Toni Braxton vs Mariah Carey

Toni Braxton vs Mariah Carey

It was common knowledge that Ms.Whitney Houston-Brown hated Mariah Carey. What was not known was her catty disdain she harbored for little Toni Braxton also. However she was warned by Tommy Mettola, Mariah's ex-husband, not to touch Mariah or Bobby Boy would be "Humpin' Around" with the fishes. So Whitney's evil cousin Dionne (on a clear day I can smell forever ) Warwick came up with a plan for Whitney to kill two song birds with one stone.

A little background; when Mr. Mettola made his great find in Mariah he literally fell in love and pulled out all the stops this included canceling a recording session that Whitney had going and pulling all her musicians onto Mariah's New project. Whitney went nuts! "That Wop A#$ Son of B@#$%!" Then to add insult to injury Toni Braxton won a Best New R&B Song on a technicality Toni's song was about a year old but came out after the deadline of the last awards so she sold more recordings and won. At the ceremony she held the award up to Whitney because Whitney was her idol; little did she know Whitney was paranoid, catty, pety, and messy etc?..

Dionne suggested through some gay friends of hers that Toni said that Mariah's lack of stage presence was do to her 'Trailer trash" half from her nasty white mama. It was also suggested that Mariah said the reason Toni was sleeping with so many men in the business is she was just trying to get pointers before her sex change operation. These and many other lies and half truths were spread by Dionnes "gay band of merry men" until both diva's started to breathe insults and threats. Toni's sisters caught wind of the noise and wanted to beat that high yella b#$%$es a%^! !!

Toni would not her of it , she wanted Mariah all to her self. Mariah's friend from the hood, Brenda K Star and ODB baby's and pacifier days encouraged Mariah to meet with Toni and deliver a good old fashioned NY beat down. Whitney was hearing all this and was orgasmicaly delighted. The people who were handling their career's weren't having it. It looked for a while that all Whitney's work was in vain; then by chance both Toni and Mariah had appointments to be screened at the same plastic surgeon about the same time.

Mariah was with her friend Trey, and Toni was with Tamar. Mariah and Trey entered the building first, Trey said,"Mariah Girl I know you not gonna pretend like you did not see that little dike b#$%^ get out of that lil raggedy a$% car. Girl you need to confront her little a%^! She ain't gone do nothin'. Her or her little cow of a sist'a."

By this time Toni and Tamar came through the revolving door Toni rushed toward the golden songstress looking up into Mariah's eye's ans saying "what now B@#$%^?!" pressing her small but sex body against Mariah's.

Mariah took one step back,"play me close and catch a bad one!"

What ! I tell you what B#$$%! Let' find a private place where I can whoop yo' a&&! Undisturbed!

"It' your little a?" Mariah said comely.

They headed for the ladies room. Both stopping their seconds from coming in ; Tamar wanted in just incase her big sister could not defeat the taller singer. Trey just wanted to see the fight he wouldn't jump in except to break it up if Mariah was loosing. Tamar did not know this nor did she trust the little effeminate man, so she watched him as they both listened in on the battle from outside.

The two beauties squared off with about three feet between them. Mariah's back was to the sinks and Toni's was to the commodes. Mariah said,"Are you sure you want to do this ? I mean it's stupid?.

"Don't suck now b#$%^&! Just take this a#$ whoppin' like a good little wanna be white girl", retorted Toni .

"I'm the same as you," remarked Mariah...

"No! I didn't sleep with my producer", returned the sexy little alto with her hands on her hips.

"No honey you didn't you just slept with his co-producer's little brother and everybody else you thought could further your career." Mariah screamed back.

By this time Toni was burning up by this time and was finished talking. The little fox rocketed into Mariah like a defensive back, knocking the wind out of her and driving her back into one of the sinks. "EEEAAHHHH! Bellowed Mariah as her back crashed into the sink and Toni's shoulder drilled into the lyric soprano's short ribs. Toni was like a wolverine; before Mariah's beautiful but rubbery legs allowed her to sink to the floor Toni had secured a straddled position right under the golden goddesses breasts. At the same time wedging her elbow under the Melloto's chin cutting off her air. The back of Mariah's pressed against the sink, her chest gripped by Toni's surprisingly powerful little thighs. Now to add "injury to injury", when Mariah tried to brace herself by bridging out and reaching behind her to grab the sink with one hand and get some relief from the wrath of Toni's elbow, Toni proceeded to pound on Mariah's head with her free hand creating a symphony of pain and a cornucopia of dis-figurement as knot after knot and bruise after bruise appeared on her once lively face.

