Pam Anderson


However I always intended to win this war in the ring and not in the boardroom. - Quatro Calderon

"I don't believe this! Calderon got one over on me. He used a trick that Halle invented against us." Stone Rage rationalizes while with the Fab Four. “I'll leave the final decision up to you. If I go to meet with Calderon about Eva Longoria from being abducted by the Resistance, I will have to leave the building during your Unconditional Surrender match. If I’m not in the building then your eternal enemy, Christina Applegate will have total authority over your match as the Booking Committee Chairperson. She can be bias or flat out cheat during your match and nobody can do anything about it." Stone Rage explains "What so you want me to do?"

"There is no decision to be made. You go rescue Eva." Tia Carrere answers while looking dead into Stone Rage's eyes. She did not blink and spoke very definitively.

Jennifer Lopez explains, "We have fucked up things like this before, but not this time. You go take care of our friend, and we'll take care of things in the ring."

"What the hell are you waiting for Rage?" Halle Berry intervenes as she stands and goes to open the door. "Get out of here and find out about Eva. We've got a new strategy to discuss." Halle holds the door open for Rage to exit. There is no need for more words at this point of the night.

Stone Rage leaves the room and the building. He has to go meet with the studio advisor, Quatro Calderon. Eva Longoria was taken from the ring and arena following her defeat to Eva Mendes in a casket match earlier. Rage needs answers from Calderon to recover Longoria.

Meanwhile Halle huddles with her teammates. They need a new strategy for their match beginning in minutes. Now that Christina Applegate is in control of the proceedings, the balance of power shifts significantly. This is a pivotal match in their careers. This is an Unconditional Surrender match. That means the loser of the match must abide with the conditions of the winning team, no matter how cruel, critical or absurd that they may be. Also the Fab Four are facing The Chosen. They are a group put together by the studio heads and Quatro Calderon specifically to destroy or control the Fab Four's combined power that they are gaining in the entertainment industry. Never have the stakes been higher.

None the less, not even ten minutes later, their music is playing and the Fab Four are walking to the ring, very calm cool and collected. People in the know understand that is why these ladies are legends. It is a huge match, an unpredictable situation, and their ace in the hole, Stone Rage, is not in the building. Yet they enter the ring like there is absolutely nothing wrong. All four ladies look heavenly in four different pure white outfits. They prance around the ring and interact with the audience like it is a normal match.

"Now making their debut!" The beautiful ring announcer begins. "They are called, The Chosen! They were hand picked for success in this ring by the studio elite. I give you, Amber Heard! Margot Robie! Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj!" The young foils to the long established heroines enter the arena to a mixed reaction at best from the audience. They do not give one flying fuck about it. They were there to make millions of dollars and win this match for the executives. However they manage to turn a few fans' opinions along the way as only drop dead gorgeous young women are able to do.

The Chosen enter the ring with the Fab Four and the intensity and tension rises. Soon the referee takes control. Tia Carrere is set to start the match for the Fab Four. Kate Upton is selected to take her on for the Chosen. The other participants take their places in their respective corners on the ring apron.

The bell rings to begin the match. Kate wears a smile and eyes Tia. The veteran walks out of her corner slowly for a second or two, then explodes toward the blonde. Both of Tia's fists fly and smash into Kate's monster tits. Tia finishes her lightening fast combinations with an uppercut to the chin. Kate is reeling as Tia grabs Kate's arm and tosses her to the mat with a judo throw. Tia leaps on top and grabs Kate's blonde hair and starts dribbling her head into the mat. Then Tia slams her clenched fist into the side of Kate's face like her life depended on it. Tia keeps control of Kate with a handful of blonde hair while the big model thrashes around underneath her.

The Chosen crew are crying foul and yelling at the referee vividly from their corner. This fast start is totally unexpected from the Fab Four. Kate felt like she has stepped into a hornet's nest and is trying to get away. Kate almost fights free and is trying to stand when Tia captures her in a head lock. Tia runs several steps and bulldogs Kate's face into the mat. Tia drags Kate to the Fab Four corner by her golden hair and tags Halle Berry into the ring.

While Halle gets into the ring, Tia is hauling Kate up to her feet. Tia tosses Kate off her feet and into the air. Halle leaps up and catches her around the head and brings her down chin first, and slamming those vaunted boobies to the mat. The crowd pops in excitement. Most recognized it as a catfight version of the pro wrestling legends, The Dudley Boys' finisher, 3D. Probably because of Kate's huge, bouncy tits, Kate's head bounces up with proverbial birdies tweeting around her head. Halle celebrates and plays to the crowd while a stunned Kate tries to get up, and get the fuck out of there. She wobbles to her feet somewhat when Halle appears out of nowhere and strikes with another cutter, or a Randy Orton RKO for the modern wrestling fans. Kate plummets chin first to the mat again, and lands flat on their face. Halle pops to her feet again and demonstratively celebrates her new finishing hold that she calls the HBKO. Halle walks to her corner and tags Pam Anderson into the match.

