Prelude to the Tag Team Match

Christina Applegate is still furious She tried to help Mariah Carey last month, only to have Mariah blame her for her loss. "Damn bitch", Chris thought, "I’ll find a way to get her." She goes to sleep thinking "That bitch doesn’t even have any friends, and she is mad at me for trying to help her" Christina slips into dream land thinking of a way to get back at Mariah. She has a dream, that we’ll peak into........

The Dream: "Tonight we see our first scheduled celebrity pro wrestling tag match. But just not any tag match as you’ll soon see. A little history is in order to set this match up." Explains the television announcer, Marv Albert.

"A couple months back Mariah Carey and Christina were having a match, in which Jennifer Lopez interfered causing Chris to lose.* Mariah hadn’t asked Jen to interfere at least as far as Chris knew so she held no animosity towards her. Last month after being assaulted by Jen again, ** Chris got her revenge big time against Jen, beating her badly in a dumpster match.^ On that same card Chris had come to Mariah’s rescue in her match against teenage singing sensation, Britney Spears when Cameron Diaz interfered making it a two on one assault versus Mariah. Despite Chris’s help Cam and Brit won out beating both unconscious.+ After all this, Mariah has the audacity to blame Chris for her loss." Marv narrates.

"They had maintained nothing more than a professional rivalry previously, but now Chris is livid. She risked her body for Mariah in a match Mariah would’ve surely lost anyway, heck she already had lost. And now the Diva blamed her for her loss?! The gall of this woman! And now she challenges her to a match but just not a face to face, woman to woman fight, she wants a tag match! Now here’s where it gets more interesting. Mariah selects for her partner one of her arch rivals, Whitney Houston! Two women who as far as wrestling goes have nothing in common but their past rivalry and past and present dislike for Christina. They are willing to set aside their rivalry to beat on Christina for what, well intentions?" Marv continues.

If this wasn’t enough, Mariah when making the challenge and flaunting her new found alliance with Whitney, and challenged Christina to find a partner if she could, or otherwise forfeit the match. Christina isn’t going to fight her handicapped. Mariah's is confident Christina has more enemies than friends and will not be able to find a partner unless it is some green rookie trying to make a name for herself. Mariah thinks she has this one locked up. Chris would no doubt forfeit and Mariah wins without entering the ring. Or she and Whitney would beat the crap out of Chris and whoever the poor girl she can dig up to face them. Chris after nearly leaping the table to attack Mariah during initial negotiations assured her while being restrained she would be here with or without a partner. She would fight Mariah no matter what! Hell, she wouldn’t have to, since her and Whitney would probably end up fighting each other anyway, Chris would just have to pickup the pieces. This is when Mariah and Whitney lost their cool and all had to be separated and have not seen each other till fight night." Mav finishes.

Fight night arrives. Mariah and Whitney make their way to the ring. Whitney is in an elegant sequined ring robe. Mariah in a leather jacket. Each enters under the music of one of their songs. They disrobe and Whitney reveals a black satin one piece cut high in the legs, black shiny vinyl boots. Mariah is in a two piece of a black sports bra, and very short denim shorts with black wrestling boots and black socks. Whitney gives her a look that said, "That’s what you’re wearing"? Then she put on her game face as her and Mariah look hunky dory, the consummate tag team ready for everyone.

Then the music for the t.v. show "Jesse" comes on only to be scratched and the music for "Married With Children" starts. Christina makes her way to the ring alone dressed in a red satin ring jacket. She jumps to the ring apron and leaps over the top rope. Mariah and Whitney are laughing, waving Chris off. Mariah takes the microphone and starts taunting Chris about not being able to score a partner. Just as Whitney and Mariah are exiting the ring ropes the music for "Unhappily Ever After" starts playing. Mariah and Whitney’s faces change to utter disbelief when Nikki Cox makes her way to the ring playing heavily to the crowd as Christina points and applauds her former bitter rival.

Nikki wears the same red satin jacket. She points to Chris as well applauding her as the crowd goes wild. Mariah and Whitney are as livid as surprised. Everyone knew Christina and Nikki had been rivals from their similar t.v shows of "Married With Children" and "Unhappily Ever After" and that rivalry intensified when the two faced each other many times over the years when both entered the celebrity fight circuit. Now they are acting like long time buddies. Chris takes off her jacket to reveal a royal blue two piece with bright red boots and white socks. When Nikki saw that Mariah and Whitney were ready to attack Chris she yanks off her jacket to reveal an identical suit to Chris’. The only difference being her boots were burgundy, but also contrasted with white socks. The audience had already noticed this difference when both were wearing their ring jackets and their long legs are interrupted only by the noticeable boots. The similarity in their outfits and the fact they looked great in them wasn’t lost on Whitney who again sneered at Mariah. All the women wore their hair loose, except for Whitney with her coifed style was the only one who didn’t have shoulder length hair, Chris’ blonde locks were straight, as opposed to Mariah’s brunette and Nikki’s red long hair both worn very curly.

Nikki charges the ring as Mariah and Whitney charged Chris, trapping her in her corner and pummel her with fists and kicks. Nikki jumps in and the two fight back. Mariah and Whitney retreat as the bell formally sounds, after brief formal introductions are made.