Toni BraxtonAs Toni worked Mariah it seemed to be like an erotic event for her squeezing, pressing and pounding. Talking to Mariah in a crescendo, "What's my name, what's my name! WHAT'S MY NAME! B$#$%!

(Meanwhile on the outside Tamar recognizing her sister was in the driver's seat shouted, "Whoop dat a$$! T!"?

Trey with a look of concern shouted, "Don't let that little munchkin beat you girl!)

Mariah worried that Toni would damage her million dollar voice tapped the little alto on the shoulder to concede the loss. Toni let her Drop to the floor, "Now what? What? What b!@#$! Toni said as she danced and shadow boxed around her fallen foe. Ms. Braxton should have cut and took her win right then and there but she just had to gloat. "Hey b!@#$! Want another shot at the tile? Huh, huh, huhhhhhhahhhh!" Clink! The over confident diva slipped on something wet fell back into a stall and hit the back of her head on the edge of one of the commodes. By this time Mariah was on her feet and looking into a mirror at Toni's handy work: her face was black and blue. Several speed knots had risen on her forehead, her left eye was closed and her lip looked like Biz MARKY'S . When she saw the little hell cat fallen , dazed and writhing in pain she pounced on her like an alley cat on a mouse.

The back of Toni's head had a large knot the size of an egg with a gash in the middle; she was out of it. Mariah pulled Toni up by the throat, " OK little b!@#$ lets see how you take pain!"

Toni was defenseless and Mariah had no mercy as she rammed Toni's head from wall to wall finally crashing her nose into the edge of the sink. Blood splattered everywhere and Toni let out a frightening scream for help, "TAMAAAAR!" Mariah paid no attention she simply continued beating her victim; power slamming her onto the hard floor and jumping into her belly with both feet and the full force of her weight. "Uuhhhh! was Toni's only reply to being treated like a human trampoline.

Mariah ripped off Toni's top exposing her small firm breasts, then raked her nails across them. When Toni rolled over whimpering and covering them the heartless "Butterfly" raked her nails down the little diva's back casing Toni to stiffen up as if electrified.(Meanwhile Tamar hearing her sibling cry out in pain, went for the door. Trey blocked her way, "Oh no Miss Thing! Now that yo skank a@# sista' is get her lil a#$ whoop! You wanna get in. Tamar tried to push past him but he put her into a headlock. As you can imagine by this time the receptionist had called the police. Tamar unable to pull away from Trey's hold reached into his jeans grabbed his "package" and squeezed until he screamed like a girl... back to the main event).

Toni was beaten. bleeding, face down straddle by a larger girl who was using her head for target practice; worst of all she did not know where Tamar was. She could not hear the struggle outside for her own cry's and Mariah's taunts echoed throughout the restroom. She could only think ,"Oh God my sista' left me to die!"

Mariah CareyMariah ceased punching and stood above Toni's near quivering half nude body and said, "You know what ho'? I gonna retire yo' stank a@# from hoin'.. I'm gonna break that famous back of yours." She put Toni in an inverted figure four leg lock combination chin lock. Mariah began to bend Toni's back like a brave's new bow. Toni let out a deep bellowing sound as she was suspended in the air half nude and twisted like a pretzel, sweating bleeding, twitching and praying: wondering when she would draw her last breath. Mariah seemed to be releasing all her bottled up frustration on Toni; not even seeing her anymore but all the cruel faces of those who shunned her and her family because of who and what they were. She was in the zone and Toni was in jeopardy of being crippled or killed.

Just then door slammed open and in came Tamar, "Get off my sista' B@#$%^! Tamar kicked Mariah in the throat then swiftly caught Toni's head before it could hit the ground.

Mariah was gagging but the leg lock was still on, Tamar very gingerly unraveled their sweat soaked thighs and calves then kicked Mariah in the left breast. She picked up her battered sister and exited out the back amid a small crowd that had gathered and the sound of sirens in the background. Where ever Mariah is Mettola's muscle was never far behind. When seeing a crowd gathering from the outside and hearing the police coming they went to retrieve Mariah and her merry friend only to find them both downed and hurt.(They knew to drop them off at the nearest hospital and leave town; the American head of Soni records was not going to be pleased). Though Mariah was broad sided by Tamar she felt vindicated for the beating she took at first and knew that this would be her last fight with Ms. Braxton.

When Whitney got the news through the grapevine she squealed and shook with pleasure. "Wooooo!! I love it when a plan comes together!(But her time is coming ..cause mama says "every dog has his/her day!")
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