NOTE - This story really begins with Halle Berry vs Carmen Electra 1 about 15 years earlier

Rage lifts his eyes from behind his desk and sees something he never wanted to see coming. "Lord Calderon" he says with contempt in his breath.

"Come on Rage, you know the Society doesn't use that terminology anymore." Quatro Calderon says as he walks into Stone Rage's office. "I don't call you General or teacher anymore."

"I'm sorry. I gave up fighting your Secret Society years ago. At least I thought I had until this silly lawsuit from the Big 6 media giants. Since we all know that I will defeat this in court, I'm guessing you're here with some kind of deal to settle out of court, so you will lift the injunction so I can continue promoting my next Pay Per View." Stone Rage assumes.

"You are always so perceptive Stone Rage" Calderon says. "It is always a pleasure doing business with you. The problem is that you always operate outside the system. You know the rules and structure but you want to do things your way, and I'm here to keep you in line."

"Whatever Regulator" Rage dismissively answers. "Just state your deal. Only three companies in the USA can distribute Pay Per Views and all are media giants. I have no choice about doing business with you. Just leave me out of your Secret Society games to rule the world."

Calderon laughs. "Yes I'm the Secret Society's Regulator. My new assignment is to put you under wraps." He sits and gets down to business. "This is the deal and I advise you to take it. They are offering you a marketing deal pure and simple. You use your events to help promote the media giants movies, television shows, books or anything that we damned well please. In return we will release your company from hostage, and make you a very rich man in the process."

"What is the catch?" Rage asks, very unimpressed.

Calderon chuckles, "Just to protect the Studio's interest, I will serve as special Studio advisor on your booking committee to insure we have quality and beneficial events." Calderon pauses knowing Rage has no intentions of allowing him entrance into his business. "If you refuse, I will use every contact to keep this court case tied up for months. By the time you win the ability to promote again, your little empire will already be in shambles."

Rage's eyes focus on Calderon's eyes, burning a hole into his soul. His eyes shown anger and dissatisfaction, however they were just buying time as his mind ran through hundreds of scenarios of what Calderon is trying to pull and their percentages of success. He knows that Calderon has a thorough plan, that he already has the next phase well underway if he accepts this deal. Calderon has a contention plan if he refuses also. He is sure that Calderon's ultimate objective will be to take over his company and force him to eventually sell to parts of the media giants, or to comply and be a cog in their machine.

"120 million", Rage says. "I get 120 million dollars up front for the marketing agreement. It is for one year only. Your role is as advisor only. The booking committee still has to vote on matches, and I and the board of directors can overturn any decision." Rage states his terms.

The two men sat searching each other's eye to view into their souls. Both men know that this will be a career defining challenge. If Rage can out maneuver Calderon, he can discredit him, and drop him in the media giant's eyes. If Calderon can out Stone Rage of the picture, then the studios and Secret Society will hoist him to even greater heights. "I don't like it. However if we can come to terms of a second year option if certain qualifiers are met, then I can probably get the Studios to go for it."

Stone Rage immediately realizes that was too easy and he has walked into a trap. "We can agree to that if we get a significant bonus for meeting those financial qualifiers. I say that with emphasis on the word significant." Stone answers with a smile.

"Oh Stone Rage, you insult me." Calderon sarcastically responds. "You act like my involvement is for something other than to make you, your league and your celebrities a lot of money. It is just time the media giants get their fair share too for allowing you to do business. I think we have a deal here. I'll send the final agreement over by tomorrow evening, for you to review. Then I will immediately lift the injunction so you can get back to making all of us a lot of money! It's good to have you back on board with system again."

"Yeah right" Stone Rage says already regretting this decision. However Stone Rage knew he would have to fight this battle with the media giants sooner or later, so it might as well be now.

Stone Rage picks up his phone and makes a call. "Hey Halle (Berry) I think I may have a mistake."

"Oh my, what did you do?" Halle says sounding annoyed like only a woman that knows a man too well can say.

"I had to make a deal with the media giants to stop the injunction to get back in business. Quatro Calderon is going to be the new Studio Advisor to the league. I'm sure that he's going to come after the Fabs for trying to get your Fab TV network without their approval, as well as the ABA. I'd advise you to strengthen the troops. We better get ready for real fight."