Mariah and Chris are first to lockup. Chris wins the test of strength and gets Mariah into a grinding headlock. Mariah rakes Chris' eyes. Chris nearly lets loose but hiptosses Mariah, maintaining the lock, but Mare gets her in a headscissor. Chris kicks out and tags Nikki who dropkicked Mare as she rose up. She whips Mare into Chris’s corner then spears her in the gut and tags Chris. Chris whips Mare into the far ropes clotheslining her and then disorienting her with a couple snap mares. Mare is totally confused and ready to tag out only she is reaching her hand to Whitney into an empty corner.Whitney shakes her head as she enters stomping at Chris tossing her back. The female ref to chases Chris back so she can order Whitney out, and maintain order, but this allows Whitneyto drag Mare to their corner for a legal tag.

Whitney enters only to find Nikki has been tagged. As she goes for the lockup, Nikki sidesteps and kicks her in the gut. Whitney returns the kick only to have Nikki again prepared and grabs her boot and swings her around. Nikki kicks at Whitney's hamstrings and flips her back where she lands hard in the enemy corner. Nikki tags Chris who yanks Whitney out of the corner into a belly to back suplex and then a cross body press. Whitney tries to kick out as Chris now pummels her with fists.

Mare tries to rescue Whitney but is held back by the ref while Chris yanks Whitney up with an armbar. While twisting Whitney's arm, Chris adds kicks to Whitney's chest. Chris whip Whitney into the ropes to Nikki’s awaiting forearm. Then while tangled in the ropes, Whitney finds herself double teamed. The ref interceded as a frustrated Mare jumps from the ring to go to the other side for the rescue, only to have Whitney escape and leap to her now empty corner to tag Mare. Mare on the other hand is now being double teamed herself and once again the ref forces the break on the arena floor.

Chris yanks Mare into the ring by the hair after they slammed her into the apron, with her gut and chest taking the impact. A couple karate thrusts to the chest and throat have Mare on rubber leg street as Chris turns backing into her corner. Nikki leaps onto Chris' shoulders after the tag then somersaulting into a devastating dropkick that sends Mare landing nearly across the ring. Whitney slaps the ropes in frustration and cheers on her partner who lay totally dazed. Nikki grabs the crook of Mare's knee, pulling back in a pin. One, two, thr…. As Whitney runs over and leaps off the top rope ready to dropkick Nikki’s head off. Nikki spots her out of the corner of her eye and listens to Chris’s warning, and rolls away in time and Whitney lands hard in a butt splash on her own partner.

Mare writhed holding her ribs as Whitney rubs her butt and slaps the mat in anger. Then is laid out herself as Nikki lands with a leg drop across the back of her head as she knelt. Nikki whips Whitney into their corner and then whips Mare into Whitney. Nikki tackles both as Chris holds them. The acresses go to work on the divas raking eyes, punching, kicking till the ref forces the break. By now the wrestlers and audience are tiring of the ref and even she could see her interference is having little effect as this match, seemed to be near over. She decided she’d allow some leniency.

Nikki tags Chris who now goes to work on her ungrateful rival Mariah. She snapmares then bodyslams her before getting her in a surfboard by yanking her arms back as her boots held Mariah’s crooks of her bended knees, pinning her to the floor helpless. Whitney staggers out of the corner and Nikki repeats the same sequence of moves on her. Finally both had their opponents face to face bent back as far as they could. Then they release, Mariah and Whitney and force them close enough to bonk their heads together. The divas laid face down as Chris yells out, "You want two on one, you got it"! With that Nikki and Chris straddle Mariah. Nikki gets a camel clutch as Chris bends her legs back in a Boston Crab making Mariah scream out her submission. Then they did the same thing to Whitney and get a cry of submission quickly coming from her.

Nikki and Chris had won and both hold the other’s hand high in a show of victory as they stood over their beaten foes. They leap out of the ring amid cheers as slowly Mariah and Whitney made it to their knees while grabbing their backs. While snarling at Mariah, Whitney lets go with a slap to the face, nearly decking Mariah who has had all the fight taken out of her. Attendants helped the two back to the dressing rooms where it is said both divas went after each other after because of their embarrassing loss and poor showing as a team to the surprisingly finely honed team of Christina and Nikki, something neither counted on. Both are playing the blame game, and fighting till they had to be separated into different dressing rooms. Now each are vowing to get at each other.

The Awakening: Christina wakes up the following morning after this amazing dream. She has a blueprint for revenge against Mariah Carey. Christina quickly calls Nikki early the next morning, and together they hatch a plan, even more diabolical than Christina's dream. A call was made to Stone Rage's office and a few days later a contract is signed pitting Christina and Nikki against Mariah and Whitney. Mariah and Whitney had just put past differences and jealousies aside to record their hit duet, "When You Believe" for the Prince of Egypt soundtrack. Both were excited about teaming up again and the match. I wonder if they will remain that way?

See how Christina & Nikki's plan plays out!
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+ Classic Mariah vs Britney