Dirty Politics

"Putting things nicely, RAGE! did not go totally our way." Jenny McCarthy begins.

Jenny sits at the head of the board room table on the top floor of the ABA training and business facility. Jenny calmly addresses the other three "bosses" in the ABA, Lucy Liu, Denise Richards and Demi Moore.

"Besides Lucy's victory over Catherine Zeta Jones, nothing went right." Jenny continues addressing her colleagues. "As we know, despite all our and the Fab Four combined efforts, Jada Pinkett and Jennifer Aniston won their Unconditional Surrender match over the booking committee. Now they have all but disbanded the committee that has always favored us, and put Christina Applegate in control of the booking and league. We all know what that means for us in this room."

Jenny looks into the eyes of the other women seated. "My concept when I invented the syndicate theory was to make us stronger, but that has not been the case. This whole time we were supposed to be developing our syndicates so we can go after multiple targets, but that has not been happening." Jenny says raising her voice, and displaying her seriousness. "It's time we cull our weakness and allow the strong to flourish!"

"Really" Denise says defensively, while cutting an eye at Jenny. "I wasn't the one that kicked Christina Applegate out of the group, and gave her head injuries to end her catfighting career. You Lucy and Demi were the geniuses that did that. Now I have to deal with the mess you created now that she is the booking committee chairman." Denise answers, with a voice dripping with attitude. Denise knows that she is the most vulnerable in the group, and she should view any talk of changes as a personal threat.

"You've had a lot of troubles developing a syndicate." Jenny says staring directly at Denise. "It seems you have a lot of problems getting people to trust you."

"Wow" Denise begins. "Take your neighbors man, have a dick weed of a husband say that I wanted his sperm, and double cross Gen Prime, and nobody wants to give me a break." Denise fires back.

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah," Demi thinks behind her dark glasses covering her eyes. "Why do I have to listen to these twits argue without a fifth of vodka?" Demi thinks.

"Jeez!" Demi exclaims silently in her head. "The blonde twit is always wanting to change at the first sign of trouble. That's what keeps destabilizing the group. The other dumb twit could be an asset for the group if she can pull her head out of her own ass. Fuck! I don't even like that bitch." Demi finishes.

From that point Demi kind of zone outs the rest of the meeting. The others notice that Demi was obviously extremely distracted, and left the building immediately after the meeting. No one said anything. Everyone knows. Her personal problems have been well documented as of late.

The meeting progressed on with tension thick in the air. Everyone knew to expect changes and treachery in the near future. It is the way and the nature of the ABA.

All the ladies of the ABA show up for THE GOLD EXPERIENCE II in full force. Lucy, Demi, Denise and Jenny all had plots, and ulterior motives in their minds. None of them were competing. The winner of the matches got ballots to vote on the new booking committee, and Christina did not want any ballots in the ABA's hands. However each woman had political moves to make in the league, especially with everyone present.

Jenny watched the card with keen interest. First she watched old enemy Catherine Zeta Jones come up with an impressive win against Elizabeth Hurley. Actually the Catherine Zeta Jones of old appeared to have resurfaced. She tortured Hurley after the match and referred to herself as Cat the Crippler again. It is a situation that deserved to be monitored. Of course Zeta Jones is also bipolar and her accent comes and goes from time to time, just like her prowess in the ring.

Halle Berry wrestled tonight for the first time in over a year. She looked phenomenal and caught Lucy's interest. Lucy sees that Halle looks more dangerous after her time off. Her concentration and technique were flawless. Also she stole a member of the Resistance and added Eva Longoria to her Fab Corp. Seeing the Fab Four challenging the Resistance like that is definitely interesting for Lucy.

However the match that Jenny cared the most about was the Drama Queen match between champion, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Salma Hayek. Jenny's goal was to establish herself as the top contender to that belt by any means necessary. Salma won the belt. Obviously Jenny would be in consideration for the first title shot. Catherine Zeta Jones and Halle Berry will also be at the front of the line with their impressive victories tonight. With her political influence gone now that Applegate is in charge, Jenny was thinking about how to get that title match, when another player intervened. Alyssa Milano attacked Salma after the match and definitely established herself as the top contender for a title match.