Halle lovingly lamented Rage about his decision, even though she knew it was inevitable. She and the Fabs as well as the ABA have been circumventing the media giant's power structure and standard procedures with Rage's encouragement for some time now. The Fab's ultimate goal is to start a cable network. The ABA's goal is an independent movie studio. She knew the system would buck back soon. She also knows that Rage would rather fight now than later. In times like this he always quotes Ice Cube, "If the shit's going down, then let's get it over with."

Halle immediately warns the fellow leaders of the Fabs and preparations take course. Several days later, Halle has a pool party on her calendar. She really does not want to attend, but it is being thrown by a powerful broker in Hollywood. He is powerful enough to give even the mighty Halle Berry headaches by making an enemey of him in the industry.

Halle puts on a modest one piece bathing suit to attend the party. She disappoints many party goers, since they are accustom to seeing Halle wear a sexy bikini to these types of events. Normally Halle would. She is proud of her body especially at her age, and loves showing it off. This day she knows better, a sexy bikini may get ripped off. Halle does not want to offend or upstage the long reigning queen of this party. She just wants to attend, stay long enough to make the rounds so everyone will see her and remember that she made an appearance, then leave without incident. After all, Halle was not invited as a superstar, she was invited to be the punch line in jokes.

While mingling, Halle runs into the host of the party, John the "Candyman" as many like to call him for his behind the scenes financial backing of films. "Halle! It's always awesome to see you!", John energetically greets the superstar.

"Why John", Halle replies, "It's not like a woman can refuse an invitation from you, at least not a smart one." Halle snidely comments.

"Please tell me that you've reconsidered the script I sent you. I will double your salary if you do that movie." John offers.

"Hmm let me see." Halle thoughtfully replies. "Is that the script where I play the villain, a corrupt congress woman, and Carmen Electra plays a detective that brings the congress woman down? Then in the climactic scene it’s an elongated catfight between mine and Carmen's characters, in evening gowns. Then Carmen’s character basically mops the floor with my character in her own house at her own party. Finally Carmen's character nearly drowns mine in a fountain and makes her confess to all her crimes. In the last scene, Carmen's character hauls my character off to jail in handcuffs, wearing only bra and panties while the press takes pictures of her. I remember that script, and the answer’s hell fucking no. Even if I said yes, no studio in the world is going to let you film a major film with Carmen Electra in the lead theatrical role. Even with your money and power you can't get that done.

'Maybe not, but I can try." John says. "I know it's been over 15 years, but the sexiest thing I've ever seen is when Carmen kicked your confident, cocky, sexy ass at one of these parties. You can't hold it against me for wanting to see it again. I promised Carmie she'll get to do it again. After Quatro Calderon takes down Stone Rage and runs him out of his league, I'll get him to book a best of seven series between you and Carmen. You're a tough lady, you'll go the distance, but in the end I have no doubt that you'll end up out cold, flat on your back, with tits up." John says with a dreamy smile.

"Oh wouldn't you love to see that." Halle teases. "Keep dreaming John. Number one, Carmen can't beat me. You'll just see your dream girl get her ass kicked four times. Second that series will never happen, because Stone Rage is going to send Calderon back to his masters with his tail tucked between his legs." Halle looks over and sees Carmen looking at her and John talking. "It looks like your girlfriend is looking at us. You'd better go before you make her jealous." Halle suggests. "She does still have you wrapped around her little finger".

The Candyman chuckles, before answering, "Yeah, she does, just like you've got Stone Rage around your finger."

"True" Halle answers with a smile. "Later John" Halle walks away, knowing John will be checking out her sexy ass as she makes her exit.

Halle goes on trying to enjoy herself, although she knows that she is only there to play The Joker to Carmen Electra's Batman. She is there as a reminder of Carmen's spectacular victory, and her embarrassing defeat. Her only job is to elevate Carmen's already overgrown lore at the Candyman's parties and as the punch line of jokes. Along the way of ordering an Uber, then escaping this party, Halle has a couple of drinks, and ends up staying longer than she expected.

Halle sees the Candyman, surrounded by many of his friends and guests, while laid back on a lounge chair with Carmen by his side. Somehow the conversation switched to politics and economics and Halle noticed the Candyman in an engaging debate with Scarlett Johansson. Meanwhile, she acknowledges Carmen looking not too happy that a younger big boobed starlet has her sugar daddy's full attention. It especially does not help that their discussion topic is one that she cannot expound upon. As Carmen's jealousy and frustration mounts, she interjects a few catty comments into the Candyman and Scarlett's conversation. Scarlett tries to ignore or roll with the remarks, but hears the surrounding people's snickering.