Pam takes her time crawling through the ropes. She did not have to hurry. Kate has only lifted her head with her eyes rolling around. Ever the entertainer, Pam acknowledges her fans as the dizzy blonde, Kate, slowly tries to rise. Before Kate can fully stand, and is still bent over, Pam leaps over top of her victim. Pam grabs Kate around the waist exactly like a sunset flip move, only as Pam flips and takes Kate over, Pam closes her legs around Kate's head, and spikes Kate's head into the mat in a pile driver. Commentator Cole Hunter exclaims, "Oh shit!" Pam just nailed Kate with a Canadian Destroyer!" Cole continues in disbelief, "That was a sunset flip into a Canadian Destoyer." Kate landed like a lawn dart on the crown of her head. Her long, tall big body is used against her as all her weight comes crashing down on her head. Pam gets back to her feet like she had not just executed one of the most devastating moves in all of wrestling. She returns to her corner and tags Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer springs over the top rope with a huge smile. Jennifer stands over to the laid out blonde, being more JLo than Jennifer Lopez. JLo stands over the flat on her back blonde and does a few booty shaking moves, before doing a back flip and landing on Kate's mountainous chest and tits. It is a collossal clash of epic proportions. Jennifer's fabled booty versus Kate's mythical boobs. JLo's booty wins and splatters Kate's mountainous breasts. Jennifer stands up and twerks a few more seconds, then drops her illustrious ass down on Kate's face. Jennifer springs to her feet and runs to the corner to tag Tia back into the match.

Tia climbs the ropes to the top turnbuckle in an instant. Tia then leaps off with the spirit of the Hawaiian islands in a Superfly Splash off the ropes. Like high flying legends before, Tia swoops through the air before splashing down hard on Kate's abused chest. After the aftershock waves of bouncing ends, Tia grabs Kate's leg and imposes her weight down for a pinfall.

The other members of the Chosen have been slack jaw almost since the beginning of the match. They spring into the ring to break up the pinfall. None of them were sure that Kate or anyone could withstand that series of devastating moves. The Fab Four pour into the ring to intercept them. Margot gets a lick on Tia to break the count, before Jennifer clobbers her. Halle halts Amber with a kick to her belly. Pam chops Nicki across her massive tits. The strike sounded like a gun going off and takes Nicki's breath away.

A total melee breaks free! The Fab girls wanted this all out brawl, and the Chosen took the bait. It is an all out, balls to the wall fight. The Fabs took shots, and whatever blows to open their own brand of violence on their foes. That brand overwhelms the younger girls. The Fabs are taking the Chosen to the deep end of the brutality pool and drowning them. The Chosen start abandoning the ring to escape the extreme violence.

Kate starts rolling away from Tia to get out of the ring. Tia follows and gets in several shots on the rapidly fleeing blonde. Kate rolls under the bottom rope to her feet on the outside of the ring. Tia rolls out after her, where Kate attacks with an eye rake as soon as Tia exits. Kate's new born hatred for this woman is growing and spreading like wild fire. Kate starts pounding the veteran with heavy forearms across the back of Tia's head and neck. The big blonde has Tia's legs buckling from the hefty blows. Tia uses that to dip down and get underneath Kate to scoop the blonde up across Tia's shoulders. Tia tosses Kate up so her face comes down on the ring apron. The blonde is knocked silly and she crashes to the floor. Tia then begins a painful journey that will make Kate hate and fear her for quite some time.

Jennifer pounced at Margot like a wild cat and is slashing and clawing. However, Margot is up to the task. She stands her ground and does not give up an inch. More than that, Margot reaches out and grabs Jennifer around the neck and starts beating the crap out of the champion. Margot is bludgeoning Jennifer and steadily marching her backwards toward the ropes. As soon as Jennifer's back touches the ropes, the champion uses all Margot's momentum against her and tosses the blonde over the top rope like a crash test dummy. Margot is launched over the top rope and disappears when she crashes to the arena floor. Jennifer turns around with a proud smile. Then she bounds over the ropes and comes crashing down on Margot's head as she tries to get back to her feet. From that moment on, Jennifer starts beating the young blonde like she was her momma. Margot is like a leaf caught in a hurricane. She gets knocked to and fro.

Halle's initial kick doubled Amber over. Halle drops to her back and fires a missile punch up into Amber's lips that send her reeling backwards. Halle rolls to her feet and continues after Amber. The young blonde musters a defense, as Halle pelts her all over her body. Amber slips in hurtful shots to Halle's ribs and body. Amber can look in Halle's eyes and see that those shots are having a significant effect. They are robbing Halle's energy, strength and fight. Amber knows that is is a slow process, but it is only a matter of time before she owns Halle. Then all of those hopes and dreams get dashed when Amber slips up for half a moment and gets caught by Halle's HBKO cutter. The blonde never knew what hit her. The only thing she knows is that she was fighting Halle one moment, and the next one she is flat on her face with her jaw feeling like it was hit by a cinder block. The shaken Amber rolls out of the ring, hoping to find her next coherent thoughts.

Pam jealously keeps assaulting Nicki's breasts. She finds Nicki only too eager to match breasts with Pam's legendary rack. As if by mutual agreement, both jealous beasts roar and sink their claws into each other's tits. Pam looks into Nicki's eyes and sees a woman that she could not beat. Nicki is like Pam was decades ago. She is young, hungry and will not be denied. Pam feels the pain building in her tits. Nicki intends on ripping Pam to shreds. Seeing the evil intensity in Nicki's eyes makes Pam want to piss her panties. Nicki feels Pam starting to tremble by her hands. Nicki twists Pam's boobs like knobs, and watches as Pam sinks to her knees. Nicki gives Pam a hard shove and knocks her over backwards to the mat. Ever flaunty, Nicki strikes a double bicep pose and shows off to the audience after her victory in the tit duel. Pam did not know what, but she knew Nicki would do something stupid after winning. Pam's foot rockets up and kicks Nicki in the cunt. Nicki tried to retaliate and stomp on Pam, but she slips to the side, and kicks Nicki in the knee of Nicki's planted leg, causing the rapper to fall on her big phat ass. Pam scrambles to her feet and grabs Nicki's legs. Pam starts spinning Nicki around in circles by her legs, taking her on a ride with a Giant Swing pro wresting move. Popularized by WWE star Cesaro, fans start counting how many dizzying rotations Pam spins Nicki around. After 18 dizzy spins, Pam throws Nicki to the mat. The fans roar, while a dizzy Nicki pulls herself up with the help of the ropes. Once standing Pam blasts Nicki with a super kick to her face, that launches the rapper over the top rope and out of the ring. Pam follows Nicki out of the ring where the real fun of beating her ass begins.

