp pantings as she tried to find breath her body was no longer able to take in.

As the blonde cranked hard on the Nelson twisting harder and harder on the upper body, the Welsh queen groans were occasionally punctured with screams from the pain as her body was racked. Both were intent on the struggle as she writhed in a desperate attempt to somehow break free of the torturous hold and neither of them heard the slamming of the door as officials and referees finally got in to the room and tried to break up the fight.

With a particularly vicious twist to the nelson and clamping even harder on the scissors around the champs waist, Brit told the officials bluntly to "Back off! You heard her words like all the others. She offered the challenge and I accepted for right now, this is for all the marbles, interfere and I'll snap this bitch's spine and you'll need a new champ cause she'll never walk again!"

Reluctantly, and knowing that Brit had them to their right's they let the struggle continue and the referee moved in to watch for any sign of surrender. Brit watched the others back off with satisfaction but her brief distraction cost her as she rose up a bit, and the breast came close to the raven haired beauty's face. Cat didn't hesitate to use her sharp teeth to bite and bite hard on the breast. With a scream of her own, Brit jerked up involuntarily and lost her grip and with a violent wrench, the Welsh queen was free and rolling away to her feet.

Anger on her face, she charged the blonde teen spearing her head first in the stomach and slammed her hard back until she toppled over the benches next to the lockers, slamming her against one of them as she went down. With a cry of rage, Cat followed her over the bench and seizing the legs quickly turning her over in to a Boston Crab and dropped her full weight on to the hold getting a squeal and shriek from the teen as it was her turn for her back to be tortured.

While hot pain lanced the younger girls spine and for a second she considered submitting, but then her anger rose up and took over and with it a clearing her head. Looking around she spotted the bench she had toppled over just to her side, it was bolted to the floor and it offered the answer to her freedom. Digging her arms under her, she partially raised her body off the floor and dragged herself slowly under the bench forcing the raven haired champ to bump in to it as well, the narrow space left the champ two choices either abandon the hold as she was slowly getting pulled under and across or else topple from over balance. She chose to release it but not before aiming a kick at the blonde's back and then vaulting over the bench to grab her from the other side and pull her free and to her feet by her hair.

Brit came up all right, but also surged in close and scooped the champ up as well in a simple carry and twisting around slammed her back down across the hard wooden bench, hard enough for many to hear wood splinter and crack from the impact. Straddling the bench herself, Brit sat next to the queen and one hand clamped over her neck in a blatant choke and the other over the groin fingers digging down and in with a claw hold that had the queen groan and withering. Cat's hands were free however and one shot up and clawed at the face of the teen drawing blood and caught the eye as well making her release her choke and back away from the Cat as she pawed at her eyes trying to clear the blurring. Rising with fiery anger in her eyes Cat charged Brit ready to put her down again and give her a taste of her own medicine, Brit however despite the blurry sight could see her approach and caught her as she reached for her and dropped back catching the Cat with a near perfect monkey flip that sent her skidding across the floor.

Both were on their feet at once and they charged each other. Brit however was not out of tricks and she suddenly went in to a baseball like slide right between the startled queen's legs and hooked both legs, dropping the queen forward face first to the floor and stunning her for a moment.

It was the opening that Brit had been hoping for and she twisted and scrambled back towards Cat grabbing both legs, bending them back in to a figure X leglock. Spinning around on top so she was facing away from the queen Brit jammed her own feet between the queen's thigh's and hooked the crossed legs behind her own calves even as she stood back and leaned back in to the leglock. The sudden pain to both ankles, lower leg and especially the kneecaps brought Cat out of her daze in a hurry but by then she was locked tight and Brit was already leaning back keeping her legs stiff and letting more and more of her body weight fall on the hold.

Brit was all business now, she knew she had Cat in a hold that was all but inescapable and the only options left were submission or passing out from the pain. Looking down at Cat, Brit demanded her surrender, but the champ refused and tried desperately to find any part the challenger that might let her pull her off balance. No dice, Brit was keeping her hands and arms well away from the grasping hands.