Halle kept monitoring the situation from a distance. She could not hear what is being said, but could read what was going on vividly. Halle could see Carmen's venom toward Scarlett escalate, and the younger woman is holding her ground, and not backing down. Halle is incredibly intrigued how this will end now. The Candyman gets a round of drinks to settle the tensions. Halle notices that the shots are clear colored. Halle chuckles to herself. "Please tell me that dumb ass didn't get tequila shots. Scarlett is already drinking champagne. That is not going to mix well at all."

Halle proved to be right. Carmen feels threatened by this woman who equals or surpasses her in beauty. She is talking and entertaining her Candyman plaything in ways she cannot by debating on politics and matters. Besides Halle can feel it from a distance, Scarlett has a aura, a sexually overwhelming aura. It makes the final product greater than the sum of the parts. Being in her presence intoxicates the brain, and makes you think about sex. There are women with bigger, better this and that, but not like the wicked combination Scarlett possess. The way Scarlett talks, smells, her subtle movements and her facial expressions, all seduces and intoxicates the brain in ways Scarlett does not intend or even try to do so.

As she can tell Scarlett and Carmen exchange harsher words, Halle says "Ooohhhh that tequila is making them mean." She stops to think for a second. She wonders if that was not the Candyman's plan all along. She has heard stories of Carmen getting into scraps at the Candyman's parties several times over the years, since Carmen whipped Halle's ass over 15 years ago. From all accounts, Carmen has won them all.

Finally Halle sees Carmen stand and shouts loud enough for Halle to hear from her distance. "Listen bitch! I see what you're trying to do. You want to use those big boobs and take advantage of my friend John to get to his money to get him to fund some projects for you. I'm not going to let you do it! You better get your big butt away from him before I bounce you out of here!"

Halle smiles, "I knew wearing that skimpy bikini was a mistake." Halle thinks.

Scarlett rises and stands nose to nose with Carmen, shouting back, "Are you fucking insane? I was just having a conversation with the man! I wasn't trying to do anything! Are you fucking nuts?"

"Well I just ended your conversation with John, so take your bubble butt and waddle away from here before I kick your ass out of here." Carmen threatens with a finger pointing in the opposite direction for Scarlett to follow. The younger woman is pissed, and definitely does not like to be spoken to or shown up in this manner. Scarlett stops and takes a challenging eye to eye glare with Carmen. The older brunette stands her ground, glaring back at Scarlett saying, "Keep walking sweetie and get that mean, hard ass look off your face, before a knock it off."

Scarlett knows Carmen's reputation and knows she should be cautious. However a woman does not accomplish as much as Scarlett has by being overly cautious. "Fine I'm leaving." Then Scarlett cannot resist launching a parting shot. "I'm not the one who needs a meal ticket, but I guess you do."

Carmen's eyes flashed red. As Scarlett turns her back and walks away, Carmen grabs her by the shoulder saying, "Hey bitch!" Scarlett spins around into a huge bitch smack across her face, literally knocking the mean glare off Scarlett's face. The young woman reels several feet holding her red cheek with a totally shocked expression of her face. Carmen heard the other guess remark at Scarlett's parting shot. Carmen is the Candyman's undisputed queen at his events. Now she confirms her rule. Carmen walks purposely toward Scarlett, and gives her a hard two handed shove in the chest. Scarlett reels backward several more steps until she disappears out of sight when she falls into the Candyman's pool, with a big splash of water spouting up.

As she hears Scarlett splashing around, Carmen walks to the edge of the pool then steps over the side and drops into the water. Party goers get loud and raucous as they see the battle begin underwater. Carmen approaches Scarlett swinging underneath the water's surface. Scarlett is up to the task getting an arm up to knock each punch away. After stalwarting all of Carmen's advances, Scarlett launches a kick that Carmen escapes by backing away. Then both women dart to the surface for a much needed gulp of air.

Both had maneuvered to a shallower end of the pool, so both could stand on solid ground to continue. They quickly put up their dukes and square off again. Scarlett strikes first with a wide swinging right hand, but Carmen ducks underneath it. Carmen pops up with a counter, but Scarlett is waiting and blocks it. However it was just a setup, because as Scarlett swats one are away Carmen's other fist was waiting to strike with a left hand back fist that spins Scarlett's head like a swivel.