Outside the ring, the Fab Four girls lambasted and filet the Chosen girls. They went through the Chosen like a hot knife through butter. The referee starts an extremely slow twenty count and implores the fighters to return to the ring. All the while the Chosen are getting drug from pillar to post. The Fabs change partners and continue to whip the young bitches senseless. Even the referee's slowest count eventually gets close to twenty. It seemed like he and the Fab Four were the only people aware though. When the referee said "EIGHTEEN!", the Fabs left whatever member of the Chosen that they were demolishing and darted back in the ring. He bellowed, "NINETEEN!" The dazed and confused Chosen girls tried to lift and will their whipped bodies off the ground. The referee yelled "TWENTY!" and the struggling bodies collapsed to the ground. The Chosen realized that they were just out foxed and beaten by the fabled Fab Four.

The referee calls for the bell and the Fabs start celebrating. The celebration barely began when the Chairman of the Booking Committee, Christina Applegate comes rushing from backstage screaming, "Oh hell no!" Christina marches down the ramp. "Stop everything right here! This is the biggest card of the year. These fans deserve a better ending than a cheap, cowardly count out decision. I'm restarting this match! Now it is a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Ring the bell!" Christina demands.

Confusion reigns supreme. The Fabs are protesting. The fans are confused, but it appears that they are getting more catfighting, so they are not opposed. The referee throws up his hands and points at the time keeper to ring the bell again. Once Stone Rage left the building leaving Christina Applegate in total control, they understood the danger of something like this happening. None the less, the Fabs complained and argued that they have already won the match.

Meanwhile the Chosen are outside of the ring snickering and laughing. Margot crawls under the ring and starts coming out with weapons that she stashed there earlier that night. Margot tosses out kendo sticks, leather straps and a baseball bat out from under the ring. The Chosen arm themselves.

The Fab Four know that arguing is not going to help. They quickly realize the best option is to get out of the ring and try to put the Chosen away. When they hopped out of the ring, they jumped into a hornet's nest this time. The Chosen lay in waiting and when the Fabs stepped into the trap, the Chosen let them have it. The unsuspecting Fabs left the ring and instantly started getting whipped with kendo sticks as soon as their feet hit the ground. The Chosen have the Fabs yelping and running around ringside like scared puppies. The Chosen were the hunters and the Fab Four were the mice. Each of the Chosen cornered a member of the Fab Four, then commenced to whip and batter them with their weapon of choice.

Kate wailed on a caterwauling Halle with a kendo stick. Amber took a leather strap to Jennifer's hide and had her screaming for mercy and cowering. Nicki cracked Tia between the eyes with her kendo stick, and saw her eyes crossed before she fell like a tree. The Hawiian was crawling and scurrying away as Nicki chased her and raised welts across her body with her weapon. Margot jabbed Pam in the gut with the butt of her multi-colored ball bat. Pam doubled over and went down quick. She curled in fetal position as Margot yelled and stomped at her rival.

Ringside is in total chaos. The Chosen flagrantly used their weapons to get heaps of revenge on the Fabs. Once the Fabs were quickly and easily dispatched, things quickly became dangerous. The Chosen went too far. They used their weapons to choke all the members of the Fabs. Tia, Pam, Halle and Jennifer all were helplessly flailing with a weapon choking the fight and getting near to the life out of them. The referee tries his best to regain control. He tried to physically intervene, but the embolden Chosen girls turned their weapons against the referee. He tried to save Jennifer from being choked but only succeeding in getting Amber to stop long enough to whip him a couple of times with the strap. Kate swatted him with her stick when he approached her. He immediate shouted, "FUCK THIS! You're disqualified!" He points aggressively at each Chosen girl. "YOU! YOU! YOU! and YOU! Get out of here! You're all disqualified!"

The bell rings as the referee gets back in the ring. The Chosen follow him, complaining and threatening him. They hound and surround the referee and tell him how he cannot make that decision. In no uncertain terms they explain how insignificant he is, and how Quatro Calderon will not only have his job, but his entire career, if he does not change his decision.

Before long, Christina Applegate returns to the stage. "No this is not happening either!" Christina begins. "These fans, our fans, deserve a better ending than this also." She pauses for the fans to voice their agreement. It is obvious what Christina's motivation is, but the fans get more catfighting, so they halfheartedly support Christina. "We are restarting this match and making it a No-Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match! Time keeper ring that bell right now!" Christina demands.

The Chosen happily give the referee an earful of smug comments. Meanwhile the Fabs have drug themselves off the floor and start pulling themselves up on the ring apron. They all look and act ruffed up and breathless from being assaulted and choked with weapons. They are lined up on the same side of the ring, like birds on a wire. Nicki makes eye contact with the others in the Chosen and then winks. Instantly all four of the Chosen charge to the ropes at the closest Fab Four legend. They intended to launch them off the apron into the stratosphere. Only when they came in like freight trains, The Fabs came to life. All four leaped over the top ropes and grabbed the Chosen by the waist and flipped them topsy-turvy with a Sunset Flip. The Chosen end folded up on their heads with their shoulders on the mat and their asses in the air. Tia captured Kate, Halle corals Nicki, Jennifer apprehends Amber, and Pam imprisons Margot. All busty babes have their shoulders pinned by the Fab's calves with their weight is used against them.