After the card there is an official party for the league and press. All the ABA as well as everyone in the league were in attendance. Lucy had her Lui-Tang Clan following her, making an impressive entourage. Purposely, Demi wanted to be less conspicuous. She was accompanied by her chief lieutenant and leader of her Stimulus Package, Vivica A. Fox. In her fragile emotional state, Demi needed the stability of her fellow cougar. Demi is determined to make an impact on the league before leaving tonight. She and the ABA have been dormant for too long. She feels it is once again time for her to lead the way for her fellow ABA bosses.

"This is a crucial time in the league." Demi explains to Vivica. "All those girls that we've been stepping on for years, are coming after us in the Resistance. Luckily they're going to be preoccupied with the Fab Four, so we can prepare. All that bullshit with Ashton got me sidetracked, but I'm back now."

"So what exactly is the game plan?" Vivica asks, knowing Demi has a habit to rant and ramble.

"For today, to dispel rumors that I'm crazy or insane after Ashton left!" Demi snaps back harshly. "Really I'm not crazy! I just needed a to go to rehab for a break, for exhaustion." Demi insists. "Second if it's true that Rihanna is fucking my Ashton, I want to get her in the ring. I'm going to beat the shit out of her, take her championship belt, then kick her ass some more. Then I'm going to whip her with the championship belt!"

Seeing Demi obviously is not herself lately, Vivica tries to keep Demi's focus and logic intact. "How are you planning to do that. War Queen title shots are very hard to come by. Plus Christina Applegate is definitely not going to give you any favors."

"Easy like this." Demi huffs back. "Where are the most cameras in this room right now?"

"Right now?" Vivica asks while looking around. "Over there, talking to Vanessa Williams about Salma Hayek's condition after being attacked by Alyssa Milano."

"Exactly, let's go make a name for ourselves." Demi promises, leading in that direction.

True enough, Vanessa Williams is in the mist of many reporters with mics to her lips. Vanessa was elected to attend the party, and post match interviews after Salma was taken to the hospital following a post match attack from Alyssa Milano, after Salma just won the Drama Queen Championship.

“How is Salma." a reporter asks.

“Salma's fine" Vanessa reports about her friend. "She was only taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Penelope Cruz is with right now. But Salma will be fine and ready to defend her Drama Queen title and we'll fix little Miss Alyssa Milano too."

“Whatever!" Demi loudly says just outside of the reporters' circle around Vanessa. "Salma's been promising to get revenge on Alyssa for years. The only things she has gotten is bound and raped, repeatedly." Instantly the reporters and Vanessa's head turn to see the maker of these irreverent remarks.

Vanessa cuts Demi an annoyed eye, then repeats, "Like I said we, will deal with Alyssa Milano as a team, just like the Confidante dealt with Jaime Pressly."

"Bullshit!" Demi loudly blurts. "Jaime Pressly is no Alyssa Milano. Alyssa will take out all three of you, tie you up and take you home for a gangbang party."

Never one to hold her tongue, Vanessa addresses Demi snipping, "I'm sorry but was anyone talking to you?" Vanessa takes a deep breath to calm herself then says, "Okay, I'll bite. What's going on in your twisted mind Demi?"

"Actually, I was thinking what a shame it is that a former Ms America, multiple time Grammy, Tony and Emmy nominee, that never won, but was nominated, is now fucking ABC executives to slink from TV series to series and worst of all, reduced to Salma Hayek's errand girl." Demi answers with a chuckle.

"Demi, Demi, Demi" Vanessa repeats "Haven't you learned by now? Just because I'm working, and you're not is no reason to be jealous. Jealousy of another woman will get you nowhere, except maybe losing your boy toy, divorce attorneys, and a vacation to rehab." Vanessa says sounding just as cold and bitchy as Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty or Renee Perry from Desperate Housewives.

Demi was already on an emotional edge, and barely holding things together. After hearing the Ashton quip, Demi starts trembling and balls her fist. Next Demi charges through the reporters after Vanessa.

