ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3



"What am I doing here?" Scarlett Johansson asks herself as she stands in a wrestling ring looking across at Margot Robbie, in front of a jam packed stadium on a tropical island. Those California Comic Cons are always some shit. Because her Black Widow movie and Margot's Harley Quinn Birds of Prey movie are being released this year, they decided to debate which character is better, hotter, would win a fight and everything else. Then the internet grabs hold of it and things and it compounded quicker than Reaganomics interest rates. Finally John the Candyman gets involved. John is a known big time backer of films in Hollywood. Scarlett became one of his obsessions when she clashed with his favorite, Carmen Electra, at one of his pool parties. He used his pull with those greedy studio executives to put together a match between Scarlett and Margot. They thought it would be great promotions. Scarlett and Margot will get a huge bonus check, and suddenly Scarlett remembers what she is doing out here.

To thicken the plot, John the Candyman added his own prize for the winner. The winner gets a jeweled Cos Play crown. John promises that the wearer of that crown will have his considerable backing to produce any movie she pleases. Halle Berry always told Scarlett that John the Candyman has a flair for being dramatic, sophomoric and stupid. Despite the Candyman's faults, all of that is enough to get Scarlett in the ring, dressed in a black body suit similar to her Black Widow outfit. It was enough to get Margot Robbie across the ring wearing booty shorts a 'Daddy's Little Monster' shirt with Harley Quinn pig tails hairdo. One will be crowned his Cos Play Idol, and a lot wealthier.

The fans have already seen a spectacular show that night. Carrie Underwood has performed. Shania Twain sang some of her mega hits. Then Taylor Swift took the stage. Even more exciting is that after this match, all three will take the stage together for an unprecedented performance with all three superstars. Carrie and Taylor insisted that they pay tribute to the country legend Shania, and sing some of her songs along with her. Forever classy and gracious, Shania insisted to sing some of Carrie and Taylor's songs too. Shania called the two young ladies future legends, still writing history. So everybody is expecting the world's greatest karaoke party coming after the match. This made the crowd exceptionally rowdy for the night. In the ring currently, 'it's a party mon!'. A steel drum band bangs out some butt bumping tunes that's got everybody moving and grooving. There's dancing and cheering accentuating the festivities. This bout better produce some brawling and boobs to avoid being the low point of the night.

During the ring announcements, two lovely visitors are in the ring. To make it a true Comic Con fantasy, Zoe Saldana of Marvel Universes' Guardians of the Galaxy and Amber Heard of DC Universes' Aquaman are in the ring helping present the crown to the fans. Both beauties hold the crown up high so all the fans can see and cheer. Once all the introductions are done everybody is ready for some brawling and boobs. Zoe and Amber put the crown away in a decorative box. Zoe takes a moment to wink and smile at her Fab teammate Scarlett, while Amber picks up the box and starts to leave the ring. Amber and Zoe join the announce desk as per the studios request. The studio's are not about to miss exploiting this marketing possibility.

Amber and Zoe join Jam Rodriguez, the new play by play commentator for the league. Both ladies will provide color commentary and incite on the comic film universe. Amber places the box by her side on the floor. "It's Showtime!" Jam loudly announces to start the broadcast.

Back inside the ring Scarlett and Margot meet in the center. "No offense, but the Marvel execs will die if I bring back that 'Daddy's Little Monster' T-shirt." Scarlett confesses.

With a nasty expression, Margot answers, "No offense, but I'm going to stomp you till you're goo on my shoe and bring that crown back to DCU studios." With that Margot attacks and starts wailing on Scarlett with both fists. "DC's not playing bitch! They're giving me a fortune to whip your ass and get the victory, to get bragging rights. Margot adds as Scarlett is covering up while Margot keeps slamming her fist over Scarlett's body. Margot has pounded Scarlett until she is cowering against the ropes. Margot tosses Scarlett through the ropes and out of the ring.

Scarlett tumbles through the ropes and out of the ring to the ground. She pops right back up though and reaches back into the ring and grabs Margot's ankles and jerks her feet out from under her. Scarlett pulls Margot out of the ring. Margot tries to hang on to the ropes briefly, but decided that was useless. Margot lets the rope go and allows Scarlett to drag her out of the ring.

As soon as she gets Margot out of the ring, Scarlett wallops Margot over the head. Margot returns with a punch of her own. Next the two dream girls are exchanging punches and all out brawling. Scarlett hits harder making Margot wobble away from her. Scarlett follows her foe. She snatches Margot then whips her into the ringside barricade. Scarlett sent her with so much force that Margot flips over the barricade and ends up in the front row with the fans. Margot do not stay there long. Scarlett reaches over the barricade and grabs Margot's blonde pigtail. Using her pigtail handle, Scarlett pulls Margot back over the barricade and back to the ringside area.