The referee is caught off guard. After all that has happened he did not know what to do. The Chosen's asses are jiggling as they try to kick out. Nobody even knows who the legally established people in the ring are supposed to be. The fans start counting, "ONE! TWO! THREE!.... ONE! TWO! THREE!" The referee gets the clue and drops to the mat and makes the three count. There is a big pop from the fans. Despite crushing odds their heroines found a way to pull it out again. The fans roar and hug each other in joy and happiness.

The happy feel good moment reminiscent of the California Dolls pinning the Toledo Tigers in the 1981 cult Peter Faulk movie, ...All The Marbles is very short lived. Christina was still standing on the stage with the microphone in her hands. She mutters, "You've got to be kidding me." under her breath. Christina gather herself and speaks. "Is that it? Are you fans really happy with that? Are you happy with that fluke win, and allowing it to change the league forever? In the first UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER MATCH Jennifer Aniston and Jada Pinkett-Smith took two of the greatest catfighters of all time, Lynda Carter and Pam Grier, and beat the living hell out of their old asses. Even though Pam and Lynda tried to cheat and stack the deck with their hand picked guest referees, Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy, the best team dominated. With that spirit in mind, I'm going to do what's best for our fans and the league. I'm restarting this match. This time its No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere, and a Last Woman Standing Match. That means you have to beat your opponent till she cannot stand before a ten count. Let's get two people in the ring and start right now!"

"What an elegant speech!" the commentator Jam Rodriguez begins. "That was a load of bullshit our Booking Committee Chairman just through out there to say that she is screwing the Fab Four again."

"Yeah, pretty much." his commentating partner, Cole agrees.

Regardless of anybody's feelings, Christina's decision is final and binding. The Fab Four huddle up. They wanted the chaos and confusion. They felt that gave them a significant advantage over the freshman team. The last thing that they wanted was to have a long grueling match against a bigger and younger team. A last woman standing match almost always are very long and grueling.

The Fabs continued their risky win now strategy. They were trying to hit a home run early and often at every opportunity. Along the way they were racking up the pin falls. Halle nailed Nicki with a HBKO. Halle drove Nicki's chin into the mat so hard that she flipped over onto her back. Nicki laid spread eagle on her back with her giant tits up. Halle pinned the comatose babe with a foot planted on Nicki's mountainous breasts. Nicki was barely able to struggle dizzily to her feet at the eight and a half count, to avoid defeat.

The Bronx Bomber, Jennifer let her fists do a lot of talking. Her lightning fast fists knocked Amber off balance if not loopy repeatedly. Jennifer almost literally danced around and stung like a hornet. Jennifer went for the kill when she hoisted the blonde across her shoulders. In a killer combination move, Jennifer abruptly dropped down to one knee and sends a shock wave of pain through Amber's body with a Rack Attack. Jennifer immediately stands back up and tosses Amber off her shoulders and allows the busty blonde fall back first across Jennifer's out stretched knee for a back breaker. It was obvious that Amber is hurt. Jennifer lurks like a haunt, waiting for the muzzy beauty to rise again. Jennifer strikes with a perfect right fist. As fast as a deadly viper, Jennifer puts Amber down and out. Amber is kayoed. The ring explodes with activity. The Chosen rush the ring to save their teammate from the ten count. The Fabs intercept and beat them back. Through all the turmoil, Amber barely get up before the ten count.

Tia went a different route to finish the match. Tia takes Margot outside the ring for an unruly street fight. Tia battered Margot with everything that she could get her hands on. The young blonde was totally out of her element and got her ass kicked. Towards the end, Margot was tired of getting pounded, and tried to match Tia's extreme level. Margot makes a nice little comeback before getting cracked over the head with the ring bell, and then being put through a wood table. The poor milky white little girl barely got to her feet after the count of nine to save the match.

Pam took a very different approach than her teammates. Pam hoped to fry and short circuit the younger girl's brains. She understands the psychology of being young, and insanely sexy. Pam also knows how to throw a monkey wrench into their thinking process. Pam is one of the world's leading authorities on big tittied blondes. Pam corners Kate in the ring. She out wits and frustrates Kate with double team assaults. Jennifer enters the ring for a double punch with Pam that explodes simultaneously on both sides of Kate's face. Halle slips into the ring to hoist Kate in the air, so Pam could leap up and kick the model in the face. Tia holds Kates arms back so Pam can fire of a series of chops across Kate's massive breasts. When it was time to pin Kate, Pam did so with a finisher that would abuse Kate's psych and spirit. Pam plopped her tits on Kate's face for a breast smother. Pam did so with full knowledge that this top rank tit fighter would take personal offense. Almost certainly it will get Kate off her game. Perhaps it will deflate Kate's confidence in learning that her prized tits may not be the best in the ring. The veteran breast fighter, Pam, latches on and smothers Kate out with the most googled pair of breasts in the history of the internet. With Kate down and out, all of her Chosen teammates storm the ring. A wild donnybrook ensues. It takes a Herculean effort from Amber to capture Pam and Halle by their hair and smash their heads together. That sunned them long enough for Amber to assist Kate to her feet right before the ten count.

The hour glassed shaped bodies of the Chosen got pinned and pinned again, however they would beat the count. The Fab Four absorbed whatever damage to inflict more pain on the Chosen. The Fabs were taken more and more risks to end this match. Finally they got caught once.

