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Carmen Electra (70%) Downs Halle Berry (30%)
It had been perhaps 3 weeks since Carmen had suffered from that humiliating fight with Jenny McCarthy in the old Singled Out studio, fortunately she was able to find some clothes in the dressing room area, not the best of fits, but enough to let her escape without an even more embarrassing loss of what remained of her pride. Word of her latest loss however did quickly get out, and for a week or so many of the other gals were dropping little jabs at her wherever she went, taunting her about how easy it was for her to be beaten.

Then came the invite to the party. John the "Candyman", as many liked to call him for his behind the scenes financial backing of films, was setting up another bash which usually was when he announced plans to back another movie. Carmen got an invite along with a rather nice list of many other celebrities invited, maybe 20 in all. Hoping this might prove to be the opening she needed, she planned to be there.

That day at the studio though she ran in to yet another problem as she sat at lunch in the commissary, and found herself sharing it with Halle Berry. Without preamble, Halle laid her feelings and a warning out to Carmen. ďHoney, I see you got an invite to the bash next weekend, if you're thinking of using it to go after some parts forget it. I'll be there, and that female lead part is going to be mine. You get in my way, and I'll make your little fight back at the studio seem like a dream lost! I'm not afraid to kick your dumb ass all over that place and humiliate you so bad you won't be able to show your face for months. Take my advice girl, don't go or else." With that, she got up from her table and left Electra to ponder the warning and also do a slow burn. A few minutes later, her own meal was left on the table still untouched as she got up and left the commissary, and for the rest of the week essentially dropped out of sight.

The weekend did however come, and it was late in the afternoon as the party got in to full swing out in the back yard of the host. True to her word, Halle had been working the crowd, and especially playing up to the money in her own way, showing her shape off in a tight black jumpsuit that seemed to accent her form. The other 4 ladies there, all were keeping well out of her way, perhaps knowing she was apt to be trouble. A wolf whistle though caught several of the members attention as Carmen put her own appearance in at last wearing a sheer looking green dress that did little to hide the body underneath, and she too started to play the men as well, going straight to the host and starting with him.

Turning on her charm, she enchanted them, and it was clear that she was definitely making an impression with several of them including the host, and this did not go over well at all with Halle. Slipping in closer, she gripped her by the arm as she left yet another one of the power players, "Honey" she half murmured, half hissed, "I'm sure you remember my little warning the other day, you're messing with my style, now back off or I'll tear you apart!"

Arching an eyebrow at Halle, Carmen turned to face her, her hands on hips now and confrontation definitely in her voice as it came out noticeably louder, "Or you'll do what?!?" She got her response a second later as Halle backhanded the raven haired beauty the crack of it sending her staggering back a few feet and the sound of it getting everyone's attention. Recovering a moment later, Electra with an angry hiss of her own launched herself at Halle, her fingers quickly finding the ebony beauty's throat and slammed a hard knee up between the legs causing her to wail in pain and drop to her knees. A second kick from Carmen slapped her backwards half stunned and Carmen stood over her glaring and daring her to get up.

For several seconds, Halle did nothing but half lay and half prop herself up there looking up at her, anger and hate flaring in her eyes at being put down like this. Carmen, thinking it was over, turned her back on the ebony queen and started to walk back to who she had been approaching near the pool, never realizing that Halle was no where near done with this. Getting up, Halle leapt forward tackling her low around the legs from behind and bringing Carmen down as well.

Climbing on top of the sultry raven haired beauty she grabbed at the zipper of the dress and jerked it down and when it got to the bottom she pulled hard ripping and pulling the dress even further down ruining it. Getting up and off she jerked Carmen up with an arm leaving her exposed and nude in front of the partygoers, figuring this would embarress her and make her quit. Wrong answer though as Carmen's face turned red with anger, and she slammed hard in to Halle driving her back, but not paying attention to the area, toppled them both in to the pool. Halle's own jumpsuit was instantly waterlogged and became a liability as the weight of it dragged at her and threatened to pull her under. Add to this Carmen was nude and had no such problems. Carmen, grabbing at Halle's hair dunked her beneath and tried to hold her under and take some of the fight out of her.

Realizing she was in serious trouble, Halle grabbed at the hand being used to hold her under with one hand even as she fought with the other to kick off her pants and free her legs up. The pants went quickly enough but she was running low on air and couldn't pry the hands off the head even with both hands free now.