Vanessa knew that Demi was begging for a fight as soon as she started talking, so Vanessa was not at all surprised to see Demi coming. Vanessa stands her ground and drives a fist into Demi's gut as she comes in. Demi stops in her tracks with a grunt, but blasts back with a belly buster of her own. Vanessa barks louder than Demi did, and jackknifes over, then backs a few steps holding her stomach.

Vanessa straightens up and puts up her fist. "Is that all you've got?" Vanessa asks. "Cause if it is, you're going to be in trouble." Vanessa threatens in her black and yellow mini dress.

With her fist raised and ready for action Demi answers, "Bring it!" Demi is wearing an equally short black mini dress.

Vanessa was itching for some action since being bamboozled with Penelope Cruz by Alyssa Milano, at the finish of Salma's match. After watching Salma get beat up, Vanessa is definitely ready to hurt somebody. That was the main reason for her bitter personal verbal attack on Demi.

The party goers and reporters form a large circle and begin cheering their favorites. Cameras run to record the fight for future consumption. Vanessa strikes first with another punch to Demi's belly. Vanessa dances out of range before Demi retaliates. Vanessa strikes quickly again with a left hook to Demi's jaw. Having success, Vanessa is able to land another left hook a few moments later, and follows by a kick to Demi's upper thigh.

In Demi's fragile emotional condition, Vanessa is able to land many more punches than otherwise. Demi could not control her emotions and was rash and sloppy. Vanessa took advantage by ripping off three and four punch combinations to Demi's midsection at a time and talking smack the whole time. Eventually the combinations got up to four to six punch flurries at a time. Vanessa ducks under Demi's punches and nails her with another flurry. Next she blocks Demi's punch attempts and rattles off more vollies. Demi could not take any more and drops to her knees holding her belly from the last lethal combinations.

Once Demi was down, Vanessa slips behind and locks Demi in a rear chinlock/choke hold. "Wasn't expecting this, huh?" Vanessa cockily asks.

Being deprived of air, Demi starts focusing more. Demi tugs and pulls at Vanessa's arm, trying to remove it from across her throat, but soon finds she is unable. Vanessa is simply too strong for Demi to escape with power. "When I get out of this I'm going to kick your ass." Demi mutters, still restrained and struggling in her capture's clutches.

"If you get out of this" Vanessa responds with a laugh. Vanessa is thoroughly enjoying herself whipping Big Bad Demi Moore's ass. She loves making the major Hollywood power broker suffer. It is vindication for all the years she worked extremely hard to rise from scandal queen to a brilliant multi dimensional singing and acting career.

Feeling Demi fading, Vanessa slings her face forward to the carpet. Demi's short black dress has risen to her waist, exposing the majority of her white ass encased in black panties. "You're stronger than I thought." Demi mutters rhetorically as she starts sitting up. As she is coming up, Vanessa is going down to the carpet. Vanessa goes behind Demi and pulls her head down between her thighs and locking a scissor hold around Demi’s neck.

Vivica looks on thinking Demi has made a big mistake challenging Vanessa while in this fragile emotional state. Jenny is smacking her lips thinking Demi is embarrassing the ABA. Denise is already trying to convince Lucy and Jenny that they should give Demi a Milano (The traditionary ABA beatdown before kicking a member out of the group) if Demi loses.

Demi is on her back with the back of her head against Vanessa's crotch, and Vanessa's legs wrapped around the sides of Demi's head and neck. Demi's dress has riden high, displaying her black panties as she struggles to kick out of Vanessa's scissors. "Not much competition are you?" Vanessa cracks as she pours on the power, trying to put Demi out. Demi pulls at the Vanessa's thighs, trying to pull them apart. She finds that she is not strong enough to do so. However she learns that Vanessa's legs are not strong enough to make her pass out either.

Seeing her legs could not finish Demi, Vanessa releases her scissors. Vanessa stands, looking down at Demi who is trying to catch her breath and rubbing her neck. "This isn't turning out how you expected huh?" Vanessa asks with a shit eating grin. Demi starts to rise and makes it to her hands and knees before Vanessa attacks with kicks to Demi's exposed ribs. After three kicks, Demi collapses back to the carpet. Vanessa adds a stomp or two before reaching down and untying the knot of Demi's dress that is behind her neck. Vanessa drops to her knees and rolls Demi over. The top of Demi's dress drops, exposing Demi's breasts to the party crowd, reporters and cameras.