Jennifer had Margot caught in a sleeper hold from behind. They were standing in the middle of the ring and it looked bleak for the young blonde. Out of desperation, Margot reached behind her and gripped Jennifer's hair and dropped down to her ass. Jennifer's chin slams down on the back of Margot's head. The Bronx Bomber reels back very stunned. Margot springs back to her feet and whirls around behind a tottering champion. Jennifer was dazed and offered zero defense, so Margot is able to lock a text book sleeper hold very deep on Jennifer instead. Within fifteen seconds Jennifer is fading and going out. Tia shouts, "TAP JEN! DAMN IT TAP OUT JEN! TAP OUT NOW!" Tia understands that an unconscious Jennifer will not make a ten count. The half sleep star weakly taps Margot's shoulder. Margot wrenches really hard one last time, then tosses the listless bag of bones to the canvas. Then she was extremely entertained by Jennifer trying to get her shit together enough to stand before the count.

Nicki looks around at the reaction of the fans. They were quite, confused and disappointed to see their heroine give up. They see her floundering on the mat and they appear to get mad at her. Nicki sees how long it takes Jennifer to recoup without the fans support. "That's it! Take the fans out of the match. The Fabs need their energy. DON'T PIN THEM, MAKE THEM SUBMIT! Turn their fans against them." Nicki gives her insight. "Do everything you can to take fans out of the match. Run from the Fabs! Make fun of them! Turn them into a buncha bitches!"

The run away strategy worked. It was already a long match, fans were tired and no longer provided energy and adrenaline to the Fab Four. Shortly, one by one the Fabs started hitting the proverbial wall. They were just a fraction slower, their punches were slightly not as powerful and they seem to hurt just a little more.

It took little to no time for the Chosen to realize this. Immediately they lost all respect for the Fab's offense. They walked through their blows, they beat them to the punch and started woman handling them. The cheers subsided and the heroines faded. Their vivacious darlings were jerked around, out muscled and bullied by the juvenile vixens.

Then the first round of submission came. Nicki forced Pam to submit to a back breaking surf board hold. Before she could escape the ring, Amber got a hold of her. Amber threw Pam around and roughed her up. Then she started ripping Pam's white outfit to shreds and ripping it off her body. All the while Amber mocks and trash talks Pam. Kate comes in and gets revenge on Pam's tits. Kate pins Pam down and squeezes Pam's boobs till she thought they would burst. Pam screams, "I give up! I can't take any more." Some fans turn against Pam and the Fabs for taking 'The easy way out'. Nicki asks to be tagged back in. She rips off the last piece of clothing Pam has left, her white thong. Nicki plays to the fans and forces the faltering legend to eat it. Nicki stuffs it inside of Pam's mouth, and orders her to eat it. The razzed and humiliated blonde escapes in the process to tag out.

Big Bad Tia comes into the ring and tries to fire up a spark. At this point Tia is going have to prove herself the fans first, before they got behind her again. Margot tasted victory within hand. She has a fire in her gut that blows away Tia's spark of hope. Unlike before Margot is too fast for Tia. Margot is wrestling circles around Tia, and is using her as a twisty toy. Margot has grappled Tia face down on the canvas. She has one of Tia's arms twisted into a hammer lock behind Tia's back. Then Margot snatches one of Tia's ankles and bends Tia's leg and back until Tia's foot nears the back of her head. Tia is tied up like a human pretzel with her arm up her back, and her body being pulled into a U shape. Tia screams "AAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh I submit!"

Margot is fully aware of Tia's reputation of being one of the toughest of all time. "I don't believe you. Say it like you really mean it!" Margot taunts.

Tia is the Ultimate Warrior. She rarely submits, but either she really submits of face injury. "I Submit! I really Submit! I've no choice! I can't get loose!"

Margot releases Tia allowing the referee to start his count. A haggard Tia beats the count but it is to the fans' loud chant of "YOU TAPPED OUT! YOU TAPPED OUT! YOU TAPPED OUT! YOU TAPPED OUT!"

Tia looks around at the fans jeering her. Tia's lips curls. She thinks, 'Really I tapped tha fuck out? Well fuck these muther fuckers, and fuck those bitches too!" Tia turns her gaze towards the Chosen. Then she takes off after them. First, Tia blasts through Margot. She puts the blonde on her ass with a forearm on her way to the Chosen's corner. There Tia alternates clobbering Amber, Kate and Nicki over the head.

The Other Fab's faces light up like a spotlights, seeing Tia lead the charge like back in the day. They burst into the ring to support Tia, and tear into their enemies like days of old. They rip into the Chosen like buzz saws. It is another grand standing, unstoppable Hulk Hogan comeback like decades before. However this time it feels very different, because it is very different.

First, there is no gigantic pop from the audience as if they have reached the thrilling movie climax. Instead, it is a tempered reaction. They have not loss faith in their heroines, but they have given up hope that the Fabs can win in this match. The vast majority believe this is a no-win scenario with Christina Applegate calling the shots. The audience sees this resurgence as a layer in their live action super heroine defeated fetish video. Second, The Fab Four were actually depending and riding on that energy and adrenaline tonight. They needed those cheers to provide that extra motivation to take everything to the top level. Third, is the ascension of the Chosen. The neophyte girls at the beginning of the match have grown. By hook and crook they have survived the Fab Four's best. The young team have more desire for success. They just were not sure how to get there. Now victory is in sight. All they have to do is reach into the Fab Four's chest and take it.

The Fab Four rip into The Chosen fast and furious. Vintage Fab Four have The Glow. ( The Last Dragon Movie reference) as their fists seem to have lightening bolts with them. Fan could hear their fists slug into jaws and flesh. The Chosen start shrinking. but without the fan's cheers providing the rocket fuel to launch their assault into the stratosphere, they can only rise so high. The Chosen are not a group of candy asses either! They resist and bravely fight back too. When they do an unexpected swell of fans get behind them. That bit of support sent the Chosen's energy to the moon. At the same time, the Fab's surge waned.