Scarlett grimaces, but spins right back around with another big swing at Carmen's head. Carmen ducks underneath again, recognizing the sequence. She springs into Scarlett with a punch that is blocked. Carmen counters quickly again with her other fist. Scarlett learned from before and blocks it then blasts Carmen with a fiery fist into Carmen's ribs. Carmen shouts and backs away a few step.

Carmen wears a hurt expression on her face, but engages Scarlett again. Carmen fires a combination of punches, chops and elbows, again showing some martial arts prowess. Scarlett returns with blocks by swatting her blows away. However Carmen sneaks in an elbow to Scarlett's nose, making her snarl in pain and back off a step. Scarlett returns with punches and combinations with a fury showing everyone that the blast to her nose ticked her off.

Halle looks around at the party goers going crazy. They are all united cheering for Carmen, shouting encouragement to her and rooting her on. She wants to cheer for Scarlett, but knows that would land her in a bunch of trouble amongst this rabid crowd of the Candyman's friends. Despite being angered Scarlett fires efficient, quick blows at her foe, just unfortunately for her, the savvy veteran is able to frustrate Scarlett by blocking them. The versed warrior is patient to wait for one wayward punch to grab Scarlett's arm and twist it sharply as hard as she could. The leverage of the situation forces Carmen to bend forward at the waist from her arm being twisted. Carmen places her other hand at the base of Scarlett's shoulder, completing and arm bar, but most importantly forcing her further forward until her face in under the water. Scarlett flails a few seconds making a lot think that the fight will soon be over. Suddenly the young sturdy vixen explodes out of the hold, punctuating with a back elbow into Carmen's nose that sends her reeling.

The hard shot obviously hurt Carmen, but she engages Scarlett immediately. Carmen straightens herself, before her foot rises out of the water for a high kick. Scarlett ducks to the side to avoid it. Carmen doubles up her kick, swinging it right back at Scarlett who athletically ducks it again. Carmen tries another high kick but Scarlett swats Carmen's leg away, and knocks Carmen off balance. This provides Scarlett the opening to strike with a high kick to Carmen's mouth. Carmen's head snaps back as the smack of Scarlett's 'kiss' rings out as she staggers back. Carmen's face shows pain and concern as she refocuses her gaze on Scarlett.

Seeing the advantage Scarlett strikes with another kick to Carmen's head. Carmen grabs Scarlett’s ankle before it lands and violently twist the limb. Again Carmen proves a mastery of leverage. Just like turning a lever to a machine, Carmen's twist forces Scarlett's sexy apparatus to turn her body along with her leg, until Carmen sees her ultimate goal, Scarlett's back. Carmen releases her leg and springs at Scarlett's back and instantly wraps her right arm around Scarlett's neck and clasps her hands together to apply pressure to a tight rear naked choke. With Scarlett now under her control, Carmen bends Scarlett forward again until her face is back under the water.

Scarlett's arms flail to no avail. After a few seconds all the viewers knew this fight is about to be over. Halle's shoulders sink as Scarlett's movements soon start to slow, and she realizes how efficiently and quickly Carmen just took down her young rival with her choke hold. Carmen brings Scarlett's face out of the water and holds her up, displaying a limp sleepy starlet to the crowd, who erupts in a roar. Carmen slings Scarlett's body to the side and raises both arms in triumph. Scarlett's curvy sexy body rises and floats on top of the water like dead wood. The Candyman's friends chant "CARMEN! CARMEN! CARMEN!"

Carmen grabs Scarlett's ankle before she floats too far away and pulls her back in. Then the former television lifeguard mercifully drags Scarlett's limp body out of the pool. After hauling Scarlett out of the pool, Carmen splays her at poolside, then puts a foot on her chest and raises both arms again to proclaim her victory once again. She gives life to another rousing chant of her name.

Scarlett opens her eyes slowly and confirms, to her dread, that Carmen is celebrating a victory over her. The prideful woman pushes Carmen's foot off her chest and struggles to her feet. With a gloating smile Carmen says, "That's right loser, keep it moving."

"Fuck you bitch. This isn't over. I'll get you back." Scarlett says over her shoulder as she turns to walk away.

"I doubt it bitch. You're a real loser inside and out." Carmen cheap shots back. "You're the kind of bitch that people will forget about five years from now."

Scarlett stops dead in her tracks. That comment, especially coming from Carmen Electra struck a huge nerve. Scarlett is the third highest paid actresses in the world according to Forbes. Meanwhile Carmen's career consists of a stream hosting TV shows and small eye candy parts in major movies, to a lot of B-Movies, going directly to video or DVD. "What the fuck, you stupid bitch?" Scarlett says as she turns to face Carmen.