Vanessa then starts pounding Demi's belly with both fist, laughing the whole time. Without warning, Demi's foot flash up and kicks Vanessa in the face. Vanessa is vaulted back, and lies on her back dazed and stunned.

Both women lie there for a few seconds, trying to recuperate. Demi's stomach is churning. She is suddenly thankful for all those dreaded hours of Shaun T's Insanity workout. Her abs has miraculously survived Vanessa's beating thus far. Meanwhile Vanessa was knocked loopy. She never saw Demi's foot coming, nor suspected her adversary was athletic or limber enough to pull that kick off, especially with so much power.

Eventually both vixens rise to their feet and are ready to begin again. Demi looks determinedly at Vanessa and beckons her with her fingers saying, "Bring it."

"I have been" Vanessa sasses back. "That's why you were laying on the floor."

Both adopt fighting stances and square off. Then in a scene straight out of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Demi executes another Kung fu style kick and nails Vanessa in the face once again. Vanessa saw this one coming and braced herself, even though her knees buckled a bit. Now weary of Demi's legs, Vanessa feints to get inside her foe's range. Demi does not fall for it. She bounces back then blasts Vanessa in the face with another kick boxing kick. Vanessa's head snaps back, and she stumbles around droozy and trying just to stay on her feet. Demi ends the struggle with a lower kick landing underneath Vanessa's tits. It launches Vanessa's boobs out of her dress, and sends the former beauty queen to the floor.

Vanessa immediately starts getting to her feet, but while she is on her hands and knees, Demi repays Vanessa with a kick to Vanessa's ribs. Just like before after three strikes to the ribs, Vanessa collapse to the carpet as well.

Ever the survivor and the fighter, the fire returns to Vanessa's eyes. She pops back up to her feet threatening, "I'm going kick your ass!” The next moment, the woman that refuses to be held down, is back up and bouncing on her feet.

Vanessa advances forward and eats another kick in the face. She exclaims "Fuck!!" but keeps moving forward and gets inside on Demi. Vanessa lands another belly buster punch on Demi, but Demi retaliates immediately with a punch to Vanessa's abdomen. The milf's trade gut shots until Vanessa pushes Demi's arms aside and rips off seven blistering piston shots to Demi's midsection. Definitely suffering and retreating, Demi lands a hard straight punch to Vanessa's chin that makes the aggressor back off and sends her wobbling backwards.

Vanessa realizes that Demi is strong, much stronger than she is. Vanessa puts up her fist and tries to shake off the punch. Vanessa sees the Demi's hard body with her dress around her waist like a wide black belt. Demi's tits stood proud like two shiny tight balls on her chest like the breasts of a teenager. Vanessa get envious and jealous of Demi's perfection.

Demi fires a kick to Vanessa's chest. Vanessa drops her hands to protect her tits. Demi swiftly follows shooting her other foot up and kicks Vanessa in the head again. Vanessa goes reeling and stumbling backwards to the edge of the circle that the crowd had formed around them to watch the fight. Vanessa reels back into the crowd, where a reporter catches the beauty queen as she is about to go down. He grabs Vanessa by the shoulders and shakes her to revive the beauty saying, "Come on Vanessa snap out of it. You can do this! You can win!" He encourages then pushes Vanessa forward, back into the fray.

Vanessa plods forward with her fist raised, but obviously dazed. Demi's shapely legs majestically flies up again and blasts Vanessa's face. The kick sends Vanessa reeling backwards into the loving arms of the crowd. Angelina Jolie catches Vanessa as she is going down. "Get up Vanessa you can do this. Get in there and kick Demi's ass." Angelina straightens Vanessa upright and nudges her back into the fight.