Again she demander Cat's surrender and again she refused to submit. Seeing she was going to be stubborn Brit upped the hold even further by arching back and dropping her hands back and down until she could grasp the tops of the champs shoulders and thrust her own body forward using the arms like a pivot. The result was an enormous increase of the pressure and strain on the legs and knees even as she also arched the queen's back as well like a pseudo crab hold. That was more than the queen could stand, with a scream, she cried her submission ending the match and the new champ was Brit. Coming upright but holding her still in the leglock, she looked down at the now fallen queen and got a baleful glare back for her efforts. Looking over to the side where Christina still stood watching the whole fight and the loss of the champ, Brit smiled and addressed Christina saying, "We blondes need to stick together, this is for you for her breaking your arm" and with that she suddenly dropped back with her full weight on the hold. The pop of the knee as it dislocated was heard by all and with a howl of pain, Cat jerked and passed out from the sudden extreme pain.

Disentangling her legs from the former queen's, Brit looked around and gathered up the robe and the tiara and put them on and turning went back out to the main arena to meet the fans as their new queen of mean.

Britney delivers a SHOCKING beating to the Champion Catherine

Britney Spears (51%) Rocks Catherine Zeta Jones (49%) Battle Zone officials were confused at how to handle the apparent loss of the War Queen Title by Catherine Zeta Jones to teenage pop singing sensation, Britney Spears. Catís lawyers argued the validity of Britney's inpromtu challenge and win after Catís defense against Christina Applegate. They argued Cat was at a disadvantage, having just completed a match, and second, she couldnít lose the title with out a properly signed & sanctioned match. Some officials agreed, while others felt Catherineís mouth wrote a check that her ass couldnít cover and got what she deserved. In a final compromise, officials came up with a solution to make the championship match 2 falls, with Britney already gaining the first fall. This way Britney gains an advantage for crushing Catherine after the challenge, but they donít hand her the title.

Even with her impressive victory many still put Britney as an underdog, and dismissed it as a fluke. Britney needed help to defeat tough Mariah Carey, and lost to Jennifer Lopez, although she humiliated Jennifer after the match. All in all, many viewed Britney as the one of the most formidable and talented newcomers to the celebrity fight scene and aren't surprised to see Britney already being put into main event fights like this challenge for War Queen.

Catherine however is less than thrilled to be putting her crown against this neophyte as she referred to her. Used to more seasoned fighters like Jennifer Lopez, and her arch nemesis, Salma Hayek, she puts Britney into a league with Heather Graham, whom she beat to an inch of her life. When Catherine reminded of her own limited experience on the fight circuit, starting only the last few years, she blew her top. She quickly reminded her detractors that she had been fighting most of her life and the fact that she had only gone pro in her late 20's was irrelevant. Britney was going to be like a lamb thrown to the lions as far as she was concerned. Britney, hearing this retorted that she too had been fighting most of her life, practiced at wrestling, martial arts, boxing, for the sheer love of it. As far as she was concerned experience wise they were close. The slight size advantage of Cat wasn't a concern for Brit either. In fact she had said it might be an advantage. Cat became smug with this statement saying she was going to squash the little bug if she insisted on still stepping in the ring with the big girls. Fight night has arrived and now we'll see if Cat can hold back the young upstart.

Cat slowly makes her way to the ring. A black silk cape surrounds her and sashays as she moves. Her long curly black hair as a draft blows on her. She waits in her corner, one of her long legs shows from out of the cape as she stands defensively. Her expression turns to disgust as Britney finally makes her way to the ring, running and smiling as if she were making an entrance to a concert instead of a fight. She is dressed in a varsity school jacket of red and white, her pig tails bouncing as she jumps into the ring. She removes the jacket to reveal a school girl outfit of white blouse, red and black tartan skirt, white knees socks and white wrestling boots. She starts to unbutton the blouse then rips it off showing a white muscle top. Then ripping the skirt to show plaid briefs. She sails the skirt around her head playing to the audience and Cat. She then rolls down the socks till they scrunch around the top of her boots. Cat, whose eyes are slits of anger removes her cape to show her two piece black outfit with black boots with leather straps that circle her legs to her knees looking like something a Roman gladiatrix would've worn. Her black suit set against her light skin contrasts nicely making Cat stand out as a fashion statement. Britney's light expression turns serious upon looking at the cool calm but angry Cat as she bites her lower lip and fingers her hair moving to center ring.

As the bell sounds and the two start circling each other. Britney at first seems a little hesitant keeping her distance but then to Cat's surprise she lunges in and locks up with her. The two struggle until Cat slams a forearm to her back and hiptosses her. Cat moves in but is kicked back as Britney rolls and springs to her feet. Cat crouches and moves in but is met with a boot to the gut and a forearm smash. Britney gets her in a front facelock as Cat tries to lift her and flip her over but to no avail as Britney drops her in a DDT. As Cat rolls to her back Britney applies a figure four headlock.