After bringing Margot back she pulls Margot's head down right into her thrusting up knee. Scarlett's knee lift busts Margot in the nose. Margot staggers away. The fans are going crazy seeing these two amazing babes go right at it with such intensity. Scarlett follows Margot and grabs that famed T-shirt. Clutching the back collar, Scarlett digs her nails into the fabric and tries to rip the shirt off of Margot's back. She gets a big tear down the back, before Margot gets away and slips under the bottom rope and escapes back into the ring.

Scarlett follows after Margot in the ring. Both race to their feet. Scarlett takes advantage of a frantic Margot in her league debut match and punches the beauty between the eyes causing her to wobble backwards again. Suddenly Margot lunges back at Scarlett with her hands like claws and goes for Scarlett's eyes. Margot is in her Harley Quinn character, so this type of villainy comes quite natural to her right now. Fans are eating up this titanic comic battle. It would actually disappoint them if Margot did not break an occasional rule or two while dressed up as Harley Quinn.

The trusty old eye rake works. Scarlett stumbles away aimlessly. Margot follows and delivers a throat thrust, by jabbing her straightened fingers into Scarlett's windpipe. The referee admonishes Margot as Scarlett goes down to one knee, gagging. That quickly the whole tenor of the match has changed. After listening to the referee with a Harley Quinn smile, Margot returns to Scarlett and helps her to get upright with a hair haul to her feet. Then Margot delivers a double throat jab, into Scarlett's windpipe. Margot smiles and laughs at Scarlett's suffering, and even winks at the referee complaining about her tactics. Margot helps Scarlett to get upright again then does the old Three Stooges two finger eye poke. Scarlett screams and stumbles around while Margot does another Harley Quinn laugh.

Scarlett stumbles into the corner. Margot follows her in and takes Scarlett's arm to whip her across the ring. It was just as Scarlett expected. She reverses the whip and slings Margot to crash into the corner on the opposite side of the ring instead. After Margot hits the turnbuckles very hard, Scarlett comes flying in after her like a heat seeking missile. Scarlett comes in airborne like a rocket and nails Margot in the jaw with a stiff forearm shot.

Margot wobbles out of the corner a few steps then pitches face first and falls to the canvas like a cartoon character. The fans roar. Scarlett does a hand gesture to make the roar even louder. While the fans cheer at a deafening volume, Scarlett reaches down, and picks up where she left off and finishes ripping the 'Daddy's Little Monster' shirt down the back. A dazed Margot rises to her hands and knees with her head spinning. The shirt has become an annoyance by falling off of her shoulders. Margot jettisons the shirt as she rises to unsteady legs wearing her bra. Scarlett is waiting for her with a big looping punch to Margot's head. The fans simultaneously shout "Boom!" when it lands as Margot's head and blonde hair whips back. Disoriented, Margot turns and walks the opposite direction from where she just got hit. Scarlett does not let her escape. She grabs Margot from behind and lifts her up and falls backwards for a back suflex.

"She's heating up!" Jam Rodriguez shouts on the call at the announce desk. Scarlett pops to her feet. The fans are going bonkers. Margot lies on her back on the canvas, flopping around mindlessly. Scarlett helps Margot to her feet by her pigtails. Scarlett scoops up Margot and body slams her rival in the middle of the ring. Scarlett pops right back up and runs into the ropes and bounces off and returns to Margot and delivers an elbow drop on Margot's chest. After landing solidly she springs right back up and runs into the ropes again and bounces off to elbow drop Margot's chest a second time.

Zoe is bragging generously about Scarlett's progress since joining the Fabs. Meanwhile Scarlett pulls Margot up to a seated position. While she is on one knee behind Margot, the Avenger starts working on unclasping Margot's bra. In mere seconds the bra is loose and barely hanging on Margot's body. Scarlett jerks Margot up again and returns to her big looping punches. Margot goes reeling into the corner. The Hollywood villain pleads off, begging for mercy. Scarlett follows her prey into the corner, but hesitated for one moment as Margot begged for mercy. Scarlett's natural kind heart caused her to hesitate just enough for Margot to counter with her old trusty eye rake. Then she follows with throat thrusts, and Margot keeps them coming until Scarlett drops to one knee gagging and coughing. Finally Margot takes off her dangling bra and wraps it around Scarlett's throat to choke her adversary.