In an instant, the Chosen started slaughtering the Fab Four. They were women handling them like little girls. Amber captures Tia in the corner. Amber stuns Tia, props her up against the turnbuckles and starts pounding Tia's magnificent breasts. Tia has a stricken expression as she is frozen in pain while Amber punishes her with flurries of punches that smack her tits. Amber turns Tia's boobs into flesh punching bags, making them jump and jiggle, to mesmerize and tantalize the fans. The others in the Fabs are getting smacked around and abused as badly as Tia's tits. Finally one by one the vixens in the Chosen toss the Fab Four over the top rope and out of the ring. They stand alone in the ring to another surprising swell of fan support.

The Fabs have exited the ring, but they left plenty of torn white clothing and globs of hair on the mat. Outside the ring, they are slowly helping each other to their feet. Between the four of them, they only have an eighth of their elegant white garments on their bodies. Jennifer, Pam, Halle, and Tia are practically naked and look roughed up, scraggly, craggy and jagged. Yet they are still four of the most beautiful women in the universe. Their slender and voluptuous bodies also are mouth watering, foxy, bodacious and luscious. They look into the ring at the celebrating quartet. Like the greatest of ultra competitors it makes their blood boil. They climb back on the ring apron angrier and more determined than ever.

Leaving her partners on the apron, Halle steps through the ropes and takes the lead. "You bunch of fucking juvenile delinquents, what are you partying for? This ain't over by a long shot! Somebody fight me fairly, one on one! Get in this ring! I'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S YO MAMA!"

Fans respond to Halle's bold and ballsy challenge. Kate responds with steely eyes peering through Halle Berry. She pushes her team back and commands the lead. They quickly and meekly exit the ring to let the big dog eat. Seconds later, two heavenly goddesses, Kate and Halle are going at it like a clash of Titans. Four minutes later Halle is hoisted across Kate's shoulders, looking up at the lights in Kate's Human Torture Rack hold. Halle is screaming her head off, as the gorgeous, golden celestial being bends Halle's back in an unbearable contortion. Kate asks, "Who's who mama now?"

"Kiss my ass bitch!" Halle answers under extreme distress.

Kate bounces Halle on her shoulders some more. Halle screams and cries pitifully. Knowing how badly that Halle is suffering, Kate fights her natural inclination to show mercy. She can't show a woman like that mercy. A woman like that does not deserve mercy. Halle would not want it. She would find it insulting in the first place. A warrior like Halle deserves to choose her ending. If she wants to compete until she is broken, then Kate owes it to break her. Kate says, "Stop being a spoiled brat and answer the question!"

"Yeeeaaaaggghhhhh" Halle yells. "Fuck you bitch..." she breathlessly answers. "I'll never say you're my momma... I'll give you credit... you kicked my ass.... BUT... I'LL NEVER CALL A CHEAP BIG TITTIED WHORE LIKE YOU MOMMA!"

The fans pop for Halle's blind defiance louder than they have in a long time. Kate gets embarrassed enough to turn pink. "I'm still going to make you my bitch!" Kate says as she drops Halle off her shoulders like a bag of dirty laundry. Coldly, Kate turns to her helpless opponent suffering on the mat. The bazooka breasted blonde reaches down and grabs Halle's only remaining piece of clothing, a white string thong, and snatches the thong down Halle's legs. "You bit off more than you can handle with me." Kate finishes as she strips the thong off Halle. Kate goes to Halle's head, then squeezes Halle's face and jaw until she forces Halle to open her mouth. The blonde then stuffs Halle's thong into her own mouth. Then before Halle could close her mouth, Kate drops one of her mega-sized naked breasts onto Halle's mouth too. Kate's mighty mega tit fills Halle's mouth and overflows onto Halle's face and covers her nose. Kate proved too much for Halle to handle. Her bare breast filled Halle's mouth so much she could not really bite down, it alone chokes her out. Halle is helplessly prone on her back with the big blonde on top of her. It is an embarrassing way to go out, looking every bit of Kate's little bitch.

The others in the Fabs spill into the ring to save Halle. They were able to get Kate off of Halle, but turned into lambs to slaughter afterwards. Without the fans' support, they had little to nothing left. The Fabs got the brakes beat off of them. Before long each member of the Chosen had one of the Fabs trapped helplessly in all four corners of the ring. Each of The Chosen are mounted on the second turnbuckle and pounding down on the destitute Fab Four's faces. Nicki bops Pam squarely in the face. Amber whacks Jennifer. Margot raps Halle's nose, and Kate thumps Tia's lips. Fans could not help but to respect the Chosen's dominance.

The Chosen continues their show of dominance. They sling the Fab Four to the mat and drag them to the middle of the ring and line them all up in a row. They grab their ankles and flip all of them face down and lock each warrior in a Boston Crab hold. Each Chosen battler is seated on their rival's back and uses their legs to bend them into a 'L' shape. Immediately all Fab Four glamour girls start screaming and tapping out. As the Chosen babe's laugh hysterically, Amber fiendishly releases one of Jennifer's legs and gains access to the latina's twat. Amber starts fingering and feverishly rubbing Jennifer's pussy. The champion starts pleading, "NO NO NO NO!" as she knows that Amber is going to make her cum in he middle of the ring. Margot drops on of Halle's legs and digs into her pussy too. Halle howls then pleads, just like Jennifer.

The fans hear them pleading, no. So instinctively a lot of them start chanting, "YES YES YES YES!"

