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Halle Berry (55%) mugs Carmen Electra (45%)
Carmen Electra quickly takes the mud pit and takes a squat in the middle of it. She appears happy and at home as a piglet in the grimy conditions. Halle Berry emerges from the dressing glittering in gold. She wore her gold sports bra and matching bottom that sparkled in the light.

Halle stuck one toe in the chilly, slimy mud and shivered. She pulled the toe out and walked around the pit trying to compose herself for this battle. Obviously she was rethinking the wisdom of challenging Carmen to a fight in this environment. She definitely wanted a rematch with Carmen, after the embarrassing thumping she received from her during a skirmish at a party several months ago.* Halle's mind started to drift back to the first fight. She thought she would prevail until they fell into the cold waters of the swimming pool. She remembered the humiliation she felt as Carmen mercifully drug her defeated body out the water. But Halle would not except defeat and restarted the fight, only to find herself out gunned by Carmen's breast smother.

Suddenly this trip down memory lane was interrupted when Carmen scooped up a handful of mud, and tossed it at Halle. The mud hit Halle on her chest and ran down.

"Come on in you bitch, I'm ready to kick your ass again!" yelled Carmen.

Halle realized that she was now in the present, and she had challenged Carmen to a rematch in the mud pit on the very grounds that the original fight took place. More importantly her prestigous War Queen title was on the line. Her face snarled then she dove into the pit on top of Carmen, and the two began wrestling around in the muck. Halle had the edge in aggression and strength and was able to grapple Carmen down in the mud. Holding Carmen down, Halle rocked her with a series of forearms to her jaw.

Carmen became desperate and reached up and dug her claws into Halle's muddy hair. Halle replied likewise, and the two superstars began a hair-pulling contest in the middle of the pit. The two tugged at each other's hair and lashed at each other with their legs. Soon they were one big mass of entangled flesh struggling for supremacy.

They tussled for a few minutes before Halle once again over powered Carmen and forced her face into her cleavage. Carmen lost her grip on Halle's slick, short curls as the champion tried to repay Carmen for breast smothering her into unconsciousness months earlier. Trapped underneath Halle and tiring, Carmen began to see her chances at victory fade.

Carmen easily realizes the gladiatrix she is facing today is not the loud mouth girl who instigated the fight with her all those months ago. Halle is stronger and a hell of a lot more determined. Fighting for all she was worth, Carmen was swinging wildly just trying to hurt Halle anyway she could find. Carmen's fist slapped Halle's sides and kidneys, as Carmen bucked and tried everything to escape. Finally her wild thrashing gained her some success as Halle released the bucking bronco under her and searched for another way to finish her victim.

Carmen was gasping for air and obviously fatigued by the ordeal of escaping. The black goddess was not about to let this opportunity to avenge her earlier loss pass by. Many of the visitors of the original party were here to see this rematch. Halle could not help but accept the fact that she was dominated that night and Carmen, by far was the better fighter, but tonight she was going to dominate and repay her rival for every indignity she suffered last time. All the patron could see a different resolve in the woman now sporting the championship gold.

Halle again sunk her claws into Carmen's muddy hair, and Carmen yanked on Halle's much shorter hair. Knowing she was at a distinct disadvantage in this hair-pulling contest, because Halle's hair was so much shorter than hers, Carmen struggled to reach her feet. Once she had stood and had dragged Halle to her feet as well, Carmen began searching for an opening to use her thick legs to kick the stuffing out of Halle.

Still connected by their grips on each other's hair, Carmen lashed out with her foot and found the smack of it hitting Halle's stomach hilarious. Smiling at her success, she tried to kick again, but Halle swiveled her hips to the side so that Carmen missed. Normally this would not have been a problem, but in the treaturous footing in the mud, Carmen slipped and fell on her ass. She unfortunately loss her tentative hold on Halle's hair, as she fell as well.

Halle smiled and grabbed hold of Carmen's ankles, which were now sticking straight up in the air. Halle smiled at her victim before leaping high in the air and coming down hard with her knee on Carmen's exposed groin. Carmens shrieks and her upper body jack knifes up in response. Halle was sitting with one knee on Carmen's pussy and waiting. When Carmen sits up Halle nails her square in the mouth with a straight right handed punch, knocking Carmen right back down. Halle stands and looks down at her victim. Carmen curls up to protect herself and holds her throbbing pussy.

"Hah the bitch is beaten" Halle thinks as she breaks out in a smile. With thoughts of revenge in mind, she leaps and lands on Carmen's back with both knees. Halle straddles the small of Carmen's back, and grabs a handful of hair. She uses her handle to grind Carmen's face into the mud. Halle snakes her arm around her challenger's throat from behind. The champion jerks back trying to choke Carmen out. Carmen's body seems to become electrified. Angry and determined, the powerful Carmen spared no effort in her attempts to free herself. She bucked and twisted violently underneath her foe. However Halle hung on with even more determination. Finally being bigger and stronger, Halle began to wear Carmen down. The Canpion tightens her grip around Carmen's neck, making the trapped vixen gurrgle. Carmen starts getting dizzy from exertion and lack of air.

The sting of embaressment and public humiliation from her defeat at Carmen's hands still ran through her. A simple victory would not satisfy Halle at this point. The champion feels the beed for a little cruel humiliation of Carmen to feel complete. "I'll teach you to embarass me" Halle mutters as she rolls Carmen over on her stomach and takes a seat on the Playmate's face. Halle hoops and plays to the crowd as she grinds her ass on Carmen's face. Of course Halle could not pass the oportunity to pull off Carmen's bikini top and toss it into the crowd.

Halle once again buries Carmen's face in her breast. This time, realizing that her chest was not large enough to quickly smother her foe, Halle scoops up mud, and packs it in the cracks between her flesh and Carmen's flesh.

With this added help, Halle was able to quickly send Carmen into dreamland with her breast smother. Feeling somewhat vindicated for her previous loss Halle stood and accepted the cheers of the crowd. She placed a foot on Carmen and raises her arms and strikes a pose of ultimate victory. Although Halle was victorious, she felt she had one more small piece of business left to take care of.

"Time to clean up" Halle says with a smile as she lifts a groggy Carmen to her feet.

Halle drags a barely conscious Carmen over to the same swimming pool that she and Carmen originally fought. Halle slings Carmen into the pool. The cold waters instantly bring Carmen back to life as she struggles to escape them. Halle releases her biggest smile of the day, finally feeling completely vindicated from defeat!

Our Goregeous Champion relaxes

Carmen fails in her bid to become a two time War Queen
*Carmen vs Halle 1