Amber Herd now explains how this is a fight. She tells Zoe that simplicity and pure aggression can overcome all those fancy moves and theories. "I predict that pretty little Scarlett is going to be carted out of here buck naked on a stretcher tonight." Amber says to Zoe's chagrin. Once again, Amber's eyes flash down to the box with the crown then back up. There are a few sound people crawling around tending to the cords out of view shot of the camera.

"Fascinating" Jam answers. The referee puts an end to Margot's choke quickly, by threatening disqualification. Offering nothing fancy, Margot starts kicking the downed woman. Margot had Scarlett bouncing around the ring like a kick ball, trying to escape getting booted in her ribs, chest and tits. When Scarlett almost get to her feet, Margot grabs her by the hair to steady Scarlett before blasting her in the eye with a big fist, and sends her right back down to the mat.

Scarlett is disoriented, but scrambles to her feet quickly remembering all those kicks that she just endured. She looks around for Margot, to find her perched on the middle turnbuckle and jumping off for a double ax handle to Scarlett's head. All that fancy training kicks in and Scarlett steps up and catches Margot out of the air before she could hit her mark. Scarlett has a very surprised Margot captured in a bear hug. Then simplicity kicked in again. Margot drives both of her thumbs in Scarlett's eyes. Scarlett screams and let go of everything and drops to her knees holding her eyes. "There is a big difference in simplicity and viciousness Amber." Zoe preaches. "The goal is to win the match, not to maim or injury someone for life."

Margot stars wailing on Scarlett, knocking her all the way down to the mat. Then she grabs her hair again and fires rapid succession punches to her face. Following, Margot gets on top of Scarlett for a pinfall. Scarlett slips her left shoulder off the mat. Margot raises off Scarlett then punches her in the face furiously several more times. Then she goes for another quick pinfall. Scarlett kicks out in the same manner. "See Jam, that's a sloppy pin." Zoe tells Jam. "There is no way that you're going to keep someone as skilled as Scarlett down with that pin attempt, Jam."

Thatís easy for Zoe to say, because Margot did not know that. She is searching for a way to finish this. Margot gets to feet with Scarlett in tow. Margot whips Scarlett into the ropes. When she rebounds Margot slips in behind her and locks a sleeper hold on Scarlett as she passes by. Margot hops on Scarlett's back and sinks in the hold. The audience react one way or another, thinking that this is a pivotal moment in the match. Scarlett drops to one knee, then descends to seated position. "This fight is a long way from being over." Zoe comments. "Scarlett's a true fighter, she will fight her way out of this."

"It's hard to fight when you're sleeping" Amber quips, as the effects of the sleeper hold grow on Scarlett.

"That's true" Jam acknowledges. The referee starts checking on Scarlett, and asking if she wants to quit. He takes Scarlett's arm and raises it for a sign that she can still compete. Not only does the hand stay raised, Scarlett wags her finger. Then she starts fighting her way back to her feet as the crowd gets behind her. Scarlett reaches her feet, and Margot hops on her back once again, hoping to weigh her down again. Scarlett lumbers to the ropes then tumbles through them and falls out of the ring. Both Scarlett and Margot have a hard landing. The benefit for Scarlett is that it did break up the sleeper hold.

Both women need a small break at this point. Neither spring to their feet immediately. It has been an intense fight so far, but after a few moments' both slowly rise. Margot grabs Scarlett in a head lock immediately. She starts running toward the ring post to ram Scarlett's head. Only Scarlett puts on the breaks and pushes her off, sending Margot running into the iron ring post. Margot has a pained expression and shakes out her shoulder and arm from the collision. But Margot wheels around and with a hop clobbers Scarlett over the head. Scarlett did not react at all although. She glares back at Margot with a serious expression and shakes her head 'no'. Margot hits Scarlett again, but it had no effect also. Scarlett just looks possessed and shakes her head.

The look on Scarlett's face worries Margot. She put her hands up and begs off. Still in her Harley Quinn persona, Margot says, "Sorry! I was just kidding." Margot backs up before turning to run as Scarlett approaches her menacingly. Scarlett chases Margot around ringside. Margot tries to climb back in the ring but Scarlett catches her. Scarlett reaches up and grabs Margot's shorts as she tries to crawl between the ropes. Scarlett nearly pulls the shorts off and yanks them down far enough to show a lot of butt crack. Scarlett gets in a couple of shots before Margot escapes and falls through the ropes and gets back in the ring.