Kate and Nicki change to Single Leg Crab holds like Amber and Margot and join in on Tia and Pam's pussies respectively. Pam's body tenses up as Nicki's finger plunge inside of her. She is positive that Nicki has done this before. Tia bites her lip and tries to endure. As a team they all have been sexually abused and humiliated in the ring before, but somehow this is different. Maybe it is because of the high steaks of the match. Maybe because the women inflicting this shaming act represent the future of the league. Whatever it is, it is terribly deflating to the Fab Four. It is crazy seeing four melancholy, dejected powerful women are brought to an exhilarating screaming orgasm. Halle cums first and is nearly brought to another one while she waited for the others to cum. Pam reluctantly came last and soaks Nicki's hand. The Chosen each releases their victims and start celebrating and soaking up the adulation of the fans. As in a great super heroine defeated movie, at some point the erotic appeal overcomes all sympathy for the heroines.

All of the Fab Four roll out of the ring, under the ropes and drop to the ringside floor. They crawled and gathered on one side of the ring, while the Chosen celebrated with their new following. The gloomy friends look into each woman's eyes. Tia made the big decision. "There's no way to win. The match is fixed and they are making fools of us! There is no way to win." Tia stood and yelled "ORDER 88! EXECUTE ORDER 88!" Tia looks dead into the ringside camera and yells, "EXECUTE ORDER 88!"

The other Fabs have an expression of disbelief. However Tia is stern and very serious. She grabs her teammates’ arms and pulls them up to their feet. Next she pushes them toward the guard rail that separates ringside from the fans' seats. Halle, Pam and Jennifer all start climbing over the barricade, and Tia joins after them. Next all four of the Fabs take off through the fans and up the arena steps. The Chosen are frozen in shock and disbelief. There is no way the legendary guardians of truth and justice are running away. Once the proverbial sledgehammer that they were running away lands, the Chosen fall over themselves trying to pursue. They looked like the Keystone Cops for a bit.

Backstage in the Fab Four locker room, all the other members of the Fab team surrounded the monitor watching the match. When the surreal moment that they hear Order 88, occurs their mouths dropped and eyes popped. All except for Zoe Saldana. She squawks, "Move damnit! Let's go! You know what to do!" Suddenly the room explodes with activity. Four women run out the room and head to the right to the arena garage. Four more run out and head to the left to the exit doors. Meanwhile some start gathering belongings in bags while others are stashing belongings and hiding and locking them up. Each are going about their appointed task per Order 88.

In the arena, the Fab Four are running up the stairs to get out of the arena. They are pushing through any jeering fans that care to get in the way. By far most fans are booing them, but their alternative was to continue to be toyed with, made a mockery and suffering at the Chosen's hands. The Chosen are chasing after them also. The Fabs get up the stairs and run through the concourse of the arena. Cameramen and a few fans are running behind them to capture the thrilling ending. Christina sees that they are making a break, and gets on her walkie talkie to security. She frantically shouts, "Lockdown! I need a complete lock down on the concourse level! Close all the security gates now damn it!"

Four totally naked women with four bodies that reflect four different reflections of perfection run through the concourse. They have been battered and worn out and running on fumes. They see their exit, then see the gate to freedom start coming down. They run even faster. On the other side of the gate Jessica Biel and Kim Kardashian have run around from the locker room to meet them at the exit, per Order 88. Chrissy Tiegan has a vehicle pulling around outside the arena to complete the escape, per Order 88.

Wheels turn and gears grind and the gate closes before the Fab Four can make it through. They run to the gate and put their hands on the cold steel with dread on their faces. Jessica and Kim are on the other side helpless to do anything. They turn to see the four half naked women of the Chosen power walking toward them. The Fab Four's bodies stiffen and their is actual fear on their faces. Meanwhile their executioners walk toward them with the steely eyes of killers.

The breathless Fab Four await their execution as the Chosen arrives. Kate wallops Tia over the head. Pam throws a weak sloppy punch that Nicki slaps away then drills Pam in the nose. Halle gets swatted with a backhand swipe from Margot. Jennifer tries to speak but Amber punches her in the mouth before she can say anything. Jennifer reels backwards into the security gate and bounces back towards Amber. There Jennifer gets blasted with an upper cut. The Chosen play with the Fab Four for a bit by punching and slapping them around. The Fab girls stand drunkenly with their arms by their sides or flailing as they helpless endure the end. The Chosen take something off their punches to keep the Fabs standing for more. Nicki bellows, "NOW!" She winds up with a haymaker that sends Pam to the floor for good. Margot kayos Halle with a right cross. Kate extinguishes Tia with a quick upper cut that nearly knocks her head off before she collapses. Amber sticks Jennifer with a straight fist that causes the Bronx Bomber to crumble to the floor like an imploding building.

The Chosen vixens look at each other then turn and start walking away as the referee begins a ten count for the Fab Four to stand. The Chosen knew the Fab Four had no chance to answer that count. Even if they could, the Chosen know that the Fabs are not stupid enough to get back up. Cheering fans surround and follow the victors as they walk off. They go back into the arena, descend the stairs and get back in the ring. There they get the cheers and affection of being the baddest bitches in thebuilding. They receive an appropriate coronation worthy of the new dominant faction of the league.

In the concourse the referee completes the needless ten count to officially end the match. The security gates rises allowing Jessica and Kim, who are now joined by Scarlett Johannson and Sofia Vergara to tend to their fallen leaders. Sullen die hard Fab Four fans watch as their seconds with security's help, carry their flaccid bodies away. Jam makes a call that will be long remembered. "This might be the Fab Four's Last Ride."