Then just like twelve year olders on the playground, some random dude standing behind Scarlett gives her a hard two handed shove to her back. Scarlett stumbles toward Carmen. It is enough for an ultra-aggressive Carmen to take it as a combative gesture. Carmen steps forward and wraps her arms around Scarlett's body. Then she hoists Scarlett off her feet and slams her back down on the poolside concrete with a belly to belly suplex type slam.

Scarlett really does not know completely how it has happened, but she finds herself rolling around on the ground with Carmen. Then the next thing she knows her bikini magically disappears. "Damned witch!" Scarlett spits at the veteran's stealthy and quick fingers. They continue to tussle around, as Scarlett's top falls away.

Carmen thought she was in a dream. It is a foregone conclusion for Carmen that she is going to win this scuffle. Scarlett is still groggy from being half drowned. However she loves grinding her body against Scarlett's. Carmen's body tingles with sexual arousal. She is sure that Scarlett either forgot or did not know that Carmen admitted to having 'crush' on Scarlett and Jessica Alba. Carmen keeps their bodies close, really mashing them together. The close contact excites Carmen and suffocates Scarlett. Carmen sees Scarlett turn her head to the side, trying to find room for a good breath. Carmen presses her body harder against her young foe, and grinding her thigh into Scarlett's crotch like a cricket mating call. Scarlett looks fetchingly faint as she maintains her composure while sucking air into her magnificent body. Like one of the sexiest damsels in distress ever, Scarlett wilts while Carmen gets wet.

For Scarlett, this is not going as she had planned. She planned on kicking Carmen's older ass. Although Scarlett maintains a dignity and composure, which is far beyond her years, she is perplexed. First, she thought that she was stronger than Carmen, however she is finding that to not be the case, or at least overwhelmingly stronger. The 44 year old possess a bit of 'old woman strength'. After all Carmen was working out with aerobics and weights as a Playboy bunny when Scarlett was in grade school. Scarlett can roll Carmen on her back, but cannot hold her there for too long. Besides, Carmen slyly keeps her thigh jabbed in Scarlett's pussy to help control her body. Scarlett was a little light-headed from her adventure in the pool, and Carmen wisely keeps her body imposed on Scarlett's making it hard to breathe. Carmen's breasts relentlessly grind and squish into Scarlett's. When Scarlett does get Carmen's tits off of hers, Carmen roughly squeezes Scarlett's breast, like a hard painful grope trying to pull them off and take them home. Carmen's hands and grip do an efficient job wrestling the strength out of her. Carmen's hand paws Scarlett's meaty ass like a bear, ravishing her buttocks, squeezing into the muscles. If Scarlett continues this body to body struggle, Scarlett will either wear out or pass out shortly.

Knowing that she needs to make something happen now or never, Scarlett explodes and gets Carmen's imposing body off of hers. Scarlett rises to a seated position. When Carmen rises, Scarlett rocks her with a three punch combination that hurts Carmen. The brunette dizzily falls to her back, and lies looking up at the sky. Scarlett scrambles up to her haunches and pounces on Carmen. Somehow the wily old timer draws her knees up and kicks out as Scarlett is coming down. Carmen catches Scarlett with a double kangaroo kick to both of Scarlett's bouncy round tits. Scarlett is lunched backwards, for a hard fall on her back.

Carmen speedily pounces on Scarlett, and lands on Scarlett's face with her pussy covering Scarlett's mouth and her nose lodged against Carmen's crotch. Scarlett thrashes kicks and bucks, trying desperately to get Carmen off her face. Carmen reaches back and grabs Scarlett's double D tits and clutches them like a bridle to hold on. Next she rides out Scarlett's thrashing and gyrations like she is busting a spirited young bronco.

Most party observers figure this the beginning of the end. Especially ones that are familiar with Carmen's fights give her young competitor no shot of escaping. Halle bites her bottom lip and hopes that Scarlett can find a way out of her predicament. There is no such luck. Scarlett was already nearly drowned in the pool, and now she is drowning under Carmen's sexy ass. Scarlett struggled some more, but her big knockers worked against her, by being awesome handles. "I can't breathe." Scarlett pitifully admits.

"Duh! That's the general idea." Carmen sarcastically answers. Carmen is having fun riding Scarlett's face, perhaps too much fun. She is turning herself on again, and afraid everyone will see her gush all over Scarlett's face.