The eternally sexy, Maserati driving, adrenaline junkie goes back toward Demi talking to herself and convincing herself she can win. The conversation is interrupted by the smack of flesh smacking flesh when Demi's foot contacts Vanessa's face again. Vanessa wobbles and her knees buckle, but she courageously stays on her feet. Feeling cheated, Demi quickly blasts Vanessa in the body with another kick that propels Vanessa back into the crowd.

Shania Twain catches Vanessa and keeps her from going down again. "Come on Sug." Shania tells her "Finish Demi off. We believe in ya." Shania helps Vanessa to her feet and sends her back to Demi.

Vanessa marches back toward Demi. In fact everyone would have been surprised if the quintessential fighter and survivor did not return. Unfortunately Vanessa woozily marches into another kick to the face. Vanessa is rocked back into the crowd, who is having a hard time keeping Vanessa upright this time.

In a moment that is much more therapeutic than her entire stint in rehab, Demi walks over to Vanessa and snatches her by a handful of hair. Demi observes that Vanessa is dazed and out of it. Demi's handful of hair is the only thing keeping Vanessa from sinking to the floor. Demi had clearly beaten the shit out of this vixen and it felt wonderful. It is the best Demi felt since her break up with Ashton. Demi has unleashed a lot of her pain, frustration, and embarrassment that she had been harboring on Vanessa, and it felt great.

Demi escorts Vanessa out of the crowd by her hair. Vanessa blindly follows, too punch drunk to resist or truly realize what is happening. Demi stands Vanessa up, leaving her swaying dumbly on her feet. Demi takes a couple steps back, then rocks Vanessa with a final kick to Vanessa's gorgeous face. Vanessa drops like she has been shot, and out cold on her back.

The fight is over and the crowd gives Demi a mixed reaction. However Demi was not finished. Immediately Demi reaches down and starts peeling the yellow and black dress off of Vanessa's unconscious body. Demi did not miss stripping Vanessa of her panties too. In seconds Demi has Vanessa buck naked and flat on her back, out cold at her feet. "Oh Vanessa" Demi sings, "I don't think that's your brown shell this time. Your milk chocolate is showing." Demi laughs acknowledging that Vanessa did the voice over for the Miss Brown M&M in the popular M&M Super Bowl XLVI tv commercial.

Those who got the joke laugh, as Demi plants a foot on Vanessa's chest for a victory pose. The quick witted DJ blasts in playing music. I'm sexy and I know it... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong... I'm sexy and I know it... rocks the speakers by LMFAO and straight out of Vanessa's M&M commercial.

It was a perfect song for the moment. Two 49 year old women are on display in front of the cheering crowd. I'm sexy and I know it... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong... I'm sexy and I know it...One is half naked with a hard body, glistening in triumph. The other is totally naked, and down and out. However both were equally gorgeous, and just as sexy and desirable as they were 20 years ago. (Ahhhh) Girl look at that body.... (Ahhhh) Girl look at that body.... (Ahhhh) Girl look at that body.... I-I-I work out! There were no cougars or milf's here, just two incredibly hot, sexy women. (Ahhhh) Girl look at that body.... (Ahhhh) Girl look at that body.... (Ahhhh) Girl look at that body.... I-I-I work out! Everybody there were thinking that somehow, somewhere, Rick Fox and Ashton Kutcher made terrible mistakes losing these amazing women. I'm sexy and I know it... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong... I'm sexy and I know it...

From then till the end of the night, Demi and the ABA stold the show at the afterparty. I'm sexy and I know it... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong... I'm sexy and I know it... Demi seemed much more relaxed and composed after the fight. She was clearly returning back to normal. Vivica was sure that Demi was ready to take the league by storm again. Jenny McCarthy hogged camera time challenging Salma Hayek to a fight for her newly won Drama Queen title, while Lucy dared Salma's Confidente to try and get revenge on the ABA. Denise creeped behind the scenes, still trying to recruit members for her syndicate. I'm sexy and I know it... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong... I'm sexy and I know it... Vanessa was carried out in defeat, but everybody knew she would be back and tougher than ever. Vanessa always comes back better than ever. Demi should beware. Demi should be very beware. All in all a great night. I'm sexy and I know it... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong bong... bong bong bong...

I'm sexy and I know it... know it... know it..........


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