Pouring on the pressure she causes Cat's face to turn red in no time as she frantically tries to kick out. Britney's powerful legs are one of her best assets and she's using them to their fullest as Cat well realizes so she resorts to sinking her teeth in the nubile silky flesh of her inner thigh. Britney screams and lets go as Cat scrambles for the ring apron exiting under the bottom rope. But Britney is quick and grabs two handfuls of her hair and latches on to her ears pulling Cat back in the ring just as her feet were about to hit the floor. Cat is shrieking. Britney pulls her all the way in and to her feet where she launches an assault of closed fists, slaps and kicks. Cat is overwhelmed at the youngsters aggression and can only block them till she gets enough composure to start returning punches standing toe to toe.

Both women are soon left with welts and cuts when Britney failing to duck in time gets caught with a combo of fists to the jaw and cheek reeling her back. Cat has her on the defensive and goes in for the kill swinging hard, her hair falling in front of her face with the momentum. But Britney ducks and moves in lifting Cat on her shoulders and dumping her back so she falls across the top rope. Her throat takes the brunt of the impact as she falls on her back gagging and gasping. Again she tries to roll out of the ring but Britney grabs her ankles as she slides under the rope. Positioning her just right with her hands under the crooks of Cat's knees she catapults her but Cat doesn't go far as Britney planned when her throat again is guillotined by the bottom rope and she bounces back hard banging the back of her head on the mat. Britney slides her out and lifts her by the hair slugging her back to the ropes where she ties her up and continues a vicious onslaught of fists, slaps, kicks and eye gouges. Britney starts to tire and settles on just fists and the occasional kick as Cat goes limp. She droops her head as Britney slows her attack knowing she has the fight won.

The official is about to step in and stop the fight as suddenly Salma Hayek who had been yelling encouragement to Britney jumps in the ring. She has a pair of scissors in hand and raises Britney's hand in victory. Salma offers Britney the scissors pointing at the helpless Cat. Everyone including Britney is well aware of the brutal match Cat had with Salma when she cut off her clothes and some of her hair with scissors** and now it was revenge time. Salma was offering Britney a piece of the action as she made a few snips of her jet black hair and cut away her top yanking it off. After Salma blades her with the scissor blade making a small cut on her forehead Salma slaps the scissors in Britneyís hand and encourages her to do with Cat what she wants. Britney is hesitant and Salma grows impatient pushing her into Cat. Britney looks back at Salma then at Cat who is beaten and humiliated. She cuts off a small lock of hair as Salma claps but then suddenly turns and with the scissors secured in the palm of her hand smashes a fist square to Salma's jaw the lambastes her with a series of fists and slaps till she has a very surprised and hurt Salma tied up in the ropes beside Cat. Britney turns to the audience with scissors held high pointing at Cat and Salma as Salma curses at Britney. Britney shut her up as she again assaults her. She is now turning the tables on Salma cutting away her top and some of her hair.

Just then another surprise enemy attacks Britney as Jennifer Lopez slides through the ropes. Jen is very anxious to get some revenge on Britney after the humiliating beating she took after she won her match but had goaded Britney on afterwards. Britney saw her coming and readied herself as Jen connected with a fist she blocked the second and the two struggled as Britney tried to fight back still holding the scissors. Even with adrenaline pumping Britney is tired from the fight and Jen is winning the test of strength. But Jen lets out a howl of pain as Britney raises a knee into her crotch then another kick very reminiscent of last month's humiliating beating Britney gave Jen.*** Jen tries to swing back but only gets air as she falls into a side headlock and gets bladed from Britney. Britney gouges the wound and pounds it with her loaded fist till Jen is on rubber leg street. She tosses her over into both Salma and Cat as Jen falls to their feet moaning on her side with Salma and Cat still dangling semi conscious in the ropes. The usually demure but vivacious pop singer lets out a war cry as she stomps in the center of the ring looking back at the carnage she leaves exiting the ring with her hands raised and the title of "War Queen" now belonging to her.

Britney Spears turns Cat into a Pussy! Slams Salma Hayek! and Jams on Jennifer Lopez in the same night to become the Undisputed War Queen

Catherine Zeta Jones, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez & Christina Applegate
Bow to the new War Queen


* In Classic Cat vs Chris
** In Classic Cat vs Salma I
*** In Classic Jen vs Britney