Three days after the historic match, the Fab Four are to meet Quatro Calderon and the Chosen at a studio hanger to discover the terms of their unconditional surrender and sign the contract to make it binding. The Fab Four arrive exactly on time and enter the building. They are greeted with the sight of the entire roster of the Resistance lined up in two lines. The Fabs have to walk the line between them. They felt like prisoners of war going to the gallows. Nobody said a word. At the end of the line Calderon is sitting behind a table with the members of the Chosen standing behind them. The two groups locked eyes. There is mutual respect along with animosity exchanged. The Chosen acknowledge the Fab Four are truly legendary women in the industry. Even with all the cheating the Fabs respect that the Chosen finished the job. They whipped them into oblivion.

Calderon opens a leather folder with a contract inside. "There is no need to read it", Calderon begins as he flips to the last page for the signatures. "I will highlight the best parts for you." He finishes with a smile as he points to the dotted line. One by one the Fabs start signing the agreement as Calderon begins to explain. "Naturally I would have liked to disband your group, but Stone Rage wouldn't allow it." Calderon begins. "Then on second thought, the league needs a Fab Four. That name represents high standards and excellence in this league. We need that. It is obvious that you four are no longer worthy to carry that mantle. So this agreement relieves you of that duty. As of now, the name, The Fab Four belongs to the Studio Collagoration! The brand, the trademark are all intellectual property of the Fab Four belongs to the Studio Collaboration of which I am the head of. We own the rights to the name and everything Fab Four! Right now you are wearing outfits with the Fab Four logo on them. You are no longer allowed to represent that brand. TAKE THEM OFF RIGHT NOW!"

The Fabs look at each other with a sick look on their faces. Then reluctantly they start taking off the jogging suits they wore to the signing. They start with the jackets. Then the shirts underneath and the pants. They proudly wore their logo on almost everything. They undress until they are wearing only their bra and panties.

"The Studio Collaboration has selected a more appropriate name for your group to call yourselves at this point in your career." Calderon continues "For now on, you will go by the name..... THE FAB FIFTY" Calderon chuckles as he says it. "By our agreement you will now be called the Fab Fifty." The other ladies snicker as well.

"Also you agreed to fulfill four projects for the Studio Collaboration to be named later. That means we can book you in anything from a match of our choosing, to a movie or a Japanese game show. Whatever we decide, you have no choice in the matter." Calderon says.

"Lastly," Calderon begins with a blow. "The Studio Collaboration believes that you ladies take for granted being a Hollywood celebrity. Many executives don't believe that you appreciate all the energy, time, effort, money and trust put into building your careers. They feel like you should be taught a lesson for taking all of this for granted, and biting the hand that feeds you. You need to be made an example out of. For the next 30 days, you are exiled from Hollywood and the state of California. You cannot enter this state without notifying me and getting my approval. If you do, you will be fired from this league. So no studio meetings, Hollywood event or movie premiers for 30 days. Let's see if you appreciate this business and executives more once you are out of sight and out of mind."

"Since your exile begins immediately, I was nice enough to arrange transportation for you to the airport where my private plane will take you to any destination you want outside of California." Calderon announces with a smile. Then a cart pulling a circus cage meant to contain lion, tigers and bears. (Oh my!) arrives. Now the cost of losing is evident and the wrath of Calderon is upon them. The newly minted Fab Fifty, who are already reduced to wearing their bra and pnites, are further disgraced as they enter the cage and locked inside. The Resistance and the Chosen cheer and start popping champagne bottles seeing their enemies fall. Club music starts playing, lights start flashing and a party begins as the cart starts carrying the caged Pam, Halle Tia and Jennifer out of the hanger. The trip was not a trip but a victory parade. It is a Roman victory parade. Ancient Roman Caesars often forced conquered kings, queen and others walk the streets of Rome in chains, shame and defeat. First the cart traveled on every road of the many acre studio. All the way employees, press and fellow celebrities watched the Hollywood losers being carted away. The lesson of going against the studio is thoroughly taught. After being paraded around the studio for nearly an hour, the cart hits the open road to the airport.

The cage arrives at the airport to a media circus. Paparazzi fought each other to get better shots of the scantily clad caged super stars as they entered the airport. Luckily the cart dropped the cage on the runway. Tia, Pam, Jennifer and Halle were able to leave the cage and walk up the stairs and board the plane. They chose Las Vegas as their destination. Jennifer Lopez had a residency at Planet Hollywood Casino Hotel and Resort. The Hotel was more than happy to provide four penthouse suites for them. There was just one more shameful bra and panty clad media circus to endure as they deboard the plane and go to the hotel.

Each woman retreated to their hotel suites, and spent several hours on the phone with their families and assistants getting their families and person affairs in order. Later that night they gathered in Jennifer's room to share in their shame and misery. Each coped in their own way. Halle had a case of wine that she started drinking though. Pam settled for hard liquor to ease her pain. Tia is eating a big carton of ice cream. Jennifer is on he floor doing crunches and other exercises.

"I can't believe we have to call ourselves the Fab Fifty." Tia says shaking her head. "We might as well call ourselves, the Golden Girls of catfighting."

"I don't know. I kinda like it." Pam comments. The other look at her immediately in confusion. "I mean if you look at it, the Fab Four were actually the Golden Girls. They had to do everything right. They hold the line, fight for the fans and follow the rules. We're the Fab Fifty now, a bunch of old ass cranky women who don't give a shit anymore."

"Pam, you're a fucking genius as usual." Halle adds, "They stole the name Fab Four from us. We can be who ever we want to be now. We can take their joke name and shove it right up their ass! Ladies, it is time to rebrand."

"Then let's show them something different." Jennifer calmly says. "We should never change who we are but maybe it's time for a more aggressive attitude. We don't have to be evil bitches, but let's quit holding back. Why should the Fab Fifty give a fuck?"

"OOOhhh Renegade super bitches gone wild!" Tia sings with a smile.

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