Mariah Carey vs Whitney Houston
A Long Time Comin'

Whitney Vs Mariah (A Grudge Match)

Years had passed since the fights between Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton; fights instigated by Ms. Whitney Houston.* Both Mariah and Toni swore they would repay Whitney for her trickery. At one time Whitney even pretended to kiss and make up with Mariah and to be her friend but when Mariah was having her most resent troubles she turned on her. When Mariah's label offered her money not to record Whitney caught wind that her label was recruiting the golden diva and Whitney made moves to block her coming. Toni told Mariah not to believe the hype and she was right Whitney was a `snake in the grass' just like her cousin Dionne. But now the time for retribution had finally come.

Deacon arranged a mystery battle with Whitney for the benefit; normally Whitney would not agree to such a match but cocaine makes people think they are the "baddest" things on the planet. There was to be a mystery opponent and a mystery referee; Mariah and Toni. It was almost pathetic. Whitney was in such poor shape physically but Mariah was just as messed up emotionally, G-Man thought that it should not happen but it was Deacon's call. Deacon had the "serious hots" for Toni and would do anything to please the sultry vixen. Toni required some interesting stipulations. She asked that Deacon build a replica of the bathroom where the original conflict took place. G-Man told him if he wanted to do that for her he would have to pay out of his own pocket; Deacon had no problem it was a request from "T-Brax".

The time came and all parties had agreed on every aspect of the match and signed on the dotted line. Whitney was loud bragging and saying who much fun it would be to "whoop a b%tc#'s @$$ Just like in Jr. High school days in the bathroom". When she saw Mariah and Toni she froze for a moment then resumed her ranting and raving; "Oh what? I gotta fight these two talentless b%c#es?" "Is that the m()%#@F...()@% in' mystery?" "Baby I aint eeeven worried cause God is on my side... No problem, no problem at all... I will whoop both they lil @$$es" "Bobbie show me some gangsta' S#i% I can put them on they @$$"

Toni was wearing a designer referee's French cut singlette with a low cut neckline to her sensuous navel and a split down the back to the breach of her peerless posterior. She entered the replica first while subtly beckoning both Mariah and Whitney in. Whitney was the first to strut in, wearing long black spandex pants, a black sports bra and a pair of cross trainers. Toni stood in front of the stalls in the middle of the room, Whitney went the length of the room turned and leaned against the wall awaiting her opponent. Mariah entered wearing a white sports bra teaming with her bountiful mammary overshadowing Whitney's observable insufficiency. Mariah was also wearing a white loincloth from which her lengthy legs sprouted and from which the Africaness of her hearty golden rump was on display.

Toni spoke, " Here are the rules ladies, ain't none, when I think you had enough of an @$$ whoopin' I will stop it." "Well let's get it on"

The two sopranos screamed a kind of battle cry and tore into one another. Clawing, kicking, punching, biting, snatching hair; both wailing in pain and in rage. Round and round they danced the dance of battle, banging each other's bodies from wall to stall door. As scrawny as Whitney now is you would think she had no fight in her; but never underestimate the power of a crack head. Mariah was undaunted by Whitney's drug addict strength for hers was the power of pain and suffering which she was more than happy to unleash on her enemy.

As they clenched into a double headlock they fell into an open stall struggling arm and leg; both seeking a superior hold or position. Mariah started ramming Whitney's head into the walls of the stall and stomping on her feet. Whitney responded by taking advantage of their closeness and biting the golden Amazon on the forehead; Mariah growled in pain but did not cease her assault against her foe. Mariah slipped her hand into Whitney's pants locking a Kama Sutra claw; Whitney ceased her biting and screamed bloody murder. Mariah took her elbow and drove it into Whitney's neck converting her screams into gagging. Whitney's eyes began to wall, foam oozed from her mouth, veins popping in her neck, arms tensed and what was left of her thighs and butt started to tremble. As if that was not enough Mariah began to head butt Whitney in the face.

Toni by this time was ecstatic jumping up and down, clapping and shouting "Kill the B%t#h Mariah Kill the Bit#h " Mariah suddenly realized that she was killing Whitney and released her choke but not the claw; as Whitney cough, gagged and spat to regain her breath. "Who is the Grand Diva? Who's the Diva B%t#h?" Mariah demanded as she twisted Whitney's womanhood inside out; Bi%c# I will snatch your pu$$% Out"

"You are Mariah... you are... now please let me go " Whitney begged.

"Who else Hoe! Who else?"

"OK OK Toni too You're both Diva's" Whitney confessed.

"And you?" Mariah solicited as she ripped at Bobby's favorite spot.

"I.. I ain't Shit OK? Now please let me go " She pleaded. Mariah released her gruesome hold Whitney slumped to the floor; then Mariah grabbed Whitney's head and plunged it into the toilet and began to flush and dunk as Toni laughed hysterically.

Mariah destroys Whitney!!

* Classic Toni vs Mariah