Carmenís' body was floating in front of her, and an attempt to punch her hard didn't go no where the water's resistance was not making it do any damage. Realizing she had to do something desperate now, she took the one open attack she saw and grabbing at Carmen pulled her close in and sank her teeth hard in to the exposed breasts. The shriek of pain was heard all around the pool as many watched the fight. A couple started to go in, and break the fight up, but Johnís signal made them wait, he was willing to let them fight it out, perhaps he had something in mind and wanted to see how they fared.

The pain was incredible as far as Carmen was concerned. When those teeth sank in to her skin and she let go of the hair and thrust away in an involuntary reaction to it. It was enough for Halle's head to come up to the surface gasping for much needed air and turning she swam as hard as she could for the shallow end of the pool getting her feet on solid bottom and quickly peeled off the top hearing Carmen splashing up behind her as she coming in hot pursuit.

Turning to face Carmen, she threw the top at her catching her in the face and momentarily blinded her as it covered the face. Before she could pull it off so she could see, Halle swarmed her and grabbing the black locks shoved Carmen under and got her legs around the dusky beauty's head to hold her there intent on forcing her surrender.

Caught out briefly and trapped underneath Halle, Carmen tore the clothes from her face and seeing where she was, a wicked grin crossed her face as she got her feet under her and aligned her body, she slowly powered up in to a standing position lifting the surprised Halle up as well like a chicken fight rider in the water games would be lifted, but then Halle loosened her legs and that was all Carmen needed to flip Halle off her shoulders and back in to the water.

As Halle tried to get her bearings Carmen sprang on her, landing on top of her and wrapped her legs around the waist and held her in a standing like scissors knowing with her feet now on the bottom of the pool she had her right where she wanted her. Trapped, Halle had to use her hands to splash to keep her head above the waterline, but she had even more trouble as Carmenís legs started to squeeze slowly draining her strength even as her efforts to stay afloat did the same. Worse, Carmen chose to drop her hands down and started to rake and claw at the now exposed breasts getting cry after cry of pain from the ebony beauty as they were mauled.

Slowly, Halle's strength faded and she was soon barely able to stay afloat. Convinced she now had her beat, Carmen finally released the hold and dragged the almost limp ebony queen out of the pool from the shallow end and laid her out on the concrete walkway.

Standing, Carmen drank in the applause of the others around for her victory over the ebony queen, planting a foot on the body in a victory pose. Halle wouldn't accept the loss however and slapped weakly at the foot, "Bitch, you got lucky" she said still unwilling to concede defeat.

Anger rose yet again at Halle's stubbornness and Carmen dropped to her knees just behind Halle's head, "You don't get it do you, I beat you fair and square, but since you can't understand that, this is to thank you for reminding me of the fight back at the studio!" And using a variation of the move that had finished her off before in the studio, Carmen dropped down on Halle covering her face with her breasts and wrapping her arms around the head forcing her in a breast smother hold.

Halle jerked and squirmed as she found her air cut off yet again, and tore at the back and grabbed at the hair in an attempt to pull herself free, but the arms were wound tight and shown no sign of letting go. Carmen was intent on smothering her out as a final show of her strength and her own humiliation. As Halle pulled at the hair to no luck she realized she had a final chance, and went for it by throwing her arms around Carmenís head instead and before she could pull up and out, jerked her head down as well in to her own breasts matching smother and hoping her own air would outlast Carmenís.

The move captured Carmen as she swore mentally to herself for leaving herself open to a sucker move. She gulped a good breath a moment before she went in, and settled for this fight knowing this was an end move, only one of them would get up from.

Soon, both ladies were writhing and their bodies going in to spasms as their air loss became unbearable. Neither was willing to release knowing it would be their undoing. With a final quiver, Halle, who was already badly weakened gave a last shudder and her arms fell limply to either side allowing Carmen to raise her head. Showing a blue face, she rolled off her vanquished foe. Slowly with help from some others rose to her feet. Another wrapped a bath towel around her, but she shrugged it off and once more struck a victory pose over the unconscious Halle to proclaim she was the better woman.

Half an hour later, dressed in a sheer bikini that someone managed to scare up, Carmen was again chatting with John. He told her he and his friend Sly were planning to financially back a movie she might be right for. He would tell him about the fight. As for Halle, after she was carted to a bedroom and revived, no one saw her again that night.

Halle didn't enjoy her dip in the pool

Carmen crawls away with a BIG victory