Thirty more seconds or so, Scarlett taps Carmen's thigh and stammers out, "You win.... I give."

"Tell us something we don't know, Captain Obvious." Carmen smacks back. By now the Candyman and all his friends are cheering Carmen on like over excited teenagers. She plays to her rabid audience saying, "You want out? Just say you're sorry."

"Fuck you!" Scarlett defiantly grunts back. Carmen starts gripping and squeezing Scarlett's tits harshly again. Carmen asks for another apology from the embattled starlet a couple more times and gets several stubborn, grumpy and muffles refusals.

Despite getting an apology, decides to end this fight. Carmen gets off her seat on Scarlett's face, then drops her impressive tits on Scarlett's face. This is Carmen's traditional way of disposing of rivals at the Canyman's parties. It takes hardly any time before Scarlett is out cold.

Carmen rises off of Scarlett's face and throws her arms up triumphantly while seated on Scarlett's chest. The Candyman and his guests roar their approval. Halle looks around and cannot believe what is happening. Every man there is rock hard (It is easy to see since everyone is wearing swimming trunks.) and every erection is for Carmen Electra. Although Scarlett started the fight as the widely recognized sexiest woman, she is now a mere afterthought. The point is proven as the Candyman helps Carmen to her feet. He escorts Carmen back to his lounge chairs. "Get her out of here", he tells his security staff, referring to Scarlett like she is trash. Two big goons carry a semi-conscious Scarlett inside the house while the Candyman and the rest of the men fawn over Carmen, and grant her every whim. She once again reigns as queen.

Scarlett lies on a bed in one of the Candyman's guest bedrooms, wishing that she had never come to this party. She is developing a huge headache, when the door opens, and Scarlett wonders what could be happening next. To her shock, Halle Berry walks through the door. "How are you doing? Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. Carmen beat my ass at one of Candyman's parties over 15 years ago. How do you think I knew where to find you?", she jokes. On a day that anything seems possible, Scarlett truly expects anything. She does not know Halle, but she is happy to find a friendly voice and starts a conversation.

Halle consoles Scarlett explaining, "There's no shame in losing to Carmen out there. That is the ultimate home field advantage. I've beaten Carmen two out of three fights, but I doubt I could beat her at a Candyman party. However Carmen hates my guts, so my defeat would be a lot slower and more humiliating than yours." She jokes.

"You're in Stone Rage's league, but you hardly ever fight why?" Halle asks.

"My manager won't let me. He doesn't think I'm any good." Scarlett answers.

"Bullshit, I think you've got potential." Halle answers. "Have you ever thought about joining the Fabs?" Scarlett's mouth dropped open. Scarlett considers the Fabs as a first class, elite team in the league. She never thought they would have an interest in her. A short excited conversation ensues. Next thing Scarlett knows she is wearing Halle's shear wraparound for her swimsuit to cover her naked breasts and is in an Uber going to speak to Tia Carrere about replacing Catherine Bell as a member of Tia's Fab team. One thing leads to another, Scarlett meets Tia at her house. After sitting down with Tia and Halle, they end up going out for drinks. Soon they are joined by Tia's other team members, Roselyn Sanchez and Zoe Saldana. The personalities clicked.

Stone Rage gets a late night text from his angel, Halle Berry, at about 3:26 AM. It says the Fabs have a new member, Scarlett Johannson. He smiles excitedly. "Scarlett is perfect." he thinks. She is young athletic and although raw, has championship potential in the ring. Outside of the ring she is one of the sexiest women live, incredibly popular. and most importantly, she is powerful. She is the third highest paid actress in the world. Scarlett is the kind of woman that even the likes of John the Candyman, Quatro Calderon, or the media giants can easily kick around. This a fact that he knows is not loss on Halle Berry either. Rage smiles happily.

There were smiles all around; all except Carmen Electra. Several minutes after Scarlett had exited with Halle, she went to Scarlett's bedroom with a bottle of champagne and two crystal glasses. She was intent on 'apologizing' to Scarlett and furthering her 'crush' on her. When she found out she already left with Halle Berry of all people, Carmen curls her upper lip in a slow burn. Carmen cannot wait to her her hands on Halle for this and a multitude of other sins. "JOHN!" Carmen shouts. "YO CANDYMAN GET UP HERE!! WE HAVE TO TALK!"

TO Studio Specter