Scarlett scurries into the ring after Margot. Both warriors get to their feet, and immediately start trading blows again. After a few fists, Scarlett grabs Margot by the arm and whips her into the ropes. Margot rebounds back into a super kick from Scarlett. The slap of boot sole and flesh sings out. Margot's head snaps back. Margot has a dazed look on her face, but does not fall down, Margot reels against the ropes. Seeing the hot topless blonde against the ropes, Scarlett could not resist a few jealous shots. Scarlett delivers a knife edge chop across Margot's tits. Then she gave her another one, and another one, then three more. The series of boob chops were the finest chops this side of Nature Boy Ric Flair or Wahoo McDaniels. Scarlett was satisfied seeing the blonde with red tits. "Her tits are on fire!", shouts Jam Rodriguez.

Scarlett grabs Margot by her favorite handle, her pigtails. She jerks Margot off the ropes. Margot shoots a knee low into Scarlett's groin, then whips her into the referee. Scarlett and the referee crash into each other hard, meeting head to head. Both of them fall down to the mat.

Seeing Scarlett and the referee are down, Margot bolts out of the ring. She snatches a metal folding chair and slides right back into the ring. Scarlett is gingerly standing when Margot cracks her over the back with the chair. Scarlett goes back down. Margot positions herself over Scarlett and is about to ram the metal chair on Scarlett's throat, but Scarlett gets her hands up and catches the chair before it reached its target. Margot tries to power the chair on down, but Scarlett holds it off. Margot is standing with the chair's legs, and Scarlett is on her back holding the top edge of the chair. Scarlett is able to kick Margot's legs a couple of times allowing her to get to her feet while still in a tug of war for the chair. Once standing Scarlett is able to kick Margot in the belly and snatch the chair out of the doubled over woman's hands. Finally Scarlett gives Margot a crack across the back with the chair, before tossing the chair away.

Before Margot really knew what is happening, Scarlett grabs her wrist. Then Scarlett does a baseball slide going through Margot's split legs while holding the wrist. Scarlett looked very much like the acrobatic Black Widow character in a fight scene. Scarlett successfully makes it through Margot's legs with her arm in tow, then pops up to her feet. Poor Margot is bent over with her arm running through her legs and held under her ass by Scarlett. She is in perfect position for a pump handle slam. An instant later, Scarlett hoists Margot up in the air by that trapped arm primarily. She tosses Margot up and flips her around to slam the DC actress down her on her back. All the wind gets knocked out of Margot, and Scarlett drapes her heavenly body over Margot's for the pinfall. The referee has recovered enough from their collision to slap the mat three times and count Margot out.

Bedlam erupts immediately. The fans go wild over this action packed bout between two of the movies' most beautiful stars. Scarlett pops to her feet and throws both arms in the air in victory. The shaken referee stands and holds one of Scarlett's arms up, proclaiming her the victor. Amber has a sour face as she picks up the box with the crown and hands it to the ring attendant. Meanwhile Zoe brags about the MCU and the Fabs. Realizing that her time in the spotlight is over, Margot rolls out of the ring and falls to the ringside mats and yields the spotlight to the victorious Scarlett, while licking her wounds.

The ring attendant has made his way to the ring and hands the box to Scarlett. Scarlett graciously takes the box and thanks the attendant. Then she holds the box above her head to present it too all the cheering fans first. Scarlett lowers the box and starts taking the top off. At first she is really surprised how tight the top is on. She had to look down and concentrate and use a little strength to get the top off. Scarlett rips the top off and out of nowhere, a big balled up boxing glove rockets up out of the box like a Jack-in-the Box. The glove strikes Scarlett in the face accompanied by a big puff of dust. The crowd shouts a loud unexpected gasp. Scarlett drops the box, and sways like a drunkard for a second, then crumbles to the mat like an imploded building. She lies out cold and flat on her back. The entire stadium is silent. Whoever booby trapped the box included a knockout chemical in the dust cloud. That way if the glove did not knock Scarlett out, then the dust would. Finally a maniacal laugh rings out. Margot pulls herself up using the ring apron laughing uncontrollably like Harley Quinn having just defeating the Batman.

"What the!?!? How did this?!?!?" Zoe stammers. Then she stands and looks at Amber and shouts, "YOUUUU DID THIS ! You switched the boxes!"

Amber looks innocently "Are you crazy? You've been sitting here with me the whole time!" Amber yells back.

"Lying bitch!" Zoe shouts. "I'm going to wring your scrawny neck!"

Jam stands to hold Zoe back from attacking Amber. Quickly security come from the shadows and grab Zoe and pull her away from the announce desk.

At ringside, Margot still in Harley Quinn character is laughing and dancing. She searches under the ring and pulls out another box identical to the one that Scarlett had opened. Margot slides into the ring and opens the box and pulls out the Comic Con crown and places it on her head. Next Margot dances and prances around the ring in full Harley Quinn persona. Her fans cheer and have a good time. Other fans do not know what to make of these sudden turn of events. It looks like a dirty trap of the Joker against Batman in the campy 1960's tv series.

Margot went to Scarlett and stood over her with a smile. She playfully unzips Scarlett's body suit all the way down to her waist. "Ohhh luscious" Margot coos. Then she reaches inside Scarlett's outfit and pulls out her tits. It was real easy to plop Scarlett's big plump boobs out of her bra. They were already ready to burst out anyway. Margot looks very pleased with herself as she straightens up and surveys Scarlett down and out on her back with her tits out. She is so pleased that she goes back to dancing around the ring.

Slowly Scarlett opens her eyes as the warm island breeze quickly blows the dust away. As her senses quickly return, she sees Margot dancing around like a fool with her crown. Filled with anger and embarrassment, Scarlett slowly gets to her feet growling, "I'm going to kill you!" Scarlett charges at Margot.

Margot's eyes get big and she says, "Uh oh!" and darts out of the ring. Margot takes the crown off her head and runs with it in her hand so she will not lose the valued crown. Scarlett leaps through the ropes and continues the chase. Margot takes off running. Scarlett chases her one whole lap around the ring, before Margot flees up the ramp to the backstage area with a beyond angry Scarlett in hot pursuit.

Camera men struggle to join in the chase and keep up. They are weighed down with heavy cameras and chasing two fit women about half their age. Margot bursts through the backstage curtains and runs through the gorilla position. Scarlett is hot on her tail with her bouncing tits still out. Either Scarlett did not notice or did not care about her breasts being out, but everyone else certainly noticed and loved it. Margot makes a left and heads through catering. She would not dare stop for a bite because Scar Jo is closing in. Margot runs through a hallway with some shipping cases stacked along the wall. Margot wisely pushes some over, causing Scarlett to dodge and climb over a few to slow her pursuit slightly. Finally Margot takes a right turn and heads down a dead end hall. Scarlett thinks that she got her.

At the end of the hall, Margot runs into a woman's restroom. Margot bursts through the door. She goes to the third sink in the line on the wall. Margot grabs the spout on the soap dispenser above the sink and turns the soap dispenser three times counter clockwise and one time clockwise, then pumps the trigger. The secret combination triggers a full length mirror to slide to the right revealing a secret passageway. Margot runs for the secret passage with the mirror closing behind her.

When Scarlett reaches the restroom door, she comes to a full stop. She suspects this has to be a trap and an ambush. She pushes the door open, testing, and trying to trip the trap. When nothing happened, Scarlett cautiously enters the bathroom. To her total dismay, and shock, there is absolutely no one in the bathroom. Scarlett is totally confused and starts tearing through the room looking for Margot. This cannot be. She saw Margot enter the room, but no one is in there. Scarlett is so angry, frustrated and confused that tears are coming to her eyes as she searches for Margot, or even a clue as to what magic just happened.

Thirty minutes later there is a celebration. Deep below the stadium, that secret passage Margot chose led to a secret area of the stadium that only illuminate level people are aware that even exists. Quatro Calderon is such a person. In that select room celebrating you find Calderon welcoming his Chosen team, Nicki Minaj, Amber Heard, their trainer, Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria of WWE fame and their newest member Margot Robbie. John the Candyman is also there pouring champagne over Margot's head. "Congratulations on joining the Chosen Margot. I said you had to prove your worth by bringing home the crown by any means necessary and you did it. I got to admit, I didn't think your plan of having a grip switch out the box and stash the original under the ring was going to work, but you and Amber pulled it off." Calderon compliments. "The DC Universe executives are thrilled. They are predicting that the next Birds of Prey movie will be the biggest ever. After we add one more member, we come out of hiding and end Stone Rage and his Fab Four forever."

John the Candyman breaks out in a hardy laugh while looking at his cell phone. "Scar Jo is texting me about her crown and funding her movie." he laughs. "I got an answer for her." John says out loud as his fingers start to text back his response. "The contract said the wearer of the crown gets the funding, not the winner. I've already have an agreement with Margot. Sorry better luck next time." John then snaps a picture of Margot wearing the crown and sends the picture and text to Scarlett. John laughs again, "